Dog and Friends

I am living in a duplex that has no by laws about animals but every one worked.
My husband that is 28 would leave home to start work 6.15 am every morning and I left a 7.00 this was a way we could save to get our own house I’m 27.

Two years every thing went along the same every week day. I was on the pill as my husband did not want kids yet. Every morning he would wake up with his morning glory roll me on my side and fuck me before her got up for breakfast and then shaved and shower. I would get up and pack his lunch and kiss him good-by.

Very routine till on day I lost my job that keep at home till I found another.
I was getting board looking at those morning TV shows.

I found out the my next door friend ( Jim he is 30 ) is working night shift and his wife left at 7.30 am after he had come home at 6.30 a.m..

We become friends when we meet out in the drive way. I said if you every want or run out of any thing come over.

That was two weeks ago and still no job but there was a friend at my husband work that was taking a month’s holiday and had a dog and was going to pay some one to mind the thing.

My husband was only thinking about the money said my wife will look after the mutt.

On the Sunday around came the dog, mixed bread large but not a large as a Great Dane. “Where are we going to keep such a large dog” I asked “He is house trained and will sleep in the laundry” Well I thought it only for a month. “Ok”.

On the first day when my husband gone to work I put some food out for the dog and when he was eating it I notice the he had a cock was dangling down as I had never notice a dog before. I was fascinating and on the second day when I feed him I stared to stroke his back and brought my hand down to feel his cock. To my surprise he just keep eating by was making his cock larger at the same time.

That day I was walking around the house in my short nightie with out my under wear on as this is the way I always sleep.

After the dog had eaten he started to flow me around till I had to bend over to pick some thing off the floor. Next I felt my cunt was being licked from behind and I spun around and before I could do any thing he was licking my cunt from the front.

He had a rough tong but as it was long it was making me feel good.

He started to get very agitated and he was bringing his cock to huge size I had not seen it before it was making my feel horny. He started to jump on me and I lost my balance. Try to get away by crawling like a dog on all fours and not thinking what he had on his mind and then he mounted me and I could feel a sharp huge long cock trying to fuck me. Some how I stopped crawling and as my nightie was being push up leaving my ass and cunt exposed. He found my cunt and “shit” in it went it was different that I had ever felt before and when he was blowing his sperm into me. I was as pleased and happy as it made my body tingle. What on earth was I doing enjoying a mutt it was not right but I was not trying to get away why?

Ever day the same routine husband and then a dog but I found the dog could please me three or four time a day and I loved it. The dog was bigger than my husband and once he mist my cunt and for the very first time I had feel my ass being pleased. .

Why did I feel this way as my husband if at home could have me any time Why?

A week had past when one morning Jim for next door knocked on the door and was asking for some coffee as he had run out.

Next second the dog started to sniff around my ass Jim said “The dog looks that he want you” with out thinking I said “He want to fuck me” with that I then screaming out “Get out Get out” I was meaning the dog but Jim lift so fast he did not get the coffee.

I put the hound back in the laundry and grabbed the coffee and when into next door to apologies to Jim.

I had not changed from my nightie, just forgot as I knocking on his door “Come in” Jim called out.
I stood in front him “I’ve got the coffee” I went to hand the coffee and we started to talk. I was shorter than him and had to look up to this magnificent body. Reaching out to give him the coffee he came closer and he motions to kiss me and I accepted by kiss him back and I could feel a bulge between us. Thinking (I do note knowing what but it felt sexy) He step back I put the coffee on the table it had been the coffee jar not his man hood I could feel.
Then I notice his eyes were penetrating me as I was standing with the sun be hide me and with my sheer nightie no underwear he could see my full silhouette, I just stood there and was proud that I was appreciating he was enjoying my body.

Some how with out words we both led each other to the bedroom I pushed him down and I claimed top and started to undo his trousers’ and undoing his zip with help from Jim it was not long before his larger that ever cock was stiff giving me a chance to taste such and delight, I when down and suck it and try to fit it down my throat but the size just was to big so with out hesitation I crawled to mount such a pleasure that I needed. As I had already had my husband that morning and the dog, Jim was not hard to take. Sitting on such a Hugh cock it was hurting as I had not had 10in and a girth of 7in in my small cunt before. Tears come in my eyes and Jim asked am I all right “Fuckin good it fuckin haven Fuck me hard, fuck me hard you basted” With that his ass started to bounce up and down making me feel it all he was making me have a organism, never feel so good he was blowing my mind and hitting my cervix . I started to think my husband has not go a cock this big the dog is larger that my husband but Jim was fill my wanting stretch cunt making me feel like a real woman that I could deal with it more and more.

Why is it with out words when see person all thinks come wanting why?

I become routine my husband first fuck me then the dog then Jim it started my day that nothing could go wrong. This was every working morning before 10.

The month had gone and the dog had to go back to the owner. I would miss the mutt but I new I could rely on Jim.

Three month down later Jim said that one of his work mates were having a bucks night and would I be interested to earn some money “ what do I do I asked “ ‘seducing the groom” O that might be fun I thought “ I’ll thing about it”

What will I say to my husband I asked “Say you are going to have a night out with some of the girls you once work with” “OK?”

On the Saturday night all was arranged I was to wait in a motel room where the boys would send along the groom.

It was about 10.30 and a noisy lot a men turn up and all in they come. The boy that was the target he looked very pleasing and sexy to me. I was told that just the two of us but all the other wanted to stay and see the actions so I could humiliate him.

I was wearing a short tartan skit the rape around one and a button up top with the new grip bra and a G string. The talk got rough and some how I like it I sat on the groom lap all the time and some time wriggled my ass to get he horny. The boy dare my to suck him off so I was ready to have fun I undid his belt and unzip and the boy where thinking I was going to slow so they pull off his trouser and his shirt leaving him naked.

I started to suck him and he started to push me away so I turn around and drop my G string leaving exposed with my cunt and ass for him. The boys where egging us on.
I made him as hard as cock could be to side into me as I was dripping and wanting. One of the boys said give all you got so grab his harden cock and directed it to my supper wet cunt. I have to give the boy something to remember for the rest of his live. Slipping out of my cunt I grab his cock and directed it to my ass making him fuck my ass. The only other think that was before in my ass was the dog when he missed judges my cunt and I had excepted my ass to be fucked so for a groom my ass is the best I can give.

Sitting on top with the groom in my ass and my cunt was exposed to the other boys and it was not long before I was being fucked by the support team and Jim was the first I always new when he was up me as he was the only one that could hit me to climax. It fells good and after Jim the next boy started and after that I was calling out NEXT and I was not disappointed. After the third one had fucked my cunt the groom blow his sperm up my ass and then when limp. That as no good I moved around and started to suck him trying to bring him to live.

With my cunt up in the air the rest of the boys used it and filled my cunt with crum.

Some fucked me more that once and a could tell Jim he was the only one and could hit the spot to make me orgasm and he had blow my brain three time to night, when the rest was like a warm up just to keep in ready for Jim. When they had finished I climbed in a potion to made my supper dripping wet cunt over the groom face and I told him to drink the boy’s juice from my cunt.

He was reluctant at first but I keep my cunt rubbing in his face and he gave in and he sucks me dry.

The boys put in money and I was happy all around and I asked Jim the next day if you find any good looking boys again my body would want them as a starter.

I love my husband very much and for Jim he the one that gives me orgasm every time and stretched my cunt and ass to except and enjoy pleaser.

Why is it that your husband you love can’t give you the same sensation as you lover?

Some how Jim can’t do anything wrong as he is the only one that gives me an orgasms so I thing of the others just wanting me to warm up which made me feel right.

The weekend was hard on me as our spouses’ were at home but as my husband would go out on a Saturday afternoon and Jim wife would go shopping Jim would come into my place and I was always ready to except any thing he could dish out. He taught me in the beginning to except his huge cock into my ass at first as he was so big he liberates me by starting with a long neck taped bottle till he stretched my grateful ass where I could feel more body of him supper thick hard cock.

Why is it this I finely enjoyed my body being trained in such away? Why do you want to do these things?

About once a month he would invite a couple of the boys around that was at the buck’s party early in the morning and I could have my three holes raped while I looked forward to Jim to bring it home and hit the spot. The boys only made me wanting more of Jim as any of the other was like a side line to me as if I had a vibrator to get me more wanting .

Why was it making me feel it way?

Some time just the two of us when I was sitting on him riding my cunt off he would pinch my nipples and pull them that hard it sent pain down my body that made me organism more and more.

I recon if Jim would ask me to fuck a elephantine I would just to please him but if I was ask by my husband I’ve would say “No’.

Why that I asked my self?

But I love my husband. I did not under stand why I think this way.

I found a Job as it was casual starting at 11.00 am that gave me plenty of time for my morning pleaser.

So I happy to enjoy my husband a dog and the boys but Jim gave me a body feeling that I could not forget any were else Why?.

Not ever day you can find a 10in cock and a girth of 7in that can be felt and give you fulfillment and hit your cervix.

Why is it that a person can have animal wants?

DOG, -and- Friends.

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