Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested the reader read Part One first. Most of my stories involve many chapters. If one reads the later chapters first, it is difficult to know what is going on as I can’t do a recap due to the length of the story. When they are read in order, the reader is able to become familiar with the characters as well as the story line. I hope you enjoy.

Total Confusion Part Twenty Two

I’m on my way to David’s again. Paul isn’t with us. The two good things about that are:

1) Paul won’t have to be subjected to anything bad today.

2) I won’t have a session in the box or at least I probably won’t.

David doesn’t like to set up sessions in the box when we both can’t be there. It causes a slow down in the lines and reduces the thrill for him, however he still sets up a loner occasionally just to watch the horror on my face, knowing I will have to satisfy them all on my own. It is scary being in the box by myself. At least with Paul there I have the security of his company.

Realistically, it makes no difference, because Paul can’t stop any of the shit anymore than I can. He damn sure can’t protect me from David. I just feel better when I am not alone. Usually David calls ahead to set up the appointments, but sometimes he likes to pull a surprise just to fuck with me, because he knows I hate doing the box. When he does, he finds out how long I can stay first. If I have a lot of time, they can get in line twice, if not then I only do them once.

I thought about lying to David telling him I only had a little time, but I am afraid of what he will do to me if he finds out I lied. I do not know what David has planned for me, but you can bet I won’t like it. I gave him a “quickie” blow job when we got inside the apartment. Now I am sitting on the couch, trying to swallow away that sticky nasty taste in my mouth and wondering what is wrong with me that makes guys want me to suck them all the time.

I was wondering what he was going to make me do next, when the doorbell rang. It was two of David’s acquaintances. They came in and sat on the couch, one on either side of me. By the time I was trying to guess whether they were going to do stuff with me or whether they had just come by to see David, David got up telling me to come with him into the bedroom. He stripped me down and sucked on me until I was ready to shoot off, then he stopped sucking.

He made me wear a training bra and a pair of pink lace panties to match. Pink lace panties, they were the deal at the time. Whenever a guy asked another one if he had seen up so and so’s dress, the answer was always the same. “Yes I have. “Then came the retort, “What did you see?” “I saw her pink lace panties,“ was the reply. It was the guys fantasy to see those pink lace panties.

Of course not everyone was wearing them, but that was the only kind any red blooded American guy would admit to seeing. Naturally David assumed I was dying to have a pair of my own. We sat on the edge of the bed until my dick went soft and my juice started to wet up the front of the panties, then David put his hand on my thing and beat me off into my underpants.

David told me to come on back to the living room. I can’t go in there in front of those guys dressed like this. They will think I am a faggot. I begged David not to make me wear this sissy outfit. I told him I would do anything to persuade him to change his mind. David grinned, “Would you like to spend a couple of hours pleasing my good friend Mr. Donkey?” Believe it or not, as much as I dread the thought of sex with a donkey, I gave this offer thorough consideration.

I would be standing in girls clothes in front of two perfect strangers, with my underpants already soaking wet, getting ready to do God knows what, or I would be sucking on the donkey’s dick. At least the donkey wouldn’t tell anybody. Then again if I go along with that, David might get the idea to carry us out there more often. That could be really painful if he stuck it up my butt again. If I go ahead and let him embarrass me here, he may just use Mr. Donkey as a threat instead of actually taking me there. Then again, if these two guys tell everybody I was doing this shit, everybody would make fun of me.

What the hell do I do? Neither situation is a good thing. The really fucked up part was David had me worrying trying to decide what the best thing to do is, like I actually had a choice. Truth was and I hated the fact I was too naïve to realize it myself, David wasn’t going to let me decide shit. He already knew exactly what he was going to make me do every time he got access to me. Right now he was determined I was going to make an appearance in front of his buddies in these wet panties with this ridiculous bra.

I tried begging some more anyway and crying a lot, even though I knew it was useless. Before we went into the living room, David told me he would be whispering some suggestions for me to do and he highly suggests I do them. I knew what that meant. That meant, you do it or you will certainly regret it dearly. I dreaded doing the stuff, but when he issued this ultimatum it also meant do not embarrass me in front of my friends by making them think I lied when I told them it was okay to do you, because you loved to do stuff with a dick.

Now I know I have two horny bastards out front thinking I love their dicks. I hate sucking dicks and I have to make these guys think I am enjoying it all. I wish I could kill David. I still want to throw up at the mere thought of having one in my mouth. Please, God, make me disappear. Don’t let them make me do this. David wiped my face off before we went in so the guys wouldn’t know I had been crying.

David made me sit in the recliner in the living room. The guys just sat there staring at me wearing that ridiculous outfit. It is very difficult to put into words just how humiliated I felt sitting there with my girlie panties, all wet while these two guys were ogling at me. I would like to have killed myself so I wouldn’t hurt so bad inside, but I was just too chicken shit to do that. I can still hear David’s words: “You’re just a chicken shit little bastard.”

I was feeling more and more like a chicken shit little bastard all the time. I don’t know exactly when I finally turned the memory of what was done to me completely off, but I was slipping more and more into my own little world while he was doing it. I eventually learned to distance myself from the events. I was there. I felt everything. I saw everything, but it was sort of like being in auto pilot. That wasn’t me sucking that dick. It was somebody else.

The bad thing about that was occasionally I felt the mental anguish that other little boy felt anyway. I couldn’t always get it completely out of my mind when it was actually being done, but it would disappear as soon as I stepped out of David’s car. Sometimes I would have to get off by myself when I left David's to cry it out before I could numb myself out. I think I blocked it out completely somewhere between the conversation I had with Sherry about her abuse and the time I got my own place. I know I remembered it then, because I almost broke down and told her about it. I didn't because I couldn't face it.

David came over and whispered it would be neat if I were to get up and sexily parade around the room modeling my pretty outfit for the boys. He also recommended I make it into a dance while I sensuously rub both of my nipples through the bra. Reluctantly I rose to my feet, strutting around the room like a little girl and merrily making my nipples poke up at the bra. My dick got hard as well and was sticking into the front of the panties.

I was dying inside. I was so embarrassed I wanted to dive under the rug. After the “boys” had a pretty good thrill from the show, David moved us into the kitchen. I had to strip off my panties and sit on the edge of one of the kitchen chairs. David made me suck my juice out of the crotch of the panties. These two guys were going to sit there and stare at me as I played with one of my nipples and jerked my little pencil dick off in the floor, with a pair of panties hanging out of my mouth. I wish I could die. I don’t know quite how to describe the feeling, but I will give it a try by using some comparisons.

Everyone knows practically everyone masturbates and nearly no one will tell anyone he does. For some reason, masturbation is embarrassing. Now imagine standing in front of a TV camera in front of 50 million viewers and having someone tell you to beat your meat or they will kill you. Then you slip off your pink bra and panties and proceed to masturbate on camera. You even shoot off onto the lens. If you can get a grip on what I just said, maybe you can understand how I was feeling.

It seemed like it took forever for me to get ready to shoot off. It must have taken a fairly long time, because my nipples were really starting to get sore. It squirted out onto the floor. When I got finished, David whispered for me to get on my hands and knees. He told me to lick my juice off of the floor.

I thought wearing that damned suit was embarrassing, but to get on my hands and knees in the nude with my ass hole on display, while I licked my own juice off of the floor was not on top of my to do list. It was bad enough lapping cum off of the floor, but the feel of the grit and hair from the floor was just too much. David made me stay where I was on the floor when I finished. One of the guys took off his clothes and sat on the floor in front of me.

I knew this was the signal to lean over and suck him. I proceeded to do so. The other guy watched me suck for a minute and then stripped down himself. He got down on his hands and knees. He started crawling across the floor toward me. When he got to me, he climbed over me doggie style and stuck his dick straight into my ass and started making donkey sounds. I was on the floor on my hands and knees squealing and trying to suck the other guy at the same time. When someone sticks their dick up your ass without getting it ready, it hurts a lot. All three of them started laughing and making fun of the beast master.

I couldn’t believe David actually told these guys I did it with that damned donkey. After they both popped me in the ass, David gave me a little while to myself to regain some of my composure. Namely, to quit crying and to get rid of the Hershey squirts I just received. When I was finally able to come out of the bathroom, David decided we would all go for a ride. I turned white with fear. I knew where we were going. David was taking me to Mr. Donkey’s place again. When he turned into that dirt road, I was hysterical. I screamed and wailed. Please don’t make me do it. Please don’t stick it in me again. David dragged me kicking and screaming out to the barn.

The two guys were going wild with delight as David put me on that crate. It was deja vu. I felt like I had been here before. I can still hear the laughter as David hosed the vomit and shit off of me again. The only difference was this time Paul wasn’t there and they took turns pressing their ass against my mouth and taking a shit while the other two held me down.

David would pinch me down “there“ to force me to hold my mouth open. When my mouth was full the shit would slip out onto my face and one of them would spread it all over me. I had shit and vomit all over my face, chest, neck, belly, and of course all between my teeth. They didn't even let me stop vomiting between holes. When he finally let me go home, I lay in the bed for hours, I just didn’t want to be around anybody.


I remember taking a walk in the woods down at the creek. I was enjoying the quietness of being alone, when I ran up on this really big guy. I don’t know for sure just how big he was, but he was a giant to me. He started talking to me. He said stuff like, ”Hi, there little boy. What’s your name?”

He asked me what I was doing out here in the woods by myself and wasn’t I afraid somebody might do something to me. I told him my name and I wasn’t afraid. He said that was good, because he was worried about me being out here by myself. He was going to take good care of me. I had lied. I was scared to death of the big bastard.

He reached out with one of those bear paws that slightly resembled hands and grabbed a handful of my hair. He leaned over, pulling my face up to his and stuck his mouth over my lips. He started kissing me. I knew straight up I was in trouble. The question that remained was just how much trouble. Lots of shit ran through my mind.

What else is he going to do to me? What is he going to make me do? Will he hurt me or even get scared I might tell and kill me? I was afraid he would kill me so I kissed him back. I stuck my tongue in his mouth. He started sucking on it. I was sick and wanted to puke something awful. I knew it would be a serious mistake to throw up in his mouth.

He told me I looked really sweet. He wanted me to start stripping my clothes off to see just how much sweeter I could be. It didn’t take too much hair pulling for me to start peeling them off. When I was naked, he took out a piece of rope and tied my hands behind me. He tied my feet together and pushed me to the ground so I was lying on my side.

He got down on all fours and proceeded to lick me all over my body. I knew he intended to kill me when he got his fill of me or he wouldn’t have tied me up. I had to think fast and come up with a way to make him believe I wouldn’t be a threat to him if he were to let me go when he finished.

He licked me for quite awhile. It seemed like forever. Suddenly he sat bolt upright and picked me up in his arms, draping me over one shoulder while he scooped up my clothes in the other hand. He carried me off into the woods away from the creek. I could feel the tree limbs scratching me as he went crashing through the woods. The briars tore big gashes in my skin. I don't know how far he carried me, but it seemed like he carried me forever.

I guess he wanted to be sure we weren't interrupted. I felt helpless. When he had me in a more remote area, he put me on the ground underneath a big holly tree. The holly leaves were digging into my back and ass. It hurt something awful. The big bastard stripped off his own clothes, and started rubbing his dick all over me.

He rubbed it everywhere, even on my toes. After awhile I could feel his juice smear across me as it dribbled from the end of his dick. It felt gross. I would have been embarrassed if I hadn't been so scared. I had to do something and do it quick.

I told him he didn’t have to tie me up, but its okay, because I found it fun to be in a situation where he could do what ever sexy things he wanted to and I had to go along. That I didn't want him to untie me until he had plenty of fun, but he should untie me after he enjoyed getting me excited so I could give him one of my super duper blow jobs. I made sure he thought I was crazy about sucking dicks and I was very excited about the possibility of getting to suck his huge cock.

I suggested it would be more fun if I was able to sit up and do it right. I made sure to avoid words like free and loose so he wouldn't be thinking I would run if he untied me. I was not going to make him feel I in any way was upset about what he was doing. I was hoping to get out of this in one piece. I didn't know what else he intended to do to me, but I knew I was in deep shit.

He sucked me off and then crammed his dick into my ass. I was disgusted with myself and felt like a faggot again, because I got excited and came from what this bastard was doing to me. It was probably a good thing my dick got hard and I shot off in his mouth. He really gulped it down. I was in extreme pain while he had his dick up my ass, but I pretended I was enjoying it. I even told him things like stick it in deeper, stick it all the way in.

When he got through shooting off in me, he started messing with me some more. He fingered me in the ass while he slobbered all over me. I was struggling desperately not to shit. I didn't want to do anything I thought might set him off. Every time he pulled his finger out, I just knew I would lose it and shit all over the place. I had to go bad. I could feel his juice rumbling around in my bowel. I kept saying stuff like, "Oh yes, that feels so good." After what seemed like an eternity, he pulled away from me. I was still on the ground and still pretty well hog tied.

I thought he was going to untie me to get me to blow him. He just sat there in a squatting position, admiring my body. He started petting me and stroking my hair as he said, "I tell you Kenny, you have been very bad. You have been careless and I am going to teach you to be careful."

The guy was starting to massage my balls again. "I ride around in different neighborhoods looking for sweet young fellas such as yourself. I generally get me one once or twice a week, so I have to shop around a month or more in advance to make sure one is available at the right time.”

“When I saw you walking up the railroad tracks last week, I followed you to see where you were going. I found whenever you walked up this section of the tracks you were going to this part of the creek. I have been watching you for several months now. It was really exciting watching the way your little butt twitched back and forth as you walked. I must tell you, you were well worth the wait. You should be proud I like you so much. When I saw you today, I decided it was time for me to introduce myself to you."

My dick was hard again and the guy was stroking my meat vigorously. I was getting pretty sore. He was anything but gentle. "I thought you were one hell of a cute boy, Kenny. I really enjoy having sex with you Kenny." The guy slid his thing up my ass as he continued to tell me about his infatuation with me. I was beginning to realize my situation was more precarious than I thought it was.

This son of a bitch was fucking crazy. When he wadded off in me this time, I was ready to explode. I couldn't hold it much longer. I felt my hair being pulled again as my head slammed down between his legs. I thought if I bite it off, he would lay there and bleed to death. Two things prevented me from trying that.

One, if he died, I was still hog tied. I could not get loose. I was so far in the woods, it might be weeks before anyone came out this way and found me. I would probably die right here like this. Tied and nude. Second, I was so fucking scared, I did everything the big bastard told me to do.

The bastard continued to talk to me as I blew him. "Yep, Kenny. You are some kind of sweet. I wish I could have you all the time Kenny." The guy reached into a backpack he brought with him. He removed several jars. They had some kind of clear liquid in them. I was still sucking his meat. "Kenny, what is your last name?" I told the bastard my last name. "How old are you sweetie?" I told him my age. He put a piece of tape on each of the jars as I finished up with his meat. I watched in horror as he wrote my name and age on the jars.

"Kenny, I wish I could keep all of you, but I can't. When I get finished having fun with you, I am going to add you to my collection. It should make you feel good, knowing I don't keep all the boys I do it with. I only keep the really pretty ones like you. The others either drowned or fell off a cliff. Sometimes they just disappeared. I do a lot of traveling. Different states and such. It keeps the law from figuring out what is going on.”

“So far the news has reported the boys as accidental deaths or as runaways. I've already found a tree with a big hollow in the middle where what is left of you will fit quite nicely. Hell, with any luck, you might still be alive when I stuff you into it. You won't have to worry about anyone else seeing you like this. What I am saying is no one will ever find you Kenny."

He said it matter of factly. I wasn't completely sure of what he meant, but I knew I didn't want any of me to go in those fucking jars. I started screaming bloody murder. I had to get help now or it would be too late. The sorry bastard calmly stuffed my underwear into my mouth, placing a piece of duct tape over my lips. I couldn't make a sound. My nose was almost completely stopped up and it made me gasp for air. I was scared to death.

The guy picked me up into a standing position. He wrapped my arms around a tree and tied me so tight, I could feel my dick squeezing against the bark. He started trying to console me. "Its nothing to worry about, Kenny. You'll suffer a little bit while I pull all of your teeth with these pliers. That will allow you to close your mouth around my shaft completely without your having to worry about hurting me with your teeth. By the time you finish gumming me off, you'll have calmed down some.”

“After that, it won't hurt much. Most of the other boys passed out shortly after I started. They would come to once in a while, but by then they were unable to do much more than make gurgling squeals as I had their tongue out by then. I love it when they do that. It is so cool when they spit all that blood out while they try to scream, before passing back out. I promise you won't feel it long. I'll start out sucking it for you. When you start coming, I'll quickly slice it off balls and all, and put it in this jar.”

“I promise you won't pay any attention to your penis after I cut a section of your chest to get your titties into this jar. The third jar is for those sweet lips of yours and that precious tongue. This one here is for those sexy eyes of yours. I love looking at them. Finally, I am going to carve your cheeks at just the right angle to get them and your asshole into this freezer bag. As I said, you'll hardly feel a thing." By this time, I could no longer hold it and proceeded to shit. It squirted all down the back of my legs and onto my feet.

The crazy bastard screamed at me, "Now, Kenny. You've gone and made a mess. That really pisses me off. I am going to have to take a bull whip to you to teach you a lesson." The bastard started fishing around in his backpack. I was scared shitless and was already imagining how much it was going to hurt when that whip started tearing at my flesh. "Damn it, trouble is I left my whip in the car. You just hang tight for a while. I'll be back within the hour." With that the crazy bastard left me strapped to that tree in the nude. He added one more insult before he left. The bastard blind folded me.

He actually duct taped my eyes. I had duct tape wrapped several times around my head, almost covering my nose. Now I couldn't see shit. I was squirming desperately. Trying to free myself and trying to keep the flies off of me as much as I could. The fucking flies were vicious. Especially when they discovered I couldn't reach them and my squirming motions posed no threat to them.

They bit me in a lot of places, but were working my balls and the back of my ass over pretty bad. God it hurt. To make matters worse, they were crawling all around my asshole and balls. I think it was just my imagination, but sometimes it actually felt like the flies were crawling into my hole. I do know they were right there on it. Between the tickling and the biting, I was going crazy.

I stood there in all my splendor, with my life flashing before me, wondering how bad it was going to hurt when this bastard got back and started cutting me up to put in his precious fucking jars. I was also worried about getting beat with that whip he had mentioned. I was crying something awful.

I couldn't make any sound, but the tears were welling up uncontrollably behind the duct tape. I had been like this for what seemed like an eternity, when I heard footsteps. I died inside. I knew the bastard was back. I was expecting to feel his lips on my shaft followed by cold steel at anytime.

Instead I heard, "Oh God, Laura. What in the hell is going on here? Do you see the same thing I see, or is it a mirage? It looks like a naked little boy and it looks like somebody's been doing stuff to him. What the fuck is he doing way out here like that? The poor little thing looks like he's been to hell and back. We'd better untie him and take him home with us so no one else can hurt him until we figure out what to do."

I knew from the sound of her voice and the name she used for her friend they were both female. I was dying inside. Here I was buck naked, tied to a fucking tree with shit and cum all down the back of my legs, and all under my feet, flies buzzing all around my asshole, crying my ass off, and now there's a couple of women here to see my predicament.

How can things get any worse? Suddenly, it dawned on me being embarrassed is the least of my problems right now. I knew they just might be my only hope. I was so far back in the woods, it might be forever before anyone else came back here. By the time that happened, I would be long dead. I would rather be seen like this than to wind up in those jars. I found myself praying these chicks will get me out of here before that bastard comes back and hurts me some more.


"No, Charlotte. Don't untie him yet. We came out here to see if we could get some really good nature shots. I think we hit the jackpot. I don't think the cute little thing would object to us taking a few pictures of him in exchange for getting out of the predicament he's in." Laura was right. I would suck her shit out of her ass to get away from here. If they are going to get me out of this, they are more than welcome to play nurse maid and they can have all the pictures they want. Laura piped in again, "He sure looks cute. Let's do it."

I could hear them walking all around me as the camera clicked. I thought they were never going to stop taking pictures of me. Finally, the one called Laura removed the tape from my lips and pulled out my underpants. God, it felt so good to get some air again. I quickly cried, "Please. You've gotta get me out of here quickly. If that big bastard gets back while we are here, he'll kill us all."

Charlotte didn't seem to understand the danger she was in. "Laura. Get your tits out and let me get a few shots of him sucking one of them while he's still tied up." I was trying to get them to listen when Laura crammed her nipple into my mouth. I couldn't get it out, so I sucked it for her as Charlotte clicked away with the camera.

When Laura backed up for a minute, I blurted out quickly, "You are both in real danger. He is planning to kill me. Look in that knapsack. There's a knife and a bunch of jars he wants to put me in. He's on his way back with a bull whip to hurt me bad." Laura took the hint and opened the pack. She looked up at Charlotte in shock.

"Cut him loose, Charlotte. Do it quickly. We have to get the fuck out of here right now." Charlotte pulled the tape from around my head, along with a shit load of my hair. She cut me loose and grabbed up my clothes as I ran to the creek to wash the shit and cum off the back of my ass and legs. They gave me a minute to get dressed and we headed to their car.

Laura drove and I sat in the back with Charlotte. She hugged me closely. "You poor little thing. I can't imagine what you’ve been through. If it'll help, you can tell me all about it. Getting it off your chest might make you feel better." I didn't want the two of them to know what the big bastard had done to me. I found it all very humiliating. At the same time, I was very traumatized. I was so scared, I was shaking all over. I cuddled up close to Charlotte and let her console me.

I started crying and suddenly found myself blurting out everything that had happened. Charlotte gasped, "My God. I had no idea. Don't worry Sweetie. You are safe now. We won't let anyone else hurt you. We are going to take you home and tend to your wounds. Those bites could get pretty nasty. They have to hurt"

I had been hugging Charlotte tightly. I fell asleep from exhaustion and didn't remember anything else until I woke up. I was in a bed. I was in someone's bedroom. I felt like I had a bad dream, when I suddenly remembered it had all been real. I had nearly been killed.

I got out of the bed only to discover I was completely nude. I was so worn out I couldn't stand. I fell on the floor via the night stand and lamp. It made one hell of a noise. Laura and Charlotte rushed into the room. Laura scooped me up and put me back into the bed.

"Are you all right, Sweetie?" I mumbled I was ok. Charlotte said, "I hope you didn't mind. You were so grody when we got you inside, we decided to give you a bath. We put some ointment on your bites. You don't need to be embarrassed in front of us. We both think you are precious." They left the room to let me sleep it off some more. They said they would check on me again in about an hour.

I awoke when I heard the door open. Charlotte and Laura had returned. Both of them were nude. They climbed in the bed on either side of me as Laura said, "We thought it might be less embarrassing to you being nude, if we got that way too." Laura and Charlotte started licking me all over before taking turns blowing me. I was in seventh heaven and the extra attention made me feel special. They both got me to fuck them and I ate my juice out of them both.

After several hours of sex with the two of them, Charlotte stated, "It's time for us to be serious. Kenny. We have decided what to do. We need to call the police to report what was done to you." I interrupted her immediately. "If you call them, I will have to tell them what was done to me. I can't tell anyone else. They would tell my Daddy. My Daddy will kill me. Please don't let him know. Just drop me off on the road near my house and I will be all right."

Charlotte grinned a mischievous grin. "Kenny, you are such a sweet boy. I will miss having you here. How would you feel about letting us take some more pictures of you to remember you by?" I told them I was forever grateful to them for saving my life and they could take any pictures they wanted. Charlotte and Laura were very creative with the poses they asked me to get in. They took a shit load of pictures of me. They had me do all kinds of stuff. I even fingered myself in the asshole as I beat off for them.

I didn't mind any of it as they were both so sweet and after saving my ass, I was completely comfortable with them. Laura asked me if I wanted to hang around for awhile to look at some of the pictures after Charlotte developed them. I told her no. I just wanted to go home. They dropped me out on the road just around the curve from my house. I enjoyed my time with Charlotte and Laura. It was a special experience I will forever cherish, but I vowed to be careful never to let a stranger get me in the situation that big bastard got me in ever again.

To be continued………………………………........................................

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2013-05-24 02:29:23
You may never see this comment since you potsed this last fall. I just learned of Laura's passing and it broke my heart. I knew Laura (and Tyler) from when I was VERY young until Junior High. She lived in the house over the fence of my backyard. I was trying to find her and found out today. I am so sorry for your loss. It pained me for her and her family to hear the news. I will pray for her family. If you know Tyler pls let him know I dropped a line (I couldn't find him either). Thank you Dawn T.By the way thank you for honoring Laura by writing about her on your blog the way that you did. I have many sweet memories of Laura and Tyler.

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2013-05-22 08:24:02
Slam dukinn like Shaquille O'Neal, if he wrote informative articles.


2011-11-20 22:24:29
Yeah, somewhat. Kenny survived without killing himself to write the damn thing.

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2011-11-18 19:39:01
christ, that was intense.. glad it all worked out in the end. Had me on the edge of my seat for a lil' while there.

will things ever work out for kenny?


2011-08-05 00:36:23
Think about it a minute. This kind of thing is in the newspaper everyday. It is all over the news every night. That little Ramsey girl had awful things done to her before she was killed right in her own home in the basement. Why do a lot of people think that if you ignore it, it will go away? The story is what these folks are calling good. Not the fact that a pedophile is after a child. I for one am damn glad the bastard didn't succeed. You didn't seem to mention that. Thanks for the comment.

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