3 boys fun in the camp showers
This is my third story and I think it will be my best yet. It started off as a true story and then evolved off of that in my mind. When it turns to fake I will put a * and when the fantasy ends I will put a ^.

Please comment on this story good or bad. Just a few words please.

It was time to shower at camp after playing a muddy game of flag football, which ended up being a game of tackle. I went back to the bunk to grab my shower stuff, stripped town to my boxers and grabbed a towel. I went out to the shower house that my age group shared with the group above and below us. About 55 kids went to those showers every day. I was one of the last people to get to the shower house so I was alone with two other kids in the year below us, Brian who we called BJ, and Owen. There were 8 showers in the house and Owen was in the first left shower, BJ was in the third left shower, and I was in the back right one.

I got in the shower and took off my boxers so they wouldn’t get wet. The insecure kids wore boxers in the shower. As I started to wash the mud out of my hair Owen left the shower and went back to his bunk. BJ and I were left alone. I washed my hair out and started to wash my body with soap. I covered my body and then started to play with my dick. I got it hard and started to jack off. It was quite and every time I looked over at BJ I caught him staring at me through the cracks in between the curtain and the wall. * After a little bit of watching him stare at me I decided to make my move, me being gay and all. I opened my curtain and walked across the hall to his shower and opened his curtain too.

BJ jumped in a mixed shock of his curtain opening and him seeing my 6-inch hard circumcised 14-year-old dick. I asked him do you like what you see. He said ya and slowly got down on his knees and put his hands around my dick. I let him play with it for a minute and then told him to stand up seeing the small bulge in his pants. I guessed 3 inches hard. I grabbed his wet blue boxers and slowly pulled them down. His hairless 13 year old, 3 and ½ inch dick sprung out of his pants. I got down on my knees and started to lick up and down the underside of dick making him throw his head back in pleasure and moan. I reached my hands around to his but and gave it a few squeezes. I took my right index finger and stuck it right in his virgin ass hole. He was shocked by this and had a thunderous dry orgasm falling on top of me from the pleasure. After taking a minute to kiss him passionately we both stood up and I told him he would have to return the favor. He started to go down to his knees but I stopped him. I turned him around and told him that this may hurt now but it will feel good later. I lined my dick up with his ass hole and circled it a few times with my purple mushroom head. I pushed in really hard until my head popped in. He screamed and told me to wait a second. 5 seconds later he said to keep on going I slowly pushed an inch of my dick in and then pulled out to my head. I took a second and then jammed my manhood into his tight ass. He screamed like a baby but pleaded to me to keep on going. I started to pick up the pace to moving in and out of BJ at a steady pace. I told him that I was going to cum and he grunted go right ahead. I froze as I erupted into his ass. My cock went limb and fell out of his ass. A steady stream of cum leaked out of his ass and onto the floor of the shower. BJ then asked me if he could fuck me and I said please. I had never had a cock in my ass but I had put things that are bigger than his little dick into my ass. It was louse enough to house his dick with pleasure. I leaned over showing my ass to him and he gave it a firm slap and then pushed his hairless dick into my ass in one stroke. I wasn’t ready for it so it did give me a little pain but it was good pain. He fucked my ass really hard and fast and we were both moaning in pleasure. I felt him go rigid behind me and his dick twitched. He exploded in another dry orgasm as the door swung open.

In walked a friend of BJ’s named Kerry. He was Mexican and about my height. In shock he dropped hid towel showing me his 5-inch uncircumcised dick. BJ didn’t see yet b/c he was still going through his second orgasm. Kerry’s dick sprung up hard and he didn’t know what to do. I said if you like what you see then why don’t you come over here. He left his towel where it was and walked over too me. BJ finally opened his eyes and he gasped. I told him it was cool and he just pulled his dick out of my ass. Once Kerry was close enough I grabbed his dick and put it in my mouth. I sucked his dick until I could taste his pre cum leaking out of his slit. I stood strait up and we started jacking each other off. He had an ides and told me to hold my dick parallel to his. I did as I was told and he took his foreskin and stretched it around the head of my dick. BJ said let me and he got on his knees rubbing his tongue from my pubes to Kerry’s pubes and back. He took his time to tease our dick heads at the same time. Kerry leaned over to me and I met him half way. We kissed on the lips and then slowly opened our mouths. His tongue slowly pushed into my mouth and explored the inside as far as his tongue could reach. I did the same to him but faster and more passionately. BJ took his middle fingers and stuck them in our asses causing us to go frigid and cum into each other’s dicks. It was the most amazing feeling. BJ caught our mixed cum in his mouth and stood up. We had a three way make out, sharing the cum mixture.

We all got into one shower and rinsed each other off touching each other at he same time. ^ BJ and I finished and walked out of the shower together with our boxers in our hands and our towels around our wastes. BJ walked out the door first and I gave him a slap in the ass. His towel fell off giving me a view of his ass. He leaned down to pick it up with his legs spread giving me a good view of his small dick. He gave me a quick smile and we went our separate ways.

Camp went on as it normally would.

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