Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age that he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact that all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested that the reader read Part One first.

Total Confusion Part Eight

It was very difficult to be like the other boys. I had to watch what they did and try to mimic their feelings, on the things they did. The way I felt about most of it simply did not apply. I believe I should tell about the rest of my life as well as the molestation. I will not use people’s real names. I will mix and match who I did what with and what I did with who as it is not my desire to hurt anyone. It may be possible for someone to figure out the names of some of the characters if I keep all of the facts together. I will, however be telling stories that actually happened. Of course I have been doing that all along.

I will start with some of the better parts of my childhood. Not the best parts, but better than the ones I have revealed to this point. School was a bitch. I started hating it right off the bat. Not the learning part, just the being there part.

The first few weeks were kind of rough. Mrs. Moss was the teacher. She was old and she obviously had trouble hearing. She had this ring of chairs, in which she made the unruly children sit, while she continued to teach the rest of the class. She bellowed at me to get in the ring of chairs, because she had “seen” me talking. I hadn’t said a thing. Of course, I wasn't the first student to get in the ring. By the end of the day everybody was in the ring of chairs except this one little girl that had become her pet. Mrs. Moss would spend the rest of the day teaching her.

I was sitting in class, when I realized I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I had to pee so bad I could taste it. I raised my hand and Mrs. Moss ignored me. I called her name to get her attention and she continued to ignore me. I stood up and told her I needed to go to the bathroom. She said to get back in my seat. Too many young folks had already used that excuse to get out of class today. I tried to leave the class to relieve myself, but she actually put me back at my desk.

I sat at my desk and cried as the urine ran all over the floor as it poured from my pants. I knew everyone else could see me peeing all over myself. It seemed like I peed forever. I was devastated. No one in the class ever said anything to me about it. They knew what happened, but the rest of the school called me names. Stuff like piss pot, Mamma’s boy, sissy and the like. Yes, I was hating school already.

After about two weeks, I was transferred to Miss Lane’s class. She was in her early twenties and wore a short skirt that revealed a good portion of what I thought were very pretty legs. I would sit there with my little hard on and enjoy looking at her. I knew a lot about hard ons as I had been sexually molested starting at five, but cannot tell that story here. At that time I had only done things with guys, so I didn’t really know quite why Miss Lane made me hard. I had one hell of a crush on her. She was beautiful. She was special to me as she was my first crush. Of course I never told her so.

I would sit in the front row as close to the blackboard as I could without everyone thinking I wasn’t part of the class. This always gave me a good view of her legs. Gosh they were pretty. I enjoyed staring at her the whole year. I was heartbroken when I wound up in a class taught by an old biddy the following year.

That sucked enough in itself, but I was always getting hurt. The first day at recess, I got knocked down on the asphalt and put a huge scrape on my left wrist. It hurt something fierce and I thought it would never heal. I could still see the scar well into my twenties. I hated school with a passion all the way through graduation.


I am at David’s apartment once again. David has his hand down my pants and is feeling my balls. It isn’t so bad. Today, he’s actually being gentle. David is having some fun teasing me before I have to give him his suck for the day. I have already been informed that he has something special lined up for me that I am sure to enjoy. Turns out the surprise is Tom is coming to get me. He is going to borrow me for three or four hours.

Paul didn’t come down, because Tom only wanted me. It sucks to have a guy in love with you like that. Tom gets hard at the mention of my name. Being borrowed by Tom isn’t too bad. It has its good points. Tom is always gentle. He is genuinely concerned about my well being anytime he is having sex with me. Tom is no where near as fucked up as David.

The problem is Tom is a dog trainer. He trains dogs to have sex with little boys like me. Lots of fucked up people are willing to shell out big bucks for one of Tom’s dogs. When ever Tom borrows me, I have to help him with the dogs. He usually has from five to eight dogs in various stages of training. More on that later.

Right now David is sliding a hotdog into a rubber. He likes to tie the end of the rubber closed and work the hotdog in and around my hinny hole. I am naked now and bent over the arm of the couch. David is pulling my legs apart while he slides the hotdog against me. I can feel it nudge at my hole as it passes by. Each pass seems to intrude farther than the one before.

David runs the hotdog into my hole and slides it slowly back and forth along my crack. If Paul was doing this, I’d be coming all over myself. The feeling is awesome, but I don’t want this sick fuck to find out I like it. Yet try as I might, my body is betraying me. David knows how it makes me feel. My dick is so hard its ready to explode. And he isn’t even touching that.

My heart is about to beat itself out of my chest. My breathing is rapid and erratic. Hell, I’m fucking moaning out loud. Finally the hotdog disappears through my sphincter. The knot and loose end of the rubber are still protruding from the back of my ass. That feels pretty awesome too. I am blood red with embarrassment. I hate this sick bastard. I wish he’d fucking disappear. David pulls me to my feet. “Okay you silly little fuck. Its time for you to do your thing.”

David sits on the couch. My face slams into his crotch. The smell is awful. Its not that he isn’t clean although sometimes it is because he isn’t. No, this time he’s all worked up and smells like sex. Guy sex. I hate that smell, except when it comes from Paul. Then, it’s a savory nectar from the Gods. Right now I want to puke. David is jabbing my head down onto his penis. “Open your mouth, stupid.” I hate it when he calls me all these names. My feelings are hurt and the tears are running down my cheeks. My mouth opens. David slides my face down as his dick slips deeply into my mouth. I start sucking. I hate the way it feels in my mouth, but I remember the way Mister Donkey feels. I hate that enough to go all out on David.

I am sitting on the couch on my knees with my head in David’s lap. My head is bobbing up and down. I alternate between sucking hard and slipping my lips up and down his shaft. David dribbles into my mouth every third or fourth slurp. My tongue wiggles in the tip of his dick as my fingers gently knead his balls.

Every time I squeeze his nuts between my fingers a wad of semen oozes into my mouth. I’ve been sucking for twenty minutes. My mouth is starting to feel like a dick. “Come on you little shit. Get me. Make me come all in your mouth. Show me what a slutty faggot you really are. Slurp on that dick.” This is my warning that David is ready to come. It is also my cue to start sucking really hard. I increase the suction.

When I suck him like this for more than a minute or two, it leaves a deep red hickey on the end of his dick. David erupts into my mouth. I can feel his gooey nasty tasting cum squirting between my lips. It sticks to the back of my tongue like glue. David jambs a finger into my ribs at just the right moment making me suck in a breath.

I get some of his semen into my lungs making me cough. When I did, I blew a mouthful of his cum out of my nose. Now I have a head full of his juice while he continues to fill up my mouth. I hate this bastard with a passion. I obediently swallow and clean him up with my tongue. David let me up. I sat next to him on the couch. We are both still nude. I can smell the bastard all inside my head.

David grabbed my face by both cheeks pulling me close for a kiss while he crammed his tongue down my throat. He pulled back staring into my eyes. “You liked that didn’t you?” I sat there trying not to cry out loud. “Hey you stupid shit. I asked you if you liked that.” David slapped me across my face with an open hand. It stung and a little spittle flew out of my mouth. “Yeah. It was really tasty. I can’t wait to get some more.” David smiled at his little bitch. He put his arm across my shoulder pulling me close. “I knew you loved it.”


The doorbell rang. David got up without even dressing and answered the door. Tom stood there staring at me. “Damn dude. I hope you didn’t fuck him out. You knew I was going to borrow him today.” David threw his arms up in submission. “Hey. The little shit is resilient. He’ll be able to do everything you need him to do. Besides, the little fuck has a dog fetish as it is.” David knows I hate doing sex with a dog. That’s why he never misses a chance to tell one of his faggot friends that I love it with a dog.

Tom laughed. “Come on Kenny. Get your clothes on so we can go.” Tom got off on watching me dress. It was a quiet ride to Tom’s. I am wearing a short pair of cut off jeans. Short enough to reveal most of my thighs. I don’t normally wear them that short, but David insisted I wear them. Tom is having trouble driving as he can’t see the road for looking at my legs.

He loves looking at my legs. I can tell, because the wet spot in the front of his pants is steadily growing. My dick is hard because Tom is caressing the inside of my thigh. Some people might wonder how this could be so. Trust me, if Tom was stroking your legs the way he does mine, you’d probably be shooting off instead of just being hard. My balls are ready to burst.

We arrive at Tom’s. “Go on inside, Kenny. Jeffrey’s waiting for you in the living room. I’ll join the two of you in about an hour.” I already know what this means. Tom’s younger brother is lying nude on the couch waiting on me to fuck him in the ass. Then he’ll return the favor. At least he usually does. I also know one of the dogs that has neared the completion of his training will be there to get his turn as well. Tom likes my legs and dick. Jeffrey has an ass fetish.

Tom is going to the kennel to feed the dogs. Then he will go to his room to fuck his sister. He likes to fuck her while he thinks about what I am doing in the other room with Jeffrey. Tom is trying to talk his sister into doing me. I hope he succeeds. That is one good looking thing he has for a sister. I want a taste of that. So far she has refused. I don’t understand why she refuses. After all, she helps Tom with his dogs all the time. Strange. She has sex with dogs and won’t give me a little bit of her pussy.

“Oh hi Kenny. Come on over here. Tongue me in my ass. Get me wet up so I can enjoy that thing of your’s inside me.” I look at Jeffrey. He is on his hands and knees with his butt sticking up in the air at me. At least he cleans it up good for me when he knows I am coming over. It helps a lot when there’s nothing stuck to it.

I slowly shed my clothes making sure Jeffrey got an eyeful as more and more of my bare skin became visible. I could hear Jeffrey panting by the time my knees hit the floor next to him. His ass is so smooth and soft. I love the feel of his warm cheeks in my hands, yet it is still a chore to bend over to stick my tongue up his ass.

Jeffrey moans in delight as my lips gently kiss first the left cheek and then the right. I kissed back and forth. Tenderly touching him as my lips pulled at his tight skin. After licking him all over the back of his ass, I licked his crack. As my tongue slid deeply into his hole, I sucked on his little pucker spot. Then when I let up the suction, I let a wad of spit roll in.

When I had him really slopping wet, I moved my dick closer to his head. Jeffrey turned his head slightly taking my peter between his lips. He slobbered all over the length of my shaft. I pulled loose from his lips. Jeffrey screamed in pleasure as I crawled over him on the couch. My rod slid quickly and easily into his hole. In and out. In and out. Back and forth. Back and forth. I kept a steady rhythm. That’s the way Jeffrey likes it.

As I was happily banging away at the back of Jeffrey’s ass, he reached behind me patting me on my ass. “Fetch, Duke. Fetch.” A huge Great Dane came tromping across the floor, stopping next to me. He sniffed at my backsides and then started licking all over my rear end. Jeffrey is still squealing like a pig and I am still banging away. Duke has his front paws wrapped around my torso pulling me up close. When his dick slid up my butt, I was surprised. It was a whole lot bigger than Sam’s. Duke started fucking me hard. Now Jeffrey and I both are squealing like little pigs.

I heard a noise next to me. I focus on Tom standing at the foot of the couch. His hard on is already tenting at his pants. “Wow. Kenny. You look so cute when you are servicing the dogs. Duke is the only one I have at this stage right now, but the other six are as ready as they can be for you to blow them. Won’t that be fun?” Tom really thinks I love sucking dogs. David told him I do and forbade me to tell him otherwise. Now I have to enjoy blowing Tom’s dogs.

I can’t stand it any longer. The throbbing sensation I am getting from Duke combined with Jeffrey’s tail muscles contracting and releasing pulling at my shaft is driving me insane. I explode in Jeffrey’s sweet ass just as Duke starts squirting into mine. Damn, I’ve never been fucked that hard by a dog. I lay spent on top of Jeffrey for several minutes as Duke finished getting his rocks off in me.

Tom could see we were finished. “Come on Kenny. Lets go out to the kennel. I want you to meet the new lot. They’ll be ready to fuck your brains out in a month or two. Maybe all six of them can have you one behind the other. That will be a special treat for you. What about it, would you like that?” Mother fuck. Now he’s going to put six dogs on me at the same time. How do I manage to get into this shit? “Yeah, that would be cool. I can hardly wait.”

I hate having to say this shit, but David will hurt me if I don’t. Tom opened the first cage. I walked in. I got down on my knees. My head lowered and I put my mouth between a German shepherd’s legs. Damn this is going to be a long four hours.


After sucking all six of the dogs, I am fed up, but now its time to service Tom. I had two German shepherds, two Dobermans, a basset hound, and a fox terrier. “Good job Kenny. Come with me.” I obediently followed Tom to his room. To my surprise, Betty is still in the room. She is fully dressed in slacks and a blouse. That’s a disappointment, but I know I will see her naked when ever she and Jeffrey go out to service the dogs. She looks really cute when she is servicing the dogs. I’ve only seen her do it twice. So far she hasn’t been there when its my turn.

“Go ahead and do a strip tease for me Kenny. Don’t mind Betty. She wants to see how you do it.” I started strutting around the room. I did a seductive dance as I tenderly caressed my nipples and tugged at the bottoms of my shorts. With each caress my shirt went higher up my chest as my shorts went lower on my waist. I was keeping an eye on Betty. She is obviously enjoying the show. She seems to be in a daze as she openly gawks at me.

I slowly eased my shirt over my head and onto the floor. I slid my shorts to the floor without even unbuckling them. This left me with just a pair of tight bikini briefs. My boner was already tenting out the front of them and Betty couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Neither could Tom.

Tom evidently couldn’t take anymore. He walked over to me. I feel his strong hands scoop me up and place me gently into the bed. Tom crawls into the bed placing his lips between my legs. He slowly twirls his tongue around in my underpants at the front. His lips bury themselves into my crotch through the thin fabric. Tom bites down slightly scraping my skin with his teeth as he grips the cloth of my underpants tearing them from me with his teeth.

After I became so quickly and surprisingly displayed in the nude, Betty cooed out loud. “Wow. I had no idea he would look this sweet Tom. Go ahead and suck him off. I want to see this.” Tom lowered his head tracing the edges of my shaft with his warm wet lips. I am in heaven. Tom wraps his lips tightly around my rod pulling a suction as he raised his head before slowly sliding back down and letting back off.

He would expertly tweak his tongue in the end of my dick, pulling his lips back just enough for Betty to see he had it in there. Tom would do this then slip down to my nuts taking them gently into his mouth. I could hear the popping sound as my balls pulled free from his mouth as my penis slid back in. Betty is sitting on the edge of the bed in awe. I wrapped my hands around the back of Tom’s head like he has told me to many times. I pulled him close to my middle as I erupted into his mouth.

Tom eagerly gulped down my excitement. He lay there pulling at my dick head with his lips trying to get more of my excitement. I was finished. Tom wore me out. Finally Tom switches places with me. “Okay, Kenny. Teach Betty how to give a blow job.” I am confused. I don’t know quite how to do this. “How do I do that Tom?” Tom grins as he looks into his sister’s eyes. “Relax, Kenny. Its easy. You don’t have to say a thing. Just suck me like you always do and she can watch.”

I started bobbing for apples as I worked on Tom’s pecker. Betty is watching closely. I am not sure why I am teaching Betty to give a blow job. From what I’ve seen when she does the dogs, she’s already an expert. Oh, silly me. Betty only does it with the dogs. I’ve never seen her do it with a guy. I’ll bet Tom is trying to talk her into blowing him by getting her to do me first. I sure hope that's what he's doing.

Tom’s dick disappears and then reappears from my mouth. I slurp gently and suck hard. I kiss and caress his balls. I can hardly wait for him to fill up my mouth. I love the way Tom’s excitement tastes. “Hey, Betty. What do you think. Is it as cool as I said it would be?”

Betty broke into a wide grin. “It sure is. Its all that and more. I am so horny it wouldn’t take much for me to come.” I see her hand tug at her vagina as if to move her underpants to a different spot. “Go ahead Betty. Suck Kenny’s sweet rod while he’s doing me. You’ll love it. I promise.” I can’t believe my ears. Tom is asking his sister to suck my meat. I love it when I am right like that.

“No. You said if I agreed to watch, you wouldn’t get me to do him.” Tom chuckled. “I’m not making you do him. I’m just saying it’s a perfect chance for you to try one. If you find you like it, I’ll let you do mine anytime you like. What do you say?” Betty looked at Tom then quickly at my dick. I am still diligently sucking Tom’s meat. Betty kept her gaze going back and forth as she pondered what to do.

Tom started squirting violently into my mouth. I am sucking as hard and as fast as I can. Suddenly I feel a set of warm, wet, very soft lips make contact with my dick head. I glance down as I continue to suck the shit out of Tom. Betty is deep throating me. Oh yeah. I can handle this.

Betty is lightly allowing her lips to caress my rod. The sensation is driving me insane. She’s hasn’t been sucking for more than two minutes and already I am squirting my load down her throat. Betty swallowed my offering and continued to suck for several more minutes. Then she cleaned me up with her tongue. It was awesome. I hope she likes it enough to do it all the time. A little shot of that booty would be nice too. Oh well, I’ll have to wait and see.

To be continued……………………………….........................................................................

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