These are true stories of experiences by my stepdaughter being raped by her first stepfather.
Raped By My Step Dad - Part 3: On My Knees

Dear Readers: If you haven't read part 1, please do so to better understand how and why this is being written. These are true stories of experiences by my stepdaughter being raped by her first stepfather. They are written from her point of view.

I had managed to avoid my step dad for the past week, staying later at school so that my older brother would be home when I got there. My mom worked late so she she was never home when I got home from school. That worked until Friday when my brother went over to a friend's house. I didn't discover it until after I got home and found myself alone with my step dad. I wasn't there long before my step dad stopped me in the kitchen. Our kitchen faced the back of the house. There was a window but no one could see in really. I guess Bob felt safe as he didn't waste any time, this being the first time in a week that we were alone together.

"Get on your knees Megan," he ordered with a stern voice. I knew right away that I was going to have to touch his penis again and I didn't want to even see it, let alone touch it.

"Please Bob, don't make me do this again," I pleaded. It was like he didn't hear me at all. He responded by pressing down on my shoulders, pushing me to the floor. I didn't resist but went to my knees. He didn't have me drop his pants like before. He just did it himself, freeing his erect shaft in front of my face. It bounced a little at first but then settled down to point up and out away from his body.

"Lick your lips," he told me, so I stuck my tongue out and got them wet. I wasn't sure what he had in mind when he reached down and grabbed a wad of my hair. "Open your mouth," he said and then I knew. Tipping his shaft down towards my mouth with his other hand he pulled my head right up to it. I kept my mouth shut tight, not wanting him to put his penis inside. "Open I said," he ordered, squeezing my hair with his one hand and pressing the head of his penis against my lips.

I guess I didn't try hard enough because suddenly it slid in. I started to gag as he shoved it towards the back of my mouth. But to my relief he pulled it outward. I thought it was over but he pushed it back in again, then out like before. Again and again he did this.

"Close your lips around it nice and tight. Keep it wet with your saliva." I did as he ordered. He had both hands on the back of my head, moving it back and forth on his shaft. The more saliva I kept on it the easier it slid in and out and for some reason didn't seem to hurt as much. It also seemed to make Bob moan with pleasure and give me words of encouragement.

"God Megan, are you sure you haven't done this before?" he asked. "You are fantastic at this." As he continued to praise me he reached down and one by one placed my hands on his butt. "Now I am going to let loose of your head but I want you to continue with your movements. You can hold on tight to my ass to give yourself some leverage. You can go fast for a while and then slow, break it up some, use your tongue and suck now and then. Yes, just like that, baby. Oh, you're good. You catch on quick."

Again he made me feel good about myself. Maybe what we were doing wasn't right, but no one else made me feel like I was worth anything. He couldn't be all bad. God, what was I doing? This was wrong. And yet I felt like this was what I was meant to be doing. I couldn't think straight, that's for sure.

His shaft was solid and straight but without warning it was as if it grew in my mouth, and was like a rod of steel. I felt Bob's hands on the back of my head again pushing me forward so that his shaft pushed into the back of my throat. I started to gag when I felt his cum squirting into my throat. I did my best to swallow so I wouldn't choke, but he just kept cumming. He finally let go of my head and pulled his softening penis out of my mouth. I coughed a few times spitting out onto the floor what cum was left in my mouth.

"Megan, that was the best blow job I have ever had," he said. "I wish I could go tell someone how good you are but I don't want you to get into any trouble so I'll just keep it a secret between us. You know, you are far better at this than your mother. Too bad she won't ever know about it. She would take it out on you if she did."

"I don't want Mom to find out," I said. "I don't want to get in trouble. Please don't tell her, OK?"

"Like I said, a secret between the two of us," Bob assured me. "Go get cleaned up." And then he left and went to his bedroom. I went and cleaned myself up, thinking about what just happened.

I was better at something than my mom was. Bob liked me to do this to him more than my own mother. I couldn't help but feel a little sense of pride. What was I thinking? I knew in my heart of hearts that what we were doing was wrong. Yet somehow I felt better about myself because of it. I knew I was mixed up. I wondered if I should talk to someone, anyone other than my mother.

The End of Part 3



2013-03-01 07:26:14
I too was molested but it was my uncle and I was 2 until I was 5. I was also raped twice. I love
porn I write it as well as read it I just don't deal well with kiddie porn. I am sorry that ur stepdaughter went thru this not all men are this sick I hope she got the help she needed


2012-10-15 00:32:16
News about the rapist, her first step-dad: He just died.

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2012-07-05 23:51:27
I don't think the stories are real. I think they are told as true stories to make them more hot...which they are. and if you read the top you will see that the 2nd stepfather is retelling the story. I have no idea why so many ppl are responding to 'her'.

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2012-06-01 00:05:20
this is a true story i know the woman.shes a huge slut.her name is maria elena markle

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2012-05-11 19:06:36
to the idiot reader, read the sory again dum ass maybe the second time you might get it

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