“Damn kids now I'm going to have to kill them both!” Kisame says lifting himself with his sword. “Here's Kisame!!” Kisame shouts heading directly toward Lee who was huffing and puffing knowing that he had lost a large amount of chakra. “I'm going to rape the fuck out of the both of you!” Kisame says with anger in his words. Kisame lifts his sword above Lee and then drops it down on Lee as Lee watches the sword get closer and closer to doing some major damage toward him...

Kisame slams his sword down on Lee.

“Well little girl wherever you are your next!” Kisame says as the smoke blows away.

“Not so fast you have me to take care of!” Gai says holding Lee in his arms.

“Do I know you?” Kisame asks confused and angered that he didn't kill the kid that was resting in his new opponents arms.

“I will not be ignored!” Gai shouts dropping Lee on the ground and then running toward Kisame.

“Well the more the merrier” Kisame smirks lifting his sword above him getting ready to slam his new opponent.

“Leaf Great Flash!” Gai shouts slamming his foot down on Kisame's head, but Kisame uses his sword to block it. Sending Gai back and then he decides to start running around Kisame.

“Your the same as the kid this is too boring!” Kisame says clutching his sword and slamming it down on the ground to disrupt Gai's motions, however Gai continues to run around Kisame as the ground breaks up around him. “Why don't you stop running and I'll show you that you can't...” Kisame is interrupted when Gai kicks him from behind into the air. Kisame moves his sword above him which sucks all the chakra in the air. However there was no chakra in the air as the air became tighter with Gai running around him. “I take it your going to either hit me above or behind, so bring it on!” Kisame shouts.

As soon as he says those words Gai screams “Dynamic Action!” hitting Kisame straight in front with his fist. Kisame gets knocked down a few yards where he hits a tree from the blow by Gai. “Lets see if you can avoid this!” Gai screams breaking the tree behind Kisame down on him. Kisame uses his sword to break the tree in half. Kisame gets up, but just as he does Gai comes down from the air and drills him down below the ground. Gai moves over to Lee as the smoke clears up. “Lee are you alright?”

“I'm sorry sensei, but I had to use the gates” Lee weakly whispers and closes his eyes.

“Oh Lee why did you have to fall by the hands of this guy” Gai cries.

“Are those tears Gai?” A voice next to Gai says in a friendly matter.

“Kakashi?” Gai says not looking up “Did you find Hitachi?”

“Afraid not, but it seems you took down Kisame. It doesn't seem like he is getting up anytime soon” Kakashi replies in a more mellow voice “I understand your loss he died a ninja to the end.”

“Thanks Kakashi I will be heading to Konoha to send the news while the rest of you can continue for Itachi” Gai faintly speaks and then vanishes.

“What happened?!” Naruto and the rest of the group catches up to Kakashi.

“Lee is dead” Kakashi says lowering the temperature around the group.

“Where's Lee?” Ino walks out of the woods next to Kisame, but she didn't need an answer by the mood to figure out that he lost his life in the battle. Sakura rushes over to her to aid her wounds.

“Who would of guessed Kisame would fall to the hands of three leaf villagers” a ominous voice says as everyone freezes to find out that it is none other than Itachi walking out of the forest.

“Why you!” Naruto gets riled up ready to fight him.

“Naruto! I am not here to fight, but to say a few words” Itachi shouts at him stopping Naruto in his steps.

“What is it then?” Kakashi asks.

“Head back to Konoha and you'll discover that Jiraiya has fallen to Pain!” Itachi says.

“Why would we believe what you speak” Kakashi asks.

“It isn't my business, but that is the word that seems to of spread across the land” Itachi says.

“I should kill you!” Naruto says boiling up now.

“Take care” Itachi says as crows and crow feathers break the clone of Itachi's.

“Neji!” Kakashi shouts.

“He isn't anywhere where I can sense him, however it seems he was telling the truth as painful as it may seem” Neji responds.

“Impossible!” Naruto shouts.

“Yamato you take Naruto, Kyubi and Ino back to the village the rest of us will see if we can't find any trace of Itachi for another day or two and head back” Kakashi says.

“I think I should head back also to report back to Lady Tsunade” Shizune replies.

“Very well” Kakashi says as everyone splits up.


That night Yamato set up a log cabin for Naruto, Kyubi, Ino, Shizune, Lee, and Gai to rest for the night.

“I can't believe that Lee could fall to the hands to that guy” Naruto pounds his hand on a wall.

“Naruto there was nothing you could do” Yamato shouts back at him.

“Yeah, I know I just wish I was there” Naruto replies.

“He died fighting his ninja way that is all that can be said” Yamato says in a humble voice.

“Naruto I want to speak with you in private” Kyubi says walking over to Naruto.

“Not now Kyubi” Naruto says with his head down.

“Naruto why don't you speak with her nothing is going to happen here” Shizune walks in with a few scrolls in her hands.

“Alright” Naruto says and follows Kyubi to a room away from the main room they were just in.

“Naruto I miss you, and I need you!” Kyubi speaks pleading with him.

“Your just saying that” Naruto replies.

“I am not! Is it not enough that I came to you and yet you still ignore me!” Kyubi shouts

“I wish I hadn't made that deal with that damn fox!” Naruto shouts back.

“I love you and even if I didn't come from you. That time I was with you I felt like a real person!” Kyubi screams back. Naruto is shocked to here those final words as they echo through his ears.

“I... I didn't know that was how you felt” Naruto replies with a serious tone in his voice.

Kyubi walks over and gives him a hug and whispers in his ear “I love you and I never want you to leave me again.”

“I won't I promise you that” Naruto says hugging back and whispering in her ear.

“What's that noise?” Kyubi asks hearing something from the main room.

“That is a good question” Naruto replies “Lets find out together.” Naruto and Kyubi smile to each other as they grab each others hands and walk to the main room.

When they get there Gai runs right past them saying “What the hell is going on! This is no time for such things!”

Yamato and Shizune freeze realizing that they have been caught having sex in the middle of the room on the floor. Shizune is laying on the ground with her legs up with Yamato inside her.

“Gai we were simply passing time that's all” Shizune states.

“You two are worse than Jiraiya!” Naruto shouts, but then the room gets cold. “I hope what Itachi said is not true.”

“I am sure Jiraiya is fine” Kyubi says to relax Naruto.

“Your probably right Kyubi. I'm sure he's alright, heck he's probably talking with Kakashi right now” Yamato replies hoping to cheer up Naruto.

“Naruto” Kyubi says and Naruto looks into her eyes as she kisses him on the lips. She pulls away with Naruto confused for a split second then he kisses her back. Shizune and Yamato understood what was going on and decided to go back to fucking while Gai stood there astonished by what is going on. Shizune and Kyubi both create clones to take care of Gai.

“I'm not comfortable with this” Gai says with a naked Shizune and Kyubi feeling him.

“Don't tell me that your gay Gai-sensei?” Naruto asks with everyone staring at Gai.

“I'm not gay. It is just not right with Lee gone.” Shizune releases her clone understanding what Gai just said. The Kyubi clone moves behind Naruto to take off his clothes.

“I'm sorry I must watch over Lee” Gai says and heads back with his head down.

“Ooooh Yamato cum in me!!” Shizune moans with Yamato shoving his cock in her.

“Say Naruto do you see us like them when were their age?” Kyubi asks.

“No I see us like this” Naruto makes two clones with one behind the Kyubi clone and another behind the real Kyubi.

“I see what you mean” Kyubi says as she feels her clothes wither off of her. While all the Naruto's make love with her. The Kyubi clone goes on her knees and begins sucking the clone Naruto's cock. The clone Naruto behind the real Kyubi after slipping her clothes off kisses her neck and slowly inserts his cock in her ass-hole. The real Naruto sucks on one of Kyubi's breasts while squeezing the other with one of his hands. He has the other hand playing with her pussy. “Aaahhh NARUTO!!” both Kyubi's moan.

“It looks like those two are having fun” Yamato says.

“It seems like we are outnumbered too” Shizune replies.

“I guess we will have to out do them” Yamato smiles as both come to an agreement and create twenty clones each spread out across the room.

Kyubi who was still moaning by the excitement of Naruto saw that there were far more Yamato's and Shizune's. Kyubi took Naruto off her breasts and showed him the room. He smiles and nods and instantly every square inch of the room is taken over by Kyubi and Naruto clones leaving the center of the room with Yamato and Shizune and all their clones.

Gai comes back into the room and sees Naruto and Kyubi in every sex position possible and he sees a handful of Yamato's and Shizune's somewhere in the middle of the mix. Thinking about fainting he remembers his motto about how the power of youth exploding, and he gets a warm feeling and then looks down to see a Kyubi clone sucking on his cock with another one standing in front of him in all of her nakedness.

“This is for LEE!!” Gai shouts with tears of sorrow vanishing from his face turning into tears of joy as he stands there with his cock being sucked on and getting kissed by a Kyubi clone.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!” Ino shouts slamming the door wide open with the night wind blowing in making it a cold scene real fast. All the Naruto, Kyubi, Shizune, and Yamato clones vanish. Shizune was laying there below Yamato. Gai seemed to of vanished from the room. Naruto was sitting masturbating by himself, and Kyubi had her hands on her breasts. “Well?” Ino asks testy with the four companions of hers that were naked in the main room.

“You see Ino we were um...” Yamato says, but is interrupted by Naruto.

“We are practicing a new jutsu” Naruto foolishly says.

“WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR NARUTO UZAMAKI!!!!” Ino screams in his ear knocking off balance.

“Sometimes your worser than Sakura” Naruto whispers.

“Did you say something!!??” Ino stares at him ready to him.

“We got a bit carried away. Do you want to join us?” Kyubi says walking behind her rubbing her shoulders.

“No Naruto, Yamato, or Gai” Ino says calmly as she enjoys Kyubi's touch.

“Why don't we treat Naruto to a special treat while Gai and Yamato can guard outside” Kyubi coolly speaks in Ino's ear. Ino gets a wicked smile on her face staring straight at Naruto who was terrified of Ino at this time. Yamato was pushed out by Shizune.

“Say Naruto do you want some of this” Ino says in a seductive voice lifting her skirt revealing a bare pussy staring right at him.

Naruto couldn't pass up the opportunity to use his new and improved sexy jutsu. He did the hand signals and quickly he transformed into a sexy blond naked chick.

“So that's your new sexy jutsu that I've heard so much about” Shizune says study it before Ino could slap him. “Not bad Naruto, but how long can you handle it” Shizune says shoving two fingers in Naruto's pussy.

“Oooohhh! Shizune don't stop!” Naruto says rubbing his breasts.

“So you like that? How about this?” Kyubi says seductively in his ear as she begins to lock lips with him.

“I think I'll take care of the other hole down here” Ino whispers in Naruto's ear as she pierces his ass-hole with two of her fingers. Naruto nearly jumped by Ino if it wasn't for Shizune and Kyubi. Ino gets down on her knees and spreads Naruto's ass cheeks apart and begins licking while Shizune follows suit by eating Naruto's pussy. Kyubi kisses Naruto while rubbing his back as he does the same with her.

“Naruto sure is lucky to have that jutsu” Yamato felt guilty as he sees what is going on through a peep hole he created.

“What are you doing?” Gai says standing next to Yamato.

“Umm...” Yamato could only say as Gai pushes him aside as he looks in with joy on his face as he pumps his cock by the beautiful site of four chicks.

“You should know Naruto is the one they are satisfying” Yamato states.

“I know any word on Master Jiraiya or Kakashi?” Gai says in a serious voice as he blocks the hole with his hand.

“No word, but how Itachi said those words makes me wonder if...” Yamato replies.

“I know what you mean. It won't be the same no matter how we look at it” Gai says looking downward.

“Yeah” Yamato said and then looks at Gai who is looking through the peep hole.

“Naruto why don't you make a couple clones and we can all eat some pussy” Kyubi says to him. They both smile and with a few moves Naruto has two other clones of his sexy jutsu standing there. Both clones lay down with Shizune moving over one and Ino moving over the other. The real Naruto lays down on Kyubi on the floor. All are positioned in a sixty-nine position.

“Ah Naruto I wish you were like this all the time!” Ino moans as Naruto is eating her pussy.

“Hey, what is that suppose to mean?” the real Naruto states in his sexy jutsu's girly voice.

“Naruto less talking and more eating!” Kyubi screams in pleasure as she continues to rub Naruto's pussy. Naruto shrugs it off and goes back to eating Kyubi's pussy.

“I haven't had this much pleasure since my days on the road with Lady Tsunade” Shizune moans while she fingers Naruto's pussy, and Naruto is gnawing at her pussy.

“How good is Granny Tsunade?” the clone Naruto that is taking care of Shizune asks.

“Make me cum a little more and I'll tell you” Shizune says as she begins to peak “I'm coming!!”

“Now will you tell me Shizune?” clone Naruto asks.

“Ino, Kyubi can you two finish up quickly. This will be important for both of you when we get back to Konoha” Shizune states.

“Hold on. Naruto yes oh yes!” Ino moans as Naruto licks up the cum flowing out of her pussy.
“Naruto!!” Kyubi moans

“Kyubi!!” Naruto also moans as they both begin to reach their climax's. Naruto removes the two clones.

“Thank you Naruto” Kyubi says as Naruto gets off.

“So Shizune what about Granny Tsunade?” Naruto asks sitting there in his normal self playing with his cock now.

“Why did you have to return to your normal self Naruto!?” Ino shouts.

“You can't blame him he had to take care off three women at the same time might I add” Shizune says.

“Your not by chance a lesbian Ino?” Naruto asks

“Of course not I have taken care of my share of cocks. It's just that pussy is better that's all” Ino states.

“Can't object there” Naruto chuckles at the statement.

“Lady Tsunade probably won't like me telling you this, but it must be said about her. You see she has two weakness to get to her. The most obvious is her weakness to sake” Shizune says.

“We know that!” Naruto says nonchalantly and then gets hit in the head by Ino.

“Would you stop talking for once and listen!” Ino shouts at Naruto. Naruto rubs his forehead.

“Her second weakness only Tonton and I know. I really shouldn't be saying this, because if it got leaked out she might just...” Shizune says as all three close up to her.

“She might what? Shizune” Naruto says as all three are grinning to know what Shizune is about to say next. Shizune freaks out and moves back a bit further.

“Alright, but you three must not tell a soul and that includes you Naruto. She might just send you back to that school” Shizune says.

“Ah, so what?” Naruto says, but gulps knowing that Lady Tsunade could easily do that.

“Her second weakness is...” Shizune says before the door slams wide open.

“Shizune, Kakashi and the rest of them are here” Yamato says. All four stare with Naruto, Kyubi, and Ino all pissed off.

“Can you at least allow us to put our clothes on!” Naruto screams. Yamato apologizes several times as he closes the door.. Several minutes later All four exit the cabin with clothes on as the see the rest of the group.

“Where's Jiraiya?” Naruto asks realizing that he isn't with them.

“About that we need to head to Konoha. I've received news about Jiraiya, but we are going to have to head there now” Kakashi says directly toward Naruto.

“That's fine I need to talk to Granny Tsunade any how” Naruto says with a quick smile. As Kyubi and Ino both bump him.


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