Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age that he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact that all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested that the reader read Part One first.

Total Confusion Part Sixteen

Paul and I are at David’s again. We are taking turns deep throating David’s rod. I had to learn to suppress the gag reflex and breathe around his shaft. It was somewhat like swallowing a sword. I would kind of swallow the tip of it to get it in the right area of my throat and my lips would kiss against his pubic hair. Sometimes I even put his balls in my mouth at the same time.

It took some getting used to, to keep from choking when he shot off down my throat. The only saving grace for today is I am spending the night at Paul’s. We are suppose to be sneaking into Sherry’s room as soon as his Dad finishes “tucking us in.” I don’t understand. Everyone seems to want to have some form of sex with me. Well, not everyone, it just seems that way sometimes.

I am pulling a gentle suction on David’s meat. Paul is watching intently. He loves to watch me suck. As much as I hate sucking a dick, I am doing a royal number on David’s peter. There are two reasons for this. One, David will hurt me if I don’t. I’ll probably end up at Mister Donkey’s place and we all know I don‘t want any part of that. Two, I want to thrill Paul so he’ll be extra horny and shoot off a bunch when I get him alone.

I can hear little popping noises when my mouth comes off the tip of David’s shaft momentarily breaking the suction before I slowly slide him back down my throat. David told me he likes the way it feels when his nut sack slaps against my chin. I feel David’s hands caress the sides of my face as he pulls me close. His nuts are pinned against my chin. David’s shaft is filling my throat. He moans in ecstasy. I know he is ready to go. I wiggle my tongue to finish him off.

David just sent a load down my throat. The good part of deep throating is I can’t taste his juice since it doesn’t hit my tongue. That’s the only good part. Now he’ll want to kiss us and give us both a blow job before Paul gets his turn. There was a time I enjoyed kissing David. I used to really like sucking on his tongue and having him suck mine.

After I got where I hated David for all of the shit he did to me, I found kissing him to be repulsive. I hate kissing the sick bastard. It turns my stomach when he crams his tongue into my mouth. Why can’t I die and get it all over with. I can’t stand having sex with guys. It is not right. It makes me a complete fuck up. If anyone finds out about it, I am as good as dead anyway. I am so deeply ashamed of myself every time it happens, but I don’t know what to do to get it to stop. They all think I am theirs, and I have no say in the matter. The way it has been going, I guess they are right.

It doesn’t make sense. I try so hard to understand the world, yet I don’t understand myself. I can’t go on this way. There always seems to be an inner conflict inside of me. I hate the things I do, but I love the way some of it makes me feel. One minute, I feel like puking and the next I am in 7th heaven. Today I can quit worrying for a while. David is finished with us and we are going to Paul’s.


I am at Paul’s house. The whole family is watching TV. Paul’s Dad is watching me as much as he can without anyone wondering what he is staring at. I don’t have to guess if he will visit tonight. When bed time finally arrived, I could hardly wait to get in bed with Paul. Tonight I had to get him to help me with a problem I have. When someone fucks you in your tail, it softens the content of your bowel. If you go a day or two with out being loosened, you become constipated.

When things work out where I get away from being ravaged, I may go 4 or 5 days before anyone has access to my tail. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I may stay bound up the whole time. It is very uncomfortable. I am about three days uncomfortable right now. Not that I got away from David the last three days, but he gets sidetracked sometimes and I don’t get bung holed. I like that, but there is that price to pay. It seems everything has a price. I don’t remember the circumstances, but for some reason or another, Paul didn’t fuck me either.

Paul understands these things and immediately took care of my problem, with only enough foreplay not to hurt me. Paul’s gentle hands massaged the soft flesh around my asshole. The light touch he uses is sending tingles up and down my spine. My dick is sticking out so far I am afraid it might pop off. Paul cupped my butt in his palms.

Shudders of pure ecstasy shoot through my loins as Paul leaned his head forward taking a slow wet slurp up my crack before his tongue slid deeply into my pit. I am about to go insane. Paul is kissing, sucking, and wiggling his tongue in my rear end. The sensations of anticipation make me want to pull Paul’s head up to my penis. I want to wad off into his throat.

Instead, I take his already throbbing rod into my mouth. I wet him up really good. Paul slid his slick eel deep into my ass. Sweet bliss. I feel full. Its like Paul is a part of me. I wish I could stay this way forever. The feel of his throbbing shaft driving into me as I had my legs locked around his waist pulling him close to me was wonderful. Paul leaned down kissing me sweetly as his peter slid in and out. When he bottomed out in my butt, his pubic area mashed gently against my nuts. My balls would squish to the sides sending waves of excitement all through my loins.

As he pulled back out, I could feel his soft smooth skin against my legs. God I love Paul. His body tensed. Moans elicited themselves from Paul’s mouth. He was still sucking at my tongue. The tingling sensation runs along my spine as I feel Paul’s juices rushing into my bowel. Paul kissed me for a few more minutes as he lay spent across my body. When his rod went soft it slipped out the side of my ass. Paul rolled onto his back next to me. His face broke into a smile. “Wow Kenny, you are always fantastic. I wish we could get married and live together forever.”

I lay on my back with my legs pulled up to my chest until the medication Paul injected into me had a chance to do its magic. Knowing Paul thinks I am so special always puts me in seventh heaven. After about 10 minutes I ran to the bathroom. I feel much better now I am once again lying next to Paul’s naked skin and I no longer feel stopped up. We hugged and kissed until the door opened, signaling the arrival of his Dad. Paul’s Dad put his hand on my head and gently guided my lips toward his shaft. I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue through the tip of it as I very gently sucked on his meat.

I had discovered if I used only enough pressure to barely let my lips come in contact with his skin, I not only felt like I wasn’t really sucking him, but he shot off in no time and loved it as well. Of course I still had to suck it for a while after he finished. During this time he liked for me to tighten my lips around it and apply some suction. After he got his fill of me, he went to his son. Getting his fill of me actually meant I sucked him until he got hard again.

When Paul and I finally got to Sherry’s room, she was asleep. We wanted her something awful, but neither of us had the heart to wake her. She looked so peaceful and beautiful lying there. We got back in Paul’s bed and made love. It was always so sweet when I did it with Paul. I very rarely got that feeling of being fucked up when I had sex alone with Paul.


You know you are a really fucked up individual when you do what I did today. I had gone to Sears with my parents. I had to go to the bathroom. I felt like my stomach would explode if I didn’t take a shit right now. I noticed this guy watch me all the way to the stall. I sat there for what seemed like forever and couldn’t go. Finally I gave up. When I came out, the guy was still there. He was pretending to wash his hands, but he was really watching me. He had actually waited so he could watch me walk out. It didn’t take a genius to figure out he was getting sweet on me, I mean nobody hangs around in the restroom that long just for the hell of it.

I was in a terrible fix. I felt awful and couldn’t go. Then I had a thought I was thoroughly ashamed of. I walked over to the urinal and got my thing out like I was going to take a leak. When I would turn around to see what he was doing, it would momentarily expose my dick head to him. I thought he would drown on his own drool. Finally I started rubbing it some, just to tear up his nerves a little. By this time, his eyes were popping out of his head. I decided to walk over to him with my pants still unzipped and my dick hanging out.

I looked up into his eyes and asked him if he would like to kiss me. He leaned over and started kissing me. He immediately reached down and held my thing in his hand. I let him get excited. Then I talked him into going into one of the stalls with me. I made him think he was coercing me into letting him fuck me in my ass. I let him kiss me some more. He was sucking on my tongue like it was a slurpee. I was surprised. The dude kissed pretty good. His saliva tasted nice too.

He sat on the toilet seat while I got in his lap facing him. I wet up my fingers with a generous amount of spit slapping it quickly against my asshole. I would have preferred to wet him up before attempting to get it in me, but I was afraid that if I took his peter into my mouth, he’d want me to blow him. I didn’t want to suck on that nasty looking thing. I shoved my lips into his kissing him hard while I let his shaft slide up my rear. His hands went under me cupping my cheeks. I felt myself being raised up and down. His penis tickled at my ass as it came out at the tip and slammed right back in again.

My asshole was coming alive. I was so excited I was wetting my lap. The dude started shooting his semen up my hole. I felt wanted. Special. The guy was being gentle, but he was ramming me quickly. When he finished, I got up standing next to him. He threw on his pants leaving me standing in the stall. He had wanted to fuck me really bad. All I wanted to do was shit. I got my problem fixed. He had no idea I had the problem. He got his problem fixed and the whole thing was over in minutes. He had to do it all quickly so he wouldn’t get caught with a boy with no pants on and a dick up his ass in a public restroom.

That wasn’t the end of the potential embarrassment. I had to lay on my back on the floor of the stall with my knees pulled against my chest so the dudes cream could do its job. I was very afraid someone would come in while I was laying there. If they did, the way the stalls are designed, they would see what I am doing. They would definitely see me with my pants off. I got lucky and no one came in.

Oh, the things you do in a fucked up world to get by. I wonder if any of my friends do all of this shit and keep quiet about it like I do. Maybe they are dying inside and putting on a good show. I do not seem to do things like the other boys. It seems like I have to do stuff I would rather not do.

It amazes me sometimes how I can run up on a complete stranger and be able to tell in a few minutes that he wants me. Even more amazing is the fact I can stick this guy’s thing in my mouth and suck him off in a place where someone could walk in on me at anytime. I can’t imagine what I would have done if someone had walked into the restroom while my ass had some guy’s penis stuffed into it.

To be continued……………………………….............

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