Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested the reader read Part One first. Most of my stories involve many chapters. If one reads the later chapters first, it is difficult to know what is going on as I can’t do a recap due to the length of the story. When they are read in order, the reader is able to become familiar with the characters as well as the story line. I hope you enjoy.

Total Confusion Part Twenty

When some body is messing with me and I get hard, I usually feel like I am real messed up. I feel like I deserve what is about to happen to me, like I have advertised to be fucked. I knew I had to have done something wrong to excite them the way I did. David had no qualms about blaming me. He told me I had a certain magic he just couldn’t resist. It was all in the way I walked. He told me I walked some kind of sexy. So sexy he had to have me when ever I got that way.

I was never really sure exactly what got that way meant. He would get just as excited if I wore a duffle bag as he does when I am completely nude. Never the less, I believed it was all my fault. If I just didn’t do that that way, they would all leave me alone. Never mind I didn’t have a clue what it was I was doing that I could stop doing so none of the perverts would want to shoot off in me any more.

It was always my fault. I would either twitch my ass too much or I was just dressed too cute for him to resist me. The guilt of making them want me all the time made me feel I should be treated bad. I deserved to be fucked. I always seem to get the short end of the stick on just about everything. I always get fucked.

I feel so guilty and useless when a guy gets me to shoot off. It is especially embarrassing when they see it shoot out. It is like I am on display to the whole world and I have no say in the matter. It’s like: OK kid, I am going to check out your most secret and intimate feelings and there is no way you can get out of it.

Are these guys laughing about my tiny dick behind my back? They seem to enjoy being around it. That hurt as well. Knowing a guy would rather be with my dick than he would with me. When a guy does hold me, sometimes I feel really close, really wanted, special. Other times I feel perverted. I feel as if I have been invaded, like I have no space to myself.

I think that is one reason I cherished those times when I was alone, by myself, no one around me at all. I could think about what ever I wanted. I was free. No one was molesting me and no one was picking on me. I didn’t have to do those things that made me feel like I should be done away with because I was so sick and demented.

I felt it was all my fault. I had somehow done something that made them do it to me. I would get sick to my stomach when a guy started staring at me. Not all the time, just when he was drooling over me and I knew he was going to get a chance to be alone with me. It was always amazing to me, a guy could sit in a room full of adults and stare at me without raising the suspicion of any of the others. He could send a clear cut message to me, with his eyes, that said I want you. I am going to eat you alive.

It wasn't my imagination. The guy would be staring right at me, all googly eyed, with that look young boys get when they see a girl they are suddenly infatuated with. Nobody else could tell or maybe they were afraid to say anything because they were worried about being wrong if they accused the guy of being eat up with me.

It was always humiliating when some guy would stuff his hands in my pants to get a feel of me just before anyone else walked into the room. I have had some of David's straight friends feel me up when David was in the other room. They had no idea David did it with me and I never wanted them to find out. All they knew was I would stand there while they played with me and they needed to play with it. I was always scared David would catch them. Then I would have to do it with them too.

It was a given if David found out, I would have to do it all with the guy. I guess I worried for nothing. None of them were about to be careless enough to get caught. They didn't want David to know they were feeling a boy up either. I always felt bad when this happened, because I was too chicken shit scared to tell them to stop. There wasn't really anyway to tell them to stop without letting David know anyway, so even if I had the balls to tell the guy to keep his hands out of my pants, I couldn't.

I was always scared. I hated being scared. It was deeply humiliating to be so scared of everybody all the time. It was a terrible feeling to have some guy fishing around in your pants and being worried someone would walk in while he had his hands in there. What would I do if that were to happen. How would I live it down. I’ve even had complete strangers feel me up. They might catch me in the restroom and lock the door while they did it.

Maybe it would be an elevator. Any place where they felt it was private enough to stuff their hands in my trousers with out being seen. I always wondered how the hell they knew I would stand there and let them finish. It was almost like they could read my mind. There certainly were enough of them around that found me appealing.

After I went through a shit load of therapy, I knew I hadn't had a sign on my forehead saying, “I am queer.“ The truth was I was pretty. Pretty enough I was attractive to be looked at by anyone and irresistible to be touched by for any pervert. Sometimes they wouldn’t know what they were doing and would hurt me.

Sometimes their hand would hit the wrong area of my balls and I would feel like my feet just went up into my stomach. Sometimes he would squeeze my balls too hard and I would double over and lose my breath. Guys that didn’t know what they were doing could sure put the hurting on your stuff. I’ve been sore for days, sometimes just so some guy could get a little “feel” of me.


My friend Jimmy and I went camping in the woods across from Granny’s. We set up a pup tent and brought along a couple of sleeping bags. We had a great time cooking hot dogs over the fire we built. He was a year younger than me. We had been telling dirty jokes. I suggested a new game. I told him it was a game for really though guys, as when you lost, it had dire consequences. I wanted to know if he had enough sand to play. He said he did. The name of the game was “If Match No Light em.”

The way it worked was we would each get a turn. I would go first. I would say, “If match no light em, me lick em the bottom of your foot.” Then I would strike a match. If it lit, it was his turn and his dare had to sound harder or grosser than mine. It had to have something to do with me. If it didn’t light, I had to lick the bottom of his foot. Not just a, quick lick, but at least five minutes.

As an added incentive to make sure your match lit, the loser had to make every attempt to make it seem to the winner like he was really enjoying doing what ever he ended up having to do if the match didn't light. That was the way the game worked. My match lit and Jimmy said, “If match no light em, me suck em your toes.” His match lit. We were having a great time. The anxiety created from wondering how or if we would actually be able to do what we said if the match failed to light was a rush.

My next turn was, "If match no light em, me lick em you under the armpit." The match lit. Jimmy squealed, "If match no light em, me tongue em your belly button." Again, his match lit. I said, "If match no light em, me suck em your tits." My match lit. Jimmy laughed, "If match no light em, me lick em you under your balls." His match lit. I declared, "If match no light em, me strip em your clothes off and tongue em you in your ass hole."

The match chipped a chunk off the side and failed to light. Jimmy broke into a wide grin. "Ha, ha, ha, now you have to do it." We had sworn on our sacred oath there would be no backing out. The loser had to follow through. I really didn't want to stick my tongue up Jimmy's ass. Right then I was in a state of shock. I had given my solemn oath I would do it, but the mere thought of touching his butt made me want to puke. My stomach was churning.

We sat there next to the fire for what seemed like forever with me thinking there is no way I can do this. Jimmy will think I am queer. He won't like me anymore after this. What if he tells the other guys. What would I do then. I would never live it down. Finally, Jimmy blurted, "Come on dude, are ya gonna do it or are you chicken shit. You swore you would do it and now you have to. Besides, we both agreed if anyone lost we would never tell anybody what the loser had to do. You don't really think I am going to tell any of the other guys I let you stick your tongue in my ass. Do you?"

I started unbuttoning his shirt when he stopped me. He didn’t want me to undress him outside next to the fire. Some body might see it. We decided I was to do it in the tent. We crawled into the tent and I slowly unbuttoned his shirt while he slipped off his shoes. Jimmy stated something that made me realize I was in a world of shit right then. He almost bellowed, "Hey, Kenny. Don't forget. You promised if you had to do it, you would make like you were really enjoying it. Promise me you'll make me feel really good when you start tonguing me. Okay?"

I sat there with a look like I just got caught fucking the neighbors cat. It was several minutes before I managed to mutter, "I'll do my best. I promise, as long as you don't tease me for going all out for you." Jimmy looked at me so seriously I just knew he was truly sincere. "I promise I won't tease you. Hurry up, I want to see what it feels like to get licked. I‘m supposed to have a physical in six months to join the Boy Scouts. Mom wanted to talk about it with me so I’d be prepared for it. She told me it would be different than any of my other doctor visits.”

“She said the Doc would stick his finger all around in my ass and he‘d have to feel all around my thing and my balls. But, not to let it worry me, cause it will all feel really good. Will you do that too, so I can see what it‘ll be like before I have to go?” I said, "Sure.” You would think after all the guys I had done it with it would be a breeze to do it to Jimmy, but it is scary doing it the first time with someone, especially when he is a friend.

I never know how they will feel about it until I get through. "Don't rush it, Jimmy. It will feel a lot better if you let the anticipation build and I do it slowly." I gently slid off his shirt and started unbuckling his pants. I am feeling low about myself again, because Jimmy is looking so sweet to me in his underpants.

Next, I slipped my fingers into the waistband of his undies. Slowly pushing them down to his knees before pulling them off. I stopped for a few seconds, looking at Jimmy's nude body. God, he's gorgeous. When he had his clothes on, I had no idea he was going to look like he did. His skin looked so smooth. I rolled his socks off of his feet.

God, his little feet looked so perfect. Ten beautiful toes sticking right out begging to be sucked. As much as I wanted to, it was a nono. At least for now. I stopped and asked, Jimmy. “Do you really want me to do this. To stick my tongue up your ass?" Jimmy was all choked up. He was so excited he could hardly talk.

"A promise is a promise. Go ahead and do it. I know you only promised to stick your tongue in me, but would you think about maybe licking me down there some too? Maybe you could like kiss my nuts some. I would really love to see what that feels like. I promise never to tell anyone. Please, pretty please. With sugar on it?"

I didn't even want to put my hands on Jimmy's naked butt, let alone do all that other shit he was begging me to do. I told him, "Get on your hands and knees on the sleeping bag, so I can get to you. I'll go ahead and lick around your cheeks for a bit before I get to your hinny hole. I'll give the rest of it some thought while I'm doing that, but I can't promise you I'll actually be able to do it."

I felt like I was fucked up again. My friend was naked on his hands and knees, expecting me to stick my tongue up his ass for a minimum of five minutes. I was not only going to do it, but my dick was hard to boot.

The longer I looked at Jimmy in the buff, the sexier and prettier he began to look. Now, I really felt like a faggot. I was beginning to look forward to doing it to him. I couldn't wait to get my mouth on the smooth skin of his ass. What the fuck is wrong with me? I put both my hands on the back of his butt. My hands started lightly massaging the smooth skin on his cheeks.

I put my head close to his tail. My tongue shot out of my mouth tenderly licking those luscious cheeks of his. They were pretty and round. I knew girls that didn’t have butts sticking out as far as Jimmy’s. Looking at his sweet ass made me want to throw a peter in it right away. I licked and kissed his soft flesh. As I started working my way to his hole, I suddenly was happy with myself. I made up my mind I wasn't going to just kiss Jimmy's balls. I was not only going to lick and kiss them, but I decided to take his sack into my mouth and suck on them for awhile.

Jimmy seemed to be in shock. I knew he felt good. He probably never had anything feel this way before. I also knew he was probably confused. He was wondering if he should just let me finish or jump up and put his clothes back on. I could tell from the way he was breathing I would finish. I continued to suck his little nut sack. I sucked his nuts for twenty minutes. All that happened was Jimmy kept saying he felt like he had to pee something awful.

I kept sucking. I knew Jimmy was building up to come. He never did. Obviously his shit hadn’t developed to that point yet, but from the way he was moaning about getting ready to explode, I knew he was less than weeks from having orgasms and if he did like Paul and I, a mouth full of ejaculate wasn’t much farther off. I slid my tongue gently up his ass. My lips closed around the edges of his smooth cheeks. I pulled a suction on his hole as I flicked my tongue around.

After the 5 minutes were up and Jimmy hadn’t said anything about it being enough and wanting me to stop, I lowered my head sucking his nuts up into my mouth again. Jimmy and I were both in seventh heaven. I was gently sucking and pulling them away from him with my lips. Jimmy was laying there saying, "Oh God. What ever you do, please don't stop." Over and over.

Suddenly Jimmy went into spasms. What a surprise. He was able to do it after all. I could tell he was shooting off as I could feel his nuts pulsing in my mouth, as well as feel his jism squirting between my fingers as I gently held the head of it in my hand.

It wasn’t much, just enough to wet up my fingers a little. When his excitement was over, I was having such a good time I put my tongue back in Jimmy's ass. I kept his wet penis firmly in the grasp of my hand. When Jimmy's dick was hard again, I decided I would see if Jimmy would sit still while I fucked him in his ass.

I started out wetting my finger with my mouth and twirling it around Jimmy's hole. It took me about 20 minutes to work my finger into his ass hole to the point where my palm was resting on his sweet meat and the top of his thigh. The whole time I had my finger up his ass, he just sat there on his knees with his eyes shut.

I can only imagine what thoughts might be going through his mind. The only thing I knew for sure was I had him. He was breathing very hard. When I laid my face on his back, I could hear his heart racing. His dick was hard. A little juice was dripping off of the end of it. He was enjoying the feeling way too much to ever tell me to stop. I could tell he was going to let me do it to him. I was getting ready to pull my finger from his ass to get my dick out, when we heard some commotion outside the tent. It seems a couple of my older cousins found out we were camping and decided to check out our camp.

Thinking fast, I went outside diverting their attention to give Jimmy time to get his clothes back on. I sure as hell didn’t want them to know Jimmy was naked in the tent with me, let alone what we had been doing. Thank God, I hadn’t had time to get naked too. I can’t imagine what I would have done if Jimmy hadn’t insisted we go into the tent and my cousins had seen me making love to Jimmy’s ass with the tip of my tongue or worse yet seen him shooting off next to the fire while I hungrily pulled at his balls.

They didn’t leave until close to daylight that morning. We finally crawled into the sleeping bags and slept until noon. Neither of us brought up what we had been doing earlier. We camped out quite a bit, but usually Paul would go and sometimes a bunch of the other guys would go. Rarely did Jimmy and I end up alone with one another.


I camped out in the same spot with one of my other close friends one night. His name was Roy. We sat around the fire for a while and were looking at one another. After I was fairly sure Roy was feeling like I was, namely being curious about what it would feel like for us to kiss, I started talking about wondering what it felt like to kiss. When he said he had been wondering the same thing, I suggested we go in the tent and find out since no one would know but us. Of course I was fantasizing about how his penis might feel if it were probing between my lips.

We went into the tent and just sat there on the sleeping bag staring at one another. Both of us seemed afraid to touch the other to get things started. Finally after about 15 minutes, I hugged Roy. We held each other for a while until it was obvious we were both getting excited about the prospect of kissing each other. I leaned forward pressing my lips against his. We kept our lips together. When Roy realized how good my lips felt on his, we started kissing. At first we just hugged and kissed. Eventually we started sticking our tongues into each others mouths.

Roy kissed pretty darned good for a boy who never kissed before. He was definitely getting me very excited. I could feel his heartbeat pick up. I knew he could feel mine. I felt as if electrical impulses were drawing my lips to his. God, his lips were so wet and warm. I pulled his upper lip into my mouth sucking ever so gently. Roy was salivating into my mouth. His lips imitated the same motions with my lower lip. I was in heaven and could only assume from the way Roy was purring in my mouth that he was too.

The thought it might be possible to trade sucks with Roy was driving me insane. I wanted him bad, but I knew I had to proceed with caution so Roy would think I was just experimenting the same as he was and not just being a faggot.

We French kissed for about a half hour. I was moving my hands up and down his sides and felt his hard on through his pants. He felt me too. By the time we did it long enough where I was confident he wanted to do it with me, and I was fumbling with his zipper to get his dick out, my cousins showed up.

We had to come out of the tent. I didn't think to ask Roy while he was all worked up, if he wanted to try it again later, after they left, When we were finally alone again, the mood had passed and I was afraid to ask him to kiss me. We never did anything like it again. I am sure if we hadn't been interrupted Roy and I would have ended up doing it a lot. I found out many years later one of his older brothers was a homosexual, although I never heard the same about Roy.


Jimmy and I did camp, alone together, again. When it got dark, I found myself getting a little horny. The hornier I got, the more appealing Jimmy became to me. I really didn’t want to do it with Jimmy, but I was in need of relief and, after all, Jimmy was cute as all get out. I couldn't just whip my dick out and beat off in front of Jimmy.

Even though I wanted to tell him to get naked and stare at his beautiful body while I worked myself into a frenzy, I would have to think of something else. The only thing I knew for sure was I wanted to shoot off and soon. I kept recalling how sweet and smooth his cheeks felt in my hands with my tongue up his ass. Finally, I said I bet he didn’t have balls enough to play, ”If Match No Light Em.” Jimmy replied, “I have the same fortitude as you do if not more.”

We went through quite a few turns apiece, naming all sorts of stuff that would prove to be difficult to do to the other. Jimmy just stated if match no light em, he would suck em me off. His match stick broke, keeping it from striking. We went into the tent. I took off my clothes. Jimmy was lowering his head toward my crotch when I asked him to kiss me first. I told him I would like for him to kiss my neck some too. I wanted him to work his way down to my tits before sucking my dick.

To my surprise he went along with the game plan. Evidently my doing the things he had pleaded with me to do for him when I lost last time had been an even better idea than I thought. He felt so warm in my arms. His smooth body had my dick so hard I thought the end would pop off. Our lips met. I could see Jimmy’s sweet face close to my eyes. His slender little nose nestled against my own. Jimmy slipped his tongue into my mouth sending goose bumps all up and down my spine.

I had only intended to kiss Jimmy for a minute or two, but the electricity between us was so great we kissed for better than a half hour. I convinced him to slip some of his saliva into my eager mouth. God it tasted good. I gave him some of mine in return. I don’t know for sure if he liked it, but he swallowed it down seemingly eagerly. Jimmy’s lips slid down to my chin. He flicked his tongue around my skin as he sucked at me.

I loved the feeling. I dribbled a little in my lap as his lips contacted my neck. It was almost like my dick was connected directly to my neck. I could feel his lips on my shaft and my neck at the same time. When Jimmy’s lips settled on my left tit, I was going insane. I couldn’t stand it anymore, but I let him continue. He pulled my nipple out from my chest as his other hand mashed my right nipple into my chest. Holy shit. No wonder most of the girls I have sucked wanted me to maul their teats. This is awesome.

Jimmy spent fifteen minutes on my chest. Slowly kissing at one breast then teasing the other before returning to the first. Jimmy lapped at my belly button for a long time. As he licked my smooth pubic area, I thought I would catch fire. You just don’t get any hotter than I was then.

Tender lips kissed sweetly at my throbbing rod. Each touch caused my peter to hop up brushing against Jimmy’s nose. His head lowered. I felt my shaft being engulfed in a moist tunnel. His tongue wiggled around me. The suction created a tingling that went all the way to my feet. God, this boy can really suck. He sucked and sucked and sucked some more.

I watched with curious resolve as Jimmy’s head bobbed up and down like I had a lap full of apples and he needed to get them all. I love this. My balls were building with that special feeling alerting me I was getting ready to blast off. I elected not to say anything to Jimmy. Fuck it, let it be a surprise. I exploded. I could feel my loins squirting my excitement from my shaft. My hands went to Jimmy’s face. It felt sooooo good when I held his face while I ejaculated into his mouth.

Jimmy had a wild look of surprise in his eyes. He knew I was going to shoot off in his mouth, but I guess he wasn’t prepared for how quickly it would gush in. Jimmy gulped it all down like a master. When I finished, Jimmy pulled back from me with a smile on his face. “Hold up Jimmy. Don’t stop yet. Suck me until I go soft.” Jimmy looked at me as if I were crazy for a few seconds.

Suddenly he shrugged his shoulders and dove his mouth back down on me. He sucked me hard until my peter shrunk away to nearly nothing. He kept sucking. I love the jolts of excitement that crawls all over me while someone sucks me when I am soft. Jimmy was still sucking diligently like he couldn’t get enough of me. “Hey, dude. That’s enough. You can come up for air now.” Jimmy raised up from my dick grinning from ear to ear, licking the cum off his lips.

“Wow, man. That wasn’t anything like I thought it would be. I thought it’d be something gross and I would puke when you squirted it in. Actually it was pretty cool. The taste wasn’t bad either. You ought to give it a try.” I ignored what he just said. Obviously Jimmy had no idea I’ve sucked plenty of dicks and was hinting he wanted me to do his.

I did not wish to suck his penis. I already felt queer letting him do mine. My thought was maybe I’d build up the nerve to do it later. I kissed him sweetly for a few minutes. I patted him on his naked ass. After dressing, I opened the tent flap and went outside to have a cigarette. Jimmy joined me several minutes later. I thought sure Jimmy would get after me again to suck him, but he didn’t. That was a surprise.

A few hours later, I urged Jimmy to play “If Match No Light-em “ some more. He agreed and I took the next turn. I said if match no light-em, me fuck-em you in the butt. Naturally, there was no way I was going to let that match light. I wanted to shoot off in Jimmy’s ass. I remembered how smooth, soft, and inviting his cheeks looked to me when I tongued him in his ass.

The match went across the book without even sparking. Jimmy said, "Ha, ha, ha now you've gotta do it." Can you believe that, he thought he had won. I was getting ready to fuck him and he thought I had to. We went into the tent. I told him to take his clothes off and to get on his hands and knees. I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. I tongued his hole to get him good and ready. I wanted to make sure it felt good so he would be more likely to let me finish.

After about 15 minutes, I had my finger in all the way and got him to wet up my dick with his spit. My dick slid gently up his ass. I did just like David did me. I let Jimmy’s tail muscles do all the work and got me a blow job from Jimmy’s rear end. When I finished shooting off, I started pumping my hard on into his butt. I could feel him squirming to get up, but I held his hips so he couldn’t get away.

I got really excited again pumping myself into Jimmy's ass until I shot off. Jimmy was trying desperately to get up, but I was so excited, I had to hold him until I finished. When I finally went soft, Jimmy jumped up and, ran out of the tent, desperately holding the back of his butt as he scuttled into the woods to shit me out. I know how he felt being the first time he had someone shoot off in there. He had to go so bad he went out there in the nude. I sat in the tent fantasizing about doing Jimmy's butt again. God, it felt so good. I was hooked on Jimmy. He was so smooth and soft. His legs were beautiful.

When he got back, I convinced him to stay naked and play some more match no light em. Of course he wouldn’t do it unless we went in the tent. After quite a few turns, I wound up losing when I said, if match no light em me give em you a blow job. I kissed him on his lips and sucked him all around his neck and chest before settling on the head of his dick. Jimmy couldn’t have stopped me if he wanted to. The sleek round firmness of his peter against the walls of my mouth had me so excited I almost came. Jimmy was breathing so hard he was gasping for air. I sucked his dick for about five minutes when we almost got caught again.

There wasn’t enough time to get dressed so I whispered to Jimmy to put his underpants on and crawl into his sleeping bag. We pretended we were asleep. When our cousins “woke” us up, we got dressed and went outside with them. Fortunately it was late enough for it not to have appeared weird for us to be asleep. We must have both been embarrassed about almost getting caught, because we didn’t bring it up again. I didn’t get a chance to finish sucking him off.

I thought for sure he’d ask me to finish when they left, but he didn’t. I wasn’t about to have him thinking I wanted to suck him by bringing it back up. I was willing to suck him if he asked, but I didn’t really want him shoot off in my mouth.


Some of the other guys played “If Match No Light Em,” with us at various times. Each came up with some very sick stuff, but fortunately none of their matches failed to light. I never knew, if any of them would have done the things they said they would if their matches didn’t light. I understood why they played. It wasn’t that they wanted to suck or lick, on any one’s body parts, it was a guy thing.

They had to prove they weren’t afraid to take a chance. Prove they were crazier than everyone else. The suspense was awesome, wondering what you would do if you really were expected to do what you just said you would do and wondering what every body else would think of you when they finished watching you do it.

I liked licking Paul all over his body, from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. I even licked all around in the hair on his head at times. Paul likes that as it makes him feel like I really want to be close to him. I like it too, because it makes me feel like I am close to him. That I like. It was neat to see him get hard as I sucked his toes and to watch the juice ooze out the tip of his dick as I kissed him up his leg and sucked his sweet meat.

Lying naked cuddled up with Paul was the most wonderful thing in the world. When I was with him, I felt special. I knew I belonged. He didn’t love me just for my dick. He wanted me because I was me. That felt good. His Dad would hold us after we did it so I felt kind of special then too. He didn’t love me for my dick either, he loved me for what my lips could do for him.


I felt perverted when I was doing it with Jimmy, but not enough to prevent me from doing him. It was embarrassing and felt really weird, like I was a faggot, yet it was strangely exciting and felt wonderful at the same time. I started sneaking quick kisses from Jimmy whenever we were in a position where no one could see us. Sometimes he got excited and kissed me back. I convinced him to suck me off several times when we were alone, but he didn’t ask me to do him and I didn’t volunteer.

The first time I started using the quick kisses on Jimmy, it was on one of those rare occasions I found myself camping alone with Jimmy. We hadn’t let it get around we would be camping, so it was very unlikely we would get a late night visit from my older cousins. We had a nice fire going and just finished devouring a few hot dogs. I couldn’t help noticing how pretty Jimmy was.

Ever since he gave me head, he got a lot cuter looking. What I really wanted to do was shove one of the hot dogs up his ass and eat it when I pulled it back out. I knew that was definitely a nono. I remembered how turned on I got looking at his legs. We were both wearing long pants. I was trying to come up with an idea to get his clothes off so I could see them again.

I thought about bringing up the game, but “If Match No Light Em“ was getting a little old. We sat around the fire telling jokes. I walked to the tent to get a fresh pack of smokes. When I got back, I sat down beside Jimmy. I opened the cigarettes and lit one up. I handed it to Jimmy and got out another for myself. I had been observing Jimmy without him catching me. He showed no signs of being interested in doing it with me. He wasn't even sneaking glances at me. He most definitely didn't appear to be eat up with me like I was with him.

It was like we had never done anything together. Jimmy had to think there was something wrong with me. I know I had that look on my face people get when they are eat up with someone else’s beauty. After all, I felt like I was in heat. Hell, my tongue was hanging out. If Jimmy didn’t notice, he was blind. To make matters worse, I had actually been doting over him. I was getting him cigarettes and lighting them for him. I had been opening his beer for him. I even cooked a hot dog for him.

I got to the point where I wanted to throw him on the ground and fuck him. I knew I was strong enough to do it, but I was afraid Jimmy might hate me if I did that. After a couple of drags, I leaned across and pecked him on his lips. It was just a quick kiss. Jimmy didn’t react at all. He just sat beside me like I hadn’t done anything. I wouldn’t have tried anything else given his cold response, but as I said earlier, he had already done it with me before.

After a few minutes, I kissed him again. This time I let my lips linger a little longer, but it was still a pretty quick kiss. Again I got no response. I started kissing his lips every few minutes, making them longer each time. I kissed him about ten times. He just sat there and let me do it. He still hadn’t kissed me back. I guess I could have asked him if he would kiss me, but I couldn’t for fear he would say no. I kissed him again. This time he started kissing back. We cuddled up in a longing embrace and kissed for several minutes in front of the fire.

Sometime later Jimmy leaned across kissing me. I knew I had him then. This knowledge took all of the hurry out of it. We finally locked lips for a long time when Jimmy’s heart started beating fast. I reached down and put one of his hands on my crotch. He sat there kissing me with his hand lying on the outside of my pants. I grabbed his wrist and started rubbing myself with Jimmy’s hand. I would let go and do it again until he finally continued to do it on his own.

He got worried about being seen outside the tent and suggested we go inside. I told him it would be a lot more exciting if we did it in the nude. We undressed each other and laid on the sleeping bag in each other’s arms. We kissed passionately. I couldn’t conceal my excitement any longer. My heart felt like it would get away from me. To my pleasant surprise, Jimmy’s hand found itself back to my crotch. At first he just rubbed it across my dick. Eventually he wrapped his fingers around it and started beating me off. I know he wanted me to play with him too. I probably should have, but I just couldn't bring myself to put my hand on it.

We laid there kissing, taking turns sucking each other’s tongues. After about five minutes I felt myself getting ready to come. I was tempted to pull his head down between my legs, but shot off in his hand instead. He rubbed my juice all over my dick when I finished. We got dressed and went outside around the fire. We sat around smoking cigarettes and sipping on the beer we acquired and hid last week in case we got a chance to camp out. We had a case of beer between the two of us. Two six packs for a twelve year old was a lot of beer. We got pretty damn drunk that night.

A few hours later, I was feeling the urge to have Jimmy's lips on my peter. I started to get undressed by the fire, but Jimmy said we should wait until well after midnight so no one would see. If I would wait until two in the morning, he would do it too. That was the longest three hours I ever saw. I made sure I kissed Jimmy every once in a while to keep him in the mood.

We stripped down naked next to the fire exactly at two. I was enjoying glancing at Jimmy’s legs. At first, I didn’t want him to catch me gawking, even though I would have liked to just stare at them. I was getting horny as I glanced at his legs. My dick was already hard. When we kissed this time, I slowly pulled Jimmy’s head down between my legs. Jimmy sucked with a fervor he hadn’t had the first few times.

He learned to wet me up good by salivating down my shaft as he bobbed up and down. Spit was running down my balls to the crack of my ass. It felt exhilarating. Soon I was filling his mouth with my juice. Jimmy slurped it up like he was eating an ice cream cone. He sucked my pulsating member until it got soft. I was sure he would want me to suck his, but he didn’t ask me to so I didn’t. We stayed naked all night. I was openly gawking at Jimmy's legs now. I didn't care what he thought of me looking at them, as long as I was.

Jimmy sucked me twice more before we finally went to sleep at daybreak. I shot off up his ass once in between. When I did his butt, we went in the tent so he could lay on the sleeping bag. He didn't want to get leaves on his ass. This time he laid on his back and wrapped his legs around me while I fucked him. It was extra exciting having him on his knees with us in the nude, sucking me off next to the fire.

After that night, any time I kissed Jimmy often enough to get him excited, he would do it for me. He didn’t ask me to do him, but I knew he wanted me to. I kind of wanted to do him, but I didn’t want it in my mouth, because I was afraid of feeling queer. I wasn’t sucking him unless he insisted. He wasn’t about to bring it up. It was a strange situation. Jimmy didn’t mind me shooting off in his mouth and wanted to shoot off in mine. I knew why he didn’t ask. It was the same way I felt at times. He was embarrassed about having his dick sucked.

I mentioned before it was less embarrassing to suck a dick than it was to have someone suck mine. Not all the time, it pretty much depended on whose it was. I did, however feel him up on occasion. Jimmy seemed to be pretty satisfied to have me do that for him, though I didn't do him every time he sucked me. I beat him off once, when he got me extra excited and yes, I did in fact suck his testicles a few times, but I only sucked them long enough for Jimmy to shoot off that one time.

I could tell Jimmy wanted me to beat him off some more, but I didn't want him thinking I wanted to do him. He would suck me when I wanted him to, but he didn't seem to have the nerve to ask me to beat him off again. I made up my mind if he wanted me to, he would have to ask me to do it.


I think Paul’s Dad enjoyed watching when Paul and I did the little things we did together to get excited before we got real close. Sometimes we played strip poker. We talked about playing it when we knew ahead of time we would be left alone with his Dad. It was almost like, we were playing a game. A game where we tried to tear up his Dad’s nerves, to see if he would ever lose it, and either, tell us not to do what ever it was we were doing to each other, or he would want to do it to us too. He never did either, he just watched. Then we would do him whenever we got through.

Strip poker was fun. We wore the same amount of clothes. The winner removed an article of clothing form the loser. First the left shoe. Next time the right shoe and so on. The clothing had to be removed tenderly and sensuously. That got us aroused before we started in on one another. The socks were next, followed by the shirt, and then the pants. By now we were wearing just a pair of Sherry’s underpants and one of her bras. We borrowed them from her dirty clothes hamper. I know it might have made more sense to use clean ones, but his Dad didn’t know they weren’t. The used ones smelled like Sherry.

Her bra had traces of her perfume and her panties reeked of that special smell we always longed for. Anyways, the bra went next and then the panties would go. When one of us was naked he had a finger sucked, received a kiss, got his neck sucked, had his toes sucked, got tongued in the ass and so on in the order we agreed to earlier until one of us got fucked in the ass. The winner got his turn later that night.

By then his Dad could hardly wait for us to service him. Sherry didn’t mind us using her dirty under clothes when we played strip poker with her. A lot of times she let me use the pair she was wearing. She put on fresh ones. Sherry rubbed them up into her pussy to get the smell on them so whoever took them off of her could smell her juice. Sometimes Sarah played strip poker with us. Sherry talked her into letting us borrow her panties too. They really smelled good.


I spent the weekend at Paul’s house. We invited Jimmy to come with us. Every time I found myself alone with Jimmy or no one was looking, I gave Jimmy a quick kiss on his lips. The first five or six times Jimmy was very uncomfortable having me kiss him. He was in a position where he couldn’t say anything as we had kissed before. He didn’t want to call attention to the fact I was kissing him now. He was also scared shitless someone might catch me kissing him.

As time went on, I kissed him longer and harder. Jimmy eventually started kissing me back. Jimmy and I sat in Paul’s room waiting for Paul to finish his bath. We kissed passionately while we waited. I could tell Jimmy was willing to do it. When we heard Paul’s bath water running out, we stopped so our dicks would get soft before he came in. I thought Jimmy's eyes were going to pop out of his head as we all sat around the living room in our underpants. Of course Jimmy wasn't stealing glances at Paul or me. He was gawking ever so carefully at Sherry.

She always looked sweet. Jimmy was eat slam up with her partial nudity. It was easy to tell Sherry knew it as she was careful not to give him too good of a view of the front of her panties. She didn't seem to mind too much having Jimmy stare at her legs as she knew how guys were. She told me several times how some of the guys at school would try every trick in the book to glimpse a squirrel shot when ever they could.

Some of them have actually laid on the floor behind her to look up her skirt, when ever they thought they could do it without her knowing it. She didn't like it, but she knew that was the way things are. She thought it was a little easier to deal with when she kept in mind the guys did the same thing with all the other pretty girls. It wasn't just her. I was determined all Jimmy was going to get to do was look. I certainly wasn't going to let him know Sherry had been doing it with Paul and I.

When the three of us climbed into the bed, I got in the middle, with Paul next to the wall. Jimmy was on the side where if Paul’s Dad came in tonight, someone was in for a surprise. Who would be the most surprised and what the final outcome would be was any body’s guess. I don't think Paul had given any thought to the fact Jimmy was in a position where his Dad would be sticking his dick in Jimmy's mouth if he came in tonight. I don’t know if it had occurred to Paul about the possibility, but I wasn’t bringing it up.

I had another problem to worry with. The problem was I wanted to do it with Paul and Jimmy, but I hadn’t discussed it with either of them. I knew Paul was dying to do it with me. I also knew Jimmy was willing to do me. I was fairly confident I could convince Paul to do Jimmy. I wasn’t as sure I could get Jimmy to do Paul. When Paul appeared to be asleep, I kissed Jimmy. When I could hear his heartbeat and breathing pickup, I moved my lips down to his nipples.

I kissed his nipples and started feeling him up. Jimmy was probably in seventh heaven, because I rarely felt him up when we were kissing, although as I said before, I had felt him up a few times. I even jerked him off once. He was hard already. I continued to suck his nipples. I reached behind me to get one of Paul’s hands. I guided it to Jimmy’s hard on and started Paul to beating Jimmy off.

I put both my hands on Jimmy’s face kissing him on his lips so he would know the hand on his dick wasn’t mine. Jimmy got the idea and we took turns doing each other before going to sleep. I was glad I finally sucked Jimmy all the way. He was delicious. The way his dick felt and tasted in my mouth drove me crazy. His ejaculate was kind of nice too, although it wasn't quite as tasty as he looked sweet.

Don't get me wrong, it didn't taste bad enough that I didn’t want some more. It just didn't compare to Paul's. We didn’t fuck each other’s butt that night. Sometime later I woke up. I could hear Jimmy making sucking sounds. I knew Paul’s Dad was in the room. Thing’s would get interesting in the morning. Jimmy came down from time to time to do it with us and to help out with Paul's Dad. Neither Paul nor myself were willing to share Sherry, so we didn’t tell him about doing it with her. Sherry let Paul and I know straight up she didn’t want to do it with Jimmy.


David begs me almost constantly to bring my little brother out to his apartment. I always managed to come up with a good lie not to bring him. I kept promising to bring him the next time, but I never did. It was fairly simple. First of all I didn't want my little brother to see me suck a dick nor did I want to suck his. Not that he wasn’t cute. My little brother was a very pretty sexy thing. If he hadn’t been, David wouldn’t have wanted me to bring him.

Little brother sported a gorgeous butt with cheeks poking out invitingly. His legs were magnanimous. It was always a chore to resist busting him in his ass when we took a bath together. If I could do it without him finding out, I would love to kiss those sweet lips of his. There were several times I had the urge to get him to suck my dick, but I managed to resist the temptation. I don't know if he would have sucked it anyway. I am glad now I didn’t get him to do it. Second David wasn’t doing that shit to my little brother. I would kill him first. David was getting more and more persistent about me bringing my brother.

It was extremely taxing to come up with the lies and deceptions as well as the time to get away from our other friends to keep David satisfied and not have any of them figure out we had something going on besides being with them. I think that was one of the most stressful parts of the abuse. It was kind of like living a double life. We had to pal around with the other guys quite a bit to appear to be normal young kids and find time to do all of our pervert shit at the same time.

It wasn't easy, but I would imagine if any of my friends were to read this they wouldn't believe we found the time to do it all. I don't think any of them would be able to figure out which one of them is Paul either. Except for Paul, of course. None of them would ever admit to looking like a girl when they were boys and each and everyone of them thought they were my best friend. The only thing protecting them from David was the fact David wasn’t sure if they might tell on him if he approached them. That is why he wanted Paul and I to do it.


Paul and I were due to go to David’s in a couple of hours. Jimmy was with us. We had a problem. We hadn’t been in a position where we could make love as we had been walking in the woods. Jimmy was still a little squeamish about doing it outside in the daytime. Paul and I were taking turns stealing kisses from Jimmy. We liked teasing him even when there was no way to do anything at the time. Besides, Jimmy was a very good kisser.

The problem was we had to get rid of Jimmy before we went to meet David. The other part of the problem was we did our job too well. Jimmy was excited and wanted to kiss us some more. Time slipped slowly by. We only had enough time to get to the meeting place, or David would get mad. We didn’t know what to do. Jimmy wouldn’t leave and we had to go. Finally I got a brainstorm. I asked Jimmy if he would like to drink some beer. He thought it would be cool. Paul looked at me like, are you nuts? He didn’t say anything. What was he going to say. We took Jimmy with us.

When David arrived, we got in the car. Paul and I got in the back as usual. If we had to do anything to David in the car, he had to tell us to climb over the seat. Jimmy sat up front. He was fairly safe for the time being, since David didn’t know if Jimmy was aware of what was going on yet and didn’t want to put himself in a bad situation until he had time to quiz us about what Jimmy would or would not do.

I was shocked. Jimmy asked David if he was going to have the girls over anytime soon. He always wanted to come over and have them do it, but didn’t know how to get invited. He also admitted he had trouble coming up with the money. David calmly replied the girls would be there today and quite a few of the guys were already coming over to get them to do it for them. The time slots had already been reserved, but he would make accommodations for Jimmy and for him not to worry about the money. David insisted he wasn’t going to charge his special guest a dime. He was going to work Jimmy in for free.

When we arrived at David’s apartment, David got us all a beer. Jimmy sat in the living room drinking beer with Paul and talking about how neat it was going to be to get a couple of blow jobs from the girls. Paul just sat there listening to him, knowing the whole time Jimmy was going to be one of the girls. David took me into the other room to talk. I gave him a quickie blow job. He started to question me about Jimmy. He jumped in my shit about bringing Jimmy when we knew we had to work the box today.

I explained to David to give Jimmy a few quick kisses and he would probably suck him off. I volunteered to help convince him if he didn’t. I told David if he would leave a couple of six packs in the box with us, I would take Jimmy into the box and break him in. David went into the living room popping a quick kiss on Jimmy every time he got close to him.

In a short while he had Jimmy on his knees. I don't know what Jimmy thought of the idea of sucking David's dick, but he must have realized he was going to have to, because he went ahead and did it. David stripped Jimmy naked while Paul and I undressed, then he sucked Jimmy’s dick. Jimmy looked confused like he wasn't sure what to do, but let David do his thing. When he got finished we went to the bedroom and Paul and I got in the box. Jimmy went in behind us and David gave us the beer.

I told Jimmy we would start receiving visitors soon and no matter what happened or how he felt, it was absolutely imperative he not say or do anything to give away our identities. In about 10 minutes the first two dicks made their appearance through the curtain. I took one and Paul took the other. Jimmy got this real fucked up look on his face. He knew he was screwed. I finished my guy and motioned for Jimmy to do the next one. We alternated. Paul and I would suck and Jimmy would pinch hit on either side while the odd man would sip beer.

Jimmy didn’t understand the deal with the glass so he had been swallowing. Of course he caught on real quick when David made him drink them both. I really got off on watching Jimmy suck these guys off. It was neat seeing his sexy ass sticking out as he worked. Jimmy came with us to David's as often as he could for the last year or so before I told David to leave us alone. Jimmy was still going down there with David. I know he was, because he told us on several occasions he had to leave because David was waiting on him. I hadn't thought to include him when I threatened David. Sorry, Jimmy. I don't know how long it went on. I can't imagine what he went through.


The following week, David picked the three of us up. Paul and I got in the back as usual and Jimmy got up front. David didn't do anything with him while we were on the road. He got where he rarely ever did anymore, so that came as no surprise to me. When David turned into that dirt road, Paul and I went into hysterics. We were crying and begging him not to make us do it. Jimmy didn't have a clue what was going on.

I don't know what kind of expression was on his face, because all I was concerned with was not going in there. When we stopped near the barn, David told us to get out of the car and go in. Jimmy got out of the car and headed for the barn. Paul and I were white with fear and just sat there. David went to one side of the car and grabbed Paul by his arm dragging him around to my side where he grabbed me by the arm and hauled us both screaming and squealing into the barn.

Jimmy didn't know what was about to happen, but I am sure he was scared from the way we had reacted. When David got us all in the barn, he yelled, "I am sick of this bull shit. Now take your goddamn clothes off and shut the fuck up, before I cut your fucking balls off." Paul and I clammed up immediately and started stripping down. We were still sobbing and sniffing some as we were really upset. David was ok with that. He didn't say anything about it.

Jimmy got naked as well. David told Jimmy to come over to the stall. David got him started by getting him to hold the donkey's dick. When Jimmy was told to go ahead and suck it, he told David there was no way he would suck it. David was not in a good mood and gave Jimmy to the count of three to get started or he would change Jimmy's mind. At three, David grabbed Jimmy's thing whipping out his knife with the other hand and stuck it under Jimmy's nut sack. He yelled, "Start sucking or to prepare to be a girl, because these are leaving if you don't start pronto."

Jimmy wasted no time getting the donkey in his mouth. David watched him for a few seconds and told him he needed to make it look more like he was enjoying it. Jimmy was white with fear and started going all out. He was licking all up and down the donkey's shaft. David said, "That's right. That's what I want you to do. Now suck its balls too before sucking it the rest of the way off." It was weird watching Jimmy lean in between the boards to suck the donkey's balls. It was scary too, because we knew we would be next. I was always scared the donkey might kick me when I was leaning way in like that.

There really wasn't all that much to worry about. David kept the donkey under control by pulling its dick up close to the stall. Mr. Donkey carried on a lot, but he wasn't going anywhere without his dick. I know I wouldn't. Finally Jimmy settled down on the end of it to get it over with. Suddenly he started throwing up vehemently. I guess the donkey started shooting off. When he was finished, David made Paul and I take our turns, before we took turns doing shit to each other. Poor Jimmy, he was already scared shitless and he had no idea how much worse it was getting ready to get. Paul and I were more disgusted and sick than scared.

After we did a bunch of stuff to each other, David fucked Paul in the ass and made Paul and Jimmy fuck me. David put Jimmy on the crate. In the mean time Paul's and Jimmy's juice were turning my insides inside out. I had to shit so bad I couldn't stand it. Paul was squirming all around so I knew he was in the same fix I was.

I could hear Jimmy shriek as David shoved Mr. Donkey in him. He pushed it in until the head of it disappeared into Jimmy's hole. Jimmy was screaming uncontrollably. At least my ass wasn't sore this time. Paul and I took turns sucking Mister Donkey. I got lucky and sucked it until it got hard again. Paul finished it off. David must have been satisfied just sticking the donkey's dick in Jimmy. We still all ate shit.

I got the donkey cum from Jimmy's ass. Paul got his and Jimmy's from my ass and Jimmy got to eat David from Paul's. We all had a great time laying on the ground gagging and throwing up. When it was all over we were standing next to the farm house while David hosed the shit and puke off of us one at a time. At least he finally got smart enough to bring a wash rag and some soap to make it a little easier.

He still wouldn't bring a towel. We either put our clothes on while we were wet or we air dried before getting dressed, depending on the available time. I guess David would bring us down here either when he knew the owners were away or they let him use it for this purpose. I never found out for sure, but I never saw anyone out there.

Later in the day, Jimmy tried to talk about how gross and embarrassing it had all been. He was telling us how scared he was, when Paul told him to shut the fuck up. He said he couldn't deal with it. Jimmy never mentioned it again. We had several more visits with Mr. Donkey before the abuse with David ended for Paul and I.


Sometimes, Paul and I would spend the night at Jimmy's house. Sometimes Paul or I would spend the night with Jimmy alone. It was always pretty exciting. Jimmy's sister was beautiful. I never got to fuck her, but I surely wanted to.

She wasn't as pretty as Sherry, but she was Sherry's age and managed to tear my nerves up when ever I got to see her in her undies. I always gave Jimmy a good work out afterward. It seems like most families I have observed allow their children to be comfortable around the house, especially after bath time. We all sat around watching TV. Jimmy's parents were always fully dressed. All of us kids wore our underclothes. Jimmy's sister was a couple of years older than him.

Her name was Betsy. I sat there getting an eye full when ever I could. Betsy liked to sit around on her bed in the nude. I know, because I accidentally walked in on her when I opened the wrong door. She never locked it because none of them ever went into each other's bedroom without knocking. The bedroom was considered as your private haven. Betsy sure looked sweet in the buff. I wanted to fuck her something awful. I stood there gawking at her.

It seemed like forever before Betsy realized I was there. I got a really good eyeful. When she did see me, she turned beet red and yelled for me to get out as she tried to cover herself with her hands. I apologized later explaining I had opened the wrong door thinking it was Jimmy's room. Betsy wasn't mad with me, she just didn't want me looking at her in the nude. Betsy was ok with me gawking at her in her undies, but made sure I never saw her tits and pussy again.

Anyway, we would all be relaxing in the family room in our undies. I enjoyed it, but it was different than Paul's or Billy's. Betsy wasn't ogling me or Jimmy. Jimmy wasn't ogling Betsy and none of their parents paid any attention to their partial nudity at all. It was really weird. When we were at Jimmy’s house, we were just little kids sitting around in our underpants. There were never any signs of anything inappropriate going on there. I never knew anything could take place like that.

Jimmy asked me one night if I would try to seduce his Dad for him. He wanted to try sucking his Dad's dick and wanted to feel his peter in his ass. I told Jimmy I would look into it, but from what I had seen so far, I couldn't promise him anything. It just didn't appear his Dad had any interest in looking at little boys. Hell, he didn't even glance at Betsy's legs, as pretty as they are. It really didn't look too promising. I didn't pick up any of the vibes from his Dad that would make me feel he would like for me to do him.

Jimmy told me he already knew that. His Dad showed no signs of wanting him or Betsy sexually. Jimmy told me his Dad saw them both nude at various times, but never at the same time. He never stared at them either, although it was obvious he saw them. Jimmy believed he acted about the same when they were nude in front of him as he did when they were fully clothed. So much so Betsy didn't even dress when her Dad knocked on her bedroom door. Jimmy told me he knows Betsy lays on her bed in the nude a lot as he had peeked at her through the key hole several times.

Not that he wanted her, but just out of curiosity the first time and to get a glimpse of a real pussy thereafter. When her Dad knocked, she would tell him to come in. The door is unlocked. There wasn't enough time for her to dress and the bed was made so Betsy didn't use it to cover up. Her Dad would go in, close the door behind him and tell Betsy what ever it was he needed to tell her, and leave. Jimmy peeked several times as soon as his Dad left.

Betsy was still nude on her bed. Hell, she hadn't even closed her legs. Jimmy said that was why he wanted me to try to seduce his Dad. Jimmy knew I was good at it as I had seduced him so easily. I promised Jimmy I would try, but I would have to be discrete and very careful.


I went to Jimmy's house a few days later and rang the door bell. Jimmy informed me his Dad would be there alone while they were all out shopping. They should be gone about three hours. I went to Paul's house earlier and gave him a blow job to get myself worked up to make it easier to look innocently available in front of Jimmy's Dad. His Dad's name was Chuck. I didn't let Paul suck me off. I told him I was in a hurry.

Paul was disappointed, but I assured him I would let him do me when I came back for my clothes. Paul probably figured I was up to something, but said nothing. I borrowed a pair of Paul's bikini swim trunks. They were pretty skimpy, but not quite as revealing as some of the under pants I have worn. I didn't want to be too obvious about my intentions. It felt pretty weird walking to Jimmy's house in next to nothing, but they were swim trunks and no body ever said anything when Paul wore them at the beach. They looked pretty normal then, but I was sort of embarrassed anyway.

I got no answer. I rang the door bell again. After another five minutes, I was turning around to leave as the door opened. Chuck said, "Hi, Kenny. I'm sorry I took so long coming to the door, but I was in the pool out back. Jimmy isn't here right now. He 's shopping with his Mom and sister. You look like you had plans to get in the pool with Jimmy. You can join me if you like. Jimmy will be back in a few hours."

I shrugged my shoulders like what the hell, saying, "I guess I may as well. I have to wait on Jimmy anyway." We went into the house on our way to the pool. Suddenly Chuck says, "The sun is pretty hot out today. Do you have on any sun protection?" "No, sir. I didn't think about it. I guess I should have." Chuck reached into one of the cabinets and threw me a tube of sunscreen. "Put some of that on before we go out Kenny." I must have looked pretty stupid trying to reach my back, because Chuck offered to rub some on my back.

I still wasn't picking up any signs that Chuck admired my body in anyway other than the usual cute boy type thing. You know, like he was looking at me because I was pretty, but not like I was something to have sex with. The situation still looked hopeless. Chuck started gently rubbing the sunscreen on my back as I stood on the floor in front of him. I didn't want to risk being too obvious, but I got excited feeling Chuck's fingers massaging the sunscreen into my back.

When he rubbed a little just below the waist band of my trunks, I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. My dick was sticking straight out. There was no way Chuck could miss noticing I was excited. Hell, I was panting. Hopefully, if he isn't interested, he will just chalk it up as a young boy going through puberty. I made sure I used my kiss me fool look combined with my boy I wish I was a man like you are look as well.

Chuck finished with my back and my arms. "Do you want me to put some on your legs too?" I smiled sweetly, "I guess so. I usually have a hard time with them myself." Chuck spread some sunscreen slowly up and down my right thigh. He was squatting on the floor in front of me now. I could feel myself dribbling semen into my suit. My peter was sticking straight out at my swim trunks.

When I looked down at my front, I was soaking wet. Chuck didn't say a word, but I knew he could see it. He kept rubbing my leg. I could feel his hand on the inside of my thigh as it gently nudged my nuts when he got to the top of my leg. Chuck did the same thing with my other leg. Suddenly, I couldn't help myself. I shot off into my swim suit. Some of it squirted through onto the floor. I turned red as a beet. I wanted to act interested, but now I had unwittingly put it all out on the line. Chuck knows I was getting off on his touching me. Now all I can do is wait and see what he does.

"I'm sorry Kenny. I hadn't given a thought you might be going through puberty. It's ok. You don't need to be embarrassed in front of me. I understand how it feels to be a boy. I remember how I felt when I was your age. I couldn't wait to become a man. My thing used to worry the heck out of me and sometimes it would do things to embarrass the devil out of me. I had no control over it at all. It would get hard at the damnedest times.

Take those trunks off and put them in the washer. Maybe we can get them cleaned and dried before everyone gets home. There's a wash rag on the sink to clean yourself up with." Well, here goes. I was going to be completely naked in a few seconds. If Chuck is interested, I will know shortly. I pulled off my trunks. Chuck's eyes slowly roamed down to my middle as I gently washed my penis and balls. "You want me to finish putting on your sunscreen while you are waiting on your pants?" I was still embarrassed all to shit and hadn't quite regained my composure. "I guess so."

Chuck started rubbing my legs again. My dick got hard almost right away. Chuck didn't mention it. He just kept massaging my legs like he did before. Within about 5 minutes I was ejaculating onto the floor. Chuck gave me some tissues to wipe my penis as he cleaned my jism off the floor. Chuck smiled as he said, "I guess I had better not try to finish putting sunscreen on you Kenny. It has clearly led to something inappropriate. I want to be clear.”

“I understand how it feels to be a boy. You are very pretty and exciting. I find you very desirable, but you must understand I am not going to do anything with you. Get it out of your head. Don't worry about what happened, I won't let anyone know what you tried to do. Just don't try it again. I don't know for sure if I could resist you a second time." Damn. Chuck knew all the time I had been trying to get him to do it with me. Even so, Chuck just said the magic words I wanted to hear. I ran the three feet separating us, jumping into his arms as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Kiss me Chuck. Don't let me suffer, I want you to do me." I didn't elaborate about what I wanted him to do. I was going to let him develop his own ideas. Chuck looked utterly shocked. He stood there looking into my eyes as he held me to keep me from falling. Suddenly he says, "What the hell." He lowered his head kissing me sweetly on the lips. Chuck glanced at his watch, making sure his family wasn't due right away.

He carried me over to the kitchen table laying me across it on my back as he slid his peter gently up my ass. I laid there feeling like a faggot and having a feeling of success at the same time. When Chuck finished filling my butt with his jism, I rolled out from under him and got on my knees in front of him. I sucked him off and then offered to let him suck me.

Chuck put his hand on my penis beating me off. "I'm sorry son, I know you want me to suck it, but I can't. I just can't suck anybody's dick. I will play with it for you anytime you like, but I will never suck it. When I was a kid, the old man next door to us used to hold me down making me suck him off. It was a nasty taste I hated it. I could never seem to get the taste out of my mouth afterward."

I was a little disappointed that Chuck didn't suck me, but I really understood how he felt. I had achieved part of my goal anyway. Now all I had to do was let Jimmy catch me doing it with his Dad and I will have fulfilled my promise to Jimmy. When my suit was ready, Chuck and I hit the pool. We had a lot of fun. I got him to do it all with me one more time before Jimmy got home.


Chuck was pretty shook up when Jimmy walked in on us. I purposely told Jimmy where we would be. Chuck and I snuck out to the shed behind his house. It was safe, because Chuck said no one ever went out there other than him. Jimmy loved doing it with his Dad. I let Chuck have his way with me every once in a while when I went to Jimmy's house, but not every time. Sometimes he did Jimmy in front of me and I didn't let him have me. Other times he got us both. Chuck never did give me a blow job.

As much as I wanted her, I never got anything from Betsy either. She just wasn't interested in my little ass. Chuck never did anything with Betsy either from what I could tell. He just never looked at her the way he started looking at Jimmy and I after we started doing one another. Jimmy and I didn’t tell Paul, so he never had to worry with it when he came over although I could tell Chuck found Paul very pleasing to look at.

To be continued………………………………................................................................

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Well, he didn’t alautcly become a marked warrior JUST for JouKa — long story there, one that’s not told in Dreigiau. JouKa was just a bargaining chip Zerom used to try to keep KoGuRai somewhat working on the same team as him… that and the promise of power. But that’s all KoGuRai’s character. He’s a flirt, even if he is hopelessly in love with JouKa. ^_~

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