A story of something out of this world, that isn't out of it.
I really hate to waste all this space in a preamble to my stories. I thought the one I had at the beginning of the stories I edited so far would have been sufficient, but it seems the self appointed pedo police are hell bent there are minor children in my fictitious fantasy stories.

I have always been fond of small dicks and pussies. The problem is some of you think only young children possess them. My dick has always been little. Yet I am not a child. I know women that have tiny tits, little pussies, and no hair down there. They are not children either. And that’s in the real world. In Fantasy Land, the guys and gals alike can be short, skinny, and hairless without being minors.

As a matter of fact, there is an island in Fantasy Land that puts restrictors on all its males’ penises to keep them little after puberty, much the same as the Japanese do their women’s feet. The girls use a special cream that shrinks the vagina. I mean, what girl wants a big sloppy pussy when all the men have tiny pencil dicks?

I can’t tell you the name of the island for security reasons, but I can tell you it isn’t Fantasy Island. All of its citizens stay young looking and never gain much stature. No one ever dies there. Its due to some chemical in the soil. That’s the reason for the security. Otherwise there’d be a stampede of dumb asses (Pedo Police included) storming the fictitious beach ruining the lives of these wonderful people.

For those of you who have a little common sense, I apologize for being blunt. For those of you that don’t, please get some. I have searched far and wide up and down Fantasy Road for many a year to find the characters I was looking for.

First I found a cute little midget. He is very petite, but unlike David Bennent who was eighteen and looked ten, when he starred as Honeythorn Gump in Legends, my midget is twenty one and could pass for twelve in short shorts. Trust me. Twelve he ain‘t. The mother fucker had a twelve inch dick when I first saw him. It seems a lot of folks in Fantasy Land have twelve inch dicks. Most of them are as fictitious as their dicks.

I couldn’t deal with the cute little bastard having all that dick, so I cut it off for him and sewed a skinny pencil dick in its place. You can find those all up and down the road in Fantasy Land. They are a dime a dozen. Then I slapped the silly bitch around for awhile until he got a bad case of amnesia. At that point I told him he is my twenty one year old little boy. He, not wanting more amnesia treatments, believes he is so.

The little fucker also plays any character I ask him to. Since that time I have acquired several other characters the same way. They all play different characters in my many stories. They all do what I tell them to, but they won’t touch a part portraying a young child. They’ll let me tell about a person’s childhood, but that’s about it.

Melinda, the only one that doesn’t mind me using her real fictitious name, is one of three girl characters I have acquired other than the ones from the island. Melinda is twenty three. She will occasionally play a girl as young as sixteen, but refuses to stoop any lower.

She is smooth, petite and very desirable. The only problem I had with her was her pussy was all hairy and loose. I couldn’t stand that. I did laser hair removal on her and I must say she looks sweet being that smooth and hairless.

I got one of those African head hunter guys to help me with her big old nasty pussy. He used his head shrinking magic to make her pussy small and tight to my delight. I convinced her to have breast reduction surgery. I love a flat chested bitch.

I like em small and she had always wanted to look a little boyish. She may even play a guy part at some time or the other. Who knows. When she does, it will still be a fictitious part. She looks like a young girl. So much so, I have to lie about her age.

The bitch couldn’t get into a G rated movie without her fictitious parents. She doesn’t like anything real. Not many in Fantasy Land do. I don’t want to give anything away, but Melinda plays the part of Marcy in this story. That is of course when Marcy shows up. I think you’ll find her performance quite convincing.

I also use some of the folks from the island. I like that because they work cheap and I don’t have to cut off their dicks nor do I have to give them amnesia treatments. This also lets me avoid dealing with the head hunter. That dude’s a little weird for my tastes.

True, I call some of them little boys and little girls. Some of them are quite naïve when it comes to sex, but that is only because their fictitious Fathers were very protective of them as they weren’t growing up. Bottom line, there are no fucking children in my fantasy stories. Fictitious or otherwise. I would like for you folks that have pedophilia stuck in your minds to either get past the dumb shit or quit reading my stories. The rest of you can feel free to enjoy.

This story is book length. There are only eight parts, but most of them are pretty long. There is a lot going on in it. I built the characters up slowly to allow you, the reader to relate to them. The story also is built up slowly to allow the reader to understand how the main character ticks so they can understand and feel the torments in his mind as his situation changes through out the story.

There are twists and turns through out. The story line is very complicated and is not written for the average moron, so if you are a simple minded idiot, do yourself a favor and read something else. Everyone will be able to tell who you are from your comments. If you enjoy a varied plot, read and enjoy.

I tried to keep all the facts straight from one chapter to the other, but it being such a long complicated story, I am sure I managed to make a goof here and there. Please feel free to rub my nose in any you find. I am sure to enjoy them as much as you do.

Remember it is important to read the parts in order. Otherwise the reader does not know what is going on at some points. I have included alien as a theme. You may not think it appropriate in the first couple of chapters, but I promise to deliver. Some of the characters in this story are younger than in my previous stories. Sixteen is the youngest. There is mention of twelve year olds, but only to explain their situation. Everything else is explained in the story.

I did not describe a sex scene with any below age persons for the site. Only what happened to them as a child without going into a story about it. Purely as news items.

If you think the characters are younger, perhaps I could recommend a good therapist to help you get children out of your mind. This story is not for you folks that want a quick nut. It is for the more sophisticated reader who while he still wants plenty of sex, also enjoys some plot.

Some of the sex scenes are described in great detail. Others are strongly implied. I find that is sometimes more erotic than having a blow by blow for every sex scene. For those of you that don’t agree, I included plenty of blow by blows as well.

For the technical aspects of the story, I use the things I know to add credibility to the events in the story. The rest I simply make up using wording that makes it seem probable. I apologize that some of it will not stand up to scientific reasoning. It isn’t meant to. This is all fantasy. Happy reading.

The Bastard Bitch Part One

Jane stood looking in the mirror, admiring her own beauty. Her nudity exuded itself back at her from the shimmering glass. She glanced over toward the bed. Kenny was in a deep slumber, looking like he didn't have a care in the world. The events of last night started rambling through her head.

Jane leaned back slightly basking in bliss as she thought to herself, "Damn, I feel so good. I can't remember the last time I felt like that making love. He is really something. I've never found anyone who knows how to work my pussy like that. When he ate me, at first I thought I would go crazy. Kenny teased me so. When I finally exploded down there, I felt like his lips were a part of me."

Jane looked back toward the bed. Kenny didn't have anything on, not even a sheet. Jane stared at him. He didn’t quite look thirty, although he told her last night he was very close to forty. Jane thought he was gorgeous, if she hadn't, she wouldn't have come here with him.

It was the first time she had ever done it with a guy the same night she met him, let alone with a guy twice her age. Hell, she normally dated a guy for six months or more before allowing him to bed her. It was also the first time she had done it the whole night.

He was only 5 feet 10 inches tall, but he looked solid and extremely strong. His arms were longer than she had ever seen on a man that size. Longer than on any man for that matter. They hung down past his knees like those on a gorilla, yet his shoulders showed no signs of drooping. She couldn't help thinking with all that hair on them, they may as well have come from a gorilla. His legs were the same way, but his chest had only a sparse patch of hair between the nipples.

The rest of his chest as well as his back and ass were hairless. Jane found that to be awesome. She had never seen a man that hairy that had such smooth soft skin in all the areas that didn’t have hair. There was absolutely no hair anywhere under Kenny’s armpits. Jane thought he shaved them along with his genital area. Truth was hair just never grew there.

His lack of penal hair had always been a great source of embarrassment for Kenny when the other boys in school grew theirs. They teased him unmercifully in the showers after gym class. Later, he found that missing hair was a chick magnet. The girls loved to have a nice smooth area to lick on and still be able to enjoy some nice coarse hair as well. Jane liked men that weren’t afraid to shave it clean.

Hell, that was the only reason she had given him a blow job. Jane had never done that before either, well not for any of her boy friends. They always looked so gross with all that hair around them. Her Daddy’s sure had been when he made her do his as a little girl. Kenny’s juice actually tasted so good, she did it three more times that night and another just before getting out of the bed. Jane sighed. She found hairy guys to be such a turn on.

Kenny’s forearms looked like he stole them from Popeye himself. Kenny's upper arms were enormous, but his forearms made them look small in comparison. Jane had been thrilled the way he had held her in his huge hands. They were big because his fingers were extremely long, yet they were very slender. He was something else indeed.

She cast her eyes around the room, thinking, "How can such a good looking guy stand to live in a dump like this?" It really was a dump. There were no curtains, just shades and they were up. No pictures on the walls. Actually the only things on the walls were light switches and outlets.

There was very little furniture. Just the bare essentials. A bed, couch, kitchen table, a dresser, and the like, and they were all in the same room. At least the place was clean. Jane thought to herself, "I would love to marry a guy like him. He is awesome. Unfortunately, the bastard is crazy. I've never seen anybody so wide open."

Jane shrugged her shoulders as she started to dress. She decided the best thing to do was sneak on out without waking him, if she made love with him again, she wouldn't have the will power to leave. Kenny's wallet was lying on the kitchen table. Jane eyed it amorously. She thought to herself, the bastard has plenty of money; I could use a little too. Jane scooped it up, dropping it in her purse as she headed toward the door.

As she slowly turned the knob, Kenny said, "You can take the money if you really think you need it that bad, but put the wallet back on the table on your way out." Kenny didn't roll over. He hadn't even opened his eyes. He just knew the bitch would take his wallet. Jane turned around placing the wallet on the table. She didn't have the balls to get the money. She closed the door gently as she went her way.


Kenny got out of bed. He had been waiting for the bitch to leave. She wasn't really a bitch. Actually, she was a very nice girl and exceedingly beautiful at that. It’s just to Kenny, they were all bitches. Besides, all of them he picked up were beautiful.

He reckoned, with so many gorgeous babes out there, why waste time with just pretty? He wanted no parts of marriage. The first and only time he was ever married had taught him that. It was the longest two years of his life. No live ins either. The standing rule was one night only and Kenny stuck to it religiously.

"There is nothing like a shave and a shower to get a fellow going in the afternoon." The thought seemed to drift idly through his mind. He started remembering he was getting close to forty. His thoughts were, "Fuck, I may have to get rid of that moustache if any white hairs start to show up in it." His mind slowly moved to what he would do tonight. It was already 0730 PM. Kenny and the bitch made love off and on before crashing out the last 4 hours or so.

The toothbrush was a welcome feeling as it started to loosen that nasty taste he always seemed to feel when he awoke. It wasn't really all that nasty; it just felt that way to him. He was one of those guys that just had to be clean. Kenny continued his thoughts, "Damn, Monday is three days away. I'll have to go back to work. Guess I better stir up a little action before then, but first I need something to eat."

As the door slammed shut behind him, he muttered in disgust, "Fucking winter weather. I hate the goddamn cold." Kenny zipped his blue down coat over the black short sleeve t-shirt he had meticulously tucked into his blue Levis. His car slid sideways out of the parking lot, before he straightened it out and headed up the road. Kenny rarely went anywhere under ninety. Most of the time he managed to hold it under 130.

His Camaro was a bright blue. It was a beautiful car and he kept it looking like new. Funny thing was, as much as he loved the car, he never lifted a finger to clean it. That's what money is for. He always paid somebody to do all of that. It wasn't really a hotrod, actually it was the luxury model, but when he bought it new, he paid a little extra to get the 625 horses it has under the hood.

Dinner consisted of a T-bone steak, hash browns, salad, and a coke, all at the Waffle House. It wasn't a fancy place, but it had great tasting food, you could get pretty much whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted it, and it was cheap. Kenny made close to 27 dollars an hour in his shift working factory job at Lupus Corp, but he preferred to spend it on the babes.


After cruising about for an hour or so, checking out some of the babes along the street, Kenny spotted a little night club called the End Dive. He rolled into the parking lot thinking, "Looks like there might be some action here. I think I’ll check it out." The parking lot was almost full. Kenny was three feet away from the door when he heard, "Hey, asshole. Who the fuck do you think you are, gawking at my girl friend like that?"

Kenny turned around to see what he would be dealing with. It was obvious the guy wanted trouble. Hell, Kenny hadn't even noticed the girl, but now that he had, she didn't look all that bad. The guy wasn't big. He was only 6 feet 4 and maybe 240. Kenny clocked in at 210, but looked 180. He looked a little taller than his 5 feet 10 because of his 32 inch waist and the fact he was wearing shoes.

Kenny considered himself to be a small man. To Kenny, six eight and 300 pounds or more was medium sized. Seven foot and 400 pounds was large. The biggest man Kenny ever grappled with was seven feet four inches tall and weighed a modest 460 pounds. The guy had been surprisingly strong, but didn't possess enough finesse to handle Kenny. Nonetheless, he was strong enough to survive a run in with Kenny. Not many were.

Kenny replied, "Sorry dude, I hadn't noticed her. I'd be honored to stare at her if she were only a little prettier." This was a nice way of saying get fucked, dickhead. The guy wasn't amused, which predictably, Kenny also knew. The guy started swinging. Kenny calmly blocked them all telling him, "You'd come out a lot better being nice. Three or four more swings and I take you out." The guy was still pissed and continued to swing. Kenny wasn't mad. He rarely ever got mad.

Still he was concerned the dude might get lucky and get one through. Kenny didn't want to take the chance he might bruise. One pop to the throat and the guy was gasping for air. A knee to the private areas and he was doing toe touches. A guiding hand helping his face to the fender of one of the cars in the parking lot and it was all over. Kenny turned to the young lady, "I apologize for the insult, that was meant to put him in his place. I really find you quite lovely."


With that, Kenny turned on his heels heading back to the car. "I guess I'd better check out some other place. The cops will be here soon." Kenny decided to shoot some pool at Bender’s Depot. It was a little bar and grill. He wasn't likely to pick up any babes there, but the parking lot was in the rear and he needed a place to hole up for a few hours until the excitement around the End Dive calmed down a little.

He saw an ambulance go by as he rounded the building. It just happened to be the one going to the End Dive. The guy that tousled with Kenny ended up DOA at the hospital. He died from a crushed windpipe, but Kenny didn't know that. He hadn't known it the last three or four times it had happened either. He could hear the police sirens as he entered Bender’s. Kenny attracted trouble like a magnet, but he didn't look at it that way. He thought it was just the way the world was.

The place had a few tables for patrons to eat at, as well as a bar, where the regulars would sit. Kenny ordered a beer and went to one of the two pool tables that were there for amusement. He popped some quarters in the table and proceeded to shoot pool.

Kenny used to drink like a sop-with camel, but after his fourth drunk driving ticket 15 years ago, he learned to drink in moderation. Yep, no more than a six pack a day or six drinks a day now. He used to hit a case of beer a day or a liter of rocket fuel. He had a fondness for grain alcohol, but leaves it alone because it makes him lose a little more control than he is willing to give up at this point.

Half of the balls were already in the pocket when Kenny heard a scowl. "That’s my favorite table you're messing with. I want it back." These words came out of the mouth of a burly 6 feet 8 guy that looked to be around 300. Kenny figured he already had enough fighting for the night and said, "Sure thing Bub."

Kenny rolled more quarters into the other table and started to rack them up. The guy says, "My fucking name ain't Bub. It’s Hawk." Kenny was still in a pleasant mood and replied, "Pleased to meet you Hawk."

Hawk still wanted trouble and scowled, "You need to leave little fellow. I don't shoot no pool around pussies." Kenny grinned and retorted, "You know what I like about pussies? Well, you can do whatever you want to one of them and you aren't going to hurt it. Eventually the damn thing is going to wear your ass out." Hawk wasn't impressed. He started swinging. Kenny calmly ducked the first two, and blocked the next three.

"You know, Hawk, you'd be a lot better off being nice." Hawk kept swinging. Kenny popped Hawk in the throat and kneed him in the balls, neither of which seemed to get Hawk's attention. Kenny diverted Hawk's charge sending his face crashing into the corner of the pool table. Blood squirted out all over the place as the table crushed Hawk's nose.

Hawk got lucky and caught Kenny at a moment when he had been side tracked by some guy rushing by to get out of harm’s way. Hawk connected Kenny square under the chin with an uppercut right as Kenny was attempting to send the big bastard on another ride. The punch lifted Kenny off his feet. A quick left to the face sent the back of Kenny’s head through one of the cinder blocks in the wall. Kenny slowly slithered down the wall into a ball on the floor.

Hawk took a swipe at the blood that was still gushing from his nose and looked at Kenny for a minute or two and grinned as he started to rack up a game. By the time Kenny regained consciousness and got himself together, Hawk was leaning across the table lining up a corner shot.

Kenny realized Hawk had hurt him with that punch. He was no longer functioning at 100 percent. Now that he was no longer with it, he figured the situation called for desperate measures at least until he regained his senses. Kenny picked up a cue stick and sent it crashing into the back of Hawk's head. When it made contact, the big end of the stick snapped off flying across the floor along with a stream of blood from the back of Hawk's head.

Hawk calmly made the shot, watched the ball go into the pocket, and stood up. He turned toward Kenny saying, "What did you have to go and do that for?" Hawk was fast for a ‘medium’ sized man, but under normal circumstances he would be too slow to even touch Kenny. That lucky punch left Kenny seeing double and slowed him down just enough for Hawk to catch him with about one in every ten swings.

Trouble is Hawk is strong enough to beat his way through the side door of the average car and actually has done so on two separate occasions. Kenny hung in there for a while, but eventually those powerful blasts he was receiving had taken their toll. When Kenny woke up this time, he staggered to his feet.

Hawk stood at the ready as he fully expected Kenny to have another go at it. Kenny had been very tempted to try Hawk again, but then Kenny remembered back when he used to hunt a lot. His gun would hold three shells, but he never put more than two in it. His rationale was if his intended prey ever got past the second shot, he would let it go.

Of course Kenny never needed the second shot as he was an expert marksman. Hell, he won a hundred bucks off a friend of his by shooting a shot glass off the top of a watermelon at a thousand yards in high wind without harming the melon. He always promised himself if he ever found someone that could whip his ass, as long as it wasn't a life or death situation, he would give it one more shot.

If he lost again, he vowed to himself he would turn around and let it go. This was most definitely not a life or death situation. All he needed to do to avoid any further injury was to leave. Should Hawk decide not to let him leave then and only then, Kenny would give him another go. Kenny decided Hawk had won fair and square. After all, he figured fair is fair. Kenny started on his way out of the place; He threw a hundred on the bar as he passed to cover the damages.

The dude that owned the place, Earl Boggs, never called the cops when trouble broke out, but he would shoot you if you trashed the place and tried to leave without squaring things up. Kenny liked old Earl and always had a lot of respect for him, so he never took Earl up on his threat, even though he knew Earl would be no match for him.

Not that old Earl was a pussy. Kenny had seen him take out quite a few tough gents bare handed and Kenny had actually never seen anybody handle old Earl. Never. Kenny figured you gotta respect a guy like that. Kenny always paid the tab even though he never started any of the fights he had when he was here.

Earl was standing behind the bar with an amused look on his face. He had seen Kenny come in better than five hundred times over the last twenty years or so. There was a fight every time. Earl even had to convince Kenny to take it easy when he got into fights at the bar. Earl told him if he didn‘t, Kenny would end up killing all of his good paying customers.

Kenny promised Earl he would try his best not to kill anymore of Earl’s clientele. So far Earl has been pleased. Kenny only killed two more in the last twenty years. With the three Kenny killed in the first week, that makes five altogether. While that is generally five too many, Earl figures for a guy like Kenny, that ain’t bad. This was the first time Earl ever saw anyone actually get the best of Kenny.

Kenny was having trouble walking a straight line. Earl was amazed even more by the fact, if he hadn’t seen the pounding Kenny took, he would never even know Kenny had been in a fight. Kenny didn’t have a mark on him anywhere from what Earl could see. Kenny stopped at the door and turned to Hawk saying, "Nice to meet you Hawk."

Hawk yelled out to him as Kenny was going out the door, "Wait a minute little fellow, I owe you an apology." Kenny stopped as Hawk continued, "I ain't never had nobody bloody me up like that. You damned near knocked me out a couple of times. Well, more like five. I ain't never found anybody that could hit me before, let alone that many times. You’re a hard bastard to hit too. I bet I missed with 90 percent of my swings.”

“You definitely ain't no pussy. Hell, I was worried when you got on your feet I was going to have to face you again. I was praying to God you wouldn’t get up. I ain't so sure I could have stood up to too many more of them wallops you delivered to me. I don’t have a clue how you got up the first time. Fuck, my left eye is damn near swoll shut and I can‘t even feel my fucking lips. I ain't never had that experience before.”

“While it’s true, you been on the floor a couple of times, you ain’t got a fucking mark on you and I‘m bloodied all to hell. Plus you are walking out the door on your own power. I ain’t never had anybody do that before either. I also suspect you ain’t leaving because you are afraid of me. Tell me why you’re letting it go?“ Kenny grinned. “I figure you won fair and square.“

Hawk laughed. “If you call the beating you put on me versus what little I did to you winning, then I won fair and square. I don’t feel like I won at all. Hell, I’m the one that needs a doctor. Shit, I ain’t stopped bleeding yet. How about having a beer on me and we can shoot a game. That is if you ain't still sore at me."

Kenny smiled saying, "My name isn't little fellow. It’s Kenny." Hawk's face widened into a grin as he replied, “So it is! Kenny, how about racking em up while I get a couple of beers?"

They played quite a few games. Hawk shot a really good stick, but Kenny took a couple hundred bucks off of him anyway. Kenny looked at his watch. "Damn, it’s after 3 AM. I have to be in court tomorrow." Hawk replied, “What’cha going in for? “ Kenny smiled, "I had a slight disagreement with a couple of cops.” Kenny disappeared out the door.


Promptly at 8 am, the Judge walked out of chambers. "All rise" bellowed the bailiff. After the Judge got comfortable on his ass, the bailiff bellowed, "Be seated" Kenny couldn't help thinking, "It’s the same shit as last time, don't they ever do anything different?" It was nearly noon before the Judge called Kenny's case. That pissed Kenny off.

The bastards closed the courtroom off at eight o'clock. If you weren't there then, you didn't show up and were in contempt. Then they let him sit for four fucking hours before calling him up. He remembered them mumbling his name and something about attempted murder and then his mind started to wander to what he would do after he left the courtroom.

After hearing the evidence from both sides, the Judge sat in silence for a few minutes, obviously in deep thought. Finally he looked up saying, "Mr. Morgan, you have seen fit to beat one of my police officers half to death, putting him in a coma these last six months, and you managed to hold 12 other officers at bay for over 15 minutes.”

“All with your bare hands, just because you didn't want to soil your clothes by getting on the ground. I don't see any choice but to find you guilty as charged. Furthermore, I am sentencing you to 10 years in the state penitentiary."

Kenny hadn't paid any attention to the earlier proceedings, but he had heard that. The bailiff put handcuffs on Kenny and proceeded to escort him across the street to the jail, where he would be held until he could be transferred to his new home.

Kenny started a conversation with the bailiff immediately. "Hey, man. That seems like a pretty cool job you have. Is it as much fun as it looks like?" Kenny had a way with words and shortly the bailiff felt fairly comfortable around Kenny. Kenny already found out the guy's name was Fred.

The bailiff lit up a cigarette, saying, "I wouldn't exactly call it fun. Hang loose for a minute dude. I want to enjoy a cigarette and they don't allow me to smoke in the jail." "Hey, Fred, I sure could use one of those before we go in. How about it?"

Fred felt like Kenny was no threat to him and besides, Fred was a lot bigger than Kenny. Fred said, "I don't see why not." Fred took the cuffs off and gave Kenny a cigarette. Fred whipped out his lighter and Kenny took a drag. He had to stifle the urge to cough as he didn't smoke, but he couldn't afford to let Fred know that.

They stood there enjoying their smoke, all the while with Kenny shooting the shit to relax Fred even more. Suddenly Kenny shoved his thumb into Fred's diaphragm. While Fred was rolling around on the ground trying to get his breath, Kenny ran the ten feet separating them from the river and dove in. He went straight under the water and headed for the opposite shore.

Kenny knew there was no need in trying to head directly to his car, because he would never out run the helicopters. He would have to make them think he was going somewhere else and worry about the car later. Kenny made it to shore and ran into the woods. He was muttering under his breath, "Fucking winter weather. I hate the goddamn cold. At least, I won't have to go to work Monday."

Kenny wasted no time. He knew they would be on his ass as soon as Fred got where he could report the escape. Kenny could have killed Fred, buying a little more time, but he liked Fred. He tries not to kill people he likes. Besides Fred has a little ten year old girl he bragged is his whole world.

Kenny couldn't stand the thought of what it would do to that girl if he took Fred away from her. Kenny was running as hard as he could. He runs like an impala. Several years ago, he ran the Boston Marathon in just a little over an hour and a half. Unfortunately it wasn't during the actual marathon. Kenny wasn't a show off, so he ran it by himself just to see what he could do.

He knew he needed to put a little time between them and him. His plan was to go four or five miles out then about six or seven more down river. Then he would head back to the river, cross it again, and hope he didn't freeze to death on the way back to the car. He did have one advantage he planned to use.

Kenny had almost been late to court because he had to park several miles away from the courtroom to find a space. That would give him half a shot at retrieving the car. He would need it to get out of state. He was also banking on two things. First they would never figure him to double back close to the courthouse and second, they didn't have any idea where he parked the car.

After running about 5 miles straight from the river, Kenny decided it was time to leave a trail that would be a little harder to follow. He traveled up river several hundred yards before shinnying up a tree and hopping from tree to tree for a half mile or so back down river to throw the cops off and to eliminate the dogs.

When Kenny's feet hit the ground, he started running. When Kenny finally made it back to the river, he thought to himself, "Fucking winter weather. I hate the goddamn cold."

The river was a lot wider here and Kenny did not relish the thought of getting back in that cold assed water. He had no choice and in he went. Kenny made it to the car. He was smart enough to stay within the speed limit. He had to either ditch the car or disguise it so it wouldn't be spotted so easily.


Kenny knew a place that painted cars. It was owned and operated by a guy who hated the police and just happened to be a friend of Kenny's. Plus the guy was about Kenny's size. He could get a change of clothes and maybe a coat from him. Kenny rolled directly into one of the bays when he arrived.

Kenny liked his new maroon Camaro with the red vinyl top. The guy even gave him a set of tags off of one of his cars and told him he would wait a week or so before replacing them. Another nice thing was they came off of a maroon Camaro with a red vinyl top. Kenny muttered under his breath as he turned on the heater in the car, "Fucking winter weather. I hate the goddamn cold."

Kenny got out his wallet and counted $1250.00. He had a bank card with another couple thou in it, but he would have to be careful about where he got it out. He would have to do it within 24 hours before the police could freeze it.

Kenny stopped in four different convenience stores to get the rest of the money. He made sure to park across the street to keep anyone from describing his car. The video cameras wouldn't matter. By the time the police connected him to any of the stores, he would be long gone. They already knew what he looked like, so who gives a shit.

Kenny had no idea where he was going to go. All he knew for sure was he had to go. He muttered again, "Fucking winter weather. I hate the goddamn cold." Kenny knew it was a necessity to keep his speed within the limit. Kenny had been driving for about ten hours when he realized he needed gas. Trouble was he was in someplace that seemed like it was farther in the boonies than Bugtussle.

All he knew for sure was he was somewhere in the mountains of Tennessee. Kenny pulled into the first gas station he found just as his engine sputtered as it expelled its last gasp of gasoline. Kenny muttered under his breath, "Ain't there nothing in this fucking town that stays open past six o'clock? This place is closed up tighter than my first old ladies asshole."

Kenny shrugged his shoulders as he got out of the car. He walked around the empty gas station checking for two things. First that there really wasn't anyone here and second to find the lids to the tanks. He opened the trunk and pulled out a little hand pump with about twenty feet of plastic tubing. It only took about ten minutes to fill his tank. Kenny even put the lid back on the tank.

He only traveled about a half hour farther when he found a dirt road leading into the woods. Kenny pulled into the road and backed his car into the woods. His thoughts were, "Damn. It’s been a long fucking day. I think a little sleep is in order. When I wake up in the morning, I need to do a little deciding on what to do."


A few hours of rest seemed to work wonders. Kenny felt like a new man. He started up the car and headed down the road. Kenny couldn't help laughing at the first sign he saw along the side of the road. "Now leaving Bugtussle. Fucking figures." About ten hours later, Kenny rolled into Texas. He stopped in a small dump called The Greasy Spoon. He went inside and took a seat at the bar. A waitress walked over to him. "What can I get for you handsome?"

Kenny smiled at the gal. He was just being polite. She wasn't bad looking, but she didn't meet his specs. There wasn't time for that kind of thing anyway. "Make it a T-bone. Well done. Give me an order of fries and a coke too. Kenny had hardly started eating when the dude next to him started some shit. "Hey, Popeye. Where the fuck did you leave Olive Oyl? You are about the most fucked up looking dude I believe I've ever seen."

Kenny smiled. "When I left, she decided to stay in bed with your old lady. What the fuck's it to you anyway? As to looking fucked up, I don't look no worse than you are going to if you keep fucking with me." Kenny continued to eat. The guy got really pissed and stood up. "Get off the stool asshole. I am going to rearrange your face." Kenny smiled again. "Who the fuck are you anyway dude?"

The dude replied, "Around these parts, they call me the Executioner. Nobody fucks with me and lives to tell about it. Who the fuck are you dickhead?" Kenny smiled between gobbles. He was obviously stalling for time. Kenny knew if he whips the guy’s ass, dinner is over. Right now eating is priority. "Name’s Popeye. You look more like Olive Oyl than she does." The Executioner wasn't amused. "I told you to stand up you chicken shit bastard."

"Damn Mister Executioner. Don't you allow condemned prisoners a last meal in this state?" This time the guy grinned. "I tell you what; you go ahead and finish eating. I can wait that long to whip your scrawny ass." "Good, Mister Executioner. Have a seat and I'll buy you a beer while you wait." The guy sat down drinking the beer as Kenny finished eating. Kenny paid his tab leaving the waitress a nice tip.

He turned to the guy sitting next to him saying, "You still determined to get your ass whipped? I ain't hungry no more." The Executioner got up from his stool and started in on Kenny. Kenny ducked and blocked so many of the punches; the guy got frustrated and kicked at Kenny.

The dude’s aim was off and he kicked the bar stool out of the floor. Kenny hit the Executioner one time in the nose, shoving the cartilage into his brain. The guy fell back on the floor from the force of Kenny's punch. Kenny filled up at the gas station across the street and continued on his way.


Kenny lay back on the bed. “Yes. This beats the shit out of sleeping in the car.” His intentions had been to zip straight out to California. Problem is driving got to be a drag. Kenny figured he’d lay up for a night or two and then continue his journey. It’s not a fancy place, but compared to the last three nights, the Dixie Motel is heaven. Kenny was so tired when he checked in, he didn’t even know what state he was in. A quick look at the map later will fix that.

The clock on the table insists he’d been asleep for eight hours, although it only feels like two. Kenny decided to walk around to the end of the hallway to get ice and have a cold drink of water before grabbing a shower. A good meal sounded like a good idea as well.

Kenny stopped dead in his tracks. Standing before him directly in front of the ice machine was the prettiest young lady Kenny had seen in almost a week. “Wow. Where are you heading? I might just have to go there sometime.” The girl smiled.

Kenny scanned her body. Brown eyes and hair. Curls cascading around the area where her tits ought to be. Beautiful tanned legs hanging out of her shorts along with a sweet tuft of her cheeks on each side. Short little thing with a slender waist and decent sized breasts. The back of those shorts climbed right up into her crack. Her hazel eyes were mesmerizing.

“I’m on my way to Vegas.” Kenny grinned. “Can’t say I’ve ever been there. I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun. Maybe you’ll get lucky and strike it rich. Are you gaming or just after the slot machines?” The girl laughed as she cast her eyes toward Kenny’s middle. “I’m gaming. Poker is my line. Looks to me, you’re the one after the slots.” Kenny glanced down suddenly remembering all he had on was short gym trunks. He could see his hard dick tenting out the front of his shorts.

Kenny smiled. “Sorry. Don’t mind him. I’ve never been able to convince him to behave around a pretty lady. And, no, my game is Texas Hold’em. He’s the one that gets into slots. I‘m fixing to have dinner after using some of that ice for a nice cool drink. Would you care to join me?”

Her gaze scanned his body up and down. “My name’s Gail Landon. Are you asking me to join you for supper or inviting me in for a drink?” Kenny broke into a wide grin. “Name’s Kenny Morgan. I am very pleased to meet you.” Kenny extended a hand which Gail gladly shook in a hearty greeting. “Truthfully, I was asking you to accompany me to a nice meal. However, I could use the company while we enjoy a drink. I have to warn you, all I have is bourbon.” Kenny made the quick decision the cold water could wait.

Gail smiled at Kenny as she pointed at his erection. “If I accept, do you think you can keep a rein on him?” They broke out in laughter at her quip. “Don’t worry about him. He may stand at attention when he sees a true beauty such as yourself, but he only does what I tell him to do. I am sure he already knows you are quite the lady.” Kenny offered an arm which Gail gladly accepted. The two of them strolled arm in arm back to Kenny’s room.


“How do you like your drink?” Gail leaned back in the chair. “Make it a double. I like to be able to taste the bourbon.” Kenny poured two double bourbon and waters on the rocks. He took the one handing the other to Gail. She took a sip. “Have you been here long Kenny?” “No. I arrived late last night. How long do you expect to be in Vegas?”

“I don’t know why, but for some reason you strike me as the kind of guy I can trust. I was working as a waitress in Kentucky. I saved every dime I could for two years. I amassed nearly ten thousand dollars. My intent is to stay long enough to get rich. Then I’m heading for the beach in California to live the life of Riley. I know it sounds pretty stupid, but that’s my dream.”

“That sounds like a pretty good dream. I’ve always been pretty good with reading palms. Let’s have a look.” Gail extended her free hand. Kenny gently pulled it toward him. “Hhhmmmm. Says here you better watch your step. You’re a novice at poker. The wolves at the table will eat you alive.” Kenny turned loose of her hand.

Gail sat in semi shock. “How did you know I’ve never actually played poker before?” Kenny smiled a sly grin. “Well, for starters, if you want to make a lot of money, you need to get at a table where what you have could disappear in one hand. What are you doing about gas for the car and eating?”

Gail hung her head. “Actually, I’m thumbing and panhandling just enough to eat off of. Unfortunately, most guys want something for their generosity. I’m not the type of gal to give it to them. Well not without liking the guy first and even then not as a trade. Heck. I don’t even have a place to stay. My last meal was two days ago. If I spend my nest egg, I’ll never achieve my dream. I suppose you’ll want to back out on the dinner invitation now?”

“Oh, contraire. I’ve already invited you. I’ll make a deal with you. A trade as you put it. You can come with me and enjoy a nice repast. Order what you like. In return, you agree to ride with me to Las Vegas. I’ll expect you to eat several times a day on the way out. There will be no more two day fasts. When we get there, I’ll turn your nest egg into your dream and then you go your way.”

Gail’s eyes got wide. “You’ll do all of that for me? You’re sure you’re not expecting sex in return?” A hearty laughter rolled from deep in Kenny’s chest. “Oh. I’m definitely expecting sex, but not for helping you. The sex is for after you get to know me and you ask me for it.”

“You certainly have a way with words my friend. What’s to make me believe you won’t rape me on the road?” Kenny took Gail’s empty glass setting it on the table. “It’s time to eat. Lets go.” Gail threw her hands on her hips in defiance. In the mean time, Kenny threw on a pair of cut offs and a shirt. “Hey, buster. I haven’t agreed to anything yet. Besides. You haven’t answered my question”

“We can discuss it on the way.” The door swung open and Kenny led her out. “If I was going to rape you, as pretty as you are, I’d be finished by now.” The two walked across the parking lot of the motel to a little restaurant name of the Food Rack. It wasn’t the type pf place Kenny would choose to wine and dine a young lady, but it happened to be the only place within miles.

Gail was already beginning to relax and enjoy Kenny’s company. Besides, she loved his southern accent. The words almost lulled themselves from his throat. She could listen to him all day. And besides, she thinks Kenny is one good looking hunk. Gail stopped short looking into Kenny’s eyes. “Okay. You’ve got a deal. You sound so sure of yourself, just when are you predicting I’ll ask you for this sex?”

Kenny calmly wrapped his arms around her slender frame leaning down kissing her sweetly on the lips. Gail melted in his arms kissing him back. Kenny broke off the kiss after a minute or two. He put his arm around her waist pulling her close to him. “After dinner. Besides, unless you plan on sleeping in the parking lot, you’ll have to stay in my room. There’s only the one bed. Be a whole lot easier on my friend here if you see fit to provide him with a slot to hang around in.”

Blissful thoughts wafted through Gail’s head. “Damn. This guy is a smooth talking rascal. He already got a kiss from me without even trying. If I still feel like I do now after dinner, I’ll definitely be helping his friend with his problem.”

Dinner consisted of steaks and baked potatoes with cokes. There was lots of small talk and light hearted teasing about sex and poker. Kenny gave her lots of tips about how to win in poker. At one point Gail had taken her stash out of her pocket to show it to Kenny. He immediately covered it with his hands. Kenny whispered quietly, “Never do that. The wrong person might see it. They could follow you around and take it from you when the time is right.”

Gail deftly slid the bills back into her shorts. They talked for hours. Gail was in heaven. She had never met anyone like Kenny before. A couple of slices of apple pie for dessert topped off the meal. Kenny left a healthy tip for the waitress and they left.

When they got back to the room, Gail was expecting Kenny to make some kind of move on her. Hell, she was hoping he would. Instead, Kenny said, “It’s getting late. We’ve got to get an early start tomorrow. Let’s turn in.” Kenny innocently slipped his clothes off heading for the shower as if Gail wasn’t even in the room. When he came out she was still standing in the middle of the room in awe.

“What’s the matter? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Finally Gail managed to find her voice, though she was still somewhat shook up. “I’m sorry. I’m just not used to having a good looking guy strip down to the buff right in front of me. You sort of took my breath away. I hope you’re not expecting me to do the same.”

“Bathroom’s over there. You can take a shower with your clothes on if you want to. Change in there if you’re all that modest.” Gail came out of the bathroom feeling fresh and clean. All she had on was a flimsy pair of panties and a bra. Kenny’s eyes followed her to the bed. He was already comfy under the covers. “What happened to the modesty?”

Gail shrugged her shoulders as she slid quickly under the covers. All I have is two sets of short pants and shirts with a few underclothes. It’s either sleep in underwear or in my clothes. I don’t want to sweat under the covers.”

Kenny turned out the light. “Good night Gail. Thanks for having dinner with me.” Gail snuggled up close to Kenny. Her hand shot down gently grabbing his penis. “Does your friend still want to get into my slot?” Her panties and bra hit the floor with a thump. Without saying a word, Kenny wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer to him. Their lips meshed in a slow passionate kiss.

The feelings of bliss multiplied seven fold as Gail couldn’t believe she had surrendered completely to a total stranger. Yet she felt like she had known him all her life. She wanted the kiss to last forever. Gail cautiously slid her tongue forward. Kenny graciously accepted the offering, sucking it gently into his own mouth.

Gail’s heartbeat picked up steadily as she felt the anticipation building up more and more. Hands roamed all around her back and then down her sides. The hands slowly tenderly traced the contours of her hips down to her knees and back up to her neck. Kenny changed the direction of his caresses to her front. His fingers swirling delicately around her small breasts. He let them get teasingly close to her nipples without actually coming in contact with either.

“Oh God. You’re driving me insane. Maul my tits. I can’t stand it anymore. If you keep doing like you are, you’ll tickle me to death.” Kenny merely smiled continuing the slow teasing rhythm moving to first the one breast and then to the other. Its never been in Kenny’s nature to hurry sex. He prefers at least two hours to get his partner fired up good before satisfying her lust. There have been the occasional exceptions, but they were unavoidable.

Gail gasped for breath. She could feel a wetness growing between her legs. Her thoughts were a jumble as were her nerves. “Damn. I’m getting so excited. My pussy is getting ready to embarrass me. If Kenny keeps this up, I’m going to hose down the bed.” Gail has always had the problem that her pussy squirts out her juice much like she’s peeing when she gets super excited.

Her legs moved apart as Kenny’s lips traveled south. She was electrified from the sensation of his tongue twirling in her belly button. Kenny continued to play. A little lick here. A suck or two there. A nudge followed by a bite or two and Gail was breathing so hard she thought she couldn’t get air. “Oh, God. The dude’s giving me an around the world. My girlfriends used to tell me they are a fantastic experience, but up until now, I’ve never had one.”

Kenny licked and sucked on every inch of her luscious body being careful to save the vital areas for last. Hell, he hasn’t even sucked her nipples yet. An hour and a half passed with Gail nearly hyper ventilating from excitement. When Kenny’s lips finally settled on her left nipple, Gail felt her pussy come alive. She went into convulsions with a ferocious orgasm. Her juices were squirting a foot across the mattress.

Kenny had intentions of finger fucking her gently for awhile until she was thoroughly wet, but this new development changed his mind. He has run up on quite a few of these vixens that get wet enough to make most men think they are ejaculating. Kenny placed his mouth over her pussy to enjoy the free shot of pussy juice. His thoughts were, “Holy shit. What a treat. She actually shaves it clean. There isn’t even any stubble. Incredibly smooth. I love it.”

As his tongue tenderly teased at her clit, Gail hosed his mouth heavily with her juice. Kenny was in heaven. There is nothing in the world he finds tastier than a tight juicy pussy. Especially a wet one. You just don’t get any wetter than this one. Gail was screaming in ecstasy. Her pussy was still squirting and she continued to have orgasm after orgasm. Kenny thought, “Damn. What the fuck will she do when I fuck her?”

As soon as Gail calmed down a little, Kenny moved his dick head up to her eagerly awaiting hole. He slid in easily. Gail’s legs came up wrapping themselves around his waist pulling him tightly into her hot box. “Shit, that’s the tightest pussy I’ve ever been in. She’s almost squeezing the end of my stuff off. This is awesome.” His hands started mauling her tits as she had requested earlier.

Gail almost screamed at him. “Oh God. You’re driving me insane. Fuck the shit out of me. Ram that mother fucker deep into me. Pound me.” Kenny began thrusting deep into her love canal. Splooshing and slapping noises radiated the room as his lightening rod pulled a suction on the way out, then blowing air on the way back in, slamming his nuts against her cheeks.

Kenny slammed her hard until Gail had another series of fantastic orgasms. Feeling his excitement nearing a crescendo, Kenny held out until he thought he might explode. Suddenly he shot his love juice deep into her loins. Gail was savoring the sensation of his warm sticky wetness filling her insides. If this was heaven, she was ready to go. Kenny pulled out of her laying next to her gently kissing her on the lips.

Gail enjoyed the moist feel of his lips for several minutes before pulling loose from his grasp. “Hang on Buster. It’s my turn. I want to see what your friend tastes like. I want you to fill my mouth up the same as you did my snatch.” Gail sailed straight between his legs slurping his pole directly into her mouth on arrival.

She had no intention of teasing him. That could wait until next time. All she wanted right now was a mouthful of his tasty nectar. The sooner the better. She slurped and licked. Gail practically put a hickey on the head of Kenny’s penis. In no time, Kenny felt his orgasm building to unload again. He grabbed the back of her head squirting his semen all up into her head. Gail pulled back with a mouthful of ejaculate smiling her ass off.

She swished it all around in her mouth before slowly swallowing a little at the time relishing every drop. “Oh. Thank you so much. That was delicious.” Kenny kissed her tenderly and sweetly one more time. Gail was astounded. She thought to herself, “I can’t believe I ran up on a guy that doesn’t mind kissing me right after I had a mouthful of his stuff. All the guys I’ve been with before quit kissing me the minute I gave them a blow job.”

Kenny pulled back from her laying on his back. His head nestled in the pillow. “Good night Gail.” Gail snuggled up close to Kenny allowing as much of her body to contact his as possible short of laying on top of him. She rested her head in the crook of his shoulder as she laid her arm across his chest. “Good night Kenny. Thanks again.”

Kenny wasn’t sure if she was thanking him for promising to help her achieve her dream, taking her out to eat, or fucking her eyeballs out. Finally he decided it didn’t really matter. They drifted off into a peaceful sleep.


Gail woke with a feeling of blissful fullness. Her first thought was she needed to get up to go to the bathroom. She glanced toward the table at the clock. Three ten AM. Suddenly she realized the pressure she felt in her rear end had nothing to do with going to the bathroom.

Kenny was snugly positioned between her legs with her feet up across his shoulders and his boner shoving itself merrily into and out of her ass hole. She had never allowed anyone to do that to her before because she had heard her girlfriends say it hurts really bad. This guy was throwing his meat into her with reckless abandon and surprisingly it not only doesn’t hurt, but the feeling is awesome.

Gail had no intention of getting him to stop, but she thought it was time for him to know she was awake. “And just what the fuck do you think you are doing?” Kenny looked down into her eyes.

“Hi. Sorry my friend informed me there are two slots in here and he‘d only had the one. How could I refuse him? From the way you were moaning and thrashing around, and clawing at my back, I thought you were already awake. If I had known you were still asleep, I would never have done this. Do you want me to stop?” The whole time Kenny was steadily reaming her backsides out.

Gail squealed in ecstasy. “If you do, I’ll cut your balls off. I swear I will. This is one beautifully pleasant surprise. I love it.” Kenny started pounding all the harder. Gail never knew her backsides could get that wet. Her pussy was squirting her juice against Kenny’s belly. Gail felt her orgasm exploding through her loins. Kenny’s fire hose erupted sending gob after gob of ejaculate down her poop chute.

Kenny pulled back laying next to her again. Gail hugged him close as their lips meshed into sweet bliss. They swapped spit for ten minutes when Gail slammed her legs together in a death grip. She bounced out of Kenny’s arms heading to the bathroom. Kenny smiled. “I guess that must have been her first time on that one, huh little buddy.”


Gail reentered the room ten minutes later. “Sorry. I wasn’t expecting that. Do me a favor. I get nervous carrying all this cash around with me. Would you be a doll and carry it for me? I know I can trust you.” Kenny was happy to hear she felt she could trust him. “Sure. Lay it on the table till we get up. Come on back to bed.”

Gail laid the money on the table. She slipped on her shorts and a shirt. She picked up the ice bucket dumping the room temperature water into the sink. “Not yet, I’m thirsty. I’ll go get some ice.” “Want me to go with you?” Gail shook her head. “Naw. Its only on the other side of the building and it’s in the hallway so I don’t even have to leave the building.

Kenny lay snoozing awaiting Gail’s return. He dozed off. When he awoke, he looked toward the clock. “Fuck. Five thirty. Where the hell is Gail. She should have been back long ago.” Kenny quickly threw on some clothes stuffing the ten grand into his pants. You just don’t leave money laying around a motel room. Not if you want to keep it.

He ran around to the ice machine. There were no signs of Gail on the way. When he got there, the ice bucket lay on the floor next to the ice machine. There was water on the floor as though she had just filled the bucket and then thrown it down.

Kenny went outside to see if there were any signs of her having been out there. Nothing so far. He thought about where she could possibly be. Suddenly he saw a set of feet extending from behind the dumpster. He strode the fifty yards to the dumpster. “Shit, It’s Gail.”

She lay in a pool of blood. Someone had cut her throat. Her clothes were off. They appeared to have been torn off as if somebody had been looking for something. Kenny shook his head as tears flowed down his cheeks. He took her lifeless body into his arms hugging her close. “The sorry bastards. They killed her for nothing.” Kenny sat on the ground crying and holding her tight.

“Damn. Mack was right. The stupid Mother Fucker did look for her. Hey you dumb fuck. Give me the God damn money. I know you got it.” A switch blade quickly appeared in the guy’s hand, as if from nowhere. Mack walked up at the same time.

Kenny dove out from under Gail’s body knocking the first guy off his feet. A helping hand guided the knife across the dude’s throat. Just as quick the knife left Kenny’s hand sailing through the air sticking through Mack‘s chest. Mack slithered to the ground.

Kenny turned looking at Gail’s nudity. He stooped putting her clothes back on the best he could with what was left of them. He wanted to take Gail back to the room and lay her in the bed, but realized that in his present situation his best course is to leave her here.

He’ll pack up. Once he is ready to leave he’ll call the police directing them to the crime. They’ll probably put two and two together and that will be the end of it. As far as the money, she won’t be needing it now and it’ll sure come in handy. “Good bye Gail.” He kissed her sweetly on the lips. Then turned and walked away.


Kenny took a look at the map. Texas. Texas wasn't so bad, but it wasn't really Kenny's idea of paradise. "Fuck it. I've always wanted to visit California. I think I'll hole up there for awhile and see what happens." Kenny had decided what he was going to do for the immediate future.

Now he would have to avoid as many people as he could. Kenny knew there would be trouble most places he went. If he only stopped for gas, stayed in the motel room at night, and took his meals to go, he just might make it to California without leaving a trail for the police to follow.

That was the magic trick. Avoiding people. Sure enough it proved harder than Kenny figured it would. Kenny had been traveling for a long time. He was getting tired. One glance at his watch explained the feeling of exhaustion. It was nearly two in the morning. Kenny decided to stop at the next motel. If he couldn’t get a room, the car and a nice friendly parking lot will do.

Kenny noticed a car parked on the side of the road. He was just passing by it when he heard a shriek. It wasn’t your typical my boyfriend raised my skirt up too high type of scream. It was a blood curdling I am about to die type. The really scary part was it sounded very young. That sent a chill up Kenny’s spine. Kenny backed up and pulled over killing the engine and lights.

Kenny got out of the car and listened intently. The screams were coming from the woods. Kenny quickly ran toward the sounds. Suddenly the thick underbrush gave way to a clearing. There in front of him was a naked girl tied to a tree. Kenny figured she couldn’t be more than twelve.

Her breasts were protruding no more than two inches from her chest. The girl had a gorgeous body, but her face was a bloddy mess. She had obviously been beaten severely. Some nude guy with a tremendous hard on swinging from between his legs was eating the hell out of the young girl’s snatch. The girl was steadily screaming in horror.

Kenny ran in grabbing the guy by the back of his head. Kenny pulled so hard the guy’s neck snapped. Just like that he was dead. Kenny tried to calm the young girl. The poor little thing had blood running out of her snatch and all down the front of her legs.

Obviously the young girl had been through hell. “It’s okay now, young lady. You’re going to be safe now. He can’t hurt you anymore. Just relax. I’m going to untie you. I have some blankets in the car you can use to cover yourself.”

Kenny went to the back side of the tree where the knots were. When he untied the last knot loosing the young girl from the tree, Kenny heard a loud thwuk. He immediately felt a sharp pain as his body slammed into the tree. Kenny tried to pull back from the tree, but realized he was pinned to the trunk.

Gradually it dawned on Kenny he had been careless. He was pretty well nailed to the tree by an arrow from a cross bow. Kenny didn’t know it at the time, but it had been rigged to release as soon as the tension on the ropes had been eliminated. Fortunately the broad head had gone all the way through and was lodged into the tree.

The girl was just getting to her feet. “Hey, Mister. Where did you go? I’m scared. Please don’t leave me here alone.” Kenny managed to stay calm, although he knew right at this minute he was in a world of shit. Kenny was trying to understand why if there were more than one guy out there, he didn‘t get popped by another arrow.

At last he decided maybe there was only the one. How he managed to hit Kenny with an arrow, although definitely a curiosity, is irrelevant at this point. “Come around behind the tree. I need your help.” The girl walked around the tree. “Oh my God. You’re hurt really bad.”

She was crying hysterically. Kenny had to calm her down. He wasn‘t sure how much longer she would be capable of being any help. The poor thing had blood gushing from between her legs. Probably from the bastard shoving things inside of her. Her eyes were nearly swollen shut. Her face was shredded and her nose was bleeding profusely.

The poor little thing‘s teeth were chattering and she was almost convulsing from the cold. Kenny knew if he didn‘t get her some help soon she wasn‘t far from being dead. Kenny thought to himself, “The main thing right now is to get her calmed down and keep her that way until I can get her out of here.” He looked toward the girl. “What is your name, Sweetie?”

The girl managed to eke out between sobs, “I am Cynthia.” Kenny told her, “Wow. Cynthia. That’s a very pretty name. My name is Kenny. Now Cynthia. For me to help you, you have to help me. I need for you to get a hold on yourself. Stop crying and calm down. I need for you to do exactly what I say, and exactly when I say so. You cannot hesitate. Do you understand?”

Cynthia immediately clammed up, except she was still sniffling a little bit. It was an amazing feat for her to get even that calm. The poor thing had been through quite an ordeal. “What do you want me to do, Kenny?” Kenny was trying to maintain his feet to keep from enlarging the hole that was presently uniting his back with his chest and squirting blood from both sides.

“I want you to go to the top of the hill. My car is parked directly behind this asshole’s car. Reach into my front right pocket. Take my keys. There is a saw and some blankets in the trunk. Wrap yourself in the blankets to keep warm and bring the saw back here.”

Cynthia headed for the car. It was all she could do to walk. When she returned with the saw, she was fully dressed. She even had on a thick coat. “I am sorry I took so long, but he left my clothes in the car. Luckily he hadn’t thrown them out as he ripped them off of me. I know you needed me to hurry, but I was freezing to death. What do you want me to do with the saw?”

Kenny was glad the girl had taken time to get her clothes. The last thing he wanted was for her to die from hypothermia. “Place it carefully between my chest and the tree. Cut the arrow in half and try not to cut me.”

“Once the arrow is cut, I want you to push the back of it in some so there is a little bit sticking out the front. This will help staunch the blood flow until we can get to a place for me to fix it. You need a doctor very soon yourself. It looks like you took quite a beating. Why did he beat you like that?”

Cynthia was busy sawing. Kenny was only talking to her to take her mind off of the situation she was in at the time. “I bit him when he tried to make me suck it. I told him if he tried it again, I would bite it off.” Cynthia started crying.

“The dude calmly pulled one of my back teeth with a pair of pliers. God, it hurt. He told me if I bit him again, he’d pull them all. Then he started beating me. After he finished beating me, he stuffed my head between his legs again. He opened my mouth and shoved it in. I am so ashamed. I sucked it like he told me to.”

“I did everything I was told to do. I was too fucking scared of him to bite it again. Then he tied me up. That was when it got really bad. I was scared to death when he showed up in my room. He told me then that the only reason he wanted me was because I am a slutty blond tramp.”

“He put a cloth over my mouth and the next thing I remembered was waking up nude in some strange room. I couldn‘t get out, no matter what I tried. He came in every so often and did stuff to me. He got me to cooperate by telling me he would go back to get my sister if I didn’t do everything he said.”

“In only a few hours he made my butt so sore it hurt to sit down. I thought he was going to fuck me to death. Later he alternated between sticking his thing up my butt and then throwing it in my mouth. I think he enjoyed watching me throw up.”

“Last night when it got dark, he dressed me and brought me here. Once he parked the car, he ripped my clothes off and dragged me into the bushes. You know the rest.” The arrow separated from the tree at last and Kenny was able to stand. Cynthia had pushed the shaft in just as she was told.

Kenny quickly built a fire. He knew the girl needed medical attention very soon, but if Kenny didn’t take care of his own problem, he likely wouldn’t make it back to the car, before he bled to death. He was rapidly losing a shit load of blood. Kenny cut a branch from a tree. He pared it down to the size of the arrow. When he had it right, Kenny stuffed it into the fire.

“Cynthia. I need you to focus. Do exactly what I tell you to. Exactly when I tell you. If you don’t, I will bleed to death and you will probably freeze to death here in the woods. When I hand you this stick, I want you to pull the arrow shaft out from the back and shove the burning stick in through the front at the same time.”

“Do it quickly so the stick will cauterize the wound all the way through. This will stop the bleeding. If you go too slow, the stick will cool off and you’ll have to do it again. I don’t think either one of us want you to have to do that. When you finish, I am going to carry you to the car and get you some help.“

Kenny handed Cynthia the stick. He could feel the searing pain from the stick as it went in. “Ok. Now pull the stick back out.“ Cynthia did as she was told. Kenny was watching the young girl. He was troubled at what he saw. Now that the excitement had died down it was starting to dawn on Cynthia just how bad a predicament she is in. It was obvious she was becoming overwhelmed. Kenny could also tell from her color she was getting dangerously low on blood.

Poor Cynthia was getting ready to lose it. She was so upset from her ordeal that she was no longer completely aware of what was going on. Kenny put his arm around her waist and picked her up to carry her to the car. Cynthia started screaming. “Please don’t beat me anymore. I’ll do anything you want me to. I’ll even swallow. Just don’t hurt me anymore.” Kenny snuggled her close as he ran to the car.

By the time he reached the car, Cynthia had passed out. Kenny thought about laying the young girl in the back seat, but seated her in the front passenger seat instead. He decided he needed to have her where he could watch her to make sure she didn’t hurt herself if she fell. Kenny remembered seeing a hospital a few miles back. He knew he might run into a problem with the police, but the girl needed immediate medical attention.

After Kenny parked at the emergency room entrance, he ran in with Cynthia in his arms. He handed her to one of the doctors. Kenny told the doctor what happened to her. That she had been tied naked to a tree in the five degree weather for God knows how long and had been repeatedly raped and beaten.

Kenny told the doctor where the guy was that had done all of this to poor Cynthia. The doctor rushed Cynthia in to start working on her. Kenny calmly walked over to the nurse at the check in desk. I left a drink in the car. I need to move it from in front of the door anyway. If the police get here before I get back tell them where I went. Kenny calmly walked out the door and got in the car. He drove off.


Cynthia was still out cold from the trauma of her experience. Doctor Mason had taken the lead from the emergency room doctor who had first taken Cynthia in to the operating room. Doctor Ramsey requested Dr. Mason take over the girl’s care as he was her best chance of survival.

Dr. Ramsey knew he didn’t possess the skills to save this little girl. Hell, her little body was so fucked up, he didn’t even know where to start. This was not the time to worry about his ego. The girl’s life comes first.

Doctor Mason started repairing her wounds. He had a crew treating her for hypothermia. Cynthia was already receiving blood. The doctor also had a team taking all the necessary specimens the police would need. He gave his crew orders to collect all the evidence the police would need, but without interfering with the health of the girl. Little Cynthia was more important than convicting some pervert.

He was glad she had passed out. It would spare her the embarrassment of enduring all the probing and poking that had to be done in this type of situation by law. It would have been like putting the poor thing through it all over again. Young girls like that always had a bad time with the pictures. It was difficult to get them to understand why they were being photographed in the nude.

No young girl wants a stranger taking nude pictures of her. Especially when they had to take close up pictures of the girl’s private areas. At least this way, she would probably never know they had been taken. Several hours later, the good doctor covered young Cynthia with a sheet and a blanket. After spending another hour in recovery, Cynthia was admitted to room 212.

It took over three hours for the police to show up. It was one of those quirky situations that normally didn’t exist. It seems the night shift had been tied up with a major accident on the interstate, and no one from the day shift had been home. It took a while for the dispatcher to trail them down. A middle aged gruffy looking chap with a paunch and graying hair walked in through the door. He was a short man.

Only five feet six, but was stocky and still pretty solid for a fifty five year old with a big beer gut. Still, he looked like the type of guy a fellow wouldn’t want to make a habit out of messing with. He had several other younger officers with him. It wasn’t hard to tell the older man was in charge. Lieutenant Galesky walked up to the nurse. “Tell me what information you have for me so far.”

Nurse Baker replied. “Hello, Lieutenant, I heard your boys at the station had a rough one tonight.“ The lieutenant sighed. “Yeah. It was a cluster fuck at the station, with that twenty five car pile up and all. Pete, Tom, and Jeffrey all went to the accident. Harry had to stay to tend the jail. They sent most of the victims to Central.”

“Ya’ll are closer, but you aren’t equipped to handle that many at the same time. I got a clip board at dispatch with all the emergency call numbers to reach the day shift. Someone got confused and screwed it all up. I’ll do a little ass chewing when I get back. Took way too long to get somebody here. That won’t be happening twice. Not that it does that little girl any good. My dispatcher said this one was really bad. I hope she’s wrong for a change.”

Nurse Baker frowned, “Sorry. No such luck. It’s as bad as it gets. The poor thing.” The lieutenant heaved an exasperated sigh. “Damn. That’s the third little girl in two months. Some bastard got a ten year old boy last week. We got him, thank God. We’ve gotta get this prick. I’ve been telling them tightwads at city hall that the town is much too big for our little police force.”

“Hell, I got half the daylight crew with me now. Maybe after this, somebody will listen. Naaahhh… I doubt it. Now back to the girl if you please.“ The nurse continued, “According to our hero, the girl’s first name is Cynthia.” The lieutenant stopped the nurse at this point. “Hero? What do you mean by ‘our hero’?“

“Sorry, Lieutenant. That’s the guy who brought the little girl in here. He saved her life. We do not have her last name as of yet. Once she regains consciousness, we will question her and notify her parents.”

The lieutenant interrupted. “Ahhhh. Nurse Baker. You say the girl’s first name is Cynthia. Is the girl about sixteen years of age? Down right drop dead beautiful and cute as a button? Is she blond? Say about four feet two inches tall with a slender build? Could this be her?” The lieutenant started searching his pockets and gradually produced the photograph he was referring to.

“Well yes lieutenant, that is a fitting description of the girl. Tiny little thing. Only this girl isn’t sixteen. The girl we have couldn’t be her. This girl can’t be more than twelve.” She leaned forward looking at the offered picture. The picture was a frontal with the girl standing on a beach in a tiny yellow bikini. It was the only one the parents had that was more recent than six months.

“Lieutenant, I can‘t tell from her face, but those are definitely her legs. There is no mistaking it. I saw them as the doctor stripped her pants off right away to stop the bleeding between her legs. Are you sure the girl is really sixteen? That must be an old photo. The girl in the picture is too young looking to be sixteen.”

The lieutenant quickly replied. “From the picture, you’d think she was twelve. Her mother says she’d swear they mixed Cynthia up with her twelve year old sister.” Nurse Baker pushed her way past the lieutenant. “Excuse me. I have to relay this information to the doctor immediately.” Nurse baker spent several minutes on the phone before returning to the lieutenant.

“I’m sorry for the delay, Lieutenant. We certainly didn’t want to have the doctor giving treatments for a twelve year old to a sixteen year old. It may have hampered her chances of survival. Yes, that is definitely her.” “Thank you ma’am. Uhhhh……..Why is it you can’t be sure from the girl’s face? The picture I have is a good one and clear as a bell too?“

The nurse said simply, “Oh. Sorry Lieutenant. I hadn’t had a chance to explain that far yet. The poor thing had been beaten so bad, it’s hard to tell from her face if she’s a boy or a girl. Her face is nearly shredded.“

The lieutenant looked visibly saddened. “Sorry, I didn’t know. The girl’s last name is Dennings. We got a report of a missing girl fitting her description early morning yesterday. Oh, sorry. Looking at the time, I guess that would be early morning the day before yesterday.

She had apparently been taken from her bedroom that night. The Mother was hysterical. At her wits end. Its been almost 48 hours. We don’t normally get them back alive after that much time. Excuse me just a sec.”

The lieutenant reached to his belt retrieving his radio. “Dispatch. 490 reporting. Over.” A couple of second delay. “490. Go ahead. Over.” The lieutenant continued. “Dispatch. We have located the missing girl. Case #189. Notify the parents. Location Arcadia Hospital. Report at emergency room desk. Over.”

“One moment 490. Over.” Several minutes went by. The nurse said nothing as it was obvious the lieutenant wasn’t finished with dispatch. “490. Parents on route. ETA ten minutes. Over.” “Dispatch. 490. Out.” He replaced his radio on his belt.

The lieutenant looked at Nurse Baker. “Continue if you please.” “The girl was brought in about three and a half hours ago by some big guy. Not real tall. Not real short either. Maybe five eleven or six foot. About 180 or 190 pounds. Huge arms. Looked impressive. Good looking thing too.”

“Real nice kind of person. Very polite, but I wouldn’t want to have to take anything away from him. The guy had blood all over him. The girl had been severely beaten and he seemed to be very concerned about her well being. The guy carried the poor little thing in here by hand.”

The lieutenant interrupted again. The nurse didn’t get upset. Working around the hospital had made her quite used to the police procedure, especially this one. Over the years, she had a lot of dealings with the lieutenant. She knew sooner or later he would get her to finish.

“Nurse. Where is the guy now?” “Oh. I’m sorry. He said he left his drink in the car and would be right back. The car was parked in the circle and he had to move it.” The lieutenant turned to one of his other officers. “Willis. Go out to the car and bring this guy back.“ He turned back to the nurse. “What did he say his name was?“

“Well, to be honest, he didn’t say. All he said was he drove by a car parked near the woods when he heard a scream. He doubled back. Parked behind the other car and listened. He heard another scream. The guy ran into the woods and found a clearing. The girl was nude. Tied to a tree in the five degree weather.”

“She had been severely beaten and repeatedly raped. Some man was performing cunnilingus on the child when he arrived. The poor thing had blood gushing out of her vagina. The guy said the man had to have been on something. After all, he was naked as a jay bird and the cold didn‘t seem to have any effect on him at all.”

“It was obvious the girl had some severe injuries. Then the guy sort of lost it and snatched the perpetrator from between the young girl’s legs by the back of his head. He must have been a little rough, because he heard a sickening snap and the guy fell over dead, which was ok by him as the bastard needed to die anyway.”

“I believe him. With those arms, I suppose a neck would be like a twig. He cut the poor thing loose and brought her here. The girl is in surgery. The Doctor will get with you just as soon as they have done all they can for the girl. Oh, Lieutenant. There was one other thing. I don‘t think it‘s important, but I heard our hero muttering almost to himself. I believe he said, and I quote, ‘Fucking winter weather. I hate the goddamn cold.’”

“Thank you, nurse.” Officer Willis returned from outside. “Sorry Chief. There is no gentleman fitting that description. No car either.” The lieutenant scowled throwing his note pad to the floor. “God Dammit. Why the hell did the bastard leave. Son of a bitch has a good four hour head start on us by now. Where the hell is that other motherfucker?” Officer Willis stooped down retrieving the lieutenant’s note pad, handing it back to him.

“Well Chief. In answer to your first question. I don’t have any idea and it‘s three hours and thirty two minutes. In answer to your second question. We found him in the clearing just where your hero friend said he’d be. Coroner said he died from a broken neck. Recently had sex. Semen and vaginal fluids all over him. Feces and blood too, probably the girl’s considering where it was. Naked as a jaybird. Frozen solid. He’s in the meat wagon outside awaiting your orders.”

“Lots of weird shit from there. Preliminary rapid fluid analysis indicates the bastard was on LSD. Coroner says the guy had to have been in a drug induced power surge to have withstood the cold while being nude like that.”

“I don’t know what kind of bastard we are looking for in your hero, but according to the coroner, a man in one of those surges is capable of taking on ten police officers, with batons, at one time and winning. How the hell this dude broke the guy’s neck is a mystery to me. One other thing that was kinda weird. Our stiff had a vasectomy. At least the little girl won‘t end up pregnant on top of the rest of it.”

The lieutenant looked relieved. He wanted to tell Officer Willis to cross match all the findings from the crime scene with the samples he knows the doctor at the hospital is collecting, but he already knows he doesn‘t need to.

Willis is a capable investigator and will follow all the procedures on this without fail. He decided all that was needed was to give the go ahead. “Prep him.” Willis turned to one of the other officers. “Okay, Bruce. You heard the Chief. Take him to the hospital morgue and get Joe started on him.”

“Oh. Chief. Before I forget. There was one other thing. We scoured the scene. Some of the guys are still doing the final fine toothing stuff, but we found something really strange. Remember that case where they found that little girl tied to a tree.”

“The twelve year old that was cut up pretty bad. The one that died from blood loss last year. I think her name was Karen. The one where the guy set the crossbow up as a booby trap to kill anyone who might untie the ropes without looking?”

“Yeah. I remember. So what?” “That’s just it Chief. The dead stiff in the meat wagon is probably the same guy that did the other little girl. At the crime scene tonight, we found a discharged crossbow. It was aimed at the tree behind where the girl had been tied.”

“Right where the knots were tied. The release was set to go off when tension was released from the bonds holding the little girl to the tree.” “Oh, fuck.” The officer was dumbstruck at the sudden interruption. The lieutenant was clearly upset and highly agitated.

“A crossbow at the scene? That really fucks things up with them other two cases. Please don’t tell me we got another perpetrator. There wasn’t any damn crossbow at the other two crime scenes. Willis. Tell me something good that’ll tie this prick to the other two so I will know we don’t still have some crazed nut out there stealing little baby girls out of their bedrooms in the middle of the night.”

Officer Willis continued. “There isn’t much I can tell you about any of this that’s good. I can, however tie all four of the cases to the stiff in the meat wagon. First let me describe what we found at this crime scene and then I’ll loop them together as best I can. There was a part of an arrow shaft in the tree. We dug it out. Big nasty jagged looking broad head. Lots of blood on it too.”

“Probably made a hell of a mess going through. Most likely fucked up all sorts of shit. Force probably slammed the guy into the tree. Our expert said the jolt of being slammed into the tree should have knocked the guy out. Other end was laying next to the ashes of a fire along with a bloody burnt stick. I‘ll lay you odds when the report comes back in, the blood in back of that tree matches our hero.”

Lieutenant Galesky interjected, “How the fuck you gonna check that? Who was our expert tonight?” “Oh, sorry, Chief. I’ll get to that In a sec. We borrowed Joe Milansky from the third precinct. A saw was laying on the ground next to it. Only prints on the saw belong to the little girl. Blood on the ground. Lots of it. As near as we can tell, our hero untied the girl and got himself nailed to the tree.”

“He must have used the saw to cut himself loose and then had the where with all to build a fire and use a burning stick to staunch the blood flow. Must be one tough bastard to bring that little girl in after all that. By the way, that’s how we match up our hero with the blood behind the tree. He left a shit load of blood on the girl from his own clothes.”

“It won’t give us his name, but we’ll at least know our hero and the dude that was pinned to the tree are one and the same. Joe said with the amount of blood the guy lost, he shouldn’t have made it back to the car, much less get the girl here and leave. We’ll probably find him a ways up the road. Nobody could survive that without prompt medical attention and most wouldn‘t then.”

Nurse Baker spoke up. “Gentlemen. The man didn’t even appear to be injured. At least he didn’t look like he had been shot with an arrow. He was however, now that I think about it covered in a lot more blood than he should have gotten from that little girl. Even with all the blood she lost.”

“Problem was a lot of it was in the wrong place on our hero for it to have been the girl's. Heck, he had as much blood behind him as he did in the front. He carried the girl cradle style in the front. Heck, the whole thing was a hideous mess. I’ve seen a lot of stuff in my time here, but I can‘t remember seeing that much blood on two people.” Doctor Mason walked in. The lieutenant looked at him.

“Can we see the girl now Doc?” “I am afraid not, Harvey.” Dr. Mason and the lieutenant are good friends. Even so, the lieutenant always refers to him as Doc. “I’m sorry. I worded that wrong. You may see her for a while, but she is unresponsive. I don’t expect her to be cognizant before tomorrow morning.”

“That is if she makes it to morning. I have already taken all the necessary specimens and photos for your investigation.” Suddenly a couple came running in to the emergency room. The woman screamed, “We’re here to see Cynthia Dennings. Thank God you found her. I thought I’d lost her forever.”

Nurse Baker ascertained that the couple are the girl’s parents. “Nurse Smith. Please escort Mr. and Mrs. Dennings to the family room.” Nurse Smith led the couple to the family room. “The doctor will be with you shortly. Just as soon as he has a chance to fill the lieutenant in on your daughter’s condition. Can I get you some coffee or something?”

Mr. Dennings nodded. “Some coffee would be nice. Thank you.” The nurse left the room. Mrs. Dennings looked at her husband. She was in hysterics. “You don’t think she’s dead do you? Why would they bring us in here if she was all right?” She fell out bawling and crying. Mr. Dennings held her close, trying to comfort her. “Of course not. Don’t even think that way. Cynthia is just fine. No one would ever want to hurt her.”

Doctor Mason was about to fill the lieutenant in on the girl‘s condition when the lieutenant held up his hand. “Doc. Give me a minute. I need the rest of the background information from Officer Willis. You‘ll probably find it of some interest as well. Ok, Willis. You told me you could tie all this together in one neat little package. Lets hear it.”

“Well, Chief. It isn‘t exactly a little package. More like a big bundle. The previous two crime scenes were missing the crossbow. Other than that, there is no difference. Both of the other two little girls were carved up pretty bad. Not quite like little Karen, but bad none the less. The cause of death for all three girls was blood loss.”

“The internal injuries were similar as far as how they were probably caused. Meaning the same stuff was shoved into all three of their little vaginas. Three of the girls were twelve years old. We have no idea why he picked Cynthia.”

“The guy doesn’t mess with anyone over twelve and evidence shows he always researches his victims. We found DNA from all four cases that matched the stiff in the meat wagon. Remember the knife I told you we found at the scene? Well, it has specks of DNA from all four cases as well. He’s definitely our man. That‘s it for now, Chief.”

The lieutenant handed the photo of Cynthia to Officer Willis. “Look at that and I’ll tell you why. He probably did his research. Cynthia has a little sister that’s twelve. Girl in the picture is short, petite, and nearly flat chested. I met the sister the other day when I was first called out to the Dennings‘. The twelve year old is three inches taller and looks at least fifteen. The bastard thought he was grabbing the youngest girl.”

Galesky turned to his friend placing the photo back in his pocket. “Well, Doc. What’s the verdict. How’s the little girl?” Doctor Mason looked down at the floor. He handed the lieutenant a file with the hospital report and photos in it. The lieutenant looked at the file for a few minutes. He withdrew the photograph of Cynthia in her bikini. He handed it to his friend. All he said was, “My God. What kind of animal would do something like this to someone this sweet?”

The Doctor started explaining his report. “I tell you Harvey. It isn’t good. That little girl has been through hell. She lost a lot of blood. Had a lot of internal injuries. Mostly the top inside of her vagina. The perpetrator apparently was shoving some objects up in there a lot farther than she had room.”

“Stuff like sticks, hair brushes. And not the handle part. And the like. Even had a couple of billiard balls stuffed up in there. Three ball and the eight ball, if it matters. Had a hell of a time getting them. They were lodged in the girl‘s abdomen.”

“Doc. Do me a favor. Have your lab boys check those objects for additional DNA. I want to know if they had been in contact with those other three girls. Willis, as soon as you get the info, I want it cross matched with the girls’ DNA.”

“Harvey, we already did that. We were hoping we’d get lucky and find the perp’s blood on them. We were shocked instead. There were eighteen different DNA’s on all of it. Even the stick. Probably more that we haven’t identified. Officer Willis. Nurse Baker can get you that information in a few minutes.“ The lieutenant broke in again. “Go ahead, Willis. I want to know in the next twenty minutes.“ Officer Willis immediately started to work on his new assignment.

The doctor continued, “Tore her insides up pretty bad. The girl had injuries as far as sixteen inches up inside of her. Some of her intestines were actually hanging out of her snatch. Her face is a mess. Looks like ground hamburger.”

“We’ll know more if she comes around. She is out cold right now. We’ll have to prep the parents a little before we allow them to see her. It isn’t a pretty sight. I don’t think she’ll make morning, but if she does, she owes her life to our mutual hero. Where is he anyway? That man, I‘d like to meet.”

The lieutenant growled. “When we prep the parents, lets not show them these photos, unless they make it necessary. The son of a bitch took off. Didn’t hang around. I don’t understand it Doc. You remember that case with little Karen Parks?”

“Oh. God. How could I forget that. Harvey, I still have nightmares about that little girl. It hurts to even think about what that child went through. When he got his fill of her sexually, the son of a bitch carved the poor little thing up like a ham. One slice at a time. Bastard actually de-boned her or more accurately de-herred her from the bone.” The lieutenant shuffled his feet.

“Sorry Doc. I know that one really bothers you, but you see, the problem is we think we got the guy that killed Karen out in the meat wagon. Same son of a bitch that did Cynthia tonight. Everything else matches except the deboning.”

“A knife that matches the cuts from the other crime scene was found in a bag carried by the perpetrator. We got lucky, he didn’t get to finish Cynthia. He was going to carve that poor little girl up the same as he did Karen. We’ll know for sure when we cross check the DNA.”

“Our hero had the bad luck to stumble onto the scene in the dark. Got himself nailed to the same tree little Cynthia had been tied to. The perpetrator had a crossbow set up in this case too. Our guy cut the arrow, lost half his blood, started a fire, cauterized the wound, brought young Cynthia to us, and drove off to somewhere or another. That’s a tough bastard. I figure he’s wanted for something or he would have stayed. Lets get it over with.”

The Doc looked questioningly at his friend. “You want to examine the girl?” The lieutenant shook his head. “I’ll peek in on her before I leave, but no exam. Not tonight. Bad enough looking at the pictures. I think they will do. I see no reason to disrobe the girl for any more investigation. I don‘t think I‘ll see anything on her that isn‘t in the pictures. Besides, I have no desire to gawk at a nude sixteen year old.”

“Of course to satisfy the legalities, I‘ll get Josephine to come in and talk to the girl if she ever gets where she can talk. If it‘s all right with you, I‘ll get her to change from her uniform to a nurse‘s garb. That way she can examine the girl while the little thing thinks she is being bathed or something like that. Might cut down on the trauma a little bit.”


The lieutenant and the Doc went to the family room. “Mr. and Mrs. Dennings. I am Doctor Mason. This is Lieutenant Galesky. After I have a chance to explain your daughter’s condition, the lieutenant will have a few statements for you before we take you to your daughter. Cynthia is in serious condition. She has been beaten and raped repeatedly.” Mrs. Dennings sat up noticeably, but managed to maintain her composure.

“She was unconscious and bleeding profusely when she was brought in. We don’t have many details, just assumptions based on examination of your daughter and the crime scene. I apologize if I get graphic, but there is nothing nice about anything I need to tell you concerning your daughter’s condition other than she is still alive for now. I will tell you about your daughter’s physical condition and the lieutenant will detail what took place.”

“Cynthia was beaten unmercifully. Mostly around the face and head. The perpetrator refrained from beating the body as it would have ruined his desire for her. He wanted to keep her body looking beautiful.”

“Be aware when you see her. Her face is unrecognizable as your daughter. Unfortunately there are some more serious injuries I am very concerned about. She was bludgeoned in her vagina so severely her entrails were hanging out of her vaginal orifice when she arrived.”

“Your daughter suffered a tremendous blood loss. It is my unfortunate duty to notify you she may not survive. If she makes morning, her chances of recovery will be about twenty percent then and that is just her physical recovery. As of right now her probability of surviving the night is damn close to zero. I can‘t begin to tell you what this has probably done to your daughter mentally. All I can tell you for sure is she will need a lot of love and understanding from the two of you.”

Mrs. Dennings fell apart. She was wailing. “Why? Why? Why? Why Cynthia? She didn’t do anything to deserve this. Please let me have fifteen minutes alone with that bastard.” Mr. Dennings calmed her back down. He held her close. He said, “Doctor, I know this is really a bad situation, but was it necessary to be so graphic in front of my wife. Couldn’t you have kind of toned it down a little. You know, like sugar coated it a bit?“

The lieutenant patted Mrs. Dennings on the shoulder. “I am really sorry, Mrs. Dennings. Mr. Dennings, please don’t be so hard on the doctor. I assure you, that was sugar coated. I don’t want to tell you any of this that I am about to tell you, but you have to know in order to have some idea of what your daughter has been through so you will be prepared to help her.”

“This is a very serious situation, so I not only don‘t have time to play word games and patty cake, but I ain‘t going to either. Understood?” Of course that was a statement. The lieutenant was not actually expecting an answer. He didn’t get one either.

“Your daughter has been through a very traumatic experience. Very traumatic. Keep in mind, what I am about to tell you will shock you. It may even make you sick. Remember, all you are doing is hearing about it. Your sixteen year old daughter has just experienced it all and it was a lot worse than the sugar coated stuff I am about to tell you now.”

The lieutenant wanted to tell them to get their heads out of their asses and listen up, but he thought about his twelve year old grand daughter, Gloria. He decided he needed to be a little kinder and more understanding as they were doing a lot better than he decided he would have done if it were his Gloria.

He continued, ”She will not be the same when she heals physically. She will need you to be caring and understanding as she heals mentally as well. She will need extensive psychological counseling. We are aware from the missing persons report someone abducted Cynthia from her bedroom some time the night before last. At this time, we cannot tell you what happened to her before tonight, other than it most likely was very sick and demented.”

“All we can tell you until we have a chance to talk to your daughter is what little we know of the events that took place tonight. A man came through these doors a little under four hours ago carrying your daughter in his arms. He and Cynthia were both saturated in blood. The doctors rushed Cynthia off to surgery. In the chaos, the hero guy disappeared. We have no idea where he is.”

Mrs. Dennings spoke up. “Could he have been the one that hurt my daughter?” The lieutenant assured her. “No. Mrs. Dennings. He most definitely was not. Please be patient and when I finish, if there is anything you feel I didn’t cover, you may ask questions about it then.”

“This good Samaritan told the doctor he heard screams in the woods as he drove by a car on the side of the road. He went in to investigate and found Cynthia nude and tied to a tree. I needn’t remind you it is less than five degrees outside.”

Doctor Mason spoke up, “Excuse me Harvey, but I think they need to know this. Your daughter was exposed to that temperature for an extensive length of time. She could possibly lose her toes and fingers and probably her nipples as well, from frost bite, although we are holding out hope they will survive without gangrene setting in. We won’t be sure until morning. Thank you Harvey”

The lieutenant continued, “The perpetrator was performing cunnilingus on your daughter when our hero arrived.” Mrs. Dennings was from a Christian home and had been adamantly protected from a lot of the world by her Father. “Excuse me, Lieutenant. What is cunnilingus?”

The lieutenant suppressed the urge to laugh as there was nothing about this shit that was funny. “I am sorry Mrs. Dennings. I was trying to be polite in a bad situation. When I said the perpetrator was performing cunnilingus on your daughter, it meant he was sucking and licking on her vagina. There are also signs that your daughter had to perform fellatio on the perpetrator as well.“

The lieutenant paused for a minute and glanced at Mrs. Dennings. She had a blank look on her face. The lieutenant heaved a sigh. Mrs. Dennings was about to ask, when the lieutenant spoke up.

“That means your daughter was forced to suck the bastard’s penis.“ Mr. Dennings spoke up. “Just a Goddamned minute, Lieutenant. That’s our daughter you’re talking about. How the hell do you just figure she was sucking a dick? I demand that you let us take Cynthia home to mend. She will get well a lot faster in her own home. She couldn‘t be hurt all that bad.“

The lieutenant sighed again. “I know this is hard on you both. I am trying to get you to have some idea of what your young daughter has been through, so you will also know she has a lot more to go through. I know Cynthia sucked the guy off for two reasons.”

“First, the guy has bite marks on his penis that align perfectly with your daughter’s teeth. Second, your daughter’s mouth has blisters and sores in it consistent with prolonged forced sodomy. She also had trace amounts of ejaculate in her mouth and a considerable quantity in her stomach.”

“Her left bottom back molar had been yanked out of her mouth. Consistent with being punished for biting the guy. Let me be clear so there is no more misunderstanding. Your daughter did not suck anybody’s dick. She was forced to suck it. Forced to suck it for a long time. Remember that word. FORCED.”

“Cynthia probably saved herself from being beaten to death before her hero could save her by sucking that dick. Mr. Dennings, your daughter did not tie herself to a tree, beat her own face to a pulp, rape herself repeatedly in the back as well as the front, and she most certainly didn’t shove two cue balls inside her vagina with the bristle end of a hair brush.“

“As for her going home, that‘s up to you. We can‘t stop you. But before you leave, I have to reveal something to you. Well, I had no plans on letting you see this, but this is the file we have on your daughter up to this point.”

“Look through it and tell me one more time you want to take her home and you can be on your way.“ Of course saying it made no difference. There was no way the lieutenant or anyone at the hospital was going to let Mr. Dennings take his young daughter home.

The lieutenant handed the folder to Mr. Dennings. Mr. Dennings opened the file. He glanced at several photos and immediately started throwing up and crying vehemently at the same time. The lieutenant took the file away from him. He waited for Mr. Dennings to get control of himself. Mrs. Dennings was the only one to intervene.

“Jake? What did you see that caused you to get so upset?“ Finally, Mr. Dennings got it back together. “Susan. I can’t tell you. Trust me, you do not want to look in that folder. I am so sorry, lieutenant. I know you have been trying to spare us and we have acted like horses’ asses. It won’t happen again.“

The lieutenant continued. “No apology is necessary. I have a grand daughter that’s twelve. If it had been her, I wouldn’t have been nearly as nice as the two of you have been. Right now you have to think of your daughter. If Cynthia decides that she needs to talk to either of you about any of this, listen, by all means. Let her talk. Do not under any circumstances let her know that you know anything she did that night unless she tells you herself.”

“You must act like you only know she was beaten, raped, and left tied to a tree to die. Let her give you the details when she is ready. Our hero snatched the fellow’s head back away from your daughter, breaking his neck in the process. The perpetrator is dead. We found him at the scene just as our hero had said. The gentleman untied Cynthia and brought her here.”

“Our hero didn’t say anything else, but he truly was a hero, and I say so because of what I am about to tell you. There was a lot more to it than just carrying your daughter to the emergency room. Anybody could do that. First of all, very few people would have gone into those woods alone at two in the morning. Especially the way your daughter was screaming. Our hero didn’t have to go in there. He went because he cared.”

“Second. The perpetrator set up a booby trap releasing an arrow from a crossbow when Cynthia was untied. Our hero was literally nailed to the tree. Somehow he managed to cut the arrow, build a fire, cauterize the wound with a burning stick, bring Cynthia here, and drive away.”

“There was an awful lot of blood behind that tree. It looked like a massacre had taken place. We believe it was Cynthia that cut the arrow and her that did all the cauterizing of the wound. Your daughter is one very impressive young lady. You should be proud of her. Remember, your sixteen year old witnessed pretty much the whole thing.”

“That man lost more blood than Cynthia did. He should never have even made the trip back to the car. We believe he went off somewhere and died. Mrs. Dennings, you owe your daughter’s life to that man. That was quite a feat. That man gave his life for your Cynthia. That makes him a full fledged hero. I expect your daughter will have a great difficulty in dealing with the loss of her hero. She will have a guilt complex that she caused that man’s death.”

“According to most psychiatrists, in this type of situation, your daughter may actually grieve her hero much the same as she would her husband. She will actually love him the same. It is not something to take lightly. She may be so distraught over the man’s death she might even try to take her own life.”

“I would recommend you have a memorial service for this man for your daughter’s sake as soon as she is well enough to attend. Make it a big deal. Have a lot of people there. Kinfolk and strangers. The news agencies will be more than happy to get the word out for you.”

“We don’t have a clue who this guy is right now, but Doctor Mason thinks he’s got a couple of good prints in the blood on Cynthia when she was brought in. We might just get lucky enough to provide your daughter with her hero’s name.”

“That will help her to recover also. Knowing something about the guy. What he was like, that sort of thing. I am finished for now. The doctor will take you to your daughter. I will get back with you as soon as I have something else I can tell you.”


Officer Willis showed up at the nurse’s station. The lieutenant just looked at him. Officer Willis hung his head. “Chief. The DNA samples all matched. The billiard balls, hair brush, and stick had been inside the vaginas of all four of those poor little girls. The little boy from last week that had his-------” Galesky looked angry. “Willis. Don’t waste my time with details that have nothing to do with this case. Especially if it’s going to be gross.”

“Sorry Chief, but the information is about this case. Bear with me for a minute and it will all be clear to you. The boy had his little whacker pulled off. Don’t ask. I double checked with the coroner about what he meant.“

“He said the guy literally yanked the boys stuff off with his hand. Sack and all. Then shoved it all into the child’s mouth, followed by a piece of duct tape across his lips. Whoever did him, liked doing it in his butt. Tore it up pretty good. The boy died from asphyxiation.”

The lieutenant interrupted, “Asphyxiation? What do you mean. Did the guy strangle the poor thing?” Officer Willis stammered slightly. Obviously he was choking back tears. “No, Chief. The boy choked on his own privates. Coroner found the whole thing in the boys lungs. Nuts and all. Unfortunately we thought the case wasn’t related to the others. That’s why we spared you the gory details.”

“We caught that bastard yesterday, trying to pick up another ten year old boy at the bowling alley. Well, talking to one anyway. We assume he was trying to get the boy to go with him, but we can’t prove it. Boy at the bowling alley won’t say shit. I think the boy’s afraid to let anyone know. Dumb fuck left his semen all over the dead boy. We found traces of the boy’s blood and saliva on him after we picked him up.”

“Oh. One more thing. We have to let the bastard go.” The lieutenant went into a rage. “Bullshit we let him go. We caught the bastard with traces of the boy’s blood still on him. He confessed to slurping the blood from between the boy’s legs. For Christ’s sake, he fucked the boy in the ass several times that we know about. Forced the poor thing to give him blow jobs.”

Officer Willis continued, “As hard as this is to believe, all three items had been up that little boy’s rectum at one point or another. Don’t ask me how the bastard got them back out or how the coroner missed the trauma it had to have caused to the boy’s ass. The guy that did it was our perp in the meat wagon.”

“All we got the other guy for is sucking on the bladder hole of a dead boy and fucking him in the ass. Chief, I checked. We can‘t even charge him with that. Believe it or not, it isn‘t illegal to suck on the bladder hole of a dead boy. And there is no law against fucking dead boy‘s in their asses either.“ The lieutenant dropped his head in disgust as he went in to have a glimpse at little Cynthia. He was crying as he left the hospital.


Kenny was hurting. He knew he would have to find somewhere to rest up to regain his strength or he would be a goner. Kenny changed his clothes in the parking lot of a gas station and cleaned up in the restroom. He stopped at an all night Food Lion and picked up a couple weeks worth of groceries. He rented a room at a little motel with a kitchenette. He had to wake the manager as it wouldn’t have been wise to stay in the car.

Kenny paid two week’s rent in advance as he wasn’t sure if he’d be ready to travel in a week, or even if he‘d be capable to do much more than crawl around on the carpet. It didn’t matter, Kenny had no place to go that needed any hurry. Besides, it might just be possible to find out if the little girl is all right. Kenny ate several ham sandwiches, a pear, and two glasses of orange juice. When Kenny hit the bed, he didn’t see daylight for twenty four hours.

Several weeks passed. Kenny had a severe fever for three days, but was feeling better now. He still didn’t think he was ready to travel across the country, but he figured it was time to visit Cynthia. Kenny didn’t really care if the cops caught him. He had to know the young thing was going to be okay.

Kenny intended to pick up another two weeks of groceries and prepay another two weeks rent when he returned from the hospital. He figured he may as well wait until his strength returned before finishing his travels. Kenny learned from the TV news the little girl that had been raped was still in the hospital and now it was certain she would recover.

The girl had become a national icon. The name Dennings was all over the screen. Everybody was rooting for her to recover. There was a buzz about who the mysterious hero was who died so this little girl could live. All the major talk shows had some expert or another invited as a guest to discuss the little girl’s malady. Some rich tycoon even offered a reward to anyone who could identify this hero. A reward of a billion dollars, tax paid.

So far there were reports, people were coming out of the wood work claiming to know the identity of the hero, but they all lacked the same thing. Evidence of proof. The police announced they had fingerprints of the hero, but they turned out to be those of an intern who was on call when Cynthia was brought in.

Kenny was thinking the real hero was the little girl. After all, the little darling saved his life that night. He figured they ought to give the money to her. Well, there isn’t much he can do about that, or is there?


Kenny walked over to the nurse’s station. He purposely picked a time of day which would make it likely no one from the night shift would recognize him. That coupled up with avoiding the emergency room should keep him fairly safe. Kenny heard on the news the girl’s last name is Dennings.

The authorities didn’t give the girl’s first name, but Kenny assumed correctly there probably weren’t that many abductions here right at this moment and if there were two, they most certainly would have reported the other one as well. So it had to be Cynthia.

The nurse looked up. “How may I help you?” Kenny put on one of his charming smiles. “Well, thank you for asking Ma’am. I’d like to know what room Oscar Dennis is in.” The nurse started looking through her registry book. “I‘m sorry sir. I have a listing for only one Dennis and his name isn’t Oscar.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, nurse. Perhaps Oscar registered under his first name.” Kenny leaned innocently over the counter tracing his finger over the columns. He slowly slid his finger past the entry for, Dennings, Cynthia Denise. Room 212 and stopped at Dennis, Wilbur O. Ah, yes. That would be him. Room 313. Thank you so much nurse.”

Kenny stepped into the elevator and went to the third floor. He then descended the stairs to the second floor. He slipped past the nurse’s station and stepped into room 212. As he did, he heard a gleeful squeal.

“Oh, my God, Kenny. You’re alive. The police told me you had been killed that night. I was so upset I haven’t been able to eat. I am so glad to see you. I thought I would never see you again. Come over here and give me a great big hug and kiss. You are my knight in shinning armor. You saved my life and I will never forget it.”

Kenny walked over to the bed, but before he could get there, a frail but happy little girl dressed only in a tiny hospital gown sporting a dark blue pair of bikini briefs underneath, with her bare chest exposed through the opening in the gown, jumped heartily into his arms. Kenny stood there hugging the young girl.

Cynthia gave him a great big sloppy kiss right on the mouth. It was a pretty sensuous kiss for a sixteen year old that was afraid to stick her tongue down his throat. Much to Kenny’s relief. Kenny lightly kissed her back. Admittedly she wasn’t a bad kisser under the circumstances.

There was no doubt of course, he had to explain to Cynthia he let her have that one kiss for her benefit, but under no circumstances was she to kiss him like boyfriend, girlfriend again. It wasn’t proper for a man of his age to kiss a young girl like her that way.

“Cynthia, I like you a lot. I am glad you are safe and are going to recover, but please don’t kiss me like that again.” Cynthia looked down trodden like Kenny hurt her feelings. Kenny picked up on it and immediately smoothed her ruffled feathers by saying something he knew he shouldn’t say to the young girl, but knew she would be thrilled to hear. Besides, it was the truth.

“Cynthia. I really enjoyed kissing you. I think you kiss really good, but if I get caught kissing an under aged girl of twelve that way, I could go to jail. Besides, you are so pretty, I might just have to run off with you if you kiss me like that one more time. You’d just be too irresistible.”

The girl beamed from ear to ear. Kenny said the right thing. “Kenny, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to try to get you in trouble. I just had to kiss my hero. I won’t do it again. I promise I won’t tell anybody you kissed me either. Just so you know, I‘m sixteen, not twelve.” Kenny smiled. “Its okay, Cynthia. I understand. I just had to come to see you were okay. I was worried sick about you. When do you get to go home?”

“It probably won’t be too long now. I would have been home a few days ago, but I have been so fraught over your death I wasn’t getting any better. I kept getting so upset I threw everything up I ate. They have been trying to have a therapist talk with me to help me get over your death. It didn’t help to tell them you gave your own life for me.”

“My insides haven’t quite healed up enough to keep my guts from falling out of my hole yet, if I exert myself too much, so they won‘t let me do much. I almost freaked out that night when I was dressing at your car when I looked down and saw my intestines hanging out of my pussy. The only reason I was able to keep myself together was I knew you were depending on me. After what you sacrificed for me, there was no way I was going to let you down.”

“One question Kenny. Why did you leave?” Kenny thought for a moment. “I believe I can trust you. I don’t want you to tell anyone what I am telling you now. I got into some trouble with the law. They want to put me in jail. I don’t want to go. Ten years is just to long to rot in jail. My last name is Morgan. I can’t stay. I must be on my way.”

Cynthia got out of the bed hugging Kenny around the waist. “I am so glad you weren’t killed. It hurt something awful knowing I had caused the death of someone special like you. I guess I’ll never see you again. Will I?”

Kenny held her close. He looked into her eyes. “Not likely. You have your own life to live. Don’t let what that bastard did to you mess up your chances to have a wonderful life with someone really special when the time is right.” Cynthia looked at Kenny pleadingly. “Kenny. Please. Since you are leaving and won’t ever be coming back, will you do one little thing for me? It will mean all the world to me.”

Kenny didn’t hesitate, but he wasn’t really prepared for what she asked for either. “Sure, Hon. What do you want?” Cynthia wrapped her arms around Kenny tightly. “Please just this once. Pretend I am not a little girl. Just for fifteen minutes. Kiss me like a woman. Swap spit with me. Let me know you love me. Suck my breasts for me so I’ll know I’m special.”

Kenny thought this was absurd. The very idea of doing that, even with a sixteen year old was preposterous. But then again, it wasn’t for Kenny. It certainly wouldn’t hurt anything to make her feel special for a few minutes. It might even make her feel good about herself again.

His arms wrapped gently around her small torso. Their lips meshed together in unison. She stuck her tongue eagerly into Kenny’s mouth and Kenny gently sucked it for her. Cynthia slipped a wad of her saliva into Kenny’s mouth which he gladly accepted for her sake. It wasn’t all that hard to do as her spit tasted really good. The girl could suck a mean tongue as well as being a good kisser.

The hard part was deciding to give her some of his own. The idea of spitting into a sweet sixteen year old girl’s mouth even for the reasons he was doing this was still perverse to Kenny’s morals. The two swapped spit for fifteen minutes. Soon Kenny pushed her face away holding her firmly in his hands. Kenny separated the front of her gown and sucked her firm little nipples. Cynthia was rubbing herself against him.

Kenny slid his hand down her front and gently brought her to orgasm with his fingers as he sucked her breasts. They kissed tenderly one more time. Kenny held her close as he said, “I love you Cynthia. Good bye my love.” Cynthia replied, “I love you too, my white knight. Good bye forever.”

Suddenly Cynthia started crying. She held Kenny closely as she said. “There is only one more thing I have to ask you. Let me explain before you refuse. I want to suck you off just once before you leave me forever. I had to suck that other bastard’s and it was awful.”

“The reason I want to do yours is that I love you and I want for my own sanity to have you leave me with the memory of what my special hero tastes like. Will you do that for me? It would be really nice if you did mine too while I do you, but I’ll understand if you think what that bastard did to me makes me too dirty for you to put your mouth on my thing.“

That did it. Kenny knew he had to do as Cynthia had requested to keep her from losing it. If he didn’t, she would always feel she is too dirty to be loved by that special somebody. It was obvious doing this inappropriate stuff with this young girl right now would save her years of therapy.

Kenny locked the door and returned to the bed. He kissed Cynthia while she removed her clothes. Kenny crawled over top of her and settled his mouth into her tight little vagina as she slipped his penis into her mouth.

Cynthia came four times and Kenny let the young thing suck him off twice as he got so excited by her soft moist tongue he came in only a few minutes the first time and felt it only fair to give her a little more time. When they finished, Cynthia picked up a saucer off the night stand and spit Kenny’s ejaculate into it. Kenny gave no thought to the fact she had swallowed his first load and thought she had spit it out so her mouth would be empty as she spoke.

She kissed him sweetly and said, “Thank you Kenny. I can’t tell you what it means to me to have you do all of that for me. I only hope you understand why I needed it from you and you don’t think of me as a slut for asking.“

Kenny smiled at Cynthia sweetly. “I will always think of you as someone very special. I will always remember what we had between us just now. I will always treasure your friendship. I would never think of you as a slut. I understand. Hell, I needed you as much as you needed me.“

Cynthia beamed in a wide grin at hearing that. Those words alone meant more to her than actually having physical contact with her hero. Kenny kissed the young girl one more time. He reached into his pocket. He removed a small scrap of paper. Kenny picked up a pen from the table next to the bed, jotting something on it. He handed it to Cynthia.

“Cynthia, after I leave, I want you to call that number. Don’t read it until after I leave. Tell the man that answers who you are. Then tell him what I have written on that paper. Excluding of course the note at the bottom. You will be pleasantly surprised. Don’t worry, you won’t be getting me into trouble. Everyone thinks I am dead.”

Kenny kissed Cynthia longingly for several more minutes and left. Tears were streaming down Cynthia’s cheeks as he shut the door. Cynthia glanced around the room to ascertain she was really alone. She picked up the saucer, leaned back in the bed with her knees up to her chest and her snatch splayed wide open with her free hand.

Cynthia poured Kenny’s ejaculate into her awaiting pussy as she beamed, “Kenny, I have to ask one more favor from you. Give me a little girl to love forever. Let her be a little piece of you I can always cherish.”

Cynthia lay in the bed fondly licking the saucer clean as she dreamed of having Kenny’s baby. She decided a boy would be alright if she couldn’t have a girl. The only reason Cynthia didn’t want a boy was she is afraid if the child starts to look too much like Kenny, it will be far too tempting to suck his penis.

It was a very bad feeling Kenny had for doing what he did with a girl that young, but then he realized how much it had meant to her. It was like he had given her a part of him to cherish when ever she thought of him. He had no idea how big a piece. There was no way that could have been the wrong thing to do. He thought to himself, “That’s the best tasting pussy I believe I’ve ever had. What a girl. Some guy will be some kind of lucky to be the one to marry her.“

Kenny hibernated for two more weeks in the motel. He thought about visiting Cynthia one more time before he left, but then wisely decided not to. He figured she’d have him fucking the shit out of her if he did. There was only so far Kenny would let this go, even if it was for the girl’s own good. Kenny was back on the road headed for California.


Cynthia was talking with her mother in her own room, several months after getting out of the hospital. She hadn’t quite healed enough to start doing a lot yet, but she was getting better. “Cynthia, we have to talk. I had a conversation with the doctor about your throwing up during the day. He told me the results of the exam he gave you were back in. Cynthia, the doctor has informed me you are pregnant.“

Cynthia’s mother almost went into shock at her daughter’s response. “Oh. Yes, yes, yes. Did he say it was a girl?“ “Cynthia, you don’t understand. The baby belongs to that bastard. He did terrible things to you. You cannot have his child. You must have an abortion.“

Cynthia wailed, “No. Mother. There will be no abortion. I will have this child. It is important to me. If I don’t have it, I will kill myself.“ Cynthia’s Mom tried to get through to her daughter again. “Cynthia, I will not allow that son of a bitch to win, by allowing you to have his baby. It is out of the question. Besides, you are too young to have a baby. I won’t allow it. No discussion. I will set up the abortion when I call the doctor tomorrow.“

Cynthia started crying. She screamed at her mother. “Mom. If there will be no discussion. If you will not listen to understand my reasons why I have to have this baby, then call tomorrow to schedule the abortion. I don’t care. It won’t matter. I won’t be here. I am going to leave. No discussion.“ Cynthia didn’t want to tell her parents the baby was Kenny’s, but she didn’t want them thinking it belonged to that bastard either.

This was supposed to be a special thing. Cynthia’s Mom stood there in shock that her daughter was being so defiant. Suddenly she realized her young daughter was dead serious about leaving. Then she remembered what the lieutenant told her about letting Cynthia talk her feelings out and how important it was to Cynthia for her to really listen. “Perhaps I have been a little rash in my decision there will be no discussion. Tell me why it is so important for you to have this baby.”

“Momma. I have been through an ordeal very few children have ever survived. The man that raped me was going to carve me up into little strips. He was going to slice me up like a turkey. A little at the time, so it would hurt really bad.”

“He wanted me to suffer. I know this because I snuck the police report out from the files during shift change at the hospital. I am a very, very lucky girl and I am going to celebrate by having this baby. I owe my life to a man who everyone says gave his all for me.”

“You have already told me you are planning a huge memorial service in my hero’s honor. Mom that man is my knight in shining armor. When I reach the age where it can be done, I am going to marry that man posthumously. He is going to be my lawfully wedded husband. No one else will ever have me. I will not allow it.”

Her mom interrupted. “Cynthia. I have already told you if you still feel that way when you turn eighteen, I will give you my blessing to do just that, but what in God’s name has any of that got to do with this baby?”

“Everything. Mom. If you have ever listened to anything I am going to say, listen to what I need to tell you now. Please don’t interrupt. Give me a chance to explain exactly how I feel and just how important this is to me.”

“I am head over heels in love with my hero. I will tell you something in a minute that will shock you, but before I do, I need your solemn oath you will tell no one what I am telling you. Swear on my grave, Momma. If you don’t, it may very well be my grave as I am dead serious about this.”

Cynthia’s Mom didn’t know what to say. Finally, she realized her daughter was more upset now than she had been when they told her, her hero died saving her and she had never seen her daughter that upset about anything before.

“Cynthia. Darling. I love you more than anything I have in the world. You know I would do anything to have you be happy. I love you that much. Tell me what you need to say. I swear on your grave as your mother I will not betray your secret. No matter what it is.”

Cynthia ran over jumping into her mother’s arms hugging her close. “Momma. I have to tell you. My hero is still alive. He did not die that night. He came by to see me at the hospital after he healed up enough to travel a little. He just wanted to make sure I was okay. Momma. I love him so much that when I saw him, I jumped into his arms and kissed him sweetly on his lips.”

“He kissed me back, but only because he knew how important that kiss was to me. I begged him to ignore the fact I am a little girl for just fifteen minutes. I wanted him to kiss me like a woman. I asked him to swap spit with me and to suck my breasts for me.” Cynthia’s Mom looked totally shocked.

“He knew I was terribly upset because I thought he died and I wasn’t getting well. He knew I wasn’t able to eat. He gave in and did it for me. Then I convinced him that for my own sanity, he should let me get a little taste of him and if he didn’t think my pussy was spoiled too much from what that other guy did to me for him to put his mouth on it, he should eat me while I sucked him off.”

Mrs. Dennings nearly choked at what her daughter told her, but knowing how important this is to Cynthia, she held her tongue. “Momma, he was a dream boat. I came in his mouth four times. He let me do him twice. It was bliss. I swallowed the first one. Oh God, it was so tasty. The second time, I spit his ejaculate into a saucer and after kissing him good bye, I waited until he left. I poured his ejaculate into my pussy and thus the baby is my hero’s.”

Her Mom thought this would be an appropriate time to ask. “And just how do you know the baby isn’t the perpetrator’s?” Cynthia smiled. “Because, I took the time to read the police report. The guy that abducted me had a vasectomy. He was shooting blanks and couldn’t possibly be the father of my baby.”

“Mom. I have to have this baby. I can’t let anybody kill the offspring of my hero. It’s ok. He doesn’t know I’m having it. Mom, you have to let everyone think he is still dead. It is an absolute must everyone thinks he died that night saving me.”

“Darling. I understand how you feel, but you don’t even know who this guy is.” “Oh. Yes, I do. He told me who he is. He also gave me this.” Cynthia handed her Mamma the note from Kenny. She read it out loud. “Dial this number. 1-555-555-5328. When someone answers, ask to speak to Mister Walter Simmons. Do not let them give you the run around. Tell the person that answers you will resolve the question of who the mysterious hero is and you have undeniable proof.”

“Tell them who you are. That alone will be enough to get Mister Simmons on the line. He will answer because he is curious who I am. Tell him your hero is Kenneth Thomas Morgan. A 40 year old escaped convict.”

“Tell him that the proof is he died for you and he told you his identity before he left the hospital. Mister Simmons will give you a reward for your honesty. Tell him all you know about me except our special time together and the fact I am still alive. It isn’t a big reward. Only a billion dollars tax paid.”

“PS…My Darling Cynthia. I am so glad you are doing well. I will always cherish our special time together. I only wish it had been under different conditions. Had I been ten years younger and you ten years older, it might have been possible for us to marry.”

“Alas neither is true, so we can’t. I wish and pray for all the world you meet someone special that will treat you the way you think I would have treated you. I want to thank you for saving my life at that tree. If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have been able to write you this letter. Good bye my Love.”

Cynthia made the call. Mister Simmons was eager to meet Cynthia and even more eager to endow her with the money. He felt she deserved it. The baby turned out to be a boy. Cynthia was as thrilled with that as she would be with a girl. Cynthia couldn’t believe her eyes. The older her son got, the more he looked like her hero. By the time the boy was ten, Cynthia could not resist sucking that beautiful penis of her son’s.

The odd thing was he looked forward to her doing it as much as she couldn’t resist doing it. It was like she had to do it. It was almost as if his penis poked out at Cynthia and screamed, “Come here and suck me.“ Cynthia thought the craziest part of it all is her son’s ejaculate had that same special taste his father’s did.

The boy really loved eating her pussy too. Cynthia knew it wouldn’t be long before they were doing it all. She kept no secrets from her son. She told him all about his Dad. Even that he was still alive and though it wasn’t likely, maybe one day he might get to meet his Father.

To be continued………………………………...........

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