Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested the reader read Part One first. Most of my stories involve many chapters. If one reads the later chapters first, it is difficult to know what is going on as I can’t do a recap due to the length of the story. When they are read in order, the reader is able to become familiar with the characters as well as the story line. I hope you enjoy.

Total Confusion Part Twenty Three

Paul and I are at David’s. David is the only other person here. We are already naked. David is sitting in the easy chair and we are on the couch. David is looking at me with that look he gets when I know he has to do something to me. He has already spent some considerable amount of time sucking spit out of my mouth. Paul donated too. I hate the way David devours me with his eyes.

David just waved me over to stand in front of him. When I got there, he fired up a vacuum cleaner and stuck the hose between my legs. My tiny dick rolled up into the hose balls and all. The suction pulled the hose firmly up against my pubic area. When the vacuum sealed itself against my body, I thought my thing had been pulled off and gone down the hose.

I reached down to pull it off to check and see. David told me to stand still and let the vacuum do its thing. It’s sort of okay. I can still feel it, so it’s still there. Life is so fucking unfair. Why won’t he leave me alone. Why am I standing in the middle of the floor with a vacuum hose hanging off the front of me. To add insult to injury, my dick is hard and the suction feels so damn good. At least, David can’t see it’s hard. Then again he can’t see it isn’t either.

I am afraid I might shoot off into the vacuum. David will get mad if I mess up his hose. Paul is sitting there with his mouth hanging open. I am not worried Paul will make fun of me, no matter how embarrassing anything being done to me is, because he knows he will probably be next.

I am deeply embarrassed as well as angry. I am starting to shoot off and trying to stand there and not look like I am shooting off. David keeps asking me how I feel. I am not sure what he wants to hear and tell him I am okay. He asks me if I feel like I am getting ready to come. I told him I wasn’t, which at the time was actually the truth, because I had already came.

When I came in the hose the second time, I began to realize David wasn’t going to take it off until I told him I was coming. I felt like I was a bad person when I had to describe that kind of stuff to him. The vacuum was making my balls hurt, so I acted like I was just getting a nut and David pulled the hose from between my legs. I could hear it break suction and I could hear it go thuup when he popped it between Paul’s legs.


I was at Dobb’s Lake with some of my friends. I had to go to the bathroom. The other guys had just gone into the lake and did not want to get out, so I went to the restroom by myself. The bathhouse and rest rooms are together in one room. Of course the lady’s bathhouse is separate from the men’s. The showers have curtains and are separated into stalls, so you did have some privacy when taking a shower.

The dressing area was in between the toilets and the showers and was basically just an open area with benches. Whenever you had your suit on, you would put your clothes into a wire basket and take it to the clothes room. A guy there would put it in a rack and give you a pin with the basket number on it. You then pinned it onto your swimsuit so you wouldn’t lose it.

When I walked in, I was alone and promptly went to pee. I wanted to get it over with before someone came in and I would have trouble peeing. I had a hard time peeing if someone was watching or if I thought they could hear me going. I went to one of the toilets, as it was my best chance of going.

There was a young boy standing in the dressing area, when I stepped out of the toilet. He was changing into his swimsuit and had stripped down to his under pants by the time I saw him. He appeared to be about my age. I had a little bit of hair around my thing. It wasn't much, but most of the other guys already had big hairy cocks. Shit, last year I didn’t have any at all. I was fascinated that this dude had less than I did.

When I saw the boy, I couldn’t help staring at him. I mean he was beautiful. He was very slim and had the prettiest girlish features. He had shoulder length light brown hair and the prettiest green eyes you ever wanted to see besides Paul’s. His lips looked wet and juicy and his legs were tanned and smooth looking.

He had no hair at all on his legs. Not even each peach fuzz. It was almost as if he shaved them. I was embarrassed when he looked at me and noticed I had been staring at him, but not enough to make me stop looking his way.

To my surprise, he didn’t ask me what my problem was, but just stood there looking at me. He was looking me over pretty good and kept glancing at my legs. We stood there gawking at one another for several minutes when I felt my dick get hard. I noticed his was poking at the front of his under pants as well. Finally, he slid his under pants off, which he would need to do before he put on his swim trunks.

My eyes slowly wandered down to his pubic area. I was fascinated with how wonderfully inviting his penis was and it was still hard and poking straight out at me. I began to realize I simply had to suck it. Suddenly my stomach was in knots. I felt like I was going to throw up. All kinds of thoughts went through my mind. I felt so fucked up inside.

Why am I standing here staring at this young boy's dick and why the hell do I want it so bad. It was like a nightmare. I didn't like doing queer stuff with guys, yet I kept fantasizing about how good it was going to feel when his excitement started squirting into my mouth. I felt I was queer because of the way I felt in front of this boy, but the feeling of despair was not great enough to overcome my desire for him.

I walked over to him and our lips met as our bodies meshed together. I didn’t feel like it was risky making a move on him, because what he wanted was written all over his face. We were hugging so close our dicks were brushing together. I could feel his hardness rubbing against me through my swimsuit. We kissed for several minutes before I became worried someone might walk in on us. I whispered to him we should go into one of the shower stalls and turn the water on like we were taking a shower.

I slid my trunks off and in the shower we went. I enjoyed kissing him while I slid my hand down between his legs and started playing with him. It felt so good when his fingers wrapped around my thing. We kissed for quite a while before I started working my way down his neck and sucked his nipples. I felt that inner turmoil again. That feeling like what I was doing was perverted, but it felt so good I couldn’t stop.

I enjoyed tonguing his belly button, yet felt weird doing it at the same time. I was feeling sick and ever so much like a faggot as he ran his fingers through the hair on the back of my head while I sucked on his meat. I would suck on his balls some and then on his sweet meat just before returning to his rod. He had only a little bit of hair around his dick and it was still short and fine, which I found to be a real turn on.

I liked running my tongue in and around his little tuft of hair. I didn’t have a whole lot around mine either, but I had a little more than he did, which he said he found to be quite a turn on.

I found out later he was actually a couple of days older than me. The boy pulled my head close to him as he squirted his juice into my mouth. He must have been extremely horny, because I never had any one that young shoot so much into my mouth before.

I sucked on his dick until he got soft and then got hard again. I don’t know about him, but it feels fantastic to me to have some one suck me after I go soft. When I finished, I was expecting him to leave and get dressed. When I started to go out, he told me to come back. It was his turn. He enjoyed having me do him, but he liked sucking much better than being sucked.

He informed me, ever so enthusiastically, he loved to suck a dick and did so any chance he got. He liked the look guys got on their faces when they came. To him it was a real turn on. He wanted me to look into his eyes while he did me. After he finished with me, I asked him if he had ever done it with someone in the butt. He said he hadn’t. I talked him into trying it.

I started kissing him to get myself horny again and proceeded to show him the proper way to do some one’s ass without it hurting so they won’t stop you. I had to stand in the shower by myself for a little while, while he ran to the toilet to shit me out and then I let him do me. We had a lot of fun swimming at the lake and palled around together most of the day, before his parents picked him up.

We went back to the shower to get a quickie every hour or so. It was funny, we did so well together and became so intimate and at the same time we never told each other our names and neither one of us asked. I was glad Paul hadn't been with us at the lake. I don't know what would have happened if he had been. I know Paul would have gone with me to the bathroom. He always did whenever he could without it looking like we were two faggots helping each other go.

Paul might have done it with the boy too, or with the two of us there, maybe nothing at all would have happened. If that had taken place, I would have missed out on a lot of fun. Even though I felt like a faggot for doing this boy, I enjoyed every minute of it. The guilt of having it be fun was tearing me apart. I was dying inside. How could I suck a complete stranger's dick without having been forced to do it.


The next day, Paul and I were standing on the road waiting on David again. When he stopped the car, we got in the back seat and David pulled off down the road. He didn’t have a lot of time and wouldn’t be able to take us to his house. This was really good news to me and I would imagine it didn’t exactly hurt Paul’s feelings either. Paul and I looked at one another and grinned. This would be like a holiday compared to all of the shit we might have to do if we went to his place.

David wanted me to climb over the seat and get him out. I dreaded sucking him, but I was afraid to say so, so I climbed over the seat and unzipped his pants. I fumbled around inside his fly until I got my hands on his dick. I pulled the top of his under pants down under his balls and reluctantly bent over and took him into my mouth. He tasted nasty. I don’t think he had had a bath for a while. He down right stank down there and I had it in my mouth.

I could feel the puke rising in my throat, but quickly swallowed it back down. David told me to loosen my pants. As usual, he wanted to finger fuck me while I sucked him. He didn't finger fuck me every time, but he was very fond of doing it. I liked to have a finger up my ass sometimes, but I hated it when he did it. It was very difficult to stick my face back down in that odor and the taste was absolutely awful. It would gag a maggot.

When David shot off, I waited until he got through, then I pulled away from him so I could start swallowing away that nasty taste. I don’t remember him ever tasting quite that nasty. He was just plain gross today. I wanted to spit it out, but I managed to swallow it anyway. David told me to go back down on him until I got him ready for Paul. This meant to suck him until it got hard again.

I wasn’t sure how I was going back down to that putrid smell. It even burned my eyes. I started sucking again. When his dick got hard, I buttoned up my pants and crawled back over the seat. Paul went up front to take his turn. I leaned over the back of the seat to watch Paul. I liked to watch Paul suck, even if it was David’s dick. I liked the way his lips looked when they were sliding up and down on someone’s meat. I always got excited and could hardly wait to do Paul.

My ass was wet from David’s spit. That was a turn on, because of how it felt and embarrassing at the same time, because of the way it got that way. I watched David’s finger disappear into Paul’s hole and the wetness around my butt made it seem as though I could feel David’s finger going in and out of Paul. I noticed the grimace on Paul’s face and I remembered how vulgar tasting David was today. Paul looked like he would throw up any second. I knew he didn’t dare.

Paul backed off of him after awhile and David told him to do it again. Paul obeyed and went back down on his meat. We rode around for another 20 minutes or so with Paul sucking on David’s meat, when David finally told Paul to go ahead and close it back up. Paul pulled David’s under pants back up over his dick, tucked it back into his pants and zipped his fly. David took us back to where he picked us up and let us out on the road. That was one of the few times we did him in the car.

We walked up the road, both of us spitting and trying to get the taste out of our mouths. I could tell Paul was as disgusted as I was, yet we still didn’t talk about how we felt. I was looking at Paul and started thinking about how nice it would be to feel his lips on me. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. I finally asked Paul if he would mind too much doing it for me now.

He whined, “What, here on the road? Are you nuts? We might get caught.“ I told him we could walk a few yards into the woods where we couldn’t be seen from the road. He started into the woods and after we had gone far enough, Paul got me out and did his thing. I asked him if he wanted me to do him. He told me he would rather wait until we got to his house. We proceeded to make our way to Paul’s house and the safety of his room. That was fine by me. I figured I would be ready for another turn by then anyway and I was.


Several days passed. I was at home when the phone rang. I was worried it would hang up when my Mom answered which would signal David wanted to set up a stint in the box. I absolutely did not want to get in the box, especially, today. I had been feeling low about myself and had not quite gotten the last ride in the car out of my mind. I was feeling like a queer again.

Mom said the phone was for me. Sounds like one of your friends is what she told me. I answered the phone and some young boy was on the other end. He said,” Hi, this is Barry. We met at the lake a few days ago. I asked one of your friends what your name was and got your number from him. What I called about is we are moving to Florida in a few weeks and my Dad is letting me have a going away party for my friends. I wanted to know if you’d like to go to the party. You could spend the night after the party.”

I was already feeling like a faggot. Talking to Barry only made it worse. I was getting ready to tell him I couldn’t go, when I remembered Paul and I were set to go over to David’s on the day of the party. I told Barry I would like to go and to give me a second to see if my Mom would let me go. I figured I would feel a little, less queer with Barry than with David. Besides, Paul had wormed out last week and left me to satisfy that bastard by myself, now it’s his turn.

The day of the party arrived. Barry’s Dad drove him over to pick me up. It was a pretty cool party. Barry’s Dad was even cooler. He went out to the garage to do some stuff and said he wouldn’t bother us until it was time to end the party. Barry had about 10 of his friends over and his twin brother was there as well. I thought that was far out. They were not only twins, but I saw no way of telling them apart. They didn’t have any moles on their faces or any other kind of marks to make them look different.

There were plenty of different kinds of soda pop and all kinds of good junk to nibble on. We played a bunch of different games and I had a great time. Later, we got to talking guy stuff. Not real guy stuff, but what young boys call guy stuff. Some of the guy’s were kidding around about how nice it would be to have a set of sweet lips on their dicks. Then they pointed at me, saying a set like those. They didn’t touch me or anything like that, but they kept talking about how cute and sexy I would be if I was a girl.

One of them even asked me if I would suck him if no one would know. The rest of them laughed when I turned beet red. All except Barry and his brother. When it was time to break up the party, Barry’s Dad came in out of the garage and decided it was time for everyone to start going home. After they all left, Barry said it was okay with his Dad if I stayed for the weekend. His Mom was at a friend’s house so it would be just us guys. My Mom let me stay when I called for permission.

Barry and I slipped off into his room at his urging. We immediately started kissing when we got in the room and could hardly wait to suck each other. I was right, I felt a lot less like a faggot doing it with Barry. It was also kind of exciting and scary at the same time.

We couldn't lock the bedroom door as there was no lock and someone could walk in at any time and catch me sucking Barry. That would embarrass me something awful. When we finished, we got dressed and just stayed in the room until his twin brother came in. The two of them shared the same room.

His brother’s name was Berry. I guess some one had a wry sense of humor with the names. When he came into the room, Barry and I were sitting on the edge of the bed, talking about how great the party had been. Barry said it was bath time. The two of them started undressing and invited me to join them in the tub.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable being naked in front of Berry. He looked identical to Barry, but I still had never been naked in front of him before. I decided what the hell, it’s just a bath and it wasn’t going to hurt me any if Berry saw me.

After we all got naked, we went the short distance down the hall to the bathroom. I felt very awkward walking down the hall in the nude. I was worried Barry's Dad might see me in all my splendor. Fortunately there was no one in the hall to see me.

Barry started running the water and we got in the tub. Suddenly Barry blurted he had to make a confession. He had enjoyed our stint in the bedroom very much, but he wasn’t Barry. He was Berry. They switched identities so Berry could check me out for himself with out me knowing he did it, just in case he didn’t like it with me.

Berry told me, there needn’t be any worry, because he loved to suck a dick too. This time the real Barry sucked me off and when he finished, I started working on him. I had him going pretty good when I heard the door open and their Dad came into the room. He had a hand full of towels. I came up off of Barry’s dick pronto, but it was too late. His Dad had seen me sucking his son’s dick. It was still hard and his Dad could see that too.

Barry’s Dad went off. He wanted to know what the hell I thought I was doing. I couldn’t say a thing. He told me to get out of the tub and dry off. He was plenty mad and said it was obvious he would have to separate us tonight. He couldn’t very well put us in the same bed together knowing we’d be doing that all night. He was going to call my Dad to tell him what happened. I begged him not to tell my Dad. I swore I would do anything to keep my Dad from finding out.


Barry’s Dad told me to call him Tim, earlier in the day, so that is, the name I will use to refer to him. Tim told me to follow him and he would show me where I would sleep tonight. He told his sons to finish their bath and he would have a talk with them in a few minutes. I followed him to his room. I was still in the nude. All my clothes were in the twins’ room.

Tim bade me to sit on the edge of the bed, because we needed to talk. He insisted, the first thing I needed to do was to tell him what I thought I was doing and why I was afraid to tell him. He reminded me I said I would do anything to keep my Dad from finding out. Here was my chance to convince him there could be some other form of punishment and it would be a good thing not to tell my Dad.

I was very upset and felt embarrassed sitting on the edge of the bed in front of Tim in the nude. I was thinking there is no way I can tell Tim what I was doing let alone why. How can I tell him I really enjoyed sucking Barry? I finally broke down crying. I decided the best thing to keep my Dad from finding out was to go ahead and come clean. I was going to tell Tim all of it.

I told him I was sucking Barry’s dick. I sucked it so he would shoot off in my mouth. Barry looked so good I wasn’t able to resist the urge to do him. Tim wanted to know why it was so important to me not to have my Dad know. I whimpered, “I didn’t want my Dad to know I was doing things to a guy that girls were supposed to do. If he found out, he would kill me.”

Tim stood there looking at me as if he were trying to decide what to do for several minutes. Suddenly he looked into my eyes. “You said you would be willing to do anything to keep your Dad from finding out. I feel like if you are going to act like a little girl, then as punishment you should look like one. I’ll dress you up like a little girl and just maybe that will get your thinking straightened out.“

Tim went over to the dresser and got out some clothes, then he went to the closet and came back with a brunette colored wig and two round rubber things. He threw them on the bed and told me to put them on while he had a little discussion with the boys, then we’ll see. He left the room and I started going through the clothes on the bed to see what I was going to be dealing with.

There was a silk negligee with very little silk and a matching bra and panties. The two round rubber things were shaped like small tits. The same size tits found on the average 13 year old girl. They had some kind of sticky stuff on the backside. It didn’t take me long to figure out what I was supposed to do with them. I stuck the fake tits over my nipples and put on the bra. I was standing in front of a full-length mirror and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I looked like I had tits. Next I pulled on the panties and took another look in the mirror. Some how it, just didn’t look right. I looked a little longer when it dawned on me the problem was the bulge between my legs. It wasn’t a very big bulge, but it just didn’t make me feel Tim would think I looked like a little girl. I really needed to look like a little girl to convince Tim not to tell my Dad I had been acting like one.

I lowered the panties, tucked my balls up into my abdomen, and pulled my penis as far back into the crack of my ass as I could. I then put the panties back on, pulled them up tight into the crack of my ass to hold my dick in place, and returned to the mirror. The bulge had disappeared. I looked like I had a pussy under my panties. I stood there for several minutes admiring my new attributes.

I slipped into the negligee and looked into the mirror for a fourth time. I could see the top portion of the bra from the low-neck line and I could see a little bit of the bottom of the panties protruding from the negligee near my crotch. I was beginning to take shape.

I thought I would never get that damned wig on to look like it was really my hair, but I finally did. Wow, I looked for all the world like a petite thirteen year old girl. A very pretty one at that. Of course I wasn’t a girl, nor was I thirteen, but Tim obviously wanted me to pretend to be one. I didn’t think it would hurt me to play along as long as no one else saw me like this. Now, I thought I was set and crawled under the covers on the outside edge of the bed to wait for Tim to see if we could dispense with telling my Dad about me sucking dicks.

Boy, Tim must have been really upset by all of this, because he had been in his sons’ room for over an hour before finally returning. He told me to get out of the bed to let him see if he was satisfied I looked enough like a girl for the punishment to be effective.

I got out of the bed and stood in front of him. Tim told me to turn around slowly to let him see the rear view. His reply was, “That’s not good enough.” Tim got a bottle of bright pink finger nail polish and painted my fingernails and my toenails. That wasn’t enough either so he added ruby red lipstick and some makeup to put the finishing touches on my ensemble.

This time when I looked into the mirror, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a sweet looking little girl standing in front of me. I could feel my dick swelling in the crack of my ass. I was getting excited looking at myself, I was also worrying myself to death about my Dad finding out, and I was embarrassed as hell standing in front of Tim in this ridiculous getup. I was also feeling very much like a faggot at this time. At least Barry and Berry couldn’t see me.

Tim told me to crawl back in the bed and get some sleep and we would decide what to do in the morning. I lay beside Tim and started crying. Tim consoled me. ”Come here son and I will cuddle you in my arms until you feel better.” I snuggled up next to him and he wrapped his arms around me. He squeezed me gently in his arms. “You really are afraid to let your Dad find out about this aren’t you?” I told him I was scared to death that if my Dad found out he wouldn’t love me anymore.

Tim replied, “Would you really do anything to keep your Dad from finding out?” I reluctantly replied, “Anything.” He reached out caressing my face. “Since you look so much like a little girl now, why don’t you show me what you do when you are acting like one? Do to me what you were doing to Barry.” I had already been picking up those weird vibes from Tim that made me believe he wanted to do it with me, but he had acted so angry when he caught me with Barry, I wasn’t sure.

Now I know what he wants. I do not want to give him what he is after, but I can’t take the chance of my Dad finding out. If I can muster up the gumption to do this, I know it will be our little secret for sure and all my troubles will be over. I slid my hand between his legs and proceeded to massage his penis very gently through his underpants.

When I could feel his heartbeat speed up with my cheek, I leaned up toward him and kissed him. I kissed him until he got wet in my hand. I then moved south to his nipples. Slowly, I worked my way sensuously southward, disappearing under the covers. I pulled the top of his underpants down under his balls and took them lovingly into my mouth.

I didn’t want to do him, but I had to convince him not to tell on me. I inched my way up to the tip of his shaft before taking the whole thing into my mouth. I deep throated Tim. I sucked him long after he came and when his rod was throbbing with excitement again, I backed off of his dick and whispered into his ear, ”Go ahead and fuck me Tim.”

I lay down on my back and spread my legs. Tim pushed my legs back together, long enough to remove my panties and gently nudged them back apart again. He climbed between my legs and started to push his thing into my hole. I pushed him away. “Hey. Whoa. You’ve gotta get me ready first. You can’t just stick it in.“ He didn’t understand what I meant, so I told him what to do.

Once I was wet, Tim fucked me slowly until my rear end loosened up and then he fucked me hard. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him close to me with my legs while he pumped his load into me. When it was all over, I went to the bathroom to empty out. Once I returned to the bed, Tim kissed me good night. I rolled back over close to him and we went to sleep.

I woke up sometime later that night. I don’t know what time it was, but it was still dark. Tim had his finger up my ass. I started to roll over on my back to give him access to me, but Tim told me to lie where I was on my side. He wanted to pole me from behind and feel my cheeks up against his pubic area.

When he slid his thing in, I could feel him cuddle me close as the warmth from his penis filled my little butt. Oh God. I was in seventh heaven. I felt so loved the way he held me as he had his way with my backsides. When he finished, I didn’t feel that sudden urge to go like I normally do, so I went back to sleep.

Tim woke me up at six in the morning. “Come on, Kenny. Its time for breakfast. I make sure the boys eat a hearty breakfast every morning. I’ll need to spruce you up before we go down to the kitchen.” I rolled over onto my back to give him easy access to me as he spruced me up. I had already figured out what sprucing up meant. Tim smiled at my insight. He slowly climbed in beside me.

I could feel Tim’s fingers gently stroking my side in slow even strokes from my shoulder to my knee. They would get enticingly close to my penis without really getting there. His lips meshed with mine and I sucked on his awaiting tongue. I hadn’t wanted to do it with Tim. I thought it was pretty gross. After the several times he did me last night, I started to feel it wasn’t so bad.

At this very minute, I feel like my dick might explode and he hasn’t even touched it yet. “Oh, yes. Tim. You make me feel so fucking good. Don’t ever stop. Oh God. Please. Give me some of your spit.“ I know that sounds gross, but I have gotten where when someone gets me really excited and I suddenly find myself attracted to them, I really enjoy eating their spit. Its like a preview of their load. Right now, I am in bliss. “Please, Tim. I can’t take it anymore. Fuck me. Climb up here on my chest and fuck me in my mouth. I’ve gotta have it.“

Tim had already advanced to twirling his fingers around one of my nipples as he alternated between rolling his tongue slowly around the other before sweetly kissing the tip of it and then going back to my mouth to try to suck my tongue out of my face. I felt like a million bucks. I was building up to explode. He had been getting ready to ball me in the hinny again as he was starting to twirl his finger around my hole a little. Upon hearing my begging plea, he changed his mind.

Tim started slowly inching his way toward my mouth. Carefully rubbing his sweet shaft all over every inch of my skin as he made his way north. I lay back in bliss as his hard rod dribbled his wetness across my body as he made his way toward my eager mouth. I thought he would never get it there. As I felt his delectable shaft enter my mouth, I pursed my lips to give a channel for his throbbing member to ravage my mouth without hitting my teeth.

He fucked the shit out of me. I could feel his pubes slam into my face as the tip of his dick slid down the back of my throat. Then I could feel the head of it brush against my mouth as he pulled it back out before slamming it all the way back in again. Just as Tim started filling my mouth with his love juice, I couldn’t take it any more and shot off all in my under wear.

When Tim finished getting off, I lay there for several minutes as I swallowed his load. Tim looked at me lovingly. “Kenny. You are one sweet little boy. It is a shame your Daddy will never know.“ I sighed a great breath of relief. Now I know he won’t tell Dad.

I went to the bathroom to get rid of Tim's load from last night. I could smell the strong scent of sex coming from the toilet. It had been in me for quite a few hours. We took a shower together and felt one another’s hard ons for a little while, but Tim told me not to let myself shoot off. After he had me in my outfit again, he put on my make up and told me it was time to greet the boys.

I was sick inside. I asked him not to make me go down there like that. He reminded me I agreed I would do anything and this was just part of that. If I go along with the game plan and be his little girl for the rest of the weekend he would forget about telling my Dad. I am not completely stupid. I knew there was no way he would let me tell my Dad I had been having sex with one of his sons, let alone tell him himself. There was just too much risk his having sex with me might come out for that to take place.

Still even with this knowledge, I was a wuss and too scared to say no. I followed him downstairs to the kitchen. He seated me in one of the chairs at the kitchen table. He told me, “When I ask the boys what they want for breakfast, that will be your cue to get up and say, ‘I know what I want.’ Then I want you to walk over to me and get it out and give the boys a show.”

This is going to be hard to do. I don’t want either of them to know I am doing their Dad. I am very nervous at this time. It wasn’t long before they came down to the table. Both of them were fully clothed. I was sitting there in a wig, negligee, silk panties, and my fake titties. They both looked like they were in shock.

Tim told them to meet their new, little sister. Then he asked them what they wanted for breakfast. I reluctantly got up saying, ”Well, I don’t know about them, but I know what I want.” I walked over to Tim and undid his fly. I dropped down on my knees and started sucking him. When I got through, I walked around with Tim, jerking on his dick everywhere he went. Tim asked Barry what he thought of his sister?

Barry exclaimed, ”She’s gorgeous, can we do it with her too?” Tim said it was fine by him. I told them to get naked and I would suck them both at the same time. I had them stand side by side and put both of their dick heads into my mouth.

When I finished them, Tim led me into the living room and had me lean across one of the couch cushions with my knees on the floor. He fucked my butt and then he gave me a blow job. That was a surprise, I mean, after sucking him off last night and having him fuck me twice in my ass, I thought he didn't have any interest in sucking me.

Tim told Barry to take my place on the couch. I could tell from the strange look on Barry’s face and the way Tim had done last night that, his Dad had never done either one of them in the ass before. Tim took turns giving them both a good fuck, followed by a blow job. Then we went back to the kitchen and had breakfast.

I spent the rest of the weekend dressed as a girl, except for the times it was wished for me to be nude. I kept the bra and fake tits on except when someone wanted to suck my real ones. We spent the whole time from Saturday morning until the following Monday afternoon, doing whatever and who ever turned you on at the time. We took time out to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tim might have been a fucked up person, but he took good care of his sons.

It felt so weird sitting at the table eating a meal and wearing next to nothing. Tim did his sons quite a bit, but he was partial to me. I guess it was because he knew he was going to have very limited access to me. One thing for sure. Tim really liked sucking little boys' dicks.

Everybody fucked the shit out of me all weekend. Tim let me sleep with the boys Saturday night. I awoke about 10:00 Sunday morning. I was surprised, normally Tim woke the boys to have breakfast and up until now got me up as well.

I was alone in the bedroom. That was cool by me. At least I would have a little time to myself. I lay in the bed for quite some time thinking through the weird stuff that occurred over the last day. I went to the kitchen as I was hungry. I helped myself to a bowl of cereal. Shortly there after, Tim came down stairs. "Come here sweetie. I need to enjoy your lips."

I knew I was stuck. I walked over to Tim and took care of his needs. Surprisingly, Tim only kissed me. Granted, he tried to suck the back of my head through my mouth, but he didn’t ask me to blow him. That was cool. Tim pulled back from my face. "The boys will be in soon. They are tending to some chores out back.”

“I watched them get started from the bedroom window. I would have watched them finish, but I started thinking about how sweet you are and came to you instead. I am sorry I didn't wake you for breakfast, but after such a long night, I thought you might like to sleep in a little, especially since the boys would be busy in the yard for a couple of hours."

Barry, Berry, and I took a bath before I was supposed to go home. Tim left us alone for some reason. I figured out why later. They had the job of talking me into coming back down for the weekend before they left for Florida. I felt bad about getting involved in all of this mess. I felt like I was a queer. I wanted to die inside, but leaned forward in the tub and told them I would love to, just before going down on Barry.

We all sucked one another good bye and had a kiss as well. Then Tim took me home. I sucked him off on the way. I felt really weird when I got home. I had been sucking Tim's dick all the way to the driveway. We sat out in the car a few minutes until Tim shot off in my mouth one more time. I think it was the fourth time, although it may have only been the third. I was too embarrassed to really count.

At least it was dark enough my parents wouldn't be able to tell what I was doing in the car unless they came out to the driveway. I had to go in the house and sit in the living room with my parents while I was trying to swallow away the taste of Tim. Damn, I felt so fucked up. If my folks knew what I had just finished doing, they would kill me.

To be continued………………………………...................................................................................

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