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Amy’s mother still had no idea that even though her daughter was only 14 years old she’d already had sex with over 150 guys and that she had been the attraction at the local college frat parties. She’d been gangbanged by the football team, the basketball team and the wrestling team. It wasn’t long before the office at her middle school found out what she was up to as she was called to the office by the principal.
“I understand that you’ve really made your rounds Amy!” he said.
“What do you mean?” Amy wanted to know, staring into his eyes as she spread her legs gently so her skirt rode up slightly on her legs.
“I’ve received word that you’ve been very sexually active with the guys around here and I’ve got to admit I’ve grown concerned. Does your mother know about your extra-curricular activities?” he leaned forward slightly in his chair while twirling a pen between his fingers. Amy was slightly embarrassed that her principal would be asking questions about her sex life.
“No, of course not! She’d kill me!” Amy admitted.
“Aren’t you afraid of STDs or being raped?”
“I’ve already been raped and no, I’m not worried about no stupid STDs. I’m only worried about my mom finding out!”
“Well, we feel that we should tell your mother all about this! You need help!” Amy dropped off the chair onto her knees and began to cry.
“No! Please! I’ll do anything you ask me to! I’ll stay after school for detention every day for two hours! I’ll…” she said frantically. The principal walked up behind her and looked down at the crying young lady pleading for her sanity.
“You certainly have a nice ass!” he told her. She looked up at him with her face soaked in tears.
“You’re welcome to look at it all you want! Just don’t tell my mom I’m a slut!” she pleaded. He bent down to Amy’s level where she was down on all fours crying in fear. He gently placed his hand on her back as if to comfort her. He could feel her bra strap underneath her skirt and rubbed gently up and down across her back.
“So you’ll do anything huh?” he asked, rubbing his hand lower and lower until finally he was rubbing her beautifully round ass.
“ANYTHING!” she cried out as she jumped slightly. The older man put his hand up her skirt and discovered her bare skin underneath.
“Anything?” he asked again as she looked up at him.
“What do you want?” she asked.
“I’ll keep your little secret for a small price!” he said, slipping a finger into her already wet, juicy hot pussy.
“You can fuck me if you want to!” she said, as the crying finally subsided.
“And what about my son? You know that he likes you!” he said, attempting to push the envelope.
“I’ll fuck anybody you want me to!” she said.
“Let me just summon him in here!” he said as he quickly wrote out a pass and headed out the door of his office. He returned a few minutes later to find that Amy had removed her clothes and laid them gently onto the principal’s desk. He admired her body. It was short, skinny and she had the beginning of a beautiful chest that he couldn’t help staring at, but it was definitely the pussy he was interested in.
“You know you need to be punished for being a slut in my school, right Amy?” he asked, as his son stared in amazement while he took his belt off and instructed Amy to get up onto her knees with her ass sticking high in the air. It was tiny, but from the gaping hole, he could tell that she’d already gotten laid once that day.
“How many guys have you been with today already?” he asked angrily.
“Nine!” she responded, “A bunch of my daddy’s friends came over this morning and I fucked all of them!”
“Did you fuck your daddy?”
“No Daddy was at work!” she said as suddenly felt the belt snap across her ass. She winced and cried out in pain.
“Why did they come over?” he wanted to know as he brought the belt down a second time. By now his son had his pants down and his cock in his hand and he stroked slowly as he watched his dad spank the little slut on the floor.
“They came over to talk to Daddy about something but he’d already left and they found me in the living room playing with myself.” The third crack of the belt was the one that hurt the most and Amy began to sob.
“Tell my son you’re a fucking slut and that you want his daddy to fuck you!” Amy turned to his son who’s rock hard cock glistened with precum against the light in the room.
“I’m a fucking slut and I want your daddy to fuck me!” The principal pulled his pants down and his rock hard cock sprang to life immediately as his son locked the door to the office.
“Take off your panties you little cock whore!” he ordered.
“Rip them off of me!” she said back. The man brought the belt down across her ass yet again and then he yanked her panties so hard that they ripped. He lifted the young girl’s mini-skirt to find that her pussy had been dripping wet waiting for the man’s huge cock to fill it with cum. Without warning the principal shoved his cock into her hot wet pussy and her whole body jerked forward.
“Son, take her shirt off and play with her tits!” he ordered, “Amy, you are going to suck my son’s dick until he cums down your throat. The young boy removed Amy’s shirt to see that she was not wearing a bra. He quickly cupped her tiny titties into his hands and began to massage them as he aimed his cock at her mouth. She masterfully took his cock into her mouth and sucked on it while she was being brutally fucked from behind by her principal. She could hear his grunts as his balls slapped up against her ass cheeks.
“Oh man I’m going to cum!!!!” he called out as he quickly pulled his dick out of her pussy.
“Quickly, put it into my ass!” she said as she temporarily pulled his son’s cock from her mouth. The man quickly rammed his cock in Amy’s waiting asshole as he began to cum. A few seconds later she felt the warm salty ooze fill her mouth as the young man jerked forward twice. Amy, well fucked, stood up with a huge cum filled smile on her face.
“Did I satisfy you?”
“Yes you did, however, I understand your not doing so well in English class!” the principal said.
“I don’t like English class,” she said.
“Well, you need to pass that class to move onto 9th grade!” he warned her. Amy smiled. She’d shown her panty-clad pussy to her English teacher several times, much to his amusement.
“I will fuck every teacher in the building if it means that I’ll get good grades!” she said with a grin.
“I’m glad you feel that way!” he replied.
“As long as I get to swallow a lot of cum every day I don’t care!”
“The teachers want to rape you! Would you let them treat you roughly?”
“You mean like, beat me up and shit?”
“Not really beat you up, but they want to at least slap you around a little! The better you take it, the better your grades.
“For straight A’s they can do whatever they want, even cum in my pussy!”
“Well, we can’t have eighth graders getting pregnant by their teachers but he is willing to cum on your face!”
“I know he wants my pussy bad!” Amy said back.
“Meet him in his class room after school. He’s got a surprise for you! See it as detention for the grades you’ve been getting in his class.”

Amy couldn’t wait for 3:00 and was glad when it finally arrived. She quickly headed to Mr. Strickland’s class on the other side of the building. She peered in before entering. Not only was the room occupied by her English Teacher, but by three other male teachers that she had throughout the day! She entered the room slowly and allowed the door to close behind her as her pussy suddenly began feeling wet again.
“Glad you could make it Amy!” Mr. Strickland said, “I understand you want to pass my class!”
“Umm, yeah!” she said, knowing what was coming.
“Come on over here!” he said, motioning for her to walk towards his desk in the back of the room as another teacher locked the classroom door. Amy complied happily as she walked over to him, lifting her skirt ever so slightly. He looked her over, walking around her in circles, “You’re quite the little tease Sweetheart!”
“I am?” she asked.
“Yes you are! Sitting at your desk with your legs wide open so I could see your panties while I was giving a lecture!”
“I’m not wearing any right now!” Amy replied happily!
“Good, you won’t be needing them because after today, you won’t have to worry about failing at least half your classes!”
“So who wants to go first?” Amy asked, lifting her skirt again so her ass and clean shaven pussy were clearly visible.
“All four of us planned on taking you on all at once! We’ve been told you can handle it!”
“That I can!” she admitted.
“Good, bend over this desk right here!” Mr. Strickland said, tapping gently on a student’s desk to his right. Amy’s pussy got wetter and wetter in anticipation as she felt the first hand touch the bare flesh of her firm ass as she grabbed the edge of the desk for support, “THWACK!” she heard as she felt the sting of a ruler across her bare ass. She would feel this three or four more times as her pussy was now starting to leak down her legs. The second hand to touch her ass was quickly met by a third hand that smacked her left ass cheek. She could tell, by how hard he’d slapped her that this was her gym teacher that she’d dreamed of fucking since she was in the sixth grade. The second smack caused the young lady to get weak in the knees. She’d never been handled like this before and she didn’t know she was going to like it. She remembered the belting she’d taken from the principal earlier that day but for her this felt a little more personal. The next thing she felt was the one thing she didn’t expect. The sting of a whip was something she’d never felt before. She winced in pain as the lashes across her tiny ass came on right after another. Suddenly she felt the whip and the ruler at the same time and imagined that her ass had to be pretty red right about now.
“Now, you’re going to take all of our cocks into your mouth and you are not allowed to swallow until every one of has cum!”
“I can handle that!” she said. She remembered her days entertaining horny fraternity boys as Mr. Strickland grabbed both of her hands and put them together. Then she felt a piece of fabric being wrapped around them. She smiled happily as the fabric was tightly tied around her wrists, rendering her hands useless.
“ON YOUR KNEES SLUT!” he said as he unzipped his pants. Amy dropped to her knees and got herself comfortable.
“Open your mouth!” said her gym teacher. He aimed his cock at her mouth and Amy took it happily into her mouth and teased his shaft with her lips as he grabbed the back of her head by her hair and began to thrust forward. Her pussy was now flaming and the juices flowing and staining the carpet below were not able to cool her off as her dream of sucking off her gym teacher was coming true. The ten inch shaft seemed endless as it traveled down her throat with ease. Unable to pull away, she took his cock without a lot of complaining. The ten minutes of sucking, which in Amy’s ecstasy only seemed like 30 seconds finally led to the quick familiar grunt of a man about to blow his wad and she felt the warm salty ooze drop just underneath her tongue so she didn’t swallow any of it. Now came the hard part as Mr. Strickland gently eased his cock into her mouth. His was significantly bigger than the last one so not swallowing the cum already in her mouth was going to be quite a task for the young lady as he voraciously fucked her mouth for a few minutes before she suddenly felt the slight twitch of his cock and the cum exploded into her left cheek. To her surprise, the teacher kept going and he actually came a second time in the young lady’s mouth. This was something Amy knew was a very rare occurrence for any guy. The second time around the cum just kept flowing for what seemed like a very long time. By the time the third cock had entered her mouth her jaw was beginning to get a little sore but she kept going. The third teacher didn’t take too long to cum at all and Amy felt that he was a little boring but he came just the same and it became more and more of a challenge to keep all of the cum in her mouth as some of it had dribbled down her chin. Now came the fourth of her male teachers. He viciously grabbed the young lady by the back of her hair and shoved his manhood down her throat. By far one of the largest cocks she’d ever taken, she knew this guy was going to be her favorite. He was her History Teacher. Back and forth he forced her to go shoving his cock into the back of her throat. She was lucky she didn’t have much of a gag reflex. The little 14 year old slut had more cum in her mouth from four teachers than five or six college boys were ever able to put there all at once. She swished the cum around in her mouth for a few seconds and then looked at all four of her teachers who stood there with their cocks still very much erect.
“Open your mouth and show us our cum!” Mr. Strickland ordered as he reached behind himself and grabbed a camera off his desk. Amy opened her mouth as wide as she could as Mr. Strickland snapped a photograph of what looked like a lake of cum in her mouth.
“Now spit a little bit of it out!” he said, “Let it run down your chin and neck.” The cum flowed like a river down the 14 year old slut’s chin and some of it dropped to the floor while some of it ran down her neck. Mr. Strickland snapped another photo.
“Now swallow the rest of it!” In one big gulp, the salty ooze went down her throat and into her stomach, “Now I want you to stand up and bend over the desk again!” With her hands tied behind her back, standing up proved a little difficult but she eventually made it to her feet and she promptly leaned over the desk with her little reddened teen ass sticking out of her skirt. She smiled as she felt her hands being untied and she let them drop to her sides as she suddenly felt them being tied down to the feet of the desk so she couldn’t move. The next thing she felt was soft and teasing as it tickled between her legs. She reasoned that it was a feather and the more ticklish it got the more excited the young lady got and her pussy showed as it puffed up and juice flowed from it like crazy. Unable to move her arms she couldn’t stop the tickling and she felt her whole body tense up. She knew what was coming because she’d been there before and suddenly her entire body exploded in ecstasy and she wailed in excitement as her pussy expelled female cum as though it were an exploding geyser. She looked up just long enough to see another flash of light hit the chalkboard as she realized that she’d been once again photographed.
“I want you to scream something at the top of your lungs first!” Mr. Strickland ordered.
“I’ll scream anything you want; just please fuck me!” she said quickly.
“Repeat after me! I’m only good for one thing!”
“I was born to take cock!”
“I’m a slut and I’m proud of it!”
“I’M A SLUT AND I’M PROUD OF IT!” Without warning, Amy suddenly felt a huge cock buried into her tiny pussy.
“OH MY GOD!” she screamed out. As the huge cock slammed deep into her pussy Amy moaned happily. The teacher slammed into harder than she’d ever been fucked before and it was starting to hurt but Amy didn’t care. She was being fucked. She was being gang raped by four teachers. The teacher slammed harder with each thrust as Amy flew into one energy draining orgasm after another.
“Your teenage cunny feels so good you dirty slut!” the Gym teacher told her.
“Fill me with your cum! Fill my pussy!” The teacher grunted and moaned happily as he began to fill her pussy with his hot jizz. Her pussy had been well fucked and she still had three teachers to go.
“Are you ready for me you cum dumpster?” her English teacher asked.
“I want your fucking cum!” she cried out, “Put your dick in me and fuck me as hard as you can! Hurt me!”
“You asked for it!” he replied as he jammed his cock into her pussy so hard she lurched forward. Still tied to the desk she couldn’t stop anything that was happening to her. With four very powerful thrusts he blew his wad into her pussy and it instantly mixed with her gym teacher’s cum and now it was her history teacher’s turn to fuck her brains out. His cock hit the back of her pussy throwing her body into convulsions of ecstasy. He fucked her hard and fast while slapping her ass. Her legs were so weak that if she tried to stand up she’d fall straight to the floor and she loved what was happening to her. Cum oozed from her pussy and down her legs as she suddenly felt something she wasn’t expecting. Her eyes grew wide and she slightly winced in pain as her English teacher eased his cock into the tightest asshole he’d ever seen. Back and forth he went, in and out of her asshole as hard and fast as he could without it hurting. Amy let tears of joy drop in front of her as her tiny butt was being gaped open by her teacher. His dick hit the deepest regions of her asshole as Amy suddenly felt the sting of another slap on her ass. With a strong push of her pussy muscles, she managed to squeeze a little more cum out of her quickly tightening pussy. She looked up from the desk and saw her gym teacher’s huge, rock hard cock aimed straight at her face. He grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock toward her mouth and she gladly opened it. She now had a cock in her mouth and her shitter at the same time. In and out both cocks went. Amy didn’t quite know what to focus on at any given time so she went with the flow. She gagged every time the gym teacher shoved his cock relentlessly into her throat, thus clamping down onto her English teacher’s cock. She felt another slap on the ass while she felt two fingers enter her tight pussy. They slid in and out as her mouth and ass were being reamed by two very large and very hard cocks. Amy’s gagging became so prevalent as her teacher kept his cock in her throat for longer periods of time, that her eyes began to water and she quickly learned to start breathing through her nose. Her English Teacher’s cock felt like a huge piece of crap that just wouldn’t come out of her ass as he reamed it. The initial pain from it had begun to subside and Amy was enjoying it more and more. Without warning, Amy squeezed her ass muscles so hard piss began to flow to the floor and down her legs. With a loud grunt her English Teacher quickly began to fill her ass with a load of cum.

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