John finally is getting somewhere with Misty....
A Husbands Frustrations and Fantasy Come True

By John

Chapter 7

I fuck Alisa Thursday night. I had sucked her pussy last night, sort of as practice prior to hopefully sucking Misty’s pussy. I sucked her pussy until she came, and then fucked her pussy for a while before I decided to quit and go to bed. Thursday night, as I was fucking her, I came in her pussy and crashed next to her. I actually hadn’t cum in her pussy for a few weeks, and it’s only because I was thinking of Misty’s pussy, and how good it felt to rub it.

When I get home from work on Friday, Nancy is there.

“I’m trying to get rid of my wife on Monday”, I tell Nancy. “You want to take her shopping? Take her to DSW. I’ll give you $50 to buy some shoes”.

“You wanna go shopping Monday”, Nancy asks Alisa. Nancy is a bit of a shop-a-holic, so this is a real easy sell for me.

“I don’t know why my husband wants to get rid of me”, Alisa says.

I want time alone with your sister, I think. “Because I want the house to myself. So I can blast music, and maybe walk around naked, and scratch my balls and ass as much as I want and don’t have to worry about anyone.”, I say. “I’m gonna kick Misty out too, somehow. I’ll tell her that her mother needs something sewed at the house or something”.

“Oh, John, what time did you get home today”, Nancy asks me.

“I don’t know, maybe 10 minutes ago”, I reply.

“Oh, then you didn’t get to see it”, Nancy asks.

“See what”, I ask?

“Alisa’s quickie”, she says.

“Quickie”, I ask?

“Yea, her quickie with Frankie”, she says.

“Oh really”, I ask?

“Yeah, our quickie. He has a hole in his overalls”, Alisa says.

“I don’t believe it, one bit”, I say.

We asked Frankie to rebuild the back steps in our yard. He came over today and has been working on it all day. I had teased my wife and told her to pay him only $50 instead of $150, and to let him fuck her in her ass. I also told her that I told Frankie that he could do it. I teased Nancy as well, telling her that I’d only pay Frankie the fifty bucks and let him fuck my wife’s ass. This is why Nancy and Alisa were teasing. But I didn’t believe it.

“Well, it’d be great news, if it were true”, I said to Nancy.

The conversation sort of ended there, as Nancy was distracted by her daughter. I go out back and sit with Frankie as he’s working on building the steps. He’s done a good job so far. I’m not a carpenter or handyman, but I have done some home improvement work in my past. I give him a few tips on cutting the wood. He was using a sawzaw to cut some of the wood, but I showed him how to use the circular saw to cut the wood faster. I also showed him how to get the right angles to get the railing to match the angle of the stairs and get the cuts right using a protractor.

“I’ll need to see the receipts for the materials. And Alisa has already told you how much she’s going to pay you right”, I ask. Now, I had teased with Nancy and Alisa, but never actually ever told Frankie I’d let him fuck my wife. “She said she’d pay you fifty bucks and let you fuck her in her ass. That’s worth a hundred bucks I think”.

Frankie laughs pretty hard and says, “You’re crazy”.

“I’m serious”, I say. “Alisa has a nice asshole, and loves it in the ass”.

Frankie laughs pretty hard again and repeats, “You’re crazy”.

We end up both working on the stairs the rest of the night. While doing this, I tell him that I got Misty to shave her pussy. I also tell him that I got her to show it to me, and that she let me see it long enough to see that it was totally bare. Frankie had fucked Misty many many years ago, and said he didn’t remember it being to hairy anyway. I also bragged that she let me see her bare pussy right after she shaved it, and her dork of a husband hasn’t even seen it yet. We both grinned knowing that he’s an asshole and doesn’t deserve her.

Chapter 8

On Sunday, Nancy and Frankie and their daughter come over to our house to watch movies. It’s a normal routine. While they are waiting for my 1 o’clock football game to end, Alisa and Nancy gab like little hens. They joke a bit about how fun the quickie was. Of course, I know it never happened, but I follow along with the fun. The girls are getting a bit pickled off the drinks I had prepared. Alisa is on her 2nd Pin?olada, and Nancy is on her 2nd Mudslide. Frankie has also had a few Smirnoff’s, so we’re all feeling a small buzz.

I joke around with Nancy and Alisa about sex, but both girls play it off that day. I had really hoped that Alisa would fuck Frankie this weekend, but nothing materialized, again. Part of its seemed to be because both of our kids were awake and playing, so nothing “Adult” could be done.

I really wanted Alisa to fuck Frankie, because I wanted to get “permission” to fuck some other girl. I wouldn’t mind fucking Nancy, although I’d rather fuck Misty.

Chapter 9

Tuesday comes around, and I get home from work around 4:45pm. Alisa and Crystal had already left for the gym. Charles wasn’t home yet. I have about 45 minutes to get this done.

I come in the house, put my shit down, change my clothes quickly into some jogging pants and bright t-shirt and head right downstairs. As expected, it’s the same routine. However, this time her son is lying down on the far side of bed, asleep. This is a large king sized bed, so there’s plenty of room. Misty is on the other side of the bed, but there’s enough room behind her for me to squeeze in. She’s lying in the same position as before, except on her side.

I climb into the bed next to her. I reach down and pull my dick out of top of my pants, just in case it may get some action. It’s already getting hard in anticipation. I reach around Misty and put my hand on her flat tummy. I knew there would be an opening there, so I moved my hand up her belly to her chest and put my hand on her right breast. I cupped it easily with my hand and gave a gently squeeze.

“Hey baby, you taking your daily nap again”, I whisper to her.

“Yes”, she moans.

I pull myself closer to her, hugging her tighter as I do. My dick also pushes against her ass, in between her cheeks as I hold her. I can tell she’s liking it, because I feel her nipple getting slightly harder.

“Misty, roll over, on your back. I want to talk to you”, I whisper to her.

She groans slightly, but begrudgingly rolls over. As she does, I lose grip on her breast. My hand rubs across her other breast and comes to rest on her side ribs.

“OK, I’m going to ask you again. Did you shave that pussy again”, I bug her. I didn’t get a reply, but since I had earlier rubbed it, I figured she’s probably let me. I was getting a little further with her every day.

“Ummmm hmmmmm” She replies in acknowledgment.

“Oh really”?

Before she can even reply, I’ve already moved my hand down off her ribs, and under her pants.

“Yes”, she replies before I get to her pussy. She normally won’t answer “Yes”, when I ask to do something, unless she really wants it. This is similar to the time I bought her animals medicine and got to squeeze her ass. She said “Yes” back then, because I really think she wanted me to squeeze her ass.

The difference I’ve noticed between me and her husband is that he annoys her. He’ll pinch her ass, poke her titties, squeeze them in public, and just generally pluck her nerves, which she says to him very often. I, on the other hand, make her feel sexy. I tell her often how sexy she is. I give her hugs, rub her back and shoulders, and gently rub and squeeze her ass in a sexual way, not a pinch. When I hug her, I’ll nudge the back of her head and make her rest it on my shoulder. She loves my hugs, and has admitted that to me. Her husband doesn’t hug her, but when he feels like he’s gotten into some sort of trouble with her, he’ll say to her, “GIMME A KISS!” and let out the dorkiest dumbest laugh you’ve ever heard. He’ll then pucker up, and move into Misty’s face, and won’t leave until she kisses him. She normally does, by closing her eyes and giving him a quick peck on the lips. It’s enough to get him away from her, and its enough for him to know he’s been forgiven for whatever he has done. Its one of the most annoying scenes you’ll ever see.

So, the difference here is that I’ll make her feel better when she feels bad, and he’ll force her to kiss him when she doesn’t want to when she feels bad. This guy is one big idiot and is really lucky to have her, but he’s too fucking stupid to realize it.

So, Misty lets me move my hand down to feel her shaved pussy. I feel the pubic area, and it’s really bare and smooth. I keep moving my finger down, expecting to feel stubble, and feel no hair. I get down to the top of her clit and my fingers are now on her pussy.

“Oh my god, Misty”, I whisper! “That is so smooth. You shaved all the way down”

“Yep!” she whispers.

“Let me see if you got here”, I say, as I move my index finger down the side of her pussy. “You have to open your legs a bit. Here, like this”. I pull my hand out, reach over to her leg and lift it up so that her leg is angled but still resting on the foot. I do the same with the closer leg.

“There, that’ll make it nicer”, I softly say. I reach back into her pants and panties. “Oooh, you shaved the sides too”! I say as I rub the side of the pussy lips with my index finger.

“Did you shave your pussy like this because I asked you to? Because I don’t think you’ve ever shaved it like this for your dork husband” I ask.

“Be nice”, she replies.

“Did you?” I prod on..

“Yes”, she replies.

“Yes what? You shaved that pussy for me” I ask? As I ask, I let my middle finger rest down on her pussy lips.

“Yes”, she replies a bit louder, inferring the question, “you didn’t hear me the first time?”

“Oh, nice. You’re pussy feels so good, and I want to suck it so bad I can’t stand it. I want to suck the top of your lips”. As I say that, I move my fingers to the top of her lips, and rub around in a circle. I figured that she’s letting me rub it, and if she didn’t want me to, she’d pull my hand away. Misty gave no such resistance. “I want to stick my tongue deep inside your pussy, here”, I say to her as I move my fingers down her cunt and insert two fingers in about an inch.

“Oooooh” she softly moans.

“I want to make you cum Misty. I want to suck your pussy, baby, and give you a deep hard orgasm. Would you like that”, I say as I start rubbing her pussy length wise, going up and down.

“Ooooh, yessss”, she replies. Obviously though, I can’t suck her pussy. I look at the clock, and it’s already a bit after 5PM. I don’t have enough time.

“Will you cum if I keep rubbing your pussy?” I ask her softly.

“Maybe……” she replies….. “Yes, keep going” she then says.

“Did you fuck Charles this weekend?” I ask.

“No” she replies.

“Good, that means you didn’t cum this weekend, so you might cum now”, I say. I also wanted to know if that dirty ass dick of his had been in her pussy. He only showers once every other week, if that. Fuckin’ dirtball.

I start rubbing her pussy more vigorously. I’m leaning up on my elbow now, and with my left hand, I reach over and put my hand up her shirt and play with her right tit, the only one I can reach in this position. Her nipple is hard and I pinch it gently between my fingers. While doing that, I stick my index finger and middle finger deep into Misty’s pussy, and rub the top of her pussy with my thumb.

My cock is so rock hard. I push it against her side. She replies to that motion, and takes me totally by surprise by moving her hand over and grabbing my exposed cock. She squeezes it and pulls her hand up to the head. My cock is wet with precum already, which she uses to wet her hand and jerk my dick harder.

“You feel how smooth that is, baby? You like my shaved dick?”, I whisper.

“Yessss, it feels real nice”, she replies in a moaned whisper.

“Feel the balls, baby, you’ll love them”, I say.

Misty reaches down and feels my left nutsack, then over to my right sack. She cups both balls with her hand and rubs around. She then reaches around the balls, and round the base of my dick to the pubic area. That’s all shaved. However, its getting a bit of a “5 o’clock shadow”, since I shaved it this morning in the shower.

Speaking of 5 o’clock, I look up at her alarm clock, and it says 5:20. We’re going to have to stop.

I start rubbing her pussy even faster, and pinch her pussy lips in my fingers, pulling them up and down. Misty is breathing heavy. I look at the clock, its 5:21. I keep rubbing her pussy. I want her to cum. Her hips are rocking to my pussy rubbing. If she keeps this up, she’ll wake up her son.

I look at the clock, its 5:23.

“Misty, we’re going to have to stop. It’s almost 5:30”

“Damn!” she replies. “I was gonna cum too”.

“Before we stop. Here, do this. Stay there”, I say as I start to get out of the covers. I get up on both knees. Misty is looking at me, wondering what I’m doing. She then realizes as I move my dick towards her mouth.

“Put this in your mouth real quick, just for a few seconds. I want to feel you baby”.

Misty hasn’t given a blow job in years. She’s been married to Charles for six years now. When they first got together and were having sex often, she gave him a blowjob, and he came in her mouth. The next day, she and Charles were with Alisa and me watching a porn movie. Back then, we were trying to get to know her husband. And even then, I was infatuated with Misty. So, as we watched the porn, we talked about sex. Having an orgy then would be a great idea. We each started admitting things. I had admitted that I shave my balls. I said this intentionally so that Misty would be interested. Alisa admitted that she liked it in the ass. Charles, being the complete blithering idiot that he is, didn’t admit anything about himself, but admitted that Misty gave him a blow job, and swallowed. This pissed her off, since she apparently wasn’t ready to admit that, even though I kind of already knew it. She hasn’t given Charles a blowjob since, in the 6 years they’ve been married.

I moved my cock to her mouth, and put it on her lips. She grabbed the cock and moved her head forward and took my cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes and ran her tongue around the head of my cock. Oh, her mouth felt good on my dick. Apparently, she hasn’t had a dick in her mouth in so long that now that one was, she loved it.

I looked at the clock, its 5:24. Misty started jerking my cock as she sucked on the head. She moved her hand down to my balls and cupped the balls as she started taking my cock further into her mouth.

A few months ago, I was sitting around joking around with a banana. Nancy was here, and Charles was actually upstairs. I was goofing around and stuck the entire banana in my mouth. “Man, I’d be a great slut, I can take this whole thing in my mouth. Can you do that Nancy”? She was eating a banana too, and did the same thing, except she gagged a bit after about 5 inches. “My wife can do that”, Charles replied.

“How can you even remember back that far”? I ask, knowing that he hasn’t got a blowjob in 6 years. He didn’t reply.

So, Misty takes my dick deep into her mouth. I expect her to stop in the middle, like Alisa does, but no, she goes deeper, and takes it so far in, her nose touches my belly. She completely deep throats my cock. Oh my god! I think. I have never felt something so good in my life. She sucks cock like a champion! She pulls it back out, the entire cock wet, and jerks it back and forth.

I look at the clock. Damn, time had flown by. Its 5:30. He’ll be home any minute now. Worse yet, maybe Alisa will be home.

“Its 5:30! We have to stop”, I say.

No reply from her. Instead, she moves down and starts sucking my balls. As she sucks my balls, she jerks my cock back and forth, spending a lot of time on the head, working around in a circle.

I hear the front door open, and my dog starts barking. She never barks for Alisa, so it can only be one person.

“Charles is home! We have to stop”, I exclaim to her quietly. I start to pull away, and she squeezes my dick harder, puts it in her mouth again and gives one more hard suck. She lets it out of her mouth with a popping sound. She clearly didn’t want to stop sucking my dick, but then realized she had to.

“Pretend you’re asleep, I’ll leave out the back door. We have to finish this later”, I say to her. I climb out of the bed, pull my pants over my dick, and quickly move to the back door. I open it quietly, and go out the back to the back yard. I wait about a minute or so, both for my hard on to go down, and to make sure the coast is clear, and then go in the other back door to the kitchen. No one is here; he has gone downstairs, none the wiser.


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