Anothet one written just for fun. Most bits are made up. Please enjoy, and if you are not into this kinda stuff, please do not read and go find something else. Thanks
Staying over at Scott’s

Scott and I had been really close friends for many years, since were in pre-school. We used to stay at each other’s houses for sleepovers all the time and just play computer games, maybe make something and just been you’re average teenage lads. One weekend was quite different though.
Scott text me on Friday whilst I was at school. I was sat there in a boring lesson and I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket: “Hey James, you wanna come over to mine to stay tonight?” he wrote, to which I immediately replied “Yes!” I was so glad that he asked, because I was so bored and I really needed to go and see him to try and stop me jumping off a bridge from boredom. So when I got home after school, I packed a bag then walked over to Scott’s house.
I got there around 4:00 and he welcomed me in, then I got a controller out and settled in for an evening of movies and Xbox! We had a brilliant time, we watched some DVD’s and played hours worth of computer games and this took us up to about midnight.
We decided to get changed for bed, so at least Scott’s dad wouldn’t tell us to go to bed if we looked like we would go by ourselves. Scott ran off into the bathroom to get changed into his pyjamas, and I quickly got changed in his room. I was wearing some pyjama shorts and just the vest I had on under my t-shirt I was wearing earlier, and when Scott returned he was wearing a really baggy t-shirt with some long chequered pyjama bottoms. Now both Scott and I were about 5ft 7” being in our mid teens, and we were both average build. He had short hair and I had mine fairly long, but in a fashionable way. Scott always had very pale skin whereas I would tan instantly the second I stepped outside and so had much more olive shaded skin. Scott was more athletic than me however and had the start of a six-pack coming through whereas my stomach was completely flat, with very blonde body hair so it could hardly be seen. Scott had quite dark bodily hair so although he didn’t have loads, his was far more visible.
Now after we got changed we sat next to each other on his bed and carried on to play some computer games but after a while we got bored of running around shooting each other on the same game and decided it might be cool to watch a scary movie in the dark. So, with Scott’s dad soundly asleep in the other side of the house, and with all the lights out and doors closed, we decided to go for a psychological thriller. We where sat there watching it for a while but again being teenage lads got bored of it after a while. It was getting into the early hours of the morning now, and we were running out of things to do. Scott asked if I wouldn’t mind if he sat on his laptop for a bit and I told him to “go for it” and whilst he was doing that I decided to have a look on the internet on my phone.
After 5 minutes or so on various social sites, I decided to have a browse around some porn, no intention of course of letting Scott know or doing anything, but just browsing about. I was looking at some pretty hot videos of sorts of girls and what they were getting up to. You see, up until that night I had always considered myself completely straight, but it’s true I left Scott’s house a bi-sexual.
Scott said he was going to go and make us a cup of tea and he’d be right back. Out of my curious and nosey nature I had a look at the laptop he was on. I saw open a couple of conversations with some people on his messenger, he also had open an internet browser. My nosey-ness got the better of me and I had a look to see what he was up to. What I saw changed the events of that night, and many more nights to come. Opened up in the internet in various tabs were loads of porn, some straight porn and some gay porn. I couldn’t believe it, the straight stuff didn’t shock me, but to learn Scott was a bi was weird for me. I looked at what he was looking at, a couple of you’re average straight videos, but all the gay ones seemed to follow the theme of things like wrestling and fighting in which the models would start to have a normal match, but it would develop into something sexual. I thought this was quite kinky for Scott and just chuckled a bit to myself. I was a modern guy, and Scott being bi was fine with me, it made no difference at all.
Scott came back upstairs with a cup of tea each, I heard him on his way up so I moved back to where I was sitting and picked up my phone.
After another 10 minutes or so of him on his laptop and me on my phone, he asked “Do you wanna have another match, I’m so bored”. By that he meant did I want to have a little wrestling/MMA/random match with him like we did fairly often to pass time and it was quite fun. So we were playing around on his carpet for a while, it hadn’t struck me at all to relate this match we were having to the themes of the videos he was watching, in fact I had completely forgotten. Eventually, I managed to get him into a school boy pin, and had him out for a three count “one, two, three!” I chanted as he struggled to break free. I had won the match, I did my little impression of a victory like they do on TV, then collapsed next to Scott on the floor, exhausted. “I’m taking this top off” said Scott as he pulled off his pyjama t-shirt that was several sizes to big for him. “Not a bad idea mate” I followed, I didn’t realise how much I had been sweating, it was quite embarrassing actually, so I took off my vest thingy and put it to one side to dry off. Again, I was so distracted by us just having fun, I completely forgot about the films I saw on his computer. See, Scott and I had seen each other shirtless plenty of times, we were best friends, so it didn’t seen too odd to me.
Scott then did something I really did not expect, he got up and went over to get his laptop then came and sat by me again. He opened up one of the videos I saw earlier and clicked play. “James mate, I gotta tell you something. I’m a bi” I looked at him for a moment then responded.
“Dude, that’s fine by me. Listen, don’t worry about it.” He looked very reassured at this response as then he said “I’ve been watching these videos on the net lately, they’re basically wrestling matches like ours, only they end up in people getting fucked.”
“And…” I responded, with no idea what he was suggesting towards.
“Well, why don’t we have a go at one of those matches, it would be really fun” Scott said in a very shy voice, worried that I would completely put him down at this question.
“Well, I’ve never though about doing it with boys before….” It took me a while to think about this, I was a very modern person and very open minded, I never thought the idea of gay sex is disgusting or anything, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it myself.
“Mate it will be fun and it looks like it feels really good” Scott continued, more confident that I was at least thinking about it. “Dude, how often to you jerk off?” he continued
“Probably about once a day” I responded
“Well, it’s meant to feel like that only 1000 times better!”
“Ah what the heck, but only because it’s you, and never tell anyone”
“Mate, this is just between me and you”
“So what do we do now?” I questioned, expecting Scott to take the lead.
“Well, first off we just have a normal match like we do, then when we get hard-ons, we just try and fuck each other” Scott explained
“Ok, let’s do it” I said, more enthusiastically about the idea, I was beginning to see this could be a good idea.
So, Scott and I had a match again on the carpet of his room for the next 10 minutes or so. Now I was actually thinking about it, I was finding it quite hot with us rolling around grappling, shirtless as he tried to pin me to the ground. The match went on for about 10 minutes when both our dicks were getting very hard. He made the first move and took off his pyjama bottoms leaving him in his boxers, and I quickly followed. We continued to roll around on the floor in our boxers for 5 minutes or so when Scoot stood up and sat on his bed, he took off his boxer shorts. He aimed his 6 incher straight for me.
“Come on James, I think it’s time we get down to it” he urged me on. I crawled over to the bed, then sat on my knees and for the first time in my life, took his cock into my mouth. Bit by bit I edged it in and then I started to bob up and down, licking all up his cock as I went. Scott’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, I could see that I was putting him in more pleasure than I could imagine, I could not wait until my turn. Scott grabbed some of my hair and rocked my head up and down even quicker. “Yes James, ahh! Yea go on suck it dude!” he moaned as I really began to pick up the pace. I could see him holding it back for as long as he could but eventually he reached breaking point. “Oh shit, this is it man, I’m cumming!” and as he said that he released 4 or 5 thick wads down my throat. To be honest, I kind of liked it. The taste wasn’t bad at all and the feeling of that hot liquid trickle down my neck and Scott’s hot, hard member in my mouth. I could definitely do it again. I decided there and then that I was now going to be a bi too. “Dude that was awesome” I said “I think I’m bi to man” and Scott looked at me and smiled with great relief.
It was clear however that Scott was not finished, he stood me up then removed my boxer shorts. Then, he sat me down on his bed just like he had done. I sat there in anticipation, I was going to get sucked off too and I couldn’t wait! My cock throbbed but then Scott did something I did not expect. “This is going to be awesome” he said and slowly and steadily he began to sit down on my cock and I helped him guide it towards his hole. “Ok, take It steady now, this is my first time” Scott cautioned and with that he slowly moved down until more and more of my throbbing cock was in him.
Finally, I was all in. Scott leaned forwards a bit, then I realised I was now in control. I put my hands on his hips then started to bounce up and down, fucking him slowly. “Oh yea! That is so good!” he moaned orgasmically as I began to speed up. I bounced hard up and down and slammed him down onto my cock, a small moan with every turn. “Yea, uh! Fuck it yea!” I cried under my breath, Scott and I were really going fast now, the creaking from the mattress was getting loader as where our moans and groans of pleasure. “Oh shit dude, I think… yea! Shit I’m about to cum!” Scott leaped straight up from lap at that cry.
“No man, not yet.. Here, try it like this” Scott moved me off the bed, and then laid himself down in the middle with his legs in the air. I took the hint, I positioned myself with my cock in his tight ass with his legs resting on my shoulders as I began to fuck him again, bringing up the pace really quickly. Scott let out a small gasp at the shock of how quickly I was now fucking him. As I bounced in and out, I started stroking his rock hard cock, then I moved my hand up his abs and then up around his chest, rubbing it slowly. My hand moved slowly around his chest and then around his nipples. I could see in his face that this was becoming too much to bare. I lowered my face down to his, and we kissed passionately.
“James dude… you are like a fucking machine man!” Scott praised.
“Urgh, Scott! Fuck! Dude this it, I’m gonna cum! Big time!” I replied. I fucked him quicker, I wanked him off even quicker, I could feel every muscle in my body tensing up.
“Yea, I am too! Oh shit……..” And with that we both released wad after wad of hot steamy cum. I could feel myself project my boy wads right up into Scott’s bowels. Scott shot his load all over himself and me as he let out a sigh of relief. I withdrew from him and let his cock go. Then we sat upright against the wall with our arms around each others shoulders, breathing heavily.
“That was… fuck awesome man” I said, panting
“Yea” replied Scott, “Now I know why the people in the videos do it”
“Must be a fucking awesome job”
Since then Scott and I have gotten together many times, and I expect many more times to come.

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