Guy acts out his fantasy in a country that is not his own
***Usualy tags, usual warnings. Young, rape and death if they are not your thing don't read and then tell me how sick I am. Hypocrites suck so don't be one :) For my fans....this is alittle treat while I work on The Engagement.

My Trip Abroad

I have always had dark fantasies. For as long as I could remember woman screaming in pain while being fucked always made my prick spring to attention in a matter of seconds. I would read stories on the internet about women being tortured, raped and even killed. All of it turned me on, including the stories of incest. Nightly I would masturbate before bed, with some nameless girl being my victim; I would repeatedly rape, beat and then murder her. Sometimes I would include a dog or two into this fantasy. As the years wore on the fantasies never changed, but the ages of the girls did. They got younger and younger. By the time I was forty five I was on the verge of turning my fantasies into realities. I had the means to, just had to get moving on it.

A friend of mine had traveled to a foreign country sometime ago and had come back regaling with tales of sex and drugs that were out of this world. He bragged about attending a gang rape of a twelve year old girl and had even shown me pictures of it. (Us rich bastards can do stuff like that….as long as you are not stupid and show the shit to the wrong people) After that I had casually asked him what limits this particular country had and he had replied if you know the right people then none.

So I planned my trip. I knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. Just had to get the other “actor” and the “props” to do it with. My friend had set me up to stay on a private farm of a local politician for my stay and had guaranteed that anything I needed would be provided by the time I arrived. An so it was.

My victim was a lush little ten year old brown haired, brown eyed girl. She was slight and could easily pass for younger. She was four quartered tied to the master bed when I arrived. Naked and shivering in fear was how I first encountered her. She could speak and understand English. As I moved around the room, putting my bags away I instructed her on how to address me. I was to be daddy and no one else. If she didn’t call me daddy it would result in punishment. If she didn’t finish a sentence or question with daddy she would be punished. She was my toy to play with and begging me to stop would get her nowhere. In fact….you guessed, it would get her punished. She nodded her head and very quietly said I understand when I asked her if she did. Crossing the room in three strides and leaping on the bed I slap her hard enough across the face to make my hand sting and to whip her head to one side. As she cries out I shouted you didn’t say daddy!

Getting up I start to undress, Daddy wants you to suck his cock baby whore I say as I strip. Releasing my thick nine inch prick I straddle her on the bed. Sitting on her chest so my cock rests right in front of her lips. I grab my prick and smear the head across her sweet little red ten year old lips. I demand she opens her mouth and she slowly does. I slap her again and tell her to do it faster. I shove the head of my prick into her mouth as soon as it is open enough. Moaning at the soft wetness of her mouth I shove the my prick in her mouth till it hits her throat. Reflex gagging she arches her neck, popping my prick out of her mouth. I grab her by the sides of her head, forcing her to stay and shove my prick back into her mouth. I shoved hard enough that when I hit the back of her mouth, I had punched through and into her throat. Burying my prick in one fluid thrust I moan as she arches up at the sudden invasion and sudden cut off of her air.

I am in ecstasy…..the tight fist of her throat around my prick. Pulsing as she tries to breath. I just sit there, holding her head still, my prick buried in her throat.

She is really starting to buck and struggle as I am cutting of her air and I am not moving cept for small thrusts in her throat. Suddenly my world explodes and I start to pump cum down her throat. I gasp and moan as I rock in her mouth, oblivious to her struggles.

When I finish I pull my limp prick out of her throat, smack her and say not bad. Getting up I grab my pants from the floor and pull the belt out. Wrapping it around my hand I bring it down hard, across her stomach, causing her to cry in pain. With no time in between I whip her from knee to neck, over and over till she passes out from the pain and her sweet little body is covered in belt welts.

I put the belt away and go take a shower, eat and go to bed. The next day I get up and find that the second set of actors had arrived in the night. Two male rotts. I went into the little slut’s room and untied her and led her to the bathroom. Letting her relieve herself, I took her back to the room and tied her to the low laying coffee table. I had her in the bitch position with her legs tied to each leg of the table, forced open. I took a piece of cord and wrapped it around the table and her back, securing her torso to the table as well. Whistling the two dogs trot into the room. The bigger of the two immediately heads towards the little girls exposed pussy and starts to lick her from behind. Great swipes of his doggy tongue from cunt to ass. She is whimpering from the strange feelings of the dog tonguing her. He tongues her for about five minutes or so before he tries to mount her.

When he does, I get behind him an help guide his prick towards her ten year old virgin cunt. Finding the tight little hole, the dog begins his frantic humping. The little girl whimpering with tears starting to form in her eyes. All of a sudden she screams, high pitched and loud pain filled scream. The dog goes still on top of her as he knots in her cunt. His prick wasn’t that big, until he knotted and when he did, it enlarged, tore through her cherry and locked into her cunt. I wouldn’t have been able to pull him out even if I wanted to.

What a sight it was, seeing her with her head thrown back, screaming in obvious pain while the dog panted behind her, squirting his doggy cum into her little cunt. I walked back around and shoved the dog’s hips toward her, causing the huge doggy prick to scrape against her already stretched cunt. When I did this a stream of doggy cum ran out of her cunt and down her legs.

My prick throbbing, I walk around to her mouth and tell her to shut up and shove my prick in her mouth. As she screams around my prick and the dog knots in her cunt, I mouth fuck her hard. Shoving my prick hard and fast into her mouth, jabbing the back of her throat with my prick I grunt as she continues to scream and the dog manages to pull out of her cunt with a loud sucking noise. Pulling my prick out of her mouth I get behind her before the second dog has a chance to mount and shove my prick up into her doggy cum soaked cunt. I bottom out hard in her, causing a fresh scream to erupt from her. Grabbing her little hips I slam in and out of her cunt. Thrusting made easy from the copious amount of dog cum dumped into her. It doesn’t take long and I am snarling in pleasure as I dump my load of cum into her cunt.

Gasping I pull out and away and no sooner than I did, the second doggy mounted her. Again I help guide him to her cunt and watch with absolute fascination as the second doggy fucks her and dumps a shit ton of cum into her. I let the dogs fuck her till they lose interest, which is about two hours. By that time there is a large puddle of dog cum between her legs on the floor. O well, I don’t have to clean it up. I leave her tied to the table and go sight see for the day and return home. I fuck her one more time before I go to bed and leave her tied to the table for the night. I know sometime during the night she was raped by the doorman, butler, cook and stable hand. As I had given them instructions that they could…as long as they stayed away from her ass. I had special plans for that….it was gonna be part of her finale.

The next day I took her out to the yard and cleaned her off with a hose, including sticking the hose up her cunt and washing the cum out. Afterwards I marched her down to the barn and into a special stall. In the stall was a sling. This particular swing allowed a person to be exposed in the doggy style position while be suspended from different heights. I strapped her in, admired my handy work and hoisted her up to my level. I fucked her cunt one last time. Take care to be as hard and as painful as I could make it.

I then took a turkey baister, filled it with Vaseline and shoved the tip in her ass. She screamed while I pumped the Vaseline in, filling her anal cavity with lube. I then smeared a fist full of it around her little poop shoot hole. Washing my hands I went to a different stall and got my last and final actor of the trip. A nice sized pony.

He was already sporting a nice big hard on for me, thanks to the stable hand who had administered the equivalent of Viagra to the horse. The little girl is whimpering with a barely makeable no..please…no. Laughing I lead the horse over to her suspended body. Unclipping the horse I step back as he rears up, jabbing his huge horse meat towards her impossibly small body. I grab the horse’s dick and guide it to her well lubed ass. Holding it towards her asshole, the horse takes a big lunge and tears through her asshole into her anal cavity. Her scream is so high pitched I think she is going to break glass. I couldn’t believe it, yea of course the horse weighs a ton, but I thought it would have taken more to break her ass like he did.

He lunges hard and shoves more of his horse meat into her tiny ass. I am rock hard seeing her tiny ass stretched beyond breaking around the horse’s dick. With each lunge the horse moves forward, causing the harness to swing, to his advantage. He has about six inches buried in the little girl from what I can tell. The horse snorts and lunges again, driving more of his horse meat into her. On the next thrust her head snaps back and an inhuman scream escapes her throat as I see a stream of piss exit her. The horse lunges again and her scream is cut off into a gurgle and I know the horse has ripped past the point of safeness into her body. I am moaning in pure pleasure at the sight of the little girl’s ass wrapped around the impossibly big horse’s cock.

The horse lunges and lunges into her, burying three fourths of his prick into her, completely impaling her body on him. She is barely conscious, struggling to breath, with a gurgle behind each breath. As the horse takes one last lunge into her he begins to cum. He stands there with his prick buried in her ass, shooting a huge load of cum up into diaphragm, stomach or wherever he has penetrated to. After a few minutes the horse backs up and his limp, but still huge prick pops out of the little girl followed by a stream of horse cum and blood.

The girl is limp in the harness and I put the horse away, unconcerned. It was always in my plan for her to die. I never figured she would still be breathing after the horse, but worked to my advantaged. Saved me another twenty thousand on a girl just to find out what it felt like to squeeze the life out of her.

Coming back I get the girl out of the harness and throw her barely alive body onto the dirty floor. Kicking her legs apart I grab my cock and guide it to her cunt. I shove my prick into her cunt with a loud grunt. I am so turned on by the horse fucking her and by the thought of choking her that I now it won’t take me long. I wrap my large hands around her small throat and begin to squeeze. This threw a bit of life into her and she makes feeble attempts to fight. It was like a butterfly trying to take down a bull. There was nothing she could do accept flail about helplessly as I screwed her ten year old cunt and squeezed the life out of her.

The harder I fucked her, the harder I squeezed her throat. She went from red, to blue to white in a matter of two minutes. Her attempts at fight getting weaker and weaker. Then she was limp. I continued to squeeze her neck as I pounded my cock into her. The rush of knowing she was dead and that I killed her was enough to send me over. I convulsed and thrust as hard as I could, ripping into her cervix and spilling my cum directly into her dead womb. I moan and gasp for about four minutes before I come to my senses. My limp prick still buried in her dead pussy.

I get up, kick her a couple times and call the house workers. They already have their instructions, dispose of the body. Don’t care what they do between now and then, but they have to make sure she isn’t found. Grinning I walk up to the house, pack my bags and catch a flight home. Waiting at home for me are the video tapes of the vacation, provided free of charge by the man who arranged the whole trip. To thank my friend, I invite him over and show him the videos. We are planning on taking a trip in a couple months together, hope it is as fun as this one was!

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