Damn I wish this were true.
Chapter 1

My name is Rob. I live at the end of road in the low hills a few miles from town on a dead end road. I am not in the best athletic shape, but I do swim in my enclosed pool enough to keep the worst of the belly fat away. My nearest neighbor, Andrea, is a woman in her mid 30’s with two girls, Cindy a dirty strawberry blond 13 year old and Judy a light brown headed 15 year old. No husband or boy friend that I know of. They live about 200 yards around a bend and a bit down the hill. We have been neighbors for a few years and have dinner at each other’s house a few times a year. I am a natural flirting letch, so of course I flirted with her and her daughters. But I was in my early 50’s and knew nothing would come of the flirting. It was just fun -- on my part. I did not know that others may have different thoughts.

On a Saturday, I had taken my laps in the pool, and had rinsed off the chlorine in the poolside shower, and was resting on a chaise lounge -- naked -- to dry off. I had no need to get dressed as I was not expecting anyone to stop by, no one can see my pool from the front of the house, and if anyone did come by they would hit the door bell and I would grab my robe. It was such a nice, warm day that I fell asleep.

I awoke to the best feeling a guy can have waking up… I was getting my cock sucked. Still a bit out of it from my nap, I looked and saw a blond head bobbing up and down. I had no idea who she was, but I was not going to stop her until I shot my wad. I am a guy after all.

My eyes closed. “Oh yes. Unh. Ahhh ahhh oooo.“ She did not go deep down, but it was good enough, especially when she started to fondle by balls and then rub around my asshole. That did it. “Oh fuck yes! Ongh!“ I jerked up forcing my cock a little deeper into her mouth and then let loose. She gagged a little and pulled back letting my spurting cock fall out of her mouth along with a good deal of my cum. When she sat back to get her breath back, I saw who it was. It was my neighbor’s youngest daughter, Cindy.

Oh shit! I had just received oral sex from a very, very minor girl and the proof was dripping off her chin! I am going to go to jail. I found my voice and said “Cindy! What are you doing?”

She said “I stopped by to try and sell you some cookies for the school fundraiser and I heard the music from your patio speakers. So I just came around and then I saw you and -- you were naked. I saw your...uh…thing…and I was curious. So I came up close. I just wanted to look. Then I touched it and it twitched and started to move and grow. I just couldn’t stop. I kept playing with it. Watching it grow big and stiff. Then I got real close and…well…I put my mouth on it like I had heard about…and I just kept going. Don’t tell on me to my mom. Please!”.

What? She was worried that she would get into trouble. OK. I may be safe. It was her idea. She initiated it. And I was asleep. Not my fault -- not really. I told her “Can you hand me my robe so I can get decent?”.

She looked down and at the robe she was kneeling on , then at my softening cock laying in a small pool of my cum and said “Why? I already seen you all naked, and I even sucked your thing, and it even spurted stuff, and some even went into my mouth.”.

Her hand, with my cum dripping from it, started reaching again for my cock. I put my arm in the way, covering my cock, and said “Yes. But I was asleep and I was not being naked in front of you on purpose. The robe, please?”. I did my best not to mention she had sucked me off.

“If you want, I can get naked and you can suck me, though it would be my…uh…vagina.“. She wanted me to eat her cunt!? I must get a hold of this situation before I go to jail.

“No, thank you. That is a sweet offer, but that would be wrong. My robe?!“

She reluctantly handed me the robe and I put it on. She watched my cock until it was hidden. I noticed she still had my cum drying on her chin, hand, and also on her neck sliding down towards her young breasts covered by her blouse.

I said “Go to the bathroom and clean up. Then you can sell me some cookies. And I will not tell your mom, if you will not tell anyone. Anyone! OK?”.

Afterwards, when she left with a large enough order to cover my guilty feelings, but hopefully not too large to cause her mom to get suspicious, I went inside, got dressed, and just hoped she would keep quiet. I also hoped she would want to do it again. As I said, I am just a normal, horny guy. Sunday came and went without the police or even Andrea coming by. Whew! Safe.

- -- -- -- -- -- --

Chapter 2

It was Monday morning when my door bell rung. When I opened it, there was Andrea.

Oh shit! Here it comes. And I am sure my face was easy to read. It always is. She said “Good morning Rob. And don’t panic. I know that Cindy saw you naked and…uh…gave you a blow job. And she was the one who initiated it, not you. She is a determined little minx.”. She smiled and almost winked. “And you know that by now.” I felt a little relieved. She added “I overheard her and Judy talking before they went to sleep last night.“

I still had not said a word, but I was starting to breath again. “Now Cindy told Judy she wanted to do more, but you stopped her. Thank you for being gallant. You have always played up the role of romantic hero for me and my girls at our dinners. You just proved you are very much that knight in shining armor. Now I am going to shock you.”.

Finding my voice I said “You can’t shock me much more than just your showing up did. I woke up from a nap to her…uh… I need to sit down on the sofa.”.

“Yes. I know it was Cindy’s fault or should I say initiative, not yours. Please go ahead and sit down. But I do think that I am going to shock you. I am not going to stop Cindy from doing more with you. That is if you want more. And I am not sure that if SHE wants it, you would be able to stop her. You are just a man versus a horny teen aged girl. No contest.”.

“I was just 13 when I started having sex. He was a bit older and I kind of forced the fella too. So I can’t blame her from going down the same road…genetics and hormones being what they are. I just do not want her hurt or pregnant. So if you guys will wait until I can get her and Judy to the doc for birth control pills or please use condoms. And when you do it the first few times, do be as gentle as you can with the girls.” .

“Wait! You said you want me to fu…uh…have sex with Cindy?!”.

“And Judy too. As I said, I overheard them. Judy said she was dying to lose her virginity also. You do know both girls have a crush on you? Judy is more shy than Cindy as you know, but she can be just as determined. So I have one other condition before I let you loose, deflowering my girls. I heard Cindy say your dick was big. I want to see myself how big it is…just in case it is too big and may hurt them.”.

I was losing all touch with reality. This was no longer a sane world I woke up in. A mother was telling me to go ahead and fuck her two under age girls -- way under aged -- and she also wanted to see my cock.

I must have still had a bewildered look on my face as she said “To prove I am not lying, I will strip off my shirt and pants for you. That should prove it. And besides, that should get you hard so I will be able to see your dick at its biggest.”. With that she stood up and started unbuttoning her blouse.

It quickly hit the floor revealing a tan bra. And yes, my cock was growing. Just a guy. Remember? She unzipped her pants and they fell to the floor. The undies were a matching tan. It almost made her look nude.

I couldn’t speak. I was only capable of staring at her nice body as she stepped out of her pants and shoes. No words could even form in my over worked brain. Sure they had been over to swim and I had seen her in a bathing suit. But this was her under clothes! Things I was not supposed to see.

“Need more?“ She then reached behind her back and undid her bra and let it fall also. Nice tits. The nipples were a good quarter inch diameter and long…and stiff…the areolas were crinkling up. It wasn’t cold in the house. Was she turned on? She stood before me in only her undies. She said “May I?“. I must have still looked like the deer in the hunter’s sights. “May I undo your pants and see your dick? I can see it is coming up just nicely.”

I nodded my head or at least I think I did. Andrea knelt in front of me and unzipped my pants and started pulling them down. I raised my hips instinctively and my pants went down and off. She then rubbed my dick through my under shorts, smiled and said “Nice. Nice indeed”. She then pulled my underwear down and again my hips lifted to allow her. There I was in just my shirt, her in just her undies, my brain was not catching up at all.

She again rubbed my cock, but this time bare skin to bare skin. “Yes this is nice and big, but I think it won’t be too big for the girls. Did you want me to uh… “.

She looked at my face and saw I was still a bit befuddled. “I am sorry, this must be a bit much and a bit fast. But as I got you hard, it is only fair that I take care of it. My father always said to finish what you start. A blow job or a fuck? God I hope you don’t want to do my ass. I have never done that. I think that big ole thing would hurt back there.”.

She paused in her fast pace speaking and my mind started to reply to the last thing she said. “I have done a few girls in the ass. I worked them up gently, gave them rim jobs, used a lot of lube, and it didn’t hurt them. In fact they liked it very much. But…”. Here I was talking about butt-fucking women and my neighbor was stroking my cock. She mentioned her father. Did her and her dad…? I was loosing every bit of solid ground again, quickly.

She smiled at me and said “Maybe if I drop my undies, you will decide what you want. Maybe later, after I work up my nerve, we can try my ass. I can just start with a blow job, and then fuck you. Yes. That idea sounds good. Both it is.” She said the last few sentences to my cock , not to me. And she was not talking like she wanted me to respond. She stood up again and removed her undies.

Her pussy was nice looking. Her blond pubic hair was lightly trimmed and sparse enough that she looked both natural and shaved. She knelt in front of me with one knee between my legs, the other to the outside. Her pussy was visible and was looking damp and…damn it looked good.

She started stroking my cock again, then she leaned forward and started licking my cock head. She then looked at me, pulled off, and said “I don’t know how little Cindy got this in her mouth. It is almost the widest that I have ever sucked, but I guess I can’t let my 13 year old daughter show me up.”

With that she engulfed my the head of my cock. Nice is not a good enough word as she dipped her head up and down my cock. Her tongue would play. Her stretched lips were rubbing my cock.

“Oh shit! Ohh yes“. I guess some words were coming back. Her teeth every now and then would lightly touch just at the head, and she would hold that pose while her tongue waggled over my head. My hips would twitch and cause the teeth to lightly scrape. Then she would go back to sucking, bobbing up and down, and licking.

She took her hand off my cock and started rubbing on my balls. She was sliding her hand through my legs, grabbing my ass, then sliding forward, at the same time she was going deeper and deeper down on my cock. She was getting much further down on my cock than Cindy. I hoped she would teach Cindy how to go deeper.

Oh gees. I am going to fuck a 13 year old with her mother’s permission. And her 15 year old as well. “Oh fu fu fu mmmm Yes Oh fu fuck”. Andrea pulled up and let my cock slap against my belly.

“Not yet big boy. You DO want to put that nice dick up my snatch? Right? How do you like it? Cowgirl? Doggie? Good ole missionary?”

“Shit if you want to keep sucking me, that would be great. You almost had me blowing already”.

“Naw. I want that in my snatch so let me climb up and slide on.”. True to her word, she straddled my legs with her back to me, reached through her legs to aim my cock, and slowly sat on my cock.

Her mouth, and Cindy’s for that matter, was great. But her pussy was slick, warm, tight. A woman’s natural juices have a feel that can not be bettered. Andrea was riding my dick, up and down. She turned her head to me with a big grin on her face. “Oh yes! It has been a while for me and this is one nice dick. Oh thank you. Mmmm.”

Hearing her enjoying herself got me ready to blow again. “Fu fu fuck I am going to cum real soon. Uh mmm where…oh fuck…where?!”.

“In me. In me, baby. Blow that monster deep in me.”.

I just could not hold out, I reached around, grabbed her tits, and started pinching her nipples. That did it for me. I blew my wad up in her pussy.

I was jerking my hips in that spasmodic way, completely lost in bliss. As I came down, I could feel Andrea’s pussy in spasms around my dick. She stopped going up and down and just sat fully impaled.

My fingers were still playing with her nipples as my arms hugged her. Her hips were making small rocking movements that caused us both to grunt. Then she said “Oh the girls are gonna just love this dick alright. I hope that I can get a share of this nice thick rod after you start with the girls. Once you get going with the girls, you may not want my old snatch.”.

“Old?! Remember I am older than you. You are young. The girls…oh gees…you really want me to fuck your girls?”.

“Yes. As I said, just be gentle with them. Well at least the first few times. Do you want me send them over one at a time? Together? There is that look again. You, my man, are gonna have to get used to the idea. You and your nice dick, hmmm, now have a harem of three ladies.”.

“You have already un-virgin-ized one of my girl’s mouths. You got Judy’s mouth and both of their snatches to un-virgin-ize”.

“And you said I can try your ass. Remember?”. Obviously, words are becoming more and more available for me to use. I must be adapting to this weird situation.

“I did say that. Didn’t I? Then you are gonna do their asses also. Fair is fair, but after mine, so I know it will not hurt them. Or at least I will know how much it hurts. I think I will send over the first one who finishes their homework tonight. I hope it is Judy as she has not enjoyed your dick yet”.

- -- -- -- -- -- --

Chapter 3

Later that night, the doorbell rang. I opened it. It was not Judy, but young Cindy holding a gift bag and a card. She said “Mom sent me over with this and said you were to read the card first and to tell her if you liked it.”

I reached for the card. Man this can not be true. My cock was at least hoping it was true and was starting to grow hard. I opened the card and read it.

“Rob, here is a box of condoms and some flavored lubes. As I write this I am not sure if Cindy or Judy will be handing it to you. Use them and have fun. Make her feel special with that nice big, hard dick of yours, please. You don’t even have to get whichever well fucked young minx back to my house in time to get cleaned up for school. I will call in and let both girls have a sick day. Keep her over night. Enjoy, but do try to let her get some sleep.”.

I was speechlessly still looking at the card, my cock was solidly hard. Cindy said “Did you read the card? Did you like it? What about the gifts? I didn’t know it was you birthday.”

I looked up from the card at Cindy and said “Slow down. I did read it. And I liked the card. It is not my birthday. But this may be way better than any old birthday. Here give me the bag and I will let you read the card. See if you like it.”.

She had an odd look on her face as she grabbed the card and started reading. I saw her face go white and I knew she understood what her mom wrote. She looked up at me and said “Mom is letting me stay the night? She is gonna let me…you…uh…”

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tiny body in close. Her face was pressed into my chest. I knew she had to feel my hard cock as it pressed against her abdomen. “Easy now. This can happen, but only if you want it to. I will go gentle and let you decide if anything is too much for you. What do you say? Remember you started this the other day. And your mother said it is just fine with her.”

She tilted her head back and looked up at me. I saw a big smile and tears in her eyes. “Gosh. I really WANT this to happen. I always thought you were hot and…and…I get to…we get to…YES! Flavored lube? What is that for?”

Her young quick mind must have been running at high speed. “Well as you are young, you may not make enough natural juices to allow me to fu…to ah slide my c… Well I would not slide in and out without hurting you, or possibly tearing you inside your... The lube will allow easy sliding. Flavored…well…you remember sucking my…well sucking me? And then you wanted me to lick you back. The flavored lube also enhances the taste of your pu…uh…allows me to lick you after we fucked…ah…made love. Dang! I am feeling real nervous and I should be the suave one.”.

“I am nervous too. So I guess it is ok if you are nervous with me. Ah How do we…start?”.

I answered her by pulling her face up to mine and kissed her softly on her lips. I open my lips slightly but did not push my tongue out. She was kissing me back with more and more passion and she started to open her mouth. I reached down with my hands and started sliding them along her back, down to her ass. She felt great. Not the usual mature sized ass cheeks that I normally like, but tight, firm, and young. I could learn to like small ass cheeks.

I felt her tongue sneak out a tiny bit and I sucked it into my mouth. She gasped and I grabbed her butt with both hands and used my tongue to play with hers in my mouth. Then I pressed my tongue into her mouth. I felt her body starting to go limp and I pulled back, smiled, and looked her in the eyes. “Did you like that?” Knowing the answer.

Her head wobbled a bit and with dazed eyes she look back at me and said “Wow! Yes. That was…oh damn that was… Oops I cussed. Sorry.”.

“It is ok. We will likely say a lot of words that are not normally allowed. Cunt. Cock. Fuck. Cum. Pussy. Pussy juice. Shit.” I said these words with the purpose to show her she can say what she wants and to have her be at ease with them. “So what ever feels right, say it. If you use the science words, it tends to loose some of the sexy spark. Just do not use these words in public. So I will start… I enjoyed rubbing your sweet, tight ass as we French kissed. And I enjoyed pressing my hard cock into your stomach at the same time. Your tits rubbing on my chest even through our shirts…nice…very nice tits indeed. What did you like about it? How do you feel so far”.

“uh…uh…My head is fuzzy. This is as good, no better, no…different…but as good as sucking your…dick. My boobies are tingling and my…which do you like to use, pussy, cunt, or…?”.

“Pussy is fine.”.

“My…pussy is also tingly and it is getting wet. I read about these things, and I have played with myself a few times and that felt good, but gees, to feel it with a man kissing me. That was a French kiss wasn’t it? Damn! I love it.” I grabbed her hand, picked up the bag of goodies and led the way to my bedroom.

She grew quiet as we entered the bedroom. I pulled her close, hugged her, and kissed her again. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and started to lift it off of her. Her arms instinctually raised to allow the removal. She did not have a bra on. Her tiny tits had no need.

Her tits were maybe the size of a small apple cut in half. Her nipples were not as thick as her mothers, nor as long, but they were very stiff. I leaned down and sucked each one before going back up to kiss her sweet mouth again. My arms wrapped around her, grabbed her tight ass, and I lifted her up. I then carried her to my bed.

I laid her down and I knelt down and removed her shoes and socks. I then looked up and found her kind of sitting up on her elbows, watching me with a small almost frightened smile on her face. There was no sag in her tiny tits.

I moved up, sliding my hands up her young legs, over her thighs. I got close to her pussy, but on purposed did not touch her there yet. Her hips tried to move towards my hands, but I avoided her. Trying to increase her arousal can be fun.

I crawled up on to the bed, over her body. I licked her belly, then her tits as I came back up and again started kissing her. I rolled over and pulled her with me so she was on top and we were more centered on the bed.

She kept kissing me, our bodies tightly pressed together. She pulled back from the kiss. She did not look like a scared young girl anymore. She looked like a horny, hungry, sex craving young woman.

She reached with one hand and started unbuttoning my shirt. “I want these off. Now! I want to feel your body, your…naked body…against mine.”. I also wanted our bodies completely naked. Damn! I am gonna fuck a real young girl!

I tried to reach around her arms to her pants, but gave up and just let her undo my shirt. She pulled it off and tossed it to the floor, then she started on my pants. And like with her mom, I raised my hips so they could be pulled down and then off. Then my undies. I was naked. She still had her pants on. My turn.

I rolled her off of me and with my hard on bobbing stiffly, I reached for her pants and undid them. I pulled them down to reveal pink panties. I pulled those down too. Then I bent and pulled them completely off her. We were naked.

She took command and rolled me to my back and climbed on top. “You feel so hot. So good. Your prick…it is like throbbing. Oh wow it feels good.”. “Damn, my sweet little lady. You feel like…I don’t know. I have never felt someone like you. Tight. Firm. Sexy. Oh yes. Sexy!”.

She reached between our bodies and grabbed my cock. “hmmm Your prick is hard for me.” She lifted her hips and tried to align my cock with her pussy. I helped by grabbing her hips and moving her a bit higher. My cock cleared her belly and popped up to her crotch. The head was sliding along her wet pussy. I could feel how wet her pussy was. I could…I could feel her bare skin!

“Shit. We need a condom! Back off!”.

She looked at me with a determined look and pushed her pussy down on my cock. She let out a small shriek of pain as her hymen gave way. “No! I want this in me bare the first time.”.

I grabbed her hips and tried to push her body off. I could not get a 13 year old girl pregnant. She fought to stay on. Her legs wrapped around my legs, her arms wrapped around my chest, and she clamped her body tightly onto mine, and fucked her pussy onto my cock.

“It is so good. Ungh oooh eeee Fuck Fuck!”. I was loosing my resolve as she humped away upon my cock.

“Cindy. Please do not make me get you pregnant. Please.”.

She looked at me and her legs went slack. “Since you said please. But damn it, get that prick back in me quickly!”.

I rolled her off, got out of bed and found the bag with the condoms and lube. No need for lube obviously. She was wet enough. I ripped one open and pulled it on. Then I climbed back into bed.

“It looks better without it. Damn it”. She was becoming very fluent with cussing.

“Your mom will get you on the pill real soon. Then there will be no problem going bare back. Now open them thar lovely legs of yours.”.

She complied and I climbed between her legs, lifted them up and slowly reinserted my cock back into her. We both made ummm type of noises as I slowly pumped my cock into and out of her sweet, wet, tight pussy.

I wanted to kiss her as I fucked her, but she was too short, so I just kissed the top of her head. She felt my kiss and leaned her head back and we were kissing and fucking. It made me speed up.

She lifted her legs trying to get me deeper…a natural fucking machine this little one. It worked. I felt the back of her womb. She let out another small shriek. “Too deep. But damn it I want it all.”.

She grabbed her legs and pulled them close to her head and said “Bang me hard.”. I started going faster and harder. “Harder. Harder! Damn it. All of it. Hard”. So much for the first few times being gentle. This little sex kitten wanted it rough.

I started really slamming her tiny body under me. She was matching my moves so that I was banging the head of my cock into her cervix and making her squeal almost non-stop. It felt like I was fucking her forever, but likely only a few of minutes. Her folded body was taking a beating. Her pussy was sloppy wet and making slurping noises as I hammered her.

Our sweat was making our bodies slip real easily. “Yes oh fu fu fu fuck meeee meeeeeeeeeeee!”. Her body spasmed and went tight under me. She shuddered and gasped. Her tiny, tight pussy was clamping around my cock. It was getting harder to shove it back in. So with one slow, determined push, I got my whole cock back into her and held it there making small movements as she wailed and shuddered in pleasure.

She finally hit the end of her climax. Her legs flopped out of her hands and fell back to the bed. Her pussy let loose, well at least looser around my cock. I was able to start moving in and out again at a slow pace. “I like that. I like it a lot. Damn it was good, Rob. You are good. I love you.”.

I faltered in my pumping. She loves me?! Oh god what am I going to do? I can’t have a 13 year old fall in love with me. But I just finished fucking her to a climax. And I did love every minute of it. And I was still wanting to get my rocks off. She was sweet, lovely, tight, willing. In a way I had loved her before this, but as a daughter of a neighbor, as a cute young kid. Can I make the leap and fall in love with her too? As in man and woman love?

Her hips rocked back up into my cock. “hmmm More. Do me more.”. Yes, I think I can fall in love with her.

“I love you too, Cindy. My little sex kitten.”.

I started pumping her again. “ummmm um um I want to be on top like the first.”. I smiled and pulled out of her, rolled over, and awaited her. She looked at her crotch and then at my condom covered cock. “All that wetness is from me. What was the lube for? Hee hee”.

She rather slowly rolled on top of me, lined my cock back at her pussy and lowered her self onto me. “Ungh Yes! You have one tight wet pussy. Fuck me. Get me to blow my load in your pussy! Do it, Cindy Kitten. Fuck me.”.

And she did. Our sweaty bodies went back to fucking, but not so fast or hard. I was amazed I had lasted this long. Maybe fucking her mom in the morning was enough to stave off an early climax. But with her humping away, I was soon getting ready.

I pushed her shoulders up, making her sit up. I could see her tiny tities shining with sweat. Nice. This also made her go deeper onto me.

“Oh Cindy. Oh oh oh” The tight feel of her pussy was great. The sight of her sweaty bouncing body, her firm, tiny tits with sweat flicking off of them . Her sweaty, blond hair, damply plastered to her young, little girl head was intoxicating.

All this was almost too much. I reached up and started rubbing and pinching her nipples. “Oh Rob. Oh fu fu fuck yes”. Her pussy started clamping again. That was it I grabbed her hips and slammed her down onto my cock hard and exploded into her.

She was squealing again. I was pumping my jism into the condom that was firmly, deeply impaled in her sweet 13 year old cunt. I am a sick but very happy man.

We both finally hit the ends of our climax and settled back down onto the bed. Our breathing was slowly returning to normal. Little gasping noises left both of us as we still pumped one another. But alas, my cock went limp and slipped out.

She giggled at the slurping, wet pop noise that was made. She grabbed my cock and started rubbing it over the condom. My cock, my well fucked cock was starting to shrink. The condom slipped off. I tossed it into the garbage can by my bed.

“We probably need a shower. Let me order a pizza and then we hit the bathroom.”.

“Food? Um I think I just want to sleep a bit. Sex makes you tired.”.

“No, go start the shower. I will be in soon. And if you are not in there after I order the food, then I will spank your tiny ass”.

“Yes sir!”.

She saluted, giggled, but did start rolling off the bed. I pulled the condom off and tossed it into my waste can. Then I got the pizza ordered -- and yes they would still deliver it at this time of night. It would be about 45 minutes before it would get there. Good. Plenty of time to clean up and get dressed.

I went to the bathroom, and heard the water, felt the steam. Damn I was wasn’t going to get to spank her. Maybe later. Bad man. Bad man. Hee hee.

Cindy slid the shower door open and revealed her sweet, tiny, naked body. “I am here and waiting for you to wash me.”. I climbed in and grabbed the soap and washcloth. I started washing her shoulders and neck, then I moved down her chest.

Wet, soapy tits are always fine. But these tiny, tight, slick, wet, boobies were fantastic. After I had played with her tits a short time, I reached down between her legs and washed her pussy. I spun her around and washed her back, then her tiny, firm ass.

Washing this young vixen was nice. So nice that my cock was rising again. I pressed my finger into the crack of her ass and even push my finger into her asshole, up to the knuckle.

She squealed, but did not try to pull off my finger. “Got to get all of you clean, my dear.”. I pushed it in and out, but just a few times. I then reached for the shower head hose and started rinsing her off. “Spread your legs so I can give you a quasi-douche.”.

She did as I asked and I used my fingers to hold open her pussy lips, then I aimed the stream of water at her pussy. More squealing. When I had her clean and rinsed, I handed her the soap and wash cloth and told her “Be quick and don’t play too long. The pizza guy will be here soon and we need to be dry and dressed.”.

I saw a whimper on her face, but she made fairly fast, efficient work of washing me. Yes, she played a bit longer on my stiff cock, balls, and ass. She also pushed her finger into my ass and wiggled it around and in and out. “Fair is fair. You fingered my butt.”.

“Yes I did. And you had a nice tight butt-hole, Kitten. A nice tight pussy. Nice tight tits. But, let us get dry and dressed -- the pizza guy does not need to see us naked.”.

It was a struggle trying to keep her hands off me, but we got dried and dressed with a few minutes to spare before the pizza arrived. My hard-on was probably a visible lump in my pants. My dick been un-hard for just a few minutes over the last hour or two. Could I die from having my dick hard too long?

What the heck, I don’t think the pizza guy noticed my bulge. He was looking at Cindy. Staring at her hard. I looked back and saw she had her blouse nearly open, with just a few buttons done, and the top button of her pants was undone also. That was not how she was dressed as I went to the door. She must have re-staged her clothes just to tease the delivery boy.

She was kind of lounging against the door frame like in the movies. I will have to talk with her about that. She came to the door, leaned forward to grabbed the pizza which caused her blouse to sway open, then stood up and headed for the kitchen, her hips swaying eagerly.

We guys both stared at her until she turned the corner into the kitchen. He stared lustily and I stared with a fatherly/lover kind of pride. As soon as I paid for the pizza, the guy left with a bulge in his pants to match mine.

I arrived in the kitchen and found she was placing slices on plates and sitting the plates on the table. Food smelled good. Food was needed. I grabbed a couple of sodas to complete our repast. Fluids were needed too.

As we finished eating I looked at my new lover. Just 13 years old. Tiny. Young. I must be insane and this is a delusion. I am not a pedophile. Well at least I wasn’t until today. Or did Saturday’s blowjob count as my point of crossing over into full creep-dom?

Cindy looked up from her plate and said “You were right, the food was great. What now?”.

“Well it is getting late.” I said in a mock stern voice.

“In the card, Mom said I didn’t have to go to school tomorrow, so do you want to fuck some more?”.

She undid the few buttons on her blouse and let it fall off. Her sweet bare titties were again there for me to stare at. I made a stern, nearly angry face and said “Hmmm Have you earned it?”.

“Oh do not pull that with me. I can see you are hard. You want it as much as me.”.

My turn to giggle. “Yes, let me eat your pussy, then you can suck my cock. Or fuck me. Then let us get some sleep.”.

It was a couple more hours before we fell asleep with her pussy juice drying on my face, my cum drying on her face, and more used condoms in the trash.

- -- -- -- -- -- --

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