A boy's fantasy of joining the Boy Scouts.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here.

Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others.

Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so. To get the maximum enjoyment, it is suggested the reader read part One first.

The Scout Trip

“I want to join the Boy Scouts.“ Mister Bibbs looked down at me. His six foot six frame in stark contrast to my three foot three inch frame. He at 240 and I at 36 pounds. We made quite a sight. I was jealous of him.

He was so muscular and manly with all that hair on his arms and legs. I‘ll bet he has a huge thick dick with big hairy balls hanging down from it. I can‘t wait till mine gets like that. “Kenny we’ve been through this a hundred times. You know I can’t sign you up until you get bigger. That’s a good ways from now. I will be glad to have you in my troop then.“

He reached out with his huge right hand scruffing up my wavy brown shoulder length hair. I am devastated as usual. I turn and run away from his presence as the tears come welling into my eyes. When I got home, I threw myself across my bed and cried for over an hour. I want so much to join the Boy Scouts. All the other boys tell me how much fun it is all the time. I want to go camping in the woods like they do.

Mister Bibbs is not only the Scout Master, he is my hero. I look up to him. I want to be just like him when I get big. He is everything I am not. I am so little and tiny. I get teased all the time about being a pencil dick.

I guess that’s partly my fault as I spend a lot of time outside and rarely wear much more than a pair of short cut-offs. I very rarely ever wear shoes. Due to this habit, I keep a pretty good tan. Better than three quarters of the time, I just wear my bikini underwear. It never looks vulgar, because I don’t have much dick, so it doesn’t show, not even when it gets hard.

Well a little bit when that happens and it seems to happen a lot more these last few months. Trouble is when it does show, the other boys can see how little it is. They never let me forget. They also tease me about my legs. They are girls legs. Many say I have twigs for legs, but it ain’t true. I do have some meat on them. Enough that most of the women on the beach tend to take a second look when they see me. Well, guys too.

No one ever complains I am wearing my underwear. Not even my Mom or my older sister. She‘s seven years older than me. Actually, my sister is the reason I wear them in the first place. Basically, if I stop wearing my bikinis for more than a few days a week, she will stop doing certain er--- favors for me. I’d much rather be teased about my tiny dick than lose my sister’s favors.

Where ever I go, people stare at me. I don’t care that they do, but sometimes I wonder why. Mom says it’s because I am pretty. I don’t know. I don’t think so, but who knows, somebody might find me cute. I don’t know why they would. Girls don’t like me other than to look at me when I walk by. I can’t seem to make any friends.

A lot of older guys like to talk to me. They say they want to be friends. I like the attention, but I believe it isn’t really a true friend unless the person is your own age or at least within a year or two. The biggest problem is I don’t know what to talk to them about. Most folks talk way over my head. They are there yakking away at me and I don’t usually have a clue what they are talking about.

The rest just sort of talk down to me, as if they are reminding me I am a young boy and my opinion doesn’t count. I hate it when they do that. Well, since I don’t know what they are talking about half the time anyway, I guess my opinion really shouldn’t mean anything to them. It still pisses me off, all the same.

The guys my age like to look at me, but other than that they seem to hate my guts. Well, it’s more like they are green with envy, they don’t look like me. They actually stare at me. They look at me like my older sister looks at her heartthrob. Come to think of it, its about the same way she looks at me when she gives me my bath.

My sister gives me one every night at six o’clock. That is of course when I am home. Always has. Ever since I could remember. Usually takes about two hours, sometimes more, depending on if she puts me in her thing or if she just wants to play with mine.

Sis keeps talking to me about having orgasms. She surely does, but my thing never does anything other than feel good and get hard. She likes to have it in her thing sometimes anyway. So do I. I wish she wanted it in there all the time. Mom actually started it all. She let Judy change me and feed me, too. At least when she wasn’t able to be there to breast feed me.

Mom wanted Judy to get involved in all this, so she wouldn’t get jealous of me taking her place as the baby of the family. I have to admit, it worked. Judy is not only not jealous of me, she loves me to death. Judy even pretends she is breast feeding me when Mom isn’t around to see it. I don’t get any milk, but I suck her tits for hours at a time. I like it, and Judy loves it. I hope she keeps on breast feeding me.

She takes an awful long time washing my thingy. That’s okay, because it sure feels good. I wonder if she’ll keep on doing it when it squirts out stuff like Dad said it would the last time I saw him. That’s a hell of a thing. The last thing my Dad ever said to me was, “Don’t worry. It’ll shoot off for you eventually.“ With that said, my Dad ruffled my hair and walked out the door. I never saw him again.

I hope Judy likes it when it does. She sure likes to pet it now. I don’t know why Mom never stopped allowing her to bathe me. I sure as hell ain’t bringing it up. If I did, Mom might actually make her quit. I don’t want that to happen. That’s my special time with my sister. Its especially cool as she always gets in the tub with me.

Her naked body looks really cool. It excites me looking at it, although I don’t know why, other than I‘ve always heard its supposed to. Sometimes she even lets me touch her thing. Its so much different from mine. It tastes even better than her tits. I really like licking it. Evidently Judy likes for me to lick it, too. She usually tries to stuff my head in it after I’ve sucked on it for a while. It’s weird, she bucks and snorts a lot when I suck it.

Sometimes she likes to pretend I am her favorite lollipop. I like that too. Sometimes she sucks her lollipop for hours in her room. Mom never comes in when she does it, so I just sit there with my pants off until she has had enough. As you can probably grasp by now, that’s why I wear bikini underwear in public. If you ever saw my sister in the buff and she started doing favors for you, you’d wear them too.

As I said the guys all like to look at me, but most of them don’t want anyone including me to know they like to. It’s funny, they don’t mind me knowing they are staring at me, but they don’t want me to know they like it. It’s almost like they want to eat me alive and then they tease me about being a girl. I don’t understand that at all.

A lot more older people are taking time to talk to me now than they used to. Most of them guys. I don’t know why so many men have suddenly taken an interest in my company. Mom says it has to do with my having developed some cute curves in strategic places.

I wasn’t really sure exactly what she meant, but I did notice my hips and ass stick out quite a bit more than they did a year ago. My legs have more meat on them than they did too. Guys are teasing me more about them being girls legs.

The weird part is the guys only seem to be interested in being around me if there is no one around to know they are. I don’t understand that, either. I kind of enjoy the extra attention, but some of them are a little scary.

Especially when they say stuff like, “You have the prettiest green eyes I have ever seen. I think you have beautiful legs. I just love the way you have them tanned. I like your lips“ That’s a pretty weird thing for a young boy to be hearing from a man. Particularly when it comes from a complete stranger.

I wonder about Mom. She likes to see me nude too, but that isn’t what I find strange. Sometimes I wonder if Mom wants me to let the guys get to know me better. I mean, whenever a man is ogling me Mom makes the comment ( Later of course. ) that the guy is sweet on me. That she sure wished he looked at her the way he did at me. Says if he did, she’d be all over him.

She didn’t come right out and say it, but she looked at me with a look that hinted like how come you haven’t hugged him yet? It happens way too often for it to be my imagination. Mom told me I can attract the guys and she’ll look at them. She said it was like catching flies with honey. So Mom knows I attract guys like a magnet.


Ever since I can remember, I wanted so to join the Boy Scouts. My older cousins had all been in it at one time or another. The way they talk about it, it must really be cool. I keep trying to convince the scout master of the troop from our church to let me join up every time I see him, but to no avail. He just shrugs his shoulders saying it’s out of his hands and I’ll just have to wait until I am big enough.

One particular day, I was begging him to let me join. He told me no again as usual. This time I broke down crying, right in front of him. I couldn’t believe I was crying in front of my hero. What a dumb ass I was for that. Now he’ll never think I deserve to be around him. I ran out of the church, bawling as I went.

When I got home, I ran to my room and threw myself across the bed. I lay there and cried for hours. I was so hurt. Nobody wanted me around. I wanted so much to belong. I wanted to be a boy scout. I wanted to go camping in the woods. I wanted to have fun like the other guys I knew in the neighborhood.

I was still crying when the phone rang. My Mom answered it. I got quiet. I was still upset, but being a typical youngster, I am naturally more curious than upset. I was constantly sneaking around so I could hear all the private conversations the others didn’t want me to hear.

Mom was talking to somebody. I couldn’t hear the other person, but my Mom was saying stuff like, “I think that is very kind of you to do that. I am sure he will be thrilled. Three weeks would be just fine. Are you sure you can put up with him for that long?“

My Mom hung up the phone. I could hear her approach my room. I heard her gently tap on my door. Mom never comes into my room without knocking first. That’s pretty cool. I took my underpants off and pretended I was changing clothes. I stood at the dresser as if deciding what pair to wear.

“Come in, Mom. The door’s unlocked.” Mom poked her head in. “Kenny. Mister Bibbs called. He said you were really upset because he can’t let you join the troop. He is sorry you can‘t join. To make it up to you, he wants to know if you would like to go on a three week camping trip with him in the mountains starting next week. He’s taking his son Derrick. It will be just the three of you. I know Derrick is three years older than you, but it will give you a chance to make a friend. Mister Bibbs says Derrick likes you. How about it, want to go?”

Mom’s eyes were eagerly scanning up and down my nude body. Judy was right. Mom couldn’t resist. She stares every time. That’s why I always pretend I am dressing when Mom comes to my room. I figure if she enjoys it that much, I may as well let her look. She particularly enjoys looking when it gets stiff like it is now. Sometimes she gets that look Judy has right before she finds she has to put it in her mouth. I wonder if Mom would do it for me. I’m scared to ask so I let it go. At least for now.

I was like flabbergasted. Derrick is the only one of the other boys in the whole damn neighborhood that doesn‘t call me pencil dick. He does stare at me pretty hard, but then everybody does. “Sure, that sounds cool.” Mom smiled at me as she usually does. “OK. I’ll set it up. When you get through crying, Superman is coming on in a few minutes.”

I hopped across the floor scurrying to the den. I never miss Superman. Mom stood there taking in my form as I scooted down to the den. Her eyes followed me all the way until I disappeared down the stairs. I looked down between my legs. No wonder she stared, my dick is still hard.

Oh, well. I guess Mom will be watching me, I mean Superman for the next couple of hours. I don’t really mind. Since Dad died last year, she gets lonely and I have begun to realize if I make myself available to look at, she refrains from dating. Not a bad trade off to keep some stranger from living with us. That had been Judy’s idea too. Judy is pretty sharp about human nature.

That’s why I go to the laundry room in the nude at times. Mom always seems to show up in the hallway when I go in the nude from my room to the bathroom for my time with Judy. I don’t know if she’s telling me the truth, but Judy insists Mom gets an eyeful of my nudity and then goes to her room to play with herself as she thinks about me. I am not entirely sure what that means. Judy says she will explain it to me sometime sooner or later.

Maybe Mom does, and maybe she doesn’t, but she goes to her room for a while every time she ogles me for a long time. She stays in there for nearly an hour. It’ll be a couple of hours today, before she goes to her room. I forgot to grab the underwear. Well, to be honest, I rarely “remember” to grab them.

Its a rare occasion for me to wear under pants when I am alone with Mom watching TV. I am watching Superman in the nude. I know Mom won’t say anything. If she did, the show would be over. If Judy walks in, it’s okay. Both of them consider it normal for me to appear in front of them nude.

I could walk around the house all day nude if I wanted to and nobody would object. Both of them like it too much for that. I don’t do it all the time, because I like for them both to appreciate it when I do have them off by covering it up a lot.

Mom never lets me see her nude. Judy never lets Mom see her let me see her nude. I am sure Mom knows Judy gets naked in the tub with me as she knocked on the door to tell us something one time. I hollered through the door, “Come in Mom.” I heard the response, “Are you decent Judy?”

Judy looked at me like, “What do I tell her?” Finally Judy confesses, “That depends on what you mean by decent. I don’t have on any clothes, but I still look pretty decent. Don’t I Kenny?” Mom laughed. “I’ll talk with you when you finish.” Mom never mentioned what she thought about it one way or the other. It was obvious she knew. She didn’t want to see Judy nude in the tub with me.


I was so excited about the trip, I hardly slept for a week. Finally the great day came. When Mister Bibbs pulled into our driveway, I kissed my Mom and Judy before running out to the car. I carried my bag to the car with me. All I had in it were the items Mister Bibbs told my Mom I would need. The list was simple and concise.

Two sets of outer garments. One pair of short pants or swim trunks, but not both. Plenty of underwear. Seven pair would suffice. He said we wouldn’t have a washing machine and the hike out required we packed light. This way, I wouldn’t be overburdened by a heavy pack and I wouldn’t get too awful funky. A tooth brush and tooth paste. One small hair brush. Don’t bring deodorant, he’ll take care of that and any thing else I’ll need.

In no time at all, we were on our way. Mister Bibbs of course drove, so he was in the front. I sat in the back with Derrick. At first, I wasn’t so sure I was going to like Derrick. I was thinking he was too old to be my friend. Actually, it didn’t take long to realize he was pretty cool. Derrick was always happy and energetic. He was also very spontaneous and continuously coming up with all kinds of funny stuff to say.

He also came up with a lot of fun stuff to do. I liked the way Mister Bibbs had set up the car. There was a privacy partition between the front and back seats so Derrick could play games with his friends without interfering with his Mom and Dad’s quiet time. It could be rolled down when they all wanted to be together. Right now it was up. Mister Bibbs wanted Derrick and I to be able to get acquainted with one another without his butting in.

We played all sorts of games. Parchesi, cards, and the like. Derrick said, “Hey dude, check it out.” We were passing by the bus station on the way out of town. Derrick powered the side window down. He pulled down his short pants and stuck his butt out the window. He cut a loud fart as he did so. Everyone standing outside the bus station started whistling and saying stuff like, “Way to go pretty thing. What a cute little butt.” and “look at those legs.”

When Derrick sat back down, I was laughing my ass off. That was pretty cool. While Derrick had his pants down, I couldn’t help noticing everyone at the bus station was right. That really is one cute ass. At least I enjoyed seeing it. I also couldn’t help noticing his thing was hard. I didn’t think anything of it as mine has started getting where it stays that way. His was a lot bigger than mine when it gets that way. He didn’t have any hair around his either. I was a little intimidated. My nuts never hung down like that.

Dad assured me one day, mine would get big and hairy like his. My Dad used to show it to me a lot when Mom wasn’t in the room. He was constantly asking me to hold it in my hand. I didn’t think I would mind too much touching it, but I always refused, because I think what he really wanted was to get me to suck it for him. I didn’t want to do that. I ain’t queer.

I only looked at it, because I was curious what mine will be like when it gets big. Besides, it looked really cool up close. I really enjoyed seeing it. Lots of times he let me look for over an hour. If Mom wasn’t around, I could look as long as I liked. I generally didn’t look more than a couple of hours. I didn’t want Dad to think I liked it.

I’ve heard about what happens when you mess with one for a long time. Sometimes when I was looking at my Dad’s thing, I wondered what it would look like when it was shooting off. Dad put it real close to my mouth when ever he got after me to hold it in my hand. He never tried to stick it in my mouth, but he got it so close I could see cross eyed sometimes when I stared at it.

Derrick and I played a bunch of cool games. Derrick knew a lot of car games. You know the type. Like counting telephone poles. I would take the left side and Derrick got the right. First one to a hundred won. After three games of that, Derrick suggested we raise the stakes a little, just to make it more interesting.

I shook my head. “Sorry, Derrick. I don’t have any money.” Derrick laughed. “No, dude. You don’t need any. What I am suggesting is we invent rules. If you gotta do something hard to do if you lose, it makes the game a real blast. First I get to think up something, then it’s your turn.

The rule is you gotta do it if you lose. Not just real quick, but for like five minutes. You have to swear to me you won’t try to back out.” I thought on it for a few seconds. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get involved in something like that. “Naw. I don’t think so. It ain’t the game for me.” Derrick looked me in the eye. “What’s the matter. Ya chicken shit? There’s just as much chance I’ll have to do it as there is you will. If I lose, I swear I’ll do it. No matter what you come up with.”

We played the game several times. One time, he had to suck my finger and another I had to suck the snot out of his nose. I was afraid the game might get too personal if we kept it up. That is if you think sucking the snot out of somebody‘s nose isn‘t already getting pretty chummy.

“Derrick. Let’s do something else. That was too gross.” It had actually been kind of fun. Not the part about getting a mouth full of Derrick’s snot. I didn’t mind so much holding Derrick’s cute little nose in my mouth, but the real excitement was the rush I got from anticipating the possibility of losing. Wondering if I could actually go through with it.

Truthfully, his snot wasn’t all that bad either and there was a mouth full of it too. It had a funny texture, but it didn’t taste bad at all. It didn’t taste good, just not so bad. If I won, then it was a rush wondering if I could sit still while Derrick did whatever it was he had to do to me. Derrick smiled and said simply, “No problem dude. We can do something else.”

With that, Derrick dove on me from the other side of the seat. He wrapped my arms around me and held me down. Then he let me up and had at it again. I of course wrestled back with him, but Derrick was too strong for me and I lost every time. It was still a lot of fun wrestling with Derrick. Later, we got tired and leaned back in our respective seats. We both fell asleep.

I was dreaming about having joined the Boy Scouts. Camping in the woods. Standing near the tent cooking hot dogs over a crackling fire. It was a really neat dream. Suddenly the car jolted as it went over a big bump. The shake of my body awakened me. It was weird. I was cuddled up close to Derrick in his arms. He was leaning back against the seat. I had my head snuggly nestled against his chest. I could hear him breathing smoothly and deeply. It was nice being close with someone like that.

He was so warm and soft. The skin on his chest seemed so smooth against my face. My lips had been resting against one of his nipples. God, I love the way he smells. I wonder if that’s the boy smell my Dad always told me I have. I liked it a lot, but I got scared after a few minutes.

I knew Derrick was asleep, but I was afraid he might wake up and catch me cuddling with him. That would be embarrassing, especially since I was on his side of the seat. I was tempted to suck his nipple while it was between my lips, but was afraid he’d know it if I did.

I am very glad Derrick doesn’t know I nearly had one of his tits in my mouth. I would have died if he had. I slowly and carefully peeled Derrick’s arms from my small torso and slid over to my side. I sat and watched him sleep for the last twenty minutes of the trip. I enjoyed looking at him, especially since I could do it without him knowing I was. His tits were beautiful. I’m not sure why, but looking at Derrick’s legs and belly button made my dick hard.

And those cute little feet of his. There is something about a beautiful boy in bare feet that really excites me. Maybe it was the way his precious toes seemed to wiggle at me as he slept. I wondered in the back of my mind if he’d let me suck his nose some more. I really wanted to, but I was afraid to ask. I wouldn’t have had any trouble sucking his sweet little toes either. I was giving serious thought to laying my head in his lap to get one more whiff of that wonderful smell. Naw. I can’t do that.


We finally arrived at the camp. Mister Bibbs had been right. The hike did necessitate traveling lightly. He divided all the equipment and provisions equally in three packs according to size and strength. Of course, I got the lightest pack. Mister Bibbs was wearing a pull over tee shirt, blue jeans, gray socks, and a pair of brown Reuger hiking boots.

Derrick and myself were wearing just a pair of really short shorts. My shorts exposed my legs all except about an inch below the crotch. Derrick’s weren’t quite as short as mine, but then he had a lot more leg than I did. Heck, he was a full foot taller than me and weighed sixty pounds.

Still a small boy, but a lot bigger than me. Hell I wasn’t even able to pick his pack up enough to hand it to him. I couldn’t imagine what mister Bibbs’ pack was like. It was bigger than Derrick and I together. Mister Bibbs carried it like it was a pillow strapped to his back. It was a seven mile trip out to the campsite.

Mister Bibbs set up the small pup tent and built a fire. The tent wasn’t much bigger than what was required to cover the three of us if we lay closely side by side. Turns out most of the stuff in the pack was canned food. He had brought only one fairly large sleeping bag. He casually stated, “If it gets too chilly up here during the night, I can zip the bag around us to keep warm. In the mean time, we’ll leave it open and just lay on top of it. Being the middle of August, it isn’t likely we’ll need to zip up.”

Having said that, Mister Bibbs designated the evening’s chores. It was a lot of fun cooking over the fire and cleaning the dishes with leaves and dirt. It was also somewhat thrilling to traipse around in the woods in the dark wearing just my bikini’s with Derrick while we gathered firewood. We didn’t stray too far from camp. Just far enough for it to be dark, but not far enough to get lost.

We sat around until about ten that night telling ghost stories. Mister Bibbs could really tell a fascinating story. Finally, we crawled into the tent and went to sleep. I slept for what seemed like an hour or so and woke from the excitement of anticipating what we might do tomorrow. Mister Bibbs promised to take us fishing after breakfast. He said that might provide us with lunch and supper tomorrow.

I was laying next to Derrick thinking about all the fun I was going to have, when I heard noises. The noises were very strange. They seemed to be coming from the other side of the tent. I thought at first there might be some kind of animal outside the tent. Suddenly it dawned on me Derrick wasn’t lying next to me. He was on his hands and knees, with his head in his Dad’s lap. The noises I heard were sucking noises. Derrick had his Dad’s thing in his mouth and his Dad started moaning softly.

I lay there for over an hour listening to Derrick slobber all over his Dad’s prick. This was weird. I didn’t know what to do. Finally, I decided it wasn’t any of my business. If Derrick wanted to be close with his Dad that way, it was really no concern of mine.

I began to think it was normal to suck your Dad and I had been unrealistic not doing mine. I lay there thinking if I were to have another chance to do him again, maybe I would hold it for him. I wasn’t so sure I could actually have sucked it. Maybe I could have just started out holding it in my mouth. Naaah! I ain’t queer. I ain’t doing that.

I fell asleep. Later I had a dream. I was thinking about how much fun it seemed Derrick was having, being so close with his Dad. In the dream, I was remembering the feeling of closeness I had felt when I was cuddled with Derrick. I began to wonder if I would have as much fun being close with Derrick, like he had been with his Dad. I remembered how beautiful Derrick’s face and legs were when I got to stare at them for those precious twenty minutes as he slept.

I remembered having Derrick’s slender nose in my mouth. How nice and smooth it had felt. I fantasized it was his peter instead. I awoke early that morning relieved my thoughts from last night had only been a dream. We had breakfast.

While we were cleaning up, Mister Bibbs said, “I need to scope out the area near the camp. It’ll take a couple of hours. I can do it much quicker alone. You boys stay here until I get back. Then we’ll go fishing as I promised.” Mister Bibbs left the camp.


Derrick looked into my eyes. He was looking at me that way again, only now we were alone it didn’t seem so subtle like it was before. He was actually looking at me the way a lot of the adults that had suddenly taken more interest in me had started looking at me. I was feeling kind of funny as Derrick’s eyes seemed to look into my eyes and slowly travel down to my legs and back up to my face.

I couldn’t stand it any longer after twenty minutes of him just staring at me. I had to ask, “What the heck is wrong with you? Why are you looking at me like that?” Derrick looked down sheepishly. “You were awake last night weren’t you. You saw it all, didn’t you?” I turned blood red with embarrassment. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about this with Derrick.

The way he was staring at me made me think it might be possible for him to figure out I wanted to cuddle close with him the way he was doing with his Dad. That might not be so bad, except I don’t know if I could really go through with it. The other problem is if I get Derrick excited, I am not strong enough to prevent him from forcing me to do it.

Fortunately I am wearing my short pants. Otherwise Derrick would know my dick is hard. Unfortunately, Derrick is only wearing a pair of bikini briefs, so I know his dick is hard too. With him staring at me like that, it didn’t take a genius to figure out he had the hots for me.

I finally managed to mumble, “Yeah. I was awake. I saw everything. How can you do that without throwing up?” Derrick looked as though he might dive on me and eat me alive. A wet spot was showing up in his underpants and I didn‘t think he had pissed himself.

I heard this phenomena happened to young boys from time to time, but this was the first time I ever saw it. I felt pretty weird knowing a boy was sweet on me, but at the same time, I was enjoying the attention. It was actually kind of cool knowing he really liked me that much.

I am trying to decide what to do if he decides to take what he wants. I guess I‘ll just let him have me. I won‘t be able to stop him anyway. Derrick continued to explain, “I have done it all with my Dad as far back as I can remember. I like doing it. Dad tastes delicious. Especially when he fills my mouth up with his excitement. Sometimes I talk some of my friends into doing it with him too. They all really love it. They are a little reluctant at first and then they seem to take to it like a duck does to water. Would you like to try it?”

I was in shock. We just sat there not saying a thing for over a half hour. Derrick wasn’t saying anything as I hadn’t said no. I guess he figured I was actually giving his proposition some serious thought. Truth is, I was. The problem was I kind of wanted to taste Derrick in my mouth, but I didn’t want so much to do it with his Dad. I figured Derrick would be expecting me to do the other if I did the one. Sort of a trade off so to speak.

I decided to seek a little more information. “What does it taste like. I mean is it like sour or is it sweet?” Derrick smiled as he licked his lips. “There is nothing as sweet as a guy’s cum, dude. I could eat anybody’s all day. I love it.” I was getting more curious. “Does your Dad make you do it a lot.” Derrick actually laughed at me. “You silly ass. My Dad never makes me do it for him. I always let him know when I want it. He never brings the subject up. He says even the first time I had done it on my own.”

“I love my Dad. He would never do anything to hurt me.” I was flabbergasted. “How often do you approach your Dad to do it?” Derrick sighed. “Not often. No more than three or four times a day. You really ought to give him a go. I promise you’ll like it.” I sat there in shock again for a long time. Derrick wasn’t asking me to suck his dick. He wanted me to do his Dad.

That was amazing. Derrick liked sucking a dick so much, he did it up to four times a day and he thinks that is as he said, “Not often.“ I was about to give Derrick my answer when Mister Bibbs walked back into the camp. Derrick changed the subject immediately. “Hey dude, Dad’s back. You ready to get some serious fishing done?” “You bet. I love fishing. My Dad used to take me three or four times a year.”

Mister Bibbs handed us some fishing line and hooks. We didn’t have any real equipment due to the trouble required to get it out this far. We used some wild corn as bait and Mister Bibbs showed us how to set it up to catch fish. We caught a shit load of fish. Probably seventy five or eighty, mostly brim, but Mister Bibbs set all of them loose except for six we would have for lunch. He assured us we would come back long enough to catch supper as well.

We went on a nature hike after lunch. Mister Bibbs showed us how to tell the different animal tracks as well as how to spot the actual animals without scaring them off. He showed us how to recognize some of the wild plants and fruits it was safe to eat, as well as how to recognize the ones we had better not. We even collected some to have with our meals.


When we got back to the camp, we were worn out. That was a very long hike. Mister Bibbs sighed. “Boys. If you don’t mind, I need a couple of hours to nap. You’re welcome to join me if you’re as tired as I am.” With that, Mister Bibbs went to the tent and stretched out on the sleeping bag. Derrick followed suit. I wasn’t so tired that I needed a nap, but I didn’t want to sit outside the tent alone so I went in too. Shortly I was sound asleep.

I awakened an hour later to the sounds of Derrick diligently working on his Dad’s meat. I lay there fantasizing about holding Derrick’s slim beautiful penis in my mouth. That was scary. I never thought of one as being beautiful before, but there was no other way to describe Derrick’s rod. It was definitely beautiful. I think I decided then I was going to see if Derrick would let me try his the next time we were alone. I don’t think I can do his Dad.

When we woke from our nap, Derrick piped in. “Hey dude, lets go down to the lake and skip some rocks across it.” I said, “Sure, that would be fun.” Mister Bibbs looked up at us. “You boys be careful. Take the whistle and give a shrill toot if you get into trouble. Be back in a couple of hours and I’ll have supper ready for you when you get back.”

We started for the lake when Derrick stopped me. “Hey, dude. Leave your shorts here. Just wear your undies like I am. As secluded as this place is, we don’t really need them. This is the perfect place for skinny dipping.” I looked at Mister Bibbs for sort of a nod to wear just my underpants. “Heck. No one ever comes up here but Derrick and myself. The land is posted and private. There is no one here but us guys. You two are welcome to skinny dip if you like.”

Derrick stripped his under pants off immediately. “Come on, dude. Don’t be a chicken shit. Let yourself be free.” I hesitated. I just knew Mister Bibbs was waiting for me to strip down so he could gawk at my nudity. I finally took it all off. To my surprise, Mister Bibbs hardly even looked at me as he waved good bye to us.

It was a weird, but good feeling running down the path to the lake completely nude. I was afraid my dick might decide to embarrass me by getting hard, but it didn’t matter as Derrick’s already was. Getting a good view of the back of Derrick’s smooth ass and legs didn’t exactly hurt my feelings either. There was no doubt about it, Derrick was a sweet looking boy. I liked looking at him in the buff. Yes, it wouldn’t be too difficult to put that thing of his between my lips. I hope I like it all right.

When we got to the lake, we started skipping rocks to see who could get the farthest across the lake. After about fifteen minutes, Derrick cleared his throat. “Did you give it any thought?” I knew what he was referring to, but I elected to play dumb. “Thought about what?”

Derrick put his hands on his hips and stared at me in disbelief. His boner was sticking straight out at me. “Sucking my Dad’s dick, dude. What else have we been discussing. Well, how about it. Want to give it a go tonight?” Derrick said this like it was no big deal. Like it would be perfectly normal to suck his Dad’s dick. I was still in shock and said nothing. Derrick saw the hesitation and proceeded to further his cause.

“I asked him a long time ago, if he would let you do it . He says you are really cute and he would love holding you close while he did his thing, but you would have to come get it. He says he could never approach you for it. Come on, dude. Do it for me. Pretty please. Pretty please with sugar on it?”

I was thinking really diligently about this. My dick got hard. I was still thinking about it when Derrick strode the three feet separating us and put his arms around me in an embracing hug. I melted in his arms. So much so that Derrick reached out with his hand and raised my chin as he placed his lips on mine in a sweet longing kiss.

I’ve never felt like this before. When I kissed my Dad, his lips felt good on mine, but this kiss with Derrick was different. I was in heaven with this boy. I kissed him back and finally surrendered myself completely. I made up my mind whatever Derrick decided to do to me while he had me there with him, I would let him do it. I decided to kind of back out on my promise to myself that I would try to do it with him. I decided to just let him do me if he wanted to instead. I didn’t want to do anything to mess up the mood.

To my utter surprise, all Derrick did was hold me in a loving embrace as he sweetly kissed me for an hour, before we had to take the half hour trek back up the path to camp. I loved kissing Derrick. It was a lot of fun. We didn’t French kiss like I did with my Dad, but I know we will soon. I didn’t care my dick was hard. As we trotted back up the path, I held Derrick’s hand in mine. As we approached the camp, I looked over at him and simply said, “Okay. Tonight.”


All through supper and up until I finally fell asleep, I was worried. Would I make a fool out of myself and would Mister Bibbs turn me down like he does to join his troop? Could I actually finish once I start? Could I swallow it all, or would I throw up in his lap?

It really was a big concern. I wondered when was the right time to approach him and how? Suddenly I had awakened again and a small hand was guiding my right hand to a huge cock. I could feel it swelling as my slender fingers wrapped around it. It must be close to ten inches long and was every bit as big around as the flashlight we had brought with us.

I could see it easily in the moonlight. Though it was hard and sticking straight up at me, it was still soft and smooth. The feel of it excited me to the point I felt I had to put it in my mouth. I was reluctant as Derrick was watching my every move.

I leaned forward throwing caution to the wind. I was surprised. First, it filled my mouth slam up and there was plenty of it still hanging out the front. Second, it felt really good in my mouth. There was no feeling like I might throw up. Third, I couldn’t wait for him to shoot off so I could see if it was as sweet as Derrick says it is.

I started sucking diligently on Mister Bibbs’ penis. I sucked for over an hour. I was thinking I must not be doing it right. All that time sucking it and nothing has happened. He should have shot off by now. I couldn’t believe I was fucking this up too.

Suddenly Mister Bibbs started bucking his nuts back and forth. I was fascinated with how they hung down and moved all around in his sack. I wanted to hold them between my fingers and now I could feel them hopping up and down in my hands. Just as suddenly a rush of ejaculate squirted into my mouth.

It kept coming for what seemed like forever, although I am sure it was less than ten seconds. The crazy part was I loved it. It tasted great. Not really sweet like Derrick says, but delicious none the less. I could eat that three or four times a day myself. Not only the taste, but I felt so wonderful having him close to me like that while I sucked him.

I found I love sucking a dick. I wish I had sucked my Dads dick when he asked me to. I can’t wait to get a shot at Derrick’s boner. Mister Bibbs rolled over going back to sleep when I finished. He hadn’t even opened his eyes. As far as he knows I was Derrick. I just sucked the dude off and he has no idea it was me.


After cleaning up from breakfast, Derrick and I slipped down to the lake to skip some more stones. Actually we went to kiss some more and for Derrick to get a full report on my experience with his Dad.

When we got to the lake, Derrick kissed me for several minutes and then pulled back as he anxiously said, “Well. How was it?” I looked him squarely in the face. “I won’t tell you.” He looked shocked. “Come on dude. I gotta know. You can’t hold out on something like that. Why won’t you tell me. After all, he is my Dad.”

I kissed Derrick again. This time I shoved my tongue into his mouth. Derrick sucked my tongue for a while before offering me his. I gladly accepted. I pulled back just long enough to murmur, “Come on Derrick. Slip some of your spit into my mouth. I really want some.“

When I came up for air, I was breathing heavily. “I’ll tell you after I do this.” I started moving my kisses slowly south. Kissing his lower lip, his chin, neck, those delectable nipples, his smooth chest. That flat stomach, his exquisite belly button, all that smooth wonderful skin on his pubic area.

I took those delightful nuts into my mouth and sucked them ever so gently before taking his throbbing shaft into my mouth. His smooth dick head tickled the roof of my mouth. This was much nicer than his nose. I cupped my hands behind those tender ass cheeks pulling Derrick close to my face. Suddenly I felt his excitement gushing between my lips. He didn’t squirt out as much as his Dad did, but it was just as sweet as Derrick had said it would be. I could do this all the time.

When I finished or more to the point when Derrick had gone soft and was starting to get a little sore, he pulled me off of him. He immediately went down on me. Derrick sucked me for an hour and a half. I was very upset with myself. Nothing had happened. I hadn’t had an orgasm. I didn’t shoot off.

When Derrick finally gave up and pulled back from it, I was devastated. I started crying. Derrick looked concerned. “Kenny. What’s the matter?” I sobbed a little longer before I managed to murmur, “I am so fucked up. I didn’t do it for you. My dick doesn’t work. Now you’ll stop doing it with me.”

Derrick pulled me close kissing me gently. He held my head snuggly in his hands. He stuck his tongue in my ear and lovingly licked all around in it. He was driving me insane. I never felt anything quite like that. It wasn’t as fantastic as getting my dick sucked, but it was something else indeed. I could lay still for that all day. I knew as soon as I got a chance, I was going to do that to Derrick.

Derrick kissed me again on my lips, before saying, “Dude. So what? You’re shit doesn’t work yet. That’s all perfectly normal for a little boy. The problem isn’t you. Its your God damn size. Your stuff hasn’t matured. You don’t have all the parts yet to orgasm and shoot off. I promise you’ll be able to orgasm in a year or two and ejaculate a year after you do. In the mean time, I’m gonna give you all the practice I can. I’m gonna wear your little ass out.”

Derrick kissed me again. Then he looked into my eyes. “Now, tell me about my Dad.” I cuddled close as I told him. “Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes. I liked that. I’ll do him anytime. It was awesome and it‘s so big. I love sucking a dick. I especially love sucking your dick.” We embraced lovingly again kissing for several minutes. We returned to the camp hand in hand. I felt much better knowing I was normal.


We sat around the campfire telling stories for several hours. Finally I told a story about the boy who wanted to join the Boy Scouts and was disappointed to find he wasn’t big enough. After trying everything the boy could think of, the scout master felt sorry for the little boy and took him camping separate from the other boys. To show his appreciation, the little boy sucked the scout master’s dick during the night while he slept. It was the least the boy could do. He liked it so much, he wants to do it again right here in front of the fire.

Mister Bibbs eyes got wide. “That was you last night?” I smiled as I licked my lips. “Yeah.” I walked over to him and got his penis out. As my lips wrapped around his monster shaft, Derrick smiled. Derrick slapped his hands together as he said, “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I finally have a little brother. Dude, hold still. I’m gonna show you something else while you are doing Dad. I promise you’ll like it.” Derrick bent over licking my asshole. It was getting really wet. The more Derrick licked, the wetter it got.

I felt his finger slide slowly up my ass. It was wonderful. Soon, Derrick gently slid his thing in there. I was in ecstasy. I felt like I was going to explode down there. It felt so fantastic. I didn’t want it to ever end. Derrick started shooting off in my butt at the same time his Dad started filling up my mouth. It was awesome. I knew we were going to do this a lot. I also knew I wasn’t going to use my underpants much if at all during the rest of the trip.

Its been a week now. We still haven’t had a bath. Derrick and I have a lot of dirt on our bodies. Especially our legs and faces. We are down right nasty. The dirtier we get the more Mister Bibbs seems to like it. He spends a lot of time moving our dirt around with his tongue. He likes to get us to sweat so he can lick that off of us too. I like that.

There hasn’t been any deodorant that I have seen. Derrick, and I assume, myself are getting a little raunchy. Especially around the armpits and the crotch. Least ways, I can smell him from ten feet off. The funny thing is I think Derrick smells good. I like his ripe smell. It makes him all the sexier. Gives him more taste down there too.

I would never have believed it. I thought it was impossible. Yet there it is. No doubt about it. I am laying on my back on the sleeping bag with my legs wrapped firmly around Mister Bibbs’ waist. That’s not the part I don’t believe. What I thought couldn’t happen is awesome. Yep, there it is.

He put the whole damn thing inside of me. I feel like I might pop, but it’s all the way in. Mister Bibbs is pushing his pubic area right up against my butt cheeks. It feels so good. “Fuck the shit out of me Mister Bibbs. Fuck me hard. Fill me up with your excitement.” All I know for sure is this is going to happen a lot. I’ll make sure of that.

Oh God, I can feel his juice squirting up inside me. He would pull it out just to the tip and slam it right back in again. I love it. The whole time he has been in me, Derrick has been cheering him on. He kept pounding on my backsides with full thrusts until he went soft. Then he rolled over on his back, panting in exhaustion as Derrick took me hungrily into his mouth. I can’t wait till I get to fill his mouth up.

To be continued………………………………............................

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2014-01-29 20:33:45
Please read, I'm posting because Kik is dangerous. If you are serious about pics and playing the field please look at Tor (Completely Free no Credit Cards, Open Source Browser), there is a hidden web that has all of this an more and is anonymous to surf and view. Please don't use Kik, LEA can monitor and track what you send. Tor is safer. Tails is also a great option for browsing. Look up hidden wiki once you're done and get started.

It's the perfect place for young guys and gals to open up and share. There are lots of communities for people who are young at heart... or just young

Stay Safe!

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caught sight on Kevin's (emerging) six pack and your in what now? Kiddo, that not your heart talking, that would be your hnomores.Welcome to being a 13 year old boy! This is what all 13 year old boys have to endure, only difference for you is you're not standing under the stairs as the girls walk down them hoping to catch a glimpse of their underwear you're noticing boys for the first time like they are noticing girls.It's safe to say your not in love kiddo, your infatuated (and horny as all hell).Take it from someone who was there not too long ago (okay 24 years and it seems like an eternity), friends for someone like yourself are well their weight in barrels of crude oil.Keep this Kevin kid as an ally. If he were to start being bullied himself for spending time with you, he may well go from being potential boyfriend to mortal enemy. It would be even worse if you pushed him away through being too forward and by continually coming on to him.Yes, it would be a fairytale if he

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awsum had me so hard all the way through. wish i was mistrer bibbs.

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I love this fine piece of art work plez write more
Oh yeah nd
FUK THE CRITICS they ignorant mined fools

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To the guy who said this was about a pedophile.
No ages were named.
If you read thurolly you would have known that.
There is no need to curse.
If this isn't something you like then maybe you shouldn't have read it.
That was a very idiotic move.
Also, there was a warning above the writing piece that clearly stated: "None of the characters are under the age of 21,"
I'm sorry that you were to stupid to take note of that.
You should really work on your proofreading.

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