Last installment...blah, blah, blah, will carry on with the couple through "The Engagement" Soon to be Released.
**** ok, no death scene in this one, but loyal readers know how to find me by certain tags. More to come in "The Engagement" Thanks for the loyal support guys! Know it has been awhile, hope it won't be quite as long for the next story.....

Part Three:
Chapter Four: Playing with my sister’s cunts

After we took the girl’s virginities, my father and I had a lot of fun with them. Always, and I mean always, when we fucked their cunts, we would make a point of cervix fucking them. I loved the sight of being completely buried in the girls and seeing a small swell in their stomach from the dildo or my father’s cock. Me being as sadistic as I am would press down over their wombs as I fucked them, making it even more painful. We would take Carly and daddy would fuck her cunt while I smashed in and out of her ass with my strap on. We would make Jenna tongue my Daddy’s ass or mine while we did that. Or we would double penetrate Jenna and make Carly tongue us. There is nothing better than having a wet, warm tongue rubbing your asshole as you feel the person sobbing while they do it. The feeling of ultimate control is the best drug I have ever found.

Course I liked to play with the girls by myself to. Daddy would go out almost every Saturday evening, leaving me home to watch the girls. Sometimes he would take one of them with him to the Clubhouse. But I wasn’t allowed to go any more after the episode with Pete. Daddy once told me if it had been Carly or Jenna, he wouldn’t have cared, but since I was his special princess he couldn’t take the chance that Pete or his brother, Dan, would seriously hurt me. So Carly or Jenna always went. The one that was left behind would be subjected to my cruel actions for my pleasure.

Daddy had this one toy that he had used on my ass previously. It was in the shape of a butt plug with two tubes coming out the end. One was attached to a vibrator control and the other was attached to a pump bulb. When he inserted into my ass the first time, I didn’t know what he was going to do. Then he started squeezing the bulb and I began to feel the plug start to expand. By this time, though, I was use to my ass being invaded. He kept pumping the bulb though, increasing the width of the plug until I began to squirm in discomfort from the pain of my anal tract being expanded. He squeezed the bulb a couple more times, increasing the pain of the stretching. When he was satisfied that the plug was causing more pain than pleasure, he stopped. He then took a tube and fitted it over my clit. Taking a syringe and drawing all the air out of the tube, creating a vacuum and sucking my clit up into the tube, he left it attached to my clit. I love the feeling of the vacuum tubes. The pressure it makes draws blood to my clit, making it expand in the already tight confine of the tube. Little movements by the tube caused intense pleasure from my clit.

When daddy was satisfied that I had enough pain in my ass and enough pleasure stimulating me, he straddled my chest and rubbed his hard prick over my small developing breasts, my neck, my lips, nose, eyes, and finally mouth. He shoved his prick into my mouth, all the way down my throat till his balls where pressed against my chin. He throat fucked me while he jerked the tube up and down on my clit. Occasionally he would reach between my legs and push and then pull a bit on the massive plug up my ass. Moaning in pleasure and pain around his prick, he mouth fucked me till he knew I was going to cum. As I came, he grabbed my head with both hands and pistoned in and out of my mouth till he emptied his load down my throat.

Anyways, I was in love with the expanding plug! I used it a lot on my sisters when my father left me babysitting. I would take it and shove it up the ass of the sister that stayed behind and would pump it up till she was screaming bloody murder. Sometimes, I would make them get on all fours and would take a ping pong paddle and smack their asses dead on the flat part of the plug, the hard smacks causing the plug to scrape against their full cavities, causing more pain.
I would then put on my strap on and try to fuck their cunts with the plug up their asses. Tried being the key word, the first couple of times, the oversized anal plug restricted access to their little cunts. But over time, with help from my fingers…..I was able to penetrate them with the dildo. It took awhile, fucking them with my fingers and a bunch of Vaseline. I know I keep saying this, but I loved cruelly fucking their cunts with my fingers and hearing their sobs and screams of pain. It was a complete rush to ram my fingers in and out of their cunts, feeling the huge plug through the thin skin separating their fuck holes. Over the years my sisters had learned that begging for us to stop would only net more pain, so they just took to screaming and sobbing when daddy and I violated them.

When I grew tired of those activities I started on ruining my sisters’ pussies. I would take the expanding dildo and shove it up their cunts and I would pump it up so it was snug in their cunts. Then I would make them “birth” the dildo. I would make them push the expanded plug out of their cunts and then I would deflate it, reinsert it and expand it just a little bit more than the previous time. I can’t put down the feelings of seeing their tiny cunts stretched around the dildo as they pushed it out of their cunts, but I do know it was some of the hottest scenes I have and will ever see in my life! Seeing twelve and eleven year old girls give birth, even if it is a dildo is so fucking awesome. I developed a very bad fantasy after those episodes. I secretly wished my dad would get one of the girls pregnant so I could watch and masturbate while they gave birth. An I have my daddy to thank for making me so twisted.

After a month or so of continuously stretching their cunts, I tried to fist fuck them. I was successful, of course, and would spend a lot of time ramming my arm in and out of my sisters as I played with my own dripping cunt. I would drive my fist in them till I was met with resistance from their cervix. Then I would pull my fist to the point of complete extraction and then slam it to the hilt back into them. The first few times I need a lot of Vaseline to help lube the progress of the thrusts, but after awhile, I didn’t need so much. I also got creative with the fist fucking. I would make a fist with my middle finger sticking up and then I would jam my hand into their cunts, pushing my middle finger hard against their cervix. I would pop through and I would then fist my sisters’ with my middle finger up in their womb. It was quite an interesting feeling. Extremely tight and when I invaded the muscle would spasm and cramp. God it felt good, must have been awesome to feel something like that wrapped around a cock. No wonder my dad looked so obsessive when he penetrated their cervixes. It was so much fun ruining my sisters before they could even have a chance to have a normal sexual relationship. To be quite honest, I was really surprised that I never managed to even rip, literally rip, their cunts.

Other times I would take the strap on and reverse it, so that I could shove the dildo up their cunts and secure it up there with the straps. Of course I had to make sure all ten inches or so was completely up their little pussies. I would then take a belt or anything that struck my fancy as an item to beat them with and I would beat them around the room. Making them cry and scream from the pain of the dildo shoved up into their wombs and from the whippings I was handing out. Sometimes I would dress them and take them to public places with the dildo shoved up their cunts. Warning them not to cry or to give away what was going on or they would have daddy to answer to. (No matter how cruel or mean I was, they still feared daddy more than me…never knew why) I would laugh and smile and call them names. I would tell them they are my play toys and that is all they are good for. Of course when I tired of punishing them and wanted relief I would make them finger fuck my ass and lick my cunt till I came as many times as I wanted to. My sisters got real good at finger fucking my ass, it wasn’t long before they were shoving their tiny fists in my anal cavity, while I shouted at them to fuck me harder and to lick me harder or to bite my clit! I got off the best when my sisters bit my clit than when they sucked or licked on it. Unknown to me, daddy had nanny cams all over the house and had been selling his perverted deeds to people in the county and all over the world. I didn’t know this and found it strange when I was at the mall one day and a perverted looking old man came over to me and leered at me, telling me I was the sickest, hottest and meanest girl he has ever known. Giving me this creepy, leering smile he walked off. I asked daddy how this guy could know what I liked to do and he smacked me and told me not to worry about it….so I didn’t.

Chapter Five: Meet my husband

On the day of my seventeenth birthday, daddy came into our room and told me to pack what I wanted to take with me, because tonight I may not be coming back home. He told me he had found a man for me to marry and we were going to meet him tonight at the clubhouse. If the gentleman liked what he saw and wanted me, I would be going home with him to live until we married and bought a home ourselves. Carly and Jenna would be coming along tonight as well for entertainment for Pete and Dan because Daddy wanted it to be just me, him and my future husband. Nervous, but still excited, I packed what I wanted to take with me, not much, just some clothes and my sex toys. That evening when we left for the clubhouse, I didn’t know this would be the last time I would see both of my sisters. Once I got married and found out all my husband’s and my daddy’s darkest secrets, I found out what happened to my sisters. I’m just sorry that I didn’t get to see it happen. Although, daddy made a nice testimonial for me to read AND I WILL share that with you all, but I have to tell you about Jimmy first!

When we arrived at the clubhouse later that evening Pete, Dan and I assumed Jimmy were there. Before we actually entered the house, my father stripped us of our clothes and threw them in the car, saying we wouldn’t need them. He then cuffed my two sister’s hands behind their backs and tied my arms behind my back. He tied the upper arms together so my chest was forced up and forward, prominently displaying my breasts. By the time I was fifteen or so, I had started to shave my pussy and would continue to do so. My father then led us into the main room in the clubhouse to the other gentlemen.

My father kicked my two sisters behind the knees, forcing them to fall to their knees. He pushed their heads down so that they had to stare at the floor. Satisfied he announced that these two whores where for Dan and Pete to do anything they wished, they just had to leave Jimmy, him and myself alone. Grinning evilly, Pete grabs Carly by her arm and jerks her up and pulls her down the hall to a different room. Dan grabs Jenna and turns to his son, saying, “Enjoy yourself.” And then disappears down the hall to a different room.

My father turns to Jimmy and says, “Well boy, here she is. Told you she was prime grade A pain whore.”

Grinning Jimmy responds, “We will see about that.” He unbuckles his belt and pulls it out of his pant’s loops. Wrapping one end around his hand, with the buckle on the strike side, he instructs my father to help lay me on the coffee table. My father lays me down on the table so that I’m on my back, putting pressure on my tied arms, causing them to scream in protest at the unnatural angle. Dad then ties my legs to each leg of the table so they are forced apart. Smacking my cunt with his hand he turns to Jimmy and nods at him.

My father goes and sits in an armchair and watches while Jimmy walks up to me, swings the belt and brings the belt buckle down squarely onto my exposed cunt and clit. I scream loudly as the metal digs into my sensitive pussy. I also feel my cunt twitch in excitement from the pain induced rush. Jimmy doesn’t hesitate and swings back up and hits my cunt again in the exact spot he had the first time. It is agony…but I am also loving it. My cunt is on fire with pain and pleasure. Jimmy hits me over and over in the same spot, never varying. After swing twenty I lose count and can only concentrate on the burning pain in my cunt. It isn’t long before I begin to feel the twitches of an orgasm coming on. Gasping, I say, “Oh my god, keep it up, I’m going to cum.” Jimmy complies, he picks up not only on speed but also on the hardness of each hit. The fourth hit in sends me over. My cunt explodes in ecstasy. I scream in pleasure and flop on the coffee table as Jimmy doesn’t miss a swing as I writhe on the table. As my orgasm unwinds, Jimmy keeps swinging the belt across my cunt. Then decides to switch to my breasts, because in one fluid motion he moved up my body with the belt and caught both of the fleshy globes in one strike. Leaving a nice straight red line across both. The buckle digging into the side of one of them and leaving a surface scratch. I moan.

Jimmy smiles broadly and as he continues to whip my breasts now he says to my father, “You were right!!! I’ve never seen a woman get off on a beating before! Can she dish it out as well as she can take it?”

Daddy grins and responds, “Who do you think has been helping me with the other two girls? She is the one that turned me onto cervix fucking and this slut can’t get enough of tormenting her sisters.”

Jimmy laughed and said, “Well maybe we can see some of that tonight. But not before I have my fun.”

Daddy and Jimmy untie my legs and then my arms and lead me down the hall to a room. The room is designed to look like an old-fashioned dungeon. There are chains hanging from the wall with cuffs attached to them. Many of them are at different heights on the wall. There were other items of furniture in there as well, but I will get to those in a bit.

Jimmy leads me over to a pair of cuffs hanging from a chain from the ceiling. Raising my arms he cuffs my wrists above my head, leaving me on tip toe. He then takes a separating bar and attaches it to my ankles, forcing my legs apart and making it harder for me to stay still on my toes. Then he pulls out a large bag of clothes pins and grins at my dad, saying, “This is one of my favorite pastimes. I like to do this to my toy.” He then proceeds to attach all of the clothes pins to me. One on each nipple, one on my clip, he lines up my cunt lips with one right after another, all the way up my butt crack as well. He then attaches the rest on my breasts, stomach and on my under arms. When he is finished, he grabs one on my breast and yanks it off. Causing severe and sharp pain to shoot through my breast and up my arm. I rear my head back and scream. Jimmy smiles and cruelly pulls another one off my breast. Over and over as I scream at the top of my lungs from the sharp pain. Jimmy pulls off all the clips on my breasts, except for the ones on my nipples.

By this time, my father had pulled out his prick and was stroking it while he watched me being tortured. Deciding he had enough stroking, he stepped up behind me and in one swift, hard motion buries his prick balls deep into my ass. I moan as he presses against the clips on my ass. As he begins to stroke in and out of my ass he pulls each clip off my ass. Doubling the pain I am feeling.

While my father slides in and out of my ass, Jimmy picks up his belt again and starts to strike the clips off of my arms, stomach and legs. I’m crying from the intense bolts of pain the clips cause as they are whipped forcefully off of me. Yet at the same time, I am so turned on that I cum again….causing me to jerk in my binds and on my dad’s prick. He moans in pleasure at the spasms my orgasm is causing. Jimmy finally finishes knocking off the pins with his belt, leaving the ones on my nipples and my cunt still there.

He sits down, a little out of breath and watches as my father pounds my ass hard, intent on cumming. An it isn’t long before he does, his prick deep into my ass. Grinning he pulls out, smacks my ass and says, “Well Jimmy what do you think? Want her? Cause if you do you can pop her cherry right now.”

“O hell yes, I think I will take her.” Jimmy says as he gets up and takes his pants off, exposing quite a large prick. My jaw drops and I look at Daddy and he is grinning broadly at Jimmy. He unties my arms and legs and throws me down to the dungeon’s floor. Kicking my legs apart he grins broadly while stroking his mammoth prick. Getting down on his knees he grabs a clothes pin on each lip of my cunt and pulls them apart…exposing my virgin fuck hole to him. He lined his prick up and in one swift, hard motion he buries half of his cock into my virgin cunt; ripping through my cherry and causing pain like I had never felt before. I felt like I was being impaled by a baseball bat.

As I scream in pain, Jimmy thrusts hard again, burying his prick as deep into my cunt as he can, hitting my cervix with one hard brutal slam. His body pushing against the clothes pins on my cunt lips..making them feel like they are being torn as well. He doesn’t stop to enjoy the feel of my tight cunt around his prick but hammers my pussy over and over. Each thrust a vicious blow to my womb.

“O fuck yes!” my father shouts, “Fuck her cunt hard! Show that bitch who is boss!” I turn my head and through my tears I see my father stroking his hard again prick.

“I wanna show this slut what she has been missing out with her sisters,” gasps Jimmy.

“Fuck yea! Bury your whole prick in her twat,” my father replied.

Jimmy grabbed a handful of the clothes pins and yanked them off my cunt lips. Eliciting a big scream from me as it felt like he had pulled my cunt lips off. He grins and slams hard against my cervix. He then pulls the rest of the clothes pins off my pussy lips and lifts my legs up onto his shoulders and I scream and cry from the pain of the clothes pins and his invading prick. Laughing he continues to pound his prick against my womb, trying to gain access. Suddenly I feel immense pressure and then a sharp stabbing pain followed by the biggest cramps I have ever had. Jimmy had penetrated my womb. He moans loudly and thrusts hard, his hips slamming into me, penetrating me fully with all that he had. The weight of his lower stomach pressed against mine, causing more pressure and pain. I started to see little stars and could hear my father gasping in pleasure at the sight of Jimmy’s mammoth prick buried completely in my cunt.

Grabbing me with both arms, Jimmy rolls and ends up with me straddling him. All my weight bearing down on his prick in my womb, cause even more pain. I moan as Jimmy says, “Cum fuck her ass Dad.”

I hear my father move and feel him behind me. His hard, hot prick rubbing against my asshole. Grunting he shoves his prick into my ass. It is more painful this time. The sudden thrust jerks me on Jimmy’s cock, causing extreme pain in my cunt and extreme pain in my ass as there is less room from Jimmy’s prick in my cunt.

My dad doesn’t hesitate and starts to thrust as hard and fast as he can. Each thrust jerking me on Jimmy’s cock, causing cramps and stabbing pains each time. My Father’s prick rubbing Jimmy’s through the thin piece of skin separating them. All I could do was lay there and moan in pain as they assaulted me.

About ten minutes into the rape, my cunt began to twitch and I moaned lightly through the pain. My father recognized that as a pleasure moan and picked up his pace…my cunt twitching madly even though I was still in extreme pain from the huge cock impaled in my womb. Soon I was cumming, harder than I ever had in my life. Both men laughing they fucked me as hard as they could, trying to cause as much pain as they could. As good as my orgasm felt, the pain was always forefront, intensified by my orgasm, causing the muscles to cramp even more.

Gasping I lay limp on Jimmy as he and my father assaulted my cunt and my ass. I could feel bother of their pricks getting rock hard and bigger, signaling that they were close to cumming. Jimmy came first, he thrust his hips up hard into me, jabbing his prick against the wall of my womb, squirting his hot cum directly into my cunt. My father was seconds behind, his cock buried balls deep into my ass, pumping his cum into my bowels.

As I lay on top of Jimmy, sobbing quietly, he says, “I already love her. All the fun we can have and I look forward to introducing her to my toy and my father. I just hope she enjoys ALL of what I enjoy.”

My father replied, “O she will, if she knows what’s good for her. I better go and see if your father and Pete are done with the girls yet, lots to do before the night is over.”

*****I know it is a abrupt ending, but I struggled on how to end it. I will include a epilogue story sometime in the future about the fate of the sister’s, told as a narrative by daddy dearest. The Engagement is also in the works….still tossing ideas, etc around. Till then, I hope you enjoyed this final chapter and thank you for being patient for it and for kindly waiting for the next story!

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