Naruto: Kyuu Hurricanes 5

“YES!! oh fuck!! Kyuu don't stop!” Ino moaned as Kyuu continued to finger her pussy. Both in a sixty-nine position with Kyuu on the bottom and Ino on top. Kyuu freezes for a moment feeling this weakness in her like her chakra was slowing diminishing away from her. “What's wrong? Kyuu why did you stop? I was about to cum” Ino says looking to her side seeing Kyuu's pale face losing its color. Ino gets off of her and helps her get on the sofa. Ino freezes when she hears Kyuu repeating Naruto's name softly. Ino raises her off the sofa and moves quickly out of the house. Once out of the house Kyuu relieves Ino and begins to float away softly repeating Naruto's name. Ino follows her until she reaches the gate to exit the leaf village.

Tsunade comes out of nowhere and stops Ino from following Kyuu who slowly drifts away from the village “What is the meaning of this?”

“I don't know Hokage she recently went into this mode repeating Naruto's name. I can only presume she is going after Naruto and I would like to follow her to make sure she doesn't get hurt” Ino replies looking at Kyuu more so then Tsunade.

“Very well. Naruto, Sakura, Team Guy, Yamato, Shizune, and Kakashi are on a mission to take on Itachi and Kisame, so be on red alert I will have ANBU follow you two until you reach them” Tsunade says and Ino leaves catching up to Kyuu. Several ANBU follow after Ino and Kyuu as Lady Tsunade walks back to her palace to report of the unexpected news to the others that are ahead of them.


“Kakashi is there a plan to take care of these two?” Shizune asks.

“I've been thinking of one, but nothing solid yet?” Kakashi replies as they are all jumping from tree limb to tree limb.

“The key is not to look into Itachi's eyes” Gai says.

“True, that's why I would be best fit to fight him head on...” Kakashi says.

“Watching his feet is key in fighting anyone with those eyes” Gai replies.

“What if Kakashi distracts him head on and I use one of my special techniques to crush him!” Naruto says as everyone disapproves.

“The major problem with that is we won't know if we are facing the real Itachi or a clone” Yamato replies to Naruto's statement.

“Right, that's why we have Neji” Shizune says.

“Yes and we are going to need him hidden, but still able to communicate with us at all times” Kakashi replies.

“If we had Hinata with us it would make it far easier to make sure both of our blind spots are protected” Neji says to the group.

“Right and so I can stay...” Naruto tries to say something, but is interrupted.

“Naruto you'll be facing Kisame with Yamato, Tenten, and Lee” Kakashi replies “Shizune will protect Neji's blind spot, and Sakura will be the brute force we need to take down Itachi. Simply because of her strong power to change the environment it will make it hard for Itachi to stay in one spot, and also Sakura has a knack of getting out of genjutsu's quickly.”

“So can you explain the plan again?” Naruto says as everyone grumbles at his stupidity except for Sakura who hits on the head and knocks him down to the ground and then some.

Once he becomes conscious again and catches up with the rest of the group Kakashi says to him “All you have to worry about is staying away from Kisame's sword while not using chakra toward him, and getting the sword away from Kisame.

“That sounds easy enough” Naruto says “How hard can it be to keep a sword away from someone like him” Naruto remembers the first encounter with Kisame and how Sasuke tried to save him as well Jiraiya.

Kakashi looks up to see a bird fly by “It looks like someone will be joining us.”

“Who?” Naruto asks hoping it wasn't Kyuu.

“Not sure, but we better rest until they catch up” Kakashi says as the group stops and heads to the ground.

“I'm going to catch some rest” Naruto says and then just as he shuts his eyes Sakura hits him on the head.

“Hey what was that for?” Naruto asks.

“You and I are taking first post!” Sakura says as everyone else is sleeping.

“Alright, but they better take their time I want some sleep” Naruto grumbles as he unleashes a few clones into the surrounding area for look out.

Less than a hour in all the Naruto's are asleep leaving Sakura to guard everyone for a couple more hours. Sakura decides during this time to find a quiet place to please herself while leaving a few clones to watch over everyone. After a few moment she discovers a place under a tree about fifty yards away from everyone and begins to rub herself by placing one hand in her skirt and rubbing her bare pussy while the other rubs her breasts above her clothing. “Aaaahh...ooooooooohhhhhh....Narutoooo...fuck mmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” she moans as she pleases herself. After about the third time she hears someone in the distance and quickly positions herself on a tree limb and hides to see who is heading her way.


Ino has at least five clones surrounding Kyuu who continues to float down below as the original Ino stays behind to keep an eye for anyone, however she doesn't even hear the ANBU who are only a few yards away behind her. Nearly two hours in Ino hears a female voice moaning in the distance ahead of them and then hears that it stop. Quickly turning from defensive Ino goes on the attack. Spreading her clones out as she goes ahead of Kyuu. Getting closer she doesn't see anyone but senses someone there hoping a fellow Leaf ninja was around, but just in case she prepares herself for the worst. She moves in and is quickly off guard to see Sakura walking behind a tree just a few yards from her. She stops next to Sakura as Kyuu slowly floats past them to where the rest of the Leaf ninja's are resting.

“Why are you two here?” Sakura asks Ino who is looking in the opposite direction.

“Kyuu decided to go ghost like on me and floated your guys way. I presume it has to do with Naruto and their connection?” Ino replies.

“Naruto's asleep right now even though he's suppose to help me guard so do you want to help me?” Sakura asks.

“Sure I just need to make sure Kyuu doesn't float any further” Ino replies and jumps off to find Kyuu who was standing there above Naruto and then seeing her drop to the ground to lay next to Naruto where she went to sleep in his arms. Ino had one of her clones keep an eye on the group while she went a bit further.

A couple hours pass and Sakura and Ino rest while two more in their group take watch. They continued this process until the next morning.

“Kyuu why are you here?” Naruto asks her as he stretches his body.

“She floated here while you were sleeping Naruto” Ino replies as Kyuu gives Naruto a big hug.

“Huh, what do you mean floated?” Naruto asks curiously.

“That's what she did Naruto! She floated like a ghost to you!” Sakura yells at him.

“Do you understand Naruto?” Yamato sneaks up and slowly pops up in front of him with a flashlight on his face looking like a ghost. Naruto falls back afraid at seeing Yamato's ghost like face.

“Neji can you take a look around for us” Kakashi says breaking up the conversation at hand.

“Byakugan!” Neji shouts and takes a look around the area “All clear.”

“Good lets move” Kakashi says and everyone vanishes. Within five minutes of jumping from tree branch to tree branch Kyuu kisses Naruto on the cheek mid way through a jump. Naruto stops at the next branch feeling the warmth of her kiss as Kyuu giggles and moves on with the rest of the group.

“Naruto!” Sakura shouts at him noticing that he stopped. Her first thought when she saw his eyes was that he was falling in love with Kyuu, so she went back to him and hit him on the head.

“Hey what was that for?” Naruto says rubbing his head looking at Sakura.

“Let's go!” Sakura says as he snaps out of it and moves with the rest of the group. Naruto and Sakura quickly caught up with the rest of the group and not a moment to soon either.

“Who's there?!” Gai shouts as the group halts.

Neji looks around but only sees chakra scattered around “It's Itachi!”

“Very good I see there is a byakugan user with you leaf ninja” Itachi says not revealing himself. Once he finished crow feathers fly around them.

“We are in his genjutsu!” Sakura says as everyone releases the genjutsu around them, but realize that he placed them in more than a normal genjutsu.

“Be on your guard everyone and don't look at his eyes!” Kakashi says to everyone as they all fall into a tight circle ready for him.

“Who's the girl?” Itachi asks placing himself right in front of Kyuu. Kyuu looks up into his eyes only for a second. It was just enough for her to be stuck in his own dimension.

“Who are you?” Itachi says with an ominous voice surrounding her as his eyes look into her very soul.

“My name is Kyuu!!” Kyuu screams as she enters three tails and the air around her begins to go wild.

“Impossible! The nine-tail in human form?!” Itachi says stepping forward and showing himself in front of Kyuu. Kyuu shots a ball of pure chakra from her mouth toward him. It hits and crows fly everywhere to show that it was nothing but a clone. She goes four tails with even more anger. Her skin peels showing more of the fox's muscles and chakra emitting from her. Once Itachi sees this he removes all of his genjutsu's and faces the group as Kyuu stands in front of them. Naruto is being held back by Yamato as this is going on. “I thought Naruto was the only one who possessed the nine-tail it seems I am wrong. I can not stay here and fight now that I know of this. Good-bye Leaf ninjas.” Itachi vanishes as crows fly around to prove that he was only a clone. Kakashi, Gai, Shizune, and Yamato attack at the moment before he finished his sentence however it was too late.

“Damn Itachi” Gai snickers.

“Neji!”Kakashi says looking at him already noticing that he is searching with his byakugan.

“I sense two chakra forces that look like Itachi and Kisame 500 yards that way!” Neji shouts and points in a direction.

“Everyone prepare yourselves” Kakashi says “Ino, Lee stay here and over look Kyuu, and meet us when she is healed. For the rest of you be prepared we are facing two deadly Akatsuki members.” Everyone vanishes as Ino remains healing Kyuu and Lee remains on guard.

“Lee come over here!” Ino shouts to him when he was doing push ups.

“What is it Ino?” Lee asks.

“I have Kyuu's injuries healed and I'm horny can you help me?” Ino says with a seductive smile.

“I don't know what if Ita...” Lee says and stops when he sees Ino has his pants down on the ground stroking his cock as fast as she could. “Oh Ino please what if Itachi...suck on it!” Lee says and Ino obeys by placing his cock in her mouth while holding his balls in one hand. Ino sucks and licks his cock for a few moments when Lee shots his hot, juicy, salty, cum in her mouth.

“A little bit of a warning next time” Ino says looking up at him with a cum soaked face.

“Sorry” Lee replies. Ino gets up takes some of his cum off her face and licks her finger. Then she undresses in front of him.

“Ah two lovers ready to make love” Kisame says appearing out of the shadows with his large sword over his shoulder.

“Kisame!” Lee and Ino who are both half-naked stare at him in disbelief.

“Shall we get started when you two are dressed or naked little ones” Kisame laughs at what he says.

Lee quickly gets dressed and tells Ino “I'll stall him you get Kyuu to safety!”

“Right” Ino couldn't object in the position she was in.

“You know I'm a bit horny why don't you come over here little leaf pig” Kisame says directing it to Ino while he snickers at his comment. Ino gets really mad at this comment, but takes Kyuu and vanishes leaving Lee to fight Kisame.

“I guess it's mano oh mano” Kisame laughs rolling his neck around staring at Lee. Lee takes off his leg weights and shows them to Kisame.

“Oh dropping the training weights are we kid” Kisame snickers at but drops quiet when Lee drops them and the weights fall below the ground surface to create two holes next to Lee. “Heh, going serious are we” Kisame replies. The moment he says that he loses Lee who begins to create a giant storm around Kisame. “Your a fast kid it looks like” Kisame smiles and then lifts his sword above his head and before he could drop it Lee was able to go fast enough to allow the wind to knock the sword out of Kisame's hands. The sword drops a few feet away from Kisame. Lee continues with his whirlwind around Kisame so he can prevent him from getting his sword. “You know kid..” Kisame is interupted when Lee comes through.

“Dynamic entry!” Lee shouts kicking him to the ground with great speed. Kisame drops to the ground not bothering to grab his sword.

“Alright kid your fun is over now let me show you why they call me a Jinchuriki without a tail!” Kisame shouts as Lee stands there ready for his next move. “Earth style...” Kisame shouts but is interrupted by Lee once again.

“Springtime of youth full power!” Lee shouts kicking the ground in front of Kisame to send Kisame into the air “Shadow of the dancing leaf” Lee says postioning himself behind Kisame. “Front Locus!” Lee shouts grabbing Kisame and heading straight down the ground. At the last moment Lee lets go as Kisame hits the ground and changes the the grounds from a peaceful grassy area too a rocky and dusty area.

Lee moves out of the way to allow the dust to move away, but when it does he notices that Kisame is not in the hole that was created. Lee sees that the sword that was laying there was a substitute and instantly realizes that he faced a clone. “Now I've got you” Kisame says behind Lee who was growing tired. Kisame drops his sword down on Lee, but Lee opens the first three gates shoving Kisame back to another branch. “This is getting better” Kisame says to himself. As Kisame says that he realizes that he is no longer in control of his own body.

“Got you!” Ino says to herself in Kisame's body.

“Get out!” Kisame shouts and instantly Ino is knocked out sacred from his mind. When she wakes up in her own body she feels really weak like she lost a lot of chakra. The moment Ino left Kisame's head Lee hit him with another springtime of youth full power shot sending Kisame once again into the air .

“Reverse Locus!” Lee shouts hitting and kicking Kisame in the air all over the place and then above Kisame Lee hits him directly in the forehead knocking him to the ground hard enough to send Kisame several yard away.

“Damn kids now I'm going to have to kill them both!” Kisame says lifting himself with his sword. “Here's Kisame!!” Kisame shouts heading directly toward Lee who was huffing and puffing knowing that he had lost a large amount of chakra. “I'm going to rape the fuck out of the both of you!” Kisame says with anger in his words. Kisame lifts his sword above Lee and then drops it down on Lee as Lee watches the sword get closer and closer to doing some major damage toward him...

Author notes: Cliffhanger for all of you fans until the next story.

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