Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age that he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact that all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested that the reader read Part One first.

Total Confusion Part Thirteen

Sherry told us quite sometime ago she was doing it with Sarah. She started doing her a few days after she told me about wanting to experiment with her girl friend that had been hinting. Evidently Sherry had been the hinter. Sherry said she found it to be a lot of fun. She really liked the taste of pussy. Sherry was doing it with some of her other girl friends too, but none of them would agree to do it with a boy.

Sarah looked like she might give in a few times, but still hadn’t. Sherry would continue to try to talk her into it. Sherry didn't tell Sarah who that boy would be. She just told Sarah she knew a boy who was willing and would never tell anyone. Paul and I figured Sherry would never succeed and quit asking her about it. There really was no point to getting ourselves worked up over something that just isn't going to take place. Paul and I still fantasized about it with each other.


Paul is lying prone on his bed. I am working vigilantly on his peter. He is busy telling me about how he would love to get a chance to do it with Sherry's friend Sarah. I came up off of it, to remind him we have only been drooling over her for the past two years and it doesn't look like anything is about to change. I lowered my head back down between Paul's legs. I can't wait until his load squirts into my mouth. Paul is so special to me. There is pretty much nothing I wouldn't do for him.

I could feel some of Paul's juice ooze into my mouth, signaling he was getting very close to coming. At the same time, I heard the door knob rattle as someone was putting a key in it. It was no big deal. We had given Sherry a key to come in when she wanted to be with us. Paul's Mom had a key as well, but she had learned her lesson about coming in with out knocking. She did not want to risk catching us again. Paul's Dad was no never mind if it was him, as he watches us do it a lot already anyway.

To my shock and horror, when Sherry came in, she had her friend Sarah with her. I was embarrassed all to hell. Here I was in front of a girl I would almost die to have sex with. A girl I tried so hard to impress with what little male prowess I had and I would have to be sucking a dick. To make matters worse, Paul was shooting off in my mouth and Sarah could tell. Worse than that, if I pull back, she will see it squirting out of Paul‘s penis.

I didn’t know what to do so I kept sucking. Sherry noticed my embarrassment. "Don't worry, Kenny. Everything is cool. I already told Sarah one or the other of you would probably have one in your mouth when we came in. Sarah assured me she finds the idea of seeing two guys do it to be exciting. Sarah and I have been doing it for about six months now."

Sherry obviously told us this tidbit of information we already knew to let us know she didn't want Sarah to find out she already told us they were doing it. Her secret was certainly safe with me. "Sarah agreed to try it with the two of you. I'm sorry, I had to tell her about what the two of you do all the time before she decided to try it with you. I promise she won't tell anybody about it. Before she does it with the two of you, you will have to agree to give her a good show. She wants to watch the two of you do your thing together from start to finish.”

“Also, you both have to agree to one other stipulation. It's kind of a trade off. Sarah started noticing how cute her brother Billy is in the nude. Sarah caught him beating off. Billy was extremely embarrassed, but let her watch him finish so she wouldn't tell. Now she wants to do sixty nine with him, but she wants to make sure he'll keep it a secret before she does. That's why she is offering you this deal. Sarah made a deal with Billy, if he will agree to do it with the two of you, both of us will let him fuck us. Billy agreed."

"If Kenny and you will agree to train Billy to like sucking dicks, Sarah will get undressed and join you in the bed. You'll have to convince Billy to suck his Dad's dick. Don't freak out on this. Sarah has sex with both of her parents. She agreed to explain about that some later. Sarah wants Billy to help her keep her Dad satisfied. She doesn't think its fair she has to do it all. Her Dad agreed to let Billy take over half of the work, but only if he comes in after it, at least the first time. There are a few other problems. Billy doesn't know he is going to be helping Sarah with her Dad. He is unaware he's going to do his Dad. He doesn't even know Sarah is doing it with their Dad. Your job will be to get him to understand he will have to do his Dad all the time without him thinking it was Sarah's idea."

"Don't worry, Sarah told her Daddy a long time ago I am off limits to him. She let him know if he ever tried anything with me she would tell one of her guidance counselors at school he is doing stuff with her. Of course it is a bluff. Sarah would never do that, but her Dad doesn't know she wouldn't. Her Dad looks at me all the time when I am sitting around at their house in my bra and panties, but he never approaches me, even though it is obvious he wants to really bad. I don't mind him gawking and dreaming, because I understand how guys are.”

“Sarah told her Mom the same thing. She looks at me a lot too, but she doesn't sport a hard on while she looks. I have been very tempted to do her, as she is really pretty. You both already know I love the taste of pussy, but I am afraid of what might happen if I do. I might end up doing everybody all the time. You aren't allowed to tell Billy it was Sarah's idea. She will have to tell him about her having sex with her Dad when she thinks the time is right, if she tells him at all.”

“One other very important point, under no circumstances is Billy ever to know Sarah or me knows he will be having sex with his Dad. If Billy does find out, it will have to be Sarah that tells him. You must not let Billy know. Another important point. Under no circumstances is Sarah's Dad to find out Sarah and Billy will be having sex together. Her Mom either. Sarah doesn't think they would get upset. Well, not real upset, but she is afraid it will open the door to them getting done by their parents when both of them are home. Sarah only has to do it now when she is with them while Billy can't walk in on them.”

“As you can see at this point Billy actually provides a little protection for Sarah by cutting down on the amount of sex she has with her parents merely by being there. She wants to keep it that way as long as she can. Billy must never know Sarah is doing it with her Mom. When the two of you do it with Billy, Sarah and I get to watch. He has to do everything with both of you and the two of you have to do it all with Billy. Sarah is expecting the three of you to put on one hell of a show for her. Sarah will do anything you want." Paul and I looked at one another for a minute and Paul said, "Sherry, take Sarah to your room and give us fifteen minutes to talk it over. When you come back, we'll give you our answer."

Once we were alone, Paul and I just sat there for several minutes without saying anything. Obviously Paul was wondering to himself how and if he really wanted to do all of this. I was doing the same thing. I had only seen Billy once. That was last year. Billy is a year younger than Paul and I. His being younger will give us an advantage when it comes to coercing him into doing all the things we will want him to do.

He had a really cute face. His body was slender and sexy enough looking, but I have never seen his legs. "Damn, Paul. I really want to do Sarah, but she is asking an awful lot from us. You already know if we manage to convince Billy that sucking dicks can be fun, the only way we will ever talk him into sucking his Dad is if we do it first. Do you think we could pull it off without Sherry finding out?" Paul shrugged his shoulders. " I seriously doubt it. The best thing to do will be to go ahead and bring it out to start with.“

“Eliminate any surprises. Fuck it. What have we got to lose? Sherry and Sarah know we both suck already. It sure as hell ain't gonna hurt us to suck another couple of dicks. I say we go for it. We can start having fun with Sarah and we can develop a game plan later. I don't want Billy doing Sherry, but that isn't really my decision. After all, it is her pussy, so I guess I have to live with it." We both agreed to see what we could do. I looked longingly at Paul. He always looked so sweet. I leaned forward kissing him. We sat on the edge of Paul's bed kissing while we waited for Sherry and Sarah to return to Paul's room.

Sherry and Sarah returned to Paul's room. Paul and I agreed there was no need in our getting dressed at this point as Sarah already saw us naked. She may as well enjoy the view a little longer. Paul said, "We talked it over and we agreed to do it. There are a few concerns. We don't want Sherry doing it with Billy all the time." Sherry piped in, "Relax, Paul. Sarah has agreed to be Billy's permanent partner in exchange for him helping satisfy her Dad, even though Billy doesn't know that is what he is agreeing to yet.”

“Billy knows doing it with me is a one shot deal. He gets eight hours with me to do whatever he can in that time. It will be divided into eight one hour sessions. Then it is over. It may take three or four weeks to finish the sessions as Billy and I have a limited access to one another right now. I certainly can't just go in his room and do it. Sherry said she will help me figure out a way to get it over with as quickly as possible. Sarah is well aware I don't really want to do anything with Billy.”

“I don't find him repulsive or anything like that. It's just I don't get excited when I get around him. I don't really like guys. Well, I like guys, just not that way. If it weren't for the two of you, I wouldn't like a dick at all. I am just doing it to help Sarah. Billy stares at me the whole time he is around me. He is particularly fond of looking at my legs. It is both embarrassing and complimentary at the same time. I let him look as I understand how guys are.”

“Billy may be just a little boy, but he is definitely a guy none the less. It is obvious he has a crush on me. Sarah figured if she threw me into the mix it would be more of an incentive for Billy to accept the deal. I have agreed to let him do everything he wants. Sarah has agreed she will not coach him. Whatever he does, he will have to think of on his own. I get to take care of my end of the bargain before Sarah does it with him. That way, he won't be experienced and he won't come up with too much stuff for me to do with him.”

“I also made it very clear to Billy that I understand how he feels about me. I told him I know he is in love with me, but I am not in love with him and never will be. I let him know I will go all out to make him feel special when I have sex with him, but when it is over everything between him and me had better go back to the way it was before I did it with him other than what we agreed to. I made him promise it would.”

“Of course I'm not stupid. I know Billy is eat slam up with me and will be more so after I do it with him. I guess that means he will take any advantage to get an eye full of me anyway he can. I guess I am alright with that as long as he refrains from putting his hands on me. Right now I can handle him physically, but when he gets older, he will most likely be stronger than me. Most men are stronger than women. I have promised him, I will get someone to take care of the situation if he decides to touch me after the deal is over.”

“I also told him this someone is ready and willing to kill for me. I let Billy know I consider this guy my Knight in shining armor." When Sherry said this she leaned forward kissing me on my cheek as she murmured, "Sir Knight." Sarah looked surprised. I guess she knows how close Paul, Sherry, and I are now. Sarah finally looked at Sherry. "Sherry, that was so sweet. I had no idea you were in love with Kenny. Can you do me one favor?" Sherry replied, "You already know I'll do pretty much anything you want." Sarah giggled as she said, "Will you see to it that on the slim chance my love struck little brother does get out of hand, your Knight in shining armor doesn't actually kill him?"

She only said this half jokingly as she had become fully aware I would actually do whatever it took to protect Sherry. Sherry kissed her sweetly on her lips and said, "I'll do my best, but you had better make sure your love struck little brother understands if he doesn't get out of line then there is less of a chance I can't stop my Knight." I was slightly embarrassed at all of this attention and in seventh heaven at the same time knowing Sherry loved me that much.

I knew she was more eat up with her brother Paul than she was with me, but Paul wasn't anywhere near as tough and strong as I was. Don't get me wrong. I was still a young boy. Definitely no match for an older man, but very few of the older boys in the neighborhood were willing to fuck with me, well at least not on a regular basis, as I was able to handle myself well enough so even the boys that could whip me were embarrassed to let everyone see how close I came to handling them. Sherry continued to lay it all out.

"Each session, Billy is expecting at the very least for me to get completely naked, treat him to a fantastic blow job, and an exciting fuck on my own initiative. He gets to watch me undress and I have to do it slowly and teasingly to tear his nerves up while I do it. I have to do a sexy dance in front of him for at least 30 minutes after I am naked. His hour starts once I have finished my dance and am lying on the bed and he has a chance to undress. Sarah will be there with me. She will keep track of the time so I don't put in any overtime.”

“She will start the time as soon as Billy touches me when he gets in the bed with me. I may teach him how I like to have my pussy sucked, if I find him cute enough when he gets naked. If I find him to be really cute, I may just have to get him to do my butt, if he doesn't think of it on his own. After that all he gets to do is admire me in my under clothes when I stay over at Sherry's. We also agreed to let him watch Sarah and I in action once in a while, but no more than a few times a month if that.”

“He has to get naked and beat himself off whenever he wants to watch us do our thing. Sarah says Billy still finds it embarrassing doing himself in front of her and with me there too, it might be hard enough on him to seriously limit the number of times he will want to watch us do it. We also told him he could peek through the keyhole when I take my bath. Billy doesn't get to do any of it until Sarah and I watch him do it all with the two of you.”

“I did give him a couple of longing kisses to allow him to understand what I could do for him. I even sucked his tongue a little. Surprisingly I was able to do it without throwing up. I also let him look me over in the nude, anywhere he wanted to look for ten minutes. I let him suck my breasts and stick his nose into my pussy for a few minutes to get a little whiff. Then I let him lick my snatch until I came a couple of times to let him get a little taste of what he would be getting.”

“I wouldn’t have let him make me come twice, but I had been looking at Sarah in the nude for way too long and she was really getting off on watching her brother eat me. I virtually came almost as soon as Billy’s lips hit my pussy. I had to let him do it again, after all, it was the fair thing to do. I did that all as an act of good faith to let him know I was serious about the deal. I was surprised, it wasn't as embarrassing having Billy slobber on me as I was thinking it would be, although it certainly was embarrassing.”

“It did feel pretty nice, but wasn't near the thrill it is when the two of you or Sarah does it to me. Sarah got horny as hell just watching. Billy wanted to know if I wanted to look at him too, to see what I would be getting. I told him I would prefer it be a surprise. It was funny, Billy actually looked relieved he didn't have to let me see him nude. By the way, I know I already told you once before, but I really, really, really don't want to do it with Billy. I am only doing this for Sarah. She really wants it to happen. I am going to do my part and I am depending on the two of you to do your best. Can you live with that?"

I could tell Paul wasn't fond of the idea, but he agreed to abide by it. "There is one other problem." Paul shuffled his feet as he talked. "First of all, you both have to understand this is a tall order. It will have to be handled delicately and may take quite some time to accomplish. We didn't really want the two of you to know about part of it, but I don't think we can pull it off without you finding out, so you have to agree to it ahead of time and we don't want any teasing if we do it for you.”

“First of all, we will need a lot of time alone with Billy. It will take several months for us to get him used to doing it with us. When we have succeeded in that, we will let the two of you watch. The big problem is we will probably have to do it with Sarah's Dad in order to talk Billy into doing it with him too. I am not sure how we will manage to arrange for that to happen, but when we do, we may need for Sarah to divert her Mom's attention to give us enough time alone with her Dad to get him interested in us.”

“Maybe she can convince her Mom to take her shopping or they can go somewhere private so she can keep her Mom busy doing her while we work on her Dad. You both have to promise there will be no teasing about us doing Sarah's Dad. It is possible that to make the deal work we may have to do her Dad when ever he wants us to. As you can see, we will be making quite a sacrifice for Sarah. One more thing. Sarah's doing it with us will not be a one shot deal. It has to be something she wants to do whenever she is around us. Is that okay with the two of you?"


Sarah never said a word. She just started undressing. God she is beautiful in the nude. Sarah reached out with both of her hands taking hold of each of our penises. "Is it ok if I start out giving you both a hand job? I really want to watch it squirt out. I promise, no teasing about anything you have to do." Paul and I just nodded. We stood side by side in front of Sarah as she worked. Sherry leaned across sucking one of Sarah's tits as we ejaculated onto the floor.

Paul wiped it up with a towel. His Mom never mentioned the stains on the towels, but she always left a couple of clean ones in Paul's room as she knew we would need them. Sarah watched with glee. "This is going to be really cool. Sherry, I like the feel of their dicks in my hand." Sarah and Sherry climbed into Paul's bed. Sherry glanced back at Paul and I. "Why don't the two of you just stand there while Sarah and I give you a thrill. We are going to let you watch us make love."

Seeing the two of them hungrily groping one another with their mouths drove me crazy. Sarah really came hard in Sherry's mouth. It was all so awesome. When they got through, Paul and I got fully dressed and started kissing to get all worked up, before slowly undressing one another. Paul and I took turns doing an around the world on each other before we slurped diligently on each other's peters. We thrilled Sarah quite successfully as we took turns with one another's butts.

Later, Paul and I took turns fucking Sarah and Sherry. When we finished fucking one of them, we would eat the other's pussy. Then they would take turns giving us blow jobs. We had a great time. Over time we did everything we could think of to them both. When Sarah saw me milk Paul onto Sherry as she lay on the floor, Sarah had to give it a try too. She sure looked sweet covered in Paul's cum. I really liked licking it off of her too. Sarah loved it and would come down to do it as often as she could. Sarah even puts her nose hole over the end of my dick to get it all up in her head at times.

I love Sarah almost as much as I do Sherry. I respect her a lot. I don't think of her as a slut for doing it with us. I think Paul feels the same way. Paul and I got together over the next week to devise a game plan for our part of the bargain. Sarah is being very patient with us. She has continued doing it with us as she promised. She is already aware it will take a week or two for us to devise a game plan to get Billy to do us. Sarah also knows it may take several months to get Billy to do his Dad.

Sherry and Sarah understand this is a tall order. Sarah still wants to have oral sex with her brother and she intends to do so regardless of how it turns out, because she really, really wants to suck her brother's dick. She also said it is pretty exciting imagining how it will feel to have Billy's lips on her little pooty.

Sarah is eager to go ahead and do it with Billy, but she promised Sherry she will keep Billy innocent until after she has fulfilled her part of the bargain. Sarah feels the anticipation of finally getting a little pussy will help him to decide to go through doing Paul and I. Sarah doesn't want Billy to know how much she relishes the idea of doing his dick. Well, at least not anytime soon.

I found we weren’t the only kids to go through some tough shit. There were others going through being used for sex. Sarah turned out to be really open about her experiences with her abuse once she saw Paul and I do each other. Her first time had been with her Mom. She was really blown away when her Dad walked in while her Mom was eating her pussy and he stuck his thing in her mouth. He started fucking her a year later.

She thought it was so weird having her Mom and Dad taking turns doing it with her. They often did her on the couch in plain view of one another when ever Billy wasn't home. Sometimes they would do a quickie with Sarah when Billy was having his bath. Sarah freaked out the first time her Mom slurped her Dad's juice out of her pussy when he finished fucking her.

Sometimes they would ogle her as Billy and her sat around in their underclothes after they finished their baths. This was usually about three or four hours before bed time. Other times one of them would take Billy for a ride while the other had their thrill with Sarah. Sometimes one or the other of them would take Sarah for a ride. Sarah admitted it was an awful feeling sucking her Dad in the car. His juice was disgusting. It wasn't anything like what she hoped it would be.

Sarah had been sort of fantasizing about doing it with Paul and I several months after her first time with Sherry. Sarah thought we were really cute. She had been thinking about how cool it would be to suck a boy close to her own age, but then she remembered how nasty her Dad‘s juice tasted and couldn‘t do it. Sherry brought the idea up several times. Sarah didn't want to have anything to do with the idea at first, but the more she thought about it, the more she felt like doing it.

Sarah really gave it a lot of thought after Sherry confided that her brother had a really close friend like she did. Of course Sarah knew Sherry did it with some of her other girlfriends. Most of the ones Sherry did it with liked to come to slumber parties at Sarah's house. They all slept on the living room floor. After Sarah's parents went to sleep, they would have a great time slobbering all over each other.

Sarah had been pretty worked up thinking about doing it with us when she had gone to the bathroom. Billy was in the tub. He had his dick in his hand when she walked in. He was giving it a pretty good work out when Sarah walked in. Of course he was deeply embarrassed and tried to hide it. Sarah just stood there in shock. It was then she realized Billy is really cute. His body was so smooth and he had a gorgeous figure. His being quite feminine looking was a big turn on to Sarah.

When Billy started asking her to leave, Sarah told him she had already seen what was going on. That she knew what he was doing. She convinced him to finish what he had been doing in front of her in exchange for her keeping this new knowledge she had acquired to herself. She even offered to undress to see if he would be alright with using her as a visual aid. Sarah got off on watching her brother ejaculate into the tub. Billy got off on looking at Sarah's nude body.

Some number of days later, Sarah asked Billy if she could do it for him. She did it for him everyday. Sarah wanted to suck Billy, but was still kind of hung up on the idea he is her brother and it would be too weird and decided to stick with just beating Billy off. She loved it. Billy did too. The rest is history. She made up her mind to tell Sherry she would like to do it with Paul and I. That was when she hit on her brainstorm to get Billy to help with her Dad. She decided she was going to do it all with Billy, brother be damned. Thus the deal was made.

Sarah preferred the taste of pussy hands down. She really loved doing it with her Mom, but it was difficult to eat her while her Mom was driving. Sarah had to get into some really weird positions to get under the steering wheel to reach her Mamma's clit. There just wasn't anywhere within a reasonable driving distance to park the car without risking someone catching them in action. I felt so sorry for her. Sarah got very emotional when she talked about her parents wanting sex from her. Sherry still did not mention sucking her Dad. Paul and I thought she was but we kept quiet to keep her from being embarrassed about doing her Dad. We didn't want her to know we were doing him either.


Paul and I made arrangements for Billy to meet with us so we could establish ourselves as friends in front of his parents and Paul's as well. We didn't bother with mine because I didn't have my own room and there would be no way to do anything together at my house, with my brothers around all the time. We also wanted to see what we had gotten ourselves into. Billy's Dad wasn't feminine looking, but he was handsome enough that I figured it wouldn't be too terribly difficult to do it with him.

I really don't like sucking an older guy’s dick, but the simple fact is I do it so often, that it ain't all that hard to do anymore when I need to. Hell, I can suck most anyone when I have to. David has seen to that. The bastard. I also knew it would be no problem getting Billy's Dad to do me. He was already sneaking glances at Paul and me. Besides Sarah told me he made a deal with her to let Billy take over half of their sex, so I already know he likes boys.

Of course, he has no idea I know. Obviously Sarah's Dad must never find out about the deal we all made. We were wearing short pants when we came down. Not super short, but short enough to let a genuine pervert have a decent look at a thigh or two. We kept our shirts off as much as we could without being obvious about what we were doing. Normally I wore long pants, but this was one of those times I felt it necessary to be sexier than I looked wearing a duffle bag.

I was always lily white, which I found to be embarrassing. I didn't tan well even when I went to the beach. If I got the least bit pink, my skin would peel. I would have to start all over again. Funny thing, most guys found my lily white skin to be a real turn on. Billy's Dad kept a hard on the whole time we were there. I knew Billy's Dad was so eat up with staring at my body all I had to do to get things set up was to ask him if I could suck it. Of course I couldn't do that. It would be too embarrassing. I would lose too much control of the situation.

I would have to act like an innocent young boy that had no idea what he wanted to do to me as I let Billy's Dad seduce me. That way he would be careful not to upset me so I wouldn't tell. It would keep him slow and gentle. I certainly didn't want him to hurt me. Trust me, When they get all excited over sex, most adults can hurt a child rather quickly without having a clue they did. Even women were a lot stronger than most little boys.

Billy’s Dad being afraid of me telling on him if he goes too far too quickly will also give me leverage in the bargaining process. Of course I didn't act too sexy, while we were visiting as Billy wasn't ready yet and if I let his Dad get me then, it would be too soon. I did act sweet and innocent. I let him see as much skin as I could as long as I could short of getting naked or hanging a sign around my neck saying, “Hey, gawk at me.” I did it just enough to arouse Billy's Dad's interest. He was trying his damnedest to get me alone. I made sure he didn't, so by the time I let him get alone with me, he would be willing to do anything to have me.

What I am saying is I wanted to make his Dad think that maybe he had a shot at getting me without him thinking he didn't have to be careful how he approached me. I needed him to want me, but be unsure if I wanted him to have me. In other words, I needed to look very fuckable without it looking like I would fuck. Billy was very cute. He did a pretty good number on a pair of short pants. Sarah made sure Billy’s pants would be very short. She did this purposely. She said she wanted to see if looking at Billy would get us hardons.

We reluctantly admitted Billy’s thighs were a major turn on. He was keeping our peters hard quite easily. We wouldn’t have told Sarah that, but she already knows we suck. She knows we are going to suck Billy and besides, knowing her little brother turned us on made her so horny, she wanted to bite our hard ons now. The short shorts almost exposed Billy’s nuts. His legs were smooth looking and deeply tanned. I wanted to run my tongue all over them.

His little butt was sexy and cute. I felt queer as I admired the way it seemed to stick out in the back. I was so fucked up. I felt the urge to bite Billy on his ass. I refrained from doing so as Paul and I intended to stick to our plan. I still felt really bad. My stomach was in knots. I couldn't wait to suck this boy's dick and I hadn't even seen the damn thing yet. I could see why Sarah wanted to suck it. What the fuck is wrong with me.


We set up a camping trip for just the three of us. We made sure that none of the other boys in the neighborhood knew we were going. We didn't want any interruptions. We set up our camp site at the creek. We made sure we set it up in a section where very few people went during the day. This would make it highly unlikely we would receive visitors after dark. Paul and I made arrangements to acquire a couple of cases of beer. We hid it in a hollow in a big tree not too far from our camp. The beer was placed in the creek. We had plenty of cigarettes. Dinner would consist of steaks we would cook over the fire in a frying pan we brought along.

There were plenty of snacks as well. Candy, potato chips and the like. It was our intent to have a really good time camping out. Paul and I also wanted Billy to get very drunk. Of course we fully intended to get that way with him. It would make it a lot easier to do what I had to do. I knew I was going to do it all with Billy, but I also knew I was going to feel very much like I was a faggot when I did.

At the outset of our trip, the basic situation was Paul and I knew we were going to do everything we could do to excite Billy. We wanted to turn him on big time, so he would realize what sucking the right dick could do for his own pleasure. We also knew Billy was fully aware that if he wanted to fuck Sherry and his sister, he was going to suck Paul and my dicks as well as taking our loads up his ass. It is possible he may be thinking all he needs is to do it once, then Sherry and Sarah can watch at that time.

Paul and I are going to make sure he understands he is going to do it with us a lot before Sherry and Sarah even think about watching him. Sarah wants Billy to want a dick. She wants him to love it. Neither of us has said anything to Billy about what we are getting ready to do. Billy hasn't said anything either, but we all know we are going to at some point. As I said, Billy may not be aware he is going to start tonight, but he does know the sooner he does, the sooner his fantasy of fucking his sister will come true.

Don't get me wrong, Billy wants Sherry really bad, but his prime objective is his sister. He only gets Sherry for the eight sessions. Paul and I agreed that if we have too much trouble talking Billy into doing his Dad we would convince him to go to David's to drink beer. Keep in mind Paul and I didn't discuss anything about David other than taking Billy there. We never talked about David together except to acknowledge we had to hurry up and be there to meet him so he wouldn't get mad. We know if we take Billy with us, he will be sucking dicks. It's a calculated risk. We may all end up at Mister Donkey's place. If we do, it will be almost worth it to keep doing it with Sarah.

We have to follow through, because Sarah has already held up to her part of the bargain. We know Sherry will hold up to her part. Paul and I do have a little leverage. We are planning to tell Billy we won't do it in front of the girls until he sucks his Dad's dick. No pain, no gain. We are hoping that will prevent a trip to David's.

Paul is building the foundation for a fire. I am collecting enough firewood to run us the night. Normally I get just enough for a few hours, because I know there is plenty more I can find later. Tonight, however. I have far better things to do with my time than traipsing all around the woods in the dark looking for wood.

Billy is watching Paul build the fire. It will start getting dark in a few hours. None of the guys ever go camping early in the day. We always go late enough where it will be dark within an hour of setting up camp. Billy had never been camping before, so we told him just to bring himself. We would supply everything else. I set up the tent after gathering enough wood. We only brought one large sleeping bag for the three of us to share. We will all be closely cuddled up all night anyway. Of course Billy didn't know this yet.

After dinner, Paul, Billy, and myself sat around the fire on logs. We started telling dirty jokes and drinking beer. I waited until Billy finished his third beer, then I leaned across and kissed him on his cheek. You could see him blush in the light of the fire. A few minutes later, I held his face in my hands, kissing him sweetly on his lips. I only kissed him for a minute.

I didn't stick my tongue in his mouth. He didn't kiss me back. We sat there for several minutes when I got up and sat next to Paul. Paul and I started kissing. We went all out. It was a passionate and embracing kiss. Paul and I got up and went into the tent, leaving Billy sitting next to the fire. Paul and I made sweet love in the tent, making sure Billy could hear us moaning in pleasure.

Forty five minutes later, we were sitting next to the fire again. Once more, I reached over taking Billy's face in my hands as I kissed him sweetly on his lips. This time I kept kissing him until he started kissing me back. When he did, I hugged him close as I stuck my tongue in his mouth. We hugged and kissed for several minutes. While I was busy kissing Billy, Paul undressed next to the fire and sat back down.

I stopped kissing Billy and got down on my knees sucking Paul's dick. Billy stood there with his jaw hanging open. After Paul shot off in my mouth, I got undressed and went back to Billy. I kissed him again. We started kissing a little more passionately than the last time. I had saved Paul's cum for Billy. I slid some of Paul's juice into Billy's mouth.

Billy kind of gagged at first, then I think it suddenly dawned on him what he was here for. From the way he started kissing me, I think he realized he needed to go along with the game plan, if he was ever going to get any of his sister's pussy. I slowly gave him the rest of it. I could tell he didn't like it, but swallowed it just to get it out of his mouth. I had been banking on that.

Billy had been slobbering on my tongue for ten minutes, when I pulled his head down to my tits. "Go ahead and suck them, Billy. Its cool. We aren't going to tell anybody. You do want to get a chance to be with Sherry and Sarah, don't you?" Billy stood in silence as if he were deep in thought. "Well, sure I do. I am really looking forward to doing them." Billy finally started sucking one of my nipples. Paul and I started undressing him as he sucked.

When we had all of Billy's clothes off, Paul got down on his knees taking Billy's shaft into his mouth. Paul was really doing a number on him. I already knew as soon as Paul knew Billy was getting ready to come, Paul was going to stop sucking Billy. When Paul stood up, I knew Billy wanted to have it finished. He wanted to shoot off really bad. I've been there and done that, so I know how he feels. I reached up grabbing Billy's head. I guided it down between my legs. When Billy's lips brushed up against my dick, Billy hesitated. He just sat there on his knees with his lips pressed up against my hard on.

I turned away from Billy and walked over toward Paul. "Fuck it, Paul. This lame ass doesn't want to do it with Sherry and Sarah. The deal is off. I didn't want to do it with the silly bastard anyway. Lets go into the tent and make love. The hell with him." Paul and I got up and went toward the tent. Billy quickly blurted out, "Hey, wait a minute. I want them really bad. Come back. I'll go ahead and do whatever you tell me to."

I stopped, just outside the tent. I was thinking this is going to work out better than I thought. Billy just said the magic words I really wanted to hear. "Are you serious this time? Or are you gonna stand around wasting our time again? If we come back over there, we'll have to talk. You have to agree to everything we say, or the deal is off. And I mean everything." Billy looked like he was going to cry as he said, "I'll agree to do everything. Just don't call off the deal."

Paul and I sat back down next to the fire. Billy sat down too. I started to lay it all out. "OK. Billy. Here's the way it will work. I am going to tell you everything you have to agree to, to seal this deal. If you object to any of it, the deal will be off. There will be no bargaining. Its all or nothing." I waited a few minutes for Billy to digest what I just said. It was all a big bluff. Paul and I couldn't call this deal off if we wanted to.

The best parts of it have already been sealed. We were already doing it with Billy's sister and we damned sure didn't want her to stop. Besides, we promised to follow through. There was no way Paul and I were going to back out. We thought way too much of Sarah to even think of doing that. Another reason was Paul and I wanted some of Billy's juice almost as bad as Billy didn't want any of ours.

I wanted to suck Billy something fierce. I fully expected the bluff to work, simply because Billy had no idea it was a bluff. Plus, he had a whole lot to lose. Stuff I knew he wanted really bad. We sat there in silence for several minutes. I couldn't help getting excited with the three of us sitting around the fire in all our splendor. Paul and Billy were looking so sweet.

Billy broke the silence. "I'll agree to everything. I swear on my sacred oath I will not try to back out on anything. I promise." I looked at Billy for a few seconds before I said, "OK, Billy. I believe you. First of all. When you do your thing with Paul's sister, you will not do anything to hurt her. I know she promised to do anything you want. We are not going to try to renege on any of that. Your job will be to make sure whatever you do with her, you do gently. Make sure it feels good to her. You must not cause her any pain. She will hold up to her part, but if you hurt her in anyway and that includes telling anybody you did her, I will kill you. You need to remember that is not an idle threat. I love Sherry to death. I will not hesitate to kill anybody to protect her."

Billy's eyes got wide. "Oh no, I wouldn't dream of hurting Sherry. Besides, she can beat me up anyway. I promise no one will ever find out from me." I continued laying it all out to Billy. I decided to go for it all. I wasn't bluffing about killing Billy if he hurt Sherry. "You have to suck both of us off right here next to the fire. Suck our balls for awhile first. You will have to swallow it all. You will do it again and again, until I feel like you are really enjoying it. We are both going to fuck you in your ass. Many times. A few tonight, and a bunch more over the next few months.”

“You will have to get where you love sucking our dicks before we will allow the girls to watch. You will have to eat a whole lot of our juice to acquire a taste for it. If you don't like the taste of it, pretend you do anyway. If you can convince us you like sucking us, Sherry and Sarah will be a push over.”

“Remember, they are expecting us to put on a really good show when they watch us do it, so you will have to become an expert before they get to watch us. Later on tonight, we will take turns sucking your thing and you will get to do our butts. You will have to tongue our hinny holes to wet us up and to help get us in the mood to receive your shaft. That is also part of the deal. As an act of good faith, we want to watch you suck at least one other person's dick. Will you agree to that?"

Billy looked to be in shock. I guess he was already having enough trouble knowing he was going to have to do Paul and I. He certainly wasn't expecting to have to suck a third dick. Finally Billy said, "I promise I will. Who do you want me to do?" I couldn't help grinning as I told him. Paul just sat there in silence. He was fascinated with how I handled everything. "We want to watch you suck Danny's dick." Billy made a repugnant face.

"Eeeeeeeyouuuuuuu. I can't put his thing in my mouth. Danny doesn't take a bath for weeks at a time. He'll make me barf all over myself." I looked at Billy with a mock look of disgust. "Damn it Billy. You already agreed to do everything I ask with no argument. Remember to make this deal work, there will be no bargaining. It's all or none." Billy started crying as he said, “Okay. I promise I'll suck Danny when ever you say to."

"No, Billy you are going to ask Danny if you can suck his dick. He has no idea you want to suck him. Danny isn't queer, so you will have to talk him into it." Billy sat there with a dumb look on his face. "How do I do that?" I sat there looking at Billy for ten minutes without saying a word. I wanted Billy to contemplate the possibility I might just say the hell with it and walk off.

"Okay, Billy. I believe you will do as I ask. I wouldn't want to put my mouth between those nasty legs either. I will give you one other choice to avoid sucking Danny. If you will accept that choice without question, we will not require you to do it with Danny. We want to watch you swallow your Dad‘s juice. We will stay over at your house some. When we are there, we will all sit around in our underpants to try to get your Dad interested in looking at us. You will dress the same way we do.”

“When he starts staring at us, I will seduce him and give him a blow job. Paul will too. After we have done him, I expect you to beg him to let you do it too. When we have sucked him off a few times, I will talk him into fucking us in our asses. After your Daddy fucks you, I want you to tell him it felt really good and I want you to tell him you want him to do it for you a lot. I want you to promise him you will do him anytime he wants you to.”

“Tell him you want him to come into your room at night to get some when he wants it. Then and only then, will we set it up to let the girls watch and seal the deal. Remember, if you renege on any of this, I will talk Sarah into not giving you any pussy. If you agree to all of that, we can get started." Billy swallowed hard. I knew that was a lot to deal with. Billy looked down at the ground. "Man. Please don’t make me suck my Dad. That is so gro-----.“ “Damn it. Look here you dumb bastard. What fucking part of there will be no bargaining don’t you understand? OK. You want to fucking bargain. Let’s bargain. Don’t suck your Dad’s dick.”

“Now you can suck Danny and Mikey. You know that Danny isn’t queer, so it will take some doing to talk him into doing it with you. You already know Mikey has sucked some of the dogs for a quarter. I know he’ll let you do him for fifty cents. I already asked him. You are going to give him the money. Since you wanted to be a smart ass, I ain’t paying for it. I’m going to count to ten and if you don’t make a convincing argument to me as to why you don’t need Danny and Mikey, then that will be the final deal on that part. One. ----Two.-----Three.------Four.---------Five.---------Six.--------“

Billy was crying. “OK, I'll do it with my Dad too. I'll do it with him as long as Sarah agrees to keep doing it with me. I promise I won‘t argue about any more of the rules. I will do what ever you say as long as I don‘t have to suck them two bastards.” I told Billy, "There is one other thing you need to be aware of. All of this is a tall order and many things may go wrong with so many other people involved. I may have to improvise at times, which means the game plan could change in a moments notice. I may need to think fast and I can't afford for your lame ass to fuck it up.”

“I will be making quite a sacrifice to finish this deal. I not only have to endure having sex with you as much as I abhor the idea, but I will have to let your Dad do me too. I need your word you will do whatever we ask you to do, regardless of what it is. If I tell you to suck a dog's dick, then that is what you will have to do. Can you agree to all of that? If you can't, tell me now. If you agree and then try to back out later, I will be very angry and I am going to beat the living shit out of you. "

Of course I lied to Billy about sacrificing to have sex with him. I wanted him bad, but it was very important for Billy to think Paul and I found the idea of sex with him to be disgusting. At least for a while. I would however be more than happy to beat his ass to a pulp if he fucks up this deal. Billy sat dumbfounded for several seconds before nodding his agreement. I wasn’t satisfied, so I decided to do something drastic. “You already know that if I suck your Dad, I might end up having to suck him whenever he wants me.”

“Billy, I need to be sure you won’t back out any more before I stick my neck out with your Dad. You have to swear on one of my turds you won’t back out. That means you have to lay on your back while I crouch over your head and take a shit in your mouth. You will have to swallow it and then say, ‘I swear on your shit that I will not back out on this deal. If I even try to, I will eat as much of your shit as you can put in my mouth in a single sitting.’ I don’t expect you to swallow a whole turd to make the oath, so after I finish sliding it in, you can push it back out and break off an inch or so by taking a bite out of it and chewing that up before you swallow.“

Paul was looking at me like I had lost my mind. It was obvious he felt I may have pushed too hard and Billy might back away from the whole thing. He may well do so, but he pissed me off with all the nonsense and I was going to make him pay for it. Billy didn’t say a word. He just lay on the ground staring up at the stars, not so eagerly awaiting the arrival of my asshole. I was going to just stick my hole in his mouth and let him get up after a minute or two of feeling that between his lips, but when his wet moist lips connected to the smooth skin around my anus, I decided what the fuck and shit a big round long one right down to the back of his throat.

Billy gagged immediately. I got out of the way. Billy was heaving up his guts, but had the foresight to catch most of my log in his hand before he lost it. When Billy got his breath back, he looked pleadingly at me for mercy. I gave none. Billy brought the turd forward and bit off about an inch and a half. His face contorted into all kinds of weird shapes as he chewed what was in his mouth. Soon he swallowed. “I swear on your shit I will not back out on this deal. If I even try to, I will eat as much of your shit as you can put in my mouth in a single sitting.“

I was satisfied. I sat down on a log. “Billy. Go to the creek. Wash the shit out of your mouth. Come back over here and kiss me. When Billy got back, I could taste only a hint of my shit on his breath. I was afraid that his mouth would be nasty for awhile after what I made him do. I know it had been mean, but at least now I know Billy is going to do any and everything I tell him to do.

I spread my legs and waved toward my crotch. "Go ahead, Billy. Seal the deal." Billy went down to his knees taking my balls into his sweet looking mouth. I watched in bliss as his moist juicy lips pulled at my nuts. Billy was doing a real number on them. God, it felt so good. I guess Billy had decided he was not going to screw this up again. I probably should have told him I was getting ready to shoot off so he could put my thing in his mouth, but his lips felt so good on my nut sack, I shot off on his face instead.

I could tell Billy didn't like it, but he kept sucking my nuts until I told him to stop. I reached out rubbing my juice all over his face. I rubbed it until it had all been rubbed in. Then I told him to go over and do Paul the same way. I watched Billy intently as Paul wadded off on his face. I couldn't wait to get me a mouthful of Billy's juice. It was going to have to wait until much later that morning.

Paul and I had a lot of work left to get Billy liking a dick, before we dared start in on him. Paul and I agreed Billy was not to know we wanted his dick so bad we would have sucked him even if he refused the deal. I can't describe how excited I got watching Billy's beautiful form next to the fire as we ate our dinner. We stayed naked until about an hour before daybreak. Billy had one or the other's of our dicks in his mouth or ass most of the night.

It was a pretty awesome feeling with the three of us cuddled up close in that sleeping bag. We put Billy between us. His body was so soft and smooth. Paul and I took turns with Billy all night. We didn't let him go to sleep until five that morning. We would like to have done it a little longer, but the sun would be coming up shortly. Anyone might show up at the creek after daybreak. It was a chance we just couldn't take.

I can't count the number of times Billy had to go into the woods to shit us out. When I finally got to suck that beautiful rod between his legs, I savored every drop of him. Billy was delicious. I could have sucked his dick all night. It was just that sweet. It felt pretty damned good when Billy had it up my butt too. Paul and I had a very difficult time trying to have a look on our faces like yuck, I have to suck this nasty assed dick. I think we pulled it off quite well. Billy even apologized for us having to suck him. He said he felt really bad about us having to do it with him.


Several weeks went by, with Paul and I thoroughly enjoying Billy every chance we got. Billy had finally given in and was sucking us fervently. I guess he was trying to make us believe he really liked to suck our dicks. I wasn't convinced, but Paul and I decided it was time to go ahead with the plan. I know Sarah will be thrilled if it all happens a month before she expects it to. We made arrangements for Paul and I to spend a weekend sleep over at Billy's house.

I wasn't looking forward to sucking his Dad, but I was eagerly anticipating getting another mouthful of Billy's juice. Paul and I thought it tasted really good. We even found ourselves passing it back and forth to one another after sucking Billy. His soft smooth pubic area around his skinny little penis was particularly thrilling as he had only a little peach fuzz around it. Hell, Sherry had more peach fuzz on her belly than Billy had around his dick.

Paul and I decided we would get Sarah to tell Billy part of the deal would include the three of us boys give Sherry and her a good show several times a month. Billy would have to practice with us regularly. This would guarantee Paul and I get plenty of Billy's juice. We both wanted it bad. We trained Billy to roll back with his legs behind his head to shoot off in his own mouth and face. We would get him to beat off this way at least once every time we had a session with him. It was important to get Billy hooked on his own semen, so he would savor everyone else's.

We were to spend the entire weekend at Billy's. We would arrive Friday evening and leave Monday afternoon. Paul and I knew we would get a good view of Sarah in her undies as her and Billy sat around the house in them the same way Paul and Sherry did. The only bad thing is we would be looking at Sarah and getting horny as hell. The problem is we will not have access to Sarah without taking a chance her parents would catch us. We certainly couldn't get in the bed with her or take a bath with her like we could with Billy. It will still be okay, because Paul and I fully intend to take our frustrations out on Billy's ass.

Friday finally arrived. We already had our bath. We didn't suck Billy while we were in the tub, even though I wanted to really bad. Paul and I decided it was better to spend all of the time letting Billy suck us. Paul and I took turns bathing Billy, so he could spend the whole bath time sucking our dicks. His smooth skin was so incredibly soft. I wanted to lick him all over his luscious body.

Billy got where he pretty much does whatever Paul and I ask him to. We are all sitting around the living room in our underpants. Sarah is wearing a bra as she is not allowed to sit around in front of her brother bare chested. She told me sometimes she wears a short nightie. When she does, she doesn't have to wear a bra. Sherry tends to flip flop between a bra and nightie herself. She isn't allowed to sit around bare chested either. Their parents are fully clothed.

Billy's Dad's name is Joe and his Mom's name is Lucy. I will refer to them by those names to prevent having to refer to them as Billy's Mom or Dad. We are watching a movie on TV. Paul and I are ogling Sarah with an occasional glance at Billy's legs as well as keeping vigil on Joe's reactions to us being almost nude in front of him. What I noticed is as follows. Billy was drooling over his sister's body. His Mom was mostly looking at Sarah, with a longing glance at us boys' bodies from time to time.

Sarah was looking at Paul and I, with an occasional sweet peek at her brother. Joe was drooling over me. I thought it was strange he preferred looking at me over Paul, but I have found a few guys over the years that do for some reason or the other. Granted it was very few. This is a good thing as Paul has elected me to be the one to get the ball rolling. Paul knows from experience I am much better at handling these types of situations than he is.

Don’t get me wrong. Paul has no problem whatsoever getting someone to have sex with him. His problem is getting someone not to have sex with him. Actually, that is why I am better at it. Paul has no control over the process after it starts. Not with anyone. Basically that means Paul can have sex with damn near anyone he wants within a few minutes of being alone with them, but he can’t get anything in trade for his services as he has already committed everything at the start.

I on the other hand will milk it for everything I can get. Everyone was still ogling each other. Of course they were all trying to keep the rest of them from catching the others from seeing they were drooling over each other. Lucy and Joe obviously were only concerned with keeping us kids from knowing they were ogling us. They both knew they wanted Sarah's beautiful body.

They were pretty good at it too. I probably wouldn't have noticed it myself if I wasn't vigilantly looking for it. I haven't told Paul yet, but my intent is before the weekend is over, I will have sex with Lucy as well as with Joe. My plan is to have them both do all three of us boys. I would like to throw Sarah into the mix, as she is already doing stuff with most of us anyway, but I have promised not to let Billy know she was doing it with her parents.

Sarah also made her Dad promise not to tell Billy he was doing it with her. Her Dad told her he didn't want Billy to know. Obviously I won't do anything to let the cat out of the bag. I didn't want to chance Joe getting mad if he found out Paul and I were doing it with Sarah. I think Sarah will be thrilled if Billy takes over half the work with their Mom too. I don't know if I can pull it off for sure, but from what I am seeing right now, they all want to.

Paul, Billy, and Sarah have agreed to stay clear when I make an attempt to be alone with Joe. They are also going to keep Lucy busy so we are not interrupted. They know I may need several hours alone with Joe to be successful. It was so weird. I set it all up. All three of them knew I was going to be trying everything I could to do it with Joe, but I was so embarrassed they all knew. They sat there watching as Joe devoured me with his eyes.

I felt like faggot bait again and the worst part was I was the one who put me on the trap. I also knew it would turn out the same as it does with a lot of the mice. Some of them end up in the world of shit. Others eat the cheese and come back for more. Damn, I'm such a queer. It's really gotten to the point now where it doesn't take much to get me sucking a dick. Sometimes because I want to. Sometimes because I have to. Always because it's there. Damn. Life sucks. I found out the hard way, that so do a lot of people in it.

After the movie was over, Joe excused himself to work on his motorcycle. I already scoped out the layout of the whole house, as well as the yard and outbuildings, so I would be better prepared to let Joe get me alone. The attic would be a jim dandy place for a quickie as it is floored, so you don't have to straddle the rafters and you can lock the door behind you once you leave the stairwell. Trust me, sucking a dick while you have to concentrate on not stepping off the rafter is not easy. Besides, if I let him get me in the attic, it will be too obvious.

I need for it to be like we might get caught, but really won’t. The yard is laid out where I could go out in back of the house in the daytime stark naked and none of the neighbors could see me. Sarah said the back yard was so secluded from the neighbors that her Dad actually came out of the house quite some number of times and fucked her on the blanket she had been lying on when she sunned herself in her bikini. Sarah hates sucking her Dad's dick, but she likes the feel of it in her snatch and gets him to fuck her when ever possible.

Joe always ogles Sarah through the kitchen window when she is sunning herself in the back yard. That's one of the reasons Sarah has such a nice tan. She suns herself in her bikini to bait her Dad even when she knows he can't come out and fuck her without Billy finding out. That way by the time he can, he will fuck the shit out of her in the yard. Sarah thought it was weird at first, but ever since Billy turned nine, he spent a lot of time looking at her with binoculars through his bedroom window whenever she sunned herself in the yard. She hadn’t realized it at the time, but after she caught Billy beating off, even though she couldn’t see below his waist, she knew the motions he was making could only be caused by one thing. Billy had been using her body to play with himself.

I knew the motorcycle was in the garage. I also knew Joe would work on it sometime soon. It is his special project. Sarah gave me as much information as she could to make it easier to let her Dad get me alone. The garage is separate from the house. It has an office with no windows Joe used to keep an inventory of his garage. I immediately asked Joe if I could check out his bike. He said sure, come ahead. I followed Joe to the garage. It was a warm night so I went out in my undies. Not that I really wanted to, but it was for Joe's benefit and my having on nothing but these skimpy red bikini briefs should save a lot of time.

We stood in the garage, looking the bike over. I made sure to concentrate on the bike to allow Joe to ogle me in my underpants without worrying about me catching him. I watched him out of the corner of my eye. He was eating it up. Joe couldn't get enough of me. I wanted to look as sexy as I could without making it obvious that I wanted Joe to do it with me. It was important for Joe to think it was all his idea for my plan to work.

I made sure my ass stuck out in back whenever I bent over looking at the bike. Joe was really getting his eyes full looking at my middle. I glanced down at it momentarily myself. Evidently spending all that time looking at the kids in their underpants had done the number on me. There was a three inch wet spot in my underpants right at my dickhead. I decided I would think about Sarah so my dick would get hard. It wouldn't be difficult for Joe to see it with just the flimsy underpants I borrowed from Paul. Especially since they were wet now.

It was quite obvious I hadn't peed them up. Joe was drooling at the mouth. When I had my dick hard and I could feel it poking at the front of my undies, I let Joe get a little glimpse of it. Then I blocked his view by either turning around or leaving one of my hands in the way. It was really cute. Joe was going ape shit trying to position himself to get a look at my hard on, while I innocently positioned myself where the view was just a wisp from his line of sight.

Joe was going nuts. I wasn't concerned Joe might think it was hard for him as I know most adults are aware young boys tend to keep a hard on almost all the time, so most of them simply ignore it. I mean, when they see a young boy get hard, it is socially unacceptable to say, "Oh, Look. Kenny's dick is hard." Even though everyone can plainly see that it is. You get the picture. So I am strutting around looking innocently sexy while Joe is going ape shit thinking about me.

I can't tell you how much fun it was tearing his nerves up like that. Exciting too. I was getting wetter and wetter by the minute. I got so horny I simply had to shoot off. I was at that stage where I would do it with who ever was near me. I found I was starting to look forward to sucking Joe. I wanted him in my butt. I wanted him to hold me close while he had his way with me.

Joe spent twenty minutes telling me all about the bike. Suddenly he says, "Kenny. I have some brochures in my office with all kinds of information about the bike. Would you like to see them?" This was what I wanted to hear. Joe had some fuck books hidden in the office. I took time to fish one with a sexy cover out, leaving it on the desk where there was no way I wouldn't see it when we went in. I was being careful to leave nothing to chance.

I said, "Sure, that would be cool." I followed Joe to his office. I couldn't help grinning as Joe shut the door locking it behind him. When I saw the fuck book, my dick got hard right away, which was cool as it was my reason for putting the magazine there in the first place. It was very important for my plan to keep my dick hard as much as I could while I was with Joe. I didn't cover it up anymore. I knew I needed to let him see it now to really tear his nerves up.

Now that we are alone, it is important not to let Joe think I might be worried he might be looking at my penis. I had to act like an innocent little boy who didn't even know what sex was. At least for a while anyway. I made sure to let Joe catch me looking at the cover of the magazine without it being overly obvious. Joe finally made the connection between my hard on and my stealing glances at the fuck book. "Kenny. Do you want to look at the info on the bike or are you more interested in what's on the desk?"

I pretended to be somewhat embarrassed as I said, "I'm sorry. Its just I've never seen a girl with her clothes off like that before. It is pretty cool." Joe grinned. "I'll tell you what. If you promise you won't let anybody know, I'll let you look at the ones on the inside. But only if you want to." I pretended to think about it for a minute before replying, "That would be neat. I would like to see them. I promise not to tell a soul."

Joe pulled the chair from behind the desk as he said, "Ok. Kenny. We'll look at it together. I only have the one chair. I guess I could let you sit in my lap, if it's okay with you, or you can just stand beside me." Joe sat in the chair. I didn’t want things to go too quickly. If I just plopped in his lap, I may lose control of the situation as Joe would be too familiar with me too quickly. I want him to be unsure of himself to give me time to build him up. I stood next to him on his right side, almost bumping my body against his legs. We started looking at the babes.

Every now and then Joe would ask me what I thought about this one and that one. I would turn slightly to look at him before telling him what I thought of that one. When I did , my wet spot would brush against Joe’s leg. I knew it. Joe knew it. But neither of us let on to the other that we knew. Joe didn’t want to take a chance I might stop brushing it along his leg. He had no idea I was aware I had been doing so.

After about forty five minutes, I looked at Joe. “My legs are getting tired. Would it be okay with you if I sit in your lap?“ Joe didn’t say anything. I think he was choking on his tongue. I quietly slid into Joe’s lap. We looked for a while longer. Joe had his arms around me as he turned the pages. He was making damn sure he touched me as often as he could with out it looking like he was rubbing his hands on me.

Suddenly, Joe says, "I guess we better put this book away. The only problem I have with looking at the fuck books is they tend to get my dick hard. I am afraid it might brush up against you while you are sitting in my lap. I wouldn't want to upset you like that." Joe conveniently shifted his legs before saying that. This caused the back of my ass to slide up against his hard on. I must admit he is one smooth talking rascal.

I turned my head to look back into Joe’s eyes. "Aw, Joe. I am really enjoying looking at them. I really want to see the rest of them. Please don't put them away. I promise I won't get upset if your hard on accidentally brushes against me." I said this like I hadn't realized Joe already had it conveniently poking at my crack. "Well. As long as you won't get upset, I guess it won't hurt to look some more." With that, Joe turned the page and put his arms around me innocently pulling me up closer to his hard on.

I saw my chance to get the ball rolling. I wanted to act innocent and naive, but at the same time open the door to let Joe slip in. Obviously if we kept at the same pace, Joe was going to be afraid to press his luck too far. I needed to give him a little nudge. I looked up at Joe. "You weren't lying. Your thing does get hard. I can feel it up against my rear. Mine is hard too, but it ain't nowhere near that big. Do you think mine will ever get that big?"

Joe kind of choked momentarily on his own saliva, but recovered quickly. "Sure. Don't worry about a thing. You'll probably start puberty anytime now. It will get big then. I bet you already have a lot of hair around it." I stood up. I had a mock look of concern on my face like what I was about to say was a big deal to me. Which of course, it really was. I pulled the front of my underpants down some to show Joe a little of my pubic area without showing him my penis.

"No. It doesn't. See? I don't think it ever will." Joe leaned forward looking closely at my exposed skin. "You're right Kenny. It doesn't have any hair around it, but you'd be surprised at how close in size yours is to mine. Here, let me show you." Actually, it did have hair around it, but as I said it wasn't much. Most of the old folks that got to see it never noticed the thin shadow of hair I had so recently become proud of. I didn't believe it would ever get real hairy like everyone else's I had seen.

With that, Joe stood up removing his pants. His hard on was swinging in the breeze in front of me. I slid my underpants off. As I stood there in front of Joe, I allowed myself to blush. "This is embarrassing, Yours is three times the size of mine. I feel just awful. Please don't laugh at it." Joe looked at me with a sincere gesture of empathy saying, "I'm sorry Kenny. I hadn't meant to embarrass you. I merely wanted you to feel better about yourself. If I were a young lady, I would hold it in my hand like this." Joe reached down taking my hard on in his hand. "Your penis is really beautiful. I would never laugh at you Kenny." Joe was still fondly holding onto my penis.

"Joe, can I ask you something without you telling my Dad?" Joe continued to hold my peter in his hand. He wasn't rubbing it or anything like that, but he didn't appear to be about to turn it loose short of me telling him to. I wasn't about to do that. So far my plan appears to be working. "You can ask me anything you want. I'll do my best to give you the answer." I shuffled my feet like I was unsure of myself. "I have heard when a guy has sex, he squirts some juice out of his thing. It's supposed to feel really good. If I promise not to tell anybody, could you show me how?"

Joe was really smooth. "I could do that Kenny, but that is something your Dad should teach you." I shuffled my feet some more. "I can't talk about it with my Dad. He wouldn't understand like you do. I really trust you. Please teach me." Joe stood there as if he were deep in thought. He was very quiet for several minutes before saying. "OK, Kenny. I will teach you how to shoot off, but if I do, I will have to teach you all about sex too. You will have to do everything I tell you, so you can learn to do it right, or I won't teach you any of it." It was my turn to pretend to be deep in thought. I knew I had him now, even though he was pretty sure he had me.

"OK, Joe. I promise to do everything you say. I won't back out. I really want to learn it all. But you have to teach me all of it. You have to promise you won't renege on teaching me anything I want to learn about sex. You gotta promise you won't tell any body either. I don't want any body to know. If you will do that I will be your attentive student." Joe's eyes lit up upon hearing that. I made him promise not to tell so he would know I wouldn't.

Joe didn't hesitate. He was cranking the bait on in to make sure he got me in the boat before I had a chance to get away. "Kenny. I promise I will teach you any and everything you ever want to know about sex." Joe was still holding my hard on in his hand. I looked longingly into Joe's eyes. "Can you teach me some now, Joe?" Joe knew he had me where he wanted me. He would still have to take it slow and persuade me to do everything a little at a time. I was very curious to see how he planned to do it.

All I had to do was act young and dumb and reluctantly go along with everything he wanted to do. After he does it all with me, I will convince him to show me how to fuck a woman. Namely good ole Lucy. Joe conveniently shed the rest of his clothes saying it would be easier to show me everything if we were both naked. When Joe finished disrobing, his hand quickly found it's way back to holding my penis. Of course I pretended I hadn't noticed. It was very important for me to make Joe believe I didn't know jack shit about anything he wanted me to do. I was going to be as sweet and innocent as I could. I made up my mind I would be awkward with everything so Joe could "teach" me what to do.

"The first thing you need to learn Kenny, is how to kiss. We don't have a girl here with us, so we will have to improvise. If you find it embarrassing, you can close your eyes. There are only the two of us here, so anything I need to show you, we will have to do with each other. I promise not to tell anyone. I also promise not to laugh at you. OK?" I nodded my approval. Joe took me into his arms kissing me sweetly on my lips. Joe was a really good kisser. We kissed for about ten minutes, with me imitating everything Joe did to me, before Joe told me to ease my tongue out .

He drove me wild sucking on my tongue. Soon we were taking turns. "Okay, Kenny, it's time to teach you how to masturbate. You'll need to learn how to do that before I can show you anything else. I'll do it for you first, to show you what to do, then you can do it for me so I can be sure you are doing it right. After that, you can go ahead and do yourself to see how it feels." Joe started rubbing my penis ever so gently with the hand he has had between my legs for the past half hour or so.

I stood still letting Joe do his thing. He started pumping hard on my meat as he gently stroked a finger around one of my nipples. In no time at all, he had me wadding off on the floor. When I finished, I put my hand on his thing and stroked it gently. Since I have already masturbated many a dick, I decided to step things up a bit. I knew Joe wasn't going to object. I looked at Joe sweetly before bending over taking his shaft into my mouth.

Joe couldn't say a thing. I sucked him off and then spread my legs as an offer to let him do me. Joe ate it up. When I finished squirting my fluids into Joe's mouth, I immediately kissed him for awhile before asking him to get on his hands and knees for me. Joe looked shocked and very surprised, but I knew he wasn't going to do anything to risk me stopping doing stuff with him, so he got down for me. I wet up his hinny hole and fucked him in his butt.

"Wow. Joe. That was awesome. Would you like to do me too?" Joe couldn't believe his good fortune. "Yes. I sure would. Are you sure you won't mind?" "I not only don't mind. I really want you to." I laid on my back across the desk as Joe climbed aboard. I could feel him sliding up inside of me as I frantically wrapped my slender legs around his waist. Joe got his rocks off in my butt, as I lay there feeling like a bonafide faggot. I was dying inside and it was all my own doing. The worst part was I knew I had to do a whole lot more before it is all over. It is the only way to finish the deal. I figured I already sacrificed way too much to have the deal fall through now.

When he finished, we kissed some more as Joe held me tightly in an embracing hug. "You are one really sweet beautiful boy, Kenny. I hope you enjoyed yourself so you will want to do it some more." I hugged Joe closely and squeezed his dick gently as I said, "Joe, What do you think of Paul? Do you think he's cute? How would you like to teach him all of the things you just taught me?" Joe couldn't believe his ears. "I think Paul is luscious. Cute as a living doll. I would love to do it with him. Do you think you could talk him into it?"

I stood quietly as if in thought. Meanwhile Joe was still gawking at my nudity like he may never see me nude again. I finally told him, "I know I can talk him into it. He will be glad to do it for you, but only if you agree to certain conditions." Joe said, "I don't care what the conditions are. I want that boy. I want him bad. I'll agree to anything. Go ahead and arrange for us to get together."

"OK. Joe. Here's the deal. To get to do Paul, we want to watch you seduce Billy. You need to convince Lucy and Sarah to go shopping tomorrow. While they are gone, make your moves on Billy. How you do it is your problem. We watch the whole thing. After you do it with the three of us, I want you to persuade Lucy to do all three of us as well. She has to do it all. Will you agree to it?"

Joe looked like he might pass out. I think I blew him away with that one. "I agree to your terms, Kenny. I don't think it will be any problem with Lucy. She likes young boys. We've just never ran into a situation where we thought it was safe to approach any of them. I'm not sure about Billy. She may be reluctant to do it with Billy, but if I can convince him to at least act like he wants her to, she might give in. What if Billy gets upset when I try to do it with him and decides to tell someone?" "Relax Joe. If he gets upset, Paul and I will calm him down."

Joe leaned across kissing me on my lips. "Okay. Kenny. You have a deal. Just suck me one more time as an act of good faith before we go back into the house." I said, "No. Joe. I am not going to do that, but if you lay on your side on the floor, we can do each other at the same time. I will do that. Tomorrow after you do Billy and Paul, I will be yours for the asking, until the girls get home.”

“I'll make another deal with you Joe. I like looking at Sarah. She is really pretty. If you will make arrangements for me to be alone with her whenever I come over so I can gawk at her beautiful body without being disturbed, I will come down quite a bit to let you have me. I promise I won't try to do anything with her that would upset her. We'll talk while I am enjoying her. You must promise not to interrupt. I want to be with her for at least two hours each time, or no deal."

Joe looked into my eyes. "I am flattered you think my Sarah is that pretty. I don't think it will hurt anything to give you a little time to gawk at her. You will get your two hours and if you like, you have my permission to look at her while she sits around in her underpants. The only stipulations are you must wear yours too. You have to keep your legs apart for me and try to keep that thing of yours hard for me as much as you can. Promise to give me a good show. I really like that peter of yours. Also try to be careful not to make it too obvious to Lucy and Billy what you are doing. Deal?"

I couldn't believe I had accomplished what I had just done. I arranged to get time alone with Sarah. We can fuck each other's brains out for up to two hours and the beauty of it all is I won't be breaking the deal with Joe as Sarah won't be upset about anything we do and we always talk while I am doing her. I was very careful about not saying "just talk" as I didn't want to lie to Joe.

I did however want to make him think all I was going to do was look. I put my hand between Joe's legs murmuring, "Deal." as I kissed him while we slid our bodies to the floor. We laid on the floor slurping on one another's peters for a half hour or so. We went back into the house and watched another movie before bedtime.

I was ecstatic. My plan appears that it is going to work. I wasn't crazy about sucking Joe. But it wasn't so bad. He wasn't great, but I've definitely sucked a lot worse. I could stand doing it with him to reap the benefits of getting Sarah and Billy. I don't know how I'll like doing it with Lucy, but if she tastes anything like she looks, it will be bliss. It is strange. I hate sucking a guys dick. Yet here I am making various deals to suck guys to get other things I want.

I have noticed all of the unwanted training has taught me how to manipulate many adults with my body. I must admit, I seem to be pretty good at it too. It is easy to tell which ones I will have power over and which ones either aren't interested or I should avoid. I remember hearing the old advertising slogan, SEX SELLS. I don't get money for it, but most people are willing to do a lot of things to have it with me.

I guess I could get money for doing sex, but that would probably open a can of worms. That is a terrible thing for a young boy to learn. I figured if I have to do it anyway, I may as well get something out of it. Unfortunately, there are still some types of guys that scare me so bad I don’t even try to bargain with them. I just do what they tell me to. David is one of them.


The three of us boys were cuddled up close in Billy's bed. We sucked each other off and were getting ready to turn in. I wanted us to do each others butts, but that would cause us to be up too late. I told Paul and Billy about my session with Joe and the arrangements we made. At least part of it. Billy was upset. He blurted, "I ain't doing it with my Mom and I don't want the two of you doing it with her either." I merely smiled at Billy. I reminded him Paul was going to let him do it with Sherry. His own sister was going to do it with him. I pointed out I sacrificed by doing it with his Dad and with him.

I also reminded him he agreed to do whatever we told him to do without question. I let Billy know this is not the time to start backing out. The deal is almost sealed. Soon, he would be having a good fuck with Sarah almost anytime he wanted her. Billy thought it over and finally decided doing it with Sarah would be well worth letting his Mom have her way with him. He also didn't want me to beat his ass and I think he suddenly remembered his sworn oath.. He didn’t want any more of that either. I told Billy to act young and dumb with his Dad, but to go along with whatever he says so all of this will come to pass to finish the deal.

Morning arrived. After breakfast, Lucy wasted no time in getting Sarah out of the house. Evidently she agreed to the game plan. Sarah has no idea what we set up, but I am sure she knows something is going to be done. Lucy hardly got out of the house when Billy's Dad told him it was time for them to have a talk about sex. Joe told Billy he would have wanted to talk alone with him, but he felt Paul and I might benefit from the talk as well.

Joe explained all about sex. He explained about masturbation and how it was used to quell ones desires when it was inappropriate to do it with someone else, such as in Billy's situation. Joe kind of rolled the dice by offering to teach all three of us boys how to masturbate. We agreed. Joe told us to strip down nude and he would show us what to do. When we were in all our glory, Joe put his hands between Paul's legs.

I watched Paul go wild as he ejaculated onto the kitchen floor. Paul pretended to mimic everything Joe did to him until Joe squirted his excitement onto the floor. I was next. Billy turned beet red when it was his turn, but he went through with it. I was getting bored with all the drag assed shit, so I came right out and said, "Hey. Why don't we get dressed. Then we can play strip poker. It'll be a lot of fun." I went over the rules the same way Paul and I play. Everybody agreed to play. It was a lot of fun. I have described strip poker already, so I won't go into the details. You can imagine for yourself how it went. Billy and his Dad finally ended up doing it all.

Billy did like I told him and invited his Dad to come in at night to do it with him. He told his Dad he would do it for him anytime he wanted him to. Joe got a chance to have his fill of Paul. I wasn't horny anymore and Billy committed himself unwittingly to being half of Joe's sexual relief. Very soon, Joe would leave us alone with Lucy. I could hardly wait.

By the time the girls got back, we were all sitting around in the living room looking at one another's hard ons and legs. Sarah joined us with one of her short nighties. It was really a lot easier to stare at Sarah now since the only one I had to worry about catching me looking was Lucy. I had plans to solve that later too, if I could pull it off. I was willing to bet Lucy will make a deal too.

Joe was openly staring at us all. I could tell he was a very happy camper. The next morning, Joe took Sarah to appointments with her doctor and dentist. He was going to take her shopping afterward. Poor Sarah. She usually ended up giving her Dad suck whenever they were alone in the car. She loves her Dad, but she doesn't like sucking his penis.

Well, actually she just doesn't like him shooting off in her mouth. Sarah said if she could just suck it until it was time and then beat him the rest of the way off, she would actually enjoy sucking her Dad's thing. Trouble was she never sucks it that he doesn't squirt that nasty shit into her mouth. After all, she says, "IT's my Dad's juice." Sarah would rather have sex with both of her parents than to split the family up by telling on them. She would just die if that were to happen. Sarah loves her Mom's pussy, but she would rather suck a cow's ass than suck her Dad. They would be gone for about six hours so they would have lunch while they were out.


Lucy sat us boys in front of the TV while she had her bath, telling us she had some fun things for us to do when she got back. We were sitting there in as sexy a pair of underpants as we could find. I figured Lucy wasn't going to be too subtle seducing us boys as it was a safe bet Joe told her about us having sex with him and that all three of us were ready and willing to let her have her way with us.

When Lucy returned, she was clad in a pair of black lace panties with a matching bra. That is if there was enough lace to qualify as panties. She wasn't leaving much to the imagination. She sat in the lounge chair across from us. It was all we could do to keep our eyes from popping out of our head. Lucy was gorgeous. My dick got hard right off the bat. So did Paul's. I glanced over at Billy. He had his hand in his lap. It didn't take much figuring to realize he was hiding his boner.

Lucy got comfortable in the chair before saying, "I apologize for wearing this outfit, but all of you looked so comfortable in yours, I thought I might as well relax too. Is anybody upset seeing me like this? If you are, I can get dressed." I spoke up immediately, "Oh, no ma’am. I don't have any problem with you kicking back relaxing." We sat there glancing at one another for about five minutes when Lucy says, "You boys look so cute in your underpants. Kenny, those you have on are a beautiful color. May I see them for a minute?"

I didn't know exactly what she meant by see them for a minute. I wasn't sure if she wanted me to walk over close to her so she could see them or to take them off and throw them to her. I stood up removing my underpants and tossed them her way as I said, "Sure. Go ahead and look at them." Lucy was taken off guard, but wasn't upset. It appears I may have moved things along a little quicker than she had planned. She caught them, looking them over very carefully and at the same time pretending she hadn't noticed I was naked. That was a cool move.

Lucy felt the material sensuously, inside and out. She held them in the air pushing them into shape as if my butt was still in them. Then she brought them up to her nose slowly drawing a long breath through them. Obviously she was trying to smell some of me in them. I would venture she got a pretty good whiff of me as I got really excited waiting for her to finish her bath. I couldn't help noticing the wet spot in the front of them as Lucy held them up in front of her. I couldn't imagine her not noticing it either, though she never mentioned it nor did she act like it was there.

"Kenny. They are just lovely. You are pretty cute like that too. Would you be embarrassed if I had a closer look? You can come over here with me and sit in my lap if you like. Paul, you and Billy won't mind if I hug Kenny a little will you?" They just shook their heads. I waltzed over gently sliding up into Lucy's lap. Oh, God. She was so soft. Her skin felt so smooth on mine. My dick got hard right away. Lucy reached down giving it a gentle squeeze.

"I am so sorry, Kenny. I didn't mean to get you so excited. I hope I haven't upset you." Lucy started lightly massaging my balls with one hand while she caressed my shaft with the other. I leaned back against her chest enjoying the moment. When she could hear my heart beat pick up and I started breathing hard, she removed her hands. "My goodness. Kenny. I believe you are getting ready to make a mess. Why don't you sit in the chair by yourself while I keep you from making that mess.”

I am not going to describe the details of rest of it, at least not right now. It was basically an orgy. When it was finally Billy's turn, Billy was shamed. It was obvious. Don't get me wrong, it felt good to him, but he really had a hard time knowing it was his Mamma. It was far worse than when he did his Dad. I kind of felt sorry for him, but I knew it wouldn't take long for him to get over it and enjoy himself.

Lucy on the other hand had no qualms I could see about doing it with her son. Hell, she was all over Billy like stink on shit. Billy was so ashamed when he shot off in his Mama's pussy. It was even harder on him when she got him to suck it all back out. Lucy showed us a wonderful time. Her pussy was fantastic. I figured correctly she was going to want to watch us boys queer off on each other, since she knew we did it with Joe.

We put on a really good show for her. When we only had an hour left, Lucy put a halt to everything saying she had to take a bath before Sarah got home. She didn't want to take a chance Sarah might smell the sex on her. Lucy told us to go ahead and get cleaned up in the hall bathroom. I wanted to work up a deal with Lucy the same as I had with Joe. I didn't want Paul and Billy to find out that I did. I hadn't told them about the other deal either. I reasoned I had done all the work for it, so why take a chance of having it fucked up by blabbing it to them.

I heard myself say, "Gee Lucy. I've never had a chance to bathe a girl before. Would you mind if I go with you?" Lucy didn't bat an eye. "Sure Honey Pot. I think that would be sweet." While I was bathing Lucy, I presented my deal. I basically convinced her to let me take Sarah into her room to do it with her whenever I was down here and Joe wasn't around. I knew there was only a slim chance Lucy would get mad about me asking to fuck her Daughter, because I already knew she was and Lucy had done it with me.

That's where I have the upper hand. I am a little boy and Lucy knows it. I know she won't push her luck. Of course there's no way in hell I'd ever tell anybody, but she doesn't know that. I figured with the circumstances the way they were with her family telling wouldn't even be brought up. The payback was I would be her sex slave when my two hours with Sarah were over.


I would come over as much as I could. I let Lucy know that would probably only be a couple of times a month, but I would do my best. Lucy would have to do me in front of Sarah sometimes as we wouldn't be able to get together as much if we waited until Sarah wasn't there with us, but that was OK. Lucy said Sarah wouldn't tell on us, because they had a special relationship.

Of course she didn't tell me just how special it was. I wasn't about to tell her I knew. Lucy didn't want to embarrass Sarah, so I would not be able to do Sarah in front of her. Lucy wasn't very fond of the idea of seeing me do it with her Daughter anyway. It was also understood I would not tell Sarah Lucy knew I was doing anything with her. It was my problem how to get Sarah to do it with me.

Lucy was adamant I could not force Sarah to do anything. I wasn't going to tell her that wasn't a problem either. I just assured her I would be sweet and careful of Sarah's feelings. I wouldn't do anything she didn't want to do. Which was actually the truth. I would never do anything to Sarah she didn't want me to. The good thing about that is I haven't found anything I wanted to do to Sarah she wasn't already eager to have done.

I wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into. Lucy made me promise that if she agreed to the deal, I would have to let her hurt me some. It wouldn't be extremely terrible pain and she wouldn't cause any permanent damage to me, but I could plan on being sore when I left. I was to receive whippings with a belt, that would leave some whelps on my ass.

Lucy was going to bite me in a lot of different places. She assured me she would only leave teeth marks in the places that couldn't be seen with my underpants on. I remember lying to David when he first saw them. I told him the teeth marks came from Paul. Naturally David started biting me too. Boy do I know how to fuck things up.

I let Lucy put things in my ass so she could watch me shit them out. I can't tell you how embarrassing that was. Especially with Sarah watching. Sliding things back out of my ass while Lucy had her face down near my hole watching diligently. Me sometimes wondering if I would ever get it to come back out. I think the hardest thing to get out was a chicken egg. It was the widest diameter of anything she put in me, but certainly not the longest.

I thought the bantam eggs David slid up my ass were going to rip me apart coming out, but the regular grade A eggs Lucy shoved in me had me squealing in horrendous pain on the way in. Of course she always picked out a dozen of the smallest ones when ever she bought eggs at the store as the big ones just wouldn't go in and Lucy didn't want to tear me.

It sometimes took an hour of screaming and straining my tail muscles to shit one of them back out. Lucy hadn't lied. I could definitely plan on being sore when I left her house. One good thing, Lucy only fed me an egg every third or fourth time I came down and thankfully only fed me the one. God it hurt. Even worse Lucy would scramble it for me to eat when we got through. That was bad enough, but more than half the time Sarah was watching it all.

The deal ended up being better than I thought it would be. Sarah was sweet. I enjoyed my extra time alone with her immensely. My time with Lucy was something else. She would alternate between biting my balls and the tip of my penis until I screamed. Then she would clamp down on the bottom of my sack hard enough to draw blood. She bit me everywhere. If it would fit easily up my ass without forcing too much, then that was where it went. That is if you considered the way the eggs went in as being easy.

It all hurt like a bitch, but gave me some incredible orgasms. I can't describe what it felt like to come while she was hurting me like that. Lucy gradually taught me how to hurt her the same way to get her off extra special too. I go off slipping an egg up Lucy's sweet ass. I could see why she liked doing it to me. It was a lot of fun, but I decided not to turn Sarah on to it. Sarah watched it all many times, but I decided not to do it with her. I really didn't want Sarah to think I was a weirdo so she might stop doing me. I wouldn't feel right hurting Sarah like that anyway.

Sarah never mentioned the shit her Mama put me through when we were alone, but I could see her wince sometimes between my screams. Joe loved to fuck the shit out of me, but fortunately he wasn't into the pain deal. Lucy was right, I was not only sore when I left her house, but sometimes my balls hurt so bad I would limp a little to keep them from hitting my legs. One good thing was that half the time I got Sarah at her house was under Joe's deal when Lucy was busy somewhere servicing Billy.


They would take turns doing Billy and Sarah. Each taking the other somewhere so the other wouldn't know. Of course Sarah, Lucy, and Joe knew Billy was doing it with both parents, but Billy didn't know Sarah was. Lucy didn't know Sarah knew. Sarah wanted to keep it that way. Now that Billy is doing her Dad regularly, she saw no need to let Billy know she was too. I only managed to spend the night at Sarah's a few times a month. The whole weekend was a little less frequent, but Sarah came down to Paul's to stay with Sherry quite a bit. Paul and I took advantage of it when she did.

When we did it with Billy in front of Sherry and Sarah, it was pretty cool. They got turned on big time and after Billy left, they showed us just how much. Sarah was eager to have Billy inside her and would do so that next night after Sherry had fulfilled her promise to Billy. She was going to slip into Billy's room as soon as her Dad had a chance to finish whatever it was he was going to do when he slipped into her room or Billy's.

Sarah wasn't the least bit concerned about getting pregnant. Joe assured her if she ended up having a baby before she was old enough to get on birth control, Lucy and he agreed they would raise it for her until she was ready to take the responsibility herself. It was always amazing to me that the families, I knew practiced some sort of incest, never used condoms.

Everything was done skin to skin. I liked it that way as I didn't like the way I felt when I had to wear a rubber. They were so big on me they reminded me how little my dick really was. Joe and Lucy would make sure Sarah could continue to be a little girl and she would be able to finish college. She would not under any circumstances be tied down with dealing with a baby while she was supposed to just be having fun being a kid.

Sarah said if it turned out Billy was the father, Joe would think it was his as she was never going to tell him she was doing it with Billy. Her Mom might think it was mine, but Sarah said Lucy would keep those feelings to herself as she damn sure didn't want Joe to know she let Sarah have sex with me. It was all pretty weird. Evidently Billy did a good job on Joe, because Joe spent a whole lot of the time he used to get with Sherry in Billy's room.

Joe did Billy a lot more than he did her because he knew Sherry knew they were doing it, so Joe could go into Billy's room anytime without worrying about Sarah or Lucy coming in. He couldn't do the same thing with Sarah, because he didn't want Billy to know. Sarah got to eat her Mom a lot more than she used to as well, because whenever Joe went in to do Billy, he stayed at least two hours. Sometimes four.

Joe liked doing Billy almost as much as he did me. I know this, because Sarah said Joe told her he did. That was weird. I hadn't expected Joe to tell Sarah he was having sex with Paul and I, but I was cool with it. It was only a few months before Sarah told Joe she had been doing it with me during the two hour sessions. Joe took it pretty well and still honored our deal. Sarah didn't tell Joe she was doing Paul and most certainly wasn't going to tell him she was going to do her brother.


That made everything a lot easier as I didn't have to worry about getting caught. I would dearly have wanted to be a fly on the wall when Sherry fulfilled her end of the deal. It took pretty close to four months for Sarah to arrange for all of the two hour sessions. I know I said Billy only gets an hour each time to do his thing. The other hour is for Sherry to sexily strip before doing her half hour dance. Sherry didn't want Paul and I to watch her do it with Billy and besides she promised Billy that Sarah would be the only other person present.

Sherry did tell me about some of it later. The way she told it was as follows: "I thought Billy would pass out as I sexily paraded around doing a slow striptease for him. He looked entranced as I did my dance. It felt OK when he fucked me and I didn't mind the taste of his juice, but I was a little disappointed. I thought doing Billy might arouse my interest in boys. I love you and Paul, but I have found the two of you are the only guys that turn me on. I feel like a mink when I am with the two of you.”

“With Billy, it was like I would be doing my Dad. I knew I had to because I said I would. I was so glad when it was all over. Now I don't have to do it with him anymore. It was very embarrassing. Fortunately Billy didn't do much more than eat me, suck my tits, and pretty much slobber all over the rest of my body after his fuck and blow jobs. I did let him fuck me in the butt, but he didn't think of it and I purposely waited until the last session to ask him to do it. That way he wouldn't do it too many times. It was nice. Billy really was cute and his dick was sweet too, but I would rather have a nice shot of pussy than I would Billy."

That made me feel extra special. I've known for a long time Sherry is a lesbian. She prefers pussy over a dick any day unless she can get me or Paul and then she goes hog wild. I felt her pain. She had actually hoped having sex with her best friends brother might spark her interest in boys. It didn't work. Sherry told me one time she felt awful inside anytime she found herself desiring to eat one of her girl friends.

Sherry not only confided in Paul and I about which of her girl friends she was doing it with, but she always kept their attention so Paul and I could gawk at them through the key hole in the bathroom. Sherry would make sure she positioned herself so we would be able to watch when ever she kissed one of them in the bathroom. It was so cool. I got horny as hell just watching. They were all very beautiful and sexy. I had wanted to fuck all of them something fierce.

Sherry only did it with five of them although we did get an opportunity to observe several of her straight girlfriends taking their baths. The five included Sarah. It is a real shame Sherry couldn't convince any of the others to try a dick. They were all devout lesbians. Of course I wouldn’t want to suck all their Dads dicks to do it with them. What a pity. Sherry said she felt so fucked up. I understood exactly how she felt.

Billy was fucking the shit out of Sarah, whenever he could get her away from Lucy and Joe. Sarah had fallen in love with Billy and I don't mean a brotherly love, but she still came down for Paul and I. Of course, Billy had agreed to the deal I asked Sarah to lay on him. We don't get him often, but it sure is sweet when we do. Sarah and Sherry enjoy the show every time we do it with Billy in front of them.

I just don't get it. It seems everybody wants me and I always manage to get into some really fucked up situations. I guess that will make it easier to never tell my story. Nobody would believe it anyway. Hell, sometimes I have trouble believing it myself. I did sort of figure out what part of my problem had been when I got much older. I had been abused from the time I was a baby ( If David can be believed ). I had been trained to do anything anybody wanted me to.

Basically the real problem was I had been introduced to a circle of incest, which in turn introduced me to many others. Anybody that likes to have sex with their own children, tend to be on the look out for a chance to do it with their children's friends. Usually they rely on their children to convince their friends to do it. My other problem was I was always allowing myself to end up alone with some pervert either through my own fault, through their sly deceit, or by the negligence of someone else.

Bottom line was I went through some shit. I can truthfully say if a genie came out of a lamp offering me the chance to go back and be a youngster again, I would tell him to climb his ass back into that lamp. I want no parts of being a child again. You just don't have enough control over much of anything when you are a kid.

To be continued………………………………............................................................

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