Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age that he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact that all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested that the reader read Part One first.

Total Confusion Part Six

Some of our older friends that we hung around with had been bragging about these two eleven year old girls who could really suck on a dick. They were telling us to save up our money, that we could shoot off in both of their mouths for ten bucks. A few of them were going out there today and also enjoyed yesterday. They proceeded to describe in vivid detail how we had sucked each of their dicks.

They even fantasized about getting us outside of the box and eating our pussies. They were dreaming out loud about how pretty our legs would be. I wanted to crawl under a rock and I am sure that Paul did too. I was extremely embarrassed listening to them tell me about the way that little girl’s tongue twirled about the head of their dicks and how her hand gently massaged their balls.

Now I was sick. I had sucked off some of my friends in the neighborhood. I had to be careful what I did or I said. I would just die if they found out that I had swallowed their juice. They weren’t pretty like Paul and their juice was disgusting. They didn’t turn me on in the least. We had to think of all kinds of reasons not to go so we would not seem like chicken shit bastards who didn’t know beans about sex. We could never say yes, because we were already there.

I was going to have to suck four of them this afternoon. David kept four slots reserved for the younger boys. I think he let them come out at first in hopes of getting some of them alone. When that never happened, David let them come down just to have the satisfaction of getting us to suck some of our friends. I don't think it hurt David's feelings any to admire their naked bodies as Paul and I sucked them off.

The standing rule was the guys had to get naked to stand in the line. David told them all it was to save time. I knew he just wanted to gawk. David was after me constantly to get in good with some of them and bring them down to him. He waned me to do it with them first to break the ice. Of course, I would rather die. It was awful, having close friends saying stuff like come on bitch, suck it real hard, while they popped their wad in your mouth.

Fortunately, at least for Paul and I, David started charging them the full rate so they were forced to quit coming as often and when they did, they usually were lucky to afford to get in both lines. When they didn’t have much money, I would only have to suck them once if at all. I know it sounds cruel, but I would rather have Paul suck on our friends than to do it myself. I found something out the hard way. When you suck fifty dicks over a 4-hour span, don’t try to swallow them all. I got terribly sick to my stomach from doing this. I feel really perverted, since I even swallowed my friends.

It was difficult to talk about sex with our other friends, because we already knew what it was like to do some of the stuff and we had to be careful that none of them found out. It would be hard to explain that we had already had a blow job. The first question the guys would ask was, “With who?” David never got any of them alone that I know of. If he had, I am sure he would have made the unfortunate individual part of our little group.


David picked me up as usual today. Paul had gone with his parents for the weekend. I guess I get to handle everything by myself for a couple of days. Why couldn’t I go away too? When we got to David’s house, to my surprise, he didn't tell me to get in the box. I did give Sam a little attention. That was always gross. We had to do it with Sam almost every time we came down. I won't necessarily tell about it every time. It is enough to know that we did. After I said hello to Sam and let him do his thing with me, David put on a movie so I would get worked up.

He knew I got horny watching his dirty flicks and he knew that I would be ready for anybody to bring me off. It sucks, when David knows it will happen and there isn’t shit I can do about it. Usually, I have to sit there naked. Then, my dick gets hard no matter what I do. My heart was beating really fast too. It’s so embarrassing having David watch my dick betray my secret inner emotions.

My dick has been hard for a while now and David is waving for me to join him on the couch. I felt a little better about it this time as David had let me stay dressed during the movie. That was very odd, but I wasn't complaining. I went over and got his shit out to get it over with. The thing that hadn’t dawned on me, that should have, was that by being in a hurry to get him finished, I was really just allowing time to do it more frequently. At least this time he hadn't made me undress. He knew my dick was hard, but it wasn't as bad when he couldn't see it.

I was just finishing up his first blow job for the day, when there was a knock at the door. It was one of his friends. We sat there for a few minutes when David said he had a few errands to run and would return later. His friend was devouring me with his eyes and to make matters worse, I was just swallowing David's load when he came into the room. The guy was staring at me and I could still taste David's cum.

I could tell right away that he wanted me bad. I’ll call him Fred. Fred walked over and sat next to me on the couch. It didn’t take a lot of figuring to realize that David had set it up and this guy was expecting me to do it with him. It wasn't the first time David had lined me up with one of his friends, but usually he would just tell me to do it and then he would watch.

Fred reached out and took one of my hands in his. He held it gently. I leaned forward a little and Fred kissed me. I was still highly excited and wanted to come real bad. Of course David was well aware of this before he left, so he knows I will almost have to do something with Fred. David knows I am that horny. I told Fred I had to go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom where I took off my clothes and greased myself up with Vaseline.

Fred was shell shocked when I told him to go ahead and get naked. I knew I was going to have to do him anyway and I may as well get it over with. It might even be possible to finish before David gets back so I don’t have to let him watch me do it with another guy. I am not sure how to explain the feeling, but I would rather die than have sex with this guy. Yet I know that David has set it up, and I am devastated that I am too scared to go ahead, and let David do whatever it is he would do to me for not doing the guy. This seems to be the only easy way out, if you want to call that easy.

I sat in his lap facing him so he could kiss me while he slid gently up my ass. Yes, I had learned that the best way to cut down on the soreness and injury some of these horny bastards inflicted on my body, was to take control first and turn them on big time. Most of them were eager to lie there and enjoy while I did my thing.

I could then be gentle to myself. This also allowed me to avoid sucking many of the dicks that I found repulsive. It was always a big embarrassment when my dick got hard while someone had his thing up my ass. I tried not to let it, but it always got hard. There has to be something wrong with me to get hard ons when guys are messing with me.

I was slowly raising myself up and down on his rod. I could feel him building up to pop his load up my rear end. I felt really sick. I was playing the role of faggot and worse yet, he felt so good sliding in and out of me. I wanted to throw one of the chair pillows over my face and hide. My dick had gotten hard and he could see it, but he wanted to kiss me while I fucked him and I couldn’t hide.

It was the same deal with them all. They started breathing really hard and their heart seemed to be ready to jump out of their chests. I ended up with a mild case of diarrhea. He continued to kiss me after popping his load. I pulled back slightly and sucked on one of his nipples. Within five minutes his juice was moving all around my insides. I pulled my mouth away from his nipple, raised my ass from his lap, and scooted off to the bathroom to shit him out.

When I returned, I held his dick with my hand while I sat beside him. I started kissing his nipple, until I felt his dick get hard in my hand. When I knew he thought I was going to suck it for him, I whispered in his ear. “Do me.”, is what I told him.

This was a nice way of letting him know that he would have to suck my dick before I would do his. I had no intention of sucking him unless David got back before we got finished and made me do it. I knew I would have to make him happy some how and a hand job wasn’t going to do. I figured on convincing him to fill my butt up with his love juice one more time.

He put my dick in his mouth and just kind of held it there. I knew he was debating whether or not he could actually suck me off. Apparently it was his first time doing it with a guy. I knew my way out now. He decided my going down on him would be well worth giving me a little suck. When I finished shooting off, I kissed him immediately and told him I wanted him to fill my rear end with his love juice one more time.

I told him, “Please hurry, because David should be back in a few minutes and is going to get you to do him when I tell him how good you suck. I want you to finish squirting it in before he gets wrapped up with you.” He turned white when this registered in his mind. He hadn’t associated, doing it with a boy as being queer, but he knew for sure that he didn’t want to suck David and he also knew David was big enough to make him do it if he wanted to. I didn't know it at the time, but I actually hadn't been lying to Fred when I told him that. David had actually sighed, saying he had wanted to get Fred to start doing it for him.

Fred begged me not to tell David that he sucked my dick. I told him, “I will lie to David and say you backed out at the last minute and left, leaving me to have to beat off in the toilet.” I waited for him to get his clothes back on before I told him that I wanted him to suck me one more time as the price for my lie. I really enjoyed shooting off in his mouth this time.

I felt so good, that I had finally gotten over on one of the bastards David kept fixing me up with. I even grabbed him by his ears and said, “Oh yes, swallow me dude.“, as I squirted my load between his lips. He couldn’t get out of the apartment quick enough. I couldn’t believe it. I got the guy to suck me twice and didn’t have to suck him at all. The best part of it all was he probably would never come back.

David didn’t disappoint me when he got back. He immediately began to grill me on how things went with his friend. I don’t know if David believed the story I told him, but he was ok with it after I showed him how much I loved to suck his dick. I told him Fred and I dawdled around for an hour or so before Fred got up enough nerve to try anything. I also told David I had to get naked to get him excited enough to do that.

Finally I went down on Fred and when he finished shooting off, I sucked him for a while until he got hard again and told him he needed to do me. He got his face down close to my dick and said he was sorry. He wasn’t queer and just couldn’t do it. I told him that Fred left and I beat off into the toilet. I had learned what David liked to hear. David had me give him another blow job and took me back out to the road.


I hate having any kind of contact with David, especially sucking his dick. I dreaded Mr. Donkey even more. The fact remained I would and did eat shit to keep from going back to Mr. Donkey’s place again. Several days later, I again found myself alone at David's apartment. We sat on the couch with David feeling me up through my clothes. I thought it was a little weird. I had been here for a while and David hadn't removed any of my clothes. Hell, he hadn't even made me say hi to Sam. I sure as hell wasn't going to remind him.

I like to see Sam, but I prefer not to have sex with him. Unfortunately, I don't see Sam unless I have to do him. David put his ear against my chest, listening to my heart beat. When I got excited where he could hear it, he would take his hand away and kiss me until I calmed down a little. Then he would do it all over again. David had been teasing me for about an hour.

I could feel a lot of wetness in my pants and figured David was trying to get me to shoot off without having an orgasm. He had done it a few times before, but never with my pants on. If he succeeded, my pants would get very wet. It was a weird experience when it happened. My juice would start oozing out of the tip of my dick. The only special feeling I would get is the feeling of it being real hard and the tip of it feeling extra good.

I would ooze out about twice what I would normally shoot off. It was kind of like peeing out semen. It wasn't a slow dribble like when I would milk Paul. It would ooze all out within a few seconds. So far it hadn't happened. I was hoping David would go ahead and suck it for me. I wanted to come and bad. I needed to come so bad, I had been tempted to beg David to do it for me.

I could never do that. When I heard the knock at the door, I figured I was in for more shit. David opened the door and this nice looking guy came in. He had long wavy dark brown hair. David introduced him as Tom. I found myself stealing glances at Tom. David had known what he was doing when he felt me up. David knows if he teases me enough, I will get horny and put on a better show as I am eager to come. He also knows this makes me more willing to suck to get what I need.

Well, it had worked again. I was ready to fuck a fence post. Tom looked at me and asked David, "Is that one of the boys you got for Sam?" David told Tom he certainly is. I am in shock. I know what is coming and I am already sick. Now I knew why David had been feeling me up. He wanted me to be horny for Tom while he was here. Tom wants to watch me do Sam or more likely he wants to watch Sam do me. David decided to call Sam into the room. David told me to do a strip tease for Tom.

I reluctantly got up from the couch and pranced around the room, rubbing at myself sexily as I slowly removed all of my clothes. After I was naked, David motioned for me to give Tom a show. He told me to show him how well me and Sam got along. I went over to Sam and laid down beside him. I petted Sam on the head for a few minutes before starting to play with his dick. When Sam was good and hard, I slipped my lips over his dick and sucked him fervently.

Tom was eating it up. When I finished, David got his dick out and called me over to it. After David popped his load down my throat, he told me to get on all fours. David walked over and patted me on the back of my ass saying, “Fetch Sam fetch.” I don't need to tell you what Sam did. You should already know. When it was all over, David said he had agreed to give Tom a couple of hours alone to become better acquainted with me.

That's just fucking great. Somebody else wants to fuck me. David left, saying he would return in a couple of hours or so. I had to be home in another three or four. I was still naked when David left. Tom looked at me for a few minutes. He finally asked me my name. Of course I told him my name is Kenny. Tom told me I was a very pretty young lad. That he thinks I am gorgeous. Tom even started calling me Gorgeous George.

He told me he just loves the size of my penis. Tom wanted me to sit on the couch while he had a closer look at it. Tom touched my dick ever so gently. He didn't grab it or wrap his fingers around it. He just touched it here and there and there and over here. To make a long story short, Tom was driving me absolutely wild the way he was touching my thing. I was so excited I would have fucked that fence post. I was hoping he would keep on touching it for a while. Tom was getting off on touching my dick and I was loving every minute of it. It felt so good the way he was teasing me.

Tom had me dribbling cum out of the end of my dick when he finally bent over taking me into his lips. Tom sucked me sweetly for over an hour. I shot off in his mouth three times. Tom stood up and asked me to undress him. When I had him standing there in all his splendor, Tom told me to do it for him the same way he did me. Only he said not to take as long because he wanted enough time to suck me some more before David got back.

When Tom shot off in my mouth, I was surprised. I liked the way his juice tasted and had to have seconds. I was having fun sucking Tom. Tom told me I was the sweetest boy he had ever met. He said he might just fall in love with me. If anybody else had said that to me I would have been extremely embarrassed, but the way Tom said it made me feel special. Not that I was falling in love with Tom or anything like that. It just made me feel good. When David got home, Tom was still gently sucking my dick. It was really special. I had only sucked him twice and he hadn't said anything about fucking me. He was happy just sucking my dick.

Tom came down quite often, not all the time, but maybe four or five times a month. He did fuck me as I knew he would, but that was fun too. I had that inner turmoil again. I knew it wasn't right. I knew I was a fucked up individual, but I looked forward to doing it with Tom. I liked the way his meat felt when it was up my ass every bit as much as I liked having it in my mouth.

Tom took the same care and understanding with Paul. I don't know if Paul liked it as much as I did, but he didn't look like he does when he is doing it with David. The best part of doing it with Tom, and I am almost sure Paul would agree, was David would leave us alone with him for two or three hours before David would come back with all of his fucked up shit. This would usually only leave an hour or so to put up with David.

I liked being with Tom, if for no other reason than that alone. Like I said before, Tom really had the hots for me. I think he really did fall in love with me. That made me feel weird. Paul told me one time while Tom was in the bathroom, "Hey, Kenny. You know Tom has it really bad for you. I think he is eat slam up with you. I think the dude is in love with you." I just looked at Paul and shrugged my shoulders saying, "Yeah, I know. What the fuck can I do about it anyway?"

Paul said he didn't mean anything by it. He just wanted to make sure I still loved him. He actually told me he had been jealous of the time I was spending with Tom. I hugged Paul, giving him a longing kiss. I told him I always will love him. I assured him I only did it with Tom because I had to. I most certainly didn't tell him I liked doing it with Tom a whole lot and would do so any chance I got.


Paul and I got friendlier as time went on. I was so surprised and felt so wonderful when he first told me he wanted to tell me something, but thought I would think he was sick if he did. I told him I would never do that. He told me he was in love with me and had been for a long time. Paul actually told me he had felt a strong urge to suck me from the first time he saw me, but was afraid to approach me about it because he thought I might think he was queer.

He was scared I wouldn't like him if I knew how much he wanted me. Paul confessed he always enjoyed looking into my eyes and liked to see my legs. He told me when ever we had taken a bath together, he had had a difficult time gawking at my penis without me knowing it. I must admit he did a good job of it. I had never known that he was looking at it. I let him know I had felt the same way about him. That I had been in seventh heaven the first time I got him in my mouth.

You can’t imagine the burden that had lifted off of me, loving him so much and being afraid that he would find out. It was one thing to suck your friend’s meat, but quite another for him to find out you did it because you enjoyed it so much. Deep inside I felt that that was so perverted and he’d hate me instead. I told him I had been in love with him since the first time I had seen him. That had been a special time for us both. I will never forget how it made me feel.

We did it more often, whenever we were alone. One day when I was doing his Dad, Paul said he couldn’t stand it anymore. He had to have me and have me right now. He had gotten me wet and stuck his young thing up my ass. His Dad never said a thing about what he did. That was what started us doing it in front of his Dad. I thought it was weird, all the times Paul and I fucked each other in the butts in front of his Dad, all he ever did was watch and then get his meat sucked when we were through.

He never kissed either of us or sucked on our dicks. He never fucked either of us in our butts. He would hug us and hold us in his lap in the nude, but never did anything sexually other than wad off in our mouths. I thought he might be doing something with Paul’s sister. I could sense it in the way she acted when they were together. It was an art that only those who have been through it can perceive. If he had been, he never let Paul or I find out and she never let on.


I was talking to Paul one night in his bed. I don’t remember how the subject came up, but I had just told Paul that he might find it weird, but I thought his sister was very pretty and I kind of liked looking at her legs. That sometimes when he was doing it for me, I wondered what it would be like if it, was her doing it, instead of him. He told me it wasn’t weird. He thought he was crazy, because he felt the same way.

He said sometimes when no one would know, he peeked through the keyhole while she was taking her bath. He said he had been doing it for years. First out of curiosity just to see what Sherry looked like nude and later because her body made him so excited when he looked at her. Now that the cat was out of the bag, we found ourselves ogling at her a little more openly. Not in front of others, but in front of her.

I guess she thought I was weird. I would get all googly eyed and just stand there staring at her whenever she was around. Sherry was pretty cool. With all of my staring, she never said a thing about it. She just let me stare, carrying on with whatever she was doing as if I wasn't there. There was no way she didn't know I was eat slam up with her.

Paul even let me peek through the keyhole while she was taking a bath. She was beautiful in the nude. Her pussy had a thin patch of hair around it and I wanted to run my tongue through it something awful. Her tits weren't much more than buds.They weren't much, but they stuck out just enough to drive me crazy looking at them. I wanted to suck on them something fierce. Sometimes I got to watch her run her bath water and other times I watched her dry off. We would probably never have done anything other than watch her and dream if I hadn’t been so dumb. I had neglected to lock the bedroom door.

To be continued...........................................................................

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