Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age that he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact that all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested that the reader read Part One first.

Total Confusion Part Nine

I remember getting sick. Turns out it was a prostate infection. It was my first one. I wound up getting quite a few of those. I remember the doctor saying he needed to check out my prostate gland and it required he examine my rear end. That it would be a little uncomfortable and I may find it quite embarrassing, but it was necessary to help me get well and is nothing to be ashamed of. I could let him do it in private or my Mom could stay if I preferred.

My God, I thought, the doctor wants me too. I felt I was slipping, because I hadn’t spotted it in his eyes. If I let Mom watch, she might tell Dad and there was no way I was going to let Mom come in to watch someone take care of my ass. If he does it alone, I might have to do it all. Damn, what do I do? I said I needed privacy. I just couldn’t let my Mom watch. I could never let my Dad find out.

Then I got more bad news. The doctor said he had to have his nurse present during the exam. I thought he was bringing her in just to humiliate me in front of her. I was mad as hell, but wasn't about to say so. I begged him not to bring anyone in to watch, but he said he had no choice. I found out when I was much older that the doctor had to bring the nurse in because of it being a moral issue.

It would not be proper to undress me in the exam room with out having the nurse present to make sure nothing inappropriate happened. It was for his protection, not mine. Well, mine too if he had been a pervert. I guess that was why he offered to let my Mom come in. He probably figured I might find it less embarrassing to have my Mom in there with me.

I was already in my underpants. That wasn't too bad as it was always the routine when I came in. The nurse would take me into the exam room and tell me to strip down to my underwear. Then she would come back in, weigh me and check my height. Then the doctor would check my heartbeat, reflexes, and my skin on my legs while I sat on the end of the exam table.

I didn't like it, but I had been doing it since I was a really young boy and was sort of used to it, although I was still embarrassed being that way in front of the nurse. After the doctor finished his regular routine, he told me to take off my underpants and get on the table on my hands and knees. I am turning red at the mere idea of taking my panties off in front of the nurse. I don't want her to see how small my dick is. It is bad enough when she sees my butt when she gives me my shots.

When I got my underpants off, her eyes went straight to my crotch. I knew she was going to look. It was bad enough standing there, but now I have to climb on the table. I was dying inside. Here I was completely nude with the nurse gawking at my body. I wish I could evaporate. I felt so small and insecure on that table in front of the doctor. To make matters worse, the nurse took a stand just behind my butt. I just died inside, knowing she was looking at my asshole and my little girl legs.

I was afraid that somehow they would be able to tell that I had been getting dicks shoved up into it. I was waiting for him to get out his thing and do my butt. I had no idea that the nurse was there to make sure nothing occurred that could be misinterpreted later on. I thought he was going to let her watch him do me. Instead, he put on a rubber glove and added some cream and stuck his finger gently and carefully up my butt.

I thought he was priming me to loosen me up so he could get his rocks off. He twisted it around, feeling here and feeling there. I was scared to death my thing would get hard and even more afraid that he would see it was. Damn, my dick is sticking straight out. It got hard any way. The doctor didn’t say anything about my hard on, but I knew he saw it was. The nurse grinned when my dick got hard, but she didn't say anything while she was there. I felt like an eternity had elapsed before the doctor mumbled something to the nurse I didn't understand and promptly pulled his finger from my ass. Actually it had only been a minute or two.

He held a slide glass under the head of my prick and pressed on me right between my balls. He seemed a little dissatisfied and told me to hold real still. I thought he was getting ready to beat me off and would be surprised to find that the slide would not be big enough to hold it all. Instead he gave the slide to the nurse. She held the tip of my penis up against the slide glass. The doctor reinserted his finger into my butt and pressed something inside of me that hurt a lot and made some of my juice run out onto the glass.

Then the nurse wiped the dribble from the end of my penis before ever so gently wiping my rear end with a tissue. I didn't say anything, but it sure seemed to me the nurse took her sweet time wiping my ass. By the time she finished, I was very close to coming. The Doctor sat me down on my feet on the floor telling me to go ahead and put my pants back on while he checked the specimen to determine what to do to help me.

I was standing in the nude in front of the nurse with my little hard on poking straight out at her, trying my damnedest not to shoot off. I knew I was at the point where I was going to shoot off no matter what I did. I had to hurry and get my pants on or I would do it right in front of her. I just wanted to die. I had never been so embarrassed. The nurse just looked between my legs and smiled. She had been staring at me the whole time.

Her eyes had moved back and forth between my chest, my legs, and my crotch. I understood why the nurse had been gawking at me after I got older. Most young guys are really kind of pretty and any older person will admire their beauty if they can do it without it looking like they are. I don't think she was thinking of me as something sexual. I was just a darling cute little boy to her and she enjoyed seeing the smoothness of my body.

She probably thought the same thing about my hard on. She gawked at me the whole time I was dressing. Fortunately I managed to get my underpants on before I couldn't hold it any longer. I shot off in my underpants before I had a chance to slip my pants on and the entire front of my underpants got wet. When I put my shirt on, I left my shirt tail out so no one would see my semen soak through my pants.

I was really confused. A guy had me completely naked in front of him and had just fingered me in my ass, squeezed my balls, and got my dick hard, and hadn’t asked me to suck on his thing. I had no idea this was a normal medical procedure when you had a prostate problem and he was concerned about doing this test to someone for the first time and didn’t want to hurt me.

I was relieved I hadn’t picked up another sex partner. I couldn’t imagine having to do him every time I came to the doctor’s office. What would have happened if I had taken over and did what I so often did to keep from getting sore? Would he have done it with me or would he have told? Life is full of hard things to deal with. I wondered if this is the way it was for everyone and they couldn’t tell either.

I had to have it done quite a few times as I got sick a lot. Later I had to undergo a complete physical. That first one was most embarrassing as I had a hard on the whole time and the nurse could see it . I had told the doctor I was afraid the nurse would make fun of me. The Doctor said she was told to remain quiet unless he asked her a question. He said she knew it was important to help cut down on the embarrassment for me. I still have an awful time at the doctors office.


It was a beautiful morning in the early summer. I had gone for a walk. It wasn't much later than seven o'clock. I went up Route 61 for a ways and decided to watch the people in the pool at the little motel that was there. There were some really pretty women in the pool as well as a few sweet looking girls about my age. They weren’t interested in my little scrawny ass, but they made my dick hard anyway. I wondered if girls would ever get to like me. There was a nice looking guy sitting at one of the tables near the pool.

He kept glancing my way and staring at me when he thought I wasn’t watching. He was careful nobody else saw him checking me out. I could already see a bulge between his legs. It seems like people who have been through this type of stuff notice these things. No one else seemed to notice his hard on poking up at his pants. He was drinking beer in the usual brown paper bag that the older guys used when they wanted you to think they weren’t drinking beer. They could be so silly at times.

I wanted some beer and besides I had gotten pretty horny looking at the girls in their bikinis and I needed some relief. If I did everything right, it might prove possible to convince him to give me a blow job. At the very least, I could jerk myself off while I took care of him. Either way it would beat going into the woods to masturbate. I was beginning to get those feelings of being fucked up again. Here I was fantasizing about doing it with this guy. I was really feeling that I was a faggot and I should be taken out back and shot.

It was too late, I was far too excited to quit now. I needed to come and bad. It was obvious I wasn't going to get any pussy from the chicks at the pool, but this guy was definitely interested. My options were seriously limited. I started to return his glances. He was a pretty enough looking guy, with no hair on his chest.

Hairy chests grossed me out. They made me feel like throwing up only I had learned to swallow and ignore the extra hair. He also had very fine hair on his legs. They were almost bare. I decided that it might not be a real burden to trade some affection with him for some of his beer. I would have to play my cards right and pretend I didn’t know squat about him wanting what I knew he wanted.

I walked over to his table and sat down in front of him where he could gawk at me without raising eyebrows. I told him,” Hi. " I made small talk about the weather and where he was from and some other junk, just to break the ice. I also made sure I smiled a lot and tried to look like I was interested in being around him. I could see from the way he was reacting that he was taking the bait. There was no way he was going to turn down a shot at me.

He quietly asked me stuff like what I liked to do for fun. Did I like beer and such things as that. When he found that I liked to drink beer, he said he would be glad to share his, but we would have to go to his room so he wouldn’t get into trouble for giving me beer. He gave me his room number and told me to wait ten minutes before coming in. He got up and left. I was going to get to drink as much beer as I wanted.

I spent the next twenty minutes staring at the chicks in the skimpy bathing suits and wondering what their pussy would taste like. I went to his room. I needed to make it look like I was hesitant to meet with a stranger so he wouldn’t get in too much of a hurry. When they hurry, it hurts. When I got to his room, I opened the door and went quickly inside like he had told me to do. He brought me a beer and bade me to be seated. When I sat on the couch, he sat next to me, not close enough to touch me, but as close as he thought he could without upsetting me.

He had a Playboy Magazine lying on the coffee table. I kept stealing glances at the front cover of it. He asked me all of these questions about what I would do in different situations with a girl. He calmly said that I was welcome to check out the mag, if I was old enough to not get embarrassed if my dick got hard. I scooped up the magazine and started looking at the naked babes.

My dick was already hard. Of course he wanted to look at the magazine with me, and used this excuse to sit right beside me. He put his arm across my shoulders. I realized at this point he wasn’t sure if I was aware he intended to share a little more than his beer. As far as he knew I was here to drink beer.

It was kind of fun to watch somebody trying to seduce me without getting in a hurry and all the while being careful about what I might think. I could tell he wanted me bad, but he was afraid I would get upset if he went too far too quickly. I wanted him to go too far, though not necessarily too fast, but I couldn't tell him so. That would be too forward and would take a lot of the foreplay out of it. I enjoyed the foreplay. It always made me horny as hell. I usually liked the attention as well.

He took off his shirt and talked me into taking mine off too. He smoothly proceeded to convince me I would be more comfortable in my under pants. I kept playing my game and gradually and conveniently got a little more naïve with each beer. He started rubbing his dick through his underpants and told me I could do it too if I wasn’t embarrassed to do it. I felt so fucked up now. The guy was openly staring at me as I rubbed my thing through my underpants.

I was beating off to one of the babes in the magazine and taking an occasional glance at him to see what he was doing. He was using me to beat off to. I knew I had him now. After the front of his undies got wet, he just watched me rub mine until I got wet too. It was hard to believe I had just sat there and shot off in my underpants in front of this dude. I eventually let him talk me into taking a shower so I wouldn’t get drunk as quickly on the beer and to clean out my under pants.

He even suggested he wash my back, as in my fairly drunken state, I would have a hard time reaching it. We went into the shower. I was pretty well lit in the ass by now. It would make what I knew I was going to end up doing a little easier to do. He gently washed my back, making sure he lathered it up really good. He got me to hold up my arms so he could get to my armpits.

His hands slid around to my belly where he played with my belly button momentarily. Then he washed the rest of me. He did it like a mother would do her baby. It felt so natural. There was no sense of urgency. It wasn’t like he wanted to mess with me sexually. He just wanted to help me get clean. I went ahead and washed him the same way. We washed out our underpants and hung them over the shower curtain to dry.

When we got out of the shower, he gently dried off my body. He then suggested that we be comfortable and just sit in the nude since there was no one around to see us and besides as he pointed out, my underpants were still wet. Of course I went along. What I was after wouldn't take place if we got dressed. He started talking about girls again and would I let them suck me if they wanted to.

He said he had always wanted someone to give him a blow job, but had never had one. He was sporting a tremendous hard on already. He wished there were someone in the room right now to give us both one. He said that that would be really wild. I said it would be cool. He told me not to freak out, but he knew a way we could both have a blow job.

I told him I would like to have one and I wanted to know how we could get one now and I promised I wouldn’t get upset. He told me to think about the facts. All that is required for a blow job is a hard dick and a willing set of lips. He pointed out we both had lips and we were both sporting hard ons. The only other thing we required was the willingness to do it for each other. He said he was willing to trade sucks with me.

I told him I would give it a try, although I couldn’t promise I could actually go through with it. He leaned over and expertly kissed me on my lips. Before I knew what was happening he had me sucking on his shaft. He had one of those pretty dicks. It reminded me of Paul's, only quite a bit bigger. It had a lot of hair around it, which I didn't really care for, but then you can't have everything. At least he kept it neatly trimmed. It was still one very pretty dick.

I didn't mind sucking it at all. It was kind of fun. I was surprised. His juice was delicious. I was eager to get another mouthful of it, but I definitely didn't want him to know I was. I was very confused again. As much as I hated sucking a rod, here I was sucking on his and I had been the one to really start it all. I had swallowed his juice and let him seduce me slowly, thinking I was completely unaware of what he had intended to do. When I had finished it for him, he started rubbing my thighs. His hands went up and down the inside of my thighs between my knees and my nuts.

When my heart was running a mile a minute, he laid me on my back on the couch. His hand gently separated my legs as he placed his head between my legs. He draped my legs over his shoulders and pulled my thighs together until they rubbed against the cheeks of his face. This guy had his head between my legs and was moaning softly about how smooth and soft my skin felt on his face. He said he couldn't wait to get those luscious looking balls of mine in his mouth.

I felt really fucked up. I was a queer. I had just sucked his excitement from between his legs and I was going to do whatever he asked me to do. As bad as I felt about it, I knew I was going to do it all. That made me feel even worse. I don't know exactly how to describe the feeling of despair, knowing I was expected to do this shit with this guy, not wanting to do it, and at the same time eagerly anticipating the arrival of his tongue on my balls.

Suddenly his head surged forward as he took my nuts into his mouth. He sucked them so gently. I was eating it up. This made me sick to my stomach too. How can I sit here and enjoy having a dude suck my nut sack? Gradually he slipped down a little lower and licked me in my taint area. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, taint is the smooth skin between my nuts and my asshole. It is referred to as taint, because on a girl, it taint pussy and it taint asshole and as I have heard said, if you slipped down too far with your tongue, it twas.

When he knew I was so excited I was about to go crazy, he slid his tongue up my ass. He would alternate between licking my balls and tonguing my butt. After about a half hour of tearing up my nerves this way, he came up to my face and kissed me longingly before sliding down to tantalize my nipples with his lips. He worked his way slowly to my belly button, spending fifteen minutes sucking on it before his mouth finally settled on the head of my dick.

At first, he just sucked on the tip of it, then before I knew what was happening, he had the whole thing in his mouth, balls and all. He was sucking on me really hard. Not hard enough to hurt me, but hard enough for me to wonder if my shit was going to come loose and go down his throat. He was really going for it. I felt kind of like I did when David had the vacuum cleaner after me.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he was going to do when I had finished shooting off in his mouth. After I went soft, he had me get on my knees, on the carpet with my arms resting across the ottoman he had on the floor while he climbed on me from behind. I could feel my rear end separate as he slid his penis inside me. He held me close to his body with his hands on my hips while he worked it in and out.

I took another sip of beer as his cum squirted into my ass. I was a no-body. I was going straight to hell. If Daddy ever found out, he would never love me again. Everybody wanted me that way. Was I worth a damn to anybody if I didn’t do it? It seemed that if someone had enough balls to take it out or to put my hand on it that I ended up doing everything they wanted me to do. I was a dick sucker. Why can’t I die?

We kissed again for a long time. The way he held me while he sucked on my tongue was incredible. Finally I pulled my mouth from his and hugged him close with my head against his chest. When I heard his heartbeat go wild, I was ecstatic. I knew then that I was going to get a another chance to slurp on that delectable appurtenance between his legs. I was so excited about getting another mouthful of his juice, that I was ready to come myself.

My dick was drooling over the prospect. I lowered my head to his middle taking him into my mouth on arrival. It was wonderful. When he shot off in my mouth, I rolled his juice all around in my mouth. God, he tasted so good. I hoped I would get a chance to do him some more. I knew he would let me if I asked, but I didn't want him to think I liked it.

Not too long after I received another butt load of his juice, I began to realize I had drank a little too much of his beer. I was past drunk now. I was starting to get sick. I was ready to throw up and proceeded to do so. I couldn't walk anymore. Hell, I couldn't even sit up. I remember him putting me in the bathtub and covering me with a blanket so I wouldn't get cold. I think I passed out for awhile. I would kind of come to, and then flake out again. Later on as I regained a little consciousness, but was still too drunk to move, I began to realize he had been getting in the tub with me and fucking me in my ass every so often.

As I sobered a little more, I began to realize he wasn't the only one that had been getting in the tub with me. It turned out he had called one of his friends over to enjoy the sweet young buck he had with him. His friend had brought six other guys with him. It was then I realized at least one of them had been in the tub with me the whole time. Well, I got what I came for and then some.

They took my blanket from me and took turns getting in the tub with me. First they would kiss my lips, suck my dick for awhile and then they would fill my butt up with their juice. They didn't start sticking their dicks in my mouth until they noticed I was halfway conscious again. I sucked on them when they put it in.

I didn't know what else to do. Trust me, those other guys' juice wasn't sweet and tasty like the dude that started it all. It seemed like someone had a tongue somewhere on me the whole time. I would shoot off every third or fourth time someone sucked me and every now and again after I got fucked, I would squirt it all out in the tub.

The guy would just spray the shower on me to hose it away before the next one got in with me. I don't know for sure how long it went on, but it was after four that evening when I finally was allowed to leave. Actually, it was more like when I had sobered up enough to realize I needed to leave. I felt really bad about myself, because I wanted to stay and have them hold me some more.

I didn't mind too much getting fucked. They all seemed to thrill on rubbing me all over as they did their thing. I was eating it up. I was enjoying the hell out of being the center of attention. I never heard any of their names. It was really weird, but kind of nice at the same time. They were all horny as hell and fucked the dog shit out of me, but the guy who was staying there insisted they all be gentle. He told them to do everything slowly so they wouldn't hurt me.

I was sore when I left, but not so sore for the fucking I got. My nipples were every bit as sore as my ass. I don't know how many times they had me, but it was a bunch of times. I wasn't horny anymore when I went home. I felt like a faggot. The worst part of it all was when I had sobered up enough to know it was happening, I found myself actually enjoying the attention. It felt so good when their dicks were inside of me. I felt kind of special having all those guys enjoying being with me like that. Having them all hold me so like they did was wonderful. I had felt wanted. I certainly had been.

To be continued………………………………...........................................................................

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