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The Replacements, Chapter 11:

I awoke to Marie shaking Janie awake. “Get up and start the sausage cooking on the stove, girl. Don’t even bother with clothes. Get going. She got up and started to move to the door. Her mother swatted her ass hard and said “Move it.”.

Janie grabbed her ass and jumped to the door. She held both hands to her ass as she went out of the room.

Marie looked at me and my morning hard-on. “Sir. You worked her over good last night from the sounds of it. Tonight is Friday night. Maam said to tell you my ass is next -- this evening.”. She turned around and lifted the back of her uniform. The black butt plug was there. She looked over her shoulder at me. “Maam shoved it back in this morning. She said you were going to really pummel it tonight. She said she was going to have you bang my ass harder than little Janie’s.”.

Harder? I can’t imagine banging her ass any harder than Janie’s. I did not spare any effort with the tiny little girl. Marie dropped her skirt and went to the closet and got my shirt and pants out. She then went to the drawers and got some underwear and socks also. She then knelt at my feet, sucked my cock into her mouth a few times, then released it.

“Please don’t tell on me. I wasn’t supposed to suck you or fuck you. Not enough time she said. But it smelled like sex and the lube.”. She latched on again for a couple more slurps, then she said “Let us get you showered.“.

After drying me, she held my underwear for me to step into. She kissed my cock just before it was hidden from view She helped with the rest of my clothes. After I got dressed, I went downstairs for breakfast. Linda was at the table eating already. A naked Janie was putting a plate of food on the table for me.

Linda looked at me and said “You two were loud last night. You, my dear husband, sounded like some giant wild beast. She said you fucked her ass hard and spanked her hard.”. She laughed. “Now Marie. Did you suck him or let him fuck you when you woke him up? I told you not to.”.

She looked like a little girl trapped. Not knowing which answer would work the best. She stood a little straighter and said “I sucked his cock. But just a few times. It was just to say good morning. It was all hard and begging for it. It smelled of Janie’s ass, of pussy, and that lube. He didn’t cum.”. This all rushed out and she took a breath and waited for Linda to respond.

“I gave you very specific instructions. Maybe you will be sent to sleep in the small bedroom without dinner tonight, without his cock.”.

“Sorry maam. I am sorry. Please do not do that. I will be good You can spank me today. Punish me. But let him come home and do my ass tonight.”.

I am not sure if she wanted me to fuck her ass more or if she wanted dinner. But this woman was pleading with my wife to let me ass fuck her.

“We will see. The yard needs work today. We will see how working out there with the butt plugs in your ass…and pussy….will make you feel. I think regular spankings might get you back into my good graces.”.

I was eating and listening to this little play. My wife was having fun being a bitch. It was a new side for her. Her kink, I guess. I kept eating, keeping my head down.

She turned to Janie and said “Come here.”. When Janie got next to my wife, she swatted her ass. “Why are you naked? Where is your uniform? Go get it on?” Another swat on her ass sent her away.

“I told her to get to the kitchen without getting her uniform on. You said the time was late.”.

“So I have more thing to be mad at you for. Hmmmm. This may be a bad day for you, Marie. Jeff, give me a kiss and get to work.” I kissed her and headed into work.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

The Replacements, Chapter 12:

I made it home and Marie and Janie were waiting in the kitchen as I entered from the garage. Janie had a beer in her hand and was offering it to me. What a nice way to come home. Two French maids and a beer. “Where is Linda?”.

Janie said “She is taking a nap and said to let her sleep, sir.”.

“OK. Marie, did she say you were ok for me to fuck your ass tonight? Or do I only get to play with little Janie here?’.

Janie looked at her mom with hopeful anticipation.

“Yes. She said to make you happy. I could give you my ass, or whatever. Do you want anything before dinner?”.

“Yes, I want a blowjob. Janie, you start please. Then let your mother take over so she can deep throat me. Unless you can make me cum quickly enough. Maybe you can learn to deep throat me too.”.

She knelt at my feet and my pants were soon falling to the floor along with my underwear. My cock was only partially hard. Her mouth engulfed my cock. “Shit! Oh god damn. Yes!”. She was bobbing up and down, while sucking my cock in. My cock was getting all the way hard quickly. I had wanted to sit down on the couch, but she was too fast and it felt so damn good. I looked at Marie. “Marie, remove your top and let me suck those tiny tits of yours.”.

“Yes, sir.”. The top was off and she presented her tits for my sucking.

Janie was getting fairly deep, but was not getting all the way down. She was using her hand to stroke the base of my cock in time with her head bobbing. My cock was getting very wet with her slobber. Marie’s tits were getting wet from my slobber. Slurping noises, moans, and the occasional gags were all I heard. I alternated between Marie’s tits. Her nipples with hard. My hips were starting to do some of the work. Couldn’t help it. I was really enjoying this.

“Oh damn girl. Work it. See if you can get more in or else your mom will have to take over. I need to blow my nuts soon. I need this and need it now.”.

She sped up and went deeper. Each time down, she made a guck noise and her stomach jerked. She was fighting her gag reflex. She was trying to get deeper. I let her work it longer as a rewards for her efforts.

Marie was shuddering as I sucked and licked her tits. “Nice, sir. Real nice. Suck my breasts.”.

I sucked her tits and I bit her nipples. I was enjoying Marie’s sucking tasty tittes while Janie kept sucking. I stood back up and told Marie “Put your hands behind your back. Linda said to do you harder. So let us start with slapping your tits. Janie keep sucking. Keep getting deeper.”.

I swung and connected. It wasn’t hard. Marie didn’t flinch. It didn’t make much noise. I swung the other hand, harder and with better aim and form. A loud smack resounded. Marie flinched that time. I got the other tit again with good form and speed. Smack. Marie was flinching with each hit, her face was screwed up in pain. She was trying to hold her pose. Janie was getting close to having all of my cock in her mouth. She would gasp when it pulled out and cough when it went in. Her stomach was jerking like she was puking, but she did not. And for that I was real happy.

I stopped slapping Marie‘s tits. They had reddened up nicely. Marie’s eyes were shut tight. She stood there with tears on her face, breathing hard. Her whole body was tensely waiting for more tit slapping. I pinched her nipples hard and held them and pulled them away from her chest.

“Marie, open your eyes Look at your tits being stretched. Place your hands on my chest so I can pull harder.”.

Her eyes opened and she looked down at her deformed tits. Her hand came from behind her back and she positioned them on me so I could pull harder. I did. I had to squeeze the nipple harder to keep them from slipping out. I got her tiny tits pulled maybe three or four inches farther out than they normally were. The skin was taut. Her eyes were soaked with her tears.

“Ask me to pinch harder, to pull harder.”.

She swallowed and said “Please, sir. Pinch my nipples…harder. Pull my breasts harder. Ow! Ouch. Oh shit! That is hurting bad, sir. Please no more. Please. Eeeeeek SHIT!”.

I released them and they popped back into place. They wiggled a couple of times and then stayed put. Her nipples were deep red and puffy. Her areolas were as fully crinkled as any tits I have ever seen. I looked down at Janie.

“Janie, do it slow. Go down slowly. Deeply. But this time all the way down and back and again. Or your tits will get the same treatment as your mom‘s. Do it. All the way.”.

I looked back at Marie. She was rubbing her abused tits.

“Hands behind your back again.”.

She looked scared, but moved her hands away from her tits and behind her back. I started slapping them again. Janie was moving down and I felt her nose in my belly. She did it. She pulled slowly back up. Her stomach was still jerking, but she worked my cock. Back down, again all the way. Marie’s tits were red. The sides of her chest was red where a few stray hit had missed.

“Janie, now do it faster. Suck harder. Get me off or else your tits will get this.” Whap! Whap!

I really slapped Marie’s tits. Marie was crying and sobbing, no holding back now. I grabbed a nipple and pulled. Then I slapped that tit hard, knocking it free. She yelped. I did the same to the other tit.

Janie was working hard, going up and down my cock. She was sucking and licking. My balls were about to explode. “Damn girl keep it up. Keep it oh fuck oh shit. Keep it up. Oh my god!”. My balls tightened up and it seemed like my cock got bigger, harder, thicker. I looked at Marie’s super red tits, then at Janie’s bobbling head. I exploded. I erupted in Janie’s mouth. She was still bobbing up and down. My cum was splattering on her face, in her mouth, and deep in her throat. She kept working. I think she was really afraid of the tittie slapping I gave her mom. My hips were jerking and it caused my cock to pop out of her mouth. More cum was smeared on her face. I grabbed her hair and held her still. I put my cock back in her moth slowly. I pulled her head down and down. I felt her nose in my belly. I pushed her head even harder and another jerk of cum spunked out of my cock into her throat. I held her head. She was starting to panic and her hands tried to push me away. I pumped my cock a couple of times and released her head. It came off me and she dropped down to all fours and gasped for air. My cum was starting to drip off her face and out of her mouth.

“Don’t let my cum hit the floor. Lick it up.”.

“Marie, I kind of got carried away on your tits there. But I felt intense.”.

“It hurt. They hurt. But I think I came. My pants are wet. So wet, I am leaking down my legs. No one has ever slapped my breasts ever. Never pinched them that hard. Oh damn, sir. They hurt. Oh shit oh shit. I think I oh shit.”. I watched as she shuddered. She was cumming and not even being stimulated in any way. “Damn, sir. Oh shit. It was odd to see my breasts look so big. Even if it was just you pulling on them.”. Her hands came up and rubbed them. “Ow. Shit they hurt.”. She pinched her nipples lightly and shuddered. She rubbed her tits. She was masturbating her tits. She was shuddering some more. “Damn sir. Damn. Shit. Ungh!”.

“Janie, good job. Now get up her and suckle your mom’s tits for her. Suck them hard. Get her off. Pull her undies down and finger fuck her if that will get her to go over the top. Then we go upstairs.”.

Janie reached under her mom’s skirt and the undies came down. She stood up and move her mom’s hands from her abused tits. Her mouth latched on and she sucked hard. Marie cried out. Janie bit her tits and pulled her head back and looked at me as she distended her mother’s tits. She let it go and attacked the other. Her hand was under her mom’s skirt and moving quickly. Obviously she was fingering her mom. Marie was shuddering. Her neck was getting red. Her cheeks were red. Her eyes were glazed and unfocused. Her mouth hung open and drool was coming out. Her arms wrapped around her daughter’s shoulders and she started to wail.

“oooooooo dammmmmmmm uh uh uh uh FUCK ME! SHIT!”. Her body went into a big spasm. If she hadn’t been holding on to her daughter, I think she would have fallen down. Janie was slowing up on sucking and licking. Doing it in a more loving way. She was helping her mom calm down. Her hand was also slowing down.

“Marie, was that good?”.

“Yessss , sssir. Very good. I never had an orgasm that big, that hard before. My poor breasts hurt. They are tingling and throbbing. Please sir, no more on my breasts. Please.”.

“For now. What is for dinner? I am hungry.”.

“Yes, so am I.” I heard my wife from the doorway and turned to see her smiling. “You really worked her boobs over -- hard. I can’t wait to watch you fuck her ass.”.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

The Replacements, Chapter 13:

After dinner, Linda and me rested in the living room. The girls were getting the cleaning done.

“That was awesome watching you slap her boobs. Awesome. It made mine all tight and they feel a little sore in empathy. I never saw a boob stretched that far. Let alone one that is so small.”.

“Ahhh. How many boobs have you seen stretched before? When? Who’s?”.

“Uh. In college, some of the girls played around with each other. And yes I see the question in your face. I played some too. We would help each other when we didn’t have dates or couldn’t get out because of studying. Mostly it was using the dildos to fuck each other. Sometimes fingers. And a few girls loved to suck and lick pussies. Angela was always ready to fuck me and lick me. All she ever wanted back was a good fingering. Never a dildo. Never saw her with a boy. She was gay, but we loved her and her tongue anyways. Some of the girls really liked their boobs to be roughed up, to be pulled by the nipples, slapped, bit. You remember my room mate, Sally. She was one of them. Of course she liked almost any thing to do with sex. But her tits were her hot spot. She needed pussy sex once or twice weekly, but her tits daily or more often. She wanted to do you, but that was not going to happen. I was afraid she would steal you away. Kind of a shame now. I wonder where she is at? Hmmm”.

“No, please I think I have more women that I can handle with these two girls.”.

“Well, if you change your mind…I think I can find her. And I assume she will still be the super horny slut she was in college. Maybe more so. The girls can work her over.”.

The talk of my wife playing with her college dorm mates was making my cock return to life. Linda noticed and said “The fella wants to play some more. And it is time to beat the shit out of Marie’s ass. I saw you left the cuffs on the chair. Good. They will be used again then. Janie! Marie! Come in here.”.

The two girls came into the living room. Marie’s top was back on. They stood and awaited my wife’s orders. “Marie, you and Janie did a good job on the front yard today. It is looking better than it has in a long while.”. She looked at me. I knew I was not a gardener. Never have been. She smiled. “Because of that and the punishment your boobs took, Marie, I will let Jeff fuck and spank your ass. Janie, take her upstairs, strip her…you do it, not her…and lock her into the cuffs. Just like I had you last night. Lube up her ass and use only one finger. We don’t want her getting too loose too soon. We want Jeff’s cock to do the loosening. When she is lubed up, spank her ass hard. Ten times on each cheek. Then holler and we will come up.”.

The girls left. Linda looked at me and said “Honey. This is fun. It is the closest to desiring sex as I have ever been in a long while. But I am so happy you are getting you cock drained often. Liking it, my sweet husband?”.

“Yes. Very much so.”.

We kind of just sat there in a blissful state when we heard a whap of Marie’s ass getting spanked along with a yelp. We giggled and listened as more whaps and cries came from upstairs. I helped Linda stand and we started for the stairs.

“Maam. Sir. Mother is ready.”.

We entered the room and Marie was indeed ready. Naked as was anie. Marie’s shiny ass was red and staring at us. Marie was sobbing and slobbering. A towel was under her face. Janie remembered.

I said “Hit her ass a couple more times. I want to watch it wobble.”.

Whap! It wobbled back and forth. Janie looked at me and I nodded. She swung again hitting the other side. Whap! It giggled and finally came to a rest. My cock was hard in my pants. I got undressed and got behind Marie.

Linda said “Get some lube on his cock. We don’t want her ass ripped. Just sore.”.

Janie got the bottle and poured some into her hand and then rubbed it on my cock.

“Good. Now place his dick at your mother’s tight ass. She has never had a cock up there.” She looked at me and said “She is an anal virgin. Just like Janie was not too long ago. Solve that, dear. Deflower her ass.”. She got behind me and pushed. My cock pressed into her ass and it resisted. Then I popped in and in. Linda kept pushing until I was all the way in and pressed up against her. Marie was screaming into the ball gag. Her body was jerking around. But I think she was tired out from the yard work and the tittie attack, because she quickly laid limp on the chair, the cuffs stopped rattling.

“Do her, honey. Do her good and hard. Blow your load up her ass.” She walked around to the front of Marie and pulled her head up by the hair. “He is in your ass. Your first anal cock. Enjoy the ride. Do her. Do her hard and deep.”.

I pulled back so just the tip was at her asshole, I waited, and I then shoved back in. She screamed, I held it in and wiggled my hips. She whimpered. I pulled out again and repeated. I started to just go in and out. She was making oomph noises. I started to speed up. I got to a good pace. “Damn your ass is tight, just like Janie’s ass. Fuck yes!”. I pulled all the way out and watched as her asshole closed up in jerks. Sexy thing to watch. I spanked her ass, then the other side. I aimed and swatted her pussy hard a couple of times. More screaming. I pushed my cock back up her ass and shoved in. Her body was getting limper and limper, but her screams were still loud. I started going fast and I was pulling my cock all the way out then slamming it into her gaping ass. I guess I was pumping air in with each pump as I heard and felt her fart. I shoved in and then spanked her ass a few times. I pulled out and spanked her ass wildly, back and forth. Her ass was shiny, red, shaking. I aimed and shoved in again.

Linda was still holding her hair and she was slapping her face. “You will obey my every order. You will not disobey me. Janie get the butt plug and bring it here.”.

My cock was fucking her ass. I was fucking her ass. It was intense. Janie came back with the butt plug. Linda undid the head strap and pulled the ball gag out. Marie gasped air in once. Linda then shoved the butt plug into Marie’s mouth. It looked like it wasn’t going to go in. Then it popped in. We couldn’t hear any screaming, just muffled woof woof noises. Her breathing was loud though her nose. Linda pulled her head up and turned it so I could see her face.

The black butt plug look huge in her mouth. Snot was running out of her nose and she was snorting it back up as she breathed. More snot came out. Slobber was pouring out of her mouth. I felt my balls tighten. I was pummeling in and out of her ass, hard, deep. “Oh fuck me yes! Oh god.”. I felt my cock harden and I started to spasm deep in her bowels. I unloaded and unloaded. I just kept cumming. I don’t think any or much cum was coming out of my cock, but it kept spasming. Over and over. My hips jerked and slammed into her. Her eyes were large, teary. Her face was a wet mess. My cock finally stopped jerking. I was spent. I stood up and my cock pulled from Marie’s ass. I watched as it slowly collapsed. My cum bubbling up and then running down her ass to her pussy and legs.

“Janie lick Jeff’s cock clean, then lick you mother’s ass clean.”.

Janie was at my cock and she sucked it deep in. Then she pulled out and licked the head. She pushed in slowly, licking my shaft as she went down. Her tongue stopped before she got to my base, but then she stretched it out and licked my balls. Her stomach jerked, but she kept her place on my cock. She slowly pulled back, licking my cock all the way.

“That looks good for now. Get to you mother before she make a mess.”. Linda tugged at the butt plug and it forced Marie’s jaw to stretch again. It was distorted, but it pulled free. Marie gasped for air and more drool slobbered out. Janie got her face into her mom’s butt and started licking. Marie’s head popped up and she cried out “Yes. That feels so good, sweetie. Make Mommy’s ass feel all better. Oh god thank you.”.

I sat on the bed and Linda sat along side me. I hugged her. She hugged me. We watched as Janie licked her mom’s pussy clean of my spunk and her juices. Then she went down her legs to get the dribbles. Linda said “Janie, here catch.” She tossed the butt plug. Janie caught it, looked at my wife with a question.

“Which? Where?”.

“I would say her ass, but it may be sore. Just shove it in and out of her pussy. Make her cum. Keep it up until I tell you to stop.”. She laid down on the bed and pulled me down with her. We started kissing. I fondled her breasts. So large compared to Janie’s and Marie’s. She let me slide my hand under her t-shirt and I undid the front clasp. I fondled my wife’s boobs. First time in a long, long time. She was kissing me hard. She pulled back and said “Get the lube and do me. My ass or my pussy. I don’t care. I want you in me. Please be able to get it up.”.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

The Replacements, Chapter 14:

I got up and got the lube. Linda was removing her pants and undies. I poured some onto my hand and then rubbed it into my wife’s crotch. I rubbed it into her pussy and then into her ass. Her eyes popped open. “You want to do both? Oh I hope I can satisfy you. Please be gentle.”.

I got more lube and again slathered her pussy and her ass. “On your hands and knees, love. That way I can bounce back and forth.”. She rolled over and pulled her knees up. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, showing her ass hole and pussy. My cock was hard. Ready.

I heard Marie squeal. “Yes Janie. Yes. Oh my god fuck. Yes!”.

Janie was pumping the plug into and out of her mother’s pussy. Her face was in her ass licking.

I laughed and pressed my cock into my wife. The lube made it slide in easy. Her pussy. My pussy, as we called it when we were dating. My cock was back in her pussy. The first time in a quite a few months. I sighed. Nice. I made love to her, sliding gently in and out. My finger slid along her ass and poked into her hole. It puckered tight and loosened. My cock was hard and I was in no rush to get my rocks off. I am not sure there was any cum left in my poor balls.

Marie was crying and whimpering almost non stop. Janie was keeping her face in her mothers ass and the plug going in and out of her pussy. I heard her slurping her tongue up and down. In and out.

Oh shit! Shit! SHIT! SHEEEEEET!”. I turn my head and watched as she shuddered hard. I giggled and then pulled my cock slowly out of my wife’s pussy.

I looked at her as I placed my oily, slick cock at her ass. “Ready for this? Are you sure? We have never…”.

“Yes, but go slowly.”.

I pushed and my cock head slipped in. “Oh god. Yes. You are in my ass. Too long. Too long. I waited too long for this. It is nice.”. I pushed harder and my cock slid further into her ass. I pulled back, then pushed again. Deeper. I did this over and over until I got my cock as deep as I could without shoving it into her hard. I just did a slow gentle stroking into and out of her ass. She was moaning. Her skin was getting goose bumps all over. I looked at Marie and Janie. Marie was limp on the chair and Janie was still licking her mother‘s ass. Still pumping the plug in and out. But she was getting very tired and slowing down.

“Linda. I think Marie passed out. Janie is tired.”.

Linda turned her head and looked back and the two girls. “Marie? You still with us? Oomph!”. I had pressed back into her ass. “Oh yes. Now back in my pussy. Easy. Marie? Yup she is out cold. OK. Janie you can stop. Push the plug up her ass and leave it in.“ Pop! It made a noise as it was pulled from her soaked pussy. It was pressed into her ass without any reaction from Marie.

“Come here. Give me a kiss. Kiss me for while Jeff keeps fucking me.”.

The girls started kissing. The lube soaked, jizz soaked, ass soaked face of Janie and my wife’s face smashed together. I was still slowly pumping my wife’s pussy. Linda pulled head up and said “Janie get naked. Get that pussy up here for me to lick. Now. Hurry.”.

Janie hopped off the bed and was stripping her clothes off quickly. She scooted up onto the bed placing her crotch in my wife’s face. Linda dove in and stated licking. She was rocking back and forth causing my cock to slide in and out of her pussy. She was fucking me and tongue fucking Janie. She licked and then she leaned in and sucked Janie’s clit into her mouth. Janie squealed and grabbed onto Linda’s hair. She pulled my wife’s head tightly into her. I resumed fucking my wife. My cock was in and out of her pussy. I pulled back all the way out. I aimed at her ass again. I shoved in slowly. Linda squealed into Janie’s crotch. I felt her body shaking. She was going to cum. Oh god. I was going to make my wife have an orgasm. I was so proud. So happy. My cock started to jerk and spasm as I felt my wife’s ass clench hard around me.

I heard Janie squeaking. I heard Linda gasping and moaning. I was grunting.

“Oh shit! Damn Linda. I am cumming in your sweet ass.”.

“Linda keep sucking, keep licking, keep biting. Fuck yes!”.

We all kind of went limp at the same time. My cock was still deep in my wife’s ass. Her ass was still clenching off and on. My could feel my cum oozing out of her ass and onto my balls, her legs., her pussy. Janie was leaning back against the headboard, eyes closed, breathing hard. Linda was breathing deeply, her face still laying in Janie’s crotch.

I looked back at Marie and saw her head was moving and she looked at me.

“Oh please let me loose. I gotta go pee and I got to get that plug out of my ass. I think I got to go pooh. Please please. Hurry.”.

I got off the bed, gathered the key from the dresser And unlatched her legs. I slid my hand up to her pussy. I meanly rubbed her and inserted two of my fingers into her.

“Oh no! Please no.”.

I removed them and slid up to the butt plug. I pushed it in.


I pulled firmly but not enough to get it out. I watched as her asshole stretched slowly and the bulbous plug started to ease out.

“Oh god. NO! Shit! Oh god.”.

It got passed the biggest part and it popped out. I shoved it into her pussy. I then came around her and undid her wrists. When the were free she climbed off the chair and tried to stand. The plug popped out of her pussy and onto the floor. She squealed and collapsed along side of it.

“Oh please. Help me. I gotta go bad!”.

I picked her just like I did Janie and carried her to the bathroom. I sat her on the toilet and looked at her. She looked at me with a pained look. “Are you gonna let me go pee?”.

“Go. Do it.”.

“I can’t while you are watcheeee….oh god…”. Her piss raced noisily out of her body and into the bowl. She shuddered and peed. Then I heard a plop and knew she was shitting. I laughed and left her to finish. I walk back into the bedroom and my wife and Janie were snuggled under the blankets and fast asleep.

I went downstairs to go get a beer and take a break ,watch TV. What a nice life I have. What a nice wife I have. What nice house staff I have. Good beer too. Now where is that chocolate cake? Hmmmmm


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PLEASE SIR may I have more. More of this story. PLEASE SIR.

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This can not be the end. There are many more situations in which these characters can find greater fulfillments. For instance, Linda regains some of her health and becomes more active, while the man of the house enjoys all the womeen at once .

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