I never realized exactly why our dildo had two heads; my wife solved the mystery for me.
Double Dildo

My wife and I perused the online catalogues of sex toys and finally settled on a 45 centimetre clear double dildo. It served our purposes well. I fucked her in pussy and ass with it, she fucked me in the ass with it, and we both came with it. I never really wondered why it had two heads or what to do with that feature of it. Obviously my wife of 36 did, and being as creative in the bedroom as she was with our three kids, she managed to capture my interest.

The kids were staying with the grandparents, so we had planned an evening of sexual pleasure. When I came into the bedroom from showering, I was already aroused. I soon discovered that she was too. After kissing and just enjoying each other, I ended up on my back with her kneeling over me, above my head. I could see her fantastic 36C breasts dangling above me and my mouth reached for a nipple, while my hand caressed and squeezed her other tit. I could have enjoyed her boobs for hours, but she had her eye on her own prize: my swollen dick. We ended up in a delicious 69 where she feasted on my cock and I feasted on her shaved pussy and coaxed her clit out of hiding.

After a while she sat up and I moaned in disappointment as her cunt turned away from me. She reached behind her, spread her tight ass cheeks to reveal her equally hairless rosebud. I didn't need an engraved invitation. I craned my neck and started licking and rimming her sweet anus. I could hear her sigh in pleasure. Just about the time that my neck started to feel the strain, she let go and leaned over a bit. I though she wanted me to shift attention to her cunt, which was now within reach, so I did. However, a few moments later she handed me the dildo and said in a husky voice: "Fuck me with this." She leaned forward again, grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and I gazed again at her rosebud, which was still slightly open and wet from my saliva. That's when I noticed that the about one third of the dildo had been thoroughly lubricated with KY jelly. I took hold of the dildo right above the lubrication, where it was still dry and placed my other hand on her ass. I carefully guided the glistening head to her awaiting "rear entry." When the cold tip touched her warm anus, a shivver went through her body. I waited to give her the chance to relax and then pushed carefully. The dildo tried to buckle, but the pressure held and her anus opened to receive the penetration. I stopped pushing and the head of the dildo sat there while she groaned with erotic anticipation. When I figured she was ready, I pushed through the remaining resistance and the dildo's head popped in. She grunted in satisfaction, knowing that the widest part of the dildo was now in. The rest would just be relax and let it slide.

She let go of her ass cheeks and rested on her arms to give her more leverage. I still had one hand holding one cheek aside so I could see the dildo in her anus. Then I slowly pushed it in, and I could hear a sharp intake of breath as the dildo began to slide into her. I slid it in up until where I was holding it, lubricant gathering around her stretched anus. When my had touched her butt, I let go to grab the dildo up higher, and as I anticipated, it began coming out. I let it do so at her body's speed until I could see the bottom of the dildo's head. Then I pushed again. I was holding the dildo by it's other end, but I pushed it in slowly, taking about 30 seconds. All that time she let out a long, sensuous groan. She reached for my dick and we fucking each other like that. The hottest part for me, was whenever she pushed her butt back to receive more dildo faster and deeper. Neither of us came, though it was a close call for me.

She got off me and told me to spread my legs. She picked up the dildo from where it had fallen out of her and smiled an evil, knowing smile. I knew what was coming and closed my eyes in eager anticipation. She lubricated the dildo and pressed it against my anus. I was ready and relaxed, willing my sphincter to open up and receive my wife's penetration. She slowly slid the dildo in; I had never had a warm – that is a pre-heated – dildo shoved into me before. It was a welcome surprise. She moved the dildo in and out of me several times, the feeling of being penetrated was delicious.

Then she stopped and repositioned her hand. I thought she was holding it up higher, so she could go deeper. It slid back in and then I felt a strange pressure against my anus. She slowed way down but kept an insistent pressure going. My anus was spread open and I realized that she was holding the dildo with her fingers splayed parallel to it and was spreading me further than I had gone before. It just started to hurt when she stopped and pulled her fingers out of me, keeping the dildo in place. I could feel her repositioning her hand and then she pushed it further into me The penetration caused me to gasp in surprise, just as her fingers found my anus and slid in beside the dildo. She kept up the pressure and got her fingers in to the knuckles and stopped. She held her fingers and the dildo there, and then started wiggling her fingers. Indescribable sensations flowed from my anus to my dick, causing it to jump to attention. Slowly she withdrew. Once her fingers were out, I could hardly feel the dildo, just the last bit of it when it popped out.

She applied a bit more lubricant to the dildo, and quickly put it back in; which was easy to do, since my anus was still gaping somewhat. It went in quite a bit further than before and I gasped with pleasure, willing myself open to receive as much of her as I could. She moved it in and out and back and forth and then suddenly thrust way deeper until her fingers went in. My anus was prepared and accepted the dildo and her fingers past the second set of knuckles. She stopped pushing, but kept up some motion and pressure. Then I felt the dildo being pulled out of the depths of my bowels, however, her fingers stayed in place. She was pulling the dildo out of me and out of her hand. At the same time that the dildo came out of her hand, she pushed her fingers inside of me. My anus gaped and suddenly her whole hand was inside of me. Slowly my sphincter closed around her wrist. I couldn't believe it; my wife was fisting me. When she balled her fist and started to move her fist inside of me, I really couldn't believe it. If I had had the time to process it, I might be able to give describing the feeling a try, but suddenly her mouth closed around my dick and she started playing with its head. Before I realized what was happening she slithered down the length of my throbbing cock. I am not particularly large, so if she concentrates, my wife can take all of me into her mouth, without gagging. She went all the way down on me, I could feel her nose against my abdomen. She moved her tongue and swallowed, and that's why I can't describe the feeling of her pumping her fist in my anus. It was sensory overload. It felt like my semen came from my toes. It came up in such a thick wad, that it almost felt like it wouldn't fit through my penis. It did and came out explosively. Like a trooper my wife continued to swallow and took in every drop of cum I produced. Seeming to sense when the fisting would become uncomfortable, she unclenched and took her hand out of me, just as I spasmed one last time.

We laid there and after a while I realized that she had not cum yet. I was about to think of how to solve this, when she said: "face the headboard and get up on all fours." I was too exhausted to argue with her. Without any preparation, she shoved the dildo into my anus. It was still distended and oozing lubricant, so it felt great. As I looked from my vantage point, she too got on all fours and moved her gorgeous butt towards mine. "Down a bit" she instructed me. I complied and felt her touching the dildo. Then I heard her mutter and say deliciously: "Mmmmm." It came to me with sudden clarity: "That's why the dildo has two heads. One for me and one for her! Duh." I felt her move and realized that our butts were up against each other. "Hey, big guy," she said with abandon. "fuck me." Though somewhat at a loss, that is not a command I ever want to ignore, so I moved forward and felt the dildo moving out of me. I didn't want that, so quickly moved back again and felt it go back in. It hadn't moved much, so I determined to move away from my wife's butt further this time. I felt the dildo slide and went as far as I dared, for fear of having it pop out. Then I moved back. My wife and I had the same idea so our butts slapped against each other somewhere in the middle. I wondered if my wife was getting any penetration or sliding movement, so on the next try I let the dildo come out of me as far as I thought was possible. Then I clenched my sphincter as tight as I could and pushed back towards my wife fast. It must have worked because I heard her cry out in pleasure.

This was going well in that we were both enjoying ourselves. The next time we both leaned forward and we barely managed to keep the dildo inside the both of us. We slowly slithered our bodies toward each other along the dildo until our butts touched. It took a lot of concentration to sense just how far we could be apart and remain connected by our rubber plug. It took a lot of restraint not to ram that thing back in, since then it would just buckle and fall out. Then we discovered the delight of feeling the dildo inside both of us while wiggling our sweaty, covered in lubrication butts against each other. The more we wiggled and writhed against each other, the more we felt the hardness connecting us. At some point my wife discovered that by lying on her chest and reaching, she could grab my balls. That was some discovery! Shortly afterwards I realised, that if she could reach my balls, then I could move my dick way back between my balls. The next time we parted to shove the dildo into each other a few times and then returned to rubbing butts, I pushed my dick back. When she went for my balls, she encountered my dick and let out a delighted: "Ooh."

This went on for quite a while, if felt so good, neither of us wanted to stop… ever. I don't know if this was her plan all along or whether she eventually realized that if she could reach my balls, she could also reach her clit. I could tell from the way her body was moving, that she was masturbating. Her butt was moving more rhythmically and in smaller movements as she quickly pushed herself towards pleasure. Her movements became more frantic, and I slowly leaned forward pulling the dildo from her quivering cunt. She complained – just a noise, mind you. Then I started pushing back while clenching my sphincter as tight as I could. The dildo went into her just as she started to climax. Her pussy clamped the penetrating dildo, but it was too slippery from the lubrication, her own juices and the momentum. It slid into her deeply as her orgasm overtook her. I tried to maintain contact with her butt as best I could, but then she slid up, more or less on top of me. I flopped down on my chest, so that the dildo had a greater upward angle and she fucked herself on me, going just a bit deeper with each little motion until she was finally done. She fell forward and the dildo came out of her and promptly out of me. We were both gasping for breath, but I was the first to speak: "That's why it has two heads!" and we both burst out laughing.


2010-07-18 12:25:07
my wife and i want to try fucking each other in the ass with a double headed dildo . she loves getting fucked in the ass and i have been wanting to have her fuck me , she said that after that i would be her bitch

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g8 story i'm DEFINITELY gonna try fucking my man w/ a double head dildo

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