Final Chapter
It has been a week since my last English Lesson with Tomiko. Her husband, Jack, had left on a 4–day business trip to London, last night; and I had just returned from the airport; where my wife, Pam, was off to New York City for a 3-day conference. While in the shower, I hear the doorbell ring. Grabbing a terry cloth robe, I quickly go to see who it is. To my surprise, it's Tomiko standing in front of me in a blue-and white, ankle-length cotton robe. It had a wide sash tied around the middle; which showed off her small waist and shapely body.

“Hi. I thought I was supposed to come to your place. I just took Pam to the airport and was finishing my shower before coming to see you.” She gave me one of her sexy smiles, “Yes, I watched the two of you leave about an hour ago and then watched you getting out of the car alone. Sorry, I couldn’t wait.” I stood there admiring her fabulous form and soft, warm smile. “Well,” she said, “Aren’t you going to invite me in… or do I have to give some secret sign… like this!” With that, she unfastened the sash and let the robe to the floor. She was totally naked and her tiny cunt was naked too. She had shaved every spec of pubic hair off her twat… as she loved to refer to it. I grabbed her arm and pulled her through the front door, before someone in the condo complex saw her. As soon as I closed and locked the door, she dropped to her knees, undid the belt on my robe and grabbed my hard cock. Looking up at me with those lusty almond-shaped eyes, she started to lick and slurp the throbbing head with unbridled zest.

“So, professor, what are the English words for what I’m doing to you now?” My head was spinning from her wonderful oral assault. Concentrating as best I could, “Let’s see, there’s : "giving head”, "head job", "blow job", "lip service", "going down", "sucking off", "rolling cigars", “hummer”, “oral sex”, “smoking pole”, “gobble it” “polish the knob”, and the technical name… “Fellatio”. She smiled again; then, in between long licks from the base of my rod to the tip, “I like ‘lip service’. Do you like my Lip Service, Mack?” It was a question that needed no answer.

I was already breathing heavy and my eyes exposed my helplessness to her attentive stare. “What way do you like the best? Do you want me to slide my tongue up and down your shaft, like this? Or do you prefer me sucking on your fat, juicy balls… like this? How about I nibble the head, while probing your small slit, where I can taste your juice seeping out?" I looked at her beautiful face, “I like it all… everything… do all that you are doing and more!” She took my knob in her mouth and slid down over the half-way mark, before I felt the entrance to her throat. Pulling back, she asked, “What do you call it, if I take your entire cock into my mouth?” I couldn’t believe the question,

“Deep Throat… it’s called deep throat!” “So Mack, how can I deep throat you?” There was a small droplet of pre-cum on her bottom lip, “Well relax your throat and try to allow the head of my dick to slide in. Don’t panic… just relax.” She took on a very serious expression, “OK here is goes. Relax and swallow!” She sucked me into her mouth again and then pushed beyond the entrance of her gullet. Suddenly she gagged and pulled back. Without hesitating, she went back down; but this time she was able to take it all. Her lips were pressed against my pubic hair. The feeling was phenomenal… nothing like I had ever felt before. Tomiko pulled back, “I did it… I did it!” Just then I shot my load all over her face. It was the largest amount of goo I had ever discharged. It filled her entire face, with additional strings landing on her hair and breasts.

She was on fire, “Please fuck me. I’ve been waiting so long to feel your cock in my twat.” I positioned her below me and spread her legs. Now let’s start with the ‘Missionary Position’.” As I penetrated her wet snatch, she laughed, “Why do they call this the missionary position? “ I explained, “In the early days of the Christian church, it was the only position allowed, since anything else would be considered obscene.” I then guided her to a kneeling position, “This is called ‘Doggie Style’” She put her head down and raised her ass high. My dick went in even further, causing her to scream with pleasure.

I could tell she was near an orgasm. I lied down and instructed her to straddle my hips. She inserted my shaft and began to rock back and forth. “This is the ‘cowgirl position’. Now get up on the soles of your feet and squat onto my cock… that’s it. You’re doing the ‘Asian Cowgirl’” She started rising and dropping at a very fast pace, “Oh I like this. I think this is my favorite, so far. Mac, I’m Cumming. Her I go. I’m shooting my wad… ikku… God yes ikku!" Her legs shook until she couldn’t control her balance. I felt a steady stream of her cum gushing over my cock. She was back in the conventional cowgirl position again, but hardly moving. The orgasm was still pulsating through her body.

After regaining her composure, I knelt in front of her as she straddled my legs. We were facing each other. Her tits were pressed against my chest. “They call this the ‘Lotus’.” She smiled and kissed me tenderly, “I also like this one very much!” I lifted her off the bed and told her to wrap her legs around me. With her arms around my neck, she rose up and down, as we fucked slowly. “Oh, Mac, I love making love to you.” I kissed her neck, “This, of course, is the ‘Standing Position’.” I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. “Can you cum again… soon? I want us to cum together!” She sighed, “Yes Mac, I will cum with you whenever you are ready. Spurt your love juice in me. Give me lots of it. I want to feel it deep inside my wet cunt.”

I wanted to try one more, the ‘Reverse Cowgirl’. I had a feeling she would really love this one. Lying back down, she sat on my rod, while facing away from me. Her ass was so sexy, as she lifted, dropped then rocked back and forth. I suggested that she rotate her hips, when she rose up. She soon got into the rhythm. It was the most sensual fuck session I ever experienced. She must have felt the same, because she started yelling at the top of her lungs, “God Mac, hurry up. I can’t wait any longer!!!” I grunted, “Now, Baby, Now!” I shot more cum than I had ever shot in my life. I counted at least five heavy spurts. Tomiko felt each blast, screaming as each volley hit the bottom of her vagina. She started grinding her pussy down on my cock as far as it could go… rotating her hips and muttering, Ikku… Ikku… Ikku. Oh Mac, it’s heaven.” Our combined cum was flooding out of her gaping hole, when she rolled over onto her back. She spread her legs as wide as she could, “Look Mac… look at our cum! It’s so beautiful and feels so good.”

For the next two days, we spent most of our time in bed or some other room of the condo having sex. Tomiko was insatiable and except for eating, bathing and sleeping she was fucking or sucking me in some form or another.

We decided that we had to be together, so we made plans to separate and divorce our current spouses and then move to another state or maybe Japan and start a new life together.

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