Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story were carefully screened. All identification was thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here.

The author is of the age that he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact that all are above the legal age of twenty one and that some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested that the reader read Part One first.

Total Confusion Part Three

As I got older and could go out more, David found more ways to be with me, without everyone else knowing he was. When he was able to afford a car, I was to meet him on the road. I would get his thing out while I rode down the road. He’d drive me around until he got through. I wanted to vomit every time I looked at it. I was scared to death someone would see me doing him in the front seat. Later, when he dropped me back off on the road, I would try to swallow away the nasty taste in my mouth. I was afraid someone might smell him on my breath.

I hated sucking on his thing. As time rambled on, he became more demanding. A couple of years later, David got an apartment. When he picked me up now, we drove to his place, where we got naked and he started kissing me. He did keep his word on one thing. He kept trying to make my thing work. He had to work on it a few years before I finally got where I could come. I got that good feeling, but nothing came out. I didn’t know this was a birth defect that kept my private areas from maturing. I always thought something was wrong with me. Not many of the other guys seemed to have this problem.

He constantly reminded me that I must never tell anyone he was letting me do it for him. They would not understand like he did. He told me it was normal for a guy to find a good friend like him to teach me the things I would need. He told me that although it was normal, it simply was not discussed.

The one that you chose was private to you, much the same as the length, of the last crap you took. "The one that you chose", like I had picked him out to do this to me. Is this something I would need? He said everyone knows you take a shit, but did you ever have anyone talk about it with you? I believed what he told me, as I hadn’t talked with anyone about what was done in the bathroom.

I was standing on the road waiting on David, as usual. I knew I would have to do all sorts of sick shit when we arrived at his apartment. I always had to so far. Each time, David manages to come up with something new, it seems to be grosser than the last thing he made me do. And he always had something new. My heart sank as I saw David's car appear over the hill. When he stopped, I opened the door and got in beside David in the front seat. I was not so eagerly waiting for him to direct me to get him out so I could do my thing, when I became aware we weren't alone.

David's friend John was sitting in the back seat. We had only gone a short distance when David told me John thought I was cute and had asked if he could look at me for awhile. David also informed me he had told John I would be happy to let him ogle me for a spell. David told me to climb over the seat. He said it is time for John and myself to get to know one another.

I climbed in the back sitting as close to the window as I could. This put me as far away from John as the width of the car would allow. I hadn't made the connection that John wanted me. I really thought all he wanted was to look at me. John was staring wildly at me when David told him to go ahead and strip me down. I didn't want John to see me naked. I was afraid he would laugh at my little dick. He might even find out it doesn't work.

I struggled to stop him. The more I struggled, the more John seemed to enjoy taking my clothes off. I am very small in stature. At only four feet six and eighty pounds, I don’t make a very impressive sight, nor can I put up much of a fight. When I was completely nude, I felt like I was on display to the whole world. I was so ashamed. I wanted to hide my face, but there was no where to hide. John let go of me and I slid back over to the window to get as far away as I could. This was fine with John for a little while as he was enjoying gawking at my nudity.

I was dying inside. I felt so small and insecure sitting there in front of John. I knew David was watching from the rear view mirror. Suddenly, John got his dick out and told me to suck it. That was when it hit me what was coming off. David had told John I sucked. I hesitated. David yelled at me. He said, "John told you to suck him. Now get busy or I'll come back there and cut your balls off."

That was all I needed to hear. I was scared shitless David might do it. I slid across the seat closer to John. I looked at John's dick. He was so excited that his dick was dribbling cum out of the tip of it. I knew I was doomed. I leaned over taking his penis into my mouth. I had barely gotten it wet when John shot off in my mouth.

I pulled back from him when he finished. John told me it wasn't enough and to do it again. I sucked him off twice more before David took us to the apartment. John and David took turns doing my mouth and my butt. They did it at the same time. One in my mouth and the other up my butt. I was sick when David let me back out on the road. I had sucked two guys now. I had to be queer. The worst part was I knew that wasn't going to be the last time I saw John.

The following week, David told me to bring my friend Paul to our meeting place on the road. Tell him we’ll watch dirty movies, if he’s been around enough to know what they are. I didn’t want to bring Paul. He was small like me. That was the reason I hung out with him all the time. It was never any fun hanging out with guys that were twice my size or more. The way Paul looked, I knew what David would do. I could not do that to my friend. I could not let him go through the things I must endure. As much as I feared for Paul, I was more afraid of David.

I told Paul I knew a place where we could watch dirty movies. He thought it was neat and could hardly wait. What would he think of his good friend after this. That next day David picked us up and to his place we went. He showed nasty movies and he let us drink beer. He said to drink slowly, because we could only have four. Turns out four beers for a guy my size is plenty indeed. I don’t know about Paul, but I was as drunk as a fart.

Paul was a very pretty boy and I mean very pretty. One time he put on his sister’s bikini when we’d been fooling around. When I said fooling around, at that time it meant playing, and not with each other, but just having fun. His legs were so pretty and they looked like a girl’s. As a matter of fact he looked more like a girl than his sister did. I liked looking at his legs, although I didn’t know quite why. One thing I did know was I didn’t want Paul to know I enjoyed looking at his legs.

His sister was very pretty as well. I enjoyed her legs too. She was a year older than Paul and I. I liked the way Paul’s shoulder length brown hair fell in curls around his neck. His face and his body features were very feminine. I mean Paul could pass himself off as a girl if he had wanted to. He had the prettiest green eyes. Green was my favorite color. I could look into Paul’s eyes all day, but I had to be careful he didn’t catch me looking.

We were watching a movie where this chick sucked a guy off. While she was working, David got up and said his thing was hard and was binding in his shorts. "If you don’t mind I think I’ll give it some room." He removed his pants and shorts, leaving his shirt on. He said it was neat watching like that. We should try it and see for ourselves. I took off my pants and Paul did too.

I found myself sneaking glances at Paul’s legs. I couldn’t help seeing his thing. I was sneaking glances at it too. Of course I had seen it before, when Paul and I were in the bath tub together. I had liked looking at it then as well, but it had always been soft whenever I got to see it. Now, it was hard and it was sticking out from between his legs, but it was short and skinny like mine. I found myself wondering what it would be like to suck on it like I had to do for David.

Suddenly David was stroking his shaft. It was hard and sticking straight out. Paul was smitten with awe. I thought to myself that he’d never seen one like this before. Boy was I in for a shocker. More on that later. When David noticed Paul had been sneaking glances at it, he said it was okay to look at it. That he understood, Paul was curious to see how much bigger he was. David asked Paul if he had ever seen a guy shoot off for real. Paul said, that he hadn’t. David asked Paul if he would like to see a guy shoot off. Paul said he guessed so.

We went to the bathroom and David jerked himself off into the toilet. Paul just stood there like, did I just see that? He asked Paul if he’d ever had it done and would he like to. Without waiting for an answer, David put his hand on Paul’s already hard prick. When Paul smiled with delight, David dropped to his knees and sucked Paul’s dick.

I got so excited listening to Paul’s sweet moans. After about half of an hour, David said, "It’s your turn." I’ll never forget that look of sheer shock on Paul’s face when it started to come in his mouth. I remember thinking it strange Paul didn’t throw up, getting his mouth filled up for the first time. When it was over, David told me to suck my friend.

I wasn’t sure what Paul would think of me sucking his thing. Would he quit liking me? Would he think I was sick? Would he call me a queer? He’d just sucked one, but I wasn’t sure. Paul was even prettier in the nude. I had been watching his hard on every chance I got when Paul wasn’t looking my way. I thought I was sick, because Paul's thing looked so pretty. In my mind, I imagined it was sticking straight up like that because of me, although I knew it wasn't so.

Secretly I wanted to have it just to know I had. Here was my chance. I was worried Paul would find out that mine did not do like it was supposed to and would make fun of me. The way he had carried on when David sucked his dick, I just knew he had shot off quite a load. I was equally afraid he might figure out that I actually wanted to suck on him, that David did not have to force me to do it to Paul the way he had forced me to do it to him.

I began to realize I could stare at him while I was sucking without him knowing I was. I wrapped my lips around Paul’s sweet shaft. It was like a dream. I could feel his soft smooth flesh in my mouth and in the back ground, I could hear the clicking of the projector. I was also worried that when he filled up my mouth it would make me puke. I liked the way he felt in my mouth, but I didn't want his juice in my mouth. When he started moaning, I just knew he was getting ready to fill my mouth up with his juice.

To my surprise, it didn’t happen. It was still pretty exciting holding him in my mouth while he moaned. I looked up at his face and he was looking at me. I just stared into his eyes while he watched my lips move up and down his shaft. It was such a relief. I’d worried so hard. I had been sucking him for 45 minutes, and nothing came out. He didn’t even get to jerking around. To put it bluntly, nothing happened at all. I had a friend who had something in common with me. It seemed his was as broken as mine.

Now, it seems it was Paul’s turn to do me. His lips felt so good, his face looked so sweet, as he sucked on my meat. I thought I’d go crazy while he was sucking on me. I felt so good. It felt like something was about to happen down there. Like I had to pee really bad and it just kept building up. David finally said time was up and made him stop. I was disappointed, nothing had happened.

I hadn’t come, but I already knew we’d do it again. The strange part of it was, and I struggle with the pain of realizing this even to this day, I actually enjoyed sucking Paul’s meat. I looked forward to doing it again and wanted to do it when he and I were alone. I wanted to be able to enjoy Paul without David watching. I felt so sick, I wasn’t supposed to desire to suck his prick. What is wrong with me? Am I a queer? Am I really a girl and they just gave me the wrong body?

It wasn’t long before David started playing with Paul’s asshole. He’d been doing mine almost from the start. More on mine at a later date. He ran his tongue in, to Paul’s delight. As gross as it sounds, it just feels so right. In with a wet finger, keeping him slick. I knew what he was feeling, I’d been there before.

It felt so good, but was so weird and embarrassing. It was an internal turmoil, whether it felt better than it not being right. He started rubbing Vaseline into Paul’s hole. David grabbed him by his hips as he gently worked himself in. The look on Paul’s face when David came up his ass, like he had to shit, now, but didn’t dare. David was still thrusting it all the way in.

I looked into Paul’s eyes and was saddened at what I saw. Paul was not there. He would not know any thing had happened today. I felt bad because I had tricked my friend into my own nightmare from which I could never escape. I had died when David did me and now Paul was dead too.

When David was finished, he grabbed us both by our balls and pulled us up tight. We were standing on our tiptoes to keep down the pain. Then he told us straight up, “If either one of you tell, I’ll cut off your things and make each of you eat the others before you bleed out.” This was the first time he had gotten really mean, but I found it would not be the last. One thing was certain. I was scared shitless. I knew I could not stop him from doing what he said he would do. I couldn’t tell anyway. How could I let anyone know what I’d done?

To be continued.............................................................

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