A young girl finds love.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age that he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact that all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested that the reader read Part One first.


Cherise rubbed my penis so gently. Oh, God, she was tearing my nerves slam up. I heard my zipper slide down.. Her hand fished around in my underwear until she had a firm grip on my shaft. “Matt. Lets go take a bath. I want to bathe you like I used to. We stripped down on the way just like we always did when I was a boy. We used to leave the clothes in front of the bathroom door. That was a sort of signal to let my Mom know Cherise was giving me my bath. Today they were strewn all down the hallway.

I sat on the toilet with the lid down as Cherise filled the tub. Everything was done the same way as when we were kids. Cherise slid into the water with the bubbles from the bubble bath fluffing all around her gorgeous body. She beckoned for me to join her. I slid in between her legs with my back to her chest. Her arms wrapped around me holding me close. The feel of her hands roaming up and down my chest teasing my nipples as they glided by was awesome.

It was like I had gone back to being twelve. My darling sister was bathing me sweetly the way she had always done. She put her hands on my hips. This was a ritual she performed to allow the anticipation to build. By the time her hands slipped forward to my penis, it would be rock solid. Her hands started to move. My dick was throbbing. I couldn’t wait for her to start washing me. Cherise eased one hand out grabbing the soap as the other wrapped gently around my meat.

Cherise stroked with one hand rubbing the soap all over my private area with the other. Her head bent forward. I felt her lips nudging gently at my neck. She had always done that too. Suddenly things started changing from the routine. Cherise was sucking my neck. My shaft was slick from all the soap. Her fingers felt wonderful as they slid up and down. Cherise kept a steady rhythm as my excitement started to build. I felt a hand on my chin as she pulled my lips to hers. We kissed slowly and sensuously. Cherise’s tongue slipped tenderly into my mouth. I sucked on her wetness enjoying the moment as I erupted into blissful orgasm into her hand. We kissed for several more minutes until I went soft.

Too soon she arose from the tub, pulling me along by the hand. Cherise expertly dried me from head to toe and then I did her the same. The feel of her breasts under the towel was driving me insane. When I reached her pussy, I didn’t want to stop. Cherise stood there as I rubbed the towel all between her legs. Finally she grinned taking the towel away from me. “I think its dry now Matt.”

She led me to the bedroom. “Lay on the bed on your back precious. Let me enjoy this without any interference. I’ll do all the work. You just lay there and enjoy. Don’t touch me either. If you do, it will spoil it all for me.” I had no intention of screwing this special moment up for her. I knew she had dreamed of doing this all her life. I lay still as her lips nudged at the tip of my flaccid shaft. She kissed at it running her tongue up and down as my dick started to grow.

Cherise opened her mouth engulfing my entire package, balls and all. I certainly hadn’t expected that. God, I was in heaven. The way she was wiggling her tongue around inside her mouth, made me feel a rush of excitement all through my loins. Cherise pulled back from me. “Matt. Promise me that no matter how you feel about what I am about to do to you that you will eat my pussy. I want you to do it for at least an hour no matter what. Do you promise? Swear you will. Its very important to me. Don’t back out. And then you have to promise to fuck the shit out of me. At least until you‘ve creamed me up good.” She drove her mouth back on my shaft sucking gently and then voraciously. Back and forth. Gently and then hard. The feeling was awesome.

I finally realized I hadn’t answered her. “Relax, Sis. I wouldn’t dream of backing out on it. I’ve wanted to do that all my life. I certainly am not going to let the chance get away from me now.“ I glanced between my legs watching her loving lips slide up and down my rod as it disappeared and reappeared in and out of her mouth. Suddenly I couldn’t stand it and erupted into her mouth. I shot stream after stream onto her tongue.

Cherise eagerly gulped down every drop. She sucked and sucked and sucked some more. I got soft and got hard again. Before I knew what was happening, I was firing another load down her throat. I loved every minute of it. When I went soft this time, Cherise sucked a time or two longer and came up for air. She rolled over onto her back. We lay next to one another for an hour just holding each other close. I was enjoying the warm feel of her body far too much to get up now.

As time passed, my rod was again at full tilt. My lips found themselves deeply engaged into hers. Her tongue slowly entered my mouth. I sucked on it with a furor that almost had me believing I was trying to get it out of her mouth. Cherise must be enjoying the feeling. She hasn’t tried to get it back and I can hear her muffled moans inside my mouth. I couldn’t stand it any longer. My head leaned down as I took her gorgeous left tit into my mouth.

“Oh, God. Matt, that is heavenly. Suck me Baby. I love it.” I nudged at her nipple. Then I would place my mouth completely over her breast sucking on her chest as I twirled my tongue around her nipple. Gradually I raised my head sucking on her breast until my lips finally reached the tip of her nipple. I tenderly bit on the end of that luscious nipple pulling it ever so delicately from her chest. Cherise heaved her chest in an exaggerated effort to catch her breath. Her heart was beating a mile a second. I could feel it throbbing through her nipple.

“You’re driving me insane, Matt. If you don’t eat me right now, I’ll cut your fucking balls off. I swear I will.” I wasted no time getting my head between her legs. I wasn’t worried about her cutting off my nuts, but I certainly was eager to please her. I stopped short of shoving my lips into her delight. Instead, I got my nose up close and breathed in. Damn. it’s the nectar of the gods. I’ve never smelled anything that wonderful in my life. I slowly let my nose fall into her delectable snatch. When my face bottomed out inside her, I breathed in through my nose and exhaled out my mouth.

I am enjoying this too much to start eating Cherise, but I know she is bucking at the bit to feel my tongue go to work on her sweet box. I forced myself to raise my chin. My nose moved away from the tantalizing smell emanating from her vaginal hole. I licked the outside of her pussy. With each lick, Cherise’s hips bucked up in tune to my tongue movements. Low squeals of delight wafted across the bed. I settled my mouth fully into her moist delight. Cherise’s legs came up wrapping her thighs around my face and her calves behind my head pulling me in close. My tongue tasted her wonderful booty before finding itself titillating her clit.

I licked and twirled my tongue all around it from the tip to the base. When Cherise tensed up and it felt like my head was in a vise, I sucked her clit into my mouth. I pulled a hard suction. Cherise exploded into a wild orgasm at the same time she screamed in utter satisfaction. I sucked her pussy for a long time after she finally got quiet and her muscles seemed to relax. At last her legs came back down to the bed releasing my head. I took one last tasty slurp on her twat and came up kissing her hard on the lips. Cherise kissed me back for several minutes before pulling back from me.

Matt. I am about to starve to death. Trouble is, you’ve worn me out. I don’t have the energy to get up. Would you be a doll and slip out to fix us a little something? When you get back, I am expecting you to fuck the shit out of me for at least an hour, no matter what. Remember to fuck me really hard for the full hour. This is very important to me, so don‘t blow it. Okay?”

I kissed Cherise sweetly. “Hey, I thought you were hungry.” Cherise laughed. “Okay, Matt. You‘ve got me there. After we eat, you better fuck the shit out of me or I really will cut your nuts off. Sack and all.” I felt her hand tug at my balls. It was my turn to laugh. “Sure thing Sweety. I promise to fuck your brains out come hell or high water, for at least an hour.“ I kissed her gently and slowly one more time. I arose from the bed heading to the kitchen.

I fixed her a plate of scrambled eggs with bacon. Some instant grits with plenty of butter. Toast and a glass of orange juice. I set it all on a tray for her to enjoy a nice meal in bed. When I walked into the room, Cherise was lying quietly. She looked like a sweet angel lying there like that. I walked over to the bed. “Breakfast is served Madam. Even though it is late in the evening.” Cherise was still sleeping peacefully. I gently shook her shoulder. There was no response. I set the tray down on the night stand and crawled in beside her.

She felt so warm as I held her. I love that feeling. Being so close and snuggly with my darling sister is so sweet. “Cherise. Wake up.” No response. I kissed her gently. There was no response. I put my head next to her chest. Oh, no. There is no heart beat. I felt her nose. She isn’t breathing. I cried my eyes out. My darling Cherise is gone.

I cried and cried. I lay next to her thinking about the sweet time we had just had together. Suddenly I remembered my promise to her. “Fuck me hard. For the whole hour.” That was what she had made me promise. I can’t do it now. She’s dead. That would be really sick. I promised no matter what, I wouldn’t let her down. What the fuck am I going to do? If I do this, I am a sick fuck. If I don’t, I’ll always feel like I lied to her.

I decided to pretend she was still with me. I touched her breasts tenderly and played with them like her nipples were getting hard. I felt her pussy. Fingering her sweetly until she would have been fully aroused. I couldn’t get myself erect. Then I remembered this is something my wonderful sister wanted really bad. I got rock hard instantly. I made up my mind I would do it for her. I promised. I crawled between her legs slipping my penis deeply into her. I fucked her hard for an hour. Suddenly I exploded inside of her. I could feel my juices running out of her snatch.

When I finished filling Cherise’s wonderful booty with my excitement, I lay next to her cradling her lifeless body in my arms for nearly an hour. I got up and cleaned her body so no one would see her like this. I went to the phone and called her doctor. I sat on the edge of the bed watching her until the doctor rang the door bell. I am happy. She died with a smile on her face.


The funeral was as nice as I guess it could be for a funeral. The girls took Cherise’s death even harder than I did. They have been living with me for a week now. All the girls are very happy with the idea of living with Uncle Matt, but miss their Mother dearly. Linda Lou hasn’t said a word since she found out the news Tuesday morning. I am very worried about her. The poor thing seems to have crawled into a shell. She doesn’t respond to much. I mean, she will take baths, but only if I fill the tub for her and bathe her.

No, its not like you might think. Linda Lou wears her bikini when she gets in the tub. Admittedly it’s a pretty skimpy bikini and she looks good in the bright yellow color. When I bathe her body, I am very careful not to contact anything personal with anything more than the soap bar and the wash rag. Well, I must also admit that it doesn’t hurt my feelings any to see those long sexy tanned legs.

The girl is tall for her age. Five feet six inches. Her tits are about the size of baseballs, only shaped like cute pears. I can only imagine what her nipples look like. Long brunette tresses cascade gently all around her breasts in sweeping curls. At one hundred ten pounds, she has a slender frame. Her tiny hands capping the ends of long skinny arms. And, God, that’s the prettiest face I’ve ever seen on anyone in my life. Linda Lou makes both of her sisters look like hags and either one of them will give a horny guy like me a hard on even if they are wearing a burlap bag. Trust me, Dana and Peg are two gorgeous looking things, its just that Linda Lou is a super hottie.

Somehow I have to get through to Linda Lou. I have been spoon feeding her. If I don’t, she won’t eat. She just sits around in sort of a daze. Dana worries me too, but in a much different way. She is bouncing around like nothing even happened. Its like she doesn’t know her Mother is gone. She takes her own baths, but parades all around the house wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of under pants and a lace bra. That is if you want to call that thing a bra. Its more like two thimbles tied together on a string.

Of course, that’s okay, because they only need to cover the two thimbles that sit gingerly on her delicate chest. I was going to forbid her to wear them, but Peggy insists that’s what she’s always worn around the house, so I backed off and allowed it. Naturally, I want Dana to feel like this is her home. Unfortunately, she sometimes neglects to put on the bra. Dana is small for her age. Only about an inch taller than Peg and maybe ten pounds heavier. Her jet black hair barely touches her shoulders. As skinny as Linda Lou is, Dana makes her look fat. Even so, the girl has some sexy curves to her body. I’ll have to keep a close eye on her too.

Myself? I am still devastated. I have lost the most special person I ever had in my life. Her memory will linger in my mind forever. Cherise and I had kissed for several hours as we sat on the couch. Neither of us had wanted the moment to end. It was funny when we came up for air. Our eyes met at the same time. Instantly we knew we had to do it right away. There was a mad rush to the bathroom. There was a line of clothes trailing all the way from the living room as we stripped them off on our way. Cherise had started filling the tub and slipped in before the tub had even filled. I quickly hopped in beside her. Our bodies meshed as our lips melded together. I can feel her breath on my face. I keep replaying the scene over and over. Oh God. What am I going to do. My sweet love is gone.

Peggy obviously can’t wait to get alone with me, but it will have to wait until things settle out a little. Of course she doesn’t know I know she has Cherise’s permission to seduce me, but I have caught her staring at me with a serious look of lust on her face. Right now her sisters have been taking up a lot of my time. I know its only a matter of time before she demands some of that time for herself.

Being nearly six o’clock, I tapped on Linda Lou’s bedroom door. “Its bath time Sweety. Go ahead and get your suit on. Then come to the bathroom. I should have a nice bubble bath ready for you by then. I went to the bathroom filling the tub. I was wearing just my bikini briefs as usual. Its just too hard to bath her without getting in with her.

Ten minutes later, I hear a light tap on the door. “Are you decent yet, Uncle Matt?” That was a pleasant shock. Those were the first words I had heard from Linda Lou since she found out about her Mom. That’s a promising development. “Come on in Linda Lou.” I hear the door knob turn and the door swings open.

Linda Lou strutted in wearing only a skimpy set of matching purple lace under panties and bra. God, she looked good in them. I was ashamed of myself for getting a hard on looking at her. I was hoping desperately that she wouldn’t notice, but with these thin bikinis there is no way she can miss seeing it. Linda Lou quickly stripped off the bra and panties, sliding just as quickly into the tub.

I nearly choked on my tongue at the brief glimpse I got of that thriving brown patch between her legs. Her beautiful set of tits she has on her chest didn’t hurt my feelings either. Especially since she has the patch trimmed to fit her bikinis. “What the heck are you doing Linda Lou? You shouldn’t be getting in the tub with me in the nude.”

“Sorry Uncle Matt. You’ve been so sweet giving me my baths when you didn’t have to. You’ve been washing me while I was wearing my bikini. Its been over a week now. The problem is, I have a couple of areas that are starting to feel grody and need to be washed without clothes on to get them clean. The other problem is I still want you to bathe me. I didn’t know any other way to do it than to just strip them off and dive in. Its okay Uncle Matt. I trust you.”

That’s a fine thing. Linda Lou trusts me. Here she is sitting directly across from me in the tub completely nude. She is facing me with these gorgeous breasts poking out from her chest and that sweet looking pussy just beneath the bubbles. My dick is so excited I think it will explode and she trusts me. All I can think about is the memories of my finger sliding in and out of sweet little Peg’s ass. I am daydreaming about how wonderful it would be to do the same to Linda Lou. Would she buck and snort when she comes like Peg does?

I mentally slap myself back to reality. “Get those thoughts out of your head Matt old boy. Linda Lou has never given you any reason to think she wants something like that to happen. Besides, she’s just a little girl.” I picked up the soap and the wash rag. I wet them both and just sat there with a dumb look on my face. Its weird. Without her bikini, I don’t know where to start. It seems like every place on her now is a personal area and I don’t want to invade any of them to lose her trust.

Linda Lou sat quietly for ten agonizingly long minutes. Suddenly she frowns. “What’s the matter Uncle Matt? Don’t you love me enough to want me to be clean and feel comfortable?” It took me a minute to get my breath. “Well, sure I do. Its just that since you don’t have any clothes on, I feel like where ever I touch you will be violating your personal areas. I don’t want to lose your trust.”

I was surprised. Linda Lou was actually laughing. “You silly man. Here. Don’t let a crazy notion like that get you all riled up.” With that said, she reached out taking the soap and wash rag from my hands. She took my left hand and placed it on her right breast. Then I watched in horror as my right hand was dragged under the bubbles and positioned against her crotch.

My dick nearly came, but I managed to calm down just enough to avoid that calamity. At least for now. Still, I couldn’t move a muscle. Linda Lou took her own hands and started moving my hands. The left she squeezed on her tits and the right she rubbed across her snatch before stuffing a couple of my fingers up her hole. She would do this some and then turn me loose. Then do it again until I started mashing her tit against her chest and fingering her pussy on my own.

Being too mesmerized to speak at this point, I just sat there playing with my young niece. Linda Lou smiled. “Well, Uncle Matt. That wasn’t so hard was it. When you get finished enjoying yourself, pick up the soap and the rag and give me a bath. Now you know I trust you and you know you won’t be violating me. So there shouldn‘t be anymore problem. Right?”

To be continued…………………….

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