two boys and a girl get it on at a pool party
This story includes gay and strait sex. The characters are all 14 years old so if you are offended do not read on.
This is another one of my fantasies.
I am a 14 years old boy 5’6’’ 130 lbs. short brown hair and brown eyes. My dick is 6 inches long hard and I am bi curious.

Chapter 1
My friend Josh was having a pool party at his house, which is very big. Josh is 5’8’’ 145lbs short dirty blond hair, blue eyes. After Josh me a few other guys and a bunch of girls hung in the pool we all went to hang out in his basement. The guys are all in our board shorts and the girls, all in bikinis that are at least two sizes to small and show off their 14-year old tits very well. Rachel who was wearing a very flashy pink top and black bottoms has brown long strait hair and brown eyes. She is about 5’3’’ and 110lbs with B tits. Josh and I started to talk to no one but Rachel, and Rachel kept complaining about how her bathing suit was to tight and was crushing her boobs. Josh just said come with me and the three of us went up to his room. When we got to his room Josh said you can take off your top now…we’re alone.
Rachel took off her top and reveled her beautiful tits with quarter sized pink nipples. Rachel then said “I know you expect me to just let the 2 of you fuck me but I won’t, you 2 have to do something for me and I mean together.” We looked at each other and knew she meant gay. It was awkward because neither of us was gay but I was and I think josh was bi curious too. She told us we have to go all the way together and then we can do whatever we want to her.

Chapter 2
Josh and I got naked and sat on his bed while Rachel took a seat in Joshes desk chair to watch. Josh turned towards me and we kissed passionately for 30 seconds before we started to get more intense. I started to massage his also 6-inch hard dick as he did the same to me. He turned me on my back and kissed me on the lips, the chin, the neck, the upper chest, and both nipples, down my abs, over my belly button, through my pubes and to my package. He kissed my swollen purple head and then licked up and down the under belly. He then put my cock into his mouth. He got in a good 3 and ½ inches on his first try. He was licking my head with his tongue and moving up and down my dick for the first time and boy was it fantastic. I felt my balls tighten and told josh I was about to cum. He kept on going and I let louse into his mouth. He took all my cum in and then quickly moved up to my mouth and open mouth kissed me letting me taste myself and it tasted great. We turned over and unlike Josh I quickly went to his crotch. I started by slowly jacking him off and then kissed his head. Licking down the underbelly of his cock I stated to suck on his ball sack. At the same time I was jacking him off and rubbing his head with my thumb.
I could hear higher pitched moaning than wouldn’t come from Josh so I looked over at Rachel. She had her bathing suite bottoms off and was fingering herself while rubbing her clit. She was watching in heaven and pleaded us to keep going. I turned back to Josh and put my mouth over his cock and took it in, in one mouthful. I had about five inches in and moving back and forth fast. Josh told me he was coming and I kept on bobbing my head. As his balls tightened he grabbed my head and pushed all six inches of his dick in my mouth. He came a little bit but I gagged and pulled off. He came all over my face and chest. Josh rubbed his dick in his cum ad then turned me on my stomach. He asked me if I was ready. My response was “hell ya!” he slowly pushed his dick into my virgin ass hole. I tried to scream but Josh covered my mouth. Once I got used to his dick in me he started to pump into me very fast until he came into me with out a warning. He took his dick out of my ass and I quickly caught the cum that he left in me and rubbed it on my dick. He laid on the bed showing me his great ass. I rubbed it for a few seconds and then slowly slid my dick in his pink hole. He screamed into my hand and I pumped into him furiously. My balls were slapping against his and we were both sweating all over each other. I continued to pump into him until my balls tightened up and I came for the second time, into his now not virgin ass. I pulled out and we kissed one more time. Now it is time for Rachel.

Chapter 3
Josh and I walked over to Rachel and had her stand up. She pulled her finger out of her cunt and put it on my shoulder. Grabbing Josh’s dick with her other had she kissed me shooting her tongue into my mouth. After kissing Josh and I for a few minuets she walked over to the bed and we happily followed her there. She laid down on the bed and I got down on my knees greedily going right for her cunt. I breathed in the sweet scent of her pussy juices and then slowly licked her slit. She threw her head back and moaned. I knew I was doing something right. I slowly slipped my tongue into her cunt. She grabbed the back of my head and tried to fuck my face.
Josh was laying next to me playing with Rachel’s beautiful tits and his raging hard on was poking me in my cheek so I decided I would make him happy too. I started to slowly jack him off and he too through his head back and moaned loudly. I started to finger her and then gave her the shocker, two in the pink one in the stink. She jumped at first but then relaxed and loved it as much as just the two in her pussy if not more. Josh and Rachel were kissing and moaning into each other’s mouths I moved out of the way and had Rachel stand up and sit on Josh’s dick. His dick slowly pushed into her pussy. She was about to scream but I acted quickly and filled her mouth with my dick. After she calmed down I pulled out of her mouth and moved down to her cunt. I lined up my dick with Rachel's filled pussy and pushed. My dick slowly moved in next to Josh’s filling Rachel more than she had ever been filled. Josh and I moved in and out of Rachel slowly at the same pace. We went like this speeding up at a good pace. Rachel started to shake and her cunt squeezed our dick together. She moaned loudly. Her massive orgasm caused Josh and I to simultaneously cum deep into Rachel. We cleaned each other off with a towel and dressed. We walked back down stairs to find couples on the couch making out. We knew the night wasn’t over for the tree of us.
The End
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