"Brian come on were goin fishing." Bear called over the whining of the
car still running and the dying air compressor. "Ok hold on while I
get my wallet," I responded. Quickly I headed off to our room and made
a dash for the car.
The ride to stillhouse lake was short but entertaining. As we pulled
up to the parking lot to the marina I noticed the beautiful weather
and I knew it was gonna be a good day to fish.
"Would you go set up while I pay for our bait.", Bear called as he
dogged into the resturant section of the marina. I heard the tell tale
pattle of little footsteps and turned to see a very beautiful girl of
the age of about 10. Just as I turned to see her, her mother was in
pursuit followed by a duck. As the older woman quick stepped by, the
duck stopped and looked at me. I stared right back at the quack and
chuckeled to myself.
Turning back to setting up the poles and baiting them with corn and
casting it out just as Bear returned with some worms and minows. I
baited the other poles that had not already done so and dropped the
minow and let it free swim for a few minutes untill I reeled in a
thirteen and half inch black bass. But the fish was too small to keep
so i tossed him and the minow. As I was doing so, I heard "Why did you
toss him back?" I turned to see the little girl standing beside me
with a puzzeled look upon her face. I replied "Well the rules say we
can't keep him cause he is too small." "Oh, but why?", she asked
quizicly. "He needs to be older that way we don't mess up the circle
of life for the lakes fish. Oh by the way what's you're name? Mine is
Brian." I told her. She responded ,"Its Nilley, it's nice to meet you
Brian." as she said that she ran her hand across my chest and stomach
and walked by making sure to smell my essence and calling out,"I'll
see you soon sexy."
On that remark I sat down puzzeled, I know I've been interested in
preteen girls but to have one of them openly flirtling with me was
totally new to me. Well I baited my pole with corn and tied it off to
the railing so if something did take off with the bait they weren't
going any where and left to the resturant to meet her mother. To my
surprise her mother greeted me. "You must be the young man the my
daughter is head overheels for. It's Brian right?" "Yes mam", I
responded. "Well I hope you can satify my little angel and be out
again soon." she said with a wink. By this point my mind and heart are
racing and almost got an erection but quickly banished it. "Well I
hope so but I don't kno about the satisfing part." looking over at
Nilley and the grin on her face soon dissapearing at what sounded like
rejection. "I mean as a guy I have my needs but that was taken care of
last night.", slightly grinning and taking a seat to conceal my
reapearing hard on. Nilleys head sank even lower as I grinned then her
mother leaned over and wispered something in her ear and she insantly
perked up with a smile on her face. Getting up and sauntering over to
me and wispered in my ear "How about we go to the boat and you take my
virginity." that wasn't a suggestion but more of a demand. I looked at
her mother asking, "Really?" "Yes!" I get in stereo from the two
females as Nilley sat in my lap and squirmed like the minows when you
hold them. Only a few seconds of her in my lap I had a really big
boner, even bigger than the one from last night, I inhaled her natural
smell and noticed her crotch was wet from the rubbing against the
buldge in my pants. "Can we continue somewhere else more private?", I
wispered in her ear. She nodded, got up from my lap, grabbed my hand
and proceeded to pull for me to follow. And that's what I did, I
She took me out on the docks to a very large boat and motioned me
onboard. Entering a dimlit cabin which had a table, a bed, and a
sink. she started to undress as she did so did I. I took off my shirt
and her jaw dropped as she stared at my peirced nipples and stepped
toward my body, rubbing my piercing with one hand and stroked my
stomach. As Nilley did this I reached across and ran my fingers
through her hair and bent over to give her a kiss which she eagerly
recieved. I began to stroke her stomach and took her nipples in
between my index finger and my thumb and rolled them and suckled the
other one I dropped my hand to her pants and undid them with my right
hand and pushed her small pink panties to the floor. As I striped her
she did the same to me and unbuttoning my pants and pushed my boxers
off. At that moment my cock that had been straining against my boxers
had sprung forward. Then it hit her, he has a big cock. I noticed the
shocked look plastered to her face that that quickly morphed into a
grin. Nilley dropped to her knees and licked the tip of my penis and
proceeded to put as much of my member in her mouth as physically
possible. As she stared to bob her head I let out a loud soft moan of
pleasure and she did as well as a indication of her enjoyment of my
pleasure. She continued to suck me off untill I stopped her. She
stared up at me with big brown eyes and I motioned to the bed and she
layed down with her legs spread waiting for me to do what I want with
her. Putting my face near her young wet developing pussy, I can smell
her juices telling me she is ready but I ignore that and lick her
pussy while pushing a middle finger in her, breaking her hymen. "Ow it
hurts!", she cried "I'm sorry I should have told you but it will pass
soon.", I cooed. Several minutes later I asked if she had felt the
pain anymore she responded with a no. At that I finger fucked her with
one then two I tried the third but no luck so I decided to go back to
eating her out with one finger still in her pussy pistioning in and
out. After a few moments on my finger and under my tounge she
orgasmed. After the first orgasm she begged me to put my rock hard
memeber in her. "Ok I'm gonna put it in now." I breathed. She just
nodded. I walked myself closer to her body and readied myself both
mentally and physically for what I was about to do. "This might hurt a
little Nilley so get ready." I warned her but she was already pushing
herself on my twitching cock to the point where the head was already
in. I slowly pushed forward letting the combination of her juices and
my weight do most of the work. One, two, and three inches sank slowly
untill about the fourth inch made it's way home then I felt the hard
barrier of her cervix. I stopped then slowly pulled out and pushed
forward only this time one more inch dissapeared.
Just as I hit her cervix, the melodious tune of Bobby Darrin roared to
life ( Somewhere beyond the sea
somewhere waiting for me, my lover stands on golden sands, and watches
the ships that go sailin') we both grinned and I continued to work her
young pussy. As each push I made she pushed back and rocked her hips
with the boat as someone had raced off to go boating sending waves
through the marina. After five or so minutes she came but I wasn't
finished so I carried on as she breathed heavily. Hours later and her
many orgasms she had maybe one left and I was on the verg of eruption
soon so I rolled over and let her controll herself on my cock "Im
gonna cum soon soo let's cum together.", I notified her and all she
did was nod as she moved up and down on my cock. Soon she was on the
verge of cumming and warned me. I gave my ok. Thirty seconds later we
came in unision and she fell on my chest while my cock was still in
her. Hot and sweaty, we laid there regaining our breaths, collecting
ourselves and smiling at one another.
Once again my phone rang I rolled over reached into my pocket and
pulled out the phone and answered it. "Hello?" "Where are you?" the
voice asked "In a boat, why?" I resonded, just then Nilley pipes up
and asked "Who is it?" "Oh ok, nevermind, have fun Playboy.", the
voice says then hangs up. Then I realize that was Bear. Sighing and
wraping my arms around Nilley for a few minutes and tell her we better
get dressed and head back. She just looked at me and I knew that would
be impossible for her considering how badly I fucked the hell out of
her. So I let her recover while I got dressed. I put my clothes back
on and looked out the window to see it was dark already and decided to
give her my jacket to wear and carry her back to her mom.
Just as I entered the marina resturant her mother grinned at me as I
set her "little angle" in a chair. "How was she?", Nilleys mother
asked. All that came out was wow and nothing more. Our ride showed up
and I mentioned I was heading out soon. Nilley strugled to get to her
feet and wobbled over to me. I bent over so she could give me a proper
hug but instead I got a firm kiss and I kissed back. After our liplock
a long hug persued and some grinns were exchanged. Grabbing our
fishing poles and fish and other items, bear and I headed for the car.
Putting the fishing poles in the trunk I looked up to see nilley
jogging up the ramp to the parking spot followed by he. mother.
Breathing heavily nilley says "I want to thank you for the great
time." blushing. Her mother thanked me for giving her the time of her
life and hoped I could do the same and giving me the same kiss as
Nilley did earlier. I climbed into the car smiling and tired. I
watched as the still house marina lights dissapeared into the distance.
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