Something from out of this world that really isn't.
I really hate to waste all this space in a preamble to my stories. I thought the one I had at the beginning of the stories I edited so far would have been sufficient, but it seems the self appointed pedo police are hell bent there are minor children in my fictitious fantasy stories.

I have always been fond of small dicks and pussies. The problem is some of you think only young children possess them. My dick has always been little. Yet I am not a child. I know women that have tiny tits, little pussies, and no hair down there. They are not children either. And that’s in the real world. In Fantasy Land, the guys and gals alike can be short, skinny, and hairless without being minors.

As a matter of fact, there is an island in Fantasy Land that puts restrictors on all its males’ penises to keep them little after puberty, much the same as the Japanese do their women’s feet. The girls use a special cream that shrinks the vagina. I mean, what girl wants a big sloppy pussy when all the men have tiny pencil dicks?

I can’t tell you the name of the island for security reasons, but I can tell you it isn’t Fantasy Island. All of its citizens stay young looking and never gain much stature. No one ever dies there. Its due to some chemical in the soil. That’s the reason for the security. Otherwise there’d be a stampede of dumb asses (Pedo Police included) storming the fictitious beach ruining the lives of these wonderful people.

For those of you who have a little common sense, I apologize for being blunt. For those of you that don’t, please get some. I have searched far and wide up and down Fantasy Road for many a year to find the characters I was looking for.

First I found a cute little midget. He is very petite, but unlike David Bennent who was eighteen and looked ten, when he starred as Honeythorn Gump in Legends, my midget is twenty one and could pass for twelve in short shorts. Trust me. Twelve he ain‘t. The mother fucker had a twelve inch dick when I first saw him. It seems a lot of folks in Fantasy Land have twelve inch dicks. Most of them are as fictitious as their dicks.

I couldn’t deal with the cute little bastard having all that dick, so I cut it off for him and sewed a skinny pencil dick in its place. You can find those all up and down the road in Fantasy Land. They are a dime a dozen. Then I slapped the silly bitch around for awhile until he got a bad case of amnesia. At that point I told him he is my twenty one year old little boy. He, not wanting more amnesia treatments, believes he is so.

The little fucker also plays any character I ask him to. Since that time I have acquired several other characters the same way. They all play different characters in my many stories. They all do what I tell them to, but they won’t touch a part portraying a young child. They’ll let me tell about a person’s childhood, but that’s about it.

Melinda, the only one that doesn’t mind me using her real fictitious name, is one of three girl characters I have acquired other than the ones from the island. Melinda is twenty three. She will occasionally play a girl as young as sixteen, but refuses to stoop any lower.

She is smooth, petite and very desirable. The only problem I had with her was her pussy was all hairy and loose. I couldn’t stand that. I did laser hair removal on her and I must say she looks sweet being that smooth and hairless.

I got one of those African head hunter guys to help me with her big old nasty pussy. He used his head shrinking magic to make her pussy small and tight to my delight. I convinced her to have breast reduction surgery. I love a flat chested bitch. Trust me, the doctor didn’t have to remove much.

I like em small and she had always wanted to look a little boyish. She may even play a guy part at some time or the other. Who knows. When she does, it will still be a fictitious part. She looks like a young girl. So much so, I have to lie about her age.

The bitch couldn’t get into a G rated movie without her fictitious parents. She doesn’t like anything real. Not many in Fantasy Land do. I don’t want to give anything away, but Melinda plays the part of Marcy in this story. When Marcy finally shows up. I think you’ll find her performance quite convincing.

I also use some of the folks from the island. I like that because they work cheap and I don’t have to cut off their dicks nor do I have to give them amnesia treatments. This also lets me avoid dealing with the head hunter. That dude’s a little weird for my tastes.

True, I call some of them little boys and little girls. Some of them are quite naïve when it comes to sex, but that is only because their fictitious Fathers were very protective of them as they weren’t growing up. Bottom line, there are no fucking children in my fantasy stories. Fictitious or otherwise. I would like for you folks that have pedophilia stuck in your minds to either get past the dumb shit or quit reading my stories. The rest of you can feel free to enjoy.

This story is book length. There are only eight parts, but most of them are pretty long. There is a lot going on in it. I built the characters up slowly to allow you, the reader to relate to them. The story also is built up slowly to allow the reader to understand how the main character ticks so they can understand and feel the torments in his mind as his situation changes through out the story.

There are twists and turns through out. The story line is very complicated and is not written for the average moron, so if you are a simple minded idiot, do yourself a favor and read something else. Everyone will be able to tell who you are from your comments. If you enjoy a varied plot, read and enjoy.

I tried to keep all the facts straight from one chapter to the other, but it being such a long complicated story, I am sure I managed to make a goof here and there. Please feel free to rub my nose in any you find. I am sure to enjoy them as much as you do.

Remember it is important to read the parts in order. Otherwise the reader does not know what is going on at some points. I have included alien as a theme. You may not think it appropriate in the first couple of chapters, but I promise to deliver. Some of the characters in this story are younger than in my previous stories. Sixteen is the youngest. There is mention of twelve year olds, but only to explain their situation. Everything else is explained in the story.

I did not describe a sex scene with any below age persons for the site. Only what happened to them as a child without going into a story about it. Purely as news items.

If you think the characters are younger, perhaps I could recommend a good therapist to help you get children out of your mind. This story is not for you folks that want a quick nut. It is for the more sophisticated reader who while he still wants plenty of sex, also enjoys some plot.

Some of the sex scenes are described in great detail. Others are strongly implied. I find that is sometimes more erotic than having a blow by blow for every sex scene. For those of you that don’t agree, I included plenty of blow by blows as well. Happy reading.

The Bastard Bitch Part Two

It took another week, before Kenny finally rolled up in California. The biggest surprise was he arrived without getting into any more trouble. That was an amazing feat for Kenny. He figured since he was in California, he might as well get a place on the beach. It wasn't a big city. Actually he was staying in a 3 bedroom bungalow in a little spot that called itself Rodham.

The backyard had an odd shape, which Kenny thoroughly enjoyed. Its special appeal was the patio emptied out onto the beach. The backyard swung out from the patio at an angle for 400 feet and shot straight back to the beach. This arrangement served to give a good sized back yard as well as 500 feet of beach front.

The owner put up several no trespassing signs to keep people off of the private beach. Kenny left them up as it discouraged people from sunning in front of his patio, but he never said anything when people walked by on the beach. The few that had nerve enough to ignore the signs and plop down on his sand didn’t really bother him anyway.

The other appeal was this was a fairly remote area of the Pacific, at least it was for California. Living in the remote area of the beach gave Kenny a place to impress the young ladies he came up on. They were amazed he pretty much had his own beach. That was worth the inconvenience of walking a few miles to the main beach where the action was.

It has been several months since his arrival. Kenny originally took a job at one of the car lots. He was making a pretty good living selling cars as he possessed an impressive gift of gab. Several weeks later Kenny drove to Vegas to try his hand at poker. Kenny had one hell of a poker face. No one could ever tell for sure what he had. Nobody ever beat him at poker.

Kenny also possessed an uncanny ability to read the other players for when they were bluffing. Sure, he would lose a hand here and there, but never lost much more than the antes on the ones he lost and made a bundle on most of the others. It was like taking candy from a baby.

He decided to try his hand at the Golden Nugget Casino. Needless to say, he could no longer use his own name, as he was wanted by the law. A new drivers license, two new credit cards, and several other Id's and he became Kenny Smith. He seemed to like the name.

Kenny settled in at one of the poker tables. The game was Texas Holdem. That was the perfect game to play, because he could bet whatever he had anytime he wanted to. That made it easier to accumulate a lot of money in a short time. The house took a 5% cut from each hand. That was okay by Kenny as the 5% only applied to bets that were called and the house didn't play. There were usually ten to twelve players at the table at any given time.

Kenny held up to his usual style of play and turned the twenty grand he had into a tidy sum. Kenny had 500 grand when he left the casino and that was after they deducted 30% for taxes. After that first night, he would go to the casino every few weeks and build up a couple of million bucks or so. Kenny would live off of that until he got down to about 20 grand and go back to make more.

He could have moved near the casino and become rich, but he preferred wining and dining the chicks at the beach. Oddly enough he only had a couple of fights out in the parking lot of the casino. Even more oddly, he didn't seriously injure any of them, at least not permanently.


As nice as this area was, it wasn't without its own set of problems. It seems there were some undesirables hanging around the beach kind of between Kenny's bungalow and the more populated areas of the beach. What they were there for was to prey on unsuspecting tourists straying too far from civilization. Kenny found out about it the hard way. He was taking a walk along the beach late one night.

The moon was bright. It's fullness created a beautiful glow amidst the fog settling along the way. Kenny was immensely enjoying the peace and solitude. He was only a half mile or so from the main drag. He could hear the music playing from where he was. Most of the eateries would hire live bands to attract more patrons to their establishments. It wasn't loud, but Kenny could still hear it.

Kenny stopped for a few minutes, taking in the sound of the surf. It was a relaxing feeling. Too relaxing. There was a moment where he thought he heard someone behind him. Unfortunately Kenny hadn't been paying attention for too long. The next thing he remembered was waking up early that morning floating in the surf. The thugs that threw him in there would sure be surprised to see he hadn't drowned. Kenny wasn't sure how he didn't.

It took him a few moments to realize there was no sand under his feet when he tried to stand. He looked around to get some bearings on where the shore was and swam toward it. It turned out to be quite a swim. He wasn’t sure how far out he was, but he could barely make out the shoreline on the horizon in front of him. The actual distance was a little over four miles.

When Kenny's feet hit the sand, he was wrinkled all up from being in the water so long. Other than that and a pretty good sized knot on the back of his head, he was unharmed, of course he weighed a little less. About 10 grand lighter. Kenny gave himself a couple of days to rest up and went back to the same area of the beach at about the same time. This time he was ready for them.

When Kenny heard that familiar noise, he ducked and side stepped at the same time. He could hear the whoosh of the bat as he felt the warm flesh he had in his hands tear as it separated from the guy's neck. Kenny had torn out the guy's wind pipe. The other guy made the mistake of being in too close and Kenny gave him a little taste of his buddies bat. The thrust of the bat busted the dude's head like a watermelon.

Kenny walked back home to get a shovel as the first guy lay gasping for air that would not come. When Kenny returned, He dug a twelve foot deep hole for his new found friends and left them all warm and cozy under the sand. He couldn't take a chance a shallow hole would let the bodies wash up from the sand.

Kenny didn't consider himself to be a bad ass, although by most standards, he certainly was. He simply won't take any shit from anyone. All the bad asses prowling the beach soon found there were plenty of warm cozy spots left in the sand. Kenny planted thirty inside of two months. Eventually word got out on the street anyone working the beach in this area seemed to disappear without a trace. Now, he wouldn't be afraid to send a ten year old out on the beach.


Kenny was walking along the beach. It was only about 10 AM. He was on the main drag near the Esquire Hotel. It was a place where a lot of wealthy people tended to congregate. The reason for that was no one without a good supply of money could afford the ten thousand a week or three thousand a night it cost to stay there.

If you couldn’t produce a room key when security decided to check you on the beach, you were swiftly run off to another part of the beach or arrested if you became a repeat offender. The Esquire was very adamant about protecting it’s private beach for it’s patrons' privacy. Kenny never realized the reason they never accosted him when he was on the beach was, at least for the first few months, because the guards were afraid of him.

Sometimes Kenny would rent a room there, just to impress some of the babes along the beach. Of course, he didn't need to impress any of them to get what he wanted. It was just a lot of fun sometimes doing it. Later, management made sure security left Kenny alone, as he was considered a frequent and valuable customer.

His eye caught the figure of a very cute brunette. She looked to be about 20, but could be younger. Kenny hoped she was at least 18. It would be a real fucking shame to have to pass this thing up because it was too young.

Kenny was always careful about that. He already discovered many of the young girls liked to put on makeup and fix their hair to look older to attract the men in their early twenties and late teens. Kenny also noticed the under age girls were mainly interested in the young men.

Yet they were not always averse to spending time with a guy say thirty or even forty if they looked good. Not that they weren’t interested in the boys their own age, but simply put, the really young boys didn’t have any place to take a girl to do it anyway.

If they did, most of them didn’t know what to do. Well, not like some of the young girls had discovered the older guys knew how to do it. Some of the girls that had flirted with Kenny on the beach were as young as 12.

Kenny noted a fellow usually couldn't tell by just looking. You had to talk with them for a spell. Their conversation always gave away their youth. They might look twenty, but they all eventually talked twelve. Sometimes, it was obvious the girl was twelve. Other times it was a little harder to tell.

If the girl actually asked you to fuck her, it meant she was either a cheap trollop that loved to fuck or she was underage and that was the only way she had learned to pick a guy up at that point. Cynthia looked twelve, maybe even eleven. Kenny hated what he did with her, but even now, he knows under the circumstances it was the right thing to do.

And damn her pussy tasted good. He wouldn’t have any problem doing it with Cynthia all the time. That was why he didn’t go back to see her. If he had, he would have fucked her for sure. Kenny didn’t want to do that to her. Cynthia meant far too much to him. Kenny loved Cynthia. Not like a girlfriend. More like an adorable little sister.

Kenny approached the young girl. He stood near her admiring her form, without getting so close she would take notice. "Nice day for a walk on the beach. Is it not?" The girl looked up to see who could be interrupting her bask in the sunshine. She seemed pleased to see someone so handsome standing near the pleasing voice she had just heard and thoroughly hoped the source was the same.

“Yes. Nice day indeed. My name is Shelia." Shelia raised to a sitting position on her beach blanket extending a hand. Kenny took it firmly into his own hand giving it a firm shake without giving the impression he could break it if he wanted to. Kenny learned long ago most women found the limp handshake many men used as a form of politeness to be an insult. It was like the guy considered them weak and inferior. Not equal enough to shake their hand.

"My name is Kenny. I was lying on my deck a few minutes ago catching a few rays. I dreamed there was a beautiful young lady sitting here in this spot, with whom I would most certainly enjoy a walk along such a quiet stretch of beach. I had to see for myself if it were true."

Shelia laughed as with all the lines she had heard, she hadn't heard that one. "I suppose you were somewhat disappointed." She reoffered her hand. Kenny gently accepted her hand and helped her to her feet. "Oh contraire. I am quite elated and would consider it an honor to escort you on a tour of the area, starting with a leisurely stroll along the beach."

Shelia smiled. "Well, Kenny. I don't know for sure about the tour, but I will take you up on the stroll." Kenny offered his arm and Shelia took it as they walked along the water. "I must apologize if I seemed too forward in offering a tour of the area. It's just I assumed you were from out of town.”

“With my being somewhat familiar with the area, as I have been the local beach bum for the last six months, it is my awkward way of asking you to dinner tonight. You don't have to answer right away, but I am hoping you will give my invitation a good recommendation." Shelia was thoroughly enjoying her walk with Kenny. They were kicking at the sand as the waves washed up around their feet.

Shelia felt quite at ease around Kenny as he was so gentle. Shelia thought to herself, "I love the way this guy talks. His southern drawl is fascinating. He says things in a way I've never heard before. I hope he asks me about dinner again. I definitely am going to accept. In the mean time, I am going to enjoy his company. I wish I could cuddle up close to him in those strong looking arms of his.”

“Whoa, girl. Don't take it too fast. You don't want him to think you are some cheap trollop just waiting for a roll in the hay." Shelia leaned her head forward pressing her face playfully against Kenny's chest as she looked up at him. "You are so chivalrous. Surely you must be a white knight. Sir Knight? From what castle do you hail?" Kenny took par advantage of her playfulness. Hugging her close.

"Ah. Fair Maiden. I am but a two mile ride north up yon beach. A nice bungalow it be, but a castle it ain't." Shelia had a good laugh at that. "Come on. Where are you staying for real. That area you just told me about rents for ten times as much as the Esquire. Nobody makes that kind of money and keeps a tan like that.”

“All of those people living up there look like a small white whale lying on the beach and are so snooty. They think all they have to do is walk up and say hi and I'm supposed to fall all over myself doing whatever it is they want me to. I want to throw up thinking about having to talk to one of them."

Kenny interrupted her. "I am sorry. I had no idea you were staying at the Esquire. I hope you don't think I am after your money. I assure you I am not. I only wish for some pleasant company. As a matter of fact, I would be quite flattered if you would pretend you are a poor lass and let me treat you to some genuine southern hospitality. Come let me show you yon castle."

The thought entered Shelia’s mind, “If he really has been frequenting the beach the last six months, he knows I am staying at the Esquire. Anyone who has even walked in this area knows Esquire security will check your status at the hotel until they are familiar with you staying here. Every one knows you don’t hang around this area of the beach unless you are staying in the hotel.“

Then Shelia shrugged her shoulders as she realized it wasn’t necessarily so as Kenny wasn’t a guest at the Esquire and security had already walked by him on the beach and he was still here. She decided to try to enjoy the moment and just see what happens. Shelia cuddled close to Kenny's side, letting their hips bump together as they gleefully proceeded north along the beach.

When Kenny stepped onto the patio, Shelia giggled. "You'd better stop this charade. The owners aren't going to like us being here. My Daddy left me a shit load of money when I was a little girl. I came out here last year and looked at this very bungalow. They wanted 900 grand a month for the place. A little out of even my price range, well not really out of my range, just more than I like to pay for a place to stay. I hate excessive extravagance.”

“People with that kind of money can cause you a lot of trouble. They usually own the police." Kenny gently tugged on her arm taking her into the bungalow. Kenny laughed to himself as he led Shelia to the bedroom. "Ha. Ha. Ha. Yeah, I own the police all right. If she had any idea, she surely wouldn't be here now." To Shelia he said, "The police hate me. You can't own something that hates you."

The mere fact Shelia had accompanied Kenny straight into the bedroom without any fanfare told him she was his already. He wrapped his arms around her unresisting torso. She felt warm, soft, and cuddly in his arms. His lips dipped down to meet hers. They embraced as their lips melded together. Shelia’s moist tongue slipped into Kenny’s mouth. Kenny drew it quickly between his lips sucking gently on her offering.

Kenny’s hands slid slowly down her back caressing the sweet rounded cheeks of her ass. His hands came back up nudging gently at the straps on her swimsuit bra. The strings parted letting the bra drop from her breasts in the front settling between their excited bodies. Kenny could feel her heart beat pick up as his fingers kneaded her perky tits. Her nipples sat straight out from those lemon sized firm mounds on her chest.

“Well, what do you think. They aren’t too small for you are they. I’ve always felt like they were tiny. I’m actually ashamed of them. I plan to have them enlarged when I turn thirty. If I do it now, they might grow and end up too big.” Kenny wasn’t used to a girl talking about how little her tits were while he was seducing her. He decided it was refreshing being with a girl that was honest about her feelings. Besides, breasts are one of his favorite subjects.

He pushed her back slightly while still holding her firmly in his strong hands. His head leaned forward taking her left breast into his mouth. Kenny closed his lips around her sweet teat. To himself, he thought, “Oh, if only heaven is like this.” Kenny nudged at her breast near the nipple and sucked it back in again. All the while he was mauling her right breast in his hand while holding her back firmly in place so she couldn’t back off.

Shelia was cooing already. Kenny pulled back from the package of joy he was running his tongue all over. “I think they are beautiful. I never did like those big sloppy things some girls call breasts. I love ‘em this size. Don’t you dare have anything done to these. I mean, if I can’t get it in my mouth, what good is it?”

Kenny’s dick came alive. It was pressing against her pubic area on the outside of her panties. Kenny slid his thumbs into the waist band sliding them slowly to her knees. Shelia stepped gingerly out of them cuddling closer to his hard on.

A hand closed around his shaft squeezing it roughly against the front of his swim trunks. “This thing right here is the perfect size too.” Shelia slithered to her knees taking Kenny’s suit with her. When his throbbing peter popped into view, Shelia gasped.

“My God. It's beautiful. I could stay here like this all day enjoying a sight like this.” Shelia sat there on her knees for several minutes staring at Kenny’s probe. Suddenly Shelia grinned. “I definitely agree with you on your last point when you said if I can’t get it in my mouth, what good is it?” Shelia tilted her head forward. Kenny watched in bliss as his penis disappeared into that wonderful mouth.

Kenny reached down taking Shelia into his hands laying her gently on the bed without pulling loose from her mouth. He crawled into the bed with her slowly separating her legs with his head. As his mouth settled in her delectable snatch, Kenny muttered, “Yep. If I can’t get it in my mouth what good is it?”

Each time he slurped on her hot box, Shelia bucked her hips as though a charge of electricity was jolting through her pelvic region. The thought rambled through Kenny’s mind. “Oh. Yeah. That’s some tasty pussy. I could eat her all day. And my God. She is one good looking little bitch.” When Kenny’s tongue slid deeply into her hole, her legs came up wrapping themselves around the back of his head.

“Holy shit. Where did you learn to eat a pussy like that? I am ready to explode and you’ve only been down there a few minutes. Kenny slipped his lips up to her clit taking it firmly into his mouth. He sucked hard on her delight. Shelia screamed in ecstasy. Her hips started gyrating as she tried to shove Kenny’s head deep into her vagina. “Ah oh fuck. God damn. You’re tearing me slam up. I’ve never come this hard before. Oh shit. Don’t ever stop.”

Shelia’s head slammed back into Kenny’s pubic area. Kenny thought she was going to swallow him whole. She had been licking her tongue through the tip of his peter as she sucked expertly. She knew just when to twirl her tongue and when to stab it in his pee hole. Kenny couldn’t take it any longer. Shelia felt his hot stream of semen shoot into her moist mouth. Shelia calmed down and Kenny rolled away from her coming up to face her.

The two of them lay quietly cuddling close for several minutes. Shelia exclaimed, “That was awesome. I am sure glad I took you up on that stroll.” Kenny kissed Shelia warmly and moved his lips slowly to her neck. He gently sucked at her smooth skin being careful not to leave a hickey. Shelia was cooing as he worked himself to her luscious teats. Kenny loved the way her breasts conformed to the contours of his mouth.

He toyed with the idea, but only to himself. “If I were the marrying type, I’d snatch this girl up for sure. God, she can suck a dick.” Kenny sucked and licked her firm little mounds for thirty minutes before heading south again. A twenty minute pit stop in her exquisite belly button was just the ticket. Kenny loves a belly button that sinks in like hers.

Kenny nudged at her tasty little pussy for a few minutes, but only enough to get her good and wet. When Shelia’s juice was running down the crack of her ass, Kenny placed his penis at the gate of her portal. He moved it around her pussy lips gently teasing her. “Damn you. What are you waiting for? Stick it in me already. You‘re driving me fucking nuts.”

Kenny grinned. “I want you to explode when I fuck your brains out on the bed.” Shelia wrapped her legs around Kenny’s back, pulling him tightly against her, as he sank his drill into her eagerly awaiting pussy. He slowly pulled back and gently rolled back in, being careful not to pull all the way out. Shelia was so excited she was gasping for breath. She was bucking her hips back and forth with each thrust of Kenny’s piston.

Kenny slowly picked up the pace until he was literally throwing his meat into her as quickly as he was pulling it out. Shelia was grunting in excitement. Shelia’s body tensed. Kenny could feel her pussy clamp on his dick as she exploded. Her pussy was so wet, it was almost as if she was peeing up the bed. Shelia was clawing at his back and screaming for all she was worth. Kenny knew she was having a hell of an orgasm. He let himself go at the same time.”

“Kenny. I can feel your excitement squirting all into my pussy. It feels so good. I love it. Fill me up baby.” Finally, Shelia relaxed. Kenny pulled himself out of her laying next to her cuddling her close as he sweetly kissed her on the lips. That was one secret Kenny learned a long time ago. If you want to get plenty of pussy, you’ve got to hold the gal close for a while. All women love to be held. It makes them feel sexy and wanted. It also makes them get fired up for round two.

Three hours later, Shelia and Kenny were making their way back to the Esquire. Shelia was in bliss. Gentle thoughts wafted through her head. "Oh. God. What a dick. The dude is a fucking machine. I have never in my entire life ever had my pussy sucked on like that before.”

“Not even my Dad did me that good. It felt like his lips were a part of me. I hope he wants me again. He is so cool. I can’t believe it. A guy with enough money to live at this end of the beach and acts like he is a beach bum.”

“Too bad I'm not the marrying type. He'd be quite a catch for a girl that wanted to settle down." Kenny stopped short of Shelia's blanket. "Dinner at 8?" Shelia felt like playing again. "Are you going to let me treat?"

Kenny shook his head signifying he meant no. "Well, if that's the way you are going to be about it, how could a girl refuse? Room 1310. See you tonight you good looking hunk." Kenny walked away, leaving Shelia reminiscing in bliss about the events of the day and how sweet it might end up being after dinner.


Kenny walked toward one of the less ritzy areas of the beach. He thought it would be pleasing to talk with some of the more down to earth girls he would most likely find there. Shelia's company had been nice enough and she was admittedly a lot of fun, but she had a lot of money. That in itself wasn't a problem. The trouble was she knew she had a lot of money and in some ways was just as snooty as the whales she had referred to on the beach. He liked her all the same.

Kenny decided to check out the outside pool at the Seasurf Motel. It was a pleasant little place along the boardwalk. When Kenny arrived at the pool, he was thoroughly enjoying the view. There were quite some number of gorgeous babes around the pool as well as the normal troupe of teeny boppers. It seemed there was no place to go where they wouldn't be found.

Not that that really bothered Kenny. He didn't consider it to be a crime being young and found most of their erratic behavior to be quite refreshing. Many of the young girls were also pleasing to look at. Kenny found they could arouse a boner with their good looks, although they were still a ways from being ready to pick from the vine. Kenny found enjoying their beauty was akin to watching a preview of what will be coming soon.

Most of the young boys were about as polite as they were cute, though a few could be quite obnoxious when they were trying to prove they were a man. The really young ones that got cocky were all but ignored by Kenny and generally backed away when they saw Kenny’s muscles flex taut like he might be ready to take their heads off.

The ones that had some size to them and were trying to impress their little girl friends would throw in the towel as soon as Kenny showed them a demonstration in hand speed by shoving his hand into the front of their swim trunks and mashing their balls between his fingers so they dropped to their knees gasping for air right in front of their girl friends.

The part that really seemed to fuck with the boys’ minds is they never saw Kenny move his hand. The little bastards need to learn manners since they don’t seem to have any. Kenny knows it’s a little crude, but he simply won’t hit a minor and the method is quite effective.

Kenny had been devouring this pretty redhead, with his eyes. She had a spectacular figure. He would take in an occasional look at some of the "unripe" meat as many of them could pass for age of consent if it weren't for their innocently youthful faces. Many of the ones that were obviously underage, like about ten, were quite beautiful.

Not like the I want to fuck you pretty, just nice to admire. Kenny had seen many paintings he admired, but he didn’t want to fuck any of them either. You get the drift. Kenny figured it never hurt to look as long as he remembered never to act. It usually flattered the young girl as well, to know the guys like to look at them.

Kenny was just about to make his approach to the redhead when out of the corner of his eye, he saw something that was very out of place. He turned his head slightly and focused on a young boy. The boy was very cute. As a matter of fact he was quite beautiful. Kenny found him very pleasing to look at. That wasn't what had caught Kenny as being strange, as many young boys are quite effeminate. The boy was standing about three feet from the edge of the pool.

He obviously was infatuated with something. He was just standing there staring at it. Problem was there was no it. There was nothing in the line of sight the boy would be that focused on. The boy was wearing a pair of bikini swim trunks. That was pretty much the norm for young boys on the beach around here. Kenny couldn’t help the thought, “Damn, with legs like that, he’d make a great looking little girl.“

This boy definitely looked sweet and very cute. The boy had absolutely no hair around his penis that Kenny could see. The reason Kenny thought something was very odd was for the same reason he knew the boy didn't have any dick hair. The boy was standing no more than three feet from the edge of the pool.

He had his swim trunks down around his ankles with his face scrunched up in ecstasy, while he vigorously beat his meat right there on the concrete patio. The boy was staring wantonly at something. Whatever it was, it had to be pretty close to the boy as he was staring right there as if it was right in front of him.

Kenny knew there were a lot of girls here at the pool, he could easily have used as a visual aid to beating off when he was a boy, but there was simply no one there where he was looking. The boy was definitely using whatever it was to beat off to and the boy could clearly see it.

Whatever it was, it was flat fucking that little boy’s nerves slam up. Kenny looked all around in the direction the boy was staring. There was no one, nor was there anything there the boy could possibly be that awestruck with.

Not only was he doing this, but he soon started ejaculating. The really strange part was the boy shot off heavily for over eight minutes. Kenny timed it on his watch. Nobody to Kenny's knowledge has ever shot off for that long. The really wild part was when the boy finished jacking off, he pulled his trunks back up and immediately started playing ball with a young girl standing right next to him that appeared for all the world to be his sister.

In all Kenny's wild life, he had never seen anything quite like this. It was like Kenny was the only one to see the boy beat off right there in front of his sister. If the sister had seen it, she gave no acknowledgement of it. Hell, the boy even used the frilly part of the girl’s swim suit to wipe the end of his peter and she didn’t even notice that. Kenny stood there in awe for several minutes. Then he shook it off. He couldn't have seen what he just saw.

It had been a figment of his imagination. Maybe he had dozed off for a second or two and dreamed it. Kenny knew he hadn't dreamed it as there was still close to a pint of the boy's ejaculate on the ground where he had been standing.

A young boy squirting out a pint of semen? Naaah. No fucking way he saw that. Kenny shook it off again and went over to the redhead with the intent to drum something up for tomorrow, as tonight was already taken care of.

The incursion with the redhead had gone along pretty well except she was leaving early the next morning for home. Kenny knew there would be no booty from the redhead. She wanted to fuck, for sure. Trouble was she wanted to fuck in the really near future. Like in about an hour. Kenny didn’t have time to fuck her now and she wouldn’t be here tomorrow.

Sure, he could take her to his place and knock it off real quick before he had to get ready for his date with Shelia, but that isn’t the way Kenny does it. He likes to take his time. Slowly seduce the girl. Drive her absolutely bananas before making her come. That required at least two hours and Kenny only had one. He decided to show her a good time anyway. Kenny convinced her to accompany him to the bungalow for a snack.

They had a good time in one another's company, but Kenny hadn't enough time to get her in the bed and walked her back to the pool where he said his farewell. Kenny shrugged as he thought, "Oh, well. You can't fuck' em all." It was a shame, after all, she kissed really great.


Kenny went back to the bungalow to grab a shower and get dressed to take Shelia out to dinner. He planned to take her to a really fancy place just off the beach. The name of the place was D'Angelos. It required a tux for the gents and a formal gown for the damsels. Kenny was standing in the hallway of the Esquire at five to eight. He waited patiently until eight o'clock. It would be almost as rude to be early as it would to be late.

Kenny rang the bell. He could hear some rushing around inside. Finally Shelia answered the door. She was dressed in white tennis shoes with a short skirt like the girls wear on the tennis court and a pair of skimpy purple lace bikini underpants that she proudly displayed by raising her hands up in the pockets of her skirt, announcing, "How do you like my new swimsuit?"

She was wearing a matching halter top displaying the hint of a flimsy lace bra of the same purple that was also supposed to be a part of her new suit. "I don't think D'Angelos is going to seat you in that." Shelia looked at him with her best puppy dog eyes. Shuffling her feet innocently. "I had hoped we could grab a burger and fries. Then we could walk along the beach for an hour or so while you think up some interesting ways of fucking my brains out when we get to your place."

Kenny wasn't upset at this new proposal, but he had to know what was going on. "Why the sudden change of mind. I thought you liked eating in fancy places?" Shelia snuggled up close to Kenny. She looked longingly up into his eyes. "I have to leave tomorrow. My plane leaves at 9 AM. I have decided I have to have you as much as I can before then, if of course you don't mind me having you.”

“We could get cleaned up say maybe 7 o'clock AM and you could walk me back to the Esquire where my trusty butler, Robert will have the car packed and ready to escort me to the airport. I can catch some zzzs on the plane." Kenny looked surprised. "I didn't figure you to be the type to have a butler." They started walking toward the elevator.

"Actually he was my father's butler. Robert was twenty six when my Daddy hired him just after I was born. I thought he was hired as a baby sitter to keep an eye on me and to keep me entertained when Daddy was out of town. Robert even changed my diapers when I was a baby. We became really close friends.”

The elevator door opened and another couple entered. The couple stared at them as if they had leprosy. Kenny quickly realized Shelia and himself were probably quite a sight. He donning a fancy double breasted dark green tuxedo and her in damn near nothing. Her skirt barely hit the bottom of her crotch. Even when standing. He at 40 and she barely 20. Yes, quite the odd couple, but the prospect of fucking this living doll all night was intriguing none the less.

Shelia held Kenny's hand until the elevator reached the lobby floor. They stepped out onto the beach. As Kenny and Shelia got out onto the beach and were alone, Shelia looked up at him saying, "It might seem kind of weird telling you this. It sure as hell feels weird.”

“You have this way about you. I feel like I can trust you with my deepest darkest secrets. Would you be upset if I shared something very personal with you. It's something I have never told anyone else in my life." Kenny nodded his head, "What could you possibly tell me that I would be angry about. Fire away."

Shelia let go of Kenny's hand placing her hands on her hips in a defiant stance. "I'm serious. This is very hard for me to say. I have to finish telling about Robert before I tell you the bad part. As I said, Robert was hired to protect me. My Daddy paid him a million dollars a year. With raises over the years, its five million now. That seems like a lot of money to pay a butler, but Robert was also hired as my body guard.”

“With Daddy‘s money from his export business, that‘s pretty much chump change anyway. Although I have more money now than Daddy did before he died, I am a little more frugal than my dear Daddy was. Don‘t get me wrong. All the extra money had nothing to do with me. It was due to more time. Daddy set the business up very well. Daddy had good reason to hire Robert to protect me.”

“There was always someone trying to abduct me to get a shit load of money from my Father. There is still an occasional attempt at abduction to try to get money from the estate. The last time was just last week. Some guy actually scaled the outside of our building. Entered my bedroom, walked over to my bed and yanked the covers off of me. I lay there in the buff, while this crazy guy started to tie me up.”

“He would never have made it to my bedroom, except for the fact Robert hadn’t anticipated an abductor entering through the window on the sixty fifth floor. I was scared shitless as this guy’s head came rolling into the bed next to me. There was a shit load of blood. I got sick right away.”

“It was all so quick, I had no idea how his head came off and Robert wouldn’t talk about it. Robert threw a sheet over me, scooped me into his arms and quickly whisked me out of the room before I could see anymore details.”

“Daddy wanted only the best. No one else would do. Robert received the Congressional Medal of Honor three times in a two year tour of duty in Vietnam.” Kenny interrupted her at this point. “Hey Shelia. That guy’s a little young to have spent a two year tour in Vietnam isn’t he?”

Shelia looked at Kenny and smiled. “Yes he is. He did his tour after the war. Special missions and such. He never would tell me what he did to receive the medals. It was all kept so hush, hush I began to think it was just stories my Dad made up to impress me with Robert. I looked it up on the internet. Sure enough, all three of them were registered to Robert.”

“I checked the box to get the scoop on what he did. All I got was this big red flashing message across my computer screen saying, TOP SECRET - SPECIAL CLEARANCE ONLY. I called one of Robert’s buddies who served with him to see if he would tell me.”

“He replied, “I am not at liberty to say, but trust me, you don’t really want to know. Somehow, I believe Robert is protecting my feelings by not telling. He never talks about it. Only when I bring it up and then only to say he can‘t say.”

“After Nam, Robert was a member of a covert assassin team with the CIA before becoming a personal bodyguard to the President. Robert thwarted five attempts on the President’s life. One of which caused him to be hospitalized for a month. He received three bullet wounds to the chest from an assassin’s rifle.”

“Robert stood between the President and the rifle shots shooting at the assassin as the bullets crashed into his chest. Robert fired seven shots before one struck and killed the assassin. Robert successfully killed the guy while standing 500 yards from the shooter’s building, with a 9mm semi automatic pistol.”

“My Daddy told me that was some awesome shooting with a pistol. Especially when shooting at a target that was shooting back at you from a small window 50 floors up in a high rise.”

“That fact made the actual distance a little over 900 yards. Particularly when it is done after you should already be dead yourself. Obviously the shooter had been a professional as well. Daddy says that was awesome shooting with a rifle to put three bullets in a man’s chest from that distance.”

“Robert stuffed the president into the presidential limousine and then collapsed on the street as the president was whisked to safety. The doctor who treated Robert said had it been another couple of minutes before Robert arrived at the hospital, he would have bled to death. I saw the report myself.”

“My Daddy showed me a lot of stuff about Robert to get me to trust him. The report stated when Robert was in the operating room, he came out of the anesthesia. Looked the Doctor straight in the eye and asked, “Is the President safe?”

Supposedly the president nominated Robert for an unprecedented fourth CMA. Robert was still qualified to receive it as he has permanent status as a five star general incognito. Meaning he receives the pay of a five star general and remains a permanent member of the Armed Forces, but can’t tell anybody.”

“Most everything about Robert is classified. Robert met with the President requesting he stop the processing of the medal as he was only doing his job. The president reluctantly gave in, but only if Robert accepted a trust fund in the amount of a hundred million dollars. It was paid from the President‘s personal account.”

“The report stated Robert as saying he had no use for the money personally, but it might come in handy as a college fund if he ever had any children. Believe it or not, even with my net worth of over five hundred billion dollars, Robert insisted on using part of the trust to put me through college.”

“He also successfully recovered the President’s ten year old daughter after she was abducted from school. I never knew it when I was a child, but Robert personally thwarted fifteen attempts to abduct me. The job required Robert give up his personal life and be with me at all times. He even had a bed in my room.”

“I never understood why a guy like that would give up his future for a little girl like me. I am glad he did, but it just never made any sense to me. All that money and he spent his time in a dead end job taking care of me. He makes more money in dividends from the trust than he ever will from his salary. I still don‘t get it.”

“Daddy trusted Robert implicitly. It wasn't all that difficult for Robert. Robert is in love with me. I love him too, but not quite the way he loves me. He loves me like a daughter and enjoys my company so much he never thinks of separating from me.”

“Robert would die for me without a second thought to his own well being. I love him like a wife should love her husband. Robert is my whole world. As far as I am concerned, everything revolves around Robert. Unfortunately, Robert sees it the other way around.”

“To tell the truth, I have always loved him. I have had a crush on Robert ever since I was five. When I was a young girl and Robert prepared my bath, I would get naked in front of him to get in the tub. It wasn’t hard to get that started as Robert was always the one to bathe me when I was too young to do it myself. When he was in my room with me, I would change clothes and sometimes sit on my bed either in my underpants or in the nude as if Robert wasn’t even there.”

“At first Robert tried to excuse himself until I was decent, but he finally realized two things that changed it all. First I wasn’t going to be decent anytime soon. The simple fact was it was my room and Robert knew it wouldn’t be fair to forbid me to be comfortable in my own bedroom. Second it was a lot easier to protect me if he wasn’t outside my room. Robert thought it was cute. He had no sexual interest in me.”

“At first I did it as an innocent child and really didn't know any better. Later as I got older. Well, not so real older as I was only about eight. I would jiggle my hips when ever I disrobed in front of Robert. I was trying to get him excited so he would get interested in my body. I wanted to see if I could convince him to have sex with me.”

“He would just laugh at me as he still thought it was cute and though he always gave me lots of attention, I still didn't interest him any at all from what I could see in the sex department. It used to make me mad as hell. I was trying my damnedest to be sexy and cute, and Robert actually laughed about it. Mad though I was, I still worshiped the ground he walked on.”

“I was so disappointed and hurt. It made me feel ugly and undesirable, but I didn't know how to tell Robert short of coming right out and saying it. I couldn't just ask him to fuck me. I knew that would sound crude even at the age of eight. Robert and I slowly fell in love with each other over the years. At first it was a father daughter type of relationship, well on Robert‘s part anyway. I pretty much stayed in heat around Robert. As I said, Robert would die to protect me.”

“Later, after Robert accidentally walked in on me in the den while Daddy was doing his thing with me, it gradually changed. When Robert found out Daddy was making love to me, Robert’s first impulse was to kill him, but I intervened saying Daddy never raped me. I told Robert I liked having my Daddy do it to me. That it made me feel wanted and if he killed my Daddy, I would hate him forever.”

“It had been a mutual thing innocently starting when I was six. Sadly that was only a half truth. The whole truth, and you've got to swear you won't ever tell anybody. Especially Robert." Kenny held one of Shelia's hands gently in his own. "I promise your secret is safe with me." Shelia held her head low as she continued.

“My Momma died when I was born. I never saw her other than in some old pictures my Daddy kept in his top dresser drawer. She was naked in most of those. I don't remember when my Daddy started having sex with me, but he told me one time when I asked him how we got started.”

“I was going to turn sixteen the next day. It was a little weird. Daddy celebrated my birthday a day early. Daddy died right before we lit the candles on my cake. Only minutes after he told me how we first started having sex together. That was nearly four years ago. My Dad told me I was crying a lot one night. He had misplaced my pacifier. Daddy always slept in the nude. He picked me up placing me in the bed next to him. I got quiet almost immediately.”

“We had both gone to sleep. Daddy said he woke up later and found I had rolled over taking his penis into my mouth using it as a pacifier. From then on when ever I cried for my pacifier, Daddy would take me to his room and let me suck it for him.”

“By the time I was three, my Daddy was eating me too. We would lay in the bed for hours at a time slurping on each others things. By the time I was five, we were doing it all. Daddy actually did anal sex with me about a week before we had intercourse.”

“Don't get me wrong, I am not angry with my Dad for molesting me. I loved every minute of it. If he were still alive, we would still be doing it. It's just I had to finally tell somebody. I had sex with my Dad several times a day nearly every day until the day he died.”

“Later after Robert caught us, I finally convinced him it wouldn't hurt anything for us to French kiss, as long as Daddy didn't find out. I was ten then. Eventually I pleaded with Robert to bring me off with his tongue. Robert and my first time going all the way was when I turned eleven. It was bliss. I believe that was when the final bond between Robert and I fell into place.”

“Now we do it all. Robert never approaches me for sex. I have to initiate it if I want some. Otherwise there isn’t any. Of course Robert never turns me away when I want him. I sleep with Robert nearly every night, except when I have visitors. Like if I invite some of my friends over for a slumber party. When ever I did this, Robert would sleep in a chair in front of my bedroom door.”

“He didn’t want my girl friends to be embarrassed or uncomfortable with him in the room while they were dressed skimpily or not at all. You probably know how slumber parties are. Guy’s are just out of place at them. To this day, Robert gets in his own bed every night. I have to either ask him to come to mine, or I have to get in the bed with him. Otherwise I end up sleeping alone.”

“Robert insists I have a normal life as a young girl and I be the lady of the house and he the butler, with the exception the two of us make wild and passionate love when I return. That is why I will never be the marrying type. I am head over heels in love with Robert, but he won't marry me because he considers me to be his daughter.”

“I know it is a fucked up situation, but I could never live without Robert and since he won't marry his daughter, I have no choice but to leave things as they are. I keep trying to convince him to marry me. I tell him all the time that I am not actually his daughter, so there is nothing stopping him from marrying me. He still won‘t budge on his stance.”

“Robert insists I date when ever I find someone that interests me. He wanted my life to be as normal as possible. I only date because it actually makes Robert happy when I do. I only date guys I like. I will date two to three times a week. Some of the guys are really nice, but they don’t hold a candle to my Robert.”

“Daddy insisted I attend a public school. Robert stood outside my classroom door for as long as I was in it. He didn’t worry about the blinds being open, as any threat to me was a threat of kidnapping. No one wanted to kill me. There just was no reason to shoot a little girl, even if her father was filthy rich.”

“Besides, I was useless to an outsider if I was dead. Whenever I date, Robert keeps an eye on me from a safe distance. Ready to swoop in in an instant should I give the signal I need help. Of course Robert knows I have sex with some of the men I meet. I don't do it with them all, just those special ones like yourself. In actual fact, I do it with damn few. Robert doesn't get jealous. After all, it was his idea I see guys in the first place. Robert will do anything to make me happy.”

“I treat him like an equal, so we often decide where to go together, except when I go out by myself. I know it sounds crazy, but Robert still functions as my butler. We have to be discrete around the villa as we have to put on the show of the rich girl and her faithful butler in front of the staff. No one thinks anything about Robert sleeping in my room as he has always done so for my protection and they all assume that is why he still does.“

“I have tried to get him to be my Daddy or my lover instead, but he won't hear of it. He says my Dad set up a trust fund to pay his salary to serve and protect me and as a matter of honor, that is just what he is going to do. Then he would kiss me saying the fringe benefits weren't so bad either. If I should die before Robert, I have left a will leaving the entirety of my wealth to Robert. Of course I never told him I did."

"Oh, is Robert the dude that has been discretely following us? I saw him several times yesterday, but wasn’t sure he was following us as we were walking along the beach. The guy with the blue swim trunks and yellow hair? I am glad you told me about him. I thought he was a little old to be following a young girl like you around the beach and I was getting ready to take him out if he was still following us when we got back to your Hotel. Actually, he's about my age isn't he?"

Shelia fessed up. "Yes that is Robert. He always follows pretty close. Don't worry. He won't interfere unless I give the distress signal. How the hell did you spot him? No one has ever noticed Robert tailing me. I‘ve never been able to spot him myself and I know he‘s there."

Kenny laughed. "It wasn't so much spotting him as his disappearing at all the wrong times and showing up again in an area he really wouldn't be in if he knew where he was. I also noticed the way he looked at you. It was like he was stalking you. Now that I know how you feel about one another, that makes sense too."

Shelia seemed relieved. "I am glad you aren't going to tangle with Robert. He is very tough. A tenth degree black belt, a grand master in jujitsu, and carries a 44 magnum in a shoulder holster, when he isn’t dressed in beach attire. As for him being your age, Robert has probably close to fifteen years on you. He's forty four last May. You don't look like you are quite thirty. How old are you?"

Kenny grinned. He wanted to say twenty eight, but that would be lying. He also did some quick calculating. If Shelia was telling the truth about Robert’s age when her Father hired him, which likely she was, then Shelia is either eighteen or seventeen about to turn eighteen.

"I turned forty a few weeks ago. Four years younger than Robert." Kenny thought it was time to do a little buttering up to help Shelia get into the mood before they arrived at the bungalow. He wanted to invite Robert in for drinks, but since he had every intention of fucking Shelia's brains out, he felt that would be a little crass.

"Robert seems like a very tough individual. Lucky for me, you saved me the trouble of butting heads with him. I am quite impressed with him." It was only a little buttering. Kenny actually was impressed. Not many receive the Congressional Medal of Honor, let alone four times. Yeah, he only has three, but he did earn the fourth whether he took it or not. And the rest of it, well that’s quite a guy.

Kenny pulled Shelia over close to him and gave her a sweet kiss. When Kenny and Shelia started trouncing up the patio steps, Kenny could see Robert slip quickly into the bushes so he wouldn't be seen. Kenny actually was impressed with Robert. Not too many other guy's would have spotted Robert tailing them. The guy was really pretty slick. Kenny also knew Robert knew Kenny spotted him. Kenny even waved to him at times. Shelia and Kenny went inside.


Kenny took Shelia to the pickup ramp of the Esquire Hotel at 0830 sharp. Robert was there to meet her as predicted. The chauffer got out to open the door for Robert. Robert was an impressive sight up close. Actually bordering on medium at 6ft. 7in. in height and maybe 290 or 300lbs. He didn't have more than a few ounces of fat any where on him that Kenny could see. The dude was pretty much a stack of muscle.

Shelia ran to Robert hugging him around the neck as he joyously swung her around like a little doll. She quickly turned around more or less dragging an unresisting Robert with her. "Robert, I simply must introduce you to someone very special to me as it is highly unlikely that I will ever see him again and therefore will never get the chance to introduce him if I don't do it now. Robert, I would like you to meet Kenny Smith. Kenny, this is Robert Hammond."

Kenny and Robert shook hands. Kenny could tell Robert was a little apprehensive about meeting one of Shelia's lovers up close. Kenny felt Robert squeeze his hand just enough to let him know he could break it should he decide he wanted to. Kenny quickly gave a quick crunch to Robert's hand in return to let him know he could easily break another finger besides the one he just broke if Robert felt it was necessary.

Robert was gracious enough to refrain from letting Shelia know that Kenny had just broken one of his fingers. Robert smiled as he said, "Shelia. Would you mind if Kenny and I have a word or two in private?" Shelia looked astounded, but graciously gave her approval. She kissed Kenny farewell on his cheek, went to the limo, and allowed her chauffer to seat her.

"Nice meeting you, Kenny. You are an impressive individual." Kenny interrupted, "I wouldn't say that. You my friend are the one who is impressive. Here you are toting a 44 around. I just broke one of your fingers and you didn't let on. You didn't try to retaliate. And trust me I know it ain't because you are afraid of me. You have a special lady here who thinks the world of you."

Robert turned to Kenny. "I am not going to mince words. I will come straight out and say this. When you started seeing Shelia, I did some checking on you. No offense intended, but it’s a part of my job to be careful. The results are as follows. First I was impressed that you spotted me tailing you that first day. I've never had anyone do that before.”

“I would have just stayed out in the open after you spotted me, but it was an excellent training opportunity to try to evade an expert at spotting a tail. I never did manage to do so. Quite impressive. Yes you broke my God damn finger. You, Mr. Smith have one powerful grip to do that. I didn't retaliate as I had it coming when I tried to let you know that I could break one of yours.”

“I am a pretty good investigator. I found that your last name is Morgan, not Smith. I also found that you are wanted by the police in Virginia. Not for what they should want you for, but just assault. Fifteen police officers at the same time. To put it bluntly, my investigation revealed you are one bad bitch.”

“Hell, you left a trail of destruction halfway across the country just getting here. I was going to remove Shelia from your presence to prevent anything from happening to her, but the way she talks about you made me refrain from hurting her feelings.”

“She obviously is infatuated with you. Its almost as if she fell in love with you. She has never done that with anyone else she has dated. I couldn‘t trash her feelings on something as dear to her as that.”

“Since it became obvious that you had no intention of hurting her, I decided to just stay close instead. The deciding factor was my delightful conversation I had with a billionaire tycoon. She is a special young lady I met during my investigation. Quite young, but impressive none the less.”

“A Cynthia Denise Dennings. I tricked her into talking about you by getting her to believe I was your brother. Then I acquired a copy of the police report based on what Cynthia told me. There was enough blood at the scene to prompt the police to call you dead. Somebody that would take that kind of chance with his own life to save a little girl most certainly isn‘t going to harm my Shelia.”

“Of course when that same somebody can raise such a stir as to arouse enough curiosity in a man who up to the time had never donated one thin dime to any sort of charity, to donate over two billion dollars to a sixteen year old girl, that man impresses me.”

“As I said, you are the tough bastard. I‘m not so sure I would have survived that. By the way, Cynthia informed me she would be having my ‘Nephew’ soon. She wanted me to tell you when I saw you. She’s even going to name him after you. I thought at first you were a fucked up individual to fuck a little sixteen year old girl that looks so fucking young.”

“I thought she was eleven myself. I couldn‘t accept you would do her, especially after what she had gone through, but then Cynthia told me exactly what you had done and how she had convinced you to do it with her. I would have been disappointed in you if you hadn‘t done it with the girl after hearing that. That was an act of love."

Kenny looked Robert squarely in the eye. "How the hell is she having my baby. I didn’t have intercourse with her. I mean, the girl’s only a teenager. I’ll have to arrange to see the boy someday. For what its worth, Shelia told me about you protecting the president. One little old arrow wouldn’t have done you in. Why are you telling me this? Why didn't you just go to the police?"

Robert grinned. "First off, Cynthia spit your last load into a saucer. Then she poured it into herself after you left making herself pregnant with your baby. She said she had to have a part of you to cherish.

As to Shelia, she has a little fling every once in a while. Well not usually what one would consider a fling. She dates rather frequently. A couple of two or three times a week. Rarely does she get intimate with a guy. Well, you know what I mean. She kisses them all that she goes out with. Naturally she has to like the guy a little or she wouldn’t go out with him. There is sometimes a little petting and such, but only if she enjoys the guy‘s company.”

“Oddly enough, ninety nine percent of the time the guy is within a year or two of her age. You will probably be surprised to know that Shelia has just recently turned 18. Yesterday to be exact. I know she probably told you she is twenty. Shelia usually tells the truth about her life except she doesn’t like to admit she is that young.”

“She has been dating since she turned twelve and has only allowed four of her dates to take her home with them. Trust me, she wasn’t anywhere near twelve then. I know for sure that she wasn’t intimate with two of the four, as she didn’t take a shower before she left their place and she didn’t smell of sex, when she got back either.”

“Sometimes when she has been heavily petting with one of her dates that she didn’t allow to take her home, I could smell her juice on her from arms length. Shelia wasn’t in either of their rooms long enough for her to have sex with them as Shelia wants at least a two hour marathon or nothing at all. She was however in the home of the other two for an awful long time for it to have been otherwise. And you my friend were one of those.”

“The other was a young woman close to her age. It was obvious they had been intimate as I could taste the girl on Shelia as I kissed her when I picked her up. I am sure that was just curiosity. I didn't peek in the windows.”

“I don't ask her about what she does or does not do with any one she dates, and she doesn't tell me what she does. Not that she doesn’t want to tell me. It’s that she doesn’t want to make me feel bad about it. What I am telling you is Shelia isn't some slut that goes around doing it with everyone she meets.”

“She likes to date and meet people, but you can count her sex partners on one hand. I believe four would be the correct number, if one includes the young lady. She has to be very impressed with a guy to let him bed her and must be extremely impressed with you to introduce you to me. She has never done that before. I would never pop her bubble by saying anything bad about you.”

“Shelia knows I am a very tough and unforgiving individual as she has seen me in action when I protected her from being kidnapped for ransom. She made me promise I would do nothing to injure you. What I am proposing and that is only if you are game for it, is after I take Shelia home, I will return tomorrow morning.”

“I would like to have a friendly get together. You know, just to see who the man is. Please understand, if I didn‘t believe all the things I found out about you, I would never offer this challenge. I think you are tough enough to give me a good showing.”

“I must warn you ahead of time I am heavy into the martial arts. I have never lost a match. I promise not to permanently injure you. Afterwards, win or lose, I insist on taking you to all the bars around town. It would be interesting to see who can hold the most liquor. What say you Mr. Smith?"

Kenny smiled. "Sure, Robert. Sounds like a lot of fun. I must warn you ahead of time. I don't know a damn thing about martial arts. All I know about fighting is if your foe can’t hit you, he can't hurt you.” Robert smiled, “By the same token, you’ve got to hit the guy to hurt him. Somewhere down the line you have to have some offensive technique, or you’ll lose for sure.”

Kenny just smiled back. “You can wear a man down without hitting him. I assure you of that. I also need to warn you, I haven't drank much rocket fuel in over ten years, so you may be opening a can of worms. See you in the morning. Say 9 AM." Robert went to the limo.


That next day, Kenny opened the front door to his bungalow promptly at 9 AM and there stood Robert Hammond in the flesh. Kenny spoke up. "OK. Dude, where do you want to do it?" Robert grinned, "The beach will make a fine mat so you don't get hurt so bad when you go boom." Kenny laughed. "That will do just fine." The two men went out back of the house onto the beach.

Robert immediately started into a frenzy of Karate moves. Kenny was impressed with Robert's speed and agility. It looked like Robert had five fists instead of two and his feet were coming at Kenny so often it looked like he was standing in mid air at times. The two men parried for over two hours.

Finally Robert held his hands up. "I've seen all I need to see. I really am impressed. It's been over two hours. I've done everything I know how to do and I have yet to lay a finger on you. You have evaded nearly everything I've thrown at you and blocked all the rest. The most amazing part is you haven't taken a swat at me, not even once. What gives?"

Kenny put his arm around Robert's shoulder. "I'll level with you, if you promise not to tell Shelia I said anything. Promise?"

"Promise. I swear I won't tell her a thing." Kenny continued. " First off. I thought you never left Shelia alone. I thought you were always around her to protect her from all these attempts to kidnap her. How do you know she is safe right at this moment?“

Robert grinned a sly smile. “I have my brother Charles keep her for me every now and then. Maybe fourteen days out of the year. Gives me a day off here and there. Gives Chuck a chance to spend a little time with his niece.”

“Shelia loves her Uncle Chuck. Charles is nearly as mean and as tough as I am, so I don’t worry about Shelia when he’s around. Charles has received the CMA twice himself. Both times in Iraq.“

Kenny continued, “I thought I had fallen in love with Shelia right off the bat. At first I wanted so much to make her my wife and to have her with me for the rest of my life, but I am not the marrying type. I was very concerned about how I was going to let Shelia down without hurting her. Fortunately for me she is head over heels in love with you.”

“When she told me she wanted no one but you, I was so relieved. If I were the marrying type, I would scoop that little girl up. She is quite a find. Shelia confided in me about her Dad and what they did. She also explained your relationship to her. I must say. It is a little strange, but I am impressed with the love between the two of you. Now I realize how much Shelia must care for me. I believe I am only the male ever to make love to her other than yourself and her Father.“

“Quite an impressive young lady. Its amazing. A girl that likes sex that much and has only really had three partners. I refuse to count the young girl as a partner. I didn't promise her I wouldn't hurt you, simply because she figures I would be no match for you. There is no need for her to know any different. Doesn't matter. Out of respect for her, I could never harm you.”

“Keep on treating that little girl like she's your daughter. Do you have any idea she worships the ground you walk on? You really should marry that girl." Robert looked shocked. "I always knew she liked me, but I never knew how much. By the way, my research was correct. You are one bad bitch. You could have taken me out at anytime out there on the beach. Since we are all leveling with one another, I’ll level with you. Never, is Shelia to find out about this.”

“I would love to marry Shelia. It really hurts me deeply to refuse her that, but I can't marry Shelia. She is my daughter. Really my daughter. I met her Mother at her Father‘s golf club. We started out being good friends, but it gradually turned into a wonderful love affair that tragically ended when she died from complications giving birth to Shelia.”

“I know I am the Father, because Shelia‘s Mother told me shortly after she became pregnant that she asked her husband for permission to find a man she really loved and to allow him to get her pregnant before it is too late for her to have a child.”

“Shelia‘s Father was sterile and could not provide his wife with a child. He loved her enough to let her have one and he also understood she wasn‘t the type of woman who could have a child with a man she didn‘t love deeply. He also knew her love for him would never dim. He even put my name on the original birth certificate.”

“There was no way I could take that child away from that man. I forgave him for having sex with Shelia as I later found out how hard she was to resist, especially when I found out that was all she ever wanted in the first place. That was an act of love as well. On his part and mine. Shelia would have suffered a lot of heartbreak if her Father and myself hadn‘t made love to her.”

“His wife told me how important it was for her to give him a child and how badly he had wanted one. He had always wanted the child to be a girl, so he could spoil her. The man loved her more than his own life. So as you can now clearly understand, as much as I love Shelia, I cannot marry my own daughter." Kenny looked shocked then turned up the beach. "Come on. I'm thirsty."


Several months later, Kenny looked outside the patio door. It was raining, but was still disgustingly hot, so he decided to take a walk up the beach, besides he figured it usually doesn't rain long anyway. He headed for one of the less remote areas of the beach. The view is always better there, especially if you are looking for some companionship. Kenny stopped in at the Seasurf Motel along the boardwalk.

He liked the relaxed atmosphere around the pool. When he arrived the rain had already stopped, and there were some fantastic looking young ladies in for a swim. Kenny sighed as he thought to himself.

"I am getting up in age, but at forty, I can still cut the eye of quite a few of the 20 year olds, although I'll be the first to admit that it isn't as easy as it was when I was 20." He was getting his eyes full and was just about to start to make a move on a cute brunette, when this little girl caught his eye.

She was a tiny little thing. It seemed strange and yet perfectly normal at the same time, every one else was wearing string bikinis or at least beach attire. This little girl was wearing a pair of full length jeans and a long sleeve shirt that buttoned up in the back. The jeans were so tight, her pussy almost seemed to be chewing at the bottom of them. It was an impressive sight. Her face was absolutely gorgeous, sporting the cutest pink dimples you ever wanted to see.

Her chest length dirty blond hair shimmered in the sunlight accentuating the moistness of her lips. She was quite a few inches shy of 4 feet in height. Kenny reckoned about six inches shy and she looked to be about 30 to 35 pounds. Her hands were tiny, but perfect.

No one has ever looked so smooth and soft. As pretty as she was, it was her eyes that really tore up Kenny's nerves. The irises and pupils were jet black, with a thin golden ring around the pupil. The rest of her eye was as white as white could be. When the sun caught her eyes, they glimmered a stunning blue in its rays. Kenny suddenly found himself staring at her.

She looked completely out of place, like she was from another planet and no one had told her what to wear when at the beach. Kenny was smitten. He had the thought run through his mind, "She is beyond gorgeous. Yet, no one seems to pay any attention to her other than a few of the young boys, on occasion and myself.”

“That is so strange, as pretty as the little girl is, the boys only seem to pay attention to her for a short while and seemingly go back about their business. I on the other hand can't take my eyes off of her. She is fantastic. I just don't get it, I am eat slam up with her and none of the other guys even seem to notice her. It's as if she is invisible to everyone except me."

To be continued……………………………….........

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