Neighbor takes me to a porno movie
I was very young and had been having sex with my 44 year old neighbor for a few years.
My Dad is no longer around so Fred often comes over when Mom is at work and his wife is busy, to help with my homework or watch a ball game with me. His wife thought he was very kind. He had started by sucking me off once, long ago when I was ten, and ever since then I was addicted. He started fucking me in the last year too and learnt me how to suck his cock perfectly. Mom wasn’t suspicious of our relationship at all.
I would suck him off during the game and had really gotten to like it, especially when his cock got so hard and seemed to tense in my mouth before he came. We would go to other sporting events too so Fred could suck me and me him. He often fucked me in his truck before coming home.
One night he said he was taking me to a special adult book place where they showed porn movies in booths. I was excited because I had never seen one. We arrived in the parking lot and Fred said they’d never let me in even with phony ID because I was still way too young. I thought I looked okay but still wasn’t old enough. Fred said no twelve year old would ever get into the porno booths. But he told me he could get me in and I had to be really careful and do just what he told me to do.
So he planned on going in, getting the tokens for the movies and going into the dark back room of the store, and he’d sneak open the rear door to let me in too. I stood in the dark waiting nervously until the door creaked open and Fred quickly pulled me in.
Fred whispered that we had to be careful and not draw attention to ourselves. In the darkened room I saw the rows of doors for the booths, some with lights above showing them occupied, a few men wandered between them. Fred whisked me into a booth right away so no one saw me. The booth had sort of a lusty smell and I could hear the sounds of movies playing. He said we’d have to go into separate booths side by side or we’d get reported so of course I agreed. I was very excited anticipating what would happen. He gave me a huge hand full of tokens and told me how they operate. He said there would be a hole between the wall too that we could talk through and I could stick my cock through it too if I wanted him to suck me and he’d be doing the same thing.
As a matter of fact, he said, he wanted to have me suck and fuck him through the hole several times tonight.
I entered my booth and locked the door, stood there in total darkness. Heard Fred doing the same thing next door. I finally found the slot for tokens and began watching my first porn movies! Two women fucking one man. I had an instant erection as I clicked through the many channels of sexual activity every way there was.
I heard Fred whispering to me through the hole. It was very hard to see anything even when the movie was playing. He said he wanted to fuck me a lot tonight and would take time outs to make it more fun.
I put my cock into the hole and he sucked on me for a bit stopping soon because he knew I’d come quick from the video screen action. He placed his large cock through for me and I sucked it hard enjoying it even though I couldn’t see him. Then he pulled it out and placed two fingers through, asking me to suck them too. I did and he said it would be great tonight to fuck me with his cock and several fingers if he liked. I was way too excited about this new idea and said sure. Fred knew that even if I came I would be ready to go again in minutes anyway!
I expressed a worry about getting caught, but Uncle Fred said to just be cool and stay in my booth and let him know when I needed more tokens. He told me to take off all my clothes too. It was a weird exciting feeling and I liked it.
We watched the movies side by side for some time before Fred told me to suck him again. I stooped to the hole, feeling where it was in the darkness and felt his warm cock there, taking it into my mouth slowly, like he liked. I heard him groan and murmur. He withdrew it after a bit and said he was going to squeeze it down to let me suck it up again. I had no idea what he meant until it came back through the hole, now not as hard or large. I sucked it again and in no time it grew hard and he came. I heard Fred murmuring again and he placed his cock through once more, now all large and hard again from my sucking.
Fred told me to turn around and watch the porno with my ass against the hole, he wanted to start fucking me. I did, pressing my ass close. My own cock harder than ever from this new feeling and the porno. I felt his cock head there, and he gently pressing into me and started very slowly stroking.
It was then I noticed another hole in the opposite wall. And an eye there watching me. A finger came through, and then a tongue. I was afraid but didn’t dare move away from my side of the booth. A cock came through the other glory hole, hard and throbbing. I didn’t know what to do but had to reach out and grasp it. I was afraid the man would report me if I didn’t touch it for him. It was so hot in my hand. I had no idea who belonged to it but was totally afraid someone would see how young I was and maybe report me. I had visions of the cops arriving and arresting me. So I stretched across until I could get it into my mouth and sucked it while Fred’s cock was fucking me.
I came from just touching myself right there. Fred fucked me for a bit and pulled out, said through the hole to just keep my ass there because he wanted to finger fuck me too or use 3 or 4 fingers, but to just enjoy it.
The guy at the other side came in my mouth. I was so excited by it I couldn’t imagine him telling on me now.
I felt Fred’s slim finger go in too for a few minutes, then a little larger that must be two fingers. He stroked slowly at first, then faster until I heard him groan on the other side of the wall before he pulled them out. He said to stay where I was for more fun. I was so afraid if Fred found out what I had done to the stranger in the other hole what he would do. Then a second eye peered at me until another nice cock came through. I sucked it off too. I heard the guy going out.
Another voice came through asking me to put my cock through and let him suck me but Fred was fucking me steady now and I knew he was going to cum inside me any second. I whispered I couldn't right now.

Voices were coming from outside in the hallway and I wondered if anyone could hear us too? Doors were clicking open and shut too. Now my cock was all hard again. I felt the single finger back there, then two and then again his cock entering me, now really swollen because he was so excited I guessed.
Fred really fucked me hard this time, again groaning loudly before stopping and I could feel his huge cock coming inside me. More voices and doors clicking. Then his cock again, smaller again sliding into me. I thought it felt smaller but assumed my ass was now stretched so pushed back and enjoyed the fucking. Fred came again inside me and hadn’t done that before. He was over excited too.
A voice came from the opposite hole, followed by a business card and a ten dollar bill. The man said he was here every Tuesday night from 7 to 11 and I only needed 3 knocks at the rear door and I’d be let in if I wanted to come alone. I pocketed the card and the money.
Fred was right, it was a great time letting him fuck me like that through the glory hole. He finally knocked softly at my door and said we had to go. When I slipped out I could now see several men standing in the darkness. As we made our way to the rear door, one guy said to Fred, don’t forget the Tuesday night knock, 3 raps and then 1 more and someone would open the lane door. Fred said it was the common signal and all the guys knew it. Somehow I knew the message was actually intended for me and wondered what would happen if I ever went back alone.
I finally got the idea that some of these men might have fucked me through that hole and wondered who and also who I had sucked off?
It didn’t matter though, I knew right then where my Tuesday nights were now going to be spent.

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2012-11-09 09:30:47
a part two of this story wold be very nice


2012-06-02 19:59:21
sounds like u had alot of fun

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2012-01-25 08:46:54
suck 5 cocks thru a glory hole,drank alot of cum

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2010-09-19 20:10:51
i love adult video store stories about young bois and all the horny Men. Thank You.

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