That night as Naruto was sleeping Kyuu couldn't sleep. She had decided to look out the window as she layed on the bed rubbing her pussy gently while looking out into the village. Kyuu couldn't seem to take it much longer where the only person she fucked was Naruto and that was only once a day. She ached for more. The one time with Sakura helped, but she craved far more than just Sakura or Naruto. She decided she was going to go on a little adventure tonight while the moon was still full. Sneaking out as quietly as possible as Naruto continued to snore.

“Now for some real fun!” Kyuu says as she closes the door feeling the cool crisp night air surrounding her. She begins by hunting down the first and only female she has had sex with since coming to this world. Sakura.

Once she got to Sakura's place she transformed into Naruto and decided to knock. To her surprise when the door opened it wasn't Sakura's mother, but Sakura herself in a pink robe. “Can't it wait until tomorrow Naruto!” Sakura yells in front of him. Kyuu returns to her normal state with her breast as large as Sakura's.

“Sorry about this intrusion however I'm a bit horny and Naruto is asleep and...” Kyuu rambles but before she could finish her sentence Sakura brings her in running up to her room. Once the two got into Sakura's bedroom Kyuu noticed they weren't alone. Sakura's mother and Ino were there two. Perhaps the most shocking thing was that both were in fact naked shoving dildo's in each other's pussies. Sakura took her robe off as well leaving Kyuu a bit stunned by what the scene that was in front of her.

“Since your a friend of Naruto's your also a friend of ours will you please join us?” Sakura says in her ear in a seductive voice that made Kyuu shiver. Kyuu snapped her fingers and as the smoke settled around her she was revealed with no clothes on with her tits fully erect. Sakura moves in and begins kissing her on the lips. Their tongues interlocking as their bodies began to feel each other. Sakura has her hands all over Kyuu's breasts. Squeezing them in between her fingertips as hard as possible. Kyuu moves her hands below feeling Sakura's ass and fingering her pussy.

Ino and Sakura's mother pull out each other's dildo's and decide to walk over and help Sakura and Kyuu. Ino kisses Kyuu's neck while Sakura's mother kisses her daughters neck. Sakura pulls away and smiles at Kyuu and then turns her head and locks lips with her mother. The two move back to the bed groping each other as they make love.

During that time Ino turns Kyuu's head to her and smiles as she goes down and licks Kyuu's breasts and then continues to lick her downward until she reaches her sweet pussy. Ino moves her tongue around for a moment teasing Kyuu. Kyuu feels her own breasts as she squeezes her tit's in between her own fingers. Ino uses her fingers to spread Kyuu's pussy further apart. Kyuu softly moaned at first, but as Ino digged further the louder Kyuu became.

Kyuu had three orgasms with Ino eating her pussy before she began to feel faint. Before she fell she thought that she heard Naruto, but was out before she was positive on it being Naruto.

The moment Kyuu woke up she noticed she was back at Naruto's place laying on the bed. She notices Naruto walking back and forth talking to himself.

“Naruto” Kyuu softly speaks as Naruto freezes in his tracks and turns to her with an angry look on his face.

“How could you... no I can't blame you, but if you had told me earlier I wouldn't of cared, heck I might of joined you, but left me!” Naruto says to Kyuu.

“I needed more than just you to satisfy my urges!” Kyuu shouts back. Naruto goes silent for a few moments.

“I understand that is why I am sending you to Sakura's. When you want me again you may come back, but only if you'll be more open!” Naruto says lifting Kyuu and shoving her out of his apartment in one quick movement. Kyuu stood there with the door shut in front of her crying. Naruto locked the door and quietly left through the window.

Kyuu stood there for a few moments crying his name. After awhile she got up and walked toward Sakura's place.

Just as she was turning into the street Sakura lived Hinata and a boy of a similar age blocked her.

“So this is Kyuu, Hinata” Neji says.

“Yes” Hinata weakly replies.

“Hello Hinata it's a beautiful day and who is this fine man next to you?” Kyuu says in a pleasant voice.

“This is Neji he is my cousin” Hinata replies.

“Nice to meet you Neji, my name is...” Kyuu says but Neji interrupts.

“Kyuu you are from the fox that is within Naruto” Neji says making Kyuu a bit embarrassed “Am I right?”

“Yes you are right” Kyuu responds with a smile.

“Where is Naruto?” Hinata asks.

Kyuu runs past them “Sorry I've got to go I'm in a bit of a rush!” She knocks at Sakura's place and is shoved in before even noticing who let her in.

“Thank goodness your here Kyuu!” Sakura says standing in front of her wearing the same robe from last night.

“What happened last night?” Kyuu asks.

“Just as you blacked out Naruto came storming in. We had to convince him that is was best that you stay here from now on, but he said he needed time. The moment though when you blacked out and Naruto came in all of our breasts grew a size, so we haven't been able to leave all morning, and well we would like to thank you” Sakura says and then kisses Kyuu on the lips.

Kyuu stood there with her lips locked with Sakura stunned by what happened last night and what is going on at this moment. Kyuu decided to kiss back enjoying kissing Sakura. Soon their tongues were interlocked and they were taking each other's clothes off.

“Sakura can't you at least show our guest where she'll be sleeping?” Sakura's mother shouts. Sakura simply ignores her as she is busy making out with Kyuu on the floor.

“It looks like a couple of love birds can't stay separate for one moment” Ino says walking downstairs with only a towel on top of her head wrapping her wet hair.

“Honestly doesn't anyone wear clothes anymore!” Sakura's mother shouts.

“It's not like we haven't seen each other naked” Ino replies walking over to Sakura's mother and untying her robe to reveal her naked body.

“Oh what the hell” Sakura's mother says kissing Ino on the lips. As soon as Sakura's mother and Ino were laying on the floor next to Kyuu and Sakura a knock at the door occurs. All four froze for a moment. “I'm coming!” Sakura's mother says grabbing her robe as the other three run up stairs. “Hello” Sakura's mother says as she opens the door to see Kakashi standing at her doorstep “Well hello Kakashi long time since you've been here. What brings you here anyways?”

“Sorry to intrude Mrs. Haruno is Sakura around? The Hokage has summoned her for a mission” Kakashi replies.

“A mission!” Sakura comes running down with only a robe on “Kakashi are you in charge or is it Yamato?” Sakura asks in a perky voice.

“I can not say all I've been ordered to do was say you are to meet with Lady Tsunade on the details of the mission” Kakashi replies back. Once he finished Sakura ran upstairs to grab her things and before her mother closed the door she was out the door running to the Hokage's.

“That girl sure is in a hurry” Mrs. Haruno says shaking her head as she closes the door and looks behind her to see Ino sitting on the floor eating Kyuu's pussy. “Girls!” Mrs. Haruno rolls her eyes and walks away into the kitchen.


Naruto and Yamato are taking a break listening to the water fall that Yamato built and the wind blow the leaves when out of nowhere Kakashi shows up blocking their sun.

“Resting are we?” Kakashi says standing above them Yamato and Naruto quickly get up.

“Kakashi what's the news?” Yamato asks.

“The Hokage has summoned the three of us” Kakashi says as Naruto jumps up shouting with excitement.

“Who else is coming along?” Yamato asks Kakashi as Naruto is still shouting.

“Sakura, Team Guy, and Shizune” Kakashi says.

“I take it we are facing Akatsuki” Yamato says in a more serious voice. Naruto stops once he hears Akatsuki and he straightens up.

“Who is it?” Naruto asks.

“It's unknown at this moment, but we need to be careful” Kakashi says “Lets head to the Hokage's.” Both Yamato and Naruto nod and all three disappear.

Once they reach the Hokage's room Sakura, Shizune, Team Guy, and Tsunade are standing there.

“Now that your all here we have evidence from Jiraiya that the Akatsuki members Itachi and Kisame are on the border of fire country and river country...” Tsunade says when Naruto interrupts.

“Isn't that were Pakkun discovered where the first Akatsuki hideout...” Naruto says before being interrupted by Lee.

“The river country is where our friends Sasho and Karashi live! Yippee! Curry of life extra spicy!” Lee says is about to go crazy when Gai settles him down.

“If we are facing those two...” Kakashi says but is interrupted by Tsunade.

“Correct Kakashi that is why Jiraiya will be meeting you midway to make sure everything goes according to plan” Tsunade says hitting her desk to make everyone dead silent “Any questions!” No one moved a muscle “GO!” and everyone left leaving Tsunade there watching the leaf village.

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