Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age that he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact that all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested that the reader read Part One first. Most of my stories involve many chapters. If one reads the later chapters first, it is difficult to know what is going on as I can’t do a recap due to the length of the story. When they are read in order the reader is able to become familiar with the characters as well as the story line. I hope you enjoy.

Total Confusion Part Eighteen

I was alone with Paul’s Mom. Sherry was taking a bath. Paul and his Dad were having a “ Father to Son talk “ in Paul’s room and were not to be disturbed. I was in the living room watching TV with Paul's Mom. I was sitting on the couch beside her. The three of us kids sat around in the living room in our undies most of the time. That was all I had on then. Paul's Mom had been ogling my legs for quite some time. I was thinking about what Paul was doing in the other room with his Dad. The mere thought of Paul having his lips on someone's dick was getting me horny as hell.

I asked Paul’s Mom if she would mind if I laid my head in her lap. She didn't say I could, but she didn't say I couldn't either. She sat there like the cat had her tongue. I laid my head in her lap. I then put my right hand between my legs while I hooked my left hand under her thigh. I proceeded to masturbate into my underpants while I gently ran my fingers up and down her thigh. Her skin was so smooth and soft, I was about to go crazy. She watched me for a few minutes then to my surprise she ran her hand into my underpants. It felt so wonderful having her fingers wrapped around my thing.

She started rubbing up and down on my shaft. I was in heaven. My penis was so hard I thought it might break off. The way she smiled at me, I knew she was enjoying the feel of me in her hand. Paul’s Mom would stroke my rod for a while, then gently massage my balls. Then stroke me some more. Pangs of ecstasy shot all the way from my loins through the top of my head. Oh God it feels so good.

I could feel myself building to orgasm. My nuts were ready to explode. “I’m getting ready to shoot off. You’d better move your hand out of the way before you get my stuff all over it.” Paul’s Mom raised her free hand up to her mouth placing one finger to her lip. “Shhhhhhh. Be quiet. Just lay there and enjoy.“ I am still rubbing the inside of her thigh.

She probably wouldn’t stop me if I slid a finger into her pussy. Trouble is I don’t have the balls to do it. All I can do is continue caressing her thigh. Suddenly I couldn’t hold out any longer. I shot off all over her hand and the inside of my underpants. When I was finished, she played with it for a while longer, rubbing her fingers all around me in my juice.

I could hear her heart beat pick up. It felt good knowing I was exciting her like this. It also felt good having my juice rubbed all over my private parts. The way she looked at me, I knew she had the hots for me. I knew she wanted to kiss me and I wanted to kiss her too. Suddenly we could hear the bath water emptying from Sherry’s tub. Paul’s Mom pulled her hand out of my undies and licked my juice off of her fingers.

We both knew the bath water running out meant, Paul and his Dad only had the 15 minutes or so it would take Sherry to dress, to finish their “talk.” Paul’s Mom gave me a long slow sweet kiss and then we watched TV again. I was in seventh heaven. She had actually kissed me and jerked me off. I hope Paul’s mouth didn’t get sore from his “talk“, because I planned to use it.


It was exciting stealing glances at Paul’s Mom while I sat there with my undies wet because of her. Paul's Mom wasn't too worried about my wet spot showing, because Paul or I either one always seemed to have one. We were wet so often, it was considered normal. It was always exciting, playing the game to keep each of them from finding out the other is doing it with me, even though I think most everyone probably suspects everybody is doing it anyway.

Paul's Mom would steal glances at me when she thought no one else was watching. She liked looking at my legs. Actually, she enjoyed looking at Paul's legs too. Sometimes I have noticed her watching Paul's hard on, though I never told her so. I knew from the way she looked at Paul, she was tempted to do him too, but I figured she was afraid to for one reason or another. I never knew why she didn't.

I am pretty sure Paul would have let her do him. Paul and I would sit around in the living room wearing just underpants when I would stay over. I usually borrowed a pair of Paul's bikini panties. Mom always bought me white cotton briefs. I liked the tightness of the bikinis and they not only made me feel sexier, but they tore everybody's nerves up that saw me in them.

I didn't know how to ask my Mom to buy me different colored bikinis without embarrassing myself to death. Our dicks seemed to stay hard almost all the time. With just a pair of undies, it wasn't hard to see they were. We both knew it tore up everybody's nerves and we knew none of them would suggest we get dressed as they all wanted to look.

I am sure Paul knew his Mom liked staring at his legs and hard on. I never asked him if he noticed, but then his Mom didn't exactly make it look like a secret either. She didn't seem to care if Paul caught her gawking at him. Sherry had always worn a short nightie with her undies with the exception of when she would wear a bra, so it was considered normal.

It was so normal Sherry would sit in the living room on the couch at times between Paul and I. She would rub our dicks through our undies whenever everyone was in the other room. When they came back, both of our dicks would be hard or we would be wet if we managed to shoot off before Sherry had to stop.

All three of them liked seeing Paul and I like that, so no one ever brought it up. It is not too risky messing with Paul’s Mom, after all, what can his Dad say if he catches us anyway. I don’t think he will hurt his blow job supply. I had learned it always paid to have more than one supplier and his Dad seemed to have a few.


That night, before I started in on Paul, I asked him what he would think if he were to walk in on me and find his Mom sucking my meat. He just said I was doing a little farfetched dreaming. I told him I liked her and really would like for her to do me.

I wanted to know if he would mind if I tried to get her to go for it. He said it wasn’t likely she would, but I was welcome to try, because he knew I would never do anything to hurt his Mom and I had been enough of a friend to help him keep his Dad satisfied. I fantasized about her sucking my meat while I began working on Paul. I was ready to shoot off, but wanted to get more excited by playing with Paul before I did.

Paul’s Mom would kiss me whenever we were alone, which wasn’t too often at first, but became more and more frequent as time went on. Paul had picked up on the fact something was happening between his Mom and me although he didn’t know exactly what and evidently didn’t want to find out. Paul never asked me if I was doing anything with his Mom, but he would go out of his way to provide us with time alone as much as he could short of saying why don’t you and Kenny go into the other room and spend some time alone together.

I was still fantasizing about her sucking my meat. She wouldn’t do it, although she did let me finger fuck her to orgasm while she kissed me and she beat me off whenever she got a chance. She seemed to like licking my juice off of her fingers, when I finished shooting off all over her hand. I certainly enjoyed watching her do it. It was fun, but I was always disappointed she didn’t give me head. She did like for me to lick her pussy every once in a while. Paul had a strange family. I was going to keep trying.


Paul and I had a short stint in the box today, only a couple of hours. Wow. I was pleasantly surprised when it was over. Getting it over with early was nice, but that wasn’t what was so sweet. For some reason, David didn’t make us drink the glasses of the guy’s cum. When I found out why, I got sick to my stomach. I am sure Paul did too.

David is cooking us sugar cookies and he is stirring the cum from both of our glasses into the cookie dough. Paul and I will have to eat them when the cookies are done. I know it sounds gross, eating cookies laced with a bunch of guy’s semen, but it is not as gross as drinking it outright. My mouth still tasted like cum anyway. Neither one of us volunteered to lick the bowl. It also tastes a lot better in cookies than it does in scrambled eggs. We even got lucky and one of David’s straight friends came over to visit. David served him sugar cookies.

David got off on watching his friend eat all that cum and praise the flavor of the cookies. During the times someone came by like this, we pretended we were there to drink beer. After his friend left David fucked Paul in the butt. Paul got in the Christian lay and wrapped his legs around David’s waist. David made me get in behind him and shoot off in his butt while he came in Paul. I hated it when one of us had to do David in the ass, that meant at least one of us would eat shit.

Paul was quietly moaning as David thrust himself deeply into Paul’s butt. I think I knew what was going through Paul’s mind. I’ve been there and done that. His body was betraying his emotions. David’s shaft sent tingling sensations through Paul’s body. Paul’s legs pulled David in close. My dick felt warm, wet, and snug in David’s ass. I stroked in and out grabbing at David’s hips just as he taught me to. I could feel David tense as Paul oohed and aahed. I could tell from the way Paul got still that David was pumping his butt full of ejaculate.

In short order, I started into my own fantastic blast of excitement. When we were finished getting our rocks off, David told me to lie on the bathroom floor while Paul sat his ass in my mouth. We used the bathroom floor, because it was easier to get the shit off of the linoleum. I wrapped my lips around his hole like I was told to do. Paul did the Hershey squirts in my mouth. David shit in Paul’s mouth while I lay on the floor gagging and throwing up. Paul soon joined me.

It was embarrassing enough having someone shit in my mouth. I can't begin to tell how gross it is. To add insult to injury, David would make Paul and I clean up the mess afterward. I guess David may have had some weird hope that having to clean up the crap on the floor would eventually get us to swallow his shit so we wouldn't have to deal with the nasty stuff on the floor. I preferred to get as much as I could on the floor, although I always had plenty in my mouth and all over my face and chest as well. Trust me, that was always pretty gross too.


I had the abuse blocked out so well I actually partied at David’s place on occasion. Paul must have done the same, because he went with me quite a bit. I never saw Paul anymore after they left and as I said, we never discussed any of it, so I couldn't be positive he had blocked it out too. David must have found some replacements for Paul and I, because sometimes when I went over, he would have a couple of young boys there with him. It was always the same two.

They were very cute and I found myself stealing glances at them when I thought no one would notice. The little fellows made my dick hard just being around them. David never touched either of them while I was there. They were always drinking beer. I didn't realize it at the time, but now that I have regained my memory of the abuse, I know those cute little boys had not been there at David's to drink beer. I would imagine they went through hell.

I feel so sorry for them. Jimmy had already gotten too mature for David and he no longer wanted Jimmy for sex. I remember being at David’s. I didn’t remember any of the abuse. We were partying and we were alone. David became quite shit faced. He was doing acid. He told me he was going to tell all of my friends he had been having sex with me and he shoots off in me all the time.

I didn’t understand why he would say something like that, but for some reason I knew I would not allow him to tell anyone that under any circumstances. Every time he got a new beer, I dropped a tab of acid in it. When he was no longer breathing, I left. It was called an overdose. I had to live with the knowledge I had killed a man for virtually no reason at all. Having done that has bothered me all of my life. I felt terrible I was callous enough to kill someone and have no feelings about it. There was that inner turmoil again. I was so worried over not being worried about killing someone, I was worried sick about it.

I was about 36 before I understood why I did it and when I did understand, I was glad I did it. The only thing I regret about it now is I didn’t use my bare hands. I also regret not having done it earlier. It may have saved some other poor kid some heartache. I wish I could say I never molested anybody, because of what I went through.

Actually I molested a lot of sweet young kids, because of what I had been through. It taught me that, that was what was supposed to happen. It made me believe I was supposed to have sex with young children and it was supposed to be kept a secret just like it was for me. The only thing my abuse did do, was make me careful I coerced them to do it. I was careful to never force any of them to do anything. I never shit in any of their mouths either. I know that is some small conciliation.


I remember being with Jenny. She was crazy about me and hung around me almost all the time. It was a child’s crush. She just enjoyed being close to me. That was kind of weird as when I first met Jenny after I started living with her sister, Jenny didn't like me at all. She even called me a dork when no one else was around.

Then after a couple of months she realized I was cool and kind of fell in love with me as many young girls do with an older guy. I guess it makes them feel at least a little like they are a sexy young woman even though they are still just a little girl. Jenny was always hugging me and hanging off of me. She liked to stand on my feet and dance with me. She would lay her head against my chest and hold me close while we danced.

One day while my wife, Laura, was taking a bath, Jenny and I were wrestling around in the den. Laura would spend about 3 hours soaking in the tub while I kept Jenny entertained. I really enjoyed having her around and found her to be quite sexy and exciting. Not that I wanted to fuck her, but I really enjoyed looking at her. She liked to borrow one of my t-shirts to wear with just a pair of her underpants. She would shoot me squirrel shots all day. She spent so much time dressed like that, she would often change her clothes in front of my wife and I.

She would even change her underpants in front of us. She did it so frequently that when my wife would walk in on us while Jenny was nude, she would just think Jenny had been changing her clothes. I loved looking at Jenny's little pussy. Her legs and sexy butt didn't hurt my feelings either. I kept a hard on the whole time I was around her. She reminded me a lot of Tina. I had to concentrate very hard to resist the temptation to try something with her. I loved her to death and would do anything for her.

As I said, we were wrestling around on the floor when I tickled Jenny’s tummy. She giggled and wriggled all around on the floor. I kept tickling her. She tried to move my hands off of her tummy to get a breath of air. During the excitement, Jenny accidentally pushed my hands down to her crotch. Before I realized where my hands were, I had tickled her pussy.

Instead of getting upset, she laid there like she was enjoying it. I hadn't intended to ever really do anything with Jenny. I just admired her sexy little body and loved being near her, but just then I got this urge that I had to see what her little pussy looked like. I wanted to see where her legs connected to it. I had a hard on that wouldn't slow up.

I was also wondering if her juice would taste as sweet as her sister’s. I started rubbing her pussy very gently. She had that look on her face like, oh God that feels good. I played with it for a few minutes and slowly slid the front of her shirt up. I stuck my mouth over her belly button and blew air out of my mouth making farting sounds against her belly while I wiggled my tongue around in her belly button.

She giggled with delight. I asked her if my touching her down there felt good. She told me it felt wonderful. I asked her if she wanted me to do it some more and she said yes she did. Then I asked her if she would like me to do it in a way that would make it feel even better. Of course she told me she would really like that.

I slid my fingers into the top of her panties and started pulling them off. She raised her tail up off the floor to make it easier to remove them. When my lips found their way to her crotch, I wasn't sure who was enjoying themselves more, her or me. Her pussy was fantastic. I licked it and nudged at her and licked up close to her clit.

I finally gently sucked her clit. She would interrupt me every once in a while saying she had to pee. She would go to the other bathroom and come back for me to lick her some more. She didn't come that time because we had to stop when we heard the bath water running out of the tub signaling my wife was drying off.

When we were all sitting in the den watching TV, Jenny would glance over at me and smile with a lets do that again soon look. We did it a lot of times every time Jenny came down. She spent a lot of time at our house. Sometimes when Jenny and my wife were sitting in the den with me watching TV, Jenny would sit on the floor where I could see the front of her panties and my wife couldn't see what she was doing.

She would sit there and rub herself through her panties and come quietly while she stared at me with a longing look. She would make faces like she was exploding and my wife never knew a thing. One time Jenny sat on the couch beside my wife and unbuckled her pants as she would so often do on those few occasions she actually had on pants. She would unbutton her pants and pull her zipper down telling my wife her stomach hurt and that made it feel better.

This one time, Jenny ran her fingers into her pants and brought herself to orgasm right there on the couch. It was obvious she was doing it, but Jenny did little sexy things for so long my wife just thought it was a little girl being cute and rubbing her tummy. I guess my wife thought Jenny's tummy was between her legs. I liked the fact that my wife didn't think her little sister would do anything resembling sex. It made her easier to get to.

I did Jenny a lot at her house too. She would go upstairs and make sure everyone heard her ask me to come up to her room to help her with her homework. Jenny was smart. She would already have her homework finished and she would take her bath and come out in her bathrobe so no one would be suspicious if they went up stairs and saw her sitting there, with me, while she was wearing it.

When we got in her room, she would strip naked and I would do it for her. If we heard someone coming up the stairs, she would slip on her robe knowing no one was going to open the front of it to see if she was naked underneath. It didn't really matter as she had been naked so much in front of me with her parents and my wife around, if they had come up there and caught her naked with me in her room, they would have just assumed she was changing her clothes.

I think she was able to come the first time I did it with her, but hadn't learned how to yet. She was always stopping me because she had to pee. By the time she went down stairs and found she couldn't pee, she had calmed down and we would have to start over. I loved eating Jenny's pussy.


When Jenny was sleeping in the small bedroom at my house. I went in before leaving to go to work to do it for her. When I woke her, she was kind of groggy. At first she moaned telling me to go away. Suddenly she realized it was me and what I was there for. Jenny couldn’t get her underpants off fast enough. She spread her legs as far apart as she could. I sucked her little nipples for a few minutes. Jenny almost never wears a shirt to bed.

Being exposed the way she was, I couldn’t resist the pink little gems. The way they poked up at me was bliss as my lips sucked at her chest. When Jenny’s heart beat picked up, I worked my way to her snatch. I usually like to linger on her skin and that exquisite belly button, but I had to go to work in a short while. There just wasn’t time. Her pussy was almost beaming at me. My mouth settled between Jenny’s legs. As I slid my tongue in, I was pleasantly surprised.

Evidently my holding her in my lap last night after her bath with my hand cupped over her twat through her underpants had really done the number on her. I had held her that way for over three hours. She had begged me to eat her when I tucked her in. I couldn’t then, because Laura was waiting for me. She needs a little attention from time to time as well as Jenny.

Now that my tongue was buried deeply inside of Jenny, I was going crazy. The flavor was awesome. It was all pussy. Until then, she had always recently had a bath and there was only a little twang of pussy smell. Jenny was ripe that morning. I couldn’t get enough. My tongue slurped directly through her prize. I wanted to get as much of her juice as I could. When the taste wore down a little, I concentrated on the folds near her clit.

I licked and nudged at her hot little box. She told me she had to pee again and I told her I had to leave in a few minutes, and to try to hold it. I told her if she gets to the point where she can't hold it any longer, she could just pee in my mouth.

She said that sounded gross. I told her nothing about her would ever be gross. In a few minutes she said to get ready, because she couldn't hold it any longer. I immediately started sucking directly on her clit. Instead of peeing, she had one hell of an orgasm. This added a whole new dimension to it for her and caused her to come up with excuses to do it more often. I asked her to pee in my mouth several days later. It was fantastic. She thought it was neat too. Jenny told me it felt extra special when I sucked on her pussy while she peed.

After finding out something she thought would be gross was actually really cool, Jenny got to the point where she would try anything I suggested. I was extremely fond of her lips as well. Jenny would sit around in a short skirt when ever it wasn't appropriate for her at the time to wear just her underpants and a shirt. She would sit in a position where she could tear up my nerves shooting me squirrel shots without anyone else in the room being able to see up her skirt.

Sometimes she would go up to her room when I was in the living room. When she came back down, she would shoot me squirrel shots again, only now she didn't have any underpants on under her skirt. I would get to see it all and no one ever suspected a thing. Whenever she did that at my house, if my wife went into the other room to get something, Jenny would raise her skirt for me to get a quick lick or two before my wife came back in.

It wasn't more than a few months later, Jenny started feeling my peter while I kissed her. I was a little surprised the first time, but I certainly wasn't going to tell her to quit. I was sleeping in her bed one day after I got off from work. Not with her, but by myself. Sometimes when I finished the graveyard shift, I would meet my wife at her Mom's and when I got tired, I would sleep upstairs in Jenny's bed. This particular day, Jenny had told her Mom she was going up to change her clothes.

I heard her Mom tell her to be extra quiet so she wouldn't wake me up. Jenny came upstairs with me. She stripped her clothes off and got in the bed with me. Jenny started kissing me. At the same time, I felt her hand slip into my underpants. She kissed me for a few minutes and pulled away from my mouth and crawled under the covers. I thought I would go ape shit when her mouth went down on my dick. She actually sucked me off. Jenny wasn't very good at it the first few times, but after a little training on what felt best, she eventually became an expert.

After I had been doing Jenny for about a year, I started rubbing my thing across the front of her little pussy. She enjoyed it so much she eventually begged me to put it inside of her. Her pussy was fantastic. It only took a few more weeks to convince her she would enjoy having it up her butt as well. Jenny looked forward to the times when I would sleep in her bed and her Mom and my wife would go to the store leaving her to watch her two little nieces.

Jenny was five years older than Shawna. Shawna was the oldest. Her younger sister was a year and a half younger than her. Her name was Lisa. Jenny would fix Shawna and Lisa a big bowl of ice cream. Then she would sit them in front of the TV and play their favorite movie for them. They would watch TV and Jenny would come upstairs to do it with me.


One day I was at Jenny's house. I walked in to use the bathroom. Jenny was taking her bath with her two nieces as usual. I could see their silhouettes through the bathtub glass, but couldn't see any details. They all looked like they were in the wrong places to be taking a normal bath. Lisa was standing in the tub.

Jenny was laying against the spigot with one of her legs against the glass. I couldn't see Shawna at all. I just had to peek over the top of the glass to find out where she was. Shawna had Jenny's ass cheeks cupped in her hands and was tearing Jenny's pussy up with her tongue. I opened the glass. The two of them jumped up trying to make like they weren't doing what they were doing. I told them I had already seen it.

Shawna begged me not to tell. Of course Jenny wasn't too worried. She knew I wouldn't tell anybody. What she was more concerned about was what I would think of her for doing it with Shawna. I told them to relax and finish their bath. I would discuss it with them one at a time later on. I promised them I wouldn't tell, but obviously we needed to discuss why it happened.

They said ok and proceeded to finish their bath. I closed the glass and left. I planned to talk with Shawna first. After I had talked with the little ones and gotten the full scoop, I was going to talk with Jenny. I was surprised how cute my two nieces had become. They had a pretty fantastic figure. I hadn't noticed it until I saw them in the nude.

The three of them took turns sleeping over at my house. Sometimes it would just be one of them, sometimes any two of them and sometimes all three. Between the three of them at least one was there every night. Shawna and Lisa always borrowed one of my tee shirts to wear with their underpants, the same as Jenny. After the stint in the bathroom, they started looking pretty damned sexy to me. Their legs were beautiful.

I arranged for Shawna to be the next one to come down. I drove to the store later the day she came down. Shawna wanted to ride with me, so I told her to come ahead. On the way to the store, I asked Shawna what she was doing that night with Jenny in the tub and why. Shawna turned red with embarrassment. She said I already saw what they were doing.

I told her I wanted her to put it into words so I would be sure she understood what she had been doing. Shawna finally broke down and told me she was eating Jenny's pussy. She ate it the first time because Jenny asked her to, and then she started eating it because it tasted good and she liked the way she felt when Jenny tried to shove her head into her pussy while she came.

Shawna had been doing it for Jenny a couple of times a day almost every day for the last two years. I asked Shawna if Jenny ever returned the favor. She told me no. I asked her if she ever wondered what it would feel like if she did. She said yes.

I quizzed her on a lot of stuff and found Jenny got Lisa to do her too. Lisa started soon after Shawna. Jenny got Lisa to do it after Lisa caught her doing Jenny. Jenny would stare at which ever one was standing at the other end of the tub. Not in the face, but at their legs and their crotch. I found out Shawna had been wondering what it would feel like if Lisa did her.

I put my hand between Shawna's legs and felt her up a little bit. Shawna just smiled and looked embarrassed at the same time. I asked her if it felt good when I touched her there, and would she like for me to do it some more. She just sort of muttered yes. I told her if she would unbuckle her pants and unzip her zipper, I would do her some more. Shawna complied with my wishes. I ran my hand into her undies.

I gently caressed my hand around her smooth hairless pubic area before slowly finger fucking her. Within about eight minutes, Shawna was breathing real hard and started moaning in delight. When her little hips started gyrating all around I realized she was having an orgasm. I pulled my hand out when it was over. I could smell her sweet pussy on my fingers. At this point, there was no turning back. I was going to eat Shawna's pussy.

Shawna did her pants back up and leaned back against the seat with a satisfied look on her face. I asked her if she would like for me to do it for her the same way she did it for Jenny so she could see if she would like for me to talk Jenny into doing it for her. Of course she was eager to have that happen. I told her if she would wait until about an hour after my wife went to bed, I would be waiting for her in the den and we could do it then.

When we returned from the store, my wife had gone down to pick up Lisa. She had left a note saying her and Lisa were going to do some shopping. Lisa was going to stay the night too. She said to entertain Shawna , because they would be gone for about four hours. Shawna broke into a grin when she found out. She looked at me coyly and started undressing. I watched with amusement. I wasn't sure why she was getting naked, but I knew I wouldn't mind seeing her when she was.

When Shawna was standing in front of me in all her splendor, she asked me if I really meant it when I offered to do her like Jenny does. I picked her up into my arms and laid her down in my bed. First I taught her to kiss. She really liked to kiss. We kissed for about an hour, then I did a slow around the world on her before going down in her tiny little snatch with my tongue.

I brought Shawna to orgasm about three or four times before I told her to get dressed before my wife got home. Shawna was disappointed. She didn't want me to stop. She wanted me to do her again. I told her if she would wait until Lisa fell asleep, I would stay up and watch some movies in the den as we had agreed to earlier. I told her she could come in the den with me and I would do her some more.

I was in the den watching some movie. I don't recall the name of it. I wasn't really interested in the movie anyway. I was eagerly anticipating Shawna's arrival when Lisa finally fell asleep. My wife sleeps like a log once she goes to bed, so I am not worried about her coming in and catching me with Shawna. I looked at my watch. Damn. Its already one AM. Shawna must have fallen asleep. I guess I won't get to taste her tonight.

Suddenly I heard the door knob turn. Shawna walked in. She said she was sorry she waited so long, but Lisa was in a talkative mood and she thought Lisa would never go to sleep. I motioned for Shawna to lie on the carpet after she removed her undies and her shirt. We kissed for a while. Then I sucked on her titties. Shawna went ape shit while I was sucking her nipples.

They got hard and poked out from her chest, but other than those small nipples poking out, she was flat as a board. I didn't care. They felt good on my lips anyway. I had been sucking her pussy for over an hour when I told Shawna, "I've been doing you for a right good little while now. How would you like to do me?" She shrugged her little shoulders saying, "Yeah, sure."

I removed my underpants and sat on the couch. Shawna sat next to me. She took my dick in her hand and leaned over putting it in her mouth. I wasn't expecting that. When I asked her to do me, I had meant for her to beat me off. I guess she misunderstood. I sure as hell wasn't going to straighten her out. I thought Shawna had done it before. She sucked almost as good as Paul did. Nobody would know how to do the things she was doing unless they had quite a bit of practice.

I leaned back against the couch enjoying myself while Shawna worked her magic. I started rubbing Shawna's pussy with my fingers so she wouldn't feel left out. I had to ask, "You've done this before haven't you?" Shawna came up off of it for a minute and innocently said, "Well, some of Mom's boyfriends used to make us do it when we were little and still staying with Mom." "So Lisa has done it before too?" Shawna replied, "Yeah. She took to it like a duck does to water." With that said Shawna went back down on me.

I would close my eyes for a minute basking in bliss and then open them to admire the back of Shawna's butt. It was so soft and smooth looking. Suddenly my eyes focused on the door. It was open and Lisa had her head sticking through the opening. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open in surprise. I motioned with my hand for her to be quiet and come over to me. When Lisa was beside me, I whispered in her ear, "Remember that day at your house when I saw Shawna doing Jenny?"

Lisa replied, "Yeah, I remember." Shawna had come up off of me when she heard Lisa. I continued. "Would you like for me to do it for you the same way Shawna does it for Jenny?" Again, Lisa said yes. I told Lisa, "Go back over and shut the door. Go ahead and lock it. That will give us time to get dressed if Laura wakes up. Then take your clothes off and come back to me.“

“I'll do you while Shawna finishes me." Shawna took the hint placing her face back down between my legs. I got Lisa to stand on the couch holding the wall. I ate her little pussy while I shot off in Shawna's mouth. When Lisa finished her orgasm, she sat down beside Shawna. I thought at first they were kissing. Then I realized that Shawna was pushing my load into Lisa's mouth.

"What's all that about?" Lisa pulled her mouth away from Shawna's, swallowing my juice as she sat up. "Shawna doesn't like the way it tastes. She always used to give it to me. I don't mind. I like the taste of it. Its been quite a while since I ate any of it. Here, let me get some for myself." Lisa knelt in front of me on the floor and gave me a fantastic blow job.

Shawna almost always passed it to Lisa. Sometimes she would suck me until I was just getting ready to shoot off and then Lisa would catch it for her, finishing me off with her own mouth. I did talk Shawna into swallowing it a few times, But it was only a couple of hundred times. That sounds like a lot, but during the six years I did it with Shawna, I figure she did me well over two thousand times and that was just the blow jobs. When she came down, she would blow me two or three times during the day when she was alone, other wise they took turns.

Whenever Lisa or Jenny weren't there to catch it for her or to take it from her when she finished me, Shawna would give it to me. She came down a lot, plus I went up there a lot too. Bottom line is I got at least one of them almost every day. Usually at least twice a day and sometimes as many as five. I would have all three of them spend the night at the same time quite a bit too. Later, I talked Jenny into trying a taste of the girls. She wasn't really fond of it, but it was the only way she could get the girls to keep doing it for her and that she really loved. From then on they would eat each other at night just before going to sleep. I liked watching them too.


I am at Paul’s house. I spent the night and we fucked Sherry last night after finishing his Dad. It is morning now and Paul and I had got up early to fix everybody breakfast. We sucked each other off and spit it into a bowl. We dumped it into the eggs. Paul figured Sherry wouldn’t mind, as she gulped it down straight off the pipes anyway. I knew his Mom enjoyed my juice, although I don’t know how she would feel about eating Paul’s.

I know she enjoys watching Paul in his undies, though I haven't seen any signs she was doing anything with him sexually. I didn’t ask him about what he thought of feeding cum to his Mom. It was his way of getting even with his Dad. Sort of letting him taste it without having to be embarrassed by having him suck our dicks. I guess his Mom was just an innocent victim. It was the best breakfast I ever had. I got really excited watching them all eat my cum. We did it once or twice a month.

Paul’s Mom was baking cookies about midday. Paul and Sherry went with their Dad to pick up some stuff for the lawn. His Mom wanted me to stay and help with the cookies. She had started making up excuses to be alone with me whenever she could. When they left, I got naked and to my surprise, his Mom got naked too. This was bliss. It was the first time I had ever seen her completely nude.

She let me suck her tits and then she guided my mouth down between her legs so I could eat her pussy. When she finished coming, she proceeded to beat my meat. I decided to pull a little surprise of my own, just to see what she would do if anything at all. When I was ready to shoot off, I reached over to the table and grabbed the bowl of cookie dough. I stuck it in front of my shaft and shot off into the bowl. She asked me what I thought I was doing.

I told her I was just sweetening the cookies so she would enjoy them more. She looked at me with a strange look for a minute or two and then smiled. She kissed me while she stirred my load into the cookie dough. I wonder what she was thinking when she watched her daughter, son, and husband eat those cookies. Paul's Mom savored the cookies. She looked like she was eating some kind of delicacy that you could only afford a little of so you ate it slowly to relish the taste. She would take a bite and then glance at me while she ate it. She was driving me crazy. I think I was in love with Paul's Mom.

To be continued………………………………..................................................................

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Sorry, this story is 27 chapters long and does not have a recap for each chapter. If the reader starts with chapter one the story is easy to follow. Admittedly, it does skip around a little as it is supposed to be memories in the life of a young boy.

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