It gets a bit wild here -- enjoy
The Replacements, Chapter 5:

Linda and I lounged on the patio and enjoyed the evening until it got too cold. I helped Linda up and we walked back into the house. Marie stepped from the kitchen and asked if we needed anything. Before I could answer, Linda said “Have Janie clean up the dishes. When she is done, send her to me. I will have her fix my bath and my bed. You take Jeff upstairs and have some more fun. He still has some catching up to do. He may try to weasel out, but I am sure you can convince him to fulfill his lordly duties. When I am done with her, I will send Janie up to join you. Remember he needs to go to work tomorrow and be awake. So just one and only the one more fucking.”.

Marie reentered the kitchen and Linda said “Scoot upstairs, my master of the manor. Go upstairs and prepare to ravage our staff yet some more.”.

I walked upstairs and entered the bedroom. It smelled of sex. Pussy smell was in the air. Nice. I sat on the edge of the bed. My mind was a whirl. I was replaying the blow job, the fuck, Jane’s age, both of their tiny tits. Too much. The door opened and in walked Marie. She knelt at my feet, looked up at me and said “Sir, I am here for you. What do you wish? Shall I remove my uniform first or your clothes first?”.

“Um…why don’t you just remove your undies and unbutton the top. I think I want to do you doggie style. I can remove my clothes myself.”. With that I pulled my t-shirt off and then hooked my sweatpants down my legs. Marie did as I asked, her undies hit the floor and she was unbuttoning her top.

I patted the bed alongside me and said “Hands here, feet on the floor.”. I got up and got behind my maid…what a thought…and I lifted the back of her skirt up and rested it on the small of her back. Between reliving all the sex so far this night and now this lovely sight of naked ass and pussy, my cock was almost all the way firm yet again. I reached for her ass and rubbed it and stroked it. I was going to fuck this ass tomorrow. Damn! Or Janie’s ass. Or both…? My dick was hard now. I reached down and rubbed her pussy and found her lips were wet. Easily wet enough. I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy. I pushed into her in one slow push all the way until my pubic hair was mashed up against her ass.

Not quite as tight as Janie, but damn still more than tight enough. I did not hit her cervix as I had with Janie. I pulled back and then pushed in just a bit faster. Then faster yet again. “Damn you have a nice pussy. Uh Uh Uh.”. I rubbed her ass with one hand and held onto her hip with the other. “Nice ass too. Very nice.:. I was gaining speed and force. Marie was having to really hold herself up as I was starting to pound her.

“Oh shit sir. Your dick feels so nice and big in me. Damn! Please just keep that up, I am getting close. And so soon. Shit!”.

I rubbed her ass cheeks and kept pumping into her. I moved my hand from her ass cheeks, down to her wet pussy where my dick was sliding in and out, gathered up some of her juice, and then brought it up to my mouth. I put my fingers into my mouth and tasted her pussy. Sweet and tangy. Close to her daughter’s, but different, almost an older taste. I pulled out my slobbered fingers and stroked her ass crack. Slicking it up. I pushed one finger straight into her crack, right at her asshole, and my finger slipped right in to the first knuckle.

Marie spun her head and looked back at me. “Oh god damn! Yes! I am sooo close. Oh shit! Ung ung ga ga ga yike.”. I pushed two fingers deep into her ass and pumped my cock harder into her. I was trying to get even deeper. I was sweating again and I felt her pussy start to quiver. “I am…ooo oooo shit FUCK!”. She started to shudder.

It looked like mother and daughter came in similar fashion. Her skin was a deep pink. Goosebumps were all up and down her arms and butt cheeks. Her pussy clamped down on my cock. Damn I had my fingers in her ass, my cock up her pussy -- her spasming pussy. And I am going to fuck her ass tomorrow. That did it. My cock expanded and then erupted into her pussy. I pulled my fingers out of her ass and grabbed her hips with both hands. I rammed her hard -- very hard -- as I came. I held her tight and finished pumping my load of cum into her. Wow!

Marie was starting to wobble a bit and so was I. I pulled out of her pussy and stood up straight. Marie also stood up. She turned around to face me and said “Thank you sir. That was great.”. She leaned in and offered her face so I could kiss her. I reached up with one hand and grabbed her tiny tit that was exposed by her undone top and I use the other hand to reach around her shoulders. I pulled her in and kissed her, trapping my hand on her tit.

“Nice job, Mom, Jeff. That is something to see. Did I look like that when I was…uh…cumming?”. I pulled back from the kiss and looked back at Janie standing in the doorway. Her fingers were down under her skirt and obviously playing with herself.

I smiled and said “Yes, your mom came just like you did. Now I need to get cleaned up before bed and so does Marie. Janie, bring a wet washcloth from the bathroom.”. I walked around Marie and laid on the bed, face up…my wet shrinking cock facing up to my chest. I closed my eyes and was starting to doze off when I felt a wet wash cloth washing my chest. Then I felt a mouth on my cock. This constantly getting a blow job after sex is just fucking great. But alas, my cock only got a little of its firmness back. After three cums, I do not blame it. It earned the rest. The washcloth had almost completed its task and the mouth as well. I said “Thank you. Now let us get some sleep. Damn, I hope I can sleep.”. I watched as the ladies undressed and joined me in bed. And thankfully, with one naked lady on each side, under the blankets with me, I fell asleep.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The Replacements, Chapter 6:

I woke up to my wife entering the bedroom. “I thought so. You forgot to set the alarm. I was wise and set my clock for you. Marie! Janie! Get up and prepare his clothes. Go!”.

The naked two women crawled out of bed, gathered their uniforms from the floor and hustled out. Linda pulled my sleepy ass out of bed and to the bathroom. She started the bath and said “So how was it? I hope you only fucked just one more time. You need to be alert at work. Your dick is showing its usual morning woodie. Janie or maybe Marie will blow you to relieve the pressure, if we hurry. So tell me. How do you feel? How did they feel?”.

“I did Marie standing doggie style, like we used to do. It felt great. But definitely different than you and me doing it. I even pushed my fingers into her ass. Your fault for mentioning the chocolate cake. Heh heh. That really pushed her buttons, so to speak. But hush and let me shave and shower.”.

After drying and getting dressed, Linda and I headed downstairs. The smell of bacon and eggs and toast. Nice. Entering the kitchen we found Marie and Janie bustling about in their French maid uniforms. My cock had drooped during the shower but was returning to life as I watched these two ladies -- my servants -- my sex toys. The food was great and gone all too fast. The time was also moving fast. I had to go to work. No blow job. Damn.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The Replacements, Chapter 7:

I got home and was greeted at the door by Marie, waiting to take my jacket. She did a curtsy and asked if I wanted a drink or anything else. Wow I go from the normal world of my office to a fantasy, my house full of willing ladies. I said “I would like a beer, please. Where are Linda and Janie?”.

“They went shopping and should have been back a while ago, I thought. I have dinner cooking. I hope you like it. I will be back with your beer.”.

I went to the living room and sat on the couch. A small moment to think by myself. I got two women here at home that my wife Linda procured for my pleasure. Did I suddenly acquire some magical wand? Had I slipped into some other dimension. Maybe it was the Twilight Zone, but the X-rated version.

Marie returned with my beer in a frosty glass. She knelt before me and held my beer out for me. I took it and took a nice drink. “Marie, …”. She looked at me expectantly, hopefully. “Marie, would you give me a blow job while we wait for the others? Or do you need to attend to things in the kitchen? I have been hard on and off all day.”.

“I can start, but the oven should be going off in about 5 minutes. But I will work hard and fast. Maybe before the timer goes off, and I haven‘t got you to blow, Janie will have returned with Linda. Then she can take up…the slack.”.

She unbuttoned my pants and pulled. I lifted my hips to allow them and my shoes to come off. She leaned in and took my cock in her mouth and sucked. She pulled off and licked the head. She went back down pushing her mouth deep onto my cock. “Oh shit yes. This is needed. This is good.”. She reached her hand under my balls and softly played with them. Sliding her hand along them, fingers reaching almost to my asshole, then coming forward. “Damn. Oh yes. Nice.”.

All I heard from Marie was mumbled moaning and sloppy, slurping noises as she slobbered up and down my cock. My head was laid back on the couch, eyes closed. I was jerking my hips up and down in small movements. She went deep on my cock and held it with my dick head in her throat an inch or so. I then felt her lightly use her teeth to bite my cock. She pulled her head back an inch taking my cock skin with her teeth. Then she released her teeth and my cock’s skin slipped back to its normal place. She bit again. And pulled up again. She sucked hard. Her tongue was now able to move again. She lapped it around my cock, then she lapped it around my cock head. She released her bite and again moved higher up on my cock. Now her teeth were just at the base of my cock’s head. She bit a little harder and pulled. My cock tried to expand to stay with her. The pain from her teeth was just on the edge. It was intense more than painful. Her tongue was rapidly flicking on my cock head. She was sucking hard. Then she opened her jaw and slammed her head down even farther, almost to my base.

“Oh my god! You almost got it all in.“.

She pulled her head off, looked at me smiling and said “I want to get it all in. This is more cock than I have ever had in my mouth. I never went this far before, this deep. I want it. I want it all.”.

She moved her hand and grabbed my balls and squeezed. She engulfed my cock again and started bobbing up and down rapidly. I was really moving my hips. I was almost face fucking her. This was something I never did with Linda. I always let Linda be the driver when she gave me blow jobs. She had such a gag reflex I could not go very deep at all. I reached my hands up to Marie’s head, taking control. I was going to really face fuck her.

“You want it all. Here it comes.“ I started ramming into and almost out of her mouth, then back into her throat. Her moans were louder, but they were being drowned out by the gluck gluck noises. I felt my balls tighten and my cock expanded, thicker, longer. I felt her nose press into my crotch. I was all the way in. “Oh damn. Oh shit. Ung Oh Damn DAMN DAMNNNN!”.

My cock erupted in her mouth, spewing my cum deep into her throat. My hands held her head tight on my cock until my hips lost the need to jerk. I settled back down into the cushions and let her head loose. She pulled up quickly and gasped for air. Some cum mixed with her slobber was dripping out of her mouth. I reached up with my finger and gathered it and pushed it back into her mouth. “We don’t want this to dribble onto your cute uniform.”. She licked my fingers and swallowed. She was smiling. Proud.

The oven timer went off and Marie got up to attend to it. I sat there on the couch, naked from the waist down, wet cock still dribbling cum. My eyes closed and I think I dozed some.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The Replacements, Chapter 8:

I was brought back to reality when I heard Linda say “Now that is a sight. Hello, love. I would ask how your day was, but I can see. Did Marie make made it nice?”. She leaned in and gave me a kiss. She grabbed my cock and spread the slime around the head.

I reached up and hugged her to go along with the kiss. “I love you sweetheart. You are fantastic. So is Marie. Where are the girls?”.

“They are getting dinner ready. Hungry?”. I stood up and put my pants back on. Food. Yes now that is the ticket.

“Jeff I see that you are happy and that makes me happy. You’re getting the sex you justly deserve. This is what I wanted when I brought Marie and Janie into the house. And yes they have also done a great job with the cleaning. Did you notice?”.

“I think I noticed that house was clean -- before Marie sucked my cock into her mouth. After that I couldn’t see a thing.”.

“Men! They don’t see the obvious. Show them a boob or a pussy or suck their dick and they go just plain dumb dumb dumb”. She giggled and laughed at her joke.

Dinner was good. The girls hung back and waited for our every command. I felt royal. Like a feudal king. And Linda was smiling also.

After dinner, Marie and Janie cleaned up the plates to the kitchen. They came back in and waited, standing by the table. I looked at them and they smiled, but it was an odd nervous smile.

Linda said “I see that Janie has told Marie what I bought today. Yes, Marie? Did she?”.

“Yes maam.”.

I was at a loss. What did my wife buy that had these ladies so ill at ease. “So what did you buy today? I am curious.”.

She giggled and looked at the girls standing. “I bought butt plugs and paddles and hand cuffs.”.


Linda looked at me, smiling, almost laughing. “I knew you would react that way. I have seen over the years when we watch a movie and there is some spanking, your cock quickly got hard. And if some mean ole bad guy had a girl tied up, you’d squirm trying to get your stiff cock to straighten up into a better position. You tried to hide it, but I saw. You seem to have a bit of kinky side. Oh you never showed it overtly. You always were a loving husband. A sexy loving husband. And you knew that the kinky stuff never interested me -- even before.”.

She looked at the girls and said “But these are our servants. They will do as we tell them. Correct, ladies?”.

“Yes maam.”.

“Are you ready? Want your asses spanked, and plugged?”.

They paused a bit and Janie answered first “Yes maam. Please spank me and … uh… er… shove that thing in my butt.”.

Marie nodded and said “Yes. We are ready. Janie go get the … bags.”.

Janie left and came back with some bags. She set them down, reached in, and pulled out two packages that had black butt plugs showing. She set them on the table. She reached back in and then pulled out a small bottle.

“Jeff open the butt plug packages and use this lube before plugging their asses. Then some spanking to show them you are the boss and not just a hard dick for them to use and enjoy.”.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The Replacements, Chapter 9:

I got the packages open and held the rubber toys. Shaped like the spades symbol on a deck of cards. The widest part looked to be about an inch and a half maybe two inches wide. Linda had the cap off the jar of lube.

Linda said “Ladies drop those undies, bend over, and grab your ankles. Here, Jeff, spread some on the butt plugs and some on their asses. That is what the salesman told Janie. I had her ask all the questions. Yes he asked if she was over 18. And I said she was my virgin daughter who was about to be married. I told him of course she is over 18. He didn’t look like her believed me. But I really put on an indignant show. He never asked for her ID. Safe!”.

I spread the slippery stuff on one of the plugs. The oil smelled earthy, nice. Almost edible. I took my slick fingers and rubbed Marie’s ass. I added more and pushed two fingers into her ass. She tensed up, but the oil let my fingers slide in. I wiggled and got the oil spread around. I removed my fingers and placed the black plug against her asshole. I pushed lightly. Her ass opened up and a bit slipped in. It tensed back up and I felt it slide back out. I pushed again, this time harder. More slipped in. Marie squeaked. Her butt cheeks tensed up, but this time I held it tight. I saw her cheeks relax and I pushed again. It was halfway in. The wider portion was nearing her anal ring. The plug was stretching her ass. I heard her whining and breathing hard. I pushed harder yet and the widest part of the toy was just about there.

Linda said “Push it in. Do it. All the way in. Now!”.

I pushed and it popped passed her rectum and it closed around the narrow bit near the base. Only the wide flat base was out of her ass. She sighed as it made its way finally in. Her cheeks were flexing. Her legs were squirming. But she held her pose. Hands were still on her ankles. Janie was also still bent over. But her head was tilted so she could watch her mom take the plug into her asshole. She knew she was next. Marie was breathing hard, but was easing back to normal.

Linda swatted her ass cheek hard. “You got it in.” Whap! Whap! Now stay like that while Jeff does Janie. She handed me the other plug and the held the bottle of lube. I spread the oily fluid on the plug. Damn it smelled good.

“This smells nice. Almost like a dessert of a some kind.”.

“Yes it is safe to eat. I had Janie ask specifically for edible butt lube. You should have seen her blush and heard her stutter. Yes, see how she is all red. Like that. I had her smell each one until we found this one. I think she is remembering the creepy sales guy eating her up with his eyes, looking down her blouse -- no bra.. He almost drooled on your boobs. He wanted to fuck you. Didn’t he, Janie?”.

“Yes maam. I really think he would have if you weren’t there to protect me. I think I would have let him. The shop made me so very, very horny and wet. Sex things were everywhere. It was overpowering.”.

I slicked up her ass and was pressing my oily fingers into her puckered hole. She also tensed up, but I did not relent any at all. My fingers went in and out, spreading the lube around. I leaned in and kissed her oily ass. The lube smelled great. I flicked my tongue into her ass crack. It tasted great. I spread more oil to replace the bit I licked up. I pushed the plug’s tip into her ass. This time it was her mother watching her daughter get anally violated with a toy.

Janie let out a yipe and a wail. “Ooooooo ow ooooooo ouch!”.

I pushed and again watched as the toy entered her back hole.

Linda said “Let me push it in the rest of the way. My turn.”.

She grabbed the toy and pushed it in a bit and then let it slide back out almost let it come completely out. She pushed it back in deeper. It was nearing the widest part. Janie was squeaking and wailing. “Oh eeeek shit ooooooo ow oh noooooooo eeeeek. Is it all the way in yet. Please tell me it is in. Eeeek! Shit! There can’t be more. Can there?”.

Linda let it ease back out. Janie relaxed. She and I thought Linda was relenting. Wrong. She pushed hard and the plug slid in and popped passed her rectum. It seated in like her mom’s. She let out a loud cry, but did not remove her hands from her ankles. Great will power. Linda pushed a little more as if trying to get the wide base in. Janie cried out again. Linda pulled it back as if trying to get it out. And again and again. Poor Janie was getting butt fucked by the toy by Linda. She pushed and pulled. Janie was started to shudder. Her ass cheeks were flexing and relaxing.

“Do Marie. Just like I am doing little Janie here.”.

I turn my eyes from Janie’s ass abuse and reached for Marie’s ass. I pushed on the toy’s base and was rewarded with a squeak from her. I pulled. I pushed. I was fucking her ass with the toy. She soon joined her daughter in shuddering and crying. I heard Janie give a loud cry and I looked. The plug was out. Her ass hole was gaping and slowly starting to close. Linda pushed it back in, all the way in. Another loud cry. Linda looked at me and nodded. I pushed Marie’s in, then pulled it all the way out also. Marie let out a very loud scream, but stayed in position. I watched her ass start to close. And like Linda did to Janie, I shoved it back in to her ass and pushed hard. I was trying to get the base in. She had to release her ankles and move her hands out in front of her to keep from falling over. Linda was pulling the plug all the way out, of Janie’s ass then pushing it all the way in. I did the same to Marie. Janie also had to release her ankles to keep from falling, but both girls held the position as best they could. I was kind of proud of their endurance.

Linda slapped Janie’s ass and said “Now stand up.”. She looked at me, so I pushed the plug back into Marie, slapped her ass a couple of times, and said “You too.”.

The girls stood up gingerly and their skirts fell back into place. They both had tears smearing their face. They both looked wobbly standing there trying to find some position that eased their stretched asses. My cock was throbbing from all this action. I needed some sex and soon. But I waited to see what my wife had planned next. She was doing great. She almost was like the young horny girl I married so many years ago.

“Now walk around the table. Get used to the plugs. Keep walking. I will let you know when I want you to stop.”. She looked at me and asked “Having fun? Getting your kink on? Hee hee”.

I was watching the girls walk and they winced every now and then but were starting to walk more normal. “Yes. This is a whole lot of fun. But my cock needs a pussy, a mouth, or…an ass. It is very hard.”.

“Yes I see. Marie come here. Janie keep walking you are not walking normal yet.”.

“Yes maam.” Came from them. Janie kept walking and was trying hard to walk normal, but the toy in her ass was obviously too hard to ignore. She had her ass stuck out and her legs spread wide.

Marie stood in front of us. She stood straight. She was obviously straining to hold the pose. Trying to ignore the butt plug. “Yes maam. How may I be of service?”.

“My husband, your lord of the manor, needs some release for his poor hard cock. You already sucked him off. So it is Janie’s turn. But tell me which hole does Jeff plow? Her face? Her young pussy? Her ass?”.

Marie looked at Janie as she walked wincing around the table. Then she looked at Linda and me. “I think she needs to get her ass fucked, maam. Jeff should do her in the ass.”. Janie looked worried yet kept walking.

“Good. I agree. Please remove Jeff’s clothes and lube up his cock. DO NOT let him cum. Bring him upstairs in about ten minutes. Janie! Come! Bring the bags.”.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The Replacements, Chapter 10:

The two gals left and Marie started to unbutton my shirt. It came off and she laid it on the table. Then she reached and undid my pants. They slid down and I stepped out of them. She place my pants on the table and then pulled my underwear down. My hard cock was free and bobbing in front of her face. I saw her start to open her mouth, but she stopped herself.

She looked up at me and said “Sorry. I almost forgot, sir.”.

Damn I need to get my rocks off. I wanted her mouth on my cock. “Go ahead and get your mouth on my cock. You have got to keep it hard, don’t you? And get it lubed? Just do not make me cum or Linda will be mad at both of us. And poor Janie won’t get her ass nailed. We have a couple more minutes I think.

Marie smiled and impaled her mouth on my cock. She went half way down then pulled back up. She looked into my eyes and pressed down slowly all the way until her nose was smashed into my pubes. Her eyes showed the strain, but she held her mouth down hard on my cock. I felt her tongue move. Damn. I didn’t think there was room. Her jaw flexed some more and her tongue forced its way out passed her lips and started to lick my balls. She couldn’t move her tongue too far out, but holly crap! She was licking my balls while she was fully impaled. Oh shit.

She eased her head back slowly and kept her tongue dragging along the under side of my cock. Her mouth finally came free. Her tongue wagged on my piss hole a few times. She then grabbed my underwear and wiped my cock dry. She then took the bottle and lubed up my cock.

“Come, sir. My daughter’s ass is waiting I think.”.

I walked up the stairs behind Marie and I was able to look up her skirt. The black butt plug was still there. It made her walk up the stairs slowly. She was trying to find some way so it did not cause her discomfort. I was following, hard, oily cock bobbing, pointing at her ass.

We reached the upper landing and went into the bedroom. Wow! What a sight. Janie was naked and bent over my wife’s make up chair. It was a backless chair. Janie was handcuffed to the front legs and her legs were ankle cuffed the to back legs. The black plug was still in place. I could see a ball gag in Janie’s mouth. It made her eyes look bigger. She was prepped for me by wife. Oh my. Linda has had a sick and twisted mind all this time.

“This is fun being the mean lady bitch of the house.”. She reached into the bag and pulled out a paddle. It had a smooth side and a waffled side. It was about 9 inches long and 4 or 5 inches at the wide, business end. I was harder than I ever had been. My cock was literally throbbing and bouncing in anticipation. Marie looked at her daughter and smiled wistfully. She looked at me and knew her daughter was going to get a rough ride, between the paddle and the ass fucking. I think she was also thinking she was going to be in the same position in the near future.

Linda handed me the paddle and then the key to the cuffs. “Do her ass. Spank her ass. Fuck her ass. Spank her ass some more. Take your time. Work it. Stretch it out. Delay your cumming until you can’t stand it. Marie and I will retire. Have a good night.”. She leaned in and kissed me. She whispered in my ear. You are liking this. Aren’t you, my big sex pervert. Don’t stay up too late. I will awake you two in the morning for breakfast and work.”.

They left and closed the door. I turned to Janie, helpless and knowing what was to come. I looked at her. I may have been drooling. I know I was in a fog. A heavy sexual fog. The rules of normal life were missing. I was being allowed, no almost commanded to be a sexual tyrant. I slipped into that role too easy. I got close to Janie and rubbed her oil slicked ass.

“Smooth. How many times should I paddle you? Hmmm”. I heard a mumble from her gagged mouth. “What was that you said? Speak up and clearly.”.

“Pleath thont padthel me hard, thir. Pleath thake the huplug outh.”.

I swung and hit her left cheek with the waffle side. She yelped. I swung again and got the right cheek. Another yelp. I watched as her oily ass started turning red, the waffle imprint showing where the paddle had hit. She was gasping for air around the ball gag. I saw drool starting to hang down. I grabbed a nearby towel and placed in under her mouth. “Can’t have you making a mess on the floor, now can we?”. I swatted her ass two more times. This time getting both cheeks with each hit. She was squirming, straining at the cuffs, the they held firmly. I think the makeup chair was going to show scaring, but the thought made me proud and harder. I swung again, this time aiming for the backs of her thighs with the flat side of the paddle. Oh the yell was louder. Her slobber was pouring out of her mouth onto the towel. Tears were rolling down her face. I put the paddle down in front of her. She saw it and sighed with relief. I was not going to be nice, though.

I grabbed the but plug and started pushing and pulling it. She again started squealing. It was easier, I think, to move it in and out. I pushed it in and swatted her ass with my hand. Her ass and thighs were bright red. I was aflame. I saw her red ass and I swatted it harder and harder. The little, cuffed, naked girl was crying, sobbing, wiggling. I swung my hand up between her thighs and got a shot in on her pussy. Another loud yelp. My cock was throbbing. It needed relief. I hated to stop spanking her, but my cock needed to be in this girl. I pulled the butt plug all the way out of her ass and got behind her. Her red ass was lubed and gaping. It was starting to close. My cock was lubed. I waited for her ass to get closer to normal, then I pushed my cock in.

“Oh fucking damn! Yes!”. She tensed up and it made her ass even tighter. She wailed and screamed through the ball gag. I pumped in and out of her ass. I found myself yet again pummeling this poor young child with my cock. This time it was in her ass. I was hoping the chair would hold up. After all the play with the butt plugs downstairs…the quick blowjob…the spanking…I was close. I was going to cum in this girl’s ass. “Oh fucking hell. This is great.”. I swatted her ass cheek and got another yelp. I hit her other side. Another yelp. I pulled both hands back and slapped her cheeks at the same time. I shoved my cock in hard, deep. Janie was starting to just lay there. She was worn out from all the effort. She was still making sobbing noises. It turned me on knowing I had beaten her down. She was no longer trying to fight my cock. It was expanding with pride in her ass. The tension was gaining. My balls tightened up. They slapped her pussy so hard, they were starting to hurt like they had been spanked. I came.

“Shit! I am cumming. Oh damn damn damn oh fuck”. I shuddered and I came some more. I think my balls must have turned inside out. They ached. But I felt great. I leaned over Janie and rubbed her shoulders. My hips moved every now and then sliding my cock back and forth, still hard. It was sensitive. The sliding would make me jerk hard occasionally. I kissed her neck. She had stopped crying and was making a moaning, almost purring sound. When I jerked my cock, she would grunt, then go back to the soft moaning. I hated to get up, but it was getting uncomfortable trying to stay on top of her bent over body. I gave her neck another kiss and stood up, pulling my cock out of her ass. It stayed open longer than before but soon started to shrink. I leaned back down and pushed my cock back in. I was mentally still willing. My cock was just barely hard enough. She squealed again. Her head jerked up. I grabbed her hair and pumped in and out a few times. My dick got hard again as I listened to the slurping noises her cum soaked ass made. I pulled out and watched her ass close up. I pushed in again. Some more fucking. Some more yelps. I pulled out yet again. This is fun, but my legs and back were getting tired. So I slammed into her ass hard and held it in her deep. I swatted her cheeks a couple of times. Then I stood up. This time I let her rest.

“Damn girl. That was intense. How was it for you?”.

She looked at me and grunted. She still had the ball gag in. I looked at it and found the release. The straps fell to the sides of her face. She spit it out and gasped for air. Her jaws worked to get back to normal. I knelt alongside her and rubbed her back, her shoulders, her poor abuse ass.. I saw cum dribbling out and down her legs. I grabbed the slobber soaked towel and wiped her ass.

“Thank you sir. Thank you for…uh…for releasing the gag from my mouth…for fucking my ass. Thank you. It hurt. Oh shit the paddle hurt. Then you pulled the butt plug out. It hurt. I have never hurt that much…yet it was sexy. It was sexy and pleasurable. I don’t understand it. When you fucked me last night, I thought sex could not get any rougher or better. This is better. NO…not better. It is just different. Oh. I gotta go pee. Please undo me.”.

I found the key and undid her ankles, then her wrists. I left the cuffs around the chair. It looked better with them there…ready for use again. She got off the chair and tried to stand. She gave up and started crawling to the bathroom. I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom.

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2009-12-04 15:18:08
Wow nice story so when her mother is going to get fucked the Mistress has to get lick while the Master fuck her ass, and the yuong servant sucks her breast, while getting her pussy licked,can't wait for thenext chapter

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2009-11-30 02:46:53
Good story now that's the way to teach slave, to get use to some disipline pain,and now she will enjoy it more, and be more receptive to what he wants in the future to fuck he any time, and her mother too

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2009-11-29 04:20:35
It was a great story but you think he have simpthy for the 13 year old child he just abussed heared her cry and beg and still did it. It was good story but i think it would been better if the mom only got anal.


2009-11-28 23:47:25
Why would people agree to this?

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2009-11-28 16:11:10

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