Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age that he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact that all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested that the reader read Part One first.

Total Confusion Part Seventeen

Back to my younger years. David has me in the hayloft again. I think this makes the 6th or 7th time, although I am not sure. The last few sessions he has been tonguing me around my asshole while he gently beats me off. He says this will help me start working sooner. I don’t know about all of that, but it sure feels good.

I feel like I am doing something really bad and yet it still feels good. What the hell is wrong with me? I think he is trying to get his finger in my ass. Yes he has it in up to the knuckle. He keeps wetting it and sticking it back in. It really hurts, but it is a kind of feel good and please stop hurt at the same time. The more and deeper he does it the more it hurts and the better it feels. I know it sounds crazy, but it feels so good I want him to hurt me some more and it hurts so much every time he sticks it in it feels so, so good when he pulls it back out. What can I do? I am still doing this faggot stuff and my thing still doesn’t work.

I guess young boys just don’t know their dicks aren’t supposed to work. I was truly concerned about it. It worried me to death. I was embarrassed about mine being so little. He alternated between kissing me, sucking my nipples, and sucking on my thing while he held his finger in all the way to the hilt. He kept this up for about an hour before pulling his finger out of my ass and pulling my head down between his legs. I could feel myself getting sick again. I had a penis in my mouth and it was nasty. I knew he wasn’t going to quit until I finished.

Now David has my head between his legs and I am sucking to get finished so I can leave the barn. He starts shooting off. I throw up in his lap. He calls me a little shit and wants to know why I keep throwing up. He hurt my feelings. I started crying. David let me get dressed and I left out of the barn. I was afraid to let anyone get too close to me the rest of the day, because I was worried they might smell David’s juice on my breath. After all, I could still taste it.


David has been telling me to get where I like it and to stop throwing up. He said he would be getting a car soon and he didn’t want me throwing up in it. I didn’t grasp the full meaning of this statement until about six months later when I spent an hour riding around in his car sucking on his meat in broad daylight.

It was so gross. His dick nearly filled my mouth. The damn thing was sticking straight out from between his legs while I sucked at it. David was moaning out loud telling me how fucking pretty my legs are. How sweet my lips felt on his peter. Hearing those things embarrassed me. “Suck me harder Kenny. Tighten your lips around my rod. I’m almost ready.“ I tightened my lips. My cheeks sunk in from the suction I was pulling on his throbbing penis. I could feel it jump as my tongue wiggled around in the tip.

David had one hand on the back of my head guiding me to where he wanted me. His other hand was giving my asshole a good workout. I love that feeling. Not the part about having David’s finger up my ass. I could do without that. It is an awesome feeling the way my sphincter seems to move with his finger. My butt feels full and I tingle all over. My dick is hard. I am so excited I would probably come if David just touched my thing.

My head bobs up and down. David’s warm soft shaft slides in and out. My spit is running down to his pubic hair. David insists I wet him up really good while I suck him. He says it increases the pleasure seven fold. I think it increases the grossness seven fold. His dick was pulsing in my mouth. I felt his juice squirting my mouth full. I threw up then too. The vomit and semen blasted all into his pants before I was able to move my head and heave the rest of it all over the seat.

I felt awful. Why does he still think I can swallow that shit from between his legs and not get sick? David was screaming obscenities at me. I was afraid he was going to jack slap me like he has before. When he does, it stings like a bitch. The way he slaps me doesn’t leave a bruise, it just leaves a big red spot and hurts something awful.

David pulled into an old dirt road. He pulled down my pants and gave me a spanking for throwing up in the car. Then he made me lick the vomit off of the seat. After that, I quit throwing up. I still wanted to, but I wasn’t going through that again. Aside from it hurting like hell, it was gross as well. Back to the barn.


The next day we were in the barn again. The bastard was so excited I could hear his heart pounding from across the loft. He started kissing me again and shoved his tongue into my mouth as usual. I hated that. I liked kissing, but when he shoved his tongue in my mouth, it felt gross. It was sick, having a guy’s tongue in your mouth and having to suck on it. He even thinks I like eating his spit. I am afraid to throw up in his mouth, although it wouldn’t take much more to do so. Soon he would strip me down to enjoy my beauty again.

This time he decided to do it different than yesterday. I wondered what he meant by different, but I only wondered for a short while. After he had me wet in my backsides, he told me to spit all over his shaft. He said to get it as wet as I could. I was having a lot of drainage from my sinuses and everything I spit on was instantly changed into a slick slime. When he was happy with the way he was wet up, he told me to lie on my back and to spread my legs. He made me close my eyes.

I could feel my cheeks being separated and I realized his shaft was slowly sliding up my ass. He would pull it out and spit on my hole to keep it really wet until he had it all the way in. His pubic area was pressing against my nuts. I felt like I was full and I felt like my butt was being stretched beyond capacity. It hurt something awful and I tried to move away from him. I found I couldn’t get away. I was surprised by something that took place while he was inside of me. At first it hurt so much, I started crying, but the longer he was in me the less it hurt.

I felt like I was queer again, because it started feeling good to me and I didn’t want him to pull it out. I wasn’t about to tell him that, but I was hoping he’d leave it in me for a good while. He just laid there with it in me and told me I was going to do all of the work for him. I didn’t know how I was going to do anything. I was pretty well being held down and couldn’t move. Plus I still had my eyes closed.

Suddenly, I could feel my muscles contracting like I was trying to take a shit. When they relaxed the suction would pull his peter back in tight. I hated myself, because it felt so wonderful with my tail muscles pulling at his shaft. My dick was hard and I could feel David's stomach brush up against it as he held me. I was ecstatic and ashamed at the same time. I felt like shit. Yet I found myself wrapping my legs around him and hugging him tight.

The involuntary movement gave him one of the best blow jobs, he said he had ever had. I am devastated. I have been done in the tail. I am a no body. I feel awful and very ashamed of myself. I can’t describe how quickly I had to shit when he shot off in me. It was strange. I could feel it squirting inside of me. I had to shit right now, but he still had his hard on crammed up my ass.

In a few minutes, two things occurred that made it all different. First, he started getting soft and second, my insides turned to mush. I suddenly squirted shit everywhere. I squirted it all over his prick and all over my ass and upper thighs. It was one hell of a mess. The smell would gag a maggot.

David didn’t get mad, he just said to try harder to hold it next time. Next time? That means he’s going to do it again doesn’t it? That was my first butt fucking. I didn’t know it then, but it certainly wouldn’t be my last. Later on I spent about 45 minutes in the bathroom trying to shit him out. It was kind of like trying to swallow the taste of someone’s juice out of your mouth. It just isn’t going away. As I sat on the toilet crying, I could still feel his shaft probing deep in my insides.

I think I died inside. Nothing was ever the same for me anymore and yet I thought about how good it felt when I was alone. I was actually dreading coming back to the barn and looking forward to it at the same time. I know I am not worth a shit now, because I want him to put it back in me. I felt so good when he was squirting his juice into me.


I was at Paul’s house during the day. Somehow I ended up waiting at the house alone with his Mom, while his Dad took Sherry and him to the dentist. Paul’s Mom was outside sunning herself in her bikini while I sat at the kitchen table playing with a deck of cards and glancing at her through the window. Paul’s Mom would come in every once in a while to check on what I was doing. She looked good in that bikini. I had a hard on from jump street.

I was looking forward to doing Paul and Sherry and was horny as hell. Every time she came in, she drove my hormones bananas. She was fixing herself a glass of tea. I remembered a few days earlier, she had caught Paul with his dick up my ass. I decided to see what else she would keep quiet about. After all, she had never mentioned Paul fucking me in my ass when she had walked in on us.

When she went back outside, I got naked and continued to play cards. I wanted to see how she would react when she came back in. She came back in in about 15 minutes. When she noticed I was naked, I got out of the chair and stood up in front of her so she couldn’t miss seeing my dick.

I would have been embarrassed to have a woman looking at my tiny little dick with no hair around it, but she had seen her son fucking me in my ass and that made it all different. I watched her standing there in her bikini. The front of her bikini rolled gently into and out of her pussy lips on either side. It was almost as if she didn’t have anything on at all.

She was in shock and didn’t seem to know quite what to do with a naked little boy standing in front of her with a hard on. I started beating off while I stared at her crotch. She just stood there with her jaw hanging open. I rubbed one of my nipples as I stroked my prick. I may have been hopefully imagining things, but it looked like her nipples were getting hard. The more I worked on my thing, the more they seemed to poke out through the bra of her bikini.

Her face had just started to show signs she was enjoying the show when I started to shoot off on the kitchen floor. Just as I was getting into my orgasm and squirting my juice onto the floor, their car pulled into the driveway. She grabbed some paper towels and started wiping my excitement off of the floor.

She told me to get my clothes on before they come into the house. I knew I was going to do it again at the first opportunity I got. I have no idea what was going through her mind while I was doing it, but I do know she was enjoying looking at my body. She couldn't take her eyes off of me. After that, I noticed she would look at my legs whenever Paul and I sat around in our underwear. I decided then and there that I would see how far I could get her to go. I want some of her pussy.

To be continued……………………………….....

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