This is a stretched version of the truth of my early youth. Call it fiction and enjoy. I won’t tell which parts are true and which parts are stretched -- if you won‘t.
I’m Larry. In college I lived with roommates in a four bedroom house in the early 70‘s. A couple (Kim and Jim), one guy (Dave) and one girl (Nancy) were my roommates -- all college students also. The landlords, Georgia and Harold lived next door with their 11 year old daughter, Emily.

- - - -
The Landlord’s Daughter: Chapter 1

I remember the interview to see if I could move in. During it, a girl walked out to the living room naked, grabbed a laundry basket and went back into the hallway and out of sight. Tall, blond, perky boobs, trimmed triangle of blond pussy hair -- naked. Wow! It was my first summer, fresh out of high school. I was young, dumb, a small town boy. I had never seen such behavior. Kim said “You aren’t freaked out by nudity, are you?”. I covered my na? innocence quickly and said “No. Not a problem.”. Dave said “That is Nancy. Can’t keep her clothes on in the house. You may not want to bring your mom over without warning us.”. This was a great time to be alive. I may not have missed the good part of the 60’s after all.

I was lucky and I was approved to move in. It was close to school, my job, and within my budget -- just. I was working graveyard four nights a week to earn money to cover my expenses, going to college during the day, studying all evening. What was sleep? Don’t ask me. Oh! That must have been that brief moment on weekends. Partying consisted of three beers and pizza every other week. We made our own pizza. Couldn’t afford restaurant pizza.

- - - -
The Landlord’s Daughter: Chapter 2

One summer morning after my morning classes were over, when I was all alone in the house, I took my clothes off to take my shower and I remembered my clean clothes were in the drier. So, I went to the garage to get my clothes out of the drier. I made it back as far as the couch and the phone rang. I sat down, answered it, and took the message. I foolishly laid my head back to rest. I was only going to take a short rest before getting back up and taking my shower. After the shower I was going to scoot off for my one o’clock class. That was the plan. But, repetitive lack of sleep was just too rough. I fell asleep. Out cold I went.

I woke up to voices. I also woke up to having my hard-on being stroked. I opened my eyes slightly and saw my roommate Kim talking with our landlady, Georgia. I looked down and saw Emily, the landlady’s 11 year old daughter, playing with my cock. Emily had her face real close to my cock, watching intently as she stroked me. I don’t think any of them saw I was awake. I kept my eyes barely opened -- just a very small slit. Oh god. What do I do? Her hand felt good.

I heard Nancy from the hallway “I found Larry’s rent. It was in his rent envelope. We can tell him we took it when he wakes up. Emily, that is not fair playing with his cock when he is asleep. Shame. Shame.”. She laughed and patted Emily’s head as she went by.

Georgia said “Oh let her play with it. She has seen her dad’s from time to time. She is fascinated with it, but he never lets her play with it. It freaks him out. Go on, sweetie. Play. But you may get a mess soon. His dick will spurt cum if you keep it up. Use the towel in the basket there to clean it up when it happens.”.

Her mom was aware of what was going on and even approved! My hips were starting to move slightly. I couldn’t stop it.

Kim said “Keep your face a little farther away, else he may get his cum in your eyes.”. She and Georgia giggled.

“Mom, he is moving. His hips are. His thing is like getting bigger. I can feel a strong heart beat in his thing.”.

“He is getting close dear. Go faster.”. Her mom is instructing her on how to jerk me off. I was getting close. Oh shit, I can’t blow my load in an 11 year old’s face. My balls scrunched up and my cum blew. So much for what I can and can’t do with an 11 year old. It went all over her hand and my belly. She was making a quiet happy giggling sound. She leaned in close to look at my cum covered cock, still stroking me, and I erupted more. This round got her in the face. She pulled her head back and stopped stroking me. I closed my eyes.

“Ew! It went into my mouth. It’s kind of funny tasting. It’s a bit salty. A bit… Oh. I don’t know. Not bad. It feels slimy.”.

Georgia said “So swallow it, dear. You need to get used to the taste. Your boyfriends will do it more times than you will know.”.

I was keeping my eyes closed and trying to keep my breathing close to normal. I felt Emily’s hand start to move again. My hips jerked. I then felt a warmth on my cock head.

I heard Nancy say “Look she’s a natural. She’s already giving blow jobs.”.

What?! Emily had her mouth on me? I felt her tongue lick at my cock a few times. I opened my eyes just a bit again.

I saw her dip her head down and take my cock head into her mouth. Kim said “Don’t go to far down or else you will gag.”

She bobbed up and down a few more times, then pulled off. “Just like you do with Daddy, huh Mommy? Am I doing it right?”.

“Yes, dear. You are doing it right. Sweetie, we’ve got to get going. We have a lot of stops before we can get home and start dinner. Wipe your hands and face off. We’ve got to go.”.

“Oh do I? I can stay here and you get me up when you’re done. Please Mommy. I want to play with his thing some more.”.

Kim and Nancy busted out laughing. Georgia joined in. “No dear. You would be a bother.”.

“Oh if she wants to stay and play, we don’t mind. And I think Larry wouldn’t mind -- when he wakes up. His girlfriend and he split a couple weeks back. He ain’t getting any. Not that we will let him get any off of her.”.

“If you don’t mind. It would make it easier for me as I have quite a few stops downtown and don’t want to drag her all over hell and back. If my husband comes home, wipe her off and boot her butt out. Thanks a lot.”.

Kim and Nancy walked Georgia to the door. I heard talking but couldn’t make out the words. Georgia left and they closed the front door. Emily was back to sucking my cock. Kim said “Larry, you can open your eyes the whole way. I saw you.”. I opened them and smiled sheepishly.

“Uh hi. I fell asleep and then I…uhg!”. Emily pushed her head hard onto my cock and sucked hard and squeezed my cock. “I uh…Emily. Please stop that.”.

She pulled her head off and asked “Why? Am I doing it wrong. Tell me how to do it right.”.

Kim and Nancy were giggling at my plight. “No you were doing fine. It’s just that you shouldn’t be doing that. You are too young.”.

“Mommy said I could.”.

Nancy added in a little girl voice “Yes, her Mommy said she could. Nyaa.”. She switched back to her normal voice and said “Besides she already got your rocks off once. Another round or two won’t matter.”.

“I have got to get to class. What time is it anyways.”. I looked at the clock. “Shit! I missed it. Damn.”.

Emily started to stroke my cock again. Oh damn it felt good. She leaned back down and started sucking my cock into her mouth.

Nancy said “Emily, you got him to cum once. Do it again. This time by sucking as much of his cock as you can. You can stroke the rest of it.”.

Kim said “Nancy, we have got to get to the store, remember? We have get food for tonight or we starve. The fridge is empty. Nancy, did you get his food money when you got his rent money?”.

Nancy said “Yes, I got it right here. Larry, you’re going to have to watch Emily by yourself. Enjoy. But not too much. You do not need to be…uh…well…you don’t. Understand? Use your fingers instead.”.

I said “I understand I don’t need to be having sex with Emily -- of any kind! How could you girls let her…uh… How could you?”.

Kim laughed and said “She was staring and staring. We just couldn’t tell her no. Georgia said she could. So enjoy. We will be back in about an hour. Emily don’t let him hog all the good fun. Tell him he has to play with you too -- fingers only! Bye!”.

They were out the door. I was naked with an 11 year old stoking and sucking my cock. “Oh damn, Emily. That feels good, but you need to stop. Please, oh damn it feels so good. Please, you are too young. Ung! Fuck!”.

Emily moved her other hand onto my balls and bobbed her head even lower onto my cock. She was getting almost as far as my girlfriend got the few times she gave my head. My ex-girlfriend. Damn. Emily said nothing to my pleading. She didn’t stop. She kept sucking, bobbing, stroking, and rubbing. My hips were moving again.

“Oh god. Oh damn. It feels so fucking good. Oh Emily. It feels so good. Shit. Please keep going. I am getting close. I am gonna ugh! OH! Damn it. Easy on my balls.”.

She had rubbed my balls a bit too hard. It had the effect of stopping my cum. She could not have done that on purpose -- she couldn’t have.

She pulled her head and said “Sorry.”.

She went back to bobbing on my cock. I could hear her mouth making slurping noises as she went up and down. Her hand was in sync with her mouth. It felt like she was taking all of me in -- her hand, her lips, her mouth taking all of me. She rubbed my balls and gave them a slight squeeze. I felt my balls tighten up in her hand. My hips were bouncing up off the couch. Her hand slipped off my shaft and her head went deeper. She pulled her head back and coughed a couple of times. I was able to calm back down again. She looked at me, smiled and grabbed my cock again.

“Emily, you don’t have to do this. You can stop if you want to. You‘re too young.”.

“I want to. This is fun. I feel so…sexy…so naughty. I tingle. I want this to…cum again.”.

Her head latched on again and she resumed bobbing, sucking, stroking. Her hand was again rubbing my balls. Her hand was rubbing from near my shaft to all the way under my legs, almost to my butt. Then when she pressed her head slowly down on my shaft. I could tell she was trying to take more of my cock. I hit the back of her throat. She gagged and pulled up. Then she pushed back down again slowly. Again I felt my cock touch the back of her throat. She gagged, but kept her head down until she stopped her stomach lurching. Her eyes looked up at me. Oh my god. She isn‘t going to try to take more of my cock.

“Damn Emily. You don’t have to choke yourself. You were doing fine.”.

She pulled her head back slowly, her tongue licking my shaft as it left her mouth. When it was free, her hand stroked the full length. “I want to take it all. I saw Mommy do it. Daddy held her head. I think he was doing the pushing. Daddy said it felt real good. He liked it when she had all of his thing in her mouth. I am not going to throw up. You saw me hold it in my mouth and I didn’t throw up.”.

“Yes you did great. Better than my girlfriend ever did. She only had the head in her mouth when she would deem to give my head.”. I sitting here naked, taking to a 11 year old about getting head from my ex-girlfriend. What the fuck!?

Her head bobbed back down on my cock, all the way to the back of her mouth. I saw her stomach lurch again. She pressed harder and I felt my cock going into her tight throat. Her hand on my shaft was pushed down onto my balls. My balls where being pushed from above and from below. Her hands were stoking and squeezing my balls. Her mouth and throat were fucking my cock. My hips were bouncing up and down again. Her head was moving faster. Her lips were sucking hard.

“Oh fuck. Oh damn, Emily. You do that so good. Uh uh oh shit. Here it comes. Oh oh fuck me. Damn. Fuck MEEEEEE. Yes yes yes!”.

My cock erupted in her mouth near the back of her throat. She pulled her head back, but just a bit back. She left most of my cock in her mouth. Her tongue was lapping my cum around in her mouth. My hips were in major humping mode. I was in glorious heaven. I finally felt my body relax. I went limp. My cock was starting to loose its hardness. Emily was still sucking my cock. My cum was just about all spent. I heard and felt her swallow.

“Damn. My ex-girlfriend never swallowed my cum. She never even let me cum in her mouth. Damn that was fucking nice.”.

Emily sat back but kept my wilting cock in her hand. “It is going soft. Hmmuph. I liked it when it was all big and stiff. What was it Kim was talking about when she said to use your fingers on me? Was she saying you are going to put them in me? Cool. Let me get my clothes off.”.

She popped off the couch and pulled her dress up and over her head. This left her in just her pink underwear. She looked at me looking at her. She paused, but then pushed her underwear down and then off. She stood up and faced me, her nearly flat chest and bare crotch was there for me to see. She was waiting for me… To say something?… To do something?

“You look sweet, adorable.”.

“What about sexy? Do I look sexy. I know my boobies aren’t big, but I have them.”. She reached up and cupped her tiny tits. “See? They are not anywhere as big as Mommy’s. But will they do?”.

“Whoa! Yes, oh my god, you are sexy. I…oh shit…”. I paused, then said “I have got to stop cussing in front of you. You are too…”.

She stopped me and said “You have better not say I am too young to hear bad words. I hear Mommy and Daddy cuss all the time. Besides I just sucked your thing.”.

“OK. You are not too young. If you want to, we can say all the dirty words you want. And if that is the case, then it is not a thing. It is my cock or a dick. I am sure you have heard the names for a boy’s penis. Use whichever you want to. Come here, my sexy little monkey. Let me give you a hug.”.

She came close and I wrapped my arms around her. I pulled her in close and her little thin legs slid between mine. Her tiny little tits were up against me. I moved one of my hands down to her butt and pulled her hips closer to me. I felt her belly hit my cock. It was reviving a little -- my cock was growing again. Not stiff, but growing some. My fingers traced along her butt crack and I squeezed her butt cheek. It was firm, very firm. And it was tiny like the rest of her. It barely filled my hand. Her young, 11 year old, bare butt was in my hand. Wow! I leaned my face in close to her and kissed her neck then I moved up and kissed her cheek.

“Oh that is nice, Larry. And your hand is near my…butt. Isn’t that like a dirty thing to do?”.

“Yes it is a bit dirty, but if it involves sex, then it is called kinky. Especially if you like it. Do you like it when my fingers play with your butt? Your asshole?”. With that I pressed my finger against her little tight hole. It did not go in, but I pushed the outer butt hole into her a little way. I eased up on the hug and my finger, but kept my finger rubbing her butt and asshole.

“Oh oh. That is… That is… I like it. It’s kinky and I kind of like it. OH WOW!”.

I moved my other hand down to her crotch front and stroked her slit. She gasped. I moved it from the top of her slit, where I could barely feel her clit, to the very bottom of her slit. I pushed my finger into her slit and asshole at the same time. She yelped and squealed. Her slit was pretty dry so I did not slide in. It was like her asshole. The outer skin just moved in with my finger.

I pulled my hands up from her. She looked at me and frowned. “Don’t stop. It felt good. I liked it. I liked it.”.

“Yes I could tell. But here, I will move and let you lie on the couch. Then I can rub you all over easier.”.

She gave me a short thoughtful look and moved to let me up. I got off the couch and she jumped onto it. Her sweet, tiny, naked body was splayed out. Her arms were held out beckoning me. Damn. What a glorious sight. I have never had a thing for little girls, but Emily was making me reconsider.

I knelt near her and started to rub her chest. My fingers slid over her tiny tits. They were maybe the size of a small plum cut in half. She barely had the beginnings of boobs. What she had was all chest muscle and hard, young glands. Not much in the way of fat. I could hardly make them move. I rubbed her tiny pointy nipples. They looked so tiny. Not even an eighth of an inch across, yet they stood up almost twice that. I leaned in and kissed her little nipples.

I sucked the nearest one into my mouth. I had to suck hard to get any of her tit flesh in. I heard her moan and sigh. I guess she liked it. I leaned over and sucked the other one. Her hand came up to cradle my head. She pressed my head tighter into her tit. Her back arched as if trying to force more tit into my mouth. There just wasn’t any more that was there to go in. But I sucked harder just to try.

My right hand moved to her hip. Her eyes popped opened as I stroked her hip, moving my hand from her side, to the front of her hip. I lightly nibbled on her nearest nipple as my hand moved to her belly close to her slit. I heard her gasp and her stomach jerked up. As I was starting to reach lower. Her jerking caused my hand to slide down into her crotch. My fingers slid along the outer slit. I felt more moisture than before. She was getting wet? Could she? At 11?

“Oh yes, Larry. Yes. More. Oh please, please more!”.

My fingers worked up and down her slit. I felt them getting between her lips a little bit. I moved my fingers to her little nub of a clit. She yelped and jerked her hips. I moved my fingers around her clit for a few minutes. She was humping my hand. I moved my face off her tits and kissed along her chest to her belly. I kissed her belly button and moved lower still. I slid my mouth lower on her bare, young crotch. I could smell her pussy. Oh yes. It smelled nice. It wasn’t as strong as my ex-girlfriends, but it was sweet, fresh. I moved my fingers onto her clit as I stuck my wet tongue into her. I lapped her clit with my tongue.

I sucked her clit and she yelled “Oh my crap! Oh god yes! YES!”.

I let some slobber out so it could get her pussy wet enough so I could slide a finger in. I moved my fingers up. I spread her pussy apart as much as I could and pushed some slobber into her with my tongue. It slipped in about an inch. She was jerking nearly non-stop. She was making soft guttural sounds. Her hips were hunching up and down. She was causing my finger to go in and out of her slit. I kept the slobber up. Her pussy was getting soaked. I added a second finger and her hips and my arm pushed them in. It was very tight. She squealed and jerked hard. Her body pulled up into an almost fetal position. She was cumming. I gave her an orgasm.

I was so proud. I gave a little 11 year sweetie an orgasm. I sucked her clit in hard and shoved my fingers in, right up to her hymen. She hunched her hips harder and my fingers pushed into and through her hymen. Shit! No!

Her eyes opened and her forehead scrunched. She was still spasming, but I could tell she felt her hymen rip. She was still humping and cumming. She started to make a low moaning noise that grew louder and louder. She hunched her hips up hard onto my fingers. They went deeper still. My slobber and her blood was lubing her quite fine. She was looking at me, her mouth was open, her hands were holding on to my arm and pulling at me -- pulling mey fingers into her pussy. She shuddered hard, tensed up, then gasped and let loose. She flopped back down onto the couch. She was panting. I pulled my fingers out so I was just rubbing her slit. I pulled my head up and started kissing up her belly. I kissed each tiny tit, then her neck right under her chin. I moved up to her lips and kissed her directly on her lips. Her eyes were wide open. I pushed my tongue out and rubbed it along her lips. She opened her mouth and I slipped my tongue in. I felt hers press out gingerly and touch mine. She shuddered another time and I pulled my hand up and onto her tits. I lightly pinched her nipples.

“Did you like that, sweet, sexy Emily?”.

“Oh gosh yes. My…my pussy hurt when your fingers popped in…when I pulled your fingers in through me. It feels good now, but I think it still hurts. Did you…did you take my virginity?”.

“Uh yes. We took your virginity in a way. In another way, as it was just my fingers, so you are still a virgin. But, maybe not a full virgin. Sorry. I had no intentions of breaking your cherry. I am so sorry.”.

“I’m not sorry. I heard it only hurts the first time. And that wasn’t bad at all. I hardly was able to feel it tear, I was so…it felt so good. I couldn’t speak. I almost couldn’t breathe. It felt so, so good. Thank you. Was that how you felt when I made your…cock…cum?”.

“Well I can’t tell what you felt, but I guess it was close. The nerves in our crotches are real similar. My cock and your pussy have a whole lot of nerve endings. Those nerves endings are what make sex so damn good.”.

I heard car doors closing. The girls were back. Emily heard it too. “Oh I can’t wait to tell them how good you made me feel. She jumped off the couch and wrapped her whole body around me. And she kissed me hard on the lips.

The front door opened and Kim and Nancy entered the living room. They looked and smiled. I stood up and Emily held on. She started wriggling her body on mine. I was hardly holding her at all. Her monkey legs and arms were holding her just fine. I felt her pussy near my hard-again cock. She felt it too. “Hi. He made me feel so good. He rubbed me and kissed me. He even poked his fingers into me.”.

Her wriggling got my cock lined up with her pussy and before I knew it, she was sliding down onto my cock. I tried to pull her up. I heard Kim yelling at me to stop.

“It’s not me. Stop it Emily. No!”. She pushed and got my cock a little farther into her. I pulled her up hard and got my cock out of her. I twisted to the side and slid her down, safely away from my cock.

“Oh shucks. It felt so big in me. It felt real really good.”.

Kim said “Larry! How could you?”.

“How could I? She did it. You saw me trying to pull her off.”.

Emily said “It wasn’t Larry. I knew what I was doing. His cock was there when I hugged him and kissed him. It was all big and hard again. I got the idea to get it into me and it worked. Well I almost got it all in me.”. She looked hard and mean at me and said “You stopped me. Hrumph!”. I felt bad. Not only did I break her cherry, I had my cock in her pussy. She was definitely no longer a virgin. And she was not happy that I forced her to stop.

Nancy said to Kim “I told you so. I told you one of them wouldn’t keep it together enough. I told you things would get out of control. I would have bet it would have been Larry. And I would have been wrong. But damn, that little girl almost took him in. I think she could have done it.”.

Kim said “I told you to use your fingers to return the favor.”.

“He did. His fingers felt real good. His mouth was better…oh…and his fingers went in real deep. And before you get mad at him, that was my doing also. I pushed my hips up onto his fingers. He was just rubbing around the opening. It was driving me batty. I wanted more in me. I still want him in me. Please. I already did it. Can I do it again?”. She looked at me and said “Can I have sex with you Larry? Please? Oh please?”.

She looked pathetic as she looked from me to Kim to Nancy. I just stood there not knowing what to say or do.

Nancy said “Is that blood? Did he pop your cherry? Larry!”.

Emily looked at her legs and wiped them with her fingers. She looked at her hand up close and smiled. Then she said “Stop yelling at him. It was me. I did it. He tried to keep his fingers from going too deep. He tried, but I pulled hard. I am no longer a virgin. I beat Jennifer and Sally.”.

Kim said “Sex is not a contest. You don’t win by being first. We have got to talk with you…without Larry.”.

“I want him in me. Please.”. She started to hug me and she started to climb up on me. I grabbed her and held her to me so she could not climb.

“Larry what the…behave.”.

“It is not me. I am trying not to fuck her.”.

Emily looked real sad at me and asked “You don’t want to have sex with me?”.

“It is not that I don’t want to have sex with you. It is that I shouldn’t. You are too y…”.

“I am not TOO YOUNG! Don’t say that. I told you not to.”. She squirmed and got my cock close to her pussy. She was tiny, but the little monkey was strong and was able to work her way closer and closer, even though I was trying to keep my cock away from her.

“Kim, Nancy, help me. Grab her. Please. Oh ohhhh”.

She slid on to me again. Young tight pussy on my cock just took my breath away. It took my brains away. It took my will power away.

I felt hands pulling at Emily. She wiggled and I felt my cock bottom out. Then the girls got her off of me. I was panting. My cock was standing up, hard and throbbing. I looked and saw her pussy juice and blood shining on my shaft.

The girls were holding her tightly and not letting her get loose. It was a struggle. I sat down on the couch. I saw her dress and handed it to the Kim.

Kim said “Here, put this on. I don’t think your mom wants to find you naked and fucking Larry.”.

Nancy said “Are you sure? She sure encouraged Emily to jerk him off. And even to suck him. What did she think would happen if she left her here with Larry all naked and hard? Even if we had stayed. She gave in real easy when Emily asked to stay. And yes, we gave in easy too. Larry, we don’t blame you. And I guess it is hard to blame Emily.”.

Emily was reluctantly sliding the dress down and into place.

I saw her undies near my feet. I picked them up and handed them to Kim. Kim handed them to Emily. She looked at me, then swiped them under her dress, between her legs. She pulled it back up and sniffed it. She stuffed them into a pocket on her dress. “I want to keep them… I will put them away...a trophy…a keepsake. I am thirsty. Can I get a glass of water? Larry want some too?”.

I was thirsty, but I needed to get dressed Then maybe my cock will go down and I can get back in control. “No. Thank you anyways.”. I grabbed my laundry and went to my room. I sat on my bed, then fell back and closed my eyes. I fell asleep again. Never got dressed.

- - - -
The Landlord’s Daughter: Chapter 3

I felt my cock being sucked as I woke up. I looked and there was Emily again. “What? Huh?”.

She looked up and said “Shush! I want this.”. She quickly climbed up onto me and hiked up her dress to expose her bare pussy. She squatted down and her pussy was impaled on my cock again.

“Oh god. No. I…oh uh”. She was going up and down. My hands finally got strength and started trying to push her off. I saw Kim in the doorway.

“Shit! You two need to behave. Her mom will be here soon. Stop it.”.

“I am trying to stop it. Help me.”.

Emily said “No. It feels so good. So very, very good.”.

Nancy came behind Kim and started to laugh. “Go girl. Get that cock. Fuck him!”.

“Nancy! You don’t need to encourage them.”.

My cock was in the tightest pussy I could ever imagine. Certainly tighter than any I ever had. All two of them. Emily, now my third, was fucking me cowgirl style better than my first girl, or my ex ever did. I felt my balls tighten. “Oh god get off. I am gonna cum soon. Off. OFF!”. I pushed and twisted and got her off of my cock -- and none too soon. I was cumming onto my blankets, onto Emily. Emily was twisting around and I felt her mouth snag onto my cock and she sucked my spurting cock in. She used her tongue to get my cum that was now just dribbling out. I felt her swallow.

I laid there and just savored the post cum bliss. She was sucking me still. I was going back to sleep. I needed to get up soon, eat something.

Emily let my cock loose. Her mouth’s warmth was gone. I fell asleep again.

- - - -
The Landlord’s Daughter: Chapter 4

I think I heard Emily’s mom and Kim talking. Maybe it was a dream. I felt someone shaking my shoulder. It was Georgia. I was still naked. And I had a piss hard-on.

“They told me you popped my little girl. Well actually she popped herself on you. She is on cloud nine. Thank you. I know you treated her right.”.

“I uh…”. Emily ran around her mom and climbed on the bed with me. She grabbed my hard-on., hiked her dress up, aimed her pussy at me, and sat down. “Oh god. I. Uh.”.

“Oh Mommy. He feels so good in me.”. She was humping up and down. Her mom was there. I was at the point where I had no ability to stop her.

“Oh god, sweetie. You have got to ask him first before you jump on him. Give him a chance.”.

She humped me. She fucked me. She was going like a jack rabbit. She pulled her dress up and off. There were her tiny tits. They had a very slight bounce as she went up and down. I was looking up at Emily and I could see her mom -- smiling at us, watching as Emily fucked me. Up and down. Oh so god damn tight. I grabbed her hips and helped her. I was now fucking her back. I was pushing up to meet her down strokes. Damn. Tight pussy. Tight, tight, tight pussy. My sweet, tiny, young monkey girl. I reached up and stroked her tits. I pinched her tiny nipples.

“Oh Mom. Oh. I. Oh Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mommmmmmmeeeeeeee.”.

Her body was shuddering and I felt her tight pussy clamp down even harder. It was all it took, my cock erupted into her. She was shaking. I was shaking. Her pussy was clamping again and again. My cock was enlarging and pulsing again and again. We both let out a big sigh and let our bodies relax. I hugged her to me as she laid on me. I rubbed her ass and even stroke my fingers into her butt crack. I looked at Georgia standing there watching me play with her naked 11 year daughter‘s naked butt. What the hell do you say? What do you do? I pushed my finger into to her butt a little. She yelped, but did not move to get off me.

“Emily, sweetie. We have got to get home and start dinner. We need to get you off of him before you two start up again. Larry, get your fingers out of her butt so she can get up. You can go at it again, but later when she and you have time. Em, you are going to have to take a real fast shower to get cleaned up. Can’t have you smelling of pussy juice, cock, and cum. Come on. Give him a bye-bye kiss and come along.”.

Emily looked back at her mom and sighed. She humped her pussy onto my cock -- on and off and on. Then she pulled off. She moaned as I left her pussy. I felt some of my cum drip out of her and onto my legs. She got off the bed and put her dress on. “OK, Mommy. I had that great feeling. Even better than when he rubbed and kissed me there. Do you call what I did, cumming?”.

“Yes dear. That is called cumming. You two both came and looked so good, so sexy.”.

Emily leaned over the bed and gave me a kiss. Her tongue slipped into my mouth. “When can I come back and do this again?”. She grabbed her dress and pulled it back on.

“Emily, please. Let’s go. Larry has to get ready for his job and from what you told me, he hasn’t had any dinner. Larry, would you like to have dinner with us tonight? We would love to have you over.”.

“I uh…”. All I could think was having dinner over at their house, Emily blurting out to her father that I had fucked today, and him beating the crap out of me before calling the cops.

I guess my face showed what I was thinking. Georgia said “Uh you thinking it would be a little too awkward? Maybe later, when you don’t have work or class. Saturday? Her dad will be out to a conference all weekend. We could go for a picnic out by the lake. Great spot on the north side. Plenty of trees. Not too bad of a hike. We’d bring the air mattress. You two could go at it hot and heavy. Well think about it. Emily let’s go. Now.”.

They walked out. Nancy walked in a little while later with a plate of food and a large glass of soda. I was hungry and thirsty. I ate it all in a rush and then finally went and took my shower. Work was in a little while. I had to get moving.

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Vary hot fucking storie. I loved it. Noting is as hot and tight as fucking a 11 year old virgin. I hope he get to take her little ass hole also and when Georgia takes them to the lake for there picnic I would like for Larry to fuck Georgia and her under age little cum pig of a daughter.

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She should have been 10yrs old, nice sex though.

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When I was 15 with an 11yr old I wish I had known what to do, it would have been so much better for both of us.

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