Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age that he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact that all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested that the reader read Part One first. Most of my stories involve many chapters. If one reads the later chapters first, it is difficult to know what is going on as I can’t do a recap due to the length of the story. When they are read in order the reader is able to become familiar with the characters as well as the story line. I hope you enjoy.

Total Confusion Part Nineteen

All through school, it seemed the other kids hated me. I hadn’t done anything to them, yet they hated me anyway. I never seemed to fit in, no matter how hard I tried. The only time the boys liked being around me was when we took showers after Phys Ed. Well, they liked me being there when we dressed out before it started too. Some of the boys would discretely claim the lockers next to mine.

I could feel their eyes burning into my naked legs as soon as I got my pants off. The problem was I had really pretty legs and they all wanted to gawk. My legs were smooth and almost completely hairless. I have often been told they were girls legs. I must admit they appeared to be so. That embarrassed the shit out of me. It got even worse when I had to slip my underpants off to put on that damned jock strap.

The problem with the jock strap was I always had difficulty getting the straps lined up to get my feet through the right holes. Bottom line it took me a long time to get it on properly. This allowed the boys a longer time to get their eyes full. To make matters worse the coach always seemed to show up at about the same time.

He tried to make like he was being sure everyone dressed out correctly, but he seldom took his eyes off of my middle. When I took a shower, all eyes were on the back of my ass. I felt like faggot bait with everyone staring between my legs. I was scared to death my dick would get hard in front of them. Staring the way they were, there was no way they wouldn’t see it. The coach showed up then too. I hated standing in the shower with my pathetic little pecker on display. Especially when I had to put my hands on it to wash it. I think they were just enjoying my beauty, but I felt like they all wanted to have sex with me.

When I finally got my clothes on, the show was over. Then nobody wanted me around again. The girls all thought I was a dork. It seemed everyone told me I was being rude whenever I tried to be a part of a conversation. They said I was interrupting their conversation. Then, they would merrily interrupt mine as if I wasn’t there. I always felt like there was a double standard. People often showed me I had no rights and assumed I had no feelings. I eventually got to the point where I had very limited feelings in many areas.


I had difficulty expressing love. I felt being loved was somehow connected to my sexual performance. No one would love me if I didn’t let them, have their way with me. I was molested by women, as well, as by men, but more often, by men. I still had a difficult time understanding what it was about me that caused all of these guys to get so worked up when they were around me. They wanted me bad, but they didn’t want me around if anyone was going to know I was around. It was so very confusing to me. I learned to tell when someone wanted to hold me by my head, when they got that I can’t resist you look on their face.

If they were repulsive, I made sure, when ever possible, I was never alone with them. I knew what they would do if they ever got me alone. If they weren’t repulsive, but weren’t really a turn on or exciting in some strange way, I was indifferent. I would neither shy away from them nor encourage them. I would just kind of let nature take its course. If we ended up alone together and he was to approach me to have some kind of sex, I would end up doing it. If he didn’t, then he could continue to drool, because I didn’t like to suck dicks.

If I found myself attracted to him for whatever reason, which I rarely did, I would try to find some way to be alone with him. Then I would try to get him to think he was talking me into doing it with him. If, he didn’t take, the hint, I would talk to him while I leaned my elbows on his legs. It was important to look into his eyes with a longing look.

A look that would tell him I am willing to suck, without actually saying it. When I thought he was getting excited I would lower my arms so my hands were resting on his legs, with the thumbs on the inside of his thighs, just below where I figured his dick would be. I would continue to look at him with a wanton look. That was usually all it took for most guys.

If he finally took the hint, I would suck on it when he got it out for me. If he didn’t, I rarely carried it any farther, because it was the same thing as saying, ”Hey, there, I am queer. Let me suck your dick.” I couldn’t do that, unless they were exceptional. They had to be young and feminine looking, well, at least in the face. I also was partial to guys with little to no body hair. I mean on their arms, legs, chest, ass, and the like. Guy’s always got hairy dicks when they got older, unless they shaved it.

If he really turned me on a lot, I would stop sucking him after getting him worked up and take my clothes off. I would then invite him to suck me by lying on my back and spreading my legs. If he didn’t want to do me, I would bribe him with either not finishing his or letting someone he knew, know he had been with me.

Sometimes I would seduce them and remove their clothes for them. I ran up on very few guys that let me suck them, and weren’t fairly easy to convince it would be enjoyable for them to suck my little dick as well. I didn’t run into very many guys that turned me on. Usually it was a young boy that turned me on and I was afraid to approach him because he might ridicule me or tell someone I was queer. If I couldn’t read it in his face, it was probably a good idea to let it go.

I didn’t like to suck, but found myself initiating it sometimes anyway. All of my life, I have had an inner turmoil. I suffered from conflicting feelings on nearly everything. When I was sucking a penis, I worried myself sick I was a queer and at the same time, I worried I wasn’t doing as good a job as I should. I would worry he wouldn’t want me to suck him anymore and I would worry he was going to get me to suck him again.

I was always excited about succeeding and I constantly worried I would fail. I usually worried so much about failing I somehow made sure I screwed up everything in some way or another. Life was always different for me. Other people would succeed and I would suck seed. It was the story of my life.


Some of this is very difficult to put into writing, but I have to get it off my chest. I am not sure if I will ever let anyone read this when I finish writing it. I can’t talk to anybody about it. I have talked to therapists and the like about parts of it, but I have a hard time relaying my true feelings. There are times when I don’t know for sure what my feelings really are. It is difficult to explain how I can be sucking a guy and trying to please him in every way I can and at the same time being ready to throw up as well as being completely disgusted with myself for doing it in the first place. The worst times were when I sucked because I was afraid not to suck.

I hated myself because I was so afraid of this guy or of David, that I would let him pump his nasty tasting juice into my mouth. I know it sounds confusing to say I hate the taste of ejaculate and yet find myself eagerly gulping down as much as I could get from certain people. I guess the simplest way to explain it is to equate it to eating a piece of your favorite candy. If you get a piece of it, it is so good. You truly enjoy it. If you found it sitting in the hole of some big old hairy goomer’s ass, it probably won’t taste as sweet.

The container the ejaculate came out of had a lot to do with the way it tasted. If the guy was sexy and smooth, like Paul, it wasn’t as hard to do him. If he was hairy and gross, or worse yet, had a smell to him, like he hadn’t washed his dick in a week, it became very difficult to do. Of course there were the times when a guy’s juice just plain tasted nasty no matter how he looked.

Not everyone’s tasted the same and the same guy could taste different depending on if he had recently peed or had been excited for a long time and it had gotten a rank taste to it. Sometimes if they hadn't done it in a while , the first load could taste pretty rough. It would usually have a strong male taste to it. I found that very hard to swallow. I still found it less embarrassing to suck a guy’s dick than to have him suck mine.


I liked it when a woman got the “HOTS“ for me. I was always worried they might make fun of my little dick, until I had it in their mouth. I knew how to eat pussy, yet I didn’t know how to get a date until well into my senior year of high school. I had four different teachers approach me for sex. Two started in my first year of high school and the third started in my junior year. The last got after me in my senior year.

Mrs. Jenkins was a very pretty woman. I never had her as my teacher in class. I stood at less than 5 feet tall and weighed in at 92 pounds soaking wet. I hit puberty and grew late. I didn’t get much hair around my dick. I also had a pencil dick. She made me come to her room, after school one day, under the pretense of disciplining me, for some erratic behavior in the hall.

I dreaded going down there as I thought she was going to cause me all kinds of trouble with the principal. I was worried about it all day. I just knew my Daddy was going to whip the daylights out of me when he found out. It’s funny the way I was always worrying about my Dad beating me all the time. The fact was he very rarely ever whipped any of us, but I always worried anyway.

When I entered the room, Mrs. Jenkins shut the door and locked it saying she did not wish to be interrupted, while we talked. She told me to be seated in one of the desks at the front of the room and promptly seated herself on the edge of her desk facing me. I hadn’t paid any mind to the blinds being drawn. She proceeded to tell me the type of behavior I displayed in the hall was not to be tolerated.

She shifted her weight on the desk and then crossed her legs, throwing one leg up high enough to show me her panties. At regular intervals she would uncross and re-cross them with the other leg. My dick was hard by now and I found myself fantasizing about eating her pussy. God her legs were pretty. Mrs. Jenkins uncrossed her legs one more time, giving me one last glimpse between her legs. She stood up and went around her desk seating herself in her chair.

She told me she would have to give me a paddling and she would let it go at that. I didn’t know what to do when she told me to come over to her so she could get it over with. The problem was my dick was hard from looking at her and it would be poking out when I stood up. It was, when I did, but she either didn’t notice it or she ignored it, as she was intent on giving me that paddling. I was standing beside her at her desk. She told me to lower my pants and bend over the desk. I did as I was told. When I slid my pants down, my underpants decided to go with them. I immediately turned red. I was embarrassed all to hell.

At this point Mrs. Jenkins was looking at my little hard on poking out at her. She told me it seems we have another problem. She set the paddle down. She wasn’t going to be able to paddle me while I had it, because it might get broken when I banged against the desk. That was when she reached out and took it in her hand, saying it was way to cute to risk breaking.

I guess Mrs. Jenkins had a fetish for young boys with pencil dicks. She told me to stand still and she would alleviate the problem. I glanced around the room to make sure we were alone. I was very relieved when I noticed the blinds were drawn. She dropped to her knees and gave me a sweet and longing blow job. After I finished ejaculating into her mouth, she said she was going to suck it until it got soft. It wasn't long before my heart started beating real fast. I was so excited I couldn't stand it.

When she realized I was horny again, she pulled back and beamed, "You've really got it bad don't you? Well, I'll just have to do it again won't I?" She popped it back into her mouth and I was shooting another load into her mouth in no time. She kept sucking until I went soft, then she made me bend over the desk. I bent over and she gave me about four good sharp whacks with the paddle.

She said she would set up a time to meet a couple of times a week to do it some more, of course without the paddling, and maybe she could be my teacher for a while and show me some more good stuff. Of course I agreed.


At our second session, Mrs. Jenkins started out kissing me before stripping me down. This time she got undressed and stood there looking at me. Suddenly she reached into her desk drawer and got out her paddle. She looked at my hard on for a few minutes. She told me she wanted me to lean over putting my hands on the edge of her desk. She wanted to wear my little ass out with that paddle. I didn't want her to, but when she told me she really got turned on by the red whelps on the back of my ass, I decided to let her do it.

I leaned over placing my hands on her desk like she told me to. Mrs. Jenkins started whacking me on my buttocks. I don't know how many times she hit me, but it was a lot more than ten. She hit me hard each time. Each whack stung like a bumble bee had tagged me from behind. I had tears rolling down my cheeks every time she hit me. When it was over, she licked the tears off my face before dropping to her knees and kissing me on my ass cheeks.

She licked my ass for about ten minutes, stood up and then laid on her back on the desk asking me to lick her. Her pussy tasted fantastic and she drove me nuts when she came in my mouth and my butt was still stinging like hell. I felt so good and hurt so bad at the same time. The feeling turned me on big time. I couldn't wait for her to take me into her mouth. This time, when I finished shooting off, she came up to my face immediately. She began to kiss me.

She stuck her tongue into my mouth. As soon as I started sucking her tongue, she started spitting my ejaculate into my mouth. When it was gone she told me she had saved it for me. She liked a boy who wasn't afraid to eat a little male cum. I didn't like the way she worded that. She had specifically mentioned male cum, not some of his own cum. That made me wonder if she was priming me for something else. We were alone, so after awhile I relaxed and forgot about it. Almost every time from then on, she would save some of it for me. It didn't bother me any, because I had been eating it quite a bit when ever I masturbated. I liked it.

Mrs. Jenkins laid back on her desk again. I lapped at her pussy with my tongue as I did before. She cooed as I stuck my nose in her. Her pussy smell filled my nostrils making my peter rock hard. My hands were on her thighs feeling her smooth soft skin. I couldn’t help pulling back to run my tongue up and down the inside of her legs. L licked her behind her knees. The more I licked the more she cooed. Suddenly I took notice of how pretty her feet were.

Her toes seemed to be beckoning to me with perfectly manicured nails. I found the fact she wasn’t wearing nail polish to be a big turn on. This was the start of my foot fetish. I took her left foot in my hand bringing it to my lips. My tongue flitted along the sole of her foot. I loved the feel of her tender skin under my tongue. I licked between her exquisite toes. Mrs. Jenkins spread them apart as I looked on in awe. I couldn’t get her toes in between my lips fast enough.

I sucked each toe gently. My dick was ready to pop. I never thought a foot could be such a turn on. Mrs. Jenkins was moaning like I was slobbering on her pussy. I sucked her toes for twenty minutes. Mrs. Jenkins started breathing heavily. I could feel her heartbeat through the pulsing in her foot. This phenomenon made me all the more excited. She reached down pulling me up to kiss her. “Put your penis in me. Drive it in deep. Fuck the shit out of me.”

Her lips sealed around mine. I moved into position. Her hand guided me into her awaiting vagina. I couldn’t believe it. I am actually fucking a teacher. She wasn’t tight like Tina, but she was a lot tighter than I expected her to be. God, this is heaven. The warmness combined with her wetness was pushing me to orgasm. I slowed my movements a little to allow myself to calm down some. I wanted this to last a long time. Mrs. Jenkins was moaning and jerking her hips all around. Her lips were still pulling at mine. I loved the way she was sucking on my upper lip. The feeling was incredible.

I was moving slowly, but in full strokes. I was giving her all I had. On the back thrust my penis pulled all the way out. Then slammed back in again on the forward push. Mrs. Jenkins clawed at my ass cheeks as I worked myself in and out of her wonderful pussy. I could feel her soft slender legs wrap around my waist grabbing me in a death grip. She held me so tightly between her legs, it was all I could do to pull my dick back and forth.

She was huffing and puffing like she couldn’t get her breath. I thought she might be getting close to coming. I knew I was. Suddenly Mrs. Jenkins lowered her legs pushing me back just enough for my rock hard erection to slip free of her sweet puss. “Slip it down a notch Sweety. Fuck me in my other hole. I know you’ll like it.” I wet my finger sticking it gently against her asshole. “No Honey. Don’t worry with that, just slide it on in”

I was worried I’d hurt her if I just shoved it in. “If I do that before I wet you up, it I might hurt you.” Mrs. Jenkins smiled. “Honey Babe. You’re already soaking wet down there. How are you going to wet it up anymore?” I looked down at my middle. There was juice dripping off my thing. I didn’t say anything else. My dick head settled against her tight hole. I wiggled the tip around it and then up and down her crack for several minutes before sinking it deep into her butt.

Her legs came up around my hips again. I had difficulty breathing, but didn’t complain because it felt fantastic. Her wet hole closed around my shaft with her tail muscles pulling at me was awesome. She was driving me wild. I felt wet and warm. My balls were ready to explode at any moment.

“Uuuummmnn. I feel like I am in heaven. You’ve got a wonderful dick Kenny. You can put that thing in me anytime you want to. Yeeeeessssss. Yeeeesssss. Give it to me Baby. Pump me full of your juice. Fill my little ass up with it.” Her hands reached up pulling my face down to hers. I reveled the feel of her moist lips closing around mine. She fished my tongue out as if she were going to eat it. God. It was incredible the way she was sucking on my mouth.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I started pumping my load deep into her bowels. Well, all three inches worth. When I finished, Mrs. Jenkins screamed, “Quick. Kenny. Stick it in my pussy. Ream me out before you go soft.” I pulled out, raised up a notch and shoved it in. I had only started working it in and out a few times when she started clawing my back. “Oh. Shit, Kenny. I’m coming like crazy. You are driving me out of my mind.”

She rocked back and forth with my movements for a long while, then got quiet and lay still underneath me. I slipped out the side at the same time. One glance told me I had shrunk up. Mrs. Jenkins wrapped her arms around my torso holding me close. “Kenny. Hold me while we kiss. You are so smooth, soft, and warm. I have to enjoy you for a little longer. Then its time for you to get going so you won’t be too late getting home.”


I have had wonderful sex with Mrs. Jenkins for several weeks. I got a vigorous paddling each visit. It was strange, I got where I looked forward to having her beat me. One day when I entered her room, she had another boy in the room with her. He was a very slender and petite looking boy, with a girlish look to him. He looked to be about my age. Mrs. Jenkins introduced him as her son, Brian. Then she told him to give me a kiss hello. I didn’t know what to do so I let him kiss me.

When Brian put his lips on mine, I felt like a faggot. I glanced at Mrs. Jenkins to see if she was laughing at me. No, she wasn't laughing, she was in heat. She was enjoying watching us kiss. I still felt weird. It was humiliating kissing a boy in front of his Mom. After only a few seconds, Brian wrapped his arms around me in a groping embrace. He was getting very excited. Damn, I got another guy excited with my body and I'm not even undressed yet. Brian started unbuttoning my shirt as we kissed.

When he got my shirt open, he started sucking on my nipples as he began to fumble with my belt. The next thing I knew, my pants were down around my ankles and my dick was in Brian's mouth. It was disgusting. His lips felt so wonderful. They weren't supposed to. They belonged to a boy. Brian alternated between sweetly sucking my shaft and fondling my balls while they were in his mouth.

Brian sucked like a vacuum cleaner. I thought he was putting a hickey on the end of my dick. I was going crazy with excitement. Lordy, that boy could suck. Brian knew when to lick and when to tighten his lips to push me over the edge. My hands raised up to cup Brian‘s smooth face. I pulled him close to me as I shot gobs of my ejaculate into his warm wet mouth. Brian started sucking harder.

I could feel his suction increase each time he gulped. Brian sucked me long after I finished my orgasm. Soon I went soft and Brian pulled back from me with a big grin across his face. I thought I would die when Mrs. Jenkins told me to go ahead and do Brian. He just stood there in the nude slowly swallowing my juice as he waited for me to take his peter into my mouth. How can I suck another dick. God I am such a faggot.

My eyes moved to Mrs. Jenkins’ face. As they glided down toward her breasts, I was imagining her refusing to let me suck them anymore, because I wouldn’t do her son. Her legs tore my nerves slam up with her beautiful tan. What the fuck. I moved my face forward opening my mouth to let Brian’s little rod slide in between my lips. Surprisingly he felt good in my mouth. He was so soft yet firm. I stuck my tongue in his pee hole. Brian squirmed as I wiggled the tip of my tongue all around in him. Some precum leaked into my mouth. God. It tastes so sweet. I decided then I wanted the whole load.

I worked my lips up and down his rod. I made sure to ooze out a lot of saliva to wet him up really good. His shaft slid easily in and out of my lips. I let him slide all the way out and pressed my lips together as he squeezed it back in again. Now I really felt queer. I am having a blast blowing this boy. Brian squealed he’s starting to come. I pulled his waist close to me. Rope after rope of Brian’s juice spurt into my mouth. I had to swallow quickly to keep it from squirting out the sides of my lips. I love the way I feel as he fills my mouth.

When Brian finished shooting off in my mouth, Mrs. Jenkins exclaimed, "The two of you have been very bad. I'll have to paddle you both to teach you a lesson. Assume the position. "I put my hands on the desk and eagerly stuck my ass out for her. Brian did the same thing right beside me. Mrs. Jenkins rubbed her hands gently around each of our asses for a few minutes before taking turns whacking us on our cheeks. Before I left the room, we had all done it all to one another. Brian even did it with his Mom. I still found it very awkward sucking Brian in front of his Mom.


Sometime later I asked him how he got started with his Mom. He stated she had gone into his room and caught him masturbating with one of his friends. As punishment she made them do one another saying that should put an end to them doing it together. They liked it and she decided if they enjoyed it with each other, then they probably wouldn’t mind doing it with her. Brian agreed she was right and they have been doing it ever since.

I am so thankful Mrs. Jenkins never brought Brian's friend to one of our sessions. As near as I know, I never met him. She only had Brian there for me a couple of dozen times or so, or at least I don’t think it was very often. It is possible it could have been quite a number of times and I would like to think it was only a few. I felt weird and sick doing it with him, but it turned Mrs. Jenkins into a mink and it wasn’t hard enough to do him for me to miss out on that.

Besides, his juice tasted pretty doggone good as it was and there was that inner turmoil. I felt queer when I was sucking Brian and yet I really enjoyed the feel of him between my lips. I liked the way I felt when he was pumping his juice into my mouth and I got to swallow it all. I enjoyed the glow on his face when it happened. At the same time I was still embarrassed doing him in front of his Mom.

About a month before the school year ended, Brian invited me to spend the night at his house. I didn’t want to go over to his house, because I knew he wanted me to suck him. I didn’t like sucking him. Not that he was gross or anything like that. I already told you he tasted good. It was that inner turmoil again. Being with Brian made me feel like I was a queer. If I could have gotten that thought out of my head, he would have been almost as exciting as Paul. After all, he was a really pretty boy.

I told him I couldn’t go. He informed me it was the weekend. His Dad didn’t get home until eleven. I could spend most of the time with his Mom. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to possibly get in bed with Mrs. Jenkins. I asked my Mom if I could go. I had a wonderful time with Brian’s Mom and I didn’t mind doing Brian so bad either. As a matter of fact, the more we did it the easier it got to do him.

At ten minutes after eleven, Brian’s Dad came home. Mrs. Jenkins had already gone to bed leaving Brian and me in the den in our underpants. We were watching movies and on occasion taking care of any urges we got. I had been having such a good time, I hadn't given thought to Mr. Jenkins seeing me in my underpants. Brian’s Dad went to the bathroom to take a shower. When he got through, he came into the den in the nude. I turned beet red. I was so embarrassed being almost naked in front of Brian's Dad.

Brian ran over and gave him a big hug and a kiss, like it was perfectly normal for him to be naked in front of us. Mr. Jenkins asked Brian who the cute little fellow was he had with him. Brian told him who I was. Mr. Jenkins grabbed his dick holding it straight up at me and said, “Here you go Kenny take care of this.” I told him I don’t do that kind of stuff. Mr. Jenkins blurted, “Bull shit you don’t, you’ve been doing it with my wife and Brian never invites anybody over here until after they have done it with him. Now get over here and get busy.“

To make a long story short, we were up till mid morning taking turns with his Dad as well as with each other. I gave Mr. Jenkins four or five blow jobs and he popped me in the ass a couple of times as well. I thought I would die of shame when his Dad made me do it with him. Bottom line: I never spent the night at Brian’s again. I still did Brian every once in a while at school during Mrs. Jenkins’ sessions.

Mrs. Jenkins did it with me all the way through the following year. After that, she quit inviting me. I would notice her blinds were drawn sometimes during the same time of the day she used to do it to me. I could hear the whack of the paddle as I stood outside her door. I always wondered who she was doing it with. I guess my dick had finally gotten too big for her tastes.

To be continued………………………………....................................

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