Another fantasy of fun -- enjoy
The Replacements, Chapter 1:

I came home from work one summer day and I entered the house by the kitchen door. I found my wife, Linda, sitting at the kitchen table, offering me an open beer. “Jeff, here’s a beer. I have an idea that I think you may like. You may like it a lot.”. She smiled at me and then winked.

I cautiously took a sip and said “OK. I am intrigued. What?”.

“You know how I don’t really want sex any more because of the meds? And that I shouldn’t do any of the heavy housework? Well I found a woman who needs a job and a place to stay. She, along with her daughter, are willing to cover household chores and yard work in exchange for a place to live and a small stipend. Her name is Marie and her daughter’s is Janie.”. Linda looked me squarely in the eyes and then said “They will also handle your need for sex.”.

I was struck dumb. My wife was the type who was solidly the one man/one woman sort. Never any desire to play swinger’s games. She especially never allowed any idea that I could play any swinger games either. Yet, here she was suggesting I take on two surrogate lovers that SHE had picked for me. Wow!

“Think about it, Jeff. Two women…well one woman and one young girl. And I won’t be jealous. I will be happy that they can give you what I know you need and love. I still love you and want to be with you. They will not take my place in your life for everything. I am and always will be your loving wife.”. I was standing there looking at her. I was wondering if she was playing head games with me or playing a trick. She could not be serious.

She giggled and said “No more thinking. Time is up. The deal is done. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas all in one, baby! Yes, I know it is not your birthday nor Christmas. Stop gawking. Come. Follow me and you can meet them, our new house staff -- our servants -- your sex bitches.”.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The Replacements, Chapter 2:

She got up and walked to the living room. There were two young ladies, girls to me, on the couch. Their faces were very similar to each other. Obviously related. Likely mother and daughter as my wife said. The mother looked about 35 years old and the daughter looked maybe 15. Both were blond, medium build, smallish tits, and blue eyes. They were not fashion magazine pretty. By any standard, they were not pretty at all. They were somewhere between trailer park/waitress handsome and Nordic earth goddess. They had an eerie witchiness about them. No, they were not pretty, but they were pleasantly impelling to look at.

“Jeff, this is Marie. Marie, this is Jeff.”. The older looking of the two, the mother, stood up and smiled at me. She reached her hand out.

“Uh. Hello.”. I shook her hand. What are you supposed to do in this scenario? Where is the Ann Landers guide to greeting some one you are about to fuck, someone procured by your wife?

“This is Janie.”

The young girl stood and I shook hands with the daughter. Janie looked at my wife and said “You were right. He is cute.”.

I finally found my wits and looked at my wife and said “This is a joke, isn’t it?”.

“Nope. No joke. They are now our live-in staff. Cooking, cleaning, yards, and yes my dear, sex for you. Right ladies?”.

“Yes maam.”. They said almost in unison.

My face obviously was still showing my disbelief, so my wife said “Marie, remove your shirt, please.”. Marie grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head. She pulled it completely off! She turned and placed it on the couch where she had been sitting. She turned back to face me. There she stood in my living room in her white bra. I had just met this lady a minute or two ago. “Janie, you too, please”. Janie repeated what her mom had done. This time to reveal a pale blue bra. Now there were two gals standing near me in their bras -- and neither partially unclad lady was my wife. My wife was right by my side, smiling at me. Odd. Very, very odd.

“Jeff, do you want them to remove more of their clothing? You ask them. Better yet, tell them -- order our staff to do your bidding. They will obey. Go ahead, baby. And they are supposed to say sir and maam. They are our staff, remember.”.

My dick was growing thicker and firmer as I stood looking at semi nude women. “This is true? This is real? Uh. Um. Ladies remove your bras…please.”.

They both smiled at me and their hands went behind their backs. Quickly the bras lost tension and they shrugged their shoulders so the straps dropped down. I had trouble trying to watch both sets of tiny breasts come into view at the same time. They pulled the garments off and tossed them on the couch with their shirts. Marie’s hands went to her sides and she faced me as if for inspection. Her boobs, had very little sag in them. Janie saw her mom, and mimicked her. Her even tinier boobs had no sag. They just stood pointing straight out. Not big, but they were firm looking. Two sets of tits to be inspected. So I inspected their tits. My dick was now rock solid and straining my pants. Only having my wife’s modestly big tits as a reference point for live naked boobs, only made these seem so different. Exotic. My wife’s hung down on her chest and always have since I first saw them. She had tits with a natural pocket for me to titty fuck her. No way was I going to titty fuck these tiny puppies on Marie and Janie.

My wife said “Their boobs are not as big as mine, but they are much firmer, I think, from the looks of them. Little Janie’s young boobs should be rock hard. Feel them and tell me what you think.”. I looked at Linda. She was smiling big time. I looked back at Marie’s and Janie’s tits. Four nice, small tits at the ready.

So I reached for Marie’s small left breast and felt it. Definitely firmer than my wife’s. The nipples were larger, and thicker around than my wife’s. This made her boob itself look even smaller. As I fondled her breast, the nipple stiffened up and the areola crinkled up. Nice breast. Nice nipple. I reached up with my other hand and fondled her other breast. I had to make them balanced. Just what any horny dude would do. Wow! I was fondling another woman’s tits -- in front of my wife!

“Well, baby? What do you think of her boobs?”.

I woke up from this fantasy, looked at my wife and said “Yes, uh, they are smaller, and firmer. Uh. This is for real?”.

“You have Marie’s boobs in your hands. Do they FEEL real? Marie, do you feel his hands on your boobs? Is it real? Like it?”.

“Yes, maam. He has a nice touch. It is turning me on.”.

“Jeff, enough time with Marie’s boobs for now. You are ignoring Janie’s boobs. Sorry, Marie.”.

I pinched Marie’s nipples gently, then released her breasts reluctantly. She moaned and then sighed as I let go of her breasts. These boobs were not big enough for the word ‘breasts‘ or ‘boobs“ for that matter. My wife had breasts. Boobs. Comfortably big, sweetly soft. I guess that ‘tits’ is the word that fits these tiny boobettes. I turned. Moved in front of Janie, and reached for her tiny tits. This time both hands at once. Her tits were smaller still, yet oh so firm. Young teenage titties of a kind I have never felt before -- newly grown titties -- wild. A kind of electricity flowed from her tits to my hands. I fondled them and felt it hard not to ravage them. I lightly pinched her nipples. I had a strong urge to suckle those young tits, but I was still in a sort of limbo -- somewhere between going to the electric chair for having carnal knowledge of another woman and about to become a raving, raping, sex maniac. This could not be real. But those tits, those electric boobettes on Janie’s chest and her mom’s felt so nice. I was feeling another woman’s breasts other than my wife’s for the first time in many years. Two other women’s tits. Damn nice. And my wife was watching -- with a smile on her face. The raving madman was going to win the battle in my head.

“Jeff, do you like them? Do they turn you on? It looks like they do. Your cock looks hard there in your pants. Janie, please undo Jeff’s pants and get his cock out. Marie go ahead and remove the rest of your clothes.”.

Janie dropped to her knees in front of me, pulling her tits from my hands, and she started to unbuckle my belt. My eyes were focused on her small hands, when I heard a zipper to my side. I looked over to see Marie’s skirt drop to the carpet. Then Janie’s fingers pulled my pants and underwear down almost in sync with Marie’s fingers pulling her underwear down. My hard dick popped up and hit Janie in the face. A small blond bush was exposed on Marie between her firm legs. They were strong, almost dancer‘s legs. Her pubic hair looked like it was trimmed for bikini wearing. I was gawking at her bush. Her mound looked delectable. Very little sign of having had given birth. Just a slight, sexy pooch. My cock bounced and I felt it twitch into Janie’s face again.

“Wow! His…cock… That is the right word? …looks…nice. It jumps around a lot.”. Janie’s hands reached timidly for my dick and started fondling it. A soft stroking. Damn nice. I almost came right then and there. “Other than books and movies, this is the first live cock I have ever seen. Thank you, sir.”.

Her first cock! Mine! That meant…she was a virgin! And I was going to be her first…the first to…well fuck her! Oh shit! How old is she? She must be over 18. Please be over 18. But her first cock was mine. She can’t be that old. How old?!

“Janie, sorry, but let your mom take over Jeff’s cock and you finish stripping. You will get it back when you are naked. I promise.”. My wife was in charge as usual.

Marie knelt and took over. She was slowly, softly stroking my dick, smiling up at me. Janie stood and removed her skirt. A matching blue pair of panties. Then they too were down and off. Janie stood and spun around in some kind of dancing thing, her arms whirling above her head, her tits hardly jiggled at all, and her young strong legs were somewhat spread. Another small blond bush in a similar bikini trim. The family resemblance from head to toe was strongly obvious. But I think I may have been the first to see this complete side by side viewing. My dick again twitched hard at the thought. Two naked women -- offering themselves to me.

Marie giggled and said “I think he likes you, sweetie. He is staring at you and he is almost drooling. I am not sure he even sees me.”.

“Yes, Jeff does have that deer in the headlights look. And you young women have some headlights that have him fascinated.”. My wife laughed at her joke. The first real hearty laugh she has had in a long while. I guess this is going to work for her and for me. “But I agree, I think he is extremely fascinated with Janie and her little girl breasts.“. She came up to me and started unbuttoning my shirt. “Let me help these young ladies. Then you three can retire to the master bedroom. I have moved to the far bedroom. Tonight onwards, they and you will have the master bedroom. You will be able to romp on the big bed. They have prepared a simple dinner of cold cuts, fresh veggies, and French bread. I bought a pie for dessert.”. My shirt hit the carpet. Only my wife was dressed now. Marie kissed my dick. Damn I am going to blow soon if she starts sucking me.

“Marie, wait until you get to the bedroom, please. Then I think you should go ahead and blow him to get his first ejaculation out of the way. That way he will last longer for Janie. She deserves a good long one for her first.”. She looked at me and said “Yes, we women are going to connive and gang up on you. You do not stand a chance. We are in control of the horizontal, the vertical, we control the…yipe!”. I poked her in her side to stop the bad Twilight Zone imitation.

Marie stood and grabbed my hand and started to pull me to the stairs. Janie rubbed my ass as she walked behind us. As I passed my wife, she leaned in and kissed me. “Enjoy, baby. Enjoy.”. She looked at Janie and said “Wash up before you guys come out for dinner.”. With that she went to the kitchen and I was led upstairs.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The Replacements, Chapter 3:

Janie and Marie led me into my bedroom and pushed me into sitting on the bed. Marie got between my legs and started stroking my dick. Then she leaned in and started kissing it. Then she licked it like a lollypop or ice cream cone. Janie was sitting on her heels watching her mother please my dick, her hands stroking my leg nearest her. Two naked women were sexing me. Two women I had just met minutes ago. Two women my wife contracted with, coerced, connived, or whatever into to providing me with sex. Fucking shit!

Marie’s lips latched onto my cock head and she started to plunge my cock into her mouth. I felt I was going to blow real soon. She reached under to my balls and started to squeeze them. With her other hand she grabbed the base of my dick and squeezed it . My cock started to expand even more. The blood vessels were popping out. Her lips and her fingers were doing their job.

“Oh damn yes! Yes! I am going to cum soon. Ohhhh fuck me. That is good. I am…oh fuck…I am going to blow.”. My hips were trying to come off the bed and ram my dick into her mouth. I wasn’t sure if she wanted my load in her mouth or not, but I had no chance to remove it. I fucking came, right in her mouth…one blast then another and another small blast. She pulled her head back so just the head was engulfed. She pressed her teeth onto my cock head as she sucked the last tiny blasts of cum. “Thank you Marie. That was…well…needed and awesome.”.

Marie looked at Janie and said “Now young lady, get your ass up on the bed, lay back, and spread your legs. Let’s let him lick your pussy and make sure you are wet enough for him. Besides getting you nice and wet for him, it will hopefully help get him hard again.”. She released my softening cock.

I twisted around and eagerly got between Janie’s tight, young legs. I leaned in and smelled the aroma of young girl pussy. How young? I kissed her outer lips. I started to slobber around her clit and up and down her slit. My tongue dip gently into her tasty, young girl pussy. The only pussy I have tasted besides Linda’s. I pressed a finger tip into her…her young pussy. I have my mouth on her clit and my finger in her teenage pussy. I lifted my head reluctantly, my fingers still sliding in and out of her. I turned to Marie. “Marie, how old is Janie?”.

Marie laughed and said “She may not be of age by legal standards, won‘t be for a while or so. But I think you would call her freshly ripe. Obviously old enough physically for sex. And as for emotionally, intellectually, she is pretty much there also. I know she is horny as all hell and dying to get fucked. This offer of your wife’s is a godsend in many ways.”

“She is under 18?”.

“She has been on the pill for a few months. You can’t get her pregnant. Is she getting wet? Looks like your finger is sliding inside her pussy alright.”.

I added another finger and pushed two fingers into her pussy, deep, and felt her hymen. I wiggled them about. She was wet. Pussy juice wet on the inside and slobber wet on the outside. I pulled my fingers out of her tight slit and crawled up her body. Marie pulled her daughters leg wide to allow me to get between her young legs better. I licked her belly button and her stomach as I moved and slid up her. I stopped and licked on her tits. I sucked them. My need to ravage these tiny beauties was strong. Nearly uncontrolled animal strong. With some control over the animal, I gently bit her nipples. I sucked just her nipples into my mouth and flicked my tongue around the tit end. The raving mad sex maniac was getting his fill of little girl tits. I reluctantly let her tits loose and continued up her body. There was a tiny, young girl under me -- naked. Her naked mother was not only allowing me to deflower her, she was helping me deflower her. My cock was sliding along her thighs, nearing her pussy.

Marie grabbed my cock and aimed it her daughter’s pussy. It reached its goal. My cock head was touching her slit. I looked at Janie, then at Marie. “Oh shit. I am about to… How old is she?”.

Janie pushed her hips up at me and my cock slipped in an inch. Oh my god! My eyes closed and all I could think of was the tight, tight pussy my dick was impaling. What her age was didn’t matter. My little head was in charge now. Marie pulled her hand from between our bodies. She rubbed my ass and pushed a little. My cock went into her daughter’s pussy.

“Well…nearly fourteen. Just a month and a half short. Push on in. Take her cherry!”.

My hips must have been listening, because they push forward and I slipped in further. I hit her hymen, I pulled back. “Shit, girl. You are tight and nice.”.

“Oh, sir! Damn! I am so full with your cock. Ugh ugh ow ugh!”. I pulled out and pushed in a couple of times. She was flooded with wetness: My slobber, her pussy juice, and my pre-cum.

Marie grabbed Janie’s hands and pulled them above her head and held them tightly. “Don’t fight it, sweetie. It will hurt when he pops in at first. But, enjoy it. Even the pain. I know you will.”. Marie looked me in the eyes and smiled. She leaned in and kissed her daughter on the lips.

“Here it comes. Hang on to her.”. I pushed and my cock’s head popped though her hymen and entered about three quarters of the way in. I paused in my assault of her young pussy. She was whining into her mother‘s face. Her fingers were tightly grabbing the sheets above her head. Her body was twitching and tense. I felt her pussy muscles fluttering on my cock. She started muttering words. They were very hard to understand. Marie leaned back and I caught “cock”, “full”, and “damn” the most, but most was just mutterings. She pushed her hips up and it caused my dick to go even deeper. I felt my cock head hit her cervix. Now I occasionally hit that deep with Linda, but not often. To do so, I would have to have her legs pushed up almost to her ears. This time, it was not my wife -- not by a mile. Janie was on her back, legs simply spread wide. Her pussy must have been much shorter than Linda’s. I was deep fucking Janie in her pussy, her young tight pussy. I felt electricity arcing from Janie’s tits to my chest as I slid up and down her body. Her pussy was warm, tight, slick. I was pumping faster and harder.

“Oh god damn! You -- ugh -- are fucking me. Your big cock is -- um um --so fantastic. Mom! He -- ugh --is fucking me. I uh I eeee oh fu fu fuck meeeee!”. Janie’s body was going into orgasm. She was tensing every muscle and her body was shuddering under me. Words no longer came out of her mouth, just grunts, squeaks, and moans. I was still pumping into her, through her orgasms. I jammed my cock as deep as I could and she screamed. I felt her cervix pushed hard against my cock head. I wondered if I could push into her womb. She was shuddering and stuttering. I leaned in and kissed her neck. Marie’s face was near, so I kissed her also. I was still fucking Janie and she was still just one long, hard muscle spasm. She finally let out a loud gasp and collapsed back onto the bed. My cock almost fell out of her pussy. Only an inch was barely in.

I let up my torrid pace and eased into and out of her pussy gently. Marie kissed her daughter on the lips again, then on her forehead. “I would ask how it was, but we all heard you enjoying yourself. I think the neighbors in the next state also heard you.”. She giggled and then Janie giggled weakly back.

I started to pump into her deeper and faster. This was not for her, but I wanted to blow my nuts into this young girl. This barely teenage girl. I grabbed her leg and pulled it up toward her chest. Marie got the idea and held the leg. I moved the other leg up also. Marie held them both. Janie’s ass and pussy were up and fully exposed. Her body was squeezed into a ball. My young fuck ball. I started pounding into her. I was deep. I was not only hitting her cervix, I was slamming into it. I felt it give, expand. My cock head was actually entering her womb a little each time. Janie was moaning, whining, just making noises. I was huffing and grunting. Marie leaned up to me and kissed me, her tongue jammed into my mouth. She sucked my tongue out into hers. Even though I was fucking Janie I felt I was making love with Marie. It was her face in mine. Her daughter was just a pussy that I had my dick in. My cock started to tense up.

“Oh fu fu oh shit sh sh going to fuck FUCK FUCK!!”. I came hard into Janie’s pussy. Her body was squeezed beneath me. If she was moving or alive or orgasming, I could not tell. My mind was focused on my cock pumping and pumping. It was on fire. It was my whole existence. After a few moments, the intensity passed. I leaned back off of Janie and my over sensitive cock came out of her pussy. Her mom still held her legs so she was again exposed. Her crotch was soaked with her pussy juice, so was my cock. She was laying there and having spasms from time to time. It was glorious to watch my jism seep up and puddle in her just fucked slit.

I sat back on my heels on the bed. Marie finally let her legs go and they slowly laid back on the bed on either side of me. Janie was gasping for air, but gaining her wind quickly -- the power of youth. I was huffing and puffing, trying to get my wind back also. I rolled to the side and laid beside her. I reached and fondled her tiny tits, then I reached down and rubbed her wet pussy hair with my fingers. I played near her extended clit, but gave her some respite after she jerked hard and whined. I figured she could not handle another cum so soon after that long hard first cum. I pulled my hand away.

Marie was smiling, looking at her daughter, her freshly fucked daughter. She looked proud. “Janie, we need to get you two cleaned up for dinner. You and I need to put on our uniforms. Sir, if you will excuse Janie so she can wash up and get dressed. I will wash you and then go get dressed. Then we can serve you and your wife dinner.”. She pulled Janie up off the bed and swatted her ass. “Put your hands in your crotch to keep the cum from dripping on the rug. Use the hall bathroom. Go get cleaned up and dressed. Now!”. She then pulled me up and led me to the master bathroom. She ran the water in the sink to get it warm and then with the washcloth, she gave me a standing sponge bath to clean off the sweat and pussy juice. She avoided my crotch and my dripping, drooping cock until at last she leaned in and started licking my cock. She used the washcloth to clean my thighs and balls. My god I felt my cock starting to inflate. Not possible. I have just cum twice in a very short span. I didn’t have my breathing back to normal yet.

But before I got completely hard, she stood up and said “There all clean. With your permission, I will go get ready to serve you dinner.”. She turned and left.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The Replacements, Chapter 4:

I grabbed some sweat pants and pulled them on. Then a t-shirt. I sat on the edge of the bed in a daze. I heard a throat clearing and I looked up to see Janie standing there in a French maid outfit. The little black and white top exposed her midriff and plunged down to expose the tops of her tiny tits. The short skirt barely covered her upper thighs. A sexy dream girl. I never had any French maid fetishes before, but I will from now on. “Sir, dinner is ready. If you will follow me.”.

I think I knew the way to my own dinning room, but I followed her anyway. Instead of the dining room, we went out the back door to the patio and there was Linda in her lounge chair alongside the deck table. Marie was serving her a plate of small sandwiches and a glass of water. I saw a plate with more sandwiches and a beer near my lounge chair. Janie said “Is there anything else I can get you, sir?”.

“Uh. No. This is fine.”. She and her mother left and went into the house and I sat down and grabbed the beer and sucked a good hard swig. Tasty beer helps almost anything. Including my mind. I had just got a blow job and a fuck, a hard fuck, from women I had just met today. Just barely hours ago. And I had worked up a thirst in the bedroom doing so -- the beer worked fine. I then reached for the sandwiches. After I had woofed down one of the small morsels, I looked at my wife. She smiled back. I felt like Alice looking at the Cheshire Cat.

“How was it? Did they meet with your approval? Feel all better now?”.

“I… Uh… Damn, Linda. This is so odd. So… How do I…”.

“Shush, honey. I know. I am also having to make mental adjustments. But I know this will work for us. And yes, I guess you will form some love bond with them. It is only natural. You will not stop loving me…I know that too. You will just add them into your world of love. But I have some ideas that may keep my place on top of the pyramid. You can love more than one person at a time and the love can be different too. But how was Janie? Did you know or guess she is not yet fourteen?! You popped a minor. Was she tight? She had to be tighter than I have been for a few years. Did you get into Marie yet?”.

“Easy woman! Let me answer one question before ya beat me over the head with forty others. Uh. Yes she was nice as was Marie when she blew me…uh. Damn I am talking to you about sex with another woman…well another woman and another girl. And I asked how old Janie was and I got the answer just before I…before I…well…before I took her cherry.”. I grabbed the beer and swigged another gulp. “It was great. We haven’t had that much sex…well you know… It has been too long. I wish you could. I wish you wanted sex. But, Janie went ballistic. I think she just went into one big long orgasm. It was kind of empowering to know I caused it. I still got it. Heh heh. I really banged her hard.”.

“I know honey. She was a bit loud.“ She giggled. “You always had it. Never lost it. It was me and my damn meds. I saw Janie wobbling after she got her uniform on. It was cute. I had to swat her ass to get her to focused on her work. Do you like the uniforms. I thought it was a marvelous idea.”.

My wife was amped up. She was almost glowing from me having sex with other women.

“Eat up, dear. Then I will call our staff, hee hee…so odd to say…I will call our staff to serve the pie. I got cherry pie to honor the occasion. Maybe tomorrow I will bring home chocolate cake… hint hint.

What?! Chocolate cake. Was she saying that… Anal? Wow!

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