I think this is the ending chaters of this nice fantasy. Enjoy.
My neighbor and her young daughters - chp 6 and 7

Chapter 6

The girls came back from the doctors before I got home from work. When I came home, a note was on my door, saying “Rob, Dinner will be ready at 7. Come on over. “ I was going to get fat if I kept up eating Andrea’s great cooking. I guess I will have to have more sex to work of the extra calories. I walked over, knocked on the door, and was greeted by little Cindy. She was naked.

“Doctor Jane figured out I have lost my cherry. Judy too. She talked to Mom quiet like so I wouldn’t hear. Mom laughed and said she knew that we two had had sex, and that was why she was getting us on the pill. She even noticed the bruises you put on Judy’s nipples and ass. She first thought that Judy had been beaten, raped, and forced into sex. Mom told her no. That it was just hard sex. She looked at Mom kind of funny. She suggested that Mom talk to ‘Judy’s boy’, as she called you, and ask you go easy on her. But I doubt Judy will let you. She really liked it when you pinched her and spanked her.”.

In the middle of her talking, Cindy hugged me and then started to unbutton my shirt. “Hello. My sweet sexy little Kitten. Where is everyone? Whoa! Easy . Save the buttons. I may need them later.”.

“Mom and Judy are in Mom’s room. Mom is working Judy’s butt over with her silver dildo, so you can fuck her in the butt soon. Then my butt is next. But Mom says I have to keep my grades up before I can get butt fucked. She thinks I will start flunking out since we are fucking now.”.

Her fingers were sliding around my chest. She was playing with my chest hair. I was rubbing her back and shoulders. I leaned down and pulled her head up and kissed her, deep. My cock which I thought would have been worn out from the previous days efforts, was quickly standing up in my shorts. I pulled her up and carried her to Andrea’s room. And as expected, a nude Judy was getting her butt drilled with a silver dildo. She was on all fours moaning, Andrea was behind her working it in and out, also nude.

“God damn. Yes. Oh oooh It is good. Ungh Tight. It…oh…it uh feels good. Different than his dick in my pussy. Oooh eeeee gees! That was deeper. Fuck! I think I am close. Uuuu god damn!”.

Cindy chirped up “Look who came while you two were playing butt games.”.

Andrea looked back, smiled at us, but did not stop pumping the dildo into her daughter’s ass. Her left hand was under Judy, rubbing her pussy from the looks of it. Judy did not look back as she was just then starting to shudder and shake.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee”.

The dildo was stuck halfway in. Andrea look at us, winked, and pushed the dildo hard and deep into Judy’s ass. The tip was almost buried. Judy shuddered and shrieked.

“Now watch this.” Andrea said and she twisted the end of the dildo. It started to buzz. It was a vibrator.

Judy’s back arched, her face slammed into the mattress, her shuddering went into overdrive. Her body was on full twitch. Andrea kept pushing the dildo in even deeper still. Her fingers pushed it completely into Judy’s ass. She wiggled her fingers, then she pulled them out. Cindy and I watched in amazement as the butt hole closed up, swallowing the dildo from sight.

“Guuuu. Oooooh. Shit! SHIT! Buuuu. Eeeeeeeeeeee! Damn it. Ooooooooooo!”. She rolled onto her side, pulled her knees up to her chest, grunted, and appeared to pass out.

Cindy yelled in a panic “Is she dead?!”.

“No, dear. She just had one big ass orgasm. When she comes to, tell her to push the dildo out like she is taking a crap. But do it in the bathroom, in the tub, in case she makes a mess. Hi, Rob. Nice timing.”.

She got up and gave me a hug and a kiss as Cindy went to her limp sister. We watched as she rubbed her fingers over Judy’s ass and then slipped her fingers into Judy‘s dripping wet pussy. “I can feel it vibrating in her butt from her pussy. Wow!”.

Judy’s eyes fluttered and she look up at us. “It is still going. Still vibrating. Oh god oh god. Noooo. Againn. Eeeeeeeeeeee Shit!”. Her body tucked tighter into the fetal position and I saw her muscles tense hard. She shuddered harder still and the dildo popped out of her ass and onto the sheets. Cindy was pumping her fingers into and out of Judy’s wet pussy.

“Don’t need to help her get it out. See?”. Cindy picked it up with her free hand and sniffed it. She looked at her mom. “How do you turn it off?”.

“Oh god damn. My ass is still vibrating, but that thing is out. I know I will like Rob’s dick up my butt. But not right now. Please. Let me rest, Cindy. Please take your fingers out.”.

“Yes, let your sister get her breath back. Lay off her twat. You twist the end, dear. Sorry, Judy, you get to rest later. Dinner should be ready soon. Let Cindy take you to the bathroom and quickly wash up for dinner. Take the dildo and clean it too -- after every use. No playing. Quickly.”.

We left the girls and walked to the kitchen. Andrea washed her hands in the sink and dried them with the towel. I was the only one with clothes on in the house and Andrea brought it to my attention. “You gonna get out of those clothes and get more comfortable? When you are, help me finish getting dinner ready and on the table.”.

I pulled off my unbuttoned shirt, kicked of my shoes, and undid and dropped my pants. My hard cock was pushing out my under shorts. I hooked my fingers in the waistband and they went down too. I gathered my clothes and took them to the couch in the living room. Then I went back into the kitchen.

- -- -- -- -- -- --

Chapter 7

After dinner, Andrea had Cindy help tired Judy to bed. She then said “Blow job, or pussy fuck, or ass drilling?”.

“Oh yes, my lady. My sweet lady. That sounds good. All three. Hee hee hee”.

We went to Andrea’s bedroom and I laid down on my back. Andrea crawled up on me with her pussy near my face and started licking my cock. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy to my face hard. My tongue speared her pussy lips. Tasty. I licked her from her taint to her clit. Back and forth. Sometimes pushing my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could -- sometimes even licking her ass. Pussy juice and ass -- just a nice way to greet a fella after his workday. Andrea was not idly enjoying her pussy licking. She was engulfing my cock. Her tongue was waggling around it.

“Oh geeeeeees”.

“Mom, you got almost all of his dick in your mouth. Wow! You gotta show me how you do that.”.

Andrea pulled her head off my cock. “Cindy, what does an old broad got to do to get a little privacy when having sex?”.

“Well closing your door might be one thing.” She giggled.

“True. Well since you are here, I will let you stay. Ungh”. I nipped her clit with my teeth. “You -- eeek!”. I bit harder on her clit. “You bastard! Cindy get your face on this dick. Suck it! Make it cum. Do our man. Make him stop biting my clit, please.”.

Cindy obeyed and my cock was once again engulfed by a bobbing mouth. I moaned into Andrea’s pussy and ran my tongue over her swollen clit. I could hear her moan too.

“My turn.” Cindy pulled off and let her mom have at it again. A double team blow job.

Cindy reached under her mom’s head and started rubbing my balls. She said “If he bites your clit again, tell me, and I will squeeze his balls.” To prove it, she squeezed and I let out a yelp.

Andrea pulled her head back and said that just earned you the first fuck. Squeeze him a second time. He bit me twice.”.

“ow! Fuck!”.

“Now get up on board, sweetie. Ride the big ole hard dick to orgasm heaven.”.

Cindy did not delay she scooted up and her mom sat up on my face. The cool air was replaced with a warm, wet pussy. Damn. Nice. Cindy was bouncing up and down. Wet pussy?! Oh shit not again. I squirmed under the two girls and got enough air space to yell “Condom. No condom!”.

Andrea quickly pulled Cindy off my dick. “My fault that time. Sorry, Cindy. Where are the condoms?”.

“At my house. Damn”.

“I got some for myself around her someplace. Yes. I know”.

She got up off the bed and Cindy started to align her pussy back with my cock. Andrea gave Cindy a look “Wait for the condoms, young lady. I saw that. Here they are.”. She ripped open one and came to the bed and wrapped it down around my cock. “Now. Enjoy. But please go slowly so I can have some too.”.

Cindy again lined her pussy up and say back down. Yes I love bare back much better than a condom. But fucking with a wrapped dick is much better than getting her pregnant. Andrea got back on my face, this time facing towards my head and said “Now where were we? Yes, you were licking me. Back to work! Oh! Yessssssss”. I was back at work.

Cindy was trying to go slow, but her instincts to get off were taking her faster and faster. I was also loosing the battle. I was worked up. I had a pussy on my face. One on my cock. And if I needed it, I had one more available in the room down the hall. I am just a guy. This was heaven.

“Damn Mom. I just love his dick. Even with the damn condom.”. She rocked up and down for a few minutes as I ate Andrea out. Cindy stood up higher and my dick popped out. She grabbed it with her hand and rubbed it around her clit, back along her pussy lips, and around her ass. She pushed down and my cock, slicked up by her pussy juice, pressed on her asshole. Her ass opened up and I popped in. It was tight. Even tighter than her pussy.

“ooh fuck. It is in. Ohhh God damn that is delicious.”. She pressed down more, then up. Then more still. Damn her tight ass was gonna make blow like right now. She squatted down harder still. I felt her shudder. “God how much more of that glorious dick is left to go up in my ass?”.

I felt Andrea jerk around and look back at her daughter. “You got him in your ass? I told you to wait until I had got you ready.” Cindy pressed harder still and she bottomed out. I was completely in her ass. She just sat there and shuddered hard. Andrea got off me and faced her daughter. She started rubbing her daughter’s pussy and clit with one hand, while rubbing and pinching her tits with the other.

Cindy was not making a sound, just shuddering, her eyes would open, but she was not looking or seeing anything. Her head was lolling around like it wanted to fall off. Her body was just shaking. Her ass was twitching and clamping around my cock. It was too much for my cock.

“I am gonna blow. Damn her ass is tight. Fu fu fuck!”.

I grabbed her hips and pulled harder still. I think I got another half inch deeper. I started shifting her ass up and down. Then I gave in and blew my load. I felt my cock expand bigger than I had ever felt it. I pumped my jism into her ass.

“Eeeeekkkk! God damn. He got bigger. He is cumming in my ass. Oh Mom. Oh fuck yes. Keep rubbing me Mom. I think I am ugnhh….oh fuck…yes….eeeeeEEEEEEEE!”. Her ass clamped real hard on my cock. Damn!

We both relaxed as our peaks subsided. Our breathing was loud and raspy. Cindy laid down on my chest, gave me a kiss, and then cuddled her head on my shoulder. I think she was asleep in 2 seconds.

“In your ass already. You little sweet slut you. A damn natural slut.”.

My cock was still embedded in her ass and still throbbing out jism. “Help me pick her up and put her to bed. I think she is asleep.”.

We got her off me and I carried her sweet, sexy, nude body to her bed. Two youngsters out cold from their first anal experiences. My cock had not gone down much even after cumming in Kitten‘s ass. I guess it was starting to think this was the normal state now. The cum filled condom was still attached.

Andrea noticed and said “hmmmm Do I get a turn at this merry go round…Daddy?”. She pulled the condom off and stoked my cock. “Ta taaa. I unwrapped my gift.”.

I said “I think we should do something that might let my cock blast out one more spin. But by all means, I am thinking we should resume where we were before the girls interrupted us.”.

I led her back to her bedroom and laid her down on her back. I spread her legs and pushed my head right into her pussy. My oral assault was hard and fast. I had one goal. And that was to get Andrea to orgasm -- quick.

“Oh yes! That is where we were. Or at least that is where you were.”.

My tongue was lapping at her slit, digging in. I was again licking her from ass to clit and dipping between her lips. I was sucking her clit. I was tongue fucking her slit and ass. She was moaning and her head was thrashing back and forth. “Oh Rob. Sweet god. Fuckin’ hell. Oh yes yes eee oooo fuuuuuu oooooooOOOOO!”. She was shuddering through her orgasm and I kept licking and sucking for a minute or so, forcing her to keep cumming hard. I relented and pulled my head up out of crotch. My face a wet with my slobber and her pussy juice. I crawled up her body and soon my hard cock was sliding into her pussy.

I now had one goal: To get my rocks off in Andrea’s sweet, tight pussy. She was still trying to fight through the back side of her orgasm and my cock plowing her was not letting her down gently at all. Her legs wrapped around my ass and soon she was clenching her legs in time with my hips.

“Damn women. Nice. Work it.”.

The sweat was covering both our bodies. We worked our hips hard together. I knew I was going to have bruises from this. I just hoped I could hold out until I came.

“ung ung ung damn, dude. You are just one fine ung ugn fine fuck master.”.

My balls tingled and started to tighten up. My cock started to enlarge even bigger. “Oh damn, lady. Here it comes. Fuck yes fuuuuuu ungggggggg oh god!”. I held my cock deep in Andrea’s pussy as I unloaded a load of cum. Andrea was tiredly trying to still hump up at me, but she was spent. I relented and eased my hips back a half inch or so, taking the pressure off our united genitals. I was gasping for air. I rolled off her and onto my back alongside her. I leaned in and kissed her. This was heaven. Mother and two young daughters. I said to Andrea “I love you.”.

“I love you too.”.

My cock was slowly losing strength and was making a slick mess on my belly. I looked at Andrea’s pussy and saw my cum and hers dribbling out. Sex is just plain fun. Messy, but fun.

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