Daddy helps his daughter feel better
The Bike Accident

It was Saturday morning and Mom was gone to visit her sick sister for the week.
Suddenly little Jenny came running into the house crying. It was her 12th
She had been outside riding her new bike she got last week for her 12th birthday. Jenny had hit the curb and fell. She ran in to her daddy who was sitting on the couch watching TV in his robe.
"What happened, Sweetheart?" he asked when she ran over to him whimpering and rubbing
her fanny through her skirt.
"I fell off my bike and hit my rear on the sidewalk," she cried. "Daddy, it hurts so bad!"
"Well come over here and show me where it hurts and I'll kiss it better," said her daddy.
She walked over to him and turned around, lifting her dress and pointed to the tear in her
"Oh, I see," said her dad as he stretched down the ripped underwear. "And I see you have a
couple of scratches and a big bruise."
"Could you kiss it for me, Daddy? It still hurts," she said as she bent over his knee.
He could not resist such an offer, especially when she looked at him with those innocent eyes.
He gently stroked her fanny over the bruise. "I hope this doesn't hurt," he said.
"No, Daddy, I like it. Do it a little harder."
He stroked her fanny with both hands. He could feel his cock start to swell a little as she
squirmed a little on his lap. Her movements had parted the bottom of his robe.
He turned her over on his lap so she was facing him and her legs stretched out on the couch.
He undid the button and zipper on the side of her skirt and slid it off down her legs.
In doing so, he allowed her shirt to slide up so he could see her smooth belly. At 12, he had noticed she was beginning to sprout some cute little titties. They were beginning to show though her shirt.
"Ok, now roll back over and let me continue," he said.
She smiled up at him sweetly and obeyed. Her belly was right on top of his cock.
He went back to stroking her tight little butt with long, light strokes. He gently squeezed her ass
cheeks one at a time. Then both together, pulling the tight little buns apart, treating him to a perfect view of her young pussy.
He pushed one of her legs further onto the couch, spreading her open.
Her pussy opened slightly when he pushed on the insides of her thighs. He could see her little pink clit poking out between the delicate pussy lips.
He blew on the lips of her pussy and the underside of her stiffening clit.
"Mmmm daddy, that feels so nice when you do that."
"I'm glad you like it, honey. Is this making it feel any better?"
"Oh, yes, Daddy, a lot. Please don't stop."
"I won't honey." He slid his hand down into the crack of her ass.
"Oh, Daddy! That feels so strange when you do that!"
"Do you want me to stop?" he asked.
"No," she said. "I think I like it."
Hearing this he lost all sense of resistance. He could feel his cock against the skin of her belly. He was sure she could feel it throbbing.
"Slide up a little, honey," he said.
She slid across his lap, rubbing the head of his cock down her belly. When her butt was
centered over his lap, he said, "That's good, sweetheart, now put this leg up here like this." He pulled her leg back so it touched the back of the couch.
In this position, with her spread a little wider, he slid his hand down under her butt and pulled his cock out. It sprang up between her thighs.
He slipped his hand between her thighs and gently stroked the lips of her hairless pussy with
the tips of his fingers.
He could see little goose bumps pop up on her back and shoulders. She put her right knee
down, letting her ankle rest on the floor and spreading her even more open for her father's fingers.
He put a thumb on either side of her pussy and spread her lips. Then he rubbed them together
against her clit.
"Oh, Daddy, I am getting a tickly feeling in my stomach!" she said.
He held her lips open with one hand, licked his finger and pushed down on her little pussy. He
was rewarded with a tiny dribble of girl juice from her pussy and a tremble from her belly.
She spread her thighs a little wider. She was beginning to breath faster, and was gripping his
He rubbed his finger on her tender knob. He felt it start throbbing as he rolled it under his
"Do you like this?" he asked.
"Oh, yes, Daddy!" she husked. "It feels wonderful! Do it some more!"
His cock throbbed against her soft thigh. He pulled his hand away for a moment as he wet a
finger with spit. He spread her smooth ass cheeks and looked down on her perfect hairless pink pussy. He reached down with his other hand and spread open the little pink lips.
"What's this, Daddy?" she asked as she reached behind her and touched his throbbing cock.
"Oh, nothing," he said. "But if you’re good, maybe I'll show it to you later.
That satisfied her for now. She pulled her arm out from underneath her belly and folded them
under her chin, on the couch.
He spread her tiny, pouting lips and slipped his finger inside the warm valley and rubbed up
and down on her clit. He pulled his finger out and wet the tip with a drop of spit. He put his finger back and spread the lubrication through her pink slit. He could feel the tight opening at the bottom. He pressed gently on it, watching to see what would happen.
"Oooh, Daddy!" his daughter moaned. "What are you doing? It's making me so dizzy!"
He pushed the slick finger just inside her moistened hole, moving it tiny circles. He could feel
the small muscles at the entrance of her pussy loosen up as she arched her back and spread her legs a
little further.
"Oh yes!!" she moaned. "I love it, daddy! Push in a little more!"
He slowly pushed his finger into her, twisting it slowly to make her first penetration a little
She ground her pussy towards his probing finger. He could feel the inside of her body throbbing. He was amazed at the heat he felt up inside his little girl.
He touched the entrance of her uterus and pushed a little. His daughter bucked and moaned. He
had to hold her on his knee, she was squirming so hard. Her head was turned so he could see that her eyes were closed and she was drooling.
He bent his cock forward so that it touched the bottom of her dripping pussy. He slid it around
in the juice, rubbing it over her throbbing clit.
"Oooh Daddy! That feels so weird!" she said.
He pressed it down a little further. He felt the head slip just inside her tight opening.
"Unng!" she moaned. "I feel like I'm being stretched!"
He pushed the head of his cock in and out slowly, going a little deeper each time. Her little pussy started to relax a little more, allowing him to penetrate her further with each stroke. He would pull his cock almost all the way out, drawing a healthy portion of girl juice out of her and then press it firmly back into her clasping little pussy, going just a bit deeper each time.
"That's it, sweetheart," he said. "Just let your body relax and don't worry about a thing."
"Oh Daddy! It feels so good!" she moaned. He could feel the clamping of her vaginal muscles
around the head of his cock. Her lubricating juice was starting to spill out over his balls.
He pulled his cock almost all the way out, and slowly started pushing it in.
She started climaxing after he felt her uterus pressing against the head of his cock.

With his other hand, he reached underneath her and started to rub her stiff little clit.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssssss! Daddy, don't stop!" she moaned, her body writhing. Her body
was arched across his lap.
"Oh, Daddy! That was wonderful! Can we do it again?"
"Yes, but this time we are going to do it a different way. Lets go upstairs," he said as he got
He picked her up and laid her down gently on the bed. Then he opened his robe so she could
see his cock.
"Wow! Daddy is that you?" she asked, pointing to his large stiff cock.
"Yes, Honey, it is call a cock, and will make you feel so much better. Now let's do this right," he said.
He spread her legs and hung them over the edge of the bed. Then he got down on his knees
between them and planted a kiss on the top of her pussy. He then ran his tongue through the hairless slit, paying special attention to her clit, which he sucked into his mouth. She bucked and he was rewarded with a gush of her lubricating juice. He stood up and positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy. She reached down and held open her lips.
"I'm ready, Daddy," she said.
He slowly rubbed his cock around in the juice, oiling it up good. Then he started pushing it
into her virgin pussy.
She moaned and rolled her head back and forth as he slowly pushed into her. He pushed in
about an inch and then pulled back half of that. Then he slowly fucked into her a little at a time. Finally he had worked his entire length into her. Then he pulled almost all the way out and started to fuck his daughter with long slow strokes.
“Mmmmm,” Jenny moaned as her Daddy’s cock filled her and made her feel so good. “I like this very much Daddy!”
“I am glad you do sweetheart, I like it too!"
He knew that her tight little virgin pussy needed a tender touch, so he resisted his desire to fuck her fast and hard. Rather, he went very slowly in and out the full length of his cock. He paused for a while with his cock every time it went all the way inside her.
"Oh Daddy, it feels so nice when your cock fills me like that!" She said.
"Yes honey, I'm sure it has made you forget all about falling off your new bike!"
"Ohhhhhh Yesssssss it has!" Whispered Jenny.
The excitement of having his throbbing cock deep inside his daughter’s tight little pussy was beginning to be more than he could resist. He could feel that his balls were anxious to deliver a hot wet surprise into her. His slow stroking made his cock ache for relief.
"Ohhhhhhh Jenny!” He moaned, as his cock exploded with his hot cum filling her little pussy in waves of pleasure.
“Wow, Daddy, what was that?” She asked.
“It’s how a boy makes a girl feel better.” He exclaimed.
“I’m goona have to fall off my bike some more Daddy!”
“You don’t have to get hurt for us to do this my sweetheart, we can do this anytime your mom is not home.” “This must be our little secret Jenny. If your mother found out, we would both be in big trouble.”
“Do you understand?”
“Oh Yes Daddy, I can keep it a secret if it means we can keep doing stuff like this together.”
“We can, and in time, I will show you many things that will make us both feel better together!”
“I can’t wait!” She squealed.

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