Would Danny keep to himself during Donn's sleepover or end up in bed with everyone like he had the night before?
Artist 8 - Donna's Sleepover

Would Danny keep to himself during Donn's sleepover or end up in bed with everyone like he had the night before?

Somehow I survived Natalie's sleepover Friday night. It was Saturday afternoon now and I had the house all cleaned up and ready for my middle stepdaughter's sleepover later that night. This one should be easier, with the girls all about two years younger than the last set. If nothing else I could threaten this group of 13-year-olds into behaving. This sleepover had been planned for our house for some time. My wife Amber was supposed to be here but was off helping my mother-in-law for the weekend. But after last night I was looking forward to sleeping in my own bed alone.

Around 5:00 PM my daughter Donna called from a girlfriend's house where she stayed Friday night and said that they would be home here in about an hour. The other girls would be arriving around then too. "If it's alright with you I'll just order Pizza delivered around 6:30 tonight," I told her. "How many kids are coming?"

"Well, let's see, there're seven of us all told. I hope that's not too many. And get a variety of the medium pizzas so there's something for everyone's tastes. Thanks Danny, I mean Dad." Donna just recently started calling me Dad, or tried to. It felt good. Their mother Amber really appreciated it, knowing how I liked it.

Amber was eight years older than me and we loved each other dearly. Though she didn't know it, I had broken her trust by violating her two older daughters. But the girls and I came to an understanding and that is all behind us now. Somehow last night I fell off the wagon and fucked everyone in the house except Natalie. I was determined that that wasn't going to happen at Donna's sleepover.

I made the call and ordered the pizza's, four medium size of various types and one large Hawaiian, for me and whoever else wanted some.

True to her word Donna arrived at 6:00 PM along with her girlfriend. "Dad, this is Cindy. Cindy, my dad." We shook hands and she had one of those fish-handshakes, weak and limp. Cindy was a slip of a girl, short, barely 5 feet, thin as a rail, small little bumps for breasts. Her light brown hair was straight, past the shoulders. She had brown eyes, thin lips, and light freckles on her nose. Without any makeup on, that's what stood out. She wasn't ugly at all, just sort of plain-Jane. They went to Donna's bedroom to drop off her stuff and wait until others arrived.

Five minutes later the doorbell rang and I opened it to a pretty woman with a couple of pretty twin girls standing next to her. Before I could even say hello Donna was there ushering them inside. "Well I guess this is the right house," the woman said. "You two behave," she yelled as she walked away.

When I shut the door Donna introduced the twins to me. "Dad, this is Kelli and Kendrid." Looking to the girls she said, "This is my Dad."

The girls were identical to me. I would have to keep them straight by their clothing. "So which one is Kelli?" The girl with the red blouse raised her hand. I shook it and thankfully she had a normal handshake. "Then you are Kendrid," I said shaking her hand. "I hope you like pizza." They both shook their heads yes. The twins were about 5 foot 2, medium build, and wavy blond haircut to shoulder length. Their blue eyes stood out on their tanned skin. Their breasts looked about half-developed but at least had some body to them. The girls were well shaped and I found out later that they were both star soccer players.

Two more girls arrived, accompanied by parents that quickly dropped them off and left. Vicky was 5 foot 3 inches, well developed, and a bit on the hefty side. She had green eyes, long brown hair, and a firm grip when we shook hands. For a moment I visualized Vicky standing behind me with her right arm around my waist, gripping my hard cock and jacking me off. I quickly threw the image away and chastised myself for having it. This night was going to be normal, not like the prior night.

Brandy was the other girl, probably 5 foot 1 inch, medium build, and a nice looking chest from what I could tell through her sweater. The most startling feature was her Gothic look with long, straight, jet-black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She had a tongue ring, several ear piercings, one above the corner of her left eye, a tiny one through her left nostril and a post through her left lip. I chucked visualizing her leaning to the left because of the extra weight of all the metal on that side. I wondered for a moment what it would be like to kiss someone with a tongue post. Get a grip, I said to myself.

The doorbell pulled me away from the introductions as our last guest arrived. I opened the door to a short woman who couldn't have been more than 5 foot, standing next to a girl I knew. It was Maryanne, the girl from the fair. But her mom was the one that had me staring. She must have had D cup breasts that looked even larger on her short frame. "Is this the slumber party?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry, yes, please come in," I said. Donna came over and welcomed Maryanne introducing me. Maryanne acted as if she didn't know me so I thankfully played along.

"Hi, I'm Linda, Maryanne's mother. I understand that your wife is away for the weekend. Please don't take this wrong but I really don't feel comfortable leaving my daughter here without some other supervision. I just think that there are too many kids for one parent to handle. So if you don't mind I'm staying the night. I can sleep on the couch, or if you have a guest room, whatever."

"I uh...well of course you can stay. And I appreciate the help. But you can take my room. I can sleep in my studio in the basement," I told Linda. But how did she know that Amber was away for the weekend? Did Donna tell her? Anyway all the girls were here and they dragged their stuff to the family room where they were going to sleep. I talked with Linda about nonsense stuff for a while until the pizza arrived.

I had plenty of pop on hand and with the variety of pizzas, everyone was happy. With the girls occupied with dinner, Linda and I settled into the living room, in earshot of the girls' activities but far enough away to enjoy our pizza and chat alone. "So Linda, how did you know that my wife Amber was gone for the weekend?"

"I heard from a friend of mine that had a girl at Natalie's sleepover that it got moved to your house at the last minute. Her name's Susan." Suddenly it all became clear. I had fucked Susan twice, once last night in my shower and once early this morning in my bed.

"Oh...I uh...I mean," I was stumbling all over myself.

Linda put her hand on mine. "I understand from Susan that you give a great shower massage." She looked at me and smiled. "Not to worry. I'm very discrete."

I think I stopped breathing. I had planned on playing it straight tonight but I doubted Linda was going to let me. My mind started wandering, visualizing what Linda would look like in the nude, me sucking on her big breasts, fucking this woman's brains out.

"We're going to have a good time tonight," Linda said as she patted my hand.

Just then Maryanne walked up. "Mom, I think your phone is ringing." Linda excused herself and left. Maryanne came over and sat down next to me.

"What luck. I didn't realize that Patty was Donna's sister or I would have known you were Donna's dad. This sleepover just got a whole lot more interesting," Maryanne said.

"Thanks for not showing you knew me but we can't do anything here. There are too many people around," I told her.

"Oh we'll find a way. Look we're alone now," she pointed out. "Just give it some time. I plan on fucking you silly."

I watched Maryanne stand up and walk out of the living room. There was only one way to prevent a repeat of yesterday. I had to call my wife.

"This is Danny. Can you put Amber on the line please?" I asked my mother-in-law when I called.

"Hi, what's up?" Amber said as she got on the line.

"This sleepover has gotten way out of hand," I told her. "I need you home here now."

"But you know I'm supposed to help mom tomorrow," she argued.

"One of the girl's mother is staying the night because you're not here and I don't feel comfortable about it," I explained. "She's acting, well...a little too friendly. I really want you to be here."

"OK. I understand. I'm on my way. It will take us a little while but I'll be there," she said.

I hung up and then made an announcement to everyone. Most didn't care, except for Maryanne and her mother, who packed up her stuff and left. "Maybe another time," she said as she walked out the front door.

"Good, she's gone," Maryanne whispered to me. "One less problem."

What transpired over the next two hours was a surprise to everyone. Donna got sick. She began throwing up, had a fever, and clearly couldn't continue with her sleepover. Fortunately Amber and Patty arrived home soon after. Amber took Patty to the emergency and I had the wonderful task of taking all the girls home. Patty rode along with me.

I walked each of the girls up to their respective doors and explained the situation to each parent, and asking if their child could stay another time when Donna was well. Maryanne was the last one to be dropped off. When we were on her porch she was between her door and me. My van was parked on the street, just out of view. Maryanne turned and gave me a kiss on the mouth. I didn't pull away. I couldn't. All I could think about was when I fucked her in the haunted house. I felt her hand on the front of my pants.

"You'd like to come in wouldn't you?" she asked. "If you hadn't of brought Patty along I would have let you. Another time perhaps, now that I know you are Donna's dad. I think I'll become Donna's new best friend."

"I've got to go," I said, stepping back slowly. I then turned and went back to the van.

"Everything OK?" Patty asked. "You looked sort of red in the face."

"I'm fine, thanks," I told Patty. "Let's go." I started up the van and began the drive home.

Patty moved over into the middle seat next to me and buckled up. "I know what you did with Maryanne. Her sister told me."

"Then Maryanne, or her sister, has a wild imagination," I told Patty. But that didn't stop her from taking her hand and resting it on my thigh. It caused me to jerk the wheel.

"Getting a little nervous?" she asked.

"Patty, I don't know what you think is going to happen here. But it's not happening."

Just then my cell phone rang. I saw that it was Amber. All Patty heard was my side of the conversation. "Hi hon, how's Donna?...Yes...Oh...So you won't know anything more for a couple of hours? I'm driving over there...Are you sure?...Yes, we were on our way home now...OK, I guess we'll see you guys when you get home then...I love you too."

Patty had been massaging my upper leg getting dangerously close to waking up my sleeping dick. I wasn't going to let that happen. I may have violated both her older sisters, but I wasn't going to ruin 11-year-old Patty. "Save yourself for the love of your life, Patty," I told her moving her hand off of my leg.

"I have," she said, putting her hand back but this time right on my groin.

My mind was clear on this. I wasn't going to fuck my youngest stepdaughter. But my body wasn't as clear as my mind as my penis woke up and began to grow to her touch.

"You say one thing with your mouth, while your body says the opposite," she argued.

"Any guy is going to react that way when touched by a pretty...young...Oh God...vixen like yourself. Now stop it Patty, right now," I ordered, again tossing her hand off of me. We sparred back and forth a bit more and before I knew it we were home. When we got in the house I told her, "I'm taking a shower. You need to go take a cold one." I left her in the hallway, going into my bedroom and locking the door.

Stripping down I got in the shower but mine was hot and steamy. After cleaning up I found myself thinking about Patty, imagining what it would be like with her. I got hair conditioner and used it as a lubricant, slowly stroking myself, my eyes closed, my imagination running wild with Patty.

It was the shower door opening that brought me back to reality. Patty stepped in, completely nude. Her small little breasts poked out at me. All was lost. I reached out to her and lifted her up in the air as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I moved my hands down underneath her ass, feeling her soft skin. Her hair and face were getting wet now as she leaned in and kissed me. As she did I lowered her down so that my erection was knocking at her pussy door, trying to open her up. She relaxed her legs a little and slid down onto my shaft. She was tight, her tiny cunt barely opening up to me. I lifted her slightly and then gripping her sides forced her down hard onto me. She screamed out once in that moment of pain as I broke through her hymen. I reached behind me and turned off the shower, wanting to be able to hear her, to make sure she was all right.

Patty had her arms wrapped around my neck and her face against my chest. My shaft was buried partway inside of her no-longer virgin pussy. I just held her there for a minute without moving. Patty was breathing heavy from the shock of her body being invaded, not from any sexual excitement, at least not yet. But I was going to change that. Still supporting her by her ass I slowly tilted my hips down and back, pulling myself almost all the way out of her. Then I reversed my action pushing upwards and letting her weight drop her bottom down a bit. This helped me slide farther up inside of her. The feeling was incredible as I sank deeper inside of her tight vaginal canal. I think the little bit of blood and the left over hair conditioner still on my cock provided just enough lubrication for me. I repeated this process of pulling out and pushing back in, until I found myself completely inside of her and just held myself there while she became accustomed to my size.

After a minute I lifted her up, sliding myself nearly all the way out and then pushed her back down, this time more firmly. After several more times of this Patty started doing it on her own. So I just stood there, letting this little girl fuck me. It didn't take her long to get the hang of it. "Oh God Patty, you feel so good," I told her. She looked up at me and smiled with a proud look on her face, knowing that she was giving me pleasure. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back and just let her go at it. It couldn't have been but a couple of minutes longer and I felt myself start to cum. "Patty, I'm cumming. I have to pull out."

"No," is all she said as she drove herself down hard onto my shaft one last time. I didn't have time to fight her. That last action of hers sent me over the edge and I began to shoot my cum up into her tiny pussy. I was sorry I didn't try harder to make her climax. My own coming so quick. When I quit cumming she lifted herself off of me and stepped down onto the floor.

"Oh gee Patty, we shouldn't have done that. I'm so sorry," I told her.

"Don't be sorry silly. I wanted you to be my first. But the way you kept pushing me away I was beginning to wonder if we would ever do it," she explained.

"Well it has to be the last time, do you understand?" I told more than asked her.

"What if I were to arrange a little get-together with some of my friends? Would that interest you?" she asked.

"Patty, I uh they shouldn't um we really uh, well maybe it's time for you to have a slumber party."

"Now you're talking, Danny. But I was thinking maybe just inviting over one friend at first, just to try it out. We'll have to figure out how to get rid of everyone else. You work on that while I work on finding just the right friend," she said.

"I think I can handle that," I replied smiling as I turned the shower back on. We enjoyed cleaning each other off.

The End (until the next adventure)

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