Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story were carefully screened. All identification was thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here.

The author is of the age that he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact that all are above the legal age of twenty one and that some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested that the reader read Part One first.

Some number of months later, David told me I wasn’t convincing him that I loved sucking his thing. I told him I don’t like sucking it. He said I had better try harder today because if he didn’t know that I was in love with his dick, tomorrow he would cure the problem once and for all. I didn’t know what he meant by that, but I was sure of two things. One, I would not like it and two, I was going to find out. Of course he had told Paul at the same time. Paul's reaction was the same as mine.

This time we had bananas with our beer. David made me slip mine up Paul’s ass. Not the beer, the banana. He forced Paul to lie on his back with his arms locked in behind his knees, pulling them up to his chest. This gave me a clear free path to his asshole. David told me to spit on Paul's hole, then work my finger in. When David thought my finger was sliding in with enough ease, he told me to peel about an inch of the banana and start working it in.

I would shove it in some and wait for Paul’s tail muscles to try to push it back out. When they relaxed, his ass would draw the banana back in. That would open his butt hole and let me put more of it in. I felt so fucked up. I was getting a charge out of playing with Paul's ass. His dick was as hard as a rock. I loved looking at it as well. It was so neat. The whole time I was doing it, I got to gawk at Paul's beautiful legs.

I could look at them all day. This way I had a great view of them and I didn't have to worry about Paul catching me looking as he had his eyes shut. I don't know for sure, but I think they were closed because he was really deeply embarrassed. He was certainly red enough to be so. The whole time I was fantasizing about sucking Paul's balls.

David told me everything to do to get it all the way in. I would shove some and then I would pull the peel away from his hole and push some more. Suddenly the banana disappeared from sight and Paul’s hole closed up tight. Of course that was what happened once I got the hang of it. I basically mashed the first two bananas all over the back of Paul’s ass getting very little of them in.

I felt demeaned when I had to bend over the coffee table while Paul installed his. I could feel it pushing my asshole open. When I tried to shit it out, I could feel it in my hole and when my muscles relaxed, the suction would pull it in more and Paul would give it another shove. When it got to the end, I felt it surge forward into my ass while my hole slammed shut behind it.

It was a really weird feeling. I could feel it trying to get back out at the base of my ass. I felt so full. The feeling of having to shit was driving me nuts. David was so excited, he was dripping on the floor and I am lying on the table with a banana up my ass and my dick sticking out under the table. If I could find some place to hide, I would be hard to find about now.

I was embarrassed as hell. After we did the things that made it all worth while to this schmuck, I had to kiss Paul’s asshole and give it a suck. I didn’t want to suck Paul’s asshole, but his butt was so smooth looking and beautiful that I would have liked to lick his cheeks for a little while. I did not know David had told Paul to shit his banana into my mouth. When I felt it slide in, David said to eat it or else. Eating a shit-laced banana from my friend’s asshole is the topside of gross. I wished I could just die where I was. I was so sick I wanted to gag, but I was afraid of David, of what he might do.

Now I was instructed to lie on my back and pull my knees up to my chest, with my legs spread while Paul had a banana. I felt his lips so moist and so soft, as he sucked on my butt. His hands were cupped behind my buttocks pulling me close. I didn’t want to shit in his mouth, but figured I may as well get it over with. I really needed to shit twenty minutes ago.

Paul was eating as it rolled out. When the banana was gone I had shit out a turd and Paul started gagging. He was crying and trying to spit my shit out between his sobs. Meanwhile, David was laughing his ass off at the sight of poor Paul heaving up his guts.

Suddenly David started staring at me. His dick was actually throbbing at me. I knew that David was preparing to do something with me. He always did when he got that look on his face. David walked over to the closet. He opened the door and removed a roll of duct tape. David ordered both of us to the kitchen. Paul had already made a hell of a mess in the living room. I found out later why David had moved us to the kitchen.

It was a lot easier cleaning up the linoleum. First he placed a couple of strips of the tape on the edge of one of the kitchen chairs near the floor. I was told to lay on my back on the floor. He wrapped some duct tape around the head of my thing before pulling it between my legs and taping it tightly to the cheek of my ass. David made me put my hands on the front of my thighs. He pulled a few more strips of duct tape off of the roll, taping my hands securely to my thighs.

Then he pushed my legs together and taped them in several places until I was securely bound. He rolled me back and forth to secure my arms close to my chest. After I pretty much felt like a mummy, I found I couldn't move a muscle below my shoulders. David sat on my chest as he told me he was going to feed me. He said not to fret, because I would find it quite tasty after I had a chance to get used to the taste. He had also said that like it or not, I would eat it all.

David slowly slid forward until I finally realized he had no intention of sticking his thing in my mouth. He held my head in place as he slid his ass on top of my mouth. I held my lips together tightly as I knew then that he intended to shit in my mouth. I don't know how Paul was taking this as all I could see was the inside of David's thighs and the bottom of his balls.

David urged me to open my mouth and suck directly on his hole. I wouldn't do it, so David reached down and pinched one of my nuts really hard. I immediately wrapped my lips around his hole with my teeth as far apart as I could get them. David sat his ass in my mouth so I could only get air through my nose. David cut a really loud and obnoxious fart. It tasted awful when it entered my mouth and burned my nose as I breathed it out. Then David started groaning.

I could feel his tail muscles straining as he proceeded to shit in my mouth. I could feel it as it slid in. It was a huge turd. It felt like it was so big around that it filled up my mouth. I could feel the puke come up from my throat. David shit it in so quickly that I could feel it at the back of my throat. David lifted his butt off of me immediately removing the strips of tape from the edge of the chair, sealing my mouth tightly and completely, before I had a chance to throw up.

As I was starting to heave up my guts, David squeezed my nostrils shut so I couldn't get anything out. The pressure was tremendous. The puke was coming all out to my mouth, but it was too full to let anything in. Plus I found I could not breath at all as David had my nose sealed off.

I could hear David, "Chew it up you little shit. Chew it good and then swallow it all. You'd better hurry if you want to breathe again, because I ain't letting go of your nose until you do." I started chewing. It was awful. The taste was so gross. The damn thing was so big, it was hard to get my teeth together and I was still barfing and swallowing it back down.

I felt like I would black out if I didn't get some air soon. I chewed and I chewed and I chewed. Suddenly I knew I had to have some air. I started swallowing. I thought I was going to die. That was the nastiest thing I ever had to do. When David thought I had swallowed enough, he pulled off the tape. God it hurt. I started heaving up my guts. I threw up vehemently for a long time. When I finished and could throw up no more, I was sick. I was still trussed up like a hog and I could feel the shit all between my teeth and all over my lips. I was lying in a puddle of puke and shit.

To add insult to injury, David made Paul shit on my face. Paul did as he was told and laid one out from the top of my forehead to nearly the tip of my chin. Then David made Paul spread it all over my face. "Make sure you get plenty on the tip of your finger before you stick it in his nose." When Paul finished, David left me there that way until he finished having a ball with Paul.

I laid there for several hours as everything dried hard all over me. Finally David rolled me over on my belly and fucked me in my ass, before cutting me loose to get washed up so he could take me home. David didn't do all of that too often, but I still had to endure it from time to time. Paul got his turns too. I still had shit stuck between my teeth when I got to Paul's house. It took quite a bit of flossing and brushing before I felt clean again.

The following day, David picked us up as usual, only this time we did not go to his house. We rode out into the country on a dirt road. He drove past a farmhouse, out to the barn. When we went in the barn, there was a donkey in one of the stalls. David told me that today was the day I would learn to really love sucking him anywhere he wanted. He said I was going to suck the donkey today. If I didn’t he’d hurt Paul real bad. I didn’t want to suck on a donkey. The mere thought of it made me sick, but I could not let anything else happen to Paul. It was my fault after all that he was going through this now.

David made us strip down so he could enjoy our beauty. He told me to play with the donkey’s dick. I reached my hand under the donkey and wrapped my fingers around its thing. It was so gross, holding a donkey’s dick in my hand. David said, "That’s the way to do it. Now put your mouth on it and suck." God, I wanted to die. There is no way in hell I can do this. My stomach was churning.

I could feel the vomit trying to force its way out. Somehow I knew that I had better not throw up. I started pumping and before I could gasp, I had three feet of donkey dick, if it wasn’t four. It probably wasn’t anywhere near that long, but in my mind I imagined it going all the way through and sticking out the back of my ass.

My young eyes had never seen such a huge prick. David kept urging me to put my mouth on it and to suck the donkey off. David was getting impatient and reached out grabbing Paul by his throat. David told me I had better start sucking before he tears Paul's head off. I slowly leaned over pulling it off to the side. When I put the head of it in my mouth, it filled me right up. Now, "it" was the grossest thing I had ever done.

David said, "You’ve got to swallow it all. If you spill even a drop, I’ll bring you back tomorrow and shove that up your ass. You’ll be so full of donkey cum, you’ll probably pop." I knew for sure that I didn’t want something that big up my little butt. I made up my mind I’d swallow it all and not even a droplet would fall. When that donkey started shooting off, I had no idea anything could spurt that much cum. It came out so fast that it actually squirted out the side of my mouth. I not only spilled it, but I managed to spray it across the barn.

I was really scared of what David might do. My knees were shaking and I could feel myself peeing and I could not stop. I’d have pissed in my pants if they’d been on. Then David got his thing out and told Paul to do it. Paul really did a number on him. He licked, nudged, caressed, and sucked with a fervor that he had never shown before. I think he was hoping to satisfy David in hopes that he would not get a turn with the donkey. Then David dropped down and sucked mine. I could feel his finger slide up my ass as his lips pulled at me. He liked to finger fuck me as he sucked on my meat.

It was awful. I was still trying to swallow the taste of the donkey and he wanted to suck my dick. My head said, this was sick and I would be punished forever for doing these things, yet my body played the part of traitor. Try as I might, I could not keep him from making my thing get hard. It was difficult to accept that I was ready to come because of a man. I was so disgusted with myself as I held the back of his head while I let my excitement build in his mouth.

I was still worried because I did not shoot anything out and even though I felt like my dick was getting ready to explode, nothing happened. It was a feeling like I had to pee super bad. It felt like the piss was building up so much that it would pop my balls. Still, nothing happened. My thing just doesn't work. I felt so inferior because of it. David made me kiss Paul while he gave Paul a blow job. I was torn apart inside. I knew this was not right, yet I also wanted to kiss Paul. I desired him. I truly was in love with my friend. There was surely something wrong with me to want to do the things that I loved to do to this boy.

Paul had gotten where he came hard. He would have orgasms, but still nothing came out. He would moan out loud and go into what I thought were spasms. I mean his hips would gyrate all around. Like they had just started doing now. It was neat the way he moaned in my mouth as we sucked on one another’s lips. I could tell he was coming and I was jealous. I wanted it to be my mouth instead.

This time when I gave David his suck, I pulled out all the stops. I licked it so gently and did everything to tease him to make him horny as hell. I wanted him to know that I loved sucking that prick. I spent thirty minutes building him up. I’d do anything to avoid sucking that donkey again. David really pumped a load into me that time. He told me that that was what he wanted me to do and not to forget it. He told Paul Kenny is going to get bung-holed by a donkey he’s told. He urged Paul to take his best shot to see if he could swallow it all.

I could see in Paul's eyes what he was thinking. "How can I suck a donkey’s thing and how will I keep from spilling it? Will I be able to swallow it? God why can’t I die? Somebody please save me. There is no way I can do this." These were the thoughts I read in his eyes. I felt that way too. Paul stood there with that, I can't do this look. David told him that Kenny just did it for you and now you can do it for him. We both knew what that meant. It meant if Paul didn't suck and start sucking soon, I was going to be in pain.

Paul just stood there like he was in shock. David was getting impatient. I felt his hand grip my neck. I couldn't breathe. David was strangling me. Paul wrapped his lips around that donkey like they were made for it. David let me go. It took me a while to get my breath. I felt bad about hesitating when he had grabbed Paul. That had hurt. I could tell Paul was really scared. He was shaking all over. He sucked and sucked. When he started swallowing he sucked even harder. He didn’t lose a speck. David told us to get dressed and took us home after letting us clean up at his house.

Through all the things we did that David made us do, Paul and I never talked about any of it, when we were alone together. It was just too damn humiliating and traumatic to discuss. I didn’t even want to think about it. How could I talk to my friend about sucking a donkey dick? Paul must have felt the same way. That night I spent the night at Paul’s house. I thought he was really lucky, because he had his own room.

We went to bed at 0930. Paul’s usual bed time. I lay there trying to sleep and hoping the nightmares would not come again tonight, even though I knew they would. I had been thinking how weird it was that I had been tempted to suck Paul when we were alone in the tub. I had felt an almost irresistible, urge, to lean over and take his thing in my mouth. I had been feeling that way since the first time I had Paul's peter in my mouth. We had been sleeping together off and on for some six months with me feeling this way, and we still hadn't done it while we were alone.

Although we did it a lot in front of David, I was still afraid to try it when we weren’t being forced to do it. I was afraid it would mean I was queer. I was afraid Paul would hate me like I hated David. He had looked so desirable, in the nude, in the tub. It suddenly dawned on me from the movement of the bed that Paul was jerking himself off beside me.

I accidentally on purpose dropped my hand down there in hopes of confirming what was happening. He was hard and it was in his hand. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I turned over and our lips met. We didn’t do it that first night, we just lay there hugging and kissing until we fell asleep. I guess both of us were afraid to be the first to take the next step.

I was having a really weird dream. I dreamed I was sucking Paul’s rod and it tasted like candy. I could hear David’s voice in the background, "Everyone finds a friend to teach them the things they would need. The one that you chose ****. " I awakened from my daze and realized someone was standing next to the side of the bed. Whoever it was had their thing in my mouth and started shooting off just as I awoke. I slurped it all up. It tasted like candy. He pulled back and left. It was dark and I could not tell who it was. Damn, I sucked on someone’s thing and didn’t even know to whom it belonged. What is wrong with me.

Then to my horror, I found Paul was awake and knew what I had done. He told me not to worry, that it was his Dad. He comes in just about every night at this time to let him suck his thing. Paul told me he usually sleeps on my side of the bed so his Dad thinks it was him. Paul told me that he had done his Dad every night I had stayed over.

Paul always checked, to be sure I was asleep before he started in on his Dad. He said he was always afraid I might wake up and catch him sucking his Dad. Unreal, Paul has been sucking his Dad’s dick at night with me in his bed and I never suspected a thing. Now I know why Paul didn't throw up when David juiced up his mouth the first time. Paul had switched sides so I could check out his Dad to see if I would like to help him with it tomorrow when his Mom goes shopping.

I must admit, I’d never had one that tasted that sweet. I told him I guessed it wouldn’t hurt me to do him again. I would be happy to help him do his Dad. I felt the turmoil inside me again. How could I be so sick as to want to suck a prick. I really didn’t want to get started sucking another one. I already knew if he finds out it was me, he’d want me again. I hated sucking dicks. It was the grossest thing in the world, swallowing the juice from between someone’s legs. Yet I couldn’t let Paul down. He was looking so forward to me helping him out. I’d do anything for Paul.

We sat in the living room, Paul’s Dad, his Mom, his sister Sherry, Paul, and myself watching cartoons. I had this terrible feeling of dread. I knew that in a little while I would be sucking Paul's Dad's dick. I kept thinking to my self I can't do it. I must be a queer. To make matters worse, I was looking at him while all of this was going through my mind.

I thought at first my imagination was playing tricks on me. I noticed his Dad was keeping a casual eye on me. That part was not my imagination. His Dad was enjoying looking at me. It looked to me he was sporting one hell of a hard on. I guess that really wasn't my imagination either, I just wanted it to be. That was tough to deal with. Sitting there in front of the whole family, knowing his Dad was eat up with me. I was embarrassed as hell.

The worst part of it all was his Dad staring at me with that I want to eat you alive look, like he would really like to get me alone to suck his dick and my knowing that not only had I already sucked it, but I was going to do it again. It would make it a lot harder to do. At 1000 AM Paul’s Mom said Sherry and her were going shopping and would be gone for at least three hours. Paul sat in his Dad’s lap and hugged him while his hand fumbled with his Dad’s zipper. His Dad said, "Whoa, you’ve got company."

Paul told him it was okay, you shot off in his mouth last night, not mine. We had switched sides. His Dad went into the bathroom for a few minutes. When he came out, he was naked and his thing was swinging back and forth. It had juice oozing out of it. I found out some number of years later that he would shove some kind of mints in his pee-hole and force them down midway of his shaft so they would have to melt to come out. This is what created the juice.

Paul sat and watched me do my thing between his Dad’s legs for the first time. It had been dark last night and he could only listen. It tasted like candy again. I liked eating candy. I was really embarrassed when I started sucking on his Dad’s dick. Now it was light and he could see me doing it. I am so fucked up, eating candy from between someone’s legs.

We watched TV while his Dad held us both in his lap in the nude and hugged us close. Paul and I lay side by side in his Dad's lap with his Dad's dick pressed firmly between our thighs. I can’t begin to describe how good it felt to be held the way he held us. He held us like that for over an hour. I could have stayed there that way all day snuggled up next to Paul while his Dad held us so close.

The next time Paul got on his knees on one side while his Dad sat in his chair and I got on the other. Paul would slide it into his mouth and I would kiss him at the tip where he would slip it into my mouth. I would slide it into my mouth and pass it back to him when our lips met at the tip.

We passed it back and forth until he finally started shooting off in Paul’s mouth. I am confused. I just did it with my best friends Dad and I liked doing him almost as much as I did Paul. Would my Daddy want me to do him as well? I thank God, this is something I never found out. Now I know that I’m not worth loving because of the queer things that I’d done. His Dad just tasted so good. He tasted that way every time.

The last time I sucked his Dad everyday that I went to Paul's, I had just had a birthday. Isn’t that a bitch? He actually called it my birthday present. I was disgusted as hell and he still tasted sweet. The next time I went to Paul’s, I told his Dad I wasn’t going to suck his dick anymore. He would ask me to almost all the time, but I would refuse. Unfortunately, sometimes Paul's Dad would beg me so much to suck his dick, I would occasionally find myself giving in and doing it for him just to get him to leave me alone.

I finally started getting a little hair around my thing. It wasn’t much, but I was proud of what little I had. Paul was ecstatic about my hair. He said he just adored it. He found it to be a big turn on. Paul got really hairy underarms and a lot of hair around his dick, but had little anywhere else, which I found didn't hurt my feelings at all.

To be continued……………………………….........

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