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Ten loads of cum had simultaneously splattered across her face, dripped down her chin and off her forehead but she could do nothing to stop it. With her hands in handcuffs, she couldn’t shield her face from the cocks. She’d been gangraped in the ass, the pussy and been forced to suck all ten cocks. She thought her ordeal was over when she looked up and saw five more men she didn’t know enter the small room. In sheer terror, she’d grown to enjoy what was happening to her. It was her only defense mechanism. The eleven year old girl was no longer a virgin in any sense of the word. Five more huge cocks surrounded her cute preteen face and all five men began to stroke their dicks as all she could do was watch. As one man approached orgasm he forced the girl’s head back and shoved his cock into her open mouth and shot his load in her throat. Gobs and gobs of salty hot gooey cum filled her mouth as the man spasmed and grunted. Before she could spit any of it out, her mouth was met by a second cock and another load of cum hit the roof of her mouth and slid to the back of her throat as he cried out in ecstasy. She now had two full loads of ball juice filling her mouth and she was unable to swallow any of it or spit it out as the third man began filling her with yet even more cum. This man seemed to cum for a long time without stopping. Now it was a fourth man’s turn. He wasn’t quite ready to cum just yet so he fucked her mouth for a few minutes and then dropped a load in her mouth just underneath her tongue. The fifth man was the most vicious, grabbing the girl by her long blonde hair and pulling as hard as he could causing the girl to choke on the cum as he started cumming and letting the cum drop into her mouth as she gagged.
“Swallow it all Bitch!” the men yelled. After gagging, with one huge gulp, most of the cum went down her throat on its way to her stomach. Reminding the 11 year old girl that her rape was being videotaped, she was ordered to speak into the camera.
“MOMMY, I’M BEING GANGBANGED IN ALL THREE HOLES AND I LOVE IT!” she said, repeating what she was ordered to say, “I’m the neighborhood slut!” One of the men crawled onto the bed where she’d been forced to lay and began to fuck the young girl lifting her legs high in the air. Despite having been fucked for the last four hours, her fuck-hole was still surprisingly tight and she winced in pain as he shoved his cock deep inside and began to violently thrust in and out. The pressure being put on her hands from being restrained behind her caused excruciating pain that the young preteen could do nothing about. She was at the mercy of 15 men who were using her as a fuck toy. Despite this pain, she could still feel the cum hit the walls of her of her tight, previously virgin pussy. A second man grabbed her feet and pulled them down until they were next to her ears, completely exposing her well fucked pussy and asshole. Holding her down and rendering her completely immobile the pain from her wrists grew almost beyond the point of human endurance as she felt a cock crawl up her shit-hole. As she had with the first ten guys, she screamed as the man pounded her ass with his cock, burying it all the way. For a brief moment the pain overshadowed the pain of being forced to lay on her hands while in handcuffs. She wondered just how long she was going to be able to handle the pain before she blacked out.
“Please take the handcuffs off! It hurts so much!” she pleaded through tears streaming down her cum soaked face, “You guys can do whatever you want to me and I won’t resist but please take the handcuffs off!” The man anal fucking her, looked at her with a depravity in his face unmatched by anything she’d ever seen before.
“Promise?” he said, as he suddenly shot a load of jizz into her asshole.
“I swear!” she said quickly. One of the men reached into the pocket of a pair of jeans on the floor and pulled a key out and rolled the girl over onto her stomach. He removed the handcuffs and the girl immediately breathed a sigh of relief. The pain was still there but it was subsiding slowly as she continued to be treated like a piece of meat by the five men. One by one, one would hold her feet next to her ears as a second would viciously rape her in the ass, ending his exploit with a load of cum. There was so much cum inside her shit-hole that it felt like she was shitting some of it out as it ran down her leg. These five men were done with her and she sat in the room alone for a little while when the door opened slowly. This time it was only two men who had entered. They were all very large, muscular men. Like the first 15 men she couldn’t see their faces because they were covered with ski-masks.

As if on cue, she immediately laid back down, this time on her stomach facing the wall in front of as she closed her eyes.
“Hi Mommy!” said one of the men obviously speaking in the direction of the camera, “Your daughter has experienced many new things today and has already told you how much she enjoys being treated like a cheap whore! Now it’s time for her to experience something she’ll probably never experience again. Of course she’ll love it!” Upon hearing that, the girl felt a cold dampness on her bare pussy and then a tongue begin to lick her pussy and asshole seemingly simultaneously. She was afraid to look behind her to see who was doing this to her so she just stayed right where she was.
“Hey Sweetheart!” said one of the two men, “Why don’t you tell your mommy how much of a dog lover you are!”
“Better yet, why don’t you get on your back and show your mommy how much you love dogs!” said the second man. The girl began crying again as she crawled onto her back. The two men positioned the dog over her face and she looked on in horror as the dog bore a huge boner.
“SUCK ON IT! MAKE THAT DOG CUM ALL OVER YOUR CUTE LITTLE WHORING FACE!” the first man ordered. Without arguing, she grabbed the dog’s cock with her hand and guided it into her mouth. It had to be the worst thing she’d ever tasted. The dog seemed to know what to do as he began to fuck her face. Suddenly she felt something strange and pulled the dog’s cock from her mouth and so she didn’t run the risk of being hurt by the two men, she stroked it. What she felt was a knot in the dog’s cock shortly before the dog’s cum shot out and began to hit her in her preteen face. It went all over and the dog came a lot more than even all ten men had that came on her face simultaneously earlier. She dared to open her mouth and the doggie goo easily filled it. When the dog finally finished, he sat next to her panting. She sat up. She now had human and doggy cum all over her face.
“Tell your mommy how you gave that dog a blowjob and how much you loved getting all that cum on your face and in your mouth!” one of the men ordered.
“Doggy cum is the greatest Mommy! Should I suck Dooley’s cock when I get home?” she said, trying to make it sound as convincing as possible. The two men focused their attention on the girl yet again pinning her to the bed and crawling on top of her. The first man pinned her arms down and lifted her head and forced his cock into her mouth while grabbing the back of her head and forcing it forward causing his cock to hit the back of her throat. Her natural reaction was to gag. If that were not enough, she felt a second cock slam into her pussy as her legs were rested up against the other man’s back. This was a position the young girl didn’t know the human body could be placed into. The girl tried to sob and cry but no sound other than moans and groans were able to come from her mouth as the huge cock went in and out of her throat. The man fucking her pussy came first. She’d now had 12 men cum in her pussy. A few moments later she’d take mouthful number 17. The salty load went down her throat with ease and the two men finally freed the girl from the trap that had rendered her incapable of moving. The two men then quietly left the room. The little girl sat on the bed shaking. She looked around the room and stopped and gazed at the door. It slowly opened and one of the original ten men re-entered the room by himself. He sat on the bed and scooped the young frightened girl in his arms and looked in the direction of the camera and began to speak.
“Today your daughter became a dirty, cum guzzling, cock sucking dog fucking whoring SLUT! She loved every second of it. She took 16 loads of cum down her throat and all over her face and at least ten of us came in her pussy and ass. She happily let a dog cum all over her face. She’ll probably wind up pregnant! We enjoyed your daughter’s company just as much as she enjoyed ours. We might just let her come over to visit us again sometime. In the meantime, she’ll probably be fucking and sucking Dooley! TATA for now Mommy!”


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