This is a stretched version of the truth of my early youth. Call it fiction and enjoy. I won’t tell which parts are true and which parts are stretched -- if you won‘t.
The Landlord’s Daughter: Chapter 5

The next morning when I came home, Dave and Jim were at the table eating cereal. They looked up and Dave said “I hear ya got some real young stuff yesterday. How was the kid?”. He laughed. I think though I caught a hint of wanting.

Did he want to fuck Emily? I felt jealousy hit me with that thought. She’s mine. Wait! I can’t have an 11 year old as a girlfriend. I hopefully covered my internal thoughts. “Yes. I had sex with Emily. Hell her mother even was there.”.

Jim said “Kim couldn’t stop talking about it. She fucked me silly. The best in a long time. Hell do the little girl again so she can see. I will enjoy the after-fucking. Kim acts the prude more than not, but she will be drooling. Just one big dripping wet mess.”.

I grabbed a bowl and made me some cereal. I wanted to crawl away from myself. I molested an 11 year old. I am a creep. And here these two jerks are congratulating me. Making me feel the better man -- among creeps.

The front door opened and in came Emily. The guys hushed up. She looked at them saw their expressions, then looked at them kind of cross, but said nothing. She came and gave me a hug and said in a fake British accent “Top o the mornin, luv”. She grabbed my empty bowl, then grabbed the other two empty bowls and took them to the sink. She came back and took my hand and pulled me up. “Let’s go to your room, Larry.”. She gave the guys another cross look and pulled me. I went like a zombie.

Once in the room, she closed the door. “I don’t mind Kim and Nancy and Mom watching, but those guys are like creeping me out this morning. They are looking differently at me than normal.”. She knelt at my feet and started undoing my pants.

“Whoa! Wait there! Stop.”. I pulled her up.

“What? I want some more and I know you got to get to class, so we got to be quick.”. She pulled her dress up and off. No underwear. She was naked in two seconds.

“Wait! I got to think. We got to talk. This is…just…you are too…”.

“I told you not to say I’m to young. I fucked you. You fucked me. I liked it a lot. My mom said I could come over and as she called it ‘Get some dick’. She rubbed my pussy to make sure I was wet. It didn’t take long. She said I was like her. She said she is always wet and horny. She heard you drive up and she said go. So I came over. Don’t you want to fuck me again? Was I that bad?”.

“No, sweetie. You were great. Better than my ex-girlfriend -- either one. Way better in fact. That is not the point. You may not be young, but you ARE too young FOR me. I am nearly twice your age. Hell I am closer in age to your mother and father than you.”.

“Mommy says people are different ages even if they are the same age. She says I am older than my years. I know I feel older than most of my class.”.

“What we did could get me in a lot of trouble.”.

“I won’t tell and Mommy won’t tell. So if you won’t tell, who will?”.

“There is Jim, Dave, Kim, Nancy. They all know what we did. Shit.” You can‘t keep that many people quiet.

“They won’t tell. I know the girls won’t. We talked when you were asleep. I will talk to the guys and make them swear an oath.”.

She got up and started for the door. “Wait. Get back here. You can’t go out there naked.”.

She stopped, turned and looked at me. “We were naked yesterday. I’ve seen you guys naked in the back yard. It’s no big deal.”. She started for the door again. I grabbed her arm. She looked at me. “What do ya want? Sex? Oh great.”. She dropped to her knees and got my pants opened. She was so fast. My pants were down along with my underwear. She stood up and was pushing my t-shirt up. I tried to stop her and she said “Get that shirt off, young man. I want this. Your hard cock wants this. So shut up and fuck me.”. My shirt was off. She jumped onto my bed.

I stood there naked. Looking at Emily laying on my bed arms and legs spread out, inviting me. I felt my cock twitch and realized I was hard. This little monkey of a sex pot had got me hard.

Oh fuck it. I climbed on the bed and licked my way up her legs to her pussy. She sighed and then moaned. She said “You don’t have time for that, just come up here and fuck me fast. Get your rocks off. Fuck me. Now.”

I slid further up and my cock moved along her legs and was at her pussy lips. I kissed her and she stuck her tongue into my mouth. She hunched her hips and my cock entered her. I heard her sigh into my mouth without stopping the kiss. She pulled her arms tight around me and hunched again. I went in deeper. I start to hump back. I went in all the way. Damn tight young pussy. Good. So dam good.

“Yesssss. Larry. That is what I needed. Oh yes. Yes! YES! Fuck me. Do it fast. Harder. Faster.”.

I was obeying her, but it was just a coincidence. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to get my rocks off. I needed to fuck this child lover of mine. My hips were slamming into her. She was grunting with each slam. “Yes Larry. Fuck me hard. Cum in me. Fuck me. Harder damn it. HARDER!”.

I grabbed her legs and pulled them up and pushed them up by her head. She bent so easily. I moved my hips to stay with her now upturned pussy. I was hammering down into her pussy. Her body was compressed into a ball. She was pulling her legs closer. Her knees were almost by her chin. I felt my cock hitting the back of her pussy. Her cervix was getting hit. She was wailing and grunting. I was puffing and grunting. “Oh shit, Larry. Yes oh god damn it yes. Here I…oh fuck…yes it is oh my fuck…yes yes YES YESSSSSSS OOOOOOOO”. Her body was shuddering. Her eyes were rolling around in her head. Her arms were holding onto her legs tight. Her pussy was tightening up. I was still pumping into her tight pussy. I was moving fast and hard. I don’t think I could have got into her if I was being gentle. She was so damn tight.

“Oh damn it girl. Oh Em. Oh fu fu fu My….ooo oooo uuh uhhhh FUCK!”. I came in her. I pulsed a shot of cum into her. Another and another. I was shuddering. I was starting to loose my strength. She was smiling at me. She was proud of herself. She rubbed my forehead to wipe the sweat away.

“There. Feel all better. I sure do. Damn that is good. Sex is fucking good. Now get off me. Let’s go get you showered up and off to class. Can’t have you slacking off. You missed one class yesterday and we can’t do that anymore. Come on.”. She pushed her legs. I got the idea and sat back. My cock popped out of her wet pussy. Her legs flopped to either side of my legs. They were splayed nearly straight out. Damn flexible little minx. I looked at her. Her tiny tits. Her wet soaked pussy. I was falling in love with her. Not good. But damn. She is beautiful, sexy, and smart.

“Stop staring. Stop gawking. Let me up. Let’s go to the shower. Now. Don’t make me get angry with you.”.

I moved back and got off the bed. I reached for her and helped her up. We walked out of my bedroom naked. As we crossed the hall, I heard Jim say “Damn you two are loud!”.

Dave said “Ride em cowboy!”.

Emily stopped, turned to them, and said “Behave yourselves. Act your age. If you keep it up, I will call the cops and say you two raped me. There. Feel all up and cocky now? Didn’t think so. Come on Larry.”.

I laughed. Here was an 11 year old absolutely controlling three guys nearly twice her age. She was just amazing.

- - - -
The Landlord’s Daughter: Chapter 6

I got back from classes and Emily was there in the kitchen helping Kim and Nancy make dinner. Jim and Dave were watching TV. They looked at me as I entered. Dave said “Sorry about this morning, dude. We were out of line.”.

Jim said “Yeah. Out of line. Won’t happen again.” They looked at the girls and got nods back. Obviously they got yelled at.

I smiled and tried not to laugh. “Thanks guys. I accept your apology as long as Emily accepts it.”. I saw her nod. “No problem then. Hi ladies. Can I help in there?”.

Kim said “No. It is all ready. Come and sit down.”. I went in and sat at the table. Emily brought me a plate and then hurried to the fridge and got a beer out and put it by my plate. Kim and Nancy were smiling at her.

Nancy said “Emily cooked the whole dinner. We just told her what to do and helped a little.”. Emily beamed. She then came and sat next to me with her plate and started eating. The rest of them got their food and sat down. Weird. I was having a meal with my roommates and my 11 year old lover. My girlfriend. Oh god. She is… I am…

Emily said “Larry, what is it?”.

“Oh nothing I was just lost in my head mulling over things. It is still a bit much for me. You seem to be taking this much better than I am.”.

Kim laughed and said “Of course she is. She is a girl. And girls are way better than guys at everything. Shut up Jim.”. She looked at Dave and he quickly pushed some more food into his mouth quickly and pointed at his face and shrugged. Food as defense -- great idea.

After dinner, I said “I have to work on a paper for class. Sorry, but I got to do it.”.

Emily said “Let’s go to your room for some quick fun, then I will go and let you do your homework.”.

“Em! I need to get to work on this.”.

“I know. I will only suck and kiss a little. I will keep my clothes on. Honest. I got tomorrow, Saturday, to look forward to. It will be great. Mom can’t wait either.”. She pulled me into my room and my pants hit the floor. She knelt and kissed my cock. It was hard in no time. She sucked it into her mouth and pushed her face down until I hit the back of her mouth. I was at her throat. Her stomach lurched, but she held me there. She looked up at me, smiled around my cock and pushed.

“Oh my god, damn girl.” She pushed harder and my cock entered her throat. “Oh fuck. Oh god.”. Her stomach was humping but she held my legs. She slowly pulled her head back. She gasped as I came out of her throat. Her tongue started to lap all around my cock. She started moving her head up and down on my cock. She was forcing my cock into her throat each time. I wasn’t all the way in, but…close.

“Oh damn Em. You got my cock all the way in. Shit!”.

She pulled off and gasped for air. She looked up at me. “Nope, not all the way. I can’t quite get it all in. My throat just won’t let me. It is too tight. You’re too big.”. She bobbed her head back onto my cock. And she went hard onto my cock. I felt her go deeper than ever.

“Oh damn it. Fu uh uh fuck!”. She grabbed my ass and pulled hard. I felt her nose in my pubic hair. She pulled harder and I felt her chin against my balls. She was trembling and her stomach was heaving. Her arms were tight, almost painful. She eased up and my cock slid back, coming part of the way out of her throat. She looked at up at me and pushed down. I felt her nose again. She pulled up and my cock was out of her throat. She opened her mouth and sucked in air a couple of times. She looked at me. I could see the pride in her teary eyes. She plunged down, all the way again, her nose on my belly, her chin on my balls. She pulled up until the tip was just at her lips. She swiped her tongue on my cock head. She plunged down again. Then up. Then down. She picked up speed. I heard her going ‘guck’ each time as my cock entered her throat. It sounded like she was getting ready to throw up. But she wasn’t. I don’t think her stubbornness would let her. It was incredible. Even the guck guck noises were sexy.

She ran her hand up between my legs. She grabbed my ass and pulled me hard into her face. Her fingers started moving around my ass, into my butt crack. She pulled up and off. She brought her hand up to her slobbery mouth and sucked her fingers in. She pulled them out. Slobber was dripping from them. She plunged her mouth back onto my cock. My knees nearly buckled. Her hand was back at my ass. Her wet fingers pushed at my asshole. Then they went in. At least two of them went into my ass. I couldn’t tell how many. More than one for sure. My ass was clenching her fingers.

I gasped and said “Oh my god.”. She pulled her head up and off.

“Cum for me. Give me your cum.”

Her fingers jammed into my ass and my cock pushed into her face. I grabbed her head and started to hump her face. Her hand was pushing and pulling in my ass. Her hand was setting the pace that I was face fucking her.

“oh fuck fuck fuck. I am…Oh god Em. I EEEEEEEEEE”.

I came in her mouth. I slid into her throat and erupted. I pulled back and spurted into her mouth. I pushed back in and then out. I felt my cum and her slobber soaking my crotch. I erupted again right at her throat. I was shaking all over. Her fingers were pushing and pulling. I spurted some more out my cock. It slipped from her mouth and she pulled her fingers from my ass. She slowly slid her hand along my balls, up over my sensitive, wet cock. She pulled my cock and fingers into her mouth. She licked my cock and her fingers with her tongue. She pulled back still holding my cock.

“My fingers taste good, straight from your ass. Your cum. Your ass. Nice. I like it a lot. Now my young man, you need to get busy with your school work. I will come over tomorrow when we are ready for the picnic. She stood up and wiped her face with the back of her hand. She looked at the mess and then licked it off her hand. “hmmmm. Tasty stuff.” She leaned in and gave me a kiss. I kissed her back. Our mouths were all over each other.

She said “Damn. I gotta go and let you work. Bye.”.

She pulled away and left my room. I stood there for a while, then sat back on my bed.

It must have been ten minutes or so and Nancy came in looked at me, my pants at my ankles, my cock laying on my legs, limp and wet. She laughed and said “That little girl may be too much for you. She told me to get your lazy butt moving if you didn’t come out and start your homework. Come on. The table is clear, you can help me with my math and I can help you with psych.”.

She helped me stand and she pulled my pants up. I got them buckled and zipped. She patted my crotch and said “Let’s go lover boy.” She giggled. “That picnic is sounding like it’s gonna be a lot of fun for you guys.

I somehow got through my work and even got a big head start on a paper that was due next week. We all worked hard -- on a Friday night -- on our homework. We got a lot done. I fell asleep and dreamed wild, sexy dreams. Little Emily was in all of them.

- - - -
The Landlord’s Daughter: Chapter 7

It was about 10 when Emily came over and got me. My roommates wished me luck, and waved good bye to me. Georgia said for me to sit up front with her. Emily got into the back, reluctantly. I got in the car’s the front seat.

She patted my thigh and said “Emily is so happy. I have never seen her this happy. Thank you. Thank you very much. I got her a doctor appointment Monday. We will see if she can start on the pill yet. I am not sure. She is so young..”. I heard Emily huff in the back seat.

I stopped breathing. My girlfriends were on the pill. I never used condoms with them. I just plain forgot with Emily. Shit!

Georgia laughed. “Breathe ya big dope. She is just barely 11. She hasn’t had her first period yet. I doubt that she can get pregnant. I hope she can‘t. But she is got to be close to starting. If she is pregnant, then don’t worry. We will take care of it. I want you to fuck her real good today. I hope you won’t mind that I will watch. It made me so horny watching you two do it the other day. And then when she came home with her face all a mess last night. I had to scoot her to the kitchen and get her cleaned up before Harold saw her. I think he would freak. Your cum is tasty, by the way. Better than my old man‘s.”.

Emily leaned over the back of the seat. “Mommy wants you to do her too, but she wants you to do her in her butt.” I choked. “I said she could. OK?”.

“What… I…”. The two girls busted out laughing. We pulled into the park and I was saved -- for a while. We hiked up and around the lake with a small mountain of gear. We had to scramble down a small steep hill and we got to a spot that was surrounded by tall, shady trees and the hill. Georgia got the air mattress out and started the foot pump going. Emily stripped off her clothes.

“Get your clothes off , Larry, then you take over getting the mattress full. That way Mommy can get naked too.”.

I must have looked lost again. Emily knelt and undid my pants. She pulled them and my underwear down. I stepped out of them. She stood and pulled my shirt up and off. She then pushed me at Georgia and the foot pump. I took over pumping. Georgia smiled at me and unbuttoned her blouse. She started at the top button. She slowly worked her way down to the bottom one. Then she undid her pants button and the zipper.

“Oh Mommy, I think he likes what you are doing. His cock is all big now.”.

Georgia smiled and pulled her blouse open and off. Her boobs were covered by a tan bra. Emily came along side me and started stroking my cock. “Keep watching her. Mommy, I will make sure he gets hard and stays hard for you.”.

I looked back at Georgia. She pushed her pants down. A matching pair of undies. Her dark bush was slightly visible through the material. She reached behind her and undid the bra. I saw the tension ease and her boobs sank a little. She pushed her arms together and pushed her undies down her legs. Just as her bush came into view, her bra fell off. Her undies dropped to the ground. I just stared. Such a lush, full woman. Bigger, fuller curves than my old girlfriends. Damn nice.

“Oh look Mommy, the mattress is all full now. I will go get the blankets to put over it.”.

Georgia knelt and closed off the air valve and put the pump by the rest of the gear. Emily was busy spreading the blankets onto the mattress. Georgia came up to me and gave me a hug.

“Ready, to do my ass. Harold doesn’t like ass fucking. I haven’t had a dick up the ole butt for a couple of years. I need it. Please.”.

I felt Emily stroking my cock again, but I felt a slimy grease going on. “Mommy says you need lube to do butts. I get to watch.”.

Georgia got down and laid on the mattress face down. Emily leaned down and rubbed some lube into her butt crack. I saw her worm her finger into her mom’s ass. Georgia sighed and moaned “Yes, oh yes. Lube me up good.”.

She looked up at me and smiled “Thank you, Larry. Thank you Emily for sharing Larry with me. I’m ready. Ready, Larry? My ass is yours for the taking. Oh god, please get in me. Please.”.

I looked at Emily as she wiped her hands on a towel. “Go. Go on.”. She gave me a small push. I climbed on the mattress behind Georgia. Her ass was pushed up and she had her hands on her butt cheeks, pulling them apart. I could see her asshole. It was moving. Kind of pulsing. I leaned closer and my slick cock slipped in along her crack.

“Yesssss. Put it in. Yesssss”.

I changed my position a little and my cock lined up. I pushed and my cock head pushed against her asshole. It resisted, then opened up. I popped in. My god, my first ass. It was tight. Not as tight as Emily’s pussy, but tight enough.

We moaned together. I started to pump in and out of her ass. Getting deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her ass cheeks were full, firm and yet soft. They wiggled as I pumped into her. Oh they were way fuller than my girlfriend’s had been. Way fuller than little Emily’s tiny, tight ass. It felt good to pump into and against the warm, big, soft ass. I finally got my whole cock into her and was starting to pick up speed.

Georgia was moaning and making sobbing noises. I heard her say “Delicious. Oh damn shit. Delicious”. Emily was kneeling close and watching as my cock went into and out of her mother’s ass. Georgia said “Damn. Thank you. Thank you both. Oh god Delicious.”.

I was pumping in and out of her ass. I would slip all the way out with just my cock’s tip in her crack, then I would push back in, popping her rectal ring open again. She would wail out each time I did this. I felt her start to shudder. Her ass humped up at me.

“Oh god. Harder. Deeper if you can. But harder. Faster. Oh god damn. Yes. Yes! YES! Oh oh oooooo Fuuuuuck!”. She bucked up into my cock and I saw her whole body get red. She was trembling hard and shaking. Her ass clenched tight on my cock and I had to push hard to get back into her. I held her ass as I watched her shudder through her orgasm.

“Fuck Yes. Oh damn that was good. Thank you. Oh so fucking delicious. Thank you.”. She looked back at me and smiled. “And you didn’t cum. Good. Saving it for Emily.”. She looked at Emily and said “Help me up and onto one of the folding chairs.”. I pulled my cock out of her ass. I watched as her asshole winked closed and opened and closed again. It stayed shut this time. Emily and I helped her mom up. She grabbed the towel and wiped her ass clean from the lube. She sat on the chair.

Emily had another towel and was wiping my crotch clean. My hard cock was bouncing around as she cleaned me. She pulled me down onto the mattress and had me lay face up. My cock was still hard. It was throbbing. Emily straddled me and slowly slid her pussy onto my cock. It was amazing how slowly she slid down.

“Damn. Nice. Oh god damn. You pussy is tight. Nice.”.

“Tighter than Mommy’s ass?”.

“Emily, that is not fair. Either way he answers will upset one of us. Don’t answer, Larry. Your cock felt good, big. Thank you. And I know that little brat on top of you thinks your cock is big too.”.

“Oh, but I will answer. You butt was tight. Her pussy was tight. Each is a different tight. I love them both. Uhg!”. Emily pulled up and slammed down fast and hard. It was unexpected.

“You were supposed to say I’m tighter. Meanie.”. She was now pumping up and down on my cock. “Damn this is a nice cock. I think it is bigger than Daddy’s. What do you think Mommy?”.

Georgia was laughing. “Just fuck Larry. Don’t get any ideas about your father. He would just freak. I never had your father up my butt, so I can’t answer you. But yes he is nice. When he does my pussy, I will be able to tell you, but I won’t. Good girls do not fuck and tell. He is plenty big. Your pussy is tight enough. Your little young girl pussy should be more than happy with his cock. Any boys your age will have tiny, skinny peckers, not worth looking at. Just fuck him and enjoy.”.

I was enjoying the fucking. The conversation was helping me hold off from cumming. Emily shut up and concentrated on moving up and down. She was a machine, steady up and down. “Oh god my legs are getting tired. I need it. I need it. Help me. I am close. So good.”.

Her mom got up and grabbed her waist and started to move her up and down on my cock. Both ladies were now fucking me at once as it were. I felt my balls tighten. I grunted. I moaned. I hissed. I started to arch my back up into Emily’s pussy. I looked at her tiny, sweaty tits. I looked at Georgia’s bigger, soft tits as they bounced around with her efforts to fuck me with her daughter. I looked at Georgia’s crotch, her dark pussy hair in a triangle between her legs. I looked at Emily’s crotch. It was bare. I could see my cock pushing in and pulling out her pussy lips.

“Oh god damn I am close. Keep it up Emily. Keep it up. Come on. Cum with me. Oh god damn. Fuck! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit!”.

I erupted into Emily. She screamed as she felt me enlarge and I erupted into her. Her mom kept lifting and pushing her. I was pulsing. I was slamming up at Emily. She started to wail and I felt her pussy tighten. She leaned her head back and howled up at the sky. “EEEEEEEEEEEE Yes. Oh fuck.”. Her body went into shudders and she went tense. Her mom stopped lifting her. She slammed her daughter’s tiny body down hard onto my cock. She leaned in and kissed Emily on the lips, then she kissed me. Emily’s body let loose and she collapsed on me. I kissed Emily and hugged her. I laid there. Emily laid there. Georgia knelt by our side. I rubbed Emily’s ass, her shoulders. I reached out and fondled Georgia’s big tits.

Emily saw me and she lifted her chest up off mine. “Do mine. Rub them too.” I rubbed her firm tiny tits. I pinched her nipples. I rubbed Georgia’s much bigger nipples. I pinched them.

“Don’t be greedy. I love you, sweetie. I love you both. I want you both. I want to play with these sweet little tits. I want to watch them grow big and start to look like these sweet puppies.”.

Emily started crying. “I love you too. I won’t be greedy or jealous. It was just a moment. It was my idea that Mommy and you have sex anyways. So don’t yell at me.”.

“I wasn’t yelling.”.

“You weren’t loud, but the intent was yelling.”.

“Stop it you two. Emily, you will always have first dibs on him. You will have the most opportunities with him. My times will be few and far between. I just hope you will let me enjoy from time to time. I can’t wait to have him fill my pussy with his cum. My ass loved that cock of his. Just delicious.”.

She looked at our two sweaty bodies and said “Hungry?”.

That was nearly 40 years ago. Emily and I got married. Harold left Georgia shortly that. Georgia moved in with us. Once she moved in, we fucked more often. But now as she is older, she does not want much sex. And when we do it is soft gentle sex. Nancy stops by every now and then and she joins Emily and me in bed. Haven’t seen Kim, Jim, nor Dave in years.

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2012-12-08 16:57:02
That was very emotional at the end.

Good story

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2012-06-22 06:39:28
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! This guy is gorgeous. I'm difenitely in love. Fabulous cock and balls and a great bush around both. Body hair is such a turn on for me. Who is this guy on xtube?

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2010-11-22 11:22:33
A great series, but the ending felt rather abrupt. I felt it should have been expanded more instead of being so sudden. Why did Harold leave Georgia (I could follow why she might leave him)? Did he find out about what his wife and daughter were doing? If so, how did he react? You could skip ahead a few years to after Emily has filled out a bit and write about that time. Despite the abrupt, let down of an ending it was a fantastic series. I really like your writing.

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2010-11-22 11:22:26
A great series, but the ending felt rather abrupt. I felt it should have been expanded more instead of being so sudden. Why did Harold leave Georgia (I could follow why she might leave him)? Did he find out about what his wife and daughter were doing? If so, how did he react? You could skip ahead a few years to after Emily has filled out a bit and write about that time. Despite the abrupt, let down of an ending it was a fantastic series. I really like your writing.

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2010-11-22 11:18:37
Loved the series, but the ending seemed abrupt. There were some things that could have been interesting to add. Why did Harold leave Georgia (I could understand why she might leave him)? Did he find out what his wife and daughter were doing? If so, how did he react? You could skip to when they get married and write a section on that. The ending just felt like it needed more. Other than the let down of an ending it was great. I love your writing.

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