Takako & Cathy Gangbanged
After my Japanese wife, Takako, discovered my hidden desire to watch her fuck other men, she graciously granted my wish by screwing our best friend, John, in an open-air hot spring bath; while we were on vacation in Japan. The details of that adventure can be reviewed in my previous submission, “Hot Spring Sex”.

We arrived at the next stop on our Onsen (Hot Spring) Tour of Japan in the early afternoon. It was only a short 30 minute train ride from our previous spa encounter. During the trip, Takako confessed to Cathy that she had fucked John and given him a blow job during our early morning bath in a Rotenburo (Outdoor Hot Spring). Cathy didn’t seem too upset. In fact, she looked straight into Takako’s eyes and asked, “Does this mean that I can have sex with your husband too?” My wife smiled, “Yes… of course. In fact, I asked John if he wanted to watch Jim pump his cock into your cunt and he said… yes! So you have my permission and your husband’s!” Cathy smiled back, “Well, this is going to be a very memorable vacation for all of us.”

That evening, Cathy walked into our room at the rustic old Japanese Inn without knocking. She grabbed my hand, “Jim, would you like to take a bath with me. It seems that I missed all the fun this morning.” I looked at Takako. She lifted her eyebrows, grinned and nodded her head. Cathy and I left the room hand-in-hand, headed for the in-door baths. As we entered the small bathing area, we were impressed with the natural rock layout. It had the feeling of a cave with a small waterfall, about 7 feet high. Cathy’s tight, firm ass and well-rounded breasts looked very sexy, as she climbed in. Then she held out her hand, inviting me to join her in the steamy hot water.

I grabbed her luscious body and pulled her close. My rock hard cock pushed against her flat tummy. Our lips met, tongues clashed and my hands explored her soft, supple ass. Suddenly, the door opened and a young Japanese couple entered. They stopped in their tracks, surprised to see two foreigners kissing each other while submerged in this quaint hot spring bath in their small town in northern Japan. We smiled and patiently waited for them to soap up their bodies and rinse off. The woman was very thin, with tiny breasts. However, her face was cute. She appeared to be 16 or 17 years old; but I knew that Japanese women always seem to be much younger than they look. The man was also skinny, with very little hair on his body. Except for the small nipples on the woman, their bodies looked very similar. Needless to say, our plans to ‘Get it on’ faded with the strangers joining us.

Upstairs in our room, Takako was getting ready for another sex session with John. As soon as Cathy and I left, she called John and invited him over for a little One-on-One. My wife filled me in on the details later that night while we were in bed fucking and sucking each other into oblivion. She said that when John arrived to our room, he was not very confident about what to do or how to go about it. So being the ‘take charge’ type of gal she is, Takako took over. First, she had him lie face up on the futon (mattress on the floor), while she straddled his face and had him bring her to a delightful orgasm with his tongue. Giving detailed instructions on what to do and how to wiggle his tongue; she claimed that after a few minutes he began to really turn her on. Eventually they ended up screwing in several standard positions. John shot cum in her pussy and mouth; while Takako experienced two big orgasms, spraying her love juice all over his face and groin.

Cathy and I were beginning to feel like lobsters being cooked for feast, when the Japanese couple finally left. We hardly talked, since they spoke no English and my Japanese is very basic. Climbing out of the large pool, we blocked the door, so no one else could invade our pace and got down to “Doing the dirty”. Although she wasn’t as skilled and experienced as Takako, she was a hot piece of ass, and allowed me to fill her cunt and mouth with several helping of sperm. She came about five times and each climax was bigger than the previous one. The last one left her lying on the floor in a lethargic state, almost as if she was in a comma. At last she began to recover and we made our way back to our respective rooms. John and Takako had finished their marathon fornication and by the time I opened the door to our room, they had retreated to an Onsen (bath) in another part of the Inn.

When we got together that evening for dinner, none of us discussed the erotic happenings that occurred earlier in the day. John and I talked about our reservations to play 18 holes of golf at a nearby course. The Inn had a deal with the Country Club management to allow guests to play for a hefty fee of 15,000 yen or about $150 per person. The girls were more interested in going shopping and then taking an outdoor bath upon their return to the Inn. During our love making that night Takako told me that she was having a great time and that sex with John was stimulating, but nothing compared to my sensual techniques. She also confessed that she had a fantasy about having sex with a woman. Since she had granted my desire to see her fuck another man, I suggested she go for it with Cathy. She admitted that she was hoping the chance would present itself during our trip, so she purchased a strap-on dildo before we departed from the States. I had a sneaking suspicion the ladies were going to be very busy while John and I were out stroking our balls.

Our tee time was 8 am, so we were gone by the time our wives woke up. Takako filled in the details when I returned; but as it turned out, the action was much hotter than either of us had anticipated. After breakfast, Cathy and Takako returned our room, where my spouse suggested that they try some lesbian interactivity. When Cathy saw the strap-on, she was firmly convinced to get it on. They took turns pumping each other’s cunts and then they oiled up for some anal penetration. Deciding to skip shopping, they went directly to the Rotenburo (out-door bath). Upon arriving at the large pool, strategically located in a lush garden with total privacy from the windows of the Inn, they discovered four Japanese men drinking sake and enjoying the piping hot water.

The men were shocked to see a foreign woman approaching them dressed in nothing but a long summer robe called ‘Yukata’. They were equally delighted to see my sexy Japanese wife beside her. In Japanese, Takako apologized for disturbing them and politely asked if they could share the bath. Of course, the men had no objection. Soon Cathy was sandwiched between two of the younger guys, while Takako took up a center position with the two eldest. After some small talk, which Takako interpreted, the men asked if they could take pictures. One of them had a digital camera in his small bag. First Cathy posed with them two at a time; then all four; while my wife took several shots of each configuration. Next, Takako was the model and Cathy the camera person. While the photos were being taken, my naughty wife grabbed her fellow models by their cocks and stroked them slowly as Cathy struggled to work the camera. None of the men complained about the ten minutes it took for Cathy to finally understand how the camera worked and to get the pictures taken.

When Takako drew near to Cathy, she told her what she had been doing and suggested that Cathy do the same. One thing led to another, and before they knew it, each girl was standing in the pool with one man licking her pussy while the other orally caressed her rosebud. Takako reached an orgasm first, quickly followed by Cathy. The men suggested that they to go their room to continue the gang bang. Cathy clung to Takako asking, “Are you sure we should do this?” My clever spouse replied, “It’s up to you; but when was the last time you had a chance to fuck four hunks at the same time?” Cathy smiled, “Never!”

When they got back to the room, all the participants shed their robes. While two men entertained the ladies, the other two sipped sake and cheered on their colleagues. Takako sucked her partner’s cock with erotic passion. Her mouth slurped the large knob, making sucking sounds as if she was eating noodles. Her tongue slid down the bottom side of his staff, stimulating the sensitive tube just beneath the skin. His semen began to percolate, gradually rising up. Her left hand massaged his balls, accelerating the process. Looking up into his eyes she spoke Japanese in a deep raspy voice. She translated the dialogue to me when we lie in bed, later that night.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth? Or would you prefer my hot, tight cunt? Perhaps you want to spray your sperm all over my face? What is your preference?” The Japanese man couldn’t answer. He was so overwhelmed with her sexual prowess; he couldn’t decide or even speak. Takako dominated the action, “Feed my mouth with your warm, hot goo. Let me taste your seed!” Those words sent him over the top. Grunting, in a loud helpless voice, his shaft exploded with several successive wads which were quickly swallowed… sliding down my wife’s welcoming throat.

On the futon, just one meter away, Cathy was licking and sucking a slightly smaller tool with her plump lips. The man was in a state of disbelief, as he watched the beautiful blonde American woman giving him a super blow job. In his most outrageous sexual fantasy, he had never imagined such a situation. She slid her tongue from his balls to the tip of his cock. He realized that an orgasm was only seconds away. Cathy didn’t say a word. Even if she had, he wouldn’t have understood. However, she talked with her eyes, staring at him with a charming grin on her face. He shot four large volleys onto her forehead, nose, eyes and lips. The sound and smell of hot, unbridled sex filled the room.

Within one minute, the other two men took up positions between Takako and Cathy’s legs. Their cunts were extremely wet, so there was no resistance as the men’s cocks penetrated their tiny tunnels. Takako resumed her Naughty Talk, which is something Japanese men are not accustomed to. In most cases, Japanese women just moan, as if in pain. It’s an old strategy used by oriental women throughout the centuries to make their lover or husband believe that he has a big dick and they are helpless against his powerful masculinity. Takako, on the other hand, cuckolds her lover by manipulating his mind with erotic images; which she creates through words and her well developed vaginal muscles that squeeze his cock into total submission. “Are you going to spew your fertile sperm into my unprotected cunt? Will you give me your baby? Will you make me your sex slave? What do you wish, my sire?” The man can’t handle the thoughts that are flashing through his mind. His cock expands and then blasts with massive force; pouring his spunk deep into her pussy. He yells with uncontrollable intensity.

Cathy has pushed her man onto his back and is rode him like a stallion. Her pelvis is slid back and forth in an almost obscene rhythm. The juices in her hot twat sloshed around; making erotic noises that had everyone in the room inflamed with wanton lust. “Do me!” she yelled. “Give me all that you have. Fill me up. I’m your whore.” Of course, Takako was the only one who truly understood the words, but the meaning was felt by all. The man cannot hold back. He ejaculated waves of cum into her cunt… grunted and moaned like an animal. He then passed out; partly from the sex and partly from the booze. The other three men laid listless on the floor, as the girls put on their robes and exited. After another hot spring bath, they felt refreshed and awaited the return of their husbands; wondering what sexual adventures await them at their next stop?
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