Girl brutally raped by boss
Rebecca Larson had a long day and couldn't wait to clock out and go home. Knowing that she'd have to call for a ride home she immediately pulled her cell phone from her purse to find that it was dead and she'd forgotten to bring her charger for it. Dismayed she stared up at the company policies regarding use of the company phone and hung her head in shame as she headed to the front of the restaurant as the words burned in her head, "NO EMPLOYEE SHALL MAKE USE OF THE COMPANY PHONE EXCEPT IN AN EXTREME EMERGENCY! EXTREME EMERGENCY STATUS SHALL BE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE MANAGER ON DUTY!" She knew what an asshole Daniel was. If a family member wasn't dying, there existed no emergency. She also knew that Daniel had a thing for her. Not a moment would go by where he wouldn't smile at her, or wink at her or grab her in some way. Now she had to go to this man whom she hated and try to figure out how she was going to get home. She slowly took her hair out of the ponytail she kept it in at work and the golden flow dropped almost to her waist. She pulled her black dress jeans up slightly to make sure she was presentable before turning the handle on the door. The 14 year old shuddered as she watched Daniel finish up the closing paperwork.
"Are you done working already?" he asked coldly.
"Yes I am. I'm ready to clock out but I don't have the faintest clue how I'm going to get home. I can't call home because my phone is dead."
"You should have made arrangements before work!" he said not even looking at her. She could almost feel the shallowness in his personality, but by all accounts he was right in a way.
"It's a long walk!" she said, trying not to sound like she was pleading, "It'll take me a couple of hours to get home!"
"Rebecca, I need you to leave! You're starting to really annoy me!"
"Wow," she thought as he walked away from the office and sat down in the dining room,
“What an asshole!" She slowly headed for the door.
"Wait just a couple of minutes; I think we can work something out!" Daniel called out from the office. Rebecca wondered what he meant but chose not to ask as she sat back down. She knew she wasn't going to like what he had in mind but she was about to find out what it was as he emerged from the office and turned off the building lights and approached her in the dark but she could still see his eyes.
"I'm not going to have sex with you for a ride home!"
"Then you'll be raped! It's your choice. I treat you like my dirty little whore or you walk home!" Rebecca knew she had no choice in the matter. She headed for the door and tried to open it but met resistance as Daniel grabbed her arm and pulled her back in.
“You’re going to pay me back for every little thing you’ve done wrong around here!” he said. Rebecca didn’t understand, “Now drop to your knees you little slut!”
“This is crazy! I’m not going to…” she tried to say but felt the sting of the back of his hand connecting with her cheek.
“Listen to me? Oh yes you are you cum guzzling little bitch! I’m your manager and if you want to keep your precious job, you’ll exactly as I say or you’ll be fired and you’ll have to walk home! Now get onto your fucking knees and open your mouth.” Rebecca did what she was told and the second she opened her mouth, Daniel shoved his cock inside it, grabbed her by the back of her neck, and thrust her head forward onto his bulging cock. After getting the point she began bobbing up and down on his cock. It tasted salty in her mouth as she sucked and subsequently licked his shaft. Just as he was about ready to cum in the little teenager’s hot mouth, he pulled his cock out and pulled her to her feet by the hair. Rebecca was now crying. Her panties had become damp even though she knew in her heart of hearts that she did not want to suck her manager’s cock just so she could get a ride home from work. She quickly learned just excitement works.
“Pull your pants down and take off your shirt and bra and do not even think about arguing with me!” Rebecca quickly removed her shirt and bra and started to pull her pants and panties down.
“You don’t listen too well do you? Did I say anything about your bra and panties? No I didn’t! Put them back on!” Rebecca didn’t understand but she quickly complied and pulled her panties back up and put her bra back on. She continued pulling her pants down until they were down around her ankles. Daniel pointed to a table in front of her and ordered her to place her hands on it and bend over. Her panty clad pussy and ass stuck out like a sore thumb. Rebecca didn’t hear anything for a few seconds as she anticipated what might happen next.
“Stay bent over, look at me and you’d better be smiling you fucking whore!” Rebecca looked behind her with a fake smile on her face when she was temporarily blinded by a quick flash of light. Recalling what had happened a little while before, she remained bent over and didn’t move as Daniel took another picture.
“Pull your fucking panties down to your knees, turn around and look at me!” he said, “and you better make sure you’re smiling the whole time!” Rebecca slowly pulled her yellow low rise panties down around her knees and slowly turned around and leaned back against the table behind her when the flash went off yet again. Daniel was now completely naked and his cock was as hard as a rock and stood at attention. Daniel grabbed the girl, threw her to the floor, and violently forced her legs open, causing her panties to rip. He then crawled on top of her and shoved his cock at her tiny pussy. It went in with ease but Rebecca felt nothing but pain as she tried to push him off her. He sat up with his dick firmly inside her cum box and smacked her in the face again.
“You’re not allowed to struggle while I’m fucking you!”
“It hurts!” she protested. Once again, he smacked her. This time he left a large bruise on the left side of her face. He continued to fuck her tiny hole until once again he was ready to cum. He violently pulled out of her and ordered her up onto her knees and spread her legs as far as he could. He placed two fingers inside her wet pink pussy and slammed them inside deeply, back and forth as fast as he could as Rebecca wailed in pain. After a few thrusts he added a third finger and pretty soon he had his entire hand inside her pussy. He pounded in back and forth with his hand clenched into a fist. Rebecca had never experienced this before and she immediately decided that she didn’t like it.

Her pussy was now a gaping hole as Daniel gently poked and prodded her asshole.
“Oh no!” she thought to herself as she realized that she was about to be raped in another way she never dreamed possible. Suddenly she felt the same two fingers that started out in her pussy enter her ass violently. Then she felt two more fingers from his other hand. With all his might he pulled. She could feel her asshole being stretched out as suddenly he added two more fingers and pulled even harder.
“OWWWWWW!!!!” she screamed as tears streamed down her face, “JUST FUCKING SCREW ME IN THE ASS AND GET IT OVER WITH!” Suddenly Daniel’s fingers came out of her ass and he grabbed her by the hair and pulled as hard as he could so he could see her face.
“YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO YOU FUCKING SLUTTY ASS BITCH! I’LL FUCK YOU WHEN I’M DAMNED GOOD AND READY!” He let up a little bit on her hair and then pulled again. Rebecca wailed again in pain.

Daniel put his fingers back into her asshole and began to stretch it again. After causing what he thought would have been the worst pain she’d ever felt in her entire life, he drew back a fist and let it come down as hard as he could onto Rebecca’s lower back causing her to drop to the floor. Rebecca made a desperate attempt to get up and move when she felt another fist drop down in the same spot. Then the spanking began. First one strike, then another! Each subsequent smack on her tiny ass hurt more than the one before it. She howled in pain as he smacked her with his open hand. Suddenly he stood up and walked away. Rebecca did not dare move for she now feared for her life. She heard the familiar sound of a belt being removed from a pair of pants. Daniel stood over her as she looked up and he brought the belt down on her reddened ass. As he spanked her viciously, the pain became too great for her to scream so she just laid there.

Suddenly Daniel pulled her to her feet. Rebecca could barely stand up as he threw her up against the table and positioned her body so that it supported her. He inched his rock hard dick toward her gaping asshole and stuck it in. Rebecca did not have the strength to scream or resist. She took it in her ass like a dirty slut. All she could feel was pain and fear. Finally Daniel blew his load into her waiting ass. Still cumming he pulled out of her ass and shoved his cock into her pussy and came some more. Gobs and gobs of cum filled her twat and oozed from her gaping asshole. When he was finished, Rebecca slumped to the floor in excruciating pain.
“As soon as you can get up, get your ass dressed and I’ll take you home!” Daniel said as he walked away in the direction of the office so he could grab his coat.


2010-08-08 19:23:52
Awesome story, make a part 2 and maybe have it where she gets gagged with her panties?

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