this is the continuing story of Matt and his young sister/daughter, and other friends. If you don't like stories of young girls, you should hit the back button now.
Matt left Donna to recover on her bed as he rushed through the bathroom, and washed his face, combed his hair, and threw on his robe. When he opened the front door, three bundled up figures rushed in from the cold. As they began to unwrap and take off their cold weather gear, Matt recognized the three. It was Dale, the widow of his best friend Bobby, and their daughters Kristy and Mattie. All three were beautiful, Dale and Kristy were blondes with blue eyes and, even though Dale was thirty-two and Kristy was only thirteen, it was obvious that Kristy had a figure that would one day match her moms, and it looked pretty good right now. Dale had about 34D breasts, and Kristy’s were probably 28B, but Kristy looked like a small version of her mother. Mattie was a short slender ten year old tom boy with short dark hair, which barely covered her ears, and large dark brown eyes and lashes. She was a short four foot four inches, and weighed no more than 45lbs. She had the beginnings of a great figure herself, even if her chest was just showing the beginnings of well formed little nipples under a braless shirt. The nipples looked as if they were swollen from the cold right now.

“What brings you three out on a day like this? Trying to get frost bite, or just looking for the local mall?”

“Well, you know us, if there were a mall around, we’d be at it.”

They all laughed and then Mattie launched herself at Matt, wrapping her slender legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

“Hi Matty, you didn’t even speak to me.”

Matt laughed,

“Well Mattie, you were so quiet for a change, I didn’t notice you.”

Mattie was the only person who ever called Matt “Matty” and she did it because she said they were the two Mattie’s and best friends. All the girls had needed Matt when Bobby had died unexpectedly, but Mattie had been especially crushed to lose her father, and seemed to need him the most.

When her legs wrapped around his waist, they had pulled his robe open slightly, and when Matt looked over Mattie at the other two, they were looking at the opening in the robe. He realized immediately that they must be seeing his now soft cock, still glistening with Donnas’ juices. He was blushing as Kristy looked up at him and then looked quickly down blushing herself, but Dale looked up into his eyes and just smiled.

“Guess we had better let you get dressed. We really came up to meet your sister, and to see if she would like to ride down the mountain on the snowmobiles with us to see her new school, and to see what there is to see of our little community.”

“I’ll go see if she’s up yet, and ask if she would like to join your girls’ club. Make yourselves at home.”

They all laughed again, and then the girls wandered off toward the kitchen and game room as Matt bound up the stairs to see if Donna was out of bed yet. When he got to her room, Donna was gone, but he could hear the shower running so he slipped into the bathroom, and opened the shower door. Donna turned to face him, naked and unashamed, and he looked down at her body, unbelieving that this beautiful, sexy, little twelve year old girl was his sister, and that he had just fucked her. He slipped his robe off and closed the shower door, then took her into his arms in a warm embrace. She returned the hug, pressing her bare breasts into his chest and looking up into his eyes smiling. Then their lips met and his hands again roamed over her soft wet body as her warm full lips parted to accept his probing tongue. With her hands massaging his shaft, which was quickly coming to full erection, Donna looked up at Matt with eyes twinkling. She kissed the head of his cock as she began lowering herself to her back on the shower floor. Matt watched as the water gently bounced off her soft smooth skin, and her hands slid from her hips to her breasts, caressing herself, and then pinching her own nipples to erection, then raising her arms, reaching for Matt as her legs slowly parted for him to see the smooth tight pink skin that was her pussy. Matt lowered himself until he was above Donna with the head of his cock pressing gently against the lips of her pussy. She looked up into his eyes and said,

“Please fuck me Matt. I want your cock inside me.”

Matt thought; my little sister learned to love fucking fast for such a young girl, she acts more like a twenty two year old than a twelve year old. but then he slowly thrust forward.

Donna moaned as she felt, inch by inch, Matt’s cock slowly fill her. Her legs slowly rose and spread wide as Matt’s cock entered her tight pussy for the second time, and she wrapped her legs around his back, locking her ankles together and pulling with her legs to help Matt as he began to fuck his little sister again. Matt’s strokes slowly became harder, until he was pounding his cock into her so hard that she was sliding back and forth on the tile floor and his balls were bouncing off her ass, and then she shuddered and moaned loudly, saying,

“Yesssss Matt, fuck me with your hard cock, fuck Meeeee. Ohhhhh fuck yeah, yeah, FUCK MEEEE.”

As Donnas’ cunt clamped down on Matt’s cock with a viselike grip, and she began to shudder with a massive climax, Matt’s cock exploded inside his little sister, and he filled her young pussy with is cum. The heat of her pussy felt as if it were setting his cock on fire.

Then Matt lowered himself to rest on top of her, his chest pressing into her breasts, and looking deep into her green eyes he smiled and said,

“Can you believe we have only known each other for less than three days, and I’ve already fucked you twice?”

Giggling, and wiggling her ass and clamping down on his cock with her tight cunt, she said,

“Yes, and I hope it is only the beginning.”

Matt laughed and then said,

“I only hope you weren’t making so much noise that the girls down stairs heard you.”

As Matt’s cock became limp again, and slid from his little sisters well fucked pussy, he pulled her to her feet and as they showered, soaping and washing each other, Matt explained about the girls down stairs and told her that they were the good friends he had told her about. He also told her about the invitation to ride the snowmobiles, and that it was ok if she wanted to go. She became very excited, acting like a girl her age was expected to act; she wanted to meet Matt’s friends, and to explore the mountain. She was also excited by the prospect of riding her first snowmobile. Smiling to herself she thought, I’ve already ridden my first cock.


The girls were introduced and seemed to hit it off right away, Kristy and Donna seemed to have a lot in common and they were jabbering about school, while Mattie was just trying to get a word in edgewise as usual. Dale looked at Matt and said,

“I’m afraid Mattie is going to be left out again, so she is probably going to hang on to you even more than usual Matt.”

“I could do worse for a best friend.”

Dale gave him an odd look, and her hand involuntarily went to his cheek, but then she pulled it away and turned to the girls.

“Okay girls, let’s get this tour started.”

After bundling up, Donna gave Matt a kiss on the lips and said,

“Be back after while.”

Then she ran out to check out the snowmobiles. Kristy stood for a moment facing Matt and blushing a deep red, but then she too stood on tiptoes and kissed Matt on the lips, then she pressed the side of her face into his chest and gave him a hug and said,

“See you later Matt.”

Then she too ran outside.

Dale stopped at the door and turned to Matt, but before she could speak, Mattie ran past her and leaped onto Matt, wrapping her legs around his waist, with her arms around his neck, and she too kissed him on the lips, pulling herself in so that her nipples were pressing against his chest. Dale waited until Mattie had gone outside, and then she looked up at Matt Smiling and said,

“Shame on you Matt, she’s been here for less than three days and you’ve already had sex with your little sister. Now it looks like you have a young girl’s harem. You haven’t screwed my girls too have you?”

Matt looked down and blushed from the top of his head to his toes, but he ignored the remarks about a harem and screwing Kristy and Mattie, and said,

“I’m sorry you noticed that Dale, I hope Kristy didn’t see me when my robe came open.”

“Oh she saw Matt, believe me she saw, and I think both of the girls are a little sorry you haven’t done anything to them.”

Matt looked up and saw that Dale’s eyes were twinkling, and she had a slight smile on her face that told him he was being teased. Smiling, he said,

“Well, at least you didn’t grab for it.”

Her smile widened and her eyes still twinkling, she said,

“We were being watched, but I’m surprised Kristy didn’t grab for it, she probably would have if I hadn’t been standing there.”

Then, pulling herself up on her tiptoes, holding his shirt in her fists, she said,

“What the hell, I may as well join the harem too.”

Then she kissed him warmly on the lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth and pressing her breasts into him as Mattie had done, and then she let go and slipped out into the cold and closed the door.

Matt stood staring at the door for a full minute and then laughed.


When the sound of the snowmobiles had died away, Matt began cleaning the house and then, with that finished, he went to his suite to do some desk work. As he entered the suite, he noticed the stack of paperwork and legal documents that Rhonda had left for him and decided to start there. However, as he started toward the desk, he decided that he just didn’t want to fight with the memories right now, so he pushed the paperwork aside and turned on the computer instead. He began checking the stock market, and made a few trades, and then on a whim, he went to the search engine and typed incest. The further he looked on the sites he brought up, the harder his cock became. He saw girls, though much older than Donna, having sex with their brothers, and the images were very graphic, showing guys cocks inserted in what was supposed to be their little sisters pussies. Matt started thinking about how it had felt to have his cock inside Donna, and he unconsciously started to rube himself. He continued scanning different sites and looking at the girls letting their brothers fuck them until he realized it was getting late and that the girls would be back soon.

It was late afternoon and Matt had begun fixing dinner when he heard the sound of the snowmobiles coming up the mountain, then he heard the clap of thunder and started worrying about the girls. He hoped they would get here before the storm set in but he knew it would be close, and that Donna would be afraid of the storm. Just as he heard the snowmobiles come to a stop in the garage, he saw a bright flash of lightening, and heard a loud clap of thunder. A second later the door burst open and Donna ran to him, threw her arms around him, and held him tight while she cried.

“Oh Matt, I was so scared.”

Looking over her head, Matt looked at the other girls who had followed Donna in.

“Dale, Kristy, Mattie, are you all okay?”

Dale said,

“We’re fine Matt, but we were listening to the radio on the way up. They say we’re going to have bad weather for a couple of days, so you may be stuck with us if you don’t mind.”

“Well, it will be tough putting up with a house full of beautiful women, but I guess I can suffer through.”

Dale punched Matt in the ribs as she passed him and started stirring the pasta that was beginning to boil on the stove.

“Dale would you and the girls mind finishing up here, I need to talk to Donna for a few minutes?”

“Nope, it looks like this will be ready in about fifteen minutes, so go ahead we’ve got it.”

Matt took Donna by the hand and led her up the stairs, and into his suite. Donna immediately went to the bed, sat down, and began removing her shoes and then, smiling, she began unbuttoning her blouse. Matt took her hands in his and said,

“Listen Donna, we’ve had a great time but I think we might need to slow down. Maybe we shouldn’t have sex together anymore. You know we are related.”

Donna worried for a minute that Matt had seen the papers that said he was her father, but he wasn’t acting like it so she began pulling him until she was lying down on the bed with him partially on top of her, and then with a big smile she said,

“Didn’t you like fucking me? I loved your cock being the first one ever to be inside me Matt. I’ve been thinking about you fucking me all day long, and I realized I forgot to tell you something.”

“What didn’t you tell me sis?”

“Oh, just that I love you Matt, and that I want you to love me too.”

Then she smiled a big smile, as she reached to feel the bulge in his pants, and continued.
“And I want you to love me as your lover too, cause I want you to fuck me lots.”

Then she took his hand in hers and guided it inside her blouse.

With his hand massaging her nipple, Matt’s other hand unsnapped her pants, then unzipped them and let his hand slide down into her panties, and then said,

“I’d love to fuck you right now Donna, but we have guests down stairs.”

Moaning as her daddy’s finger slid into her tight little pussy, Donna said,

“Mmmm I know, but Kristy already knows about us. She told me today that she knew what we were doing when they got here this morning.”

“She’s just guessing.”

“Maybe, but it was a really good guess wasn’t it?”

Then Donna looked over at the door and started laughing. Matt followed her look, and realized that he had forgotten to lock the door when he saw Kristy standing in the doorway watching.

Donna said,

“Come on in Kristy. It’s okay with us isn’t it Matt?”

Kristy was blushing furiously, as was a speechless Matt, but before he could recover enough to say anything, she had crossed the room and was standing next to the bed looking down at Donna. Donna was up like a flash, leaving Matt lying on the bed, and she began unbuttoning Kristy’s blouse, while Kristy watched Matt to see what kind of reaction he would have to her being undressed. She was pleased when she saw the bulge in his pants begin to grow larger. Donna then unbuttoned Kristy’s jeans and unzipped them, and then she squatted and pulled the jeans down to Kristy’s knees. She kept undressing Kristy until the thirteen year old blonde was standing naked next to Matt’s bed, blushing and letting him see her naked for the first time.

Kristy and Donna had talked a lot about Matt that day and Kristy had told Donna all about her crush on Matt, and had asked Donna what it was like having sex with him. They had laughed and chattered every time they were alone about Matt, and how much Donna had loved letting him be the one who took her virginity. In fact they had shared many secrets during the day, and Donna had told Kristy about Matt being her real father, but swore her to secrecy. Kristy had agreed because she had a secret of her own that she shared with Donna, and then she asked Donna if it was okay with her if she tried to get Matt to fuck her too. Donna had laughed and said,

“I guess we’re just a couple of little nympho sluts huh?”

While Matt lay watching the beautiful little girl get stripped by Donna, his cock grew until it was completely stiff and tenting his pants. Kristy was absolutely beautiful and her body was fantastic as well. Her nipples were hard and puffy, and they were a beautiful pale pink on top of well shaped white breasts. Matt could see the veins under the pale skin, and thought that they were all the more sexy for it. Her pussy was completely bare of any hair and Kristy’s pussy lips were swollen, but the clit peaking out of it was a shade of pink that matched her nipples. Donna then turned and ran from the room to the head of the stairs and shouted down to Dale and Mattie that they should go ahead and eat, and that she and Matt and Kristy would be down in a little bit. She then ran back to Matt’s room and closed and locked the door. She stood by the door then and let Matt and Kristy watch her strip until she too was completely naked. Then she went to the bed and said,

“Help me Kristy.”

Together they pulled Matt to his feet, and then the two naked little girls pulled Matt’s shirt off, then his pants. Donna stepped back, smiled and said,

“You get his underwear Kristy.”

Kristy went to her knees and, without hesitation pulled Matt’s underwear down. His cock popped out and sprang back up, and he could hear Kristy’s indrawn breath. She reached out and took it in both her hands, then looked at Donna, and spoke for the first time since she came into the room.

“You’re right Donna. It’s beautiful.”

“Go ahead, suck it.”

Then she looked up at Matt and said,

“We both love you Matt, and we want to share you. Okay?”

Kristy turned back to Matt, looked up into his eyes, and put his cock in her mouth. Without any hesitation she slid it in as far as she could and then sucked it as she pulled it back out, then pushed it back in until Matt felt his cock touch the back of Kristy’s throat. She continued sucking until Matt began to moan. Donna was watching Kristy suck her daddy’s cock and smiling, then she looked up at Matt and proudly said,

“Isn’t she good Matt? We practiced on a cucumber at her house today.”

Then she told Kristy to get up and lay on the bed, and then looking at Matt, she said,

“Suck her tits Matt, she wants you to.”

In a daze at the brazenness of the two little girls who were directing the seduction of Kristy, Matt lay on the bed next to her, and began licking her nipples, kissing her breasts, and moving up to her neck and lips. For the first time, Kristy felt Matt’s tongue enter her mouth as he French kissed her. Then he went back down and began sucking her nipples into his mouth. He was surprised when Kristy said,

“Ohhhhh yeah, harder, do it harder.”

He looked down and saw that Donna had spread Kristy’s legs and was tongue fucking her, as he had done to her just that morning. Then all of a sudden, Donna stopped and moved out of the way.

“Kristy and I can do this later Matt. Right now she wants you to fuck her.”

Looking into Kristy’s eyes, Matt said,

“Do you want me to fuck you Kristy?”

Kristy nodded and then reached out and took Matt’s cock in her hand and guided it to the opening of her pussy. Matt pushed gently, and was surprised at how easy it was for him to get inside the little girl despite how tight she was. He tried to ease his way in but his cock continued slowly entering the young girl until he was completely buried inside her, and he realized that Kristy wasn’t a virgin. When he looked his question at her, she blushed and said,

“I lost my virginity and started fucking when I was ten Matt, but I just had to feel, you know, you inside me.”

Then her legs spread wider as Matt started thrusting into the pretty little blonde’s hairless pussy. His thrusts became harder and her hips tried to match his thrusts until they were both grunting and thrusting, and holding each other as Matt’s balls slapped against the young girls ass. Kristy suddenly shuddered, her eyes rolled back and she said,

“Ohh, Ohh Ohhhhh yeah, fuck me daddy, fuck me hard daddy I love you daddy, Uhh YEAHHHHH.”

Matt, listening to the little girl, couldn’t hold back and his cock exploded inside her, filling her young pussy with his cum. Then, shocked by the revelation that it had been his friend Bobby that had been fucking his own beautiful blonde daughter, Matt raised up and looked at her.

“Kristy, it was your daddy that fucked you?”

Blushing, Kristy said,

“Please don’t tell anyone Matt. Please.”

“Oh I won’t be telling anyone Kristy, I promise. It’s just such a shock to find out that Bobby had sex with you. Does anyone else know?”

“Daddy fucked me a lot, and I liked it. Mom knows he fucked me, and she said she didn’t mind, as long as I wanted it too, and he didn’t hurt me. Now, I want you fuck me too?”

Then she whispered in his ear,

“Matt, we did practice on the cucumber today, but it was mom who taught me to suck daddy’s cock too.”

Matt realize that Donna had moved up with them and had her small hand between his legs massaging his balls, and that his cock was again getting hard inside Kristy.

“Well sweetie, it looks like I am fucking you.”

Then, as she smiled at him, he began to slowly thrust into her tight pussy again, as she shuddered and spread her legs wider, so Matt could get deeper into her and so that she could feel his cock sliding into her better.

“No Matt, I mean I want you to fuck me a lot.”

Matt glanced at Donna, and then his pace increased as he continued to fuck the little blonde beauty underneath him. Donna smiled at him and then rose up and kissed him while he fucked her new friend.

“I love you Matt, and I want you to fuck me a lot too.”

Hearing that, caused Matt to explode with his second load of hot cum into the little blonde, and she almost screamed as she too climaxed, then she began to whimper,

“Ohh Matt it feels so good with your cock inside me.”

Kristy slipped her arms around Matt’s neck and pulled herself up to kiss him, then they heard Donna giggle.

“Okay you two knock it off or I’ll get jealous.”

They all laughed and then got up, grabbing their clothes. They had all just finished getting dressed and were getting ready to go down stairs when there was a knock at the door.

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