First ever story I've written. If it goes well I have ideas to turn this into a very long wide genre spanning epic. Vote if you like =]
Taking My Sister

I was around seven when i first really noticed my sister. She was around an hour younger than me (us being non-identical twins) and obviously, her being my sister I never payed much attention to her. Her name was Melanie and she would eventually go on to become a very succesful fashion magazine editor in New York City, the Big Apple itself. Back to the real reason you're here reading this however. My sister, at the time, was about 4' 4, with a flat chest and long browny-blonde hair coming to just above her pert little ass, resting on top of her small, shapely thighs and tiny feet.
I myself am called Matthew, usually known as Matt. At the time I was 4 '5 with short, spikey dark brown hair and a small, but wide frame. I've been called cute alot throughout my life, especially by friends of my older sister, Hannah, and my mother, Anne.
Enough of descriptions and on with the story though. My sister piqued my interest at seven years of age when I was in the bath with her being washed on our own rather than the usual way of our mother helping like she had done for most of our lives. We were sitting in the bath a-scrubbing and a-dubbing and all that when I noticed my sister's bright pink nipples all lathered up in soapy bubbles, glistening with water, the gentle swell of the aereola with her slightly darker, tiny little nipples in a stage of semi-erect that gave me a tingle in my crotch that I would later learn was called "hornyness". As I kept staring at my sister's lithe little body she looked up at me saying,
"What are you looking at Matt?"
"Nuh-Nuh-Nothing", I managed to stammer out as she moved around, nipples moving around with her, "Just tryna get washed up".
"Oh, okay" Melanie said, looking down embarressed.
"Are you okay?"
"yeah, I just feel strange sometimes.."
"What do you mean Melanie?"
"Well,, I get this feeling,,"
"Between.. Between my legs." Melanie's face turned bright red when she said this, "It's like a sort of burning, but a nice warm burning."
"How does it happen?" I asked slowly, I could feel my small seven year old prick tingling gently from my crotch.
"When I think about you Matt," her face truned even brighter red at this, "Like when I think about your,," She paused there and looked down at the water in the area where my cock would be.
"My what?"
"Your pee-pee" She said going from red to positively scarlet as I felt my cock rising into my first ever boner.
"What can I do to help?" I said, with honest enthusiasm in my voice. I had no idea what to expect but i knew I wanted it whatever it was.
"I don't know Matt."
"Can I, can I, touch you Melanie?" I asked tentatively.
"Okay" she whispered as I moved closer towards her. She went up on her knees her perfect little ass rising up out of the water as I reached out genty and put my hand around it, squeezing gently and firmly. Melanie moaned slightly as she truned round to face me and guided my right hand down between her legs. I felt my sister's completely bald snatch and started stroking the heel of my hand up and down it as I could feel Melanie getting extremely wet, I slid my hand lower down her slit until i found the proper entrance to her Aladdin's cave of wonders. I slid my middle finger in upto the second joint on my finger and slowly started pushing in as my sister moaned with delight at the sensation. She started bucking her hips towards me, forcing my finger deeper inside her until I hit a membrane-like wall inside her pussy.
"What is that?"
"I don't know but don't dare stop" she moaned into my ear.
I resumed finger fucking Melanie for a good ten minutes, adding first my index finger and then my ring finger into her snatch, spreading it further and letting her sweet pussy juices flow down her legs and my arm. My little prick this whole time had jumped to attention although it was barely noticeable as I was so young and underdeveloped. My sister noticed it however and slowly reached down and took it in her thumb and forefinger and gently stroked it up and down, after about four seconds of this I couldn't take it anymore and with a loud moan I came all over my sister's hand and onto her little pussy and stomach. Melanie squealed with delight and surprise at this event and slowly raised her hand up to her mouth and licked off my jism, giving a small groan of enthusiasm as she did so.
"It tastes really good Matt"
"Yeah very good, alot nicer than anything I've ever tasted before"
"Thanks sis', " I paused before asking slowly, "Can I lick you Melanie?"
"Okay Matt" she beamed when I said this and I wondered for a second wether my sister had done anything like this before.
I slowly lowered my head down to between my sister's legs and promptly buried my face into her snatch, smelling the sweet, musky scent off her young virgin hole, my tongue lapped all over her tight little twat, my fingers still punching up into her at a hundred miles an hour, her breathing got shallower and faster as I kept going and after five or so minutes my sister came, coating my hand and tongue in even more of her delicious juices. I slowly raised myself up from my sister's pussy as she shuddered through her orgasm. We started to re-wash ourselves and started getting out the bath. I turned round to grab my towel and noticed for half a second the bathroom door slightly open and a small figure dash away very fast, I peered through the door but couldn't see anyone but I knew that someone had been watching me and Melanie doing what we did.

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im 12 dose that count?

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this is impossible a child of 7 squirting sperm? get real plz ur story is short and fucked

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2009-11-21 16:22:38
Reads like a youngster copying words from other stories on this site. Though a fantasy, you could make it more realistic by using older kids to begin with. They are supposed to be in the bathtub. If licking her cunt, the young boy is goling to drown unless she stands up for him. The story is too much bullshit but I do believe that youngsters would enjoy reading it. Adults would not.

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