Author Notes: I have not given up on the other Naruto series. This story is simply to give me new ideas to work on for that series. Since the comment and voting is off if you have a comment you can simply PM me. Sorry it is a bit long, but this is only to test a few things. Reminder Naruto in this story is mostly in his female self never forget that. Hope you enjoy.

“Konohamaru! I know your there there is no hiding the fact!” Naruto points and shouts at a wooden fence. Konohamaru takes off the box that he was hiding under to reveal himself.

“How do you do it Naruto?” Konohamaru asks

“Oh please anyone can see through that disguise” Naruto replies.

“Oh yeah, so why is it that no one, but you has been able to discover my disguise then?” Konohamaru asks.

“Because your just a kid and no one wants to play with a kid” Naruto says “I've got training to do right now Konohamaru I can't being playing with you now anyhow.”

“Come on Naruto I was going to show you Sakura” Konohamaru says quickly before Naruto could walk on.

“Oh, where is she?” Naruto replies hoping that Konohamaru wasn't playing him for a fool.

“Over here” Konohamaru says pointing at a hole in the fence. Naruto takes a look to see Sakura buying some herbs at a few vendors near by. “See what did I tell you Naruto” Konohamaru says.

“Yeah she sure does look good from over here” Naruto replies moving away from the hole to Konohamaru “Do you think I should use my sexy jutsu to find out what she does?”

“Go for it!” Konohamaru knew full well that Naruto was probably going to get pulverized while he laughed at him for doing something so stupid.

Naruto jumped over to the other side as Konohamaru looked in the hole to see Naruto's sexy jutsu of a hot naked blond facing Sakura. “Hello Sakura do you like what you see” Naruto says in his best female sexy voice at Sakura.

Sakura freaks out for a second pointing downward near Naruto's privates “Is that your cock.”

Naruto looks down to see that it was pointing outward and fully erect at that “Heh, I guess I'm s horny that my cock couldn't resist coming out. Sakura grabs his arm before anyone else could figure out what was going on in the area and jumped away. Shikamaru couldn't see what happened since someone placed a carriage in front of his view. Once he discovered that both had left he quickly did a search, but lost their scent and gave up.

“Sakura where are we heading?” Naruto says as his hand is being squeezed tightly as they jump roof tops.

“We are heading to Hinata's place” Sakura says and stops as both view the Hyuga Clans part of town “If I were you I'd turn back to normal in case someone sees you in your b-day suit.”

“Huh, oh yeah sure. transform” Naruto says and transforms back to his normal self. Once he transformed they were off into the Hyuga Clan's area.

As they were walking through some of the elders ran off. Soon Neji walked over to them. “Sakura, Naruto this is a surprise.”

“We came here to see if Hinata is around?” Sakura asks.

“I'm sorry, but she hasn't came back from her last mission. Though she should be back later today if you'd like I can tell her you...” Neji replies but is interrupted.

“That's alright tell her to meet us at Narutos' place if she stops by in the next few hours” Sakura says and walks off pulling Naruto behind her as she waves good-bye to Neji.

Neji walks back into the building he came out of to see Hinata in the arms of Kiba while Shino stands there next to them.

“What happened does she need a medic?” Neji asks. Looking back and forth between Kiba and Shino and Hinata.

“No, it is her eyes they seem to of gone awry” Shino replies.

“That's impossible she is from the head of the clan. No one from the head has ever had this problem” Neji says as Kiba sets her down on the floor.

“Do you mean the Hyuga clan has a weakness similar to the Uchicha's?” Shino asks.

“No not like that at all. Uchicha can lose their eyes completely while for the Hyuga clan it is different. Those that aren't part of the head have a weakness since we aren't entirely pure Hyuga with at least one ancestor who was not born of Hyuga blood some times we temporarily go into a state we like to consider as temporary heaven where we go under a deep sleep for a long extended amount of time” Neji says.

“How long?” Kiba asks.

“Not sure it varies some people it will last for a few hours others or for decades” Neji replies.

“Decades!” Kiba snaps back.

“Relax the more Hyuga blood one has the faster people snap out of it” Neji replies.

“Since she is form the head of the family she shouldn't have these episodes correct?” Shino asks.

“In theory yes, but this is the first time it has ever happened to some one from the head. I'll bring in some of the elders maybe they can help, but there isn't much that can be done” Neji says leaving them.


“Alright Sakura what is it that you want!?” Naruto asks as they enter his apartment.

Sakura moves close to Naruto and whispers in his ear in a very seductive voice “we can fuck if you use that sexy jutsu of yours again.”

“Wha...!!!” Naruto shouts freaking out from what Sakura just told him “You can't be serious. Did Tsunade or Shizune give you something. This isn't you that I know.”

“You made me horny in the street earlier with that jutsu of yours, so how about it?” Sakura says playing with her covered breasts.

“All right! With or without the cock?” Naruto asks.

“Without” Sakura replies

“Okay. Transform!” Naruto replies and once he is fully transformed Sakura pushes him onto the bed as she lays on him. “Say what's with the poking in your pants!?” Naruto asks.

“You catch on quickly” Sakura says as she kisses him. Their tongues meet with excitement as Sakura holds Naruto's head almost enough that it seems like she was forcing Naruto to kiss her. Naruto wasn't pleased with what he felt below from Sakura, but he couldn't complain with her kissing him. Sakura stopped and stood up to take her shirt off to reveal her breasts that shake a little. Naruto quickly placed his hands on them and began to rub his hands on them enjoying the feel of Sakura's soft breasts.

“Naruto! Yes! Naruto!” Sakura repeats enjoying the pleasure so much that she sticks both hands in her pants to feel her privates as she enjoys the pleasure of Naruto's hands. “Now time for the main event!” Sakura says pulling her pants off to reveal a cock standing in front of Naruto.

Naruto moved backwards immediately freaking out of the view of Sakura's cock sticking out in front of him “What the fuck!”

“Relax like your sexy jutsu I am able to create a cock. I don't know any pink haired men, so I am stuck with making a cock instead. That and I have a hard time maintaining a different color of hair for any period of time.

“So this is why you wanted me in my sexy jutsu, so you can fuck me. Why not the other way around?”

“You have to earn the right to fuck my pussy Naruto” Sakura says “Now come over here and let me fuck you!” Naruto sat there shaken with his legs spread apart as Sakura moved her cock into his pussy.

“Ah! It's so tight!” Naruto screams with Sakura pushing her cock deeper and deeper into him.

“Damn Naruto you even were able to make the insides!” Sakura pushes further into him until she could go no further and decided to push her cock in and out. “How does it feel to be on the other side?” Sakura says to Naruto.

“I never in my wildest dreams would of thought that you'd be fucking me Sakura!” Naruto replies “But damn it feels so hot and tight in me! AH! I think I'm about to have my first orgasm!”

“Well then I better fuck faster then” Sakura says holding his legs in the air and ramming her cock faster in his pussy.

“I'm coming!!” Naruto screams Sakura stops as Naruto's cum oozes out.

“While your in this form have you ever tasted yourself?” Sakura asks Naruto.

“No I always felt that was disgusting” Naruto replied “But after this experience I'll try just about anything.” Naruto uses two fingers to collect some of his cum and takes into his mouth “ taste sweet like wild berries sweet.”

“Strange usually guys have salty cum and girls have sweet, maybe because your in this form your cum changed also” Sakura stated and pulled her cock out and took two fingers at Naruto's pussy and tried it also and couldn't believe how sweet it was.

“Say does your cum taste sweet or salty from your cock?” Naruto asks.

“I don't know why don't you find out?” Sakura replies with a devilish face pulling Naruto onto her cock. “I bet you would never of done this before today” Sakura says pushing Naruto to suck her cock. Naruto at first felt like he was about to gag, but he quickly caught on enjoying the feel of being on the opposite side of the pole.

Sakura pulled him off with Naruto speaking first “This ain't bad for being a first time thing.”

“Good to hear since I'm about to come” Sakura says shoving Naruto back on her cock. Naruto continued to suck as much as he could wishing he could taste Sakura's pussy instead, but still couldn't complain after being fuck for the first time. “Ah...Oh shit I think Yes! I'm going to come!” Sakura says allowing Naruto to suck her cock while she rubbed her breasts holding her tits tightly as she shoots a load of cum into Naruto's mouth.

Naruto takes it all in and then sits up to kiss Sakura. Both taste the sweet taste of Sakura's cum going between both of their mouths. Both pull away and lay opposite of each other on the bed.

“Say Sakura?” Naruto asks.

“Yes Naruto” Sakura replies.

“ Can we fuck each other now” Naruto asks.

“Sure.” Sakura says loving every moment of this as much as Naruto. Naruto moved around and positioned his cock in Sakura's pussy while Sakura positioned her cock in Naruto's pussy as they lay on their sides.

“Ready Sakura!” Naruto asks looking over his shoulder at Sakura.

“Let's Fuck!” Sakura couldn't believe she agreed to this, but with the body modifications both of them have done this might be the ultimate fuck.

“Time for the Ultimate Fuck!” Naruto screams as both of them fuck each other's pussies.

“Oh shit I had no idea this would be so good being able to fuck and be fucked at the same time is freaking awesome!” Sakura shouts as she kicks it in high gear and moving her hips so she could fuck and be fucked faster. In return Naruto does the same.

“Come on we need to come together!” Naruto screams pushing “Uh...Sakura!”

“Ah! I'm trying!” Sakura replies “Fuck!”

“I'm starting to uh... feel it coming!” Naruto screams louder.

“I can ha...uh...yes...I can feel it too!” Sakura replies even louder as both push faster and faster against each other.

“Ah!” Naruto screams “Almost there!”

“Shit!” Sakura screams “Come on”

“Oh fuck I'm coming!” Naruto screams.

“Me too!” Sakura replies with an equal scream. As both shoot their load into each other both of their pussies give also. Cum drips on the sheets as they pull out of each other. They move together and begin to kiss while feeling each other's bodies.

“Say Sakura why did you want Hinata to come with us?” Naruto asks.

“To make a threesome” Sakura says and then looks at the clock on Naruto's dresser “Is that the correct time?”

“Huh” Naruto looks back to see the clock that Sakura is talking about “Yeah I just fixed it the other day why?”

“Hinata should have been here by now” Sakura says getting up to grab her clothes “Transform back Naruto we are going to find out if she is back.”

“At this peaceful time” Naruto replies.

Sakura gives him an angry face “Let's go or I'll never have sex with you again. Do you understand!?”

“Yeah sure. Transform.” Naruto replies and quickly returns to his normal self. Sakura rushes to get herself dressed. Once dressed she grabbed Naruto from the bed and ran out the door.

“Come on Naruto!” Sakura says as she was dragging him down a road with several of his clones “Must you be so annoying now.”

“I want an explanation” all the Naruto's pout at Sakura.

“I'll let you know when we get there or do I need to clobber every single one of you” Sakura replies shaking her fist in front of them. Quickly all the clones disappeared leaving Naruto in Sakura's other hand.

“Say is that Shino and Kiba up ahead” Naruto responds looking dead straight ahead.

“I wonder why Hinata isn't with them?” Sakura says marching toward them with Naruto holding on.

“Oh hey Sakura. Naruto” Kiba waves at them as they come walk over.

“Where is Akumaru and Hinata?” Sakura asks.

“Akumaru is asleep he's worn out from our mission” Kiba replies “For Hinata she's back with Neji and her own clan. Her eyes went awry earlier and they are trying to figure it out.”

“What!” Sakura replies.

“Hinata is asleep some curse within the clan or something like that” Shino replies.

“I know about the curse within the Hyuga clan, but she's pure” Sakura replies.

“We have to save Hinata!” Naruto shouts wanting to take command of the situation.

“Come on Naruto we are heading over maybe I can help” Sakura says and drags Naruto once more as she runs for the Hyuga clan leaving Kiba and Shino.

“Why am I always being dragged along!?” Naruto screams as he is being dragged onward.

Once at the Hyuga Clan's area of Konoha Neji runs toward them “Thank goodness your here Sakura perhaps you can help.”

“We just heard from Kiba and Shino that it was the Hyuga curse, but...” Sakura replies.

“We discovered that it wasn't that, but a seal into each of her eyes, but none of our elders can figure it out” Neji replies.

“What is this curse!?” Naruto asks.

“Neji why don't you tell Naruto while I look at Hinata” Sakura says.

“Sure, Naruto why don't we take a walk” Neji replies with Naruto obliging as Sakura hurries off to see Hinata.

Sakura barges into a room full of elders stumped with Hinata laying on a table in the center “What is the situation!?”

“Who are you!?” one of the elders asks.

“She is Sakura she's a friend of Hinata's and a medic ninja” Hiashi shouts to the rest of the elders as he moves forward to greet Sakura “I don't know if you can do much since there is a seal within each of her eyes.”

“Not much, but before we send her to the ANBU I want to check if whoever placed the seals within her eyes did anything else to her body” Sakura says moving forward and preparing to inspect Hinata's body.

“Do the ANBU or Tsunade know of this yet?” Hiashi asked Sakura.

“Well if Kiba or Shino told there report I'm sure Tsunade knows about it and I am surprised that no one from the ANBU has come here and taken her away” Sakura says busy scanning Hinata's body.

“We figured that at first that it was the Hyuga curse, but just recently discovered the seals” Hiashi responds.

“Can someone get some ANBU over here stat!” Sakura shouts to the elders. Hiashi silently allows one elder to leave.

“Have you found anything else Sakura?” Hiashi asks.

“No it seems just her eyes were affected, which is odd I would of figured they would surely of done something else, but there is nothing. Hiashi do you know what mission your daughter was on?” Sakura asks.

“I take it Kiba or Shino didn't tell you. They were heading to the land of tea for a disturbance with rogue ninjas” Hiashi responds “Do you think that one of them knows a secret of sealing the Hyuga's eyes?”

“I can't say, but if anyone can answer your question the ANBU might be able to” Sakura replies.

“Sir the ANBU are here” the elder that left says as he rushes back in with ANBU walking behind him.

“Is it alright if I come along I have a few questions?” Hiashi asks the ANBU “I am her father!”

“Sure you can tag along, just don't get in the way Hiashi” one of the ANBU responds.

“I'm a medic ninja, and the only thing I found wrong was the seals” Sakura tells the ANBU.

“Thanks” the same ANBU says to Sakura and then turns to the other ANBU “Let's get her to the seal breaking room!”

Naruto and Neji walk in as the ANBU carry Hinata's body away with Naruto the first to respond “Where are they taking Hinata!?”

“Naruto, they are going to break the seals in her eyes” Sakura tells him.

“Before we leave is there a Sakura and a Naruto here?” another ANBU asks.

“YES!” Both Sakura and Naruto shout in unison.

“Your to report to Hokage Tsunade's” the ANBU says.

“Thanks” Sakura says.

“Alright another mission!” Naruto shouts.

“Lets go moron!” Sakura grabs Naruto from the back of the shirt and drags him away.

“Come on why I am I always being dragged!” Naruto screams, but Sakura ignores him and marches on.

Once at Tsunade's office Sakura opens the door and shoves Naruto up to Tsunade's desk. Naruto straightens up quickly as he stands next to Sakura keeping an eye on Tsunade's large breasts as she's talking to Shizune.

“Sakura. Naruto. You've been summoned to help me on something” Tsunade says as Shizune walks out of the room.

“Is it a mission!?” Naruto asks with glee on his face.

“Not you usual type, but something like that” Tsunade replies.

“Do you know of Hinata?” Sakura asks.

“Yes, Shizune told me that she should have the seals broken within the hour, but will be under surveillance for the next 24 hours with her Father” Tsunade replies.

“Her father?” Sakura asks.

“Supposedly he fell apart once the ANBU were placing her into the seal breaking room, and that he had placed those seals into her eyes years ago to restrict use of her eyes. Supposedly he did when he figured she was worthless and that her sister was stronger, however now he regrets it and in return is helping break the seal, then will be judged by the Hyuga Clan elders” Tsunade says.

“Unreal” Naruto says.

“What did you want us to do anyhow?” Sakura asks.

“Oh, yes I had almost forgotten. Shizune had another reason why she was here, supposedly she was looking for Naruto a few hours ago when she went to his apartment she discovered something interesting” Tsunade says looking at both that looked like they had guilty faces.

“We can explain” Naruto says in a low voice.

“Oh you two don't need to explain to me anything. I quite understand with your age it is completely natural. For what you did though well once Shizune returns we will have to discuss the issue a little bit more” Tsunade says.

“What do you mean?” Sakura asks.

“Shizune should be here any second now” Tsunade replies.

“Can't we get some answers before she comes?” Naruto asks, but once he finished his sentence Shizune came back in holding a rather large scroll.

“Ah, Shizune you found it at last!” Tsunade responds with Sakura and Naruto a bit nervous at what was going on.

“What is that!?” Sakura shouts wanting to know what the hell was going on.

“Ah, you see what you two did was well a bit of childish sex mixed with some simple chakra tricks, but this scroll will help you two advance your techniques and maybe you'll learn a sex jutsu or two with the help of Shizune and myself. Now would you two step up and write your names down on this scroll” Tsunade says as Sakura and Naruto hesitantly went forward and signed their names in blood on the scroll.

“Now watch my hand signals and apply on your names” Tsunade says showing a few hand signals. Both Sakura and Naruto repeat and once they placed their hand on their names a large amount of purple smoke came out of the scroll knocking both of them out.

Naruto awoke first noticing Sakura and Hinata were both sleeping next to him completely naked then he realized he wasn't himself anymore he was in his sexy jutsu form. Quickly Naruto tried waking up Sakura, but it was no use then he tried getting Hinata to wake up, but once again nothing. Just as he was about to give up he heard voices off in the distance. “Tsunade!” Naruto quickly shouted and then heard foot steps coming closer to him. He quickly went back to laying down waiting to find out who it is. A door opens and Naruto shuts his eyes hoping to find out who is there with his hearing.

“It seems all of them are still asleep. Damn and I was really hoping to try out a few moves before tomorrow” Tsunade says.

Naruto quickly jumps up “Where the hell are we!?”

Tsunade looks back as Shizune is leaning on the door “Ah...I see your awake can't say I'm not surprised that you'd be the first. I'll answer your question once Sakura and Hinata wake up in the mean time your going to have to wait I have to take care of a couple of things and...”

“Oh no you don't!” Naruto shouts rushing toward Tsunade. At the last moment Tsunade grabs Naruto's head and turns him around.

“Now lets see how you'd like if I fuck you!” Tsunade replies as she creates a massive chakra cock and slowly shoves into Naruto “Damn it kid you are tight, but you seem to of built the insides, so it won't be as painful as I figured it would be.”

“Granny that hurts!” Naruto screams.

“Shizune why don't you shut this kid up for me” Tsunade says as Shizune creates a smaller yet larger than what Sakura is able to make cock. She walks around to shove it into Naruto's mouth.

“I'm sorry Naruto, but it is for your own good” Shizune says as Naruto gags at first by the size, but adjusts quickly and is able to take it all the way in.

“Incredible he is able to take it all the way in on both sides!” Tsunade says grabbing Naruto's breasts and pinching his tits.

Naruto pulled out and screamed “This is too painful!.” Shizune quickly puts her cock into his mouth once again as she holds his hair this time forcing him to suck her.

“Tsunade don't you think we are being a bit harsh on Naruto!?” Shizune asks.

“No! If he is going to be the next Hokage he has to learn who was Hokage before him!” Tsunade shouts as she grabs Shizune by the next and pulls her so they are kissing.

Naruto pulls away from Shizune “I'm going to come!!”

“Shizune stick that cock of yours back in him! I'm going to fuck him harder!” Tsunade shouts. Naruto makes a few groans and then settles down as cum runs down his pussy and all over Tsunade's cock.

“Did you come Lady Tsunade!?” Shizune asks as Naruto sucks on her cock.

“No, but I guess I'm just going to have to fuck him even more until then” Tsunade replies.

“What about me Master?” Sakura says standing behind Tsunade playing with her masters huge breasts.

“I didn't realize that you'd awoken” Tsunade replies.

“How could anyone sleep with all that fucking” Sakura replies.

“Ah!...Fuck it hurts so much, but it feels so good to have a cock in me!” Tsunade screams.

“Now that Sakura and I are awake maybe it is time to fuck the two of you?” Hinata replies standing behind Shizune playing with her breasts.

Naruto pulls away from Shizune's cock once more to catch some air “Thank goodness you two are awake, maybe you can help me?”

“Forget it Naruto you deserve being in that position?” Sakura replies as Shizune places her cock back in his mouth. Sakura positions her chakra cock into Tsunade.

“Is that what I think it is!?” Tsunade says.

“Yep and after seeing yours I was able to make mine just as large” Sakura replies as she makes out with Tsunade while positioning her cock in Tsunade's pussy. Hinata does the same as Sakura with Shizune.

“Damn it is so painful yet it makes me so warm down there!” Shizune screams holding Hinata's hands that are over her breasts. “Naruto I'm going to come!”

“God damn it Shizune why are you so weak!” Tsunade shouts at her “Sakura can't you fuck me harder!”

“Yes master I'll do my best” Sakura replies by fucking Tsunade harder while pinching her tits.

“OH! That's it! Sakura!” Tsunade moans loudly. With Sakura fucking her pussy Tsunade rams her cock on and out of Naruto even harder than before. Naruto plays with his cock while using his other hand to hold Shizune's ass cheeks.

“I'm coming! Naruto!” Shizune screams shooting her load into his mouth. Naruto licks it all up and swallows it up.

“Thanks for the sweet surprise Shizune!” Naruto says once he finishes up, but realizes that Shizune isn't listening with Hinata pulling her away from Naruto.

“Don't worry Naruto I can always help” Sakura says and then makes a clone that is standing in front of Naruto holding her cock in front of him.

“Can't someone take care of my cock instead!?” Naruto begs as the Sakura clone shoves her cock in his mouth.

“I don't see why not Naruto” Tsunade replies and makes a clone that goes under Naruto and begins sucking his cock.

Naruto pulls away from the Sakura clone's cock “Thank you Granny Tsunade.”

“Growing soft on the boy are we master?” Sakura says to Tsunade.

“Heh...just making it more pleasurable when one of my clones fucks you” Tsunade replies.

“ are a clever one master” Sakura says feeling a Tsunade clone shove her cock in Sakura's pussy.

“How do you like that Sakura?” Tsunade replies feeling the enjoyment as Sakura pulls out of her and the clone Tsunade pushes her to the wall and begins ramming her cock in Sakura. “Shizune where are you?”

“I'm over here Lady Tsunade!” Shizune says beneath Hinata as both suck on each other's cocks in a sixty-nine position.

“It is time to show these three who is really in charge are you ready Shizune!?” Tsunade shouts.

“Sure am” Shizune replies as both the real Tsunade and Shizune make some hand signs. A large amount of purple smoke appears through out the room.

“Not again!” Sakura says as she sees the purple smoke surround her.

Naruto pulls away from the Sakura clone “Come on not this again!” Within a few moments the smoke disappeared and Sakura and Naruto realized they weren't knocked out.

“Just because it is purple smoke doesn't mean every time your going to be knocked out. Shizune did it work!?” Tsunade asks.

“I think so Lady Tsunade!” Shizune replies taking Hinata off of her.

“Wait what happened to all the clones!?” Sakura asks. Shizune moves away from Hinata and behind Sakura where she shoves her cock in Sakura's pussy.

“Hinata!” Tsunade shouts “Come help me fuck Naruto!”

“Yes Lady Tsunade” Hinata replies as Tsunade takes her cock out of Naruto's pussy.

“Uh that feels so much better” Naruto says feeling freedom only for a split second when he notices Tsunade is shoving her cock in his ass while Hinata is shoving her cock in Naruto's pussy.

“This is only the beginning Naruto” Tsunade whispers in his ear.

“Oh fuck! It hurts!” Naruto screams.

“I'm sorry Naruto, but I'm so horny for you” Hinata says.

“Shizune!” Tsunade shouts at her. Shizune knew what she had to do. She moved Sakura behind Hinata. At that moment Sakura knew exactly what Tsunade was planning and obliged by positioning her cock in Hinata.

“Wait why am I in the middle!” Hinata screams.

“Sorry Hinata I wanted Naruto to be in the middle, but it seems your going to have to handle it for the time being” Tsunade replies.

“Wha...!” Naruto screams but Hinata thanks to Sakura fucking her accidentally kisses Naruto on the lips.

“Hinata I had no idea” Naruto says shocked by Hinata.

“Shut up Naruto” Hinata replies and grabs the back of his head and begins making out with him. Their tongues feeling each other.

“Agh!! Shizune!” Sakura moans feeling Shizune send a shock through her cock.

“Sorry couldn't be helped” Shizune replies with a bit of a chuckle.

“Shizune you were suppose to wait for me before you shocked her” Tsunade says.

“Sorry it couldn't be helped” Shizune says and goes back to fuck Sakura from behind.

“Alright time for my shock therapy with Naruto” Tsunade says sending a large amount of electrical chakra through her cock into Naruto.

“AAAHHHHH!!!!” Naruto screams pulling away from Hinata's grasp as he feels the shock from Tsunade.

“How did you do that?” Sakura asks.

“Oh you pick up a few tricks every once in awhile that can help in other fields of life” Tsunade replies.

“That was too much” Naruto replies breathing heavily then feels another shock from Tsunade.

“Oh come on the nine-tail can't handle a little shock pleasure” Tsunade replies. Shizune builds up another shock into Sakura.

“Damn that feels so good Shizune” Sakura says fucking Hinata even harder in the process.

“How about one more Naruto maybe this time I'll finally come in you” Tsunade whispers in Naruto's ear. Tsunade sends another shock as Naruto jumps off of both Tsunade and Hinata's cocks as Tsunade spurts a large load of cum in Naruto while most of it hit Hinata. Naruto went down on the floor. “Naruto!” Tsunade screams pointing her finger at him.

“Heh, sorry it couldn't be helped” Naruto replies as he says it he begins to feel a strange feeling with in him.

“What is going on with Naruto!?” Hinata says worried as she sees him shaking down on the floor.

“I don't know Hinata use your Byakugan. Sakura! Come with me! Shizune take care of Naruto! NOW!” Tsunade shouts running out of the room.

“Wait!”Hinata shouts with everyone frozen for a moment as they watch Naruto shake on the ground.

“NARUTO!!” Sakura screams repeatedly, but Naruto could only hear vaguely as he was being sent to the gate of the nine-tail.

“Naruto Uzamaki!” The nine-tail fox shouts.

“What do you want!?” Naruto shouts in disgust at it.

“I have been paying close attention to what you have been doing lately and I only want to help you. It's not like I can do much else anyhow being locked up in you Naruto!” the nine-tail replies.

“What is it?” Naruto responds in disgust.

“I'm willing to give you some of my lust chakra to take command of all three of those human ladies out there. One of them the Sannin Lady Tsunade I believe” the nine-tail speaks with Naruto not looking into its eyes.

“What is it!!!?” Naruto repeats louder toward it.

“I'm willing to give you a hint of my lust chakra that will allow you to take command of the situation out there. Plus I can't take it when a cock enters in your female form it becomes greatly irritating. When you awake you'll go back to your normal self with a few minor adjustments” the nine-tail says laughing before Naruto could object he was being shoved back out.

“Sakura is that you?” Naruto weakly says seeing a blurry image of Sakura.

“Yes I am here. What happened to you?” Sakura says sitting above Naruto holding his hand.

“Can you come closer Sakura” Naruto weakly says.

“Yes Naruto what is it?” Sakura says centimeters from Naruto. Tsunade rolled her eyes knowing that was the oldest trick in the book. Then Naruto kissed Sakura on the lips. At first Sakura wanted to object, but it felt so good that she lifted Naruto as she continued kissing him.

“Sakura what's gotten into you?” Hinata asks as she watches the two making out in front of her, Shizune and Tsunade.

“The nine-tail's lust chakra” Tsunade says.

“The what?” Hinata asks.

“The nine-tail in Naruto is believed to have a large amount of lust chakra that once someone kisses him or is fucked instantly falls for it and Sakura fell for it first” Tsunade explains.

“What should we do then?” Shizune asks.

“Not much since it is a chakra force Hinata can't block. The only way to deal with it is to satisfy it until Naruto runs out of the lust chakra the nine-tail gave him” Tsunade explains.

“So we have no idea how long we could be fucking him is that what your saying!?” Shizune says freaking out.

“Basically yes” Tsunade replies “Sakura is first we will have to change positions until he kicks back into his normal self.

“I'll go next then” Hinata replies watching Naruto pick up Sakura, and begins to fuck her.

“Shizune can go third and I'll go last then” Tsunade replies.

“What... huh...sure” Shizune replies nervous, but prepared.

“I'm coming!” Sakura shouts as Naruto shoots his load at the same time as Sakura. With the force Sakura moves off of Naruto. Hinata pops into Naruto's vision and Naruto quickly grabs her and begins fucking her.

“What happened?” Sakura says rubbing her back.

“Naruto gained the nine-tails lust chakra and we are all going to have to fuck him until he stops” Tsunade replies.

“Are you serious!?” Sakura says a bit freaked out.

“Is that why all of a sudden my pussy feels like it is all filled up?” Sakura asks.

“More than likely you might want to flush yourself out before your next round” Shizune says to her.

“Sure thing” Sakura replies sticking her fingers in her pussy taking out all the sticky gooey cum from Naruto.

“NARUTO!! I can't deal with it anymore!” Hinata screams as Tsunade and Shizune pull her away. Naruto grabs Tsunade by the arm and turns her to face him. He sticks his cock in her pussy.

“I'm the Hokage you can fuck me all you'd like I'll run you dry!” Tsunade shouts as Naruto sucks on her tits while fucking her. Within an hour of fucking Tsunade could take no more and it was Shizune's turn. After a several hours of intervals between the four Naruto was still wanting to fuck.

“I can't take it anymore” Sakura weakly says dropping to the floor next to Hinata who was passed out.

“Naruto is way too much for all four of us my pussy and ass are worn out” Shizune says sitting next to Sakura watching Tsunade give the last of her energy to Naruto. Tsunade fell to the ground within seconds.

“More! More! More!” Naruto shouts begging to continue fucking. As he says those words his cock began to radiate an orange like chakra around it.

“What's going on with Naruto?” Sakura says.

“I don't know, but I can't deal with anymore of his cum” Shizune says ready to fall when her eyes flash and become possessed.

“Shizune what is it?” Sakura says watching Shizune stand up and walk to Naruto. She grabs his cock and begins giving him a blow job.

“What the hell Shizune looks like she's possessed or something?” Tsunade says looking at Sakura.

“I don't know, but if Naruto thinks I'm going to give a blow job after all of this he has another thing coming...” Sakura stops as her eyes flash. She walks over to where Shizune is and starts sucking on Naruto's cock as Shizune moves herself on top of Naruto, so he can eat her pussy.

“Damn that nine-tail does not want to quit!” Tsunade says catching her breath as she watches Shizune and Sakura possessed taking care of Naruto.

“Naruto” Hinata weakly says next to Tsunade. Tsunade looks down at her as she stands up after being passed out for ten minutes. Hinata walks over to where Sakura is and begins giving Naruto a blow job while Sakura moves where Shizune is to get her pussy eaten. Shizune moves behind Sakura and begins licking Sakura's cum-filled ass-hole.

“Unreal. That damn nine-tail truly has an insane lust side” Tsunade says “All of us are filled to the grim and that fox is now controlling us when we are the weakest. Wait that it!” Tsunade says knowing how to stop the nine-tail, but she then realized she no longer has enough energy to do what she could do and quickly her eyes flash as she too becomes possessed. She walks over to take Hinata's place of sucking Naruto's cock. Hinata moves herself over Naruto's mouth. Sakura moves behind her and begins to lick her cum-filled ass-hole. Shizune moves in front of Hinata and begins to suck on her tits as Naruto's cum drips away from her mouth onto Hinata. The cycle then repeats with Shizune giving Naruto a blow job. After a couple more hours of this endless cycle Naruto finally passes out freeing Shizune, Hinata, Tsunade, and Sakura from the nine-tail.

“What happened?” Hinata asks then passes out with everyone else following suit surrounding Naruto with their legs toward him.

After an hour a few ANBU open the room to see what occurred and decided to block off the area and allow Konoha to move on like always while the Hokage rests. Twenty-fours pass when all five awake and get up.

“What time is it?” Tsunade asks as an ANBU walks in “What is at this time of night you want ANBU?”

“Hokage, you've been out for over a day now well all of you have” the ANBU states.

“How is Konoha doing without it's leader in action?” Tsunade asks.

“Doing quite well we have been able to keep most people from knowing what happened to all of you. Besides the ANBU the only one who knows what has happened is Kakashi, but we believe he simply guessed and got lucky” The ANBU responds.

“Wonderful” Tsunade says getting up “Can you fetch me my clothes or at least a robe I'm in need of a long bath.”

“Certainly Hokage and for the rest of you we will assist you too” the ANBU states as several other ANBU walk into the room.

“Say what did you do to my father?” Hinata weakly asks.

“Your clan is judging is future now, so far what we have heard though is that his eldest daughter will get the thrown next” the ANBU states.

“You mean Hinata here is going to be the leader of the Hyuga clan!?” Sakura says.

“Your Hinata Hyuga!?” the ANBU asks stunned.

“Ye...Yes I am Hinata Hyuga” Hinata repeats.

“We will get you prepared as quickly as possible” the ANBU states as another ANBU moves her out after the Hokage. The others moved out of the room following Lady Tsunade. Within a hour all were cleaned and ready for the day.

“Ah that was a wonderful bath!” Naruto says getting dressed in his apartment ready to see how Hinata is doing. Once he opened the door to his apartment Sakura was about to knock.

“I see your finally ready. Hinata's ceremony is any minute come on” Sakura says.

“Your not going to drag me or anything” Naruto asks as Sakura walks side by side with him.

“After what we have gone through I'll give you a break today, but don't push me” Sakura says finishing off by clinching her fist in front of Naruto.

“Thank you Sakura” Naruto replies as they walk to the Hyuga clan to see Hinata be recognized as the next leader of her clan.

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