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My neighbor and her young daughters - chp 4

Chapter 4

The morning came and I woke up. There was a body next to me. Cindy. The dream was real. Sweet memories returned to my brain. I reached for her and hugged her to me. My morning hard-on was pressing into her side as she woke up.

She looked around at my bedroom and then at me. “I am here in your bed. Damn! I had sex. We had sex. Damn. I loved it. I love you for fucking me. I just love you. Good morning. Is that nice hard prick for me?”.

While talking, she reached for my cock and started wanking it. Her brain obviously wakes up in lightning fast mode. Before I could answer, I heard Andrea from the doorway say “Don’t be greedy, young lady. It is already after ten and Judy hasn’t had any of Rob yet. Fair is fair.”.

“Uh, good morning, Andrea“ I said. Then I saw Judy along side Andrea. “…and Judy. Good morning to you too.”. Judy just walked around her mom and looked with big wide eyes at her sister sitting up in my bed. Cindy’s little tits were there, exposed for all to see.

Cindy shrieked, pulled the bed covers off, climbed out of bed, then ran naked to her mom, and hugged her. “Thank you, Mom! Thank you. It was great. Boy was it great. I fu…I …we uh…I am not a virgin anymore.”.

I was busy watching Cindy and Andrea. Cindy was proud, excited and Andrea was smiling like a happy contented mother, proud of her daughter, her hands stroking the naked flesh on the back of her daughter, almost down to her bare ass.

I did not notice that Judy had come along side my bed and was looking at my naked hip showing under the tossed bed covers. “Can I…uh…look?”.

I did not get a chance to answer when Andrea said “Go on and get naked, then crawl on in. Me and Cindy will start breakfast. I brought groceries. I did not know what you did or did not have in your cupboards and fridge.”.

Judy was still standing along side the bed. I chuckled and said to Judy “Yes, you may as well look. Your mom and sister have looked already. Oh boy have they done more than look.”.

Judy looked at her sis and mom. Andrea got the hint. “Hey Cindy. Let us leave these two alone to have some morning fun.”. Then to me she said “Make it quick if you want your food hot. Maybe just a prelude. Just kissing, sucking… hee hee After eating -- breakfast -- Then you can take your time. And I am guessing obviously, that clothes are an option, as per nudie Cindy here.”.

Andrea swatted Cindy on her bare butt. “Hey Brat, grab your blouse unless you want to get zapped by hot bacon grease.”.

Cindy did grab her blouse she leaned around her sister and gave me a deep kiss. “Love you”. And they left and closed the door.

Judy was still standing, obviously nervous. I pulled the blankets back and revealed most of my naked body, my hard cock proudly standing up for her inspection.

“Come close and look, touch, whatever you want, sweetie. You can stay dressed if you want. But I would like to look at you naked if you would let me.”.

She knelt on the bed and reached for my leg near my knee. Her lower lip was pulled in. She moved her hand closer, but not touching. I placed my hand on hers and moved her hand up to my hard cock. Her fingers gently wrapped around and I moaned. “Yes. Now start stroking me up and down”. Young girls were becoming a drug I was getting hooked on. Yup I am a ful fledge pedophile now. And proud of it.

She looked up into my eyes and then back down to my cock. “You had this in Cindy? It fit?!”.

“Yes, Cindy and I made love together. It fit nicely. So do not have any fears. If you want it, it will fit in you too. You want to keep playing or go down and help with breakfast?”.

I influenced her by reaching my hand out and rubbing her hip, then her thigh, then into her skirt covered crotch. Her lower lip sucked in deeper. I moved so I could pull her down onto me.

Her hand was trapped between us, still wrapped around my cock. My hands moved over her back, her shoulders, and down to her ass. I looked into her eyes and move my lips to her. Close but not touching. I wanted her to move the last inch.

She did. We kissed softly. My one hand had slipped under her blouse and was rubbing her bare back up to her bra strap. My other hand was rubbing her ass through her skirt. I heard her moan and her mouth opened a little bit. I pushed my tongue to just between her lips. I put both hands under her blouse and pulled it up. And like her sister, her hands went above her head allowing me to pull it off.

Her breasts were obviously bigger than Cindy’s little bits. I pulled her back in for more kissing then moved my hands to her bra strap. It was soon undone. Her eyes opened with nervous shock. My hands went back to rubbing her back, shoulders, and ass. My mouth opened wider and then I sucked her tongue into my mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned. I moved my hands down to her ass and started to pull her skirt up slowly. She may not have noticed it at first what with the deep kissing, but when my hands rubbed her exposed panties, her eyes opened again.

She pulled her head back and smiled. “This is nice. You hands are doing things to me. Your tongue. I…”.

There was a knock on the door. I heard Cindy’s voice “Mom says to come down, dressed or naked. Food is ready. The door opened and Cindy walked in, her blouse on, but not buttoned. “Mom said I had to knock. But she didn’t say I had to wait outside. He is nice and big like I told you, huh? That all you got off so far? Have you fucked him yet? I…”.

“Hush, speed mouth!” I said. “Young ladies, if you will escort me downstairs”.

Judy got out of bed while holding her bra, reached for her blouse, but I grabbed her arm. “No. As you are.”. Cindy said “That’s fair. I only got my blouse on.”.

“In fact as Cindy has only one piece of clothing, I declare that is the limit. One piece max. So loose the bra first. Then skirt or undies? Which one stays here? Or do both stay and you go to breakfast naked?“.

I tugged her loose bra strap and she let me pull the bra from her breasts. Her arm still covered them. Cindy says “Loose the skirt. That will knock Mom for a loop.”. With that Cindy knelt in front of her sister and undid her skirt. It fell to the ground.

I grabbed Judy’s arm from her breasts and locked it into my left arm. I saw her breasts. Firm. Bigger than Cindy’s. The nipples were stiff and thick. More mature than Cindy’s, more like her mom’s nipples. Cindy grabbed my right arm and locked arms with me. We left the bedroom and walked awkwardly trying to get three people through a hallway made for two at best.

I walked into the kitchen, naked with two nearly naked youngsters on my arms, my hard dick bobbing as I went. In the kitchen Andrea looked up as we entered and smiled. I was really loving that sweet smile. Plates were spread around the table with eggs, toast, bacon, and melon slices.

I looked at Andrea and in mock sternness said “And why are you dressed? You can be naked or one article of clothing. Cindy’s and my rules.”.

She looked at her youngest daughter, gave a motherly disapproving look, then shrugged her shoulders, and started disrobing. Blouse gone. Bra gone. Pants gone.

Cindy said “Wow, Mom. Nice tits. Judy’s are almost as nice and big. Mine are tiny. Maybe soon. You think the fucking will make them bigger?” Cindy dropped her blouse and was now naked. “My little bumps are gonna get there, Rob. Wait and see. You will like them as much as Mom‘s and Judy‘s..”.

I was in heaven. Three sets of boobs. “I already love your sweet little tits. And Judy’s. And Andrea’s. All very very nice indeed. Now sit. Eat. All of you horny sex monsters.”. We sat. We ate. I enjoyed the scenery. My dick stayed hard.

Once finished, Andrea said “Girls clean up while I talk with Rob.”. The girls started removing plates, the faucet turned on, clatter and noise soon filled the air.

“Enjoying yourself so far? Cindy told me you nailed her many times, ate her out, and even had a finger up her ass a couple of times. She can’t guess how many orgasms you gave her. How far did you get with Judy?”.

“Not far at all. I barely got her out of her bra when Cindy barged in.”.

“I told her to knock. That little monster! I am gonna…”.

“She did. She did knock. Then she came right in. And yes, I am enjoying myself nicely.” As I said this I reached for Andrea’s breasts and started fondling her. Her eyes closed. “hmmmm Thank you. I needed that after seeing you naked and knowing you had fucked Cindy all night long. I hardly slept last night thinking of you two going at it like rabbits.”.

I noticed Cindy was alongside us when she said “You gonna do Mom or Judy now?”.

Andrea opened her eyes and said “Judy. He and Judy will have some time to themselves. You and I are going to get dressed and go home.”.

“Awwww I wanna watch.” “Maybe later. Did Judy or I get to watch you?”.

In a soft, little girl voice I heard “nooo”.

“OK Get dressed now or I won’t let you come over to play with Rob for a week!”. Cindy scampered up and ran to the bedroom. I went back to fondling Andrea’s breasts and kissing her.

Cindy was back in just a couple of minutes, her blouse on (mostly buttoned), her pants on, her shoes on, but her undies in her hand. She handed them to me and said “Keep them as a prize, an award for the best stud I have ever had.”

Cindy giggled then leaned up and gave me a big kiss, tongues entwining. She said “Be nice to Judy. I love you.”.

“I love you too, Kitten”.

She turned and looked at her mom. “You going home naked? Or I am gonna ground you for a week?!” She shrieked as her mom playfully tried to spank her.

“Yes I am going to get dressed and we are going to leave.” We stood up and Andrea came to me, hugged me, and gave me a passionate kiss. Her hand reached down to my still hard thick cock. She stroked it a couple of times, then held her hand still, firmly wrapped around.

With a sigh, she let go of my cock and pulled back. “Be good to her. Call us when you get hungry. I will have some sandwiches and soup ready by the time you get to my house.”. With that she grabbed her blouse, put it on. Then she pulled her panties off and handed hem to me. “Here, lover. Another trophy -- for yesterday morning. But please do not ask for a set each time, else we three girls won’t have any clothes to wear. Come Cindy. Let’s leave them to it.”. Then her pants went on. They left.

Judy looked at me, the dish towel still in her hand. She looked lovely yet scared, standing in just her undies. “Come here…hmmmm I gave Cindy a sexy nickname of Kitten. What name shall I give you? Turn around. Hands at you side so I can see all of you.”

She meekly lowered her hands and started to turn. “No good.” She looked up sharply at me and looked like she was going to cry. “Your undies have just got to go. Then I can see all of your sweet, sexy, lovely, young body.”.

A smile almost replaced the frown, then her hands reached her waistband and pushed down. She bent to get them lower then lifted her leg to help them off. She stepped out of them. “Now. Yes. Now turn.”. She turned around again.

“Sweet tits. Bigger than your sisters, and a bit smaller than your mother’s. But I think both of you will catch up and have marvelous boobs. Your ass is again bigger than Cindy’s and smaller than Andrea’s. It is starting to sound like Goldilocks here. I got it! Boo Boo. The three bears…Yogi and…Boo Boo. OK, Boo Boo. Let us get you into the bed where I want you, Boo Boo.”.

I wrapped my arms around her, pressing her naked flesh against mine. I picked her up by her sweet ass and like Cindy, carried her towards my bed. I looked at the mess of my bed and said “We need to start this bed fresh. Unless you want to roll around in the mess your sister and I made.”.

She was still silent. Hmmm I have got to get this vixen out of her shell. Or maybe this one… Maybe she wanted… needed…. Maybe she needed to be dominated. hmmm Later maybe. I let her slide down, my hard-on rubbing along her body.

“The sheets are in the linen closet in the bathroom.”. We stripped the bed and remade it. “Now that is better. All fresh for a fresh and sweet Boo Boo. Come here, my sweet sexy Boo Boo.”.

She walked around the bed to where I was standing. I pulled her sweet young body to me and started kissing her. After all the sex I have recently had, I was not in a hurry. My hard cock may have other ideas.

I opened my mouth and her tongue crept out and played with my lips, then slowly entered my mouth. I played tongues games with her until both of us we breathing hard. My hard cock was throbbing at her belly. My arms wrapped around her, one at her neck and shoulders, the other at the small of her back and her sweet ass. Her ass was much closer to what I usually like, but Cindy’s was real nice too.

Damn I have three asses to play with, three sets of tits, and three pussies. I am gonna die from too much sex. But maybe not. We broke the kiss and Judy was obviously a bit woozie. I smiled at her and said “You are lovely, sweet, and” as I grabbed her butt cheeks firmly “about to be made love to. You want that? You want to be made a woman?”

I reached for her hand, and pulled it to my hard-on. “You want this? Tell me.”. She look down where her hand was wrapped around my cock.

She started moving her hand up and down. Then she looked at me and said “Yes. I want this.”. She looked down again to watch herself wank me.

“No. Not good enough. Tell me explicitly what you want.”.

Confusion was in her eyes. “I want it. Yes. I want it.”.

“Want what?”.

“I want you…me…”.

“Tell me.”.

“I want your…thing…in me.”.

“Come on Boo Boo. What is it? Where do you want it? Tell me. Use the words I know you know.”.

“I uh…I want your dick…in me…in my…vagina.”. Satisfied with her answer, she jerked my cock a bit harder and faster, then looked into my eyes, proud of having said those words.

I was not going to let her get away that easy with it though. “So, you want my dick, my cock in your pussy. Doing what?”.

The proud look faded. She looked down again at her hand around my cock. “I want your dick in my…pussy…making love to me.” I looked sternly at her. “Uh Fucking me?”.

“Better, much better. Get into bed, Judy. Get them buns under the sheets.” She turned and scampered into the bad. I was close behind her. I maneuvered so I was laying on her a bit and resumed kissing her. This time my hand reached for her pussy. My fingers traced around her short pubic hair and along the top of her slit. She arched her back in surprise, but soon opened her legs to allow me more access. I slowly moved my fingers into her pussy lips just a bit and found her very wet.

Like mom, like sis. The lube will not be needed. The condoms, yes. I rubbed her pussy lips, then started in hot and heavy on her clit. She was humping and moaning. She broke off our kiss and moaned louder. She was trying to jump around in bed as I fingered her. But I held her down. This was fun. I was going to force her to orgasm. I rubbed hard, then soft for a few minutes.

“uuuunnnnn Yes Oh oh oh god YES. I it oh oh. God damn it eee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”. She wailed as she climaxed under me. She shuddered and thrashed about.

I pushed my fingers back into her pussy and she jerked hard again. And I did it again and again. I hit her hymen a couple of times and I saw her wince. But I stroked her clit, then into her pussy, bang into her hymen. Her clit, pussy, her hymen, her clit. Back and forth.

“Ahhhh I’m gonna oh oh oh again No noooooo oooohhhhhhhh eeee eeeeee shit SHIT AAAAAAA”. She was again thrashing under me for the second time.

I could feel her body was damp with her sweat. I eased off her pussy and clit and moved my hand up to her tits. The nipples were rock hard and her areolas were very tight and crinkly.

I could really get used to these women. Women? Two were under-aged teens. Yes. I am now a full fledged pedophile and loving it. But not so much a pedophile, but a man who has fallen in love with three sexy women. Yes. Women. Screw the age thing. I was in love.

I again kissed Judy. Then I looked at her with the question in my eyes.

She looked up saw my looking and understood the question. “Yes. Fuck me now. Please no more teasing. Make me a woman.”.

“Boo Boo, you are a woman to me even before we make love. But yes, I do want to fuck you. Let me get a condom on.” I saw her look a bit disappointed when I said condom. “I do not need to get you young ladies pregnant. Your mom will get you both on the pill, soon. And I agree, not soon enough.”.

With the condom on, I rolled back under the sheets. I climbed between her legs, which opened up wide to accept me. My cock nudged her pussy lips and she pushed the sheets down and off our bodies. And she then looked between our bodies and watched as I slowly pushed into her. “Oh oh It is big. Ow!”. I hit had her hymen.

“It will hurt this first time, but you will like it very soon afterwards.”.

“Go ahead. Please do it.”. I started kissing her and I reached between our bodies and started rubbing her clit. Her passion returned and her hips started rocking under me. I bang her hymen and felt it stretch, but not give. Her eyes opened wide and looked deep into mine. Then she humped up with all of her might. Her shriek was muffled by our kiss. She held herself up tight against me, fully impaled until she started to shake from the strain. She eased down back to the bed and my cock pulled from her pussy.

I broke the kiss and asked “You ok?”.
“Yes. It hurt but it was…it was…good…I want it back in me, please.”.

I eased my hips forward and back into her freshly opened pussy. “Oh It still hurts, but it is good. Good.”. I started a gentle in and out rocking. Sometimes going in just an inch into her lips. Other pushes went deep in.

OK I was going to be gentle with at least one of them. I could feel her body relaxing more and more as I pumped into her. I started picking up speed, but not too fast or too hard. Minutes went by and I tried hard to keep from cuming.

Judy was in bliss. Her eyes opened, then closed hard. “Oh god yes. It is good. Oh yes so good. Delicious. Oh oh unghhhh I think I….oh oh….I think….it….oh oh oh eee eeee eeeeeeeeeee fu fu FUCK meeeeeeeeeeeee”. Her body started to spasm under me and I increased my pace and was stroking into her deep with every push. She clinched up tight and came hard. Her shudders were fantastic. Her face was turning a dark shade of red. Her cunt muscles clamped hard around my cock. So I pushed in hard and deeper than ever. I felt her cervix with the tip of my head. I even could feel it rippling.

That did it. I came with her. I was shuddering on top of her. She was shuddering under me. This was not fucking. This was beyond that. It was fantastic.

Our humping, sweaty bodies slowly calmed down. I relaxed and rolled off of her to tried and get my breathing back under control. Judy was breathing just as hard. “Hey Boo Boo. Judy.”

She looked at me and smiled big time. “Rob. That was great! I am a woman. A well fucked woman. Thank you. I love you.” With that she rolled on top of me and kissed me hard. “I can’t wait until we don’t need those”.

She said that and then she pulled the condom off my shrinking cock. My cum dripped out of the rubber and on to my belly. My sloppy wet cock slapped my belly and slid to the side leaving a trail of wet cum. “It makes a mess doesn’t it?”.

I reached for her pussy and felt her wetness and said “Yup sex makes a wet mess. Your wet pussy, my wet cock. Shall we go get cleaned up?”.

“No. Let’s just lay here a while. It feels good. You feel good.“. So we lay there, our breathing returning to normal, our damp bodies drying. I think I fell asleep for a while.

The next thing I knew, I felt Judy move and I roused my eyes open. She was inching down my body, giving me little kisses along my chest, then my nipples. I think I heard a small purr from her. She kept going lower and then she was running her fingers through my pubic hair, her mouth was very close behind.

My cock, my poor way over worked cock was starting to stir again. Her lips started kissing my cock. Oh yes, my cock was liking this…ok I was too. She moved her hand down to my balls and her mouth opened. She pressed her lips onto the side of my cock. Her tongue wrapped around my cock and picked it up so she could get her mouth over the head. My cock was now a full, hard rod. “Hmmmmm You taste nice.” She bobbed up and down for another minute. “Grab another condom, Rob. Please. Can you reach them?”.

I looked to my bed stand and was able to twist and grab the box. I grabbed one and handed it to her. She looked up from my cock at the condom and without taking her head off of me she tried to open it. She could not get it done one handed. She pulled her mouth off my cock and it slapped back onto my belly. She sat back and I heard the package open. She started to roll the condom on me, smiling almost devilishly.

When it was on, she crawled up onto me and aimed my cock at her pussy and eased herself onto me. She let out a nice, low throaty moan and started going up and down with just her hips, her body laying on me, her breasts pressed into my chest. She was starting to move faster and I grabbed her ass to slow her down. “Easy baby. Take your time. Work it. Uh uh. Yes.”.

“I want this to go on forever. I love this. I love you, Rob.”.

I did not hesitate this time. “I love you too. My Boo Boo. My Sweet Judy Boo Boo.”.

We kissed, tongues wrapping into our mouths. She continued to fuck me gloriously. She arched her back making her cunt go deeper. She let out a small yip as I banged her cervix. She placed her hands behind her and arched her back. It exposed her breasts completely to my view. Damn nice swaying boobs. Young boobs.

I reached up and grabbed her breasts. This helped her stay arched and her movements caused each down thrust to hit deep. I moved my fingers from wrapping around and mauling her whole breasts to just her nipples and I pinched them. She let out a yip, but kept humping. I said “Now, go faster. Make your self cum. Do it, Boo Boo. Bang me baby.”.

She was now moving very fast. Her breasts bounced around a bit, but I held onto her nipples and watch as they distended this way and that. Her eyes were closing and opening. She was not going to last long. I pinched her nipples harder and she yelped loudly, but kept up the high speed fucking. Her pussy was thrust deep each time, banging her cervix. Her nipples had to be hurting big time. Her cervix had to be in pain. She started to wail and she started to shudder. I felt my crotch getting wetter from her fluids dripping out.

“Oh oh oh Rob. It hurts. Your dick is too long. My nipples hurt. It feels intense. Damn nice hurt. Nice. Oh fu fu yiii eeee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee fuck FUCK!”. She gave one big shudder and collapsed onto me.

As she fell back down on me, I let go of her poor nipples. They were very hard, red, and angry looking. Young, mauled tits. Nice.

My hands reach around her and I slapped her ass fairly hard. “Eeeek!”. She moved her hips up and down a few times, then stopped. I spanked her again. “Ow!”. But she started to move up and down again.

She kissed me and said “Do I gotta keep fucking you? It feels good, but I am tired again.”. She stopped humping. I swatted her ass a little whap to remind her to keep moving. “OK ok!”.

I swatted her yet again and she started to hump harder and faster. I kept spanking her as she fucked me. I was close. “Keep it up, Judy. Keep going, please.” I swatted her a good one. Her pussy muscles contracted. Damn that was good. I hit her ass hard again. Again she tightened up on me. “uh uh oooh ooooh”. Whap whap “geeeeess yes” Whap whap whap “God damn. Yeessssssssss”. I came into her. She slowed down as I shuddered under her.

“Bully. Brute! You Mean Fucker”. Each word was accompanied with a hard push onto my spurting cock. I finally relaxed under her as my cock started to shrink. She kept moving on me, but with small moves. Eventually my cock popped out of her and slipped between us.

She was smiling big time. Pleased with herself to no end. “I think my boobs may need surgery. You hurt the nipples too hard.”. She rubbed her breasts while her tongue ran along her lips. “They are throbbing. So is my pussy. Damn man! This is great!”.

A quick glance at the clock and I saw that we had been more than three hours, what with the making out, the sex, and the post cuddling, and more sex. My stomach rumbled. I rolled out of bed and reached for her hand to pull her out so we can go to the shower. She grabbed the rubber and asked “What to do with this?”. “The garbage is over there.” She looked and dropped it in. “How many times did you do Cindy and Mom? Looks like quite a few in there.”. She giggled.

I had a quick thought. “Is your mom on the pill?”. “Huh? I don’t know. I haven’t seen any. You mean you did her without a condom?! You may have got her pregnant?! You… She… I may have another sister soon? Maybe a brother? You look pale. Did you see a ghost of Christmas Future? Hee hee hee”.

I could not… No… I don’t… The brain was shutting down.

“Come here big boy. Poor Daddy. Hee hee. Let us get cleaned up and go get some food. I will call Mom to let her know we will be there in say…30 to 40 minutes. Go start the shower, Daddy.”

All her shyness was gone. She was more like her mom and sister now. Women in control of their man. Me. Daddy. She called me Daddy. I have shifted from a nice, normal, non-criminal man…to a pedophile, to a role playing, incest loving pedophile. I started the shower.

By the time the water was warm, Judy had joined me. She grabbed the soap and wash cloth and started to wash me. I could get used to this. Oh boy I could. I watched as Judy squatted down, washing my belly. She grabbed my cock and washed it, then she dropped the cloth and just used her hands. She rubbed the soap around my cock and my balls. She giggled quietly and then reached around and pulled my cock into her tits. Then she waggled back and forth using her tits to wash my cock.
“Damn Boo Boo. Nice.”.

“I told Mom you did me real nice. Mom said not to take too much more time. Maybe get a little quickie in before coming over. I like that idea. Think you can get up for it?

Her tits were working their magic and I was becoming harder. How many times can an old guy like me be getting it up? She stood up and using the shower head, rinsed us off. She placed it back in the holder, then looked at my now hard dick. “hmmm yes.”

She turned around and faced the shower head and pushed her butt back against my cock. Oh I was now quite hard. I grabbed her hips, squatted down a bit and then eased my cock up into her pussy. Damn pussies are nice. In and out. Her slick pussy juice easing the way. The hot water spraying us from time to time as we rocked in the shower . Yes pussies are tight, wet, sexy. Wet?!

Oh no not again. I pulled out. And Judy turned to look at me. “What?”.

I croaked “No condom.”

She purred and said “I don’t care. Do me. Get me pregnant too, along with Mom. It felt real good”.

“No, Boo Boo, I cannot be getting you pregnant, nor Cindy. And I may not have got your mom pregnant.”.

“Spoil sport. Then let us get out of the shower and over to our house for food. I am hungry…horny yes…but hungry.” We got dressed. Judy handed me her undies and said “For you. To complete your trophy case, Daddy.”.

- -- -- -- -- -- --

Chapter 5

At Andrea’s, the smell of the soup hit my nostrils fast. I guess a lot of sex makes you hungry. Cindy ran up to me and wrapped her arms around, gave me a deep tongue kiss. I was surprised she was dressed.

Andrea popped around the corner also dressed and said “Come and get it. The food that is. Leave him alone for a little while, Cindy.“.

“The soup is more stew-ish, but I tossed a lot of everything into it. I got carried away cooking for our man.”. She came up and gave me a kiss. “Judy said she liked your dick. That makes all three of us now that want you and your dick.” Her hand reached down to my pants covered cock and started rubbing.

“Damn. You said the food was ready.”

“OK. I am feeling horny and a bit left out, that is all.”. I made it to the kitchen and the two girls were sitting next to each other, partially eaten sandwiches in their hands, and giggling. “So Judy says you may have got Mom pregnant.”.

I stopped and Andrea did too. “What did you say, young lady?!”.

“He did you without a condom. I haven’t seen any birth control pills. He nailed you. You are pregnant.”.

Andrea laughed, looked at my ashen face, then laughed harder. “No. I am not pregnant. I am on the pill. My pills are just not where the girls can find them. They are…were too young to know about those kind of things. You can breathe again, Rob.”.

Cindy then chirped “Well I may be pregnant. I got him to break my cherry without one on.”.

Judy chirped up “I got him bare in the shower for a minute or so too. But it was after he got my cherry.”.


“I’m sorry, I pulled out as soon as Cindy would let me. She was wrapped tightly around me. And as for Judy, I did…but I pulled out quickly. I did not come in either of them bare. Honest!”.

She giggled and said “Well. You have got to be careful. Don’t let them run rough shod over you. I have doctor’s appointments for both of you vixens tomorrow. A complete exam and…yes, birth control pills! Then after a few weeks, you can start banging away without a worry. Rob, come eat.”.

I ate silently. I wolfed the food down until I was stuffed.

The girls were whispering between themselves, and giggling, and looking my way often. “Judy! Cindy! Behave!”.

Judy looked up and said “Mom…? Would you want to get pregnant by Rob? He would make a nice daddy. We would approve. I already am calling him Daddy when we do it.”. “Yes and I am gong to start calling him that also. Hi Daddy. My sexy Daddy. hmmm!“.

Damn I went from bachelor, to a man with three lovers, to a man with a family. A family that I fuck everyone. My head tried to wrap around the idea, but my heart was faster. I loved these three ladies…as lovers and the two girls as daughters also.

“Girls! Girls! Girls! Behave!”. She looked at me. “Sorry, Rob, I guess I have to sit on these urchins and teach them some manners. I thought I had!”.

“Andrea. I agree, the little impish duet of dimples there are not the most tactful they can be. But I have fallen in deep love with them and with you. I think I already was in love with you three before this all happened. But now, I know it for sure. I can’t imagine my life without you three. Without…”.

Andrea wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. Cindy and Judy were there quickly too. After the big hug and a lot of happy tears. Andrea said “Rob, I am not sure I want to have another kid. It has been a few years for me But if I do, I want it to be yours. But Judy will turn 18 in a couple of years. She may want to get knocked up then, if she is not in college. And college comes first.”. She aimed that last comment sternly at Judy.

“I tried to get him to make me pregnant in the shower. I did. I still do. Yes! Nail me, Daddy! Don’t wait. Get me pregnant now!”.

“Judy! Stop. Now I can’t allow either of you to get pregnant...yet. Please go easy on Rob. He is your first lover. You need to explore your feelings for him and maybe other fellows -- a bit.”.

“No! He is gonna be our only lover.” Cindy said.

I smiled at her, at Judy, and at Andrea. “Ladies. I love you -- all of you. If one of you young urchins gets pregnant…oh my…uh…that would cause all sorts of problems. So no tricking me. You two go clean up the kitchen while your mother and I talk.”.

“You are gonna do more than talk…she told me she wanted you and your big dick while you were doing Judy this morning. I think all my talk about what we did got her all hot and horny.”.


“Well it is true.”

I looked at Andrea and said “Let us retire to your bedroom -- and lock the door! Then we can talk or whatever without being disturbed.”. I grabbed her hand and we walked to her room.

Once the door was closed, I grabbed her and kissed her deeply. My hands roamed over her body, her ass, her breasts. “Talk or sex?”. “Oh god. Sex. Please. If you got anything left in that dick of yours. Please.”.

“I do, but can you be on top and do most of the work? I have spent my wad too many times in a very short time span. My fuck muscles are plum tired.”.

Clothes were quickly shed and we landed on the bed. She started sucking my cock. “Damn, lady. You have got to teach your younguns how you do that. How you go so deep and not choke. Uh oh yes yes oh geessss damn!”.

She pulled off after a couple of minutes and said “There may only one round left. The girls have abused you mightily. And I want this in me. Ready?”. She asked the question but did not wait for an answer. She threw her leg over me and placed my cock head at her pussy.

She looked up from our crotches, smiled at me, then eased on down. She sat up and started bouncing up and down. She would wiggled sometimes when fully impaled. Her breasts were bouncing along with her efforts. They were entrancing to watch. But my hands had other ideas. I reached up and caught one tit. I mauled it in my hand and grabbed the nipple and tightened my fingers on it. She yipped, but kept her bouncing going. She grabbed her other boob and held it for me, so I grabbed it and soon had that nipple in my finger’s vice.

She started bouncing faster and harder. I could see sweat forming on her body, forming rivulets that ran down her side, down the valley of her boobs. Her hands were kind of wind milling to help her fuck me. She was making little yip noises every time her breasts got a strong yank. “Oh Rob your dick is nice. So nice. Keep pinching my nipples. It hurts so very good. Ungh oh eee oh oh eeeeeee oh fuck fu fu yes oh my god eeeeeeeeEEEEEEEE! Shit!”.

She was spasming on top of me for about a minute, then slowed down -- still fully impaled. I had not cum so I was still hard. Even over our heaving breathing, I heard giggling through the closed door. Then “Ya did her good, Daddy. Do her again!”.


Just then the door opened and two naked girls were framed by the doorway as they stood in the hallway. We had locked it. In Cindy’s hand was a screw driver that she used to unlock the door. They rushed in and tackled their mom while on top of me.

“You got her good, Daddy. Look at all the juice you two made. You are messy. Just like when we fucked. You still hard? If not can you get hard again? Gonna do her again? Or Judy? Or me? Please?”.

Andrea jerked her head up with a startled look on her face. “What are you doing, Judy?”. No answer came from Judy, but Cindy looked between her mother’s and my legs. She looked back up. “She is licking Mom’s butt I think.”.

I then felt a tongue on my shaft and fingers stroking my balls. The tongue went away and I saw Andrea close her eyes. “Yes she is licking my butt. Eeek! Her tongue just pushed in. Eeeek!”. I held Andrea tight to allow Judy to keep licking…I had an idea. “Get her ass good and wet. She promised me her ass and now is as good a time as any.”.

“Rob, no. Not in front of the girls.”.

“Cindy Kitten, add your spit back there too. Take turns licking her ass. Force your tongues in there, stretch her out for me.”. The girls went at their mother’s ass with a vengeance. “I think her butt is all slobbery wet. I kind of forced my spit in there. This is what the lubes are for! Will spit work as well?”.

“Yes it will. Now Andrea, ready?”. She nodded her head I pushed her off of me and onto the bed. “On your hands and knees, woman.”. She complied, I got behind her and saw one well licked asshole. I pushed a finger in and it slipped in real easy.

“Ungh. I am ok.”. I added another finger after a minute. The girls were along side of us, hugging each other and watching me finger fuck their mom’s ass. Their eyes were glazed over with their over sexed minds watching me and their mom.

“Doing ok there, Andrea?”.

“Ungh Yes it feels odd, but I think good.” I moved up and place my cock at her asshole. Between her pussy juice on my dick and the girl’s spit in her ass, my head popped in quickly with very little effort. “Ow. Easy. Oooh. I think it is nice. Slowly please. OK this is nice”.

I started moving in and out, going a little deeper with each thrust. I was tired from so many fuck sessions, so I had no desire to crank up the pace. I just eased in and out listening to Andrea’s purring.

I then felt and heard my ass getting spanked.

“Faster, Daddy. Pump that ass faster. “. Whap! Judy just spanked me. “Payback time for spanking my ass. Faster!”. Whap! Whap! I did as commanded and soon had Judy spanking my left ass cheek and Cindy started on my right. I needed no more encouragement, I started really fuck Andrea’s ass hard and deep. Her purring was escalating into a louder yipping and cussing. “Yes eeeek oooow Fuck Damn it that is intense Fuck fuck fuck meeeee”.

I felt a wet finger pop into my asshole and shove me down even harder on Andrea. “Oh god girls. Fu fuck fuck”. A second finger entered my ass, the spanking had stopped. Andrea was real loud now “eeeeeeee OOO Shit EEEEK FUCK!”. The girls hands were propelling me into their mom. It was more like them fucking their mom, just using my cock to impale her. I felt a third finger enter my ass, then a fourth.

Oh that was it, I was cumming and cumming hard. My poor over used balls were squeezing my jism into Andrea, not in pulses, but more like pissing. But it was cum, my balls were telling me that for sure. I collapsed onto Andrea’s back. The fingers in me kept working in and out. They were working my hips up and down into their mom’s ass. My cock was still pouring a weak stream of jism into her bowels. I was spent. I felt Andrea’s ass grip my cock and it popped out with a noise.

The girls giggled. “Damn, Mom. That looked hot. How did it feel to have his prick up your butt?”.

“Nice after the first bit of pain. But well worth it. You will find out.”.


“You want sex without condoms on his dick before the pills kick then, then it will be in your asses. Besides, I promised him that he could nail your butts after he nailed mine. And Mommy makes the rules. Fair is fair. But I do not think today. Our lover boy…Daddy…has got to be all fucked out.”.

“That is an understatement. I need… we need to take a bath. Then we have got to figure out a way to spread the sex out so you all can get some and I do not die from exhaustion. And I still gotta go in to work. You girls may have to get boyfriends to keep your pussies and asses well fucked.”.

“We can do each other. Like Judy just did with Mom. We can lick and finger each other. We do not want anyone else but you, Daddy. We can use Mom’s plastic dick that she keeps in her drawer.”. With that Cindy ran to the dresser and pulled out a pink dildo. She ran back to Judy and started rubbing her sister’s slit with it. Judy opened her legs and said “Yes. Oh yes. Push it in.”.

I grabbed Andrea and we walked to the shower. “Let us leave them to it. They may be at it all day.”. Andrea giggled and came along.

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15 m kik sbftw any girls anything you want


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Again very nice. Sort of reminds me of what happened in my neighborhood. Guy, mid 40's, was having sex with a divorcee and her two underage daughters, I think 14 and 15. The 14 year old claimed abuse and the guy ended up in jail. Not sure about the mom but her daughters were taken away and the truth supposedly is the 14 year old wanted to date a 22 year old loser. The mom said no and the 14 year old called the cops and told everything even though she did like having sex with the 40ish guy, but she though the 22 year old was cooler cause he smoked and rode a motorcycle.

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