The Regime
The Regime

As Mark had passed returning home from his punishment, all naked, he saw a sight he didn't see yet in the Regime. It is true these things happen, but Mark has never witnessed it. There was in the bathroom bathtub a young woman. She was standing there naked with her head down and sobbing lightly. In front of her was an older lady, about in her 40s, and washing her stomach as she is talking. Mark stops and watches and listens to the conversation. The lady says "You're already 18 and still act like a child just introduced into the Regime. You are way too old to be doing this."

The girl must have been spanked hard, Mark thought, to be crying. She must have broken some rule in the Regime or rebelled and got a severe corporal punishment. The most used punishment is spanking of course. In the Regime it is lawful and very common for children up to 21 and even 25 to be bathed and spanked when necessary as part of the law to teach kids become adults. That includes sexual teachings and teachings to follow the law so that there wont be a need for the law enforcement. You can be considered a child up to 25 if you aren't married. You can get married at 18 but parents have to allow who you are marrying. they can also choose who the children get married to and the children won't have a say. If the parents or guarandians do not think you can be married, you cannot.

It is really not uncommon for an 18 year old to be spanked when the adults feel they have broken a rule or a law. And since the Regime it is considered perfectly fine for an 18 year old man to be sharing a tub with an 8 year old girl and having an older woman wash them both. It is quite common for such things to include the woman explaining the boy's private parts and how they work. Even with a demonstration of how it works: erection and ejaculation.

It was actually after a small event that the older ones of society thought that their children needed supervision and help in the bathroom. But all too quickly the parents just stayed and washed the youngsters. It was just something accepted from then on. Even for people in their 20s, but that's quite uncommon. So If a 16 year old asks for some modesty in the bath because she feels uncomfortable her 12 year old brother is checking her out in the bathroom, the parents would probably laugh it off and tell her "now be a good little girl and listen to your parents." This also has the boy learn modesty and respect until his adult years.

The girl was just part of the Regime and had to learn discipline. Neither the girl nor the lady see Mark and after just hearing a few sentences he goes on. He was only 14 so he has to be more careful. The last action that he saw was the older lady washing the girl's naked legs.

Kids in the Regime

Age wasn't a big deal in the Regime. If anyone misbehaved, they would suffer from sexual humiliation in the Regime regardless of age. We have one 22 year old who is being taken care of and being forced to be bathed. Its not uncommon for someone at that age. Its if you break the rules do you contiue.

In this case the girl had done something pretty bad. When she turned 18 she had to be bathed. She didn't realize when she came in that there would be lots of people in the bath with her. There were many children younger than her. And many assistants bathing them. The reason she was told was because she was 18 and they invited all those people. She was shocked. Not only did they make her be bathed at 18, but also with children younger than her. She was treated as a child. But she considered herself not. She thought herself an adult. The hidden reason was to test if the girl was modest and willing to do whatever they say. It was like a test. She was in a towel and one assistant asked her to give it to her. She was frozen in shock and in a few moments gave it in. She was then in a bathroom completely naked. An 18 year old with teenagers and prepubescent children. She couldn't take it.

One assistant started to wash her hair and another, her belly. She felt like she was a 12 year old whilst boys as young as 10 years old watched her. In her eyes she was a grown woman. In the Regime's eyes, she was a little girl. And to children, she was a very curious object. And yet she was small. And looked young. Those also added to everyone in that bathroom thinking she was a little girl but it was just her young looks. She looked like she was 14-15.

She immediately fought back. She hit the assistants and tried to run away. But they all held her back, which wasn't such a hard thing to do. Took just one man and one woman. They were like how dare you little girl. She yelled at them "I am not a little girl anymore!" and they responded "Yes you are! If you were then you wouldn't be acting like this." They held her while while she was spanked and humiliated badly. All the children watched in shock. They didn't want that to happen to them.

One of the assistants took some strange fluid and poured it on the girl's spread vagina, held by the guardians. It hurt her more than anything. Her breasts were whipped with a whip. And one of the guardians touched them while saying "Such tiny breasts. And you say you are a woman? You know what, you don't even get to wear a bra anyore. And your time here is much extended so you better be nice or you will always be so humiliated and hurt." Then she was put in the tub and washed all over. Afterwards she got another spanking and cried after it. All the children watched. Now she is 22 and pretty much still bathed like a little girl. Anyone can touch her small breasts and anyone can lift the small girl. She can't wear a bra but her baths are coed and children of all ages are there.

The Regime doesn't care who you are and will punish you. One 13 year old girl broke down crying because she was forced a bath whilst going through her sensitive puberty time. It was forgiven once but next time will be punished.

Of course boys aren't off the hook either. In fact, they have to cope with the same thing. One boy was an older brother of a sister who had to bathe with her. He was 4 years older than him and the girl made fun of him when he was going through puberty. They were always bathed together by the Regime. When he started getting pubic hair at 13 she was always laughing at it and when it was washed. The 9 year old had a great time then and thought they will change people when she gets older. But to her surprise she was not! And she was humiliated just as much, if not even more, than her 17 year old brother when she too had to be bathed during her puberty at 13. So her brother than laughed and played at her and had even better time. The Regime didn't care about such things, especially since if the girl did that first. The boy would touch his sister's butt, pull her pubic hair, and twist her nipples. She was in big humiliation. Her brother saw through her puberty and made her be humiliated like he was.

The Regime stayed strong and continued. It was something for the people in it life.
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